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"mitre david john delaney" Discussed on Channel 33

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"mitre david john delaney" Discussed on Channel 33

"Away with it and somehow Al Franken again for for stuff that was just not even in the ballpark didn't get away yeah and that to me in that to me. Is I mean it's in a way that's why the mayor pieces so valuable because that was my thought about it and then you read this and you realize there's a lot more this just a lot. This is a lot more complicated than that and you know I don't know Joe Biden we saw push through a bunch of accusations of unwanted touching and sort of weird behavior Franken had a bunch of accusations like that even his in some of his staffers say that he did you know kind of Hollywood show business thing of just kissing all women on the lips even women. He didn't know well something that wouldn't be interpreted very very rightfully interpreted as as a weird thing to do <hes> I thought the other theme that came out of this from Franken Zand is just as political tactics this obviously part of him that wishes he just had hung in there and not resigned and pulled a Bob Menendez and said hey this looks terrible but I'm not going anywhere and you can either reverence in the peace right you can either stand with me or not and we'll do a huge investigation and look if tweeden accepts his apology as she did and says she didn't want him to resign. If then you'd have you know some of these act if some of the accusations of he had been able to get some information out there and stuff like that would he have had to resign like six months later I don't know does they get reelected. Maybe and I t but again that's all coming from him and I just I thought that was an undertone here of like maybe Franken thinks he did the wrong thing yeah and if he had if he had you know run this back you would have just hung in there yeah. This is really minor really really small part of the story but for the you know Kirsten Gillibrand and and I mean I guess Comma Harris was mentioned was part of that original group that that <hes> they went to Schumer as well but if you're so politically insecure that you can't wait to actually have evidence bear out <hes>. I'm not sure how that really reflects on your demeanor to be president. I think that's a question that's worth asking right. It's certainly been asked <hes> and just do. We have any doubt that the Franken thing just just you know cut the tires on the GILLIBRAND for president campaign before even started <hes> I mean it said pretty explicitly and the piece yeah yeah yeah I mean that's like to me when I hear when I hear criticism of Gillibrand. It's like I would say it's like seventy. Percent Franken related yeah online anyway but <hes> a really interesting piece recommended Jane Mayer The New Yorker David twenty twenty dropout watch eric swallow has already gone. We've already. We've what we we already miss. Her swell could Maryland's John Delaney be next. I WANNA refer you to a piece in axios by Alexi maccammon titled John Delaney any staffers of asked him to drop out things things are going well when you the people who work for you are begging you to stop running for president. <hes> Maccammon reports that these staff thought he flopped at the first debate Miami <hes> notes that Delaney has not been competitive despite spending nearly nineteen million dollars and loaning himself eleven million dollars of his own money Delaney's wife April she reports is <hes> basically running the campaign according to one former staffer and and Delaney. There's a feeling delaney as easily influenced by outside forces like his wife and friends rather than his own staff officer Mitre David John Delaney has been running for president for nearly a year now yeah he declared last summer and. <hes> Kinda ran that I'm the only guy running for president bit for a long time anyway..

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