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"mitha quest colon" Discussed on Happy Sad Confused

"Hey guys Josh Horowitz. Welcome to another edition of happy. Sad confused. Yes we're back with a new episode and a new guest. Someone I have never spoken with before. I'm a great admirers of his work. If you love comedy if you love innovative comedy that kind of reinvented the form you look. You can look no further than it's always sunny in Philadelphia. What fifteen or so years ago. ROB and a bunch of cohorts created this really kind of DIY. Sitcom DOWN AND DIRTY. Sitcom that surprised a lot of people on the fx channel. The second season they brought in Danny de Vito and ever since then it's been going going strong It's it's one of those shows that like I feel like I need to return to catch up on like I watched the first bunch of seasons. I forget that it's like always there. And and every so often you hear of them reemerging with like an innovation like a couple of years ago when rob Decided to gain fifty pounds between seasons and then a couple of years later when rob decided to end the season with a a world class ballet and showing off his newly buff bod like Robert and again his his collaborators over there are really interesting and they really push the boundaries of what's expected of so-called traditional sitcoms and he continues that with a new show this is. I knew series. Actually his first new like real brainchild of television series since it's always sunny primarily because that show is taken up so much of his time but this new show is called mythic. Quest Raven's banquet and as the title suggests it's the the the the kind of somewhat pompous title is really the title of the game within the show. This is about a three in a workplace comedy in some ways about folks that are developing the newest iteration of a jain normally successful video. Game a world of warcraft type. Game and ROB is at the center of it. He stars in it and he plays kind of a pompous asks. Right in the center of this really fun workplace comedy. I've seen the first few episodes. It's great it's Apple. Tv plus right now. I believe all nine episodes are there for you. They they all of them at once. It's already been renewed for a second season so there is investment in this. If you feel like Oh wait I don't WanNa get invested in a new show. It's GONNA come back for a second go round. And it's rob surrounded by a Great Ensemble F. Murray Abraham chewing the scenery. Like no one else can really fun show and this was a really fascinating conversation. Rob is a very intelligent thoughtful guy and really interested in hearing his approach to it's always sunny and the character choices he's made For himself and also why he hasn't been able to translate some of that success into feature films We talk at length about the minecraft movie that he was working on and was apparently like a couple of weeks. Away from going into production with Steve. Carell starring rob as the director. And why that even with the best of intentions fell apart. So that's fascinating to hear. Yeah this was. This was a good one rob. Hasn't really done a ton of publicity over the years because it's always sunny has kind of run on autopilot. It doesn't need publicity but He you know he came to New York. A couple of weeks back wanted to get the word out on this show on the eve of the shows debut and I'm so glad he stopped by and had a chat. This is. This is a really fun one other than that things mentioned. In the Josh Horowitz Universe had a chance to catch up woods Deutsche. Of course she's been on the podcast before she is always fantastic to talk to you. She has a new film called Buffalo. That just opened in theaters and on Video De. Check THAT OUT. That conversation is on. Mtv News Youtube channels. I put on my social so you can't miss that. She's always fun to talk to an end really fun to to see what she's up to. I mean I've been talking to her. Since she made her basically her film debut it will debut in Vampire Academy. But it was like certainly Her Verse Big Role and I've been talking to her ever since and been fascinating to see her trajectory and see where she's going to go next is really exciting. So yes catch up on that. What else if you haven't caught up our SAM SAM. Human live episode. Check that out in the feed. Yeah lots of good for you guys. I hope you guys are enjoying all that happy. Second fused has to offer remember to review rain. Subscribe to happy. Second fused spread the good word. And I hope you guys whether you're it's always sunny fan or not or whether you've checked out a mythic quest yet or not. This is a really interesting conversation with a thoughtful fund. Funny Guy An a true innovator in the comedy space this is rob mcelhinney. Rob Welcome to my office. Great to meet you thank you. It's wonderful to be here. That's US this by all. You mean just conversation. Yeah it's pretty magical feel Bajic. I mean you've had some some serious guests. I feel like there's a hair coming off your microphone. I Apologize. That's this is so embarrassing for you if there's another one that's all my hair. Shed like crazy interesting You got some serious guests in here. Now we're trying something different. Yes I appreciate that. I appreciate you lowering and lowering the bar allowing me in office. Stop It. I'm a big Fan of yours. I love the new. Shell congrats man. Thank you mythic quests. Yes Ravens banquet rate title. That's the way you have to say well. We recognized that we had great success in having a title that was too long to fit on a poster. Right Donny and ridiculous and then we thought well just extend out for the next one. Was it always going to have the the subtitle the Ravens banquet and