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"These of more highly parade they're more like race horses compared to maybe the call to assisting you to be picking on and there's no more scrambling about on the ground to pick them conveniently the now grown at shoulder height we need to do is supplied to the plants the fertilizer the chemicals needed for growth and then sunlight does the rest and water well H. heroes the campus because it is so how does this berry business work find out in there is good low after the news hello this is David Austin with the BBC news the strongest earthquake to hit southern California in twenty years has struck with a magnitude of seven point one state officials say the reports of a significant number of fires due to gas leaks power supplies have been lost and communications are down the epicenter was near the town of ridge crest about two hundred kilometers north of Los Angeles but there was a strong quake on Thursday followed by many off two strokes the director of the California governor's office of emergency services mock get a dude she said the scale of damage wasn't yet clear situational awareness is sketchy because you know the powers out and there's not a lot of lighting so we know that as the day breaks or be able to get a better assessment of the total amount of damage throughout the night we are working to move assets and resources in place or into staging areas several thousand people of March to a police station in Myanmar's biggest city Yangon demanding a quick resolution to a child rape case that sparked nationwide anger here's our Asia Pacific editor Michael Brister the young girl who is nearly three years old was wait to the nursery in the capital Naypyidaw in may many believe the police was slow to respond and the case attracted online attention celebrities national politicians are felt compelled to speak out now several thousand people of much union gong calling for justice for Victoria the girl sued name under pressure police officers have charged a suspect but the case in the schools are of trust in the authorities in Myanmar with civilian government is being re established following several decades of military rule the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sacked the governor of the country's central bank morass chatting Kyra has been replaced by his deputy Marat us so no official reason was given Mr chatting chi is believed to have disagreed with president do and and the finance minister you want to lower interest rates to boost economic growth rates were increased last year to support the struggling Turkish currency the lira representatives from the Afghan Taliban and the United States a receiving peace talks in katar of true one day break on Friday there are suggestions they've made progress towards a draft agreement June the giver and has this report the bilateral talks reaching a critical phase as both sides trying to flesh out with details of frame what they've already drafted the focus is on plans for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and guarantees from the telephone that the territory won't be used as a base for international terrorism an agreement might allow the US to extricate itself from the conflict but the proposal to fall from an overall peace deal issues such as future power sharing human rights and the role of the constitution would still be unresolved world news from the BBC S. strikes on rebel held territory in northwestern Syria reported to have killed thirteen civilians the British based Syrian observatory for human rights said that was seven children among the dead in the attacks on ma bell village in Egypt province the Russian backed Syrian Miller tree has in recent months stepped up its attacks on the rebel held region the low half a million resort have the former head of the Mexican state oil company panics has filed a legal challenge against his arrest warrant for taking bribes habia quello said the warrants which also targets close members of Mr does always family was unprecedented persecution by the Mexican attorney general's office the first stage one of world cycling's most famous races the tour de France begins today in the Belgian capital Brussels the be a raucous send off for right is facing a challenging roots of more than three thousand kilometers but some of the sports big names won't be taking part as Simon brother tune reports with Chris Freeman Tom dumoulin absent through injury primos Rockledge by design and lost his when I get right Thomas in during a less than ideal build up off to crushing out of the recent tour of Switzerland mall right is the normal sense the genuine chance of a podium finish Thomas leads the cost but his teammates and co leader and convert nala twenty two year old Colombian is highly rated too among the others the H. brothers Adam and Simon both tried for the Australian Mitchelton Scott team today's opening stage flirts with Flanders but starts and finishes in Brussels and he said to be one for the sprinters the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be christened by the archbishop of Canterbury today Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor will be baptized in front of close family and friends in the private chapel road wins a consul in an unusual move they'll be no media coverage of the ceremony and the names of the gods parents will not be released that's the latest BBC news good morning okay.

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