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A Conversation With Howard Fineman

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A Conversation With Howard Fineman

"I welcome to the Al Franken podcast. We've got a really good for a change inch <hes>. It's Howard Fineman who younger folks listening may know only from M._S._N._B._C.. He's the guy who looks like an older grayer. Your Max Weinberg Bruce Springsteen's drummer <hes> Howard has had a forty five year career thus far as a journalist for years he wrote the clinical cover stories for Newsweek and Howard was one of those guys like David Broder who would travel all over the country greeny ride the bus <hes> with the other reporters and he talked with locals as part of his story so Howard knows this country very well but a part of the country he knows probably better than any other beltway. Journalist is Kentucky because Howard's first job as reporter. I was for the Louisville Courier Journal so Howard knows Kentucky and he is covered Mitch McConnell for decades and I I thought it was time for a podcast to help my listeners understand how cynical and power hungry and just awful the <hes> current majority leader is so Howard and I sat down this past Thursday and recorded our conversation but Mitch is so awful awful that while we were discussing how he is destroying our institutions and our our democracy he did another wretched the thing what McConnell did was put a hold on the securing American Federal Elections Act Now. This is a bill all that have been passed by the House that would direct six hundred million dollars in election assistance to the states and require backup paper ballots so the results can't be hacked and you can do a recount that you can rely on. I'm I'm going to quote from the Washington Post. Dana millbank quote McConnell himself responded this time reading from a statement his chin melting into his chest his trademark thin smile on his lips. It's just a highly partisan bill from same folks who spent spent two years hyping up a conspiracy theory about president trump and Russia. He said therefore object now. I thought the thing about the the chin melting into the chest was entirely unnecessary. Frankly except that we here at the Al Franken podcast have learned that during the August recess McConnell is finally getting some work done and when he comes back that whole turtle thing will be history and he will have the tight <hes> jaw line and neck of a college college freshmen. It's GonNa it's GonNa take some time getting used to frankly look a lot of people have been saying the Russians are going to be back. Believe me they've never left. McConnell put a hold on this election. Security Bill will the day after Muller told the American people that the Russians are going to do everything they can to hack us and interfere with the two thousand twenty election and also. Let's remember that the president said just recently that if a foreign power offers him help in the next election election that he'll accept it. Republicans don't want fair elections. We all know that they try to make it as hard as possible for certain people to vote when they gerrymander they stuff as many Democrats as they can into congressional districts ninety percent Democratic so republicans can have all these safe sixty forty districts around the state from election to election. They changed the location of the polling places in certain neighborhoods. They reduced number of polling places places that makes for longer lines. They WanNa make much harder for certain people devote so securing our elections. NHS is now a partisan issue and Mitch McConnell stopped a bill that would prevent foreign countries from hacking our elections a bill that would require paper balance so that will have a physical record of every vote so Mitch got the nickname Moscow Mitch right after Howard and I finished our conversation so in the next fifty minutes so you're going to learn some some fun stuff about Mitch McConnell from Howard Fineman who began his Distinguished Career in Louisville Kentucky Conduct Hi this is Harold Veneman of the Courier Journal and Louisville <hes> here broadcasting from sixth and Broadway in downtown Louisville across the State of Kentucky from Pike Ville to Paducah now Howard you'd explain yourself so al when I <hes> I went down to Kentucky. I began to realize that <hes> Howard is not a very common woman named there but Harold is an incredibly common name so when I would call up public officials to interview them they would inevitably call me herald and there was one guy in particular over in the Department of Energy and Kentucky call them up and say hey Mr Stapleton it's Howard Feinman from the courier journal and he'd say hey harold how you doing and and I would say I'm fine Sir but it's Howard in he'd say right Herald you calling about <hes> and also my byline in the in the paper read Howard Feinman and just as they're not many Howard's there weren't many fine men's or really there weren't many and most people read that as Finn Amon so basically I went through my nearly five years in Kentucky as Herald Cinnamon Fineman and as a matter of fact that's how I'd like to be known on this episode of the Al Franken podcast and say in case. I say something that I needed deny. I everybody you are in for a treat today. Howard fineman is my guess and here's a treat. Were not going to be talking about Howard fineman. We're going to spend the next well. That's it for me album. Sorry I'm Outta here. We're going to spend the next minutes talking about Mitch McConnell all right right Mitch McConnell. Let's get this out of the way we're friends yes. Yes I think I have to disclose that and we met in <hes>. I think it was December or late. November nineteen eighty seven late nineteen eighty seven on the way to Iowa we are finding to moines because of there was a debate democratic primary debate in Iowa and this was my first one man uplink unit the thing where or the satellite dish right on my head which is an idea that I claim claim my head I but I didn't have a T._v.. Show to put it on so there you go yeah. Fuck you spence. It's with that so anyway and and I knew that there'd be all there's this place in the parking lot. Where have all the trucks yes and so. I knew there'd be a lot of satellite dishes. They're yeah that'd be yes on backdrop that what I liked was <hes> that you <hes> had a real desire in in <hes> intuitive sense of <hes> how evaluate what what was going on in politics. I feel that I was there at present at the creation of what turned out out to be a great political career so I'll fax. You're welcome and you have a decent sense of humor well one of one of the problems of our relationship chip. I'm always trying to be funny in front of you. which is difficult in a big mistake? Legal says it's an amateur playing in a professional league. I mean you discover that. I had a fairly deep understanding of politics and I discovered that you had a deep understanding politics well but that didn't surprise is Mi <hes>. Also I discovered that <hes> power has a fabulous sense of humor you or selling yourself short and by that I mean you you laffy swing. That's my number. One rule is to laugh at whatever else says yes. That's the only thing comedian scare so Mitch Mitch McConnell <hes> your first beet yellows level right and is Louisville. Yes it is it is Louisville and <hes> the way you you say it if you're from Louisville is to collapse it all into one melted syllable. Lull so of all and <hes> so you go along you. Go back to what year with with well I covering Mitch Mc. Really <hes> I it's possible that I met met Mitch McConnell when I first started out in Louisville in the fall of seventy three and <hes> Mitch who was then in <hes> the lawyer in private practice was in Louisville was in the process of taking over the rather defunct Republican Party of Jefferson County which Louisville was in if I didn't