WHO's Raven and what's the bank now. Okay so and that has been a point of contention. Is it Ravens banquet? Yeah was it ravens. As implores an Apostrophe S. meaning is at one Ravens banquet right right. I assume the shirt Raven banquet. It's the banquet of of of of engorge Raven. I suppose who would? Who would want to go to that? Or why right now? Actually the the original name of the show was You know what this is the first time. I'm actually GonNa talk about this. We have long long form so we can discuss it. Yes the original minutes on the title. Please okay perfect. The original name of the show is was hero. Quest Okay okay now. Everybody in the industry knows that there was a game called hero quest back in the day but it was so old. We felt like we wouldn't really wouldn't be an issue. It turns out it was and that didn't clear so we had to come up with another title and so we came up with and I'm not exaggerating. Fifty five titles and none of them cleared and the reason that they didn't clear was because the video game industry is just so massive and then it also extended further outside of the video game and just into games like board games and we just felt like apple and Lionsgate felt collectively that we just didn't want to open ourselves up to a certain level of exposure. But then we're also like guys we have to title the show something yeah and so- mythic quests even didn't quite clear but not because there was ever a Gamer show called mythic quest. There was another game called mystic quest and they thought that maybe that would pose some issues. So that's when we realized okay. The entire the entire first series. First Season of the show was about this new expansion and the new expansion was going to be something ridiculous. Call Ravens banquet right so we would call the first season of the show. Mythic quest Raven's banquet so neck out of that gets us out of the League. Solitaire right those two words so that the next expansion pack will be like the next season especially so next season which were in the middle of writing right now is Mitha Quest Colon something else stop and then the third season and then the fifteen and I don't what we're going to do but but ultimately we didn't fight back to hard because we felt like the title it's always sunny in Philadelphia so unbelievably ridiculous That now it's become kind of part of the charm of the show and people just call it sunny so we assume that that people just call us M Q Mitha question. This is your thing. Now this is your brand is unwieldy titles. So how's how's the press toward going because this is odd? Essentially for the last fifteen years you've been talking about one thing yes and often with other people and obviously still a collaboration collaborative show but your front and center. Yeah has it felt like a kind of a different kind of experience. Now that you're out front on a new project yes I mean. Honestly we haven't done this amount of press on Sunday. I mean ever we just with this press tour yesterday that that was insane it was insane and I'm not by no means complaining because we asked for it. We wanted it. But I've never taught I've never been so sick of my own voice and very cognizant of the fact that like you know there are other people in the room who are listening to me. Say the same things over and over and over again and you realize you talk to other actors and other writers and they say of directors and they say oh no. That's the norm and I just realized we'd never done that on sunny because when sunny I came out nobody cared right. Nobody wanted us on any of their shows and rightfully so nobody heard the show until four or five years in and then by that time like six or seven when it started to hit then we felt like the show didn't really need it anymore right and it wasn't because we were such a massive hit. It was just that we had hit like the niche audience that we knew we wanted and love and that to expand beyond. That probably wasn't going to happen because that's just not the nature of the show right so then I never did talk shows. I never did. I didn't do a ton of PODCASTS. I didn't do. I mean podcast actually didn't even exist time and that's how long we've been on and so I just Kinda felt like you know. We're going launch a new show that we should put. We should put everything into it. Does it feel like I'm somewhat surprised in like when I started to look at your work outside of sunny like it's been relatively correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like there have been some difficulties in getting other projects going And we're going to get into like the unique nature of that. It's obviously like that was so wholly original and strange the way it all happened. But have you been surprised over the years that it's been tough to get feature directing other series things like this? I mean it takes up a lot of your time. But you've you've attempted other things. Sure yeah in the beginning sunny took up because we had no idea what we were doing and even though we were only doing ten to fifteen episodes a year because we were Our show running in because I was also in the show and then also editing and and we were still finding our footing for many many years. It took up a good chunk of your if not ten to eleven months so we didn't really have time to do anything else then slowly but surely we were able to come up with a more efficient way of doing things and then I was like okay. Let me branch out and do some other things and I was getting a offers to write and direct movies. That would be very similar to sunny. I had a couple of offers for movies that have since come out over the years and I just..

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