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"mitchell kalma" Discussed on The Past Lives Podcast

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"mitchell kalma" Discussed on The Past Lives Podcast

"Shoes in Google images dated the seventeenth. Century Italy. And this no way I would have might operate imagines the asshole women were wearing at that time. Crowd law his these things do come through aren't they? It's Subtle but it confirms view in a way at assume I slacked the. So a thing you tell your friend and your friend Guy. It doesn't mean anything but because you've experienced it yourself, you've seen more INA. Yeah I think that it's just about being aware and being open to acknowledging something that could be weird or strange and. In that acknowledgement there's like a miracle that's unfolding I. Mean there's no doubt. Where are you going to come up with the buckled shoes I mean come on? That is very strange I mean. So there's something to this. and. I'm always a believer I. Know some people want to be skeptical about different things but. I feel like. We have so much sub-conscious and higher self material that just out of our grasp as were in physical form. But through hypnosis, it's like getting a window into the true depths of the Solomon. It's absolutely amazing. So. We've been talking about your book, Mitchell Kalma, the healing power of past life memories. The could you tell us about your other books? Yes I've got another one that came out earlier. This year is past lives with pets, which is one of my favorites. I started realizing that people believe. That pets that they had let's say when they were kid. In their current life may be came back to them. Kind of like that book in that film, The dog journey if listeners have been familiar with that, there's real clients that I have who told me that and I have a pair of cats that I believe came back to me from childhood, and then the other thing is that. Just. As a pleasant byproduct over the years I'd had many clients who. They're they're coming in for actual issue, but then accidentally they discover that. Oh. My Gosh look down or whatever happens to be in the sixteen hundreds. This is amazing and so it's just kind of a fun..

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