meet him right away I pretty soon after that began to know who he was because he got involved in local politics and I covered a little bit of the local politics from the beginning not much that was a prestige beat that I didn't have the seniority or the knowledge to be on exactly and when did you guys like they win and was he aware of <hes> well we we we got. We really didn't get to know each other until <hes> I was already at Newsweek magazine number of years later and he had been elected elected to the Senate and <hes> naturally enough. I wanted to keep in close touch with members of the Senate from Kentucky and House House members from Kentucky so you have a long standing journalist politician relationships and you can't help but love the guy right well. It's an I have an interesting attitude towards Mitch which I still haven't entirely and every molecule my body given up which which is that he started out as a moderate and even liberal Republican who is pro civil rights and and pro abortion. Can I kinda think I know where it's going and I would give up that molecule well and also <hes> he'd had polio as a child and <hes> is is something of a loner and I- persistent thinking than you'd think that we give you a lot of you know feeling sympathy and when you hear about that he's done is he's done everything he can in his public role as a politician mission to drive away anybody's desire to view him sympathetically is a person he actually makes it very difficult for anybody to like him personally even people who deal with him all the time and who were on the same page politically with him now whatever page he happens to be on at this point on your same people in the Caucasus even people in the caucus. I mean they. They respect him. They fear him they. I understand his <hes> keen strategic sense and his his big brain for the mechanics politics but what they all like to spend a lot a time with him personally or anytime with him personally. I don't really think so and so as a reporter I try to see the humanity and everybody buddy. I cover <hes> <hes> because I think that's the way you view your fellow man in the way best way to cover politics but Mitch makes it awfully hard. He makes it off off. He'd be an example. What makes it hard this week. These coal miners with black lung which kills you you die which is from breathing coal dust in the minds wants right <hes> came to capitol. Hill and Kentucky of course is a big coal state. Lee came into the room where they were and spent a look. It sounds like less than a minute well. That's a good example of his public willingness to play the the utterly unsympathetic defender of corporate interests. He's proud of that. I would say that Mitch McConnell is undoubtedly proud of the fact act that he did what he did yesterday. He's telling himself. These people are never going to support me. They're trying to show me up up by doing this caravan trip to Washington. They're lucky to be getting anything by way of federal tax to replenish the bladder there take a fee that the coal companies pay for whatever on per ton and they've had it. It's been half as it was a dollar ten cents at <music> A ton. Now it's down to fifty five cents. They literally chopped in half and and I'm sure McConnell is utterly unapologetic about that and what's interesting they wanted just to be. Yeah I wanted to be restored back to where it was and the by the way <hes> under great pressure from <hes> your body and mind Jon Stewart the Senate voted and McConnell supported replenishing that fund the nine eleven either nine eleven fund for seventy years making it whole for seventy years under the actuarial all expectations and he won't do the same thing anything like something akin to that in his own state where he's always arguing when he runs for reelection that isn't it great to Kentucky has such a important and powerful guy in the Senate Volvo Seniority with all this power he you can do all these great things for Kentucky well. There's an example of him. Just basically spitting in there I well it depends who you consider Kentucky because if somebody owns those coal mines and they're probably from Kentucky may be some of them. Maybe maybe not necessarily but those people he's courted sure. Has He ever right yeah when he first ran for the Senate in nineteen eighty four <hes> after two terms is the chief executive of Jefferson County he that was a time and I am not left there that long before and I knew it because I covered it. The coal industry was undoubtedly the most powerful political force in the state <hes> the electric utilities were in concert with them and they burned all the coal for the electricity in the state but but the utilities were regulated by the State Public Service Commission and they were a little more cautious politically the coal operators association K._O._A.. I was way out front way intimidating in their politics way eager to play the bad guy they didn't care. I was the way they thought they would control all the obstreperous miners and so forth and and Mitch McConnell from Louisville where it was hard to get elected statewide did whatever he could good to play up to them and he's done it ever since I mean he's proudly in the pocket of the coal Australia the own the owners the owners he's proudly in the pocket and the miners at that time and still in Kentucky are mostly union. They're mostly members of the United Mine. Workers and Mitch is the sworn enemy of unions even and though he began his career when he first ran for county executive with the endorsement he sought and got the endorsement of the N._F._l.. CEO Council and Whitman promptly ignored ignored the fact that he done so soon as he got elected not not only did he ignored. I I read this book the CYNIC <hes> about him not only did he ignore that he actually said that yeah I <hes> I said I was pro union but I didn't mean it but I just did it to get at the N._F._l.. CEOS endorsement yes and that as another signature part of the public persona of Mitch McConnell he proudly advertises sizes his political cynicism. He's proud of it because he's told himself it's for a higher purpose of rolling back. The role of government and in our lives that I mean I think that's how he justifies his favorite philosopher. I don't know how much philosophy actually reads is is <hes> is Edmond Burke and he considers himself when he's trying to claim an intellectual gloss Roy what he's doing is this principle conservative but really wait what he's always been for is POW in strictly for in a way that I haven't seen in any other politician that I've covered in the slow here like like Oh. He's proud of the the meme Berkeley Wings is all that that's not true. I just say says just to get dummies like Howard to go read Edmond Burke but the yeah he's he's naked he's naked about in in that sense he he was trump before trump was trump because is one of the keys to both of them is there utter shameless pride in their cynicism and their power manipulation and what's what gives it a twist twist with Mitch McConnell as it he claims to adore and revere institutions like the Republican that hardy the Berkey and yeah that's that's not true. No he not only is it not true not only is it not true al he has done everything he can to destroy Oy the independent power of those institutions in gather that power in his own hands. He's basically if not being the major cause of ruining the Senate as we used nice to know it he's he's done it and he's gathered the power in his own hands. As for the Republican party he became a willing ally of of <hes> donald trump jump in destroying the independent power of the Republican Party Mitch McConnell became the first and best of the modern fundraisers who made the money go through him but unlike Lyndon Johnson who did the same thing Mitch didn't do it for the purpose of building up the Democratic Party at all he did did it only for himself. We really should give some time to defending Mitch so we should give some time into that. Okay that's enough so now okay so so he maintained that molecule hope. Let's say that I I don't know why I know. I don't know why I just don't know why okay <hes> school busing because that's been in the news yeah of late and I remember Louisville had a big school bussing thing in nineteen seventy four and wasn't popular very no it was it was a federally court ordered busing for Integration Plan <hes> it was the same year as Boston and that was also federally quartered at one in Louisville at what it did was it ordered the combination of the city of Louisville schools which had been desegregated on their own the decade before and which had almost almost all of the blacks living in that county of Jefferson County and the county suburban schools which were almost entirely lily white and Dan when that federal quarter to came in <hes> it exploded the city the powers that be at the newspaper I worked for <hes> in in government tried to be responsible tried to make it work tried to make the combination work it became one of the largest school districts in the country country but there was severe and sometimes violent protests against it in those suburbs it essentially ruined the career rear of the Chief Executive of the county at that time and didn't help the mayor that much either but the reason you bring up that county guy is that Ed Iran against bench right yes he was the incumbent in nineteen seventy seven Mitch McConnell realizing that the busing issue had severely damaged the incumbent covent saw that he had an opening and it was created by bussing but since he'd had a moderate background and since he wanted the support of the the powers that be in the region he was very shrewd about not using directly using the busing issue in his campaign or in his advertising Yes yes he didn't have an even though he privately knew that he didn't have to because it had so weakened his opponent but as soon as he won he made it clear ear that he was for an amendment to prevent federally court ordered busing. We obviously had this come up in the democratic debates Kamla Harris. I brought that up to criticize Biden for being for local so she must be four federally mandated busing. I would think then right well l. now she now because I let me <hes> the problem still exists. I mean they are even worse in some respects yeah so because a lot of weight yes because what happened in places Louisville and elsewhere <hes> especially in the south the white people fled the fled the public schools and <hes> this is true all over the country actually and in the south are called Christian Academy's but all around the country yes white people fled the public schools so the situation a mayor Specter's even worse. The problem is you can't have a court order on the Christian schools yeah but yes yes in the debate of the other week. Kamala Harris seem to be saying that she supported federal court ordered busing as she criticised Joe Biden for not doing so in for saying that could be a local initiative but it can't be ordered from above Bob by the federal courts but that's her position now. Is that what yoursel that's not her position now her position now is now. I really am not in favour of federal court ordered busing either and it should be a local concern. I but that's my man I mean so her position. Now is closer to where Biden was if not not identical with where we're Biden is. She should have said that well. Let's see if that comes up in the next debate because Joe Biden has said you know no more Mister Nice sky. I'm GONNA fire back. I was not prepared for that. Last time I will be this time. I would expect I think <hes> the way the debate is set up for Detroit. The two nights debates debates. I think Joe Biden and Camera Harris or on the same night so I would expect that subject to come up again okay so he he runs for the Senate. Roger Ailes is his guy yeah is does add so and Roger Ailes is on his way up in the yeah Republican Party well yeah. This is just Nice Guy Nice gyn one yeah Yeah Yeah Roger Ailes head <hes> had not yet distinguished English himself with the Willie Horton <hes> stuff in the race issue later on which happened a few ways ramping up to that his ramping up that but in the case of <hes> Mitch McConnell's race in eighty four and Kentucky Ronald Reagan was a very popular president with Republicans and Pretty Popular Overall and <hes> Mitch was lucky to be running for Senate for the First Time Out of Louisville which is I said hard to get elected statewide aside from Louisville <hes> with Ronald Reagan at the top of the ticket Ronald Reagan Won Kentucky by about two hundred thirty five thousand votes Mitch McConnell barely early beat barely beat <hes> a colorless incumbent named Dee Huddleston from Western Kentucky the Democrat and their ad that <hes> Roger ailes produced was the famous ad in which they parked on Huddleston is <hes> mediocre attendance and voting voting record he didn't show up all the time to vote and they had a bunch of bloodhounds pouring out of the back of a pickup truck searching for Dee Huddleston Charleston bloodhounds looking for the ladder Ston. It sounds like a real club that had the additional benefit for Mitch of making it seem seemed like he knew what a bloodhound was which I'm not sure that he did since he grew up in the suburbs of Louisville okay so he's in the Senate and McCain Feingold comes up right <hes> and I remember <hes> because when we did the disclose act later after citizens united we wanted the least for disclosure disclosure yes which Kennedy who wrote the opinion on citizens united had said this'll be great because everyone will know yeah that was in the Yes. I know we wanted to <hes> the Democrats wanted to <hes> have disclosed thing where you disclose and Dan he had said during McCain Feingold he said that disclosure is the great disinfectant that's what he said right and a lot of them like Orrin Hatch and those people who voted against McCain Feingold said similar things disclosure disclosure disclosure. I remember one of them saying think. Of course we had fifty nine in the Senate at that time Democrats 'cause <hes> Scott Brown won the race so we have we have to get every the democratic vote and one Republican and we don't get it when we know we're not GonNa get it so I'm sitting in the well memorize who said what so you know Sarah McConnell and he's walking up to do is vote and I go like Sunshine's grades disinfectant and <hes> he just ignored me of course every once in a while someone will get irked that I was throwing that interfaces and they'd say something like well all this one treats unions differently than corporations and I go no it doesn't and they go away and then <laughter> and then so at one point a senator comes up and says maybe the stupidest thing publican center is baby the stupidest thing I heard from any senator <hes> vase air and I say I'm saying something to somebody about what he had said and he goes like well. You know some people don't have to disclose and I go way. What do you mean like who who doesn't have to disclose if they give over ten thousand well? I'll let say the The New York Times runs an editorial. It doesn't Purely political entities yeah. They're saying that it's like a best yeah yeah but it's kind of disclosed. Well look one of the consistent patterns patterns of <hes> Mitch McConnell's career. Is it every time you think he can't be that cynical and disregarding thing of what he said or argued before <hes> your proved wrong because he because he has he has something that that is a gift for certain politicians which that he was born without of the the D._N._a.. That creates the emotion of shame shame in the public mind I mean in his mind he's he cannot be shamed into admitting admitting that any of his apocryphal are cynicisms. He's proud of him. He's he's not only on Shane Mommy's proud of him because he thinks he's doing it for a higher purpose and what he's told himself is the importance of not letting the government run everything <hes> and this is a powerful thing in Kentucky. I mean I I spent five years there. And of course the Great Paradox is that Kentucky is one of the places where more citizens rely on federal benefits than than most those places in the country <hes> one well. They must realize that no they don't they talk ends. No they don't they don't realize it. They're not grateful because is it goes against their view of themselves right okay so here's a really cynical thing he did in two thousand six and George W Bush wrote about this in his memoir no bigger supporter of the war in Iraq than Mitch McConnell but he goes to the White House else and he ass President Bush to to draw down the troops before the <hes> <hes> two thousand six election the look like he's kind of moving to get out <hes> and a it. Bush said something like I'm going to have as many troops as they can win the war not the win the election yeah people get killed because you draw down had for no well again. Mitch McConnell's only concern for some reason from a young age <hes> he decided that what he wanted the his route to power and control of circumstances which I guess you could argue. He felt as polio victim or whatever he didn't have is to be lead the majority leader of the Senate now and run the Senate in the in the manner I he's never given any particular credit or nod to Lyndon Johnson but you know Robert Caro <hes> the great journalist and biographer spent basically his whole life trying to figure out and and and describe Linden Johnson's his greatness as a political figure <hes> which was based on being Senate Majority Leader and and I guess Mitch grew up during that time and for some reason or other may be was that decided he wanted to be majority leader and <hes> and be like Lyndon Johnson Lyndon Johnson of the Republican Party or something. I don't know what to sue he sort of actually the Anti Lyndon Johnson Yeah Bill off the Great Society and <hes> signed the civil push the Civil Rights Act and and did his best he could domestically domestically right to make the government of force for good <hes> Mitch's exactly the opposite he wanted. Anybody wants that power so he would be utterly willing to go in and tell George Bush wish that not because he cared about the war Mitch McConnell who by the way got didn't have to go into Vietnam because of he had a genuine Florida genuine four F. but it wasn't for him but interestingly it wasn't coming through quite fast enough for him to get out out of <hes> the training that he was in <hes> so he could pursue his his his legal career and then his political career so he got John Sherman Sherman Cooper to Senator Senator John Sherman Cooper who he worked for he worked for and who is one of his idols to to get them out but in any case Mitch McConnell didn't care about that it about what was actually happening in Iraq Jesus. You can't get a pass on polio but bone spurs or whatever crap ah I mean that's crazy yeah now. I have some sympathy yeah all right but then the molecule are at the point the point. Is that <hes> I think it's interesting that George W Bush saw that for what it was which was just a an utterly craven political ploy well hey and even George Bush was too much for George W Bush who was not above some of that himself. <hes> put it in his <hes>. Put it in his autobiography. I thought that's very interesting and damning of Mitch McConnell so Mitch McConnell <hes> I got on the bad side of him once and and <hes> you don't say Elena Kagan <hes> was our nominee. We are about to have the vote on her and he was because I believe the second last speech in Harry. Reid was last one so he gave this speech. That was unbelievably condescending to her. No one has any doubt that Ms Cagan is bright and personable and easy to get along with but the Supreme Brain Court is not a dinner club if getting along and polite society were enough to put somebody on the Supreme Court then we wouldn't need confirmation hearings at all. The goal here is not okay determine whether we think someone will get along well with the other a justice okay <hes>. It's a pretty weak argument vehement well. I mean imagine that you're saying <hes> you know. No one has ended out that Neil gorsuch is bright and personable and easy on the eye I mean this is so crazily sexist. Oh I start laughing and I can't help myself because the whole speeches like this uh-huh I'm presiding I'm presiding. I should make that clear. I start laughing and he's speaking to Mr President President Yeah. Yeah that's me and I'm just going like I can't stop laughing now. This is what most people do when they're presiding they okay <hes> read their press clipping and and I because I was a performer had been a performer I I listened to every speech like gave eye contact to the speaker and it was to some of them was unnerving yup because no one had ever done that and were you looking at. Were you looking at Mitch and laughing yes and that was a mistake and I own it as mistake. It's mistake you shouldn't do that well. There is no greater wound to Mitch McConnell then when he standing up there as a leader of the Senate his lifelong Dream Kareem to be taken seriously and not dismissed but be admired and feared and respected for somebody to laugh in his face yeah he got mad. He got mad a marched up there after he was done and he said this is not Saturday night. Live and you say loud enough for the press is right bomb <hes> there and <hes> he said you do that next time. I'm going to call you out and and I knew right away that fucked up and I knew the president heard it so <hes> right away right after that we had I was presiding so I had to stay and <hes> we had the vote and announced the Cagan was gorgeous like I went to his office. You know sh weren't there and he wasn't there air so I left a note ball gazing of myself and Sam I'm sorry you know and then I went to my office and they said Holy Shit at the you know the press had picked it up and <hes> so he <hes> accepted my apology so that was personally. I mean was it. No well no no no. We're about to go on a break so I will. I'll say that <hes> we just didn't see each other but his <hes> his his press secretary issued something like this. You know <hes> senator are Franken's apologies and appropriate response or something like that yeah so after we got over his fury then he had you yeah but he let me off. I know I know but then he really had you. Oh I see I see damn dumb. Ah Knowing Him. That's that's the thing that just drives him nuts. He doesn't care if he's hated. He'd prefer he expects to be hated but he expects somehow that that will produce however reluctantly in other people respect. Let's go to a President Obama gets selected and he says the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be one term president that wasn't said on election night by although he supposedly he might have said that privately to people because what what he was doing on what they did did immediately upon election of Obama was ga- McConnell gathered together the troops and they began trying to figure out how they were. GonNa fight him from the start because basically when I came we had sixty votes right because Arlen Specter switch switch right but they were going to delay the start using the filibuster eventually but he eventually did said I think he said in in early twenty ten our main objective is to make him one turn President President the point is from the very beginning the idea was never never and what acquaint notion it would have. It now seems in our politics for the opposition party to say you know. Let's give the guy a little time. Let's see where we can work together to start for of course what we always do Democrats. No the Democrats don't do that either not anymore not anymore because when when trump but it was trump it's not like a real test yeah well. You believe that when trump came in yeah the Democrats said Oh my God you know let's let's but I think that we would have worked with him. He had something to work with right and if he had any interest in and playing ball that way but the fact is in a way Mitch McConnell prepared the ground for Donald Trump Yeah Mitch McConnell Mitch rich McConnell's rejection of the idea of cooperation which you're talking about now with regard to Obama the sort of wholesale rejection action of the system in a way. I mean to say that you're not going to work with the president is is to violate the spirit and in many ways the letter of the constitution institution and McConnell was perfectly willing to do that eager to do it eager to do it <hes> to destroy the relationship between the presidency and the Congress to to undercut to the extent that he could the legitimacy of the president of the United States. You don't don't one thing he did that. I know I haven't heard other people talk about. This is something I would go to the APEC dinner and almost every member of Congress go oh to it and it was his bipartisan thing right before the two thousand twelve election. McConnell gets up and for the first time I've ever heard. He is a rabidly partisan speech. <hes> basically saying. Republicans Republicans are the Friends of Israel and Obama and the Democrats are you know it's enemies and I walked out and and I didn't see anyone else walk out but I walked out because the biggest strategic advantage geo political advantage Israel had was bipartisan partisan support that we had been totally bipartisan support Israel until that moment in the reason for that is <hes> <hes> so Mitch McConnell is undercutting Israel's what you're saying yeah which he is it which some political van for some political advantage he is going. He's saying he's as politicized the whole thing and the reason is by that point <hes> Barack Obama had <hes> had disagreements with Netanyahu Oh and and and the Democrats were beginning you saw the slivers of division in the Democratic Party and Mitch McConnell saw an avenue a new to exploit those divisions so suddenly something he basically didn't care much about it was just a box he was going to check off like every other became a strategic officer Sheldon Alvin Adelson yeah and the and the money and but but more than the money because they get money lots of places frankly don't necessarily. Early Need Sheldon Adelson for the money. It's the division of the Democratic Party that they're looking at that. They're try think he has really done sure he's done it and it's to the long ranged. If you care about Israel's existence. It's a long range threats now a real threat to his room because it in that Tom Political I put that at his feet and he knows that anyway okay then we get Scalia dying right okay Emmerich Arlen and my God well. There's a new book out that <hes> that <hes> I read in preparation for this <hes> called confirmation bias. It's by Carl Hall Sues <hes> New York Times very good New York Times reporters covered the hill for a long time and it's covered McConnell for for a long time and covered the confirmation hearings longtime and he lays out in detail as did an earlier piece in the New York Times just how McConnell within minutes of the death of Scalia was already setting stone the strategy of Republican Refusal Wholesale Republican few refusal to consider a replacement during the last year of Obama's term and McConnell did that he realized that it was important that he instantly like they were still you know carting poor old scalise body out of the lodge in west West Texas when McConnell was on the phone with people saying we've got to immediately say an I am going to immediately say I'm not going to consult with the Republican Caucus. I'm going to immediately say and put it out publicly that as Republican leader <hes> we are not going <music> as majority leader. We are not going to consider a replacement for Scalia in the last year of the Obama term away to the next President Biden rural yet and we're going to do it. Ah Yes we'RE GONNA. We're GONNA do it <hes> and he wanted to get out ahead of Ted. Cruz who he was afraid would make an issue out of it and it would be identified ride with crews who everybody hated and not with McConnell who everybody hated but also feared and and so he did that and it was because of McConnell's Dell's move <hes> entirely because of that instant decision within an hour of the death of Scalia to put out that public statement that the result was that <hes> <hes> Garland never got a hearing and I I was on judiciary Republicans on judiciary kept saying Biden rule and that was is complete bullshit yes because what Biden had biden had given the speech but it was at the end of of session like in June of before an election and he is saying if wanted one of these guys retire then N- <hes> were not going to confirm somebody unless and he says unless there it's a moderate and he said I or and unless were consulted yeah. I have to say well. I'm not sure what would have happened in Garland Ireland. I think it was outrageous but <hes> that's that's Mitch McConnell and it was what he realized that was so I think what would have ever Garland is that he would have been unconfirmed because and I think that's why he didn't want hearings is because Merrick Garland is Bryant and unbelievably unbelievably <hes> he he was a consensus builder on on the Circuit Yeah I it's very possible but my my point about McConnell is he was so he's so cunning in the in the in the destruction of institutions to serve his own purposes in other words the caucus in theory the party caucuses are still supposed to be a big thing <hes> to some people <hes> but Mitch totally ignored the caucus in order to issue that public edict which ended up working and then after that he was instrumental and coming up with the the list of <hes> Farrell Society Federal Society list he worked very closely with Leonard Leo and all those people to put together list and and he argues McConnell argues that it was because of the list <hes> which he claimed credit for which actually was done mcgann's idea but it doesn't matter <hes> <hes> that got trump elected yeah and it was because basically trump yeah. That's how he got the Van Djelic yes that's trust them but he said Lay said look here's this list well and it's Farrell Society and the Heritage Foundation right right I N he's picked people from that that list and Dan and basically turned over the entire nomination process to to <hes> Leo in the Federal Society Yup Bryant move. He's a he didn't want because he didn't think he could win and maybe even because he found him not only repulsive also but <hes> was worried that he couldn't control him <hes> he was against trump during the republican initially during the Republican primaries he was almost part. We never trump thing. He didn't quite get there which is typical McConnell but he would have preferred almost any other candidate to Donald Donald Trump but then when he saw the trump was actually going to win the nomination he completely shifted <hes> member. I'm talking about how we can drop in Muck. A hot. The Hot Rock meaning trump <hes> Mitch embraced the hot rock and he also learned not to be offended by trump trump <laughter> style and in fact to talk to trump all the time he talks to trump constantly because trump loves phone and <hes> he instructs trucks trump in some of the mysteries of the Senate and makes trump feel like he knows what's going on. It's hard to overstate how much power Mitch McConnell now has. I mean he's right up there with the president certainly in terms of the judiciary he basically McConnell basically runs. It basically runs it while mcgann of course did I mean why else Cowo- you know what I want to go back to the A._C._A.. Hey <hes> it just quickly and then go to <hes> repeal and replace okay. I remember the member Max Baucus Yeah. The Montana was trying to put together a bipartisan. Yes recall a healthcare plan and <hes> he had Grassley and C.. The and Olympia Snowe they was working with and this went on for months and we would have a caucus launch Max would make a report award and all we're not there yet. We're not there yet. We're not there yet and finally after three months of this four months of this he goes <hes> well fallen apart and we it's not going to happen. We're just not going to get a bipartisan agreement. Arlen Specter says I could've told you that and I say then why didn't you I couldn't believe it like Ireland and so <hes> for every conceivable reason under the Sun Mitch McConnell wanted wanted to kill that thing and prevent it and it's hey concern every conceivable way it's for every conceivable reason yes a plan actually put together by the Heritage Foundation right well. I all senators especially ones who served served for a long time many of them not all but many have to account for previous things they said in part of Joe Biden's problem running for president is there lots of Biden enrolls out there that people can twist and turn around based on what he said over such a long career in Biden cares about that he cares about trying to be consistent even if he isn't <hes> McConnell doesn't care yet you can say to him. Hey you know you're you protested. What Harry Reid did with a nuclear option on the on the judges judges and now you're doing it on even worse than he did? McConnell's not going to buy it he will he will not he's impervious to this. He's Gonna I say we're. We're doing 'cause 'cause harried it right but yes he yes where he can. He will blame the other side where he can't blame the other side. He'll I'll just say nothing. We'll just say we have the right to do it. Okay so now let's go to repeal and replace Russia had yeah they win win in <hes> in sixteen they have <hes> everything they have the House and Senate <hes> and they have the presidency and suddenly a eight years of saying. We're going to repeal and replace. Everyone's going like okay eight years who had <hes> let's see what are you got. It turned out they hadn't done anything to quote Arlen Specter. I coulda told you and <hes> so Mitch puts twelve men <hes> white man in a room yeah that's that's and they come up with something and what they come up with is like twenty two million people will lose their insurance. Medicaid will be slashed so people in role you know <hes> people no longer rural hospitals I I did tour Minnesota rural hospitals during that time time after after he released that plan rural hospitals are doing great because they expanded Medicaid and that meant there was less uncompensated care so people now who went into emergency room Medicaid paid for it so the hospitals had a lot of money they had more money so they could hire more technicians than more doctors jurors and they could nurses in housekeepers and the food was better. I went to a rural town in Minnesota. Where where the best restaurant in town was the hospital cafeteria? People would go out to dinner at the you know now. They got a great lasagna. There you know I'm and people they had expanded care people were freaked out and at what they did and yet he almost got it done. It's interesting I think that was a miscalculation by him and it cost didn't cost him the Senate but it cost system that arguably it cost him the house and that was a rare miscalculation from the narrow perspective of accumulating power <hes> but don't forget McConnell back in Kentucky meanwhile the trends that he set in motion were beginning or threatening to engulf him because the tea party he is the natural conclusion <hes> a natural product of MC McConnell's Khanna politics as they evolved they saw him as the establishment establishment guy suddenly the way he'd gone and accumulated power in Washington was was something of a threat to him and a guy came up to run against him in the primary Matt Bevin who is now the governor <hes> who seriously challenged him from the I wouldn't say necessarily from the right but from from the populist Anti Establishment Bushman perspective so Mitch probably engaged in that risky exercise partly to defend himself and <hes> it kind of kind of backfired. I think he's now tame those people he's now so close to trump he's inseparable from trump that that will protect Mitch Catch <hes> in Kentucky where he's up again this time but <hes> yet pitch totally perfect gamed even have a shot at beating him and he's he's GonNa be et Cetera Republicans. It's totally republican state now and he'll he'll hope to continue putting judges in the courts and I don't know what else <hes> his ultimate hope is for somebody to acknowledge him as a master somebody credit. Yes somebody credible. Bless play a joke on him. Let's get Carro to call him up. Call him up and said you know what I'm canceling the last book the last volume on on Johnson because one. I'm sick of doing John Yeah. I just can't and to your the Anti Master. You're the destroyer of the sun. I've been watching you and God and why am I respect how what's full you along. What's more interesting building or destroying? Any child knows that this is Roy any Iran I actually I know a bunch of these popular historians. Maybe I'll convince my friend meacham to Jon meacham to do it. Oh just as it shows I I. I have to make sure that finally came up with a good idea here on the show yeah I I have to make sure that that Jon Meacham knows. It's a joke yeah mm-hmm yeah I think I think he will. He will yeah Howard thank you thank you <hes> we had had fun. I had a great time good

Mitch Mitch McConnell Mitch Senate Kentucky Louisville Mitch McConnell Mitch rich McC Donald Donald Trump president Republican Party Howard Arlen Specter Howard Fineman Lyndon Johnson Lyndon Johnson Mitch Mc Al Franken Jefferson County Joe Biden John Yeah President Obama
1159: "Showly"

No Agenda

2:52:41 hr | 1 year ago

1159: "Showly"

"Can't get in your car. Adam Curry John's July twenty twenty nineteen. This is your award-winning nation media assassination episode eleven fifty nine. This is no agenda looking straight at your brain stem A._M.. And Broadcasting Live from the frontier of Austin Texas got drunk star state in the morning everybody I'm out incurring for northern Silicon Valley where this week cycle isn't alive and dead. I'm Jesse divorced scale. Are you tracking another six week cycle yeah well. Let's explain briefly the six week cycle you have the best explanation is it's a methodology ah the F._B._i.. was alleged to be using during the Komi era. Yes you keep their <hes> name brand name and the public is that they're doing these greats this great service by finding dopes it was supposed to blow a bank and every six weeks which seemed to be the cycle we were told by someone who's in the know and also to preserve budgets etc and so you do. Is You Jack Somebody up you. You know you put a C._i.. A confidential essential informant on him or her he usually you tell him he's going to be great. Jihad is Great. You give some phony Baloney bombs you give them a a keypad does nothing and then you bust them and then make a big scene about the bust in and then the timer starts all over again but it kind of stopped after Komi left look it looks like it may or may not have depends just to whoever was doing publicity during the Komi era was good ahead of P._R.. <hes> that guy or Gal to use the pejorative that person left I believe or something because they still do these these things every so often it gets. Maybe one network will pick it up. Maybe he opened up his hair division. Here's what I envisioned. Komi left and there was a transition document. You know what you do when you leave you type DOC. It's like okay. Here's how we do the six week cycle Michael and they're going through the checklist but they're just doing a checklist so you never gonna get the professionalism of the person who was doing it originally yeah exactly well. This reminds you. All companies have noticed as the Silicon Valley they'll have one are two real goto people kind of hold some little department together but they do it in such a way that it's not really easy to document and so when there's any sort of cut back and there was a person to apple that used to service to media media at Duke just got fired because they will. What does this guy do? I don't know and it was similar type person of Microsoft to get fired because they do. They get the checklist when they go. What does this guy do? I do I can tell there was a guy named I'm Daniel Paul at Apple and he and he ran a program. Not I'm talking the days of the apple two so this is before <hes> before the this O._S. before O._S.. Whatever is apple two was was and his job was to supply as a loan hardware to people in the media and I had that thing for years and years and then he called me up while on leaving and you're gonNA have to send it back and and that was it I I never saw another program like that within apple again? At least I was never approached. This happens in all these companies and so I believe the F._B._I.. Probably he had the same problem. That's where you're getting no publicity for any of these. These are all just run off his minor stories. They have nothing going on and so this is to this is the one that just happened. It was you who I think's C._B._S.. Is the only network released a one only one. I who I got it from anyway. This is a clip is six week cycle another bonehead. A man was arrested on terror charges today at a New York City Airport investigators say he was about to fly off to join the Taliban with the goal of killing American American Soldiers Chief Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Gays joins us now detail what happened today nor investigators say the thirty-three-year-old Bronx resident was taken into custody at J._F._k.. International Airport this morning Delwar Muhammad Muhammad Hussain originally from Bangladesh but now an American citizen was about to board a flight to Thailand with a final destination of Afghanistan and his goal according to investigators was to fight for the Taliban against U._S.. Soldiers saying dress casually Leeann shackled at the ankles was arraigned in federal court on terror charges this afternoon investigators say that he'd been planning to join the Taliban since September of two thousand eighteen and had been under constant surveillance by the F._B._I.. In conversation in with one agent Hussein allegedly said I just want to take a fricken machine gun and just shoot everybody and kill them all Americans attempting to join foreign terror groups. It's not uncommon since two thousand eleven nearly eighty Americans from twenty Tony States have traveled abroad to fight with Jihadist organizations though most have gone to Syria and Iraq to join isis or al-Qaeda now wait a minute. When did he write that line about I wanNA take a frigging machine gun and gun them all down? When was that was that before this arrest way before this arrest it was before the arrest should have done something then it? Wasn't you gotTa match the date South. GotTa be six weeks. I'm sorry right yes. They could've busted the guy months ago. It seems to me in the sounds of it. They've been following for years. It sounds like the transition documents said wait six weeks go to line one okay there. We were doing all over again. They had the way you're right. The timing is ten twenty guys on on the right now that are being observed ready to pick up. They're going to have to do something a little more spectacular to get any attention yeah. It was a dud I mean it wouldn't have been a dud. Maybe six seven years ago when you know when this kind of thing notice and this would have been played up much more. I guess there was played. Oh there it wasn't court they would have the local news stories would have done something on been played laid up by everybody been pushed but now well. It's obvious that the the Mueller News is ruining everything so you can't get you can't get anything in the United wise the last six weeks cycle star we have which is about six weeks ago. Coincidentally <hes> was another one that was similar. Urge could have gotten somewhere never went anywhere. I think I think we're GONNA. I'm now marking these these stories. I'm heading them all with the term six week at the beginning of the clip so we can start digging them up as time goes by the show. Oh this pattern is still pretty much gifts and will you be using the style guide of everything under ten you spell in letters no using the number okay. I only learned this recently. I didn't know that that was the thing yet is always a thing so all all I saw was <hes> a lot of posturing a lot of talking about Mueller Mueller. I I still have Mueller. where's our Fletcher Mueller? We got that home I still I still have the distinct feeling that I don't know the you. Don't you think I'm crazy to think it but the idea of another special <unk> prosecutor the prostitute the Special Prosecutor prosecutor that could happen you go there. You Go. Thank you Fletcher <hes> wait. Do we have a different one in that. We have a that was Muller Muller. It's it'd be Mueller. Let me see we got all varieties. I think that the best clip I found was very very short is one of those the truth wants to come out about Mueller. Testimony is Stephanie Rule to the former Goldman Sachs banker and she's been on but depending on embassy. Yes Goldman Sachs doomed. You heard it here <hes> Sh- she's been on M._S._N._B._C. A._B._c. in the midday slot with the alley veil she so they're show is called Vail. She will well. You know I watch this stuff all day. I Watch M._S._N._B._C. C._N._N.. Yoursel I'd do it for the show. Come on I mean you watch democracy accuracy dated well. There's the flower yes so Stephanie Rule starts off and I thought this was this was the truth wants to come out and it was their Democrats strategizing your next move after Robert Muller's testimony the political testifying strategizing near next move after Robert Muller's testimony. I love that one yeah. That's JIM kissed a phony. The truth wants to come out. They just can't help themselves can they but there was a lot of nutty stuff going on what did you did. You get anything from the mainstream anything in Five A._M.. Funny About Mueller or trump can skip the whole Mueller thing today show now I got. I got a couple of things hold on. Let me look down the list. Well I have okay. This was <hes> Mike Huckabee trying to be funny. I think it was kind of lane. Well what I say is. After watching the Bob Muller show the other night the Democrats thought they were going to put a movie to what was the book the published report but the movie turned out to be weekend at Bernie's and it digitally now for the Democrats Pratt's it was all right okay but Joe Genoa. Do you know I love getting didn't clips from from judge Joe from Mumbling Joe. He was a a U._S.. Attorney and his wife have a law firm together. Don't use the same last name but they're always appearing together on Fox business news all buddy buddy and by the way Joe Genoa I've found has a very interesting past which also it connects to <hes> Roy Cohn and Epstein. He's he's he's no fresh Newbie in the game but he did agree with me on who would actually created this muller reports. This was an ignominious finale and I am happy for the country that they got to see someone totally incompetent unaware completely wheatley on a unable to respond to legitimate questions from both Republicans and Democrats what this proved today was what we've said all along this was the Weizmann Investigation Andrew Weissmann ran this from beginning and when you see Bob Muller in that pathetic display today you know what happened Weisman did it all. He made sure that Roger Stone was arrested in the middle of the night with SWAT teams. He made sure that Paul Manafort was put in solitary confinement in an outrageous display of prosecutorial vindictiveness bob mother a Bob Muller slept through this event from beginning and and and today his ignominious finale showed him asleep at the hearing so there you go Andrew Weisman that that's pretty much the only example I have of any m five them and this isn't even the Real Fox News is Fox business news anyone bring up Andrew Weissmann. It's the it's not being discussed left right center anywhere. Are they afraid of this guy getting discussing. They're afraid of this guy. Oh that's possible as possible as a bad ass you just bad ass while he brought down to Arthur Andersen. That's pretty bad us. That would mean like somebody like your buddy there. Who you always clip <hes> you know he's just a freelancer out there doing what is so? He's not involved anything but the networks you know if you're a bad ass guy up there in that position and you're one of the networks go after any one of the networks networks are very vulnerable so they maybe just put the key Bosh on it. There's your favorite word again but is it key Bosch or Kai you said Kibosh <hes>. I'm Tracy G Bosch that time yeah I will say Kay Bosh. It's it's fine with me either way. It's two different words yes yeah but they mean the same. Yes okay good and they're spelled the same and let me see here in our ammo belt this really all that I that I had yes because C._B._S.. Courses The you know ignore their to get in the dramas Nora Flyer's yet. That's where we WANNA know is. She gone yet because no but she did a story the other day. I think it was on Friday where she it was a funny story. She had a bunch of puns in it. She probably rooted herself a bunch of pawns and she was actually smiling. Oh and your she would just smile <hes>. Is that a grimace she would. She could get through this but I think they don't want her to smile now she she she back to the long hair. After that shorthair adventure correct I I went back later after the show and I looked at those pictures you're right very masculine looking that way the kind of removes all her feminine features a Tomboy and by the way we're talking T._V.. Executives here yes. What are you talking about? Well I am. I got my executive executive hat on well. She looks really good when she said she would. She as she ended the shows typically the formula for today's news it was hours that all three networks and I don't understand why Fox doesn't put its new show on the Fox affiliates out there. There's tons of 'em. They get nothing else going on. I mean are poor local Fox K TV you they had they have news at it for news. At Five News. That's news was nukes. Take drop a half Hour Fox would would Bret Baier who is very good looking guy who's perfect for doing a news our key. They can put a Bret Baier in there to do. I mean just just do a competing news hour. Everybody else's newshour on the broadcast networks. Yes network. They do compete a network on a network basis with the other three. It'd be see most of the time isn't that now Disney property and Fox News none on different types of no no the Fox broadcasting part of it is still Fox okay so they could do a half hour in even if no daycare that no no. It's not happening no got it. They could do a half hour. I don't know why they don't because they do it. On the on the on the cable channel they could just take that exact same show and push it over to the affiliates <hes> and it would be fine is not like this not produce a cable shows produced like a network broadcast news show and it would be a little more competitive but they all follow the exact same formula and when one of them changes something they all slowly change to that and one of the things that developed over the years especially when I was doing the three by three or whatever the analysis by five three by three yes you're right news three by three yes and I noticed that big they all come up with a kind of a happy feel good story at the end right of all the broadcasters feel good story or a tear your jerker in the N._B._A.. They try to call the human interest story. Just Zephyr you three four five six seven eight nine ten wait a minute. Don't wait a minute. That's that's above the average. Isn't I thought it was nine. No no it's been ten over the last three months summertime anyway so the all empty anyway doesn't matter <hes> so at the end of Louis Cute cutesy stories at the end and so nor did hers and it was just a bunch of puns about moving Halloween to to the weekend the doesn't doesn't have a ghost of a chance and she had his cute little smile and when she wrapped it up and she would look great with she's good looking if she's smiling but she doesn't. She's just grimacing. Kissing with debt is most of the time it does not work and I don't know what they're gonNA do about it because they can't make it a happy news show. I don't know why they can't but they can't now. Do you have a clip that goes along with this now but eh I'd love to pay ridgely introduced the start of the impeachment clip which is there is there is no again with her grimacing or stirs called the RB F F Y purvey is called art interesting bitch face are bef okay. This is the thing I know I know what it means. It has what it looks like so <hes> and I I wish you well real trumpeter listen so they had to throw this in impeachment. Boy A bit was by the way this is only the segment of it. I couldn't play the whole thing. Democrats started down a road today that could lead to impeachment of president trump. They asked a court for documents from the Mueller Investigation Asian Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says he needs them for an impeachment inquiry. Nancy Cortez has more on the dramatic turn of events today crossing a threshold absolutely in a parting shot before a six week break Democrats said they are are stepping up their probe of the president. I would say we are in an impeachment investigation. It could lead to articles of impeachment or it could lead to something else in a federal suit filed today the House Judiciary Committee is seeking underlying grand jury worry testimony from the Mueller investigation especially material related to President Trump's knowledge of any potential criminal acts by him or his aides. The suit says the House is considering whether to exercise a constitutional power of the utmost gravity approval of articles of impeachment all they WanNa do is impede. They want to investigate they WANNA go fishing. The move comes as some Democrats grow frustrated straighted with the speakers more cautious approach to impeachment the decision will be made in a timely fashion speaker. Pelosi cleared the air with one critic today New York Congresswoman Alexandria Cossio Cortez tensions wins between the two over strategy and policy had grown personal in recent weeks the two sides trading barbs in the press and online. Do you think you were able to bury the hatchet with congresswoman Ocasio Cortez and you're meeting. I don't think there was any hatchet while she called you downright disrespectful. That's that's we're in the political arena in our caucus we have our differences respect that Nancy Cortes joins us from Capitol Hill after those tough questions fair to the speaker so Nancy Christian of course again. I don't think there was any hatchet. She call you downright disrespectful. That's that's a political caucus. We have our differences respect that grilling shit right there man bomb straight to the jugular with those tough questions. Nancy Cortez joins us from Capitol Hill after those tough questions questions there to the speaker so Nancy back to that issue what are the Democrats hoping to learn from that grand jury material that wasn't in the Muller report. It's not entirely clear Nora but they told us today that they believe that Muller gathered some evidence it's of wrongdoing related to the trump campaign and Russia that he ultimately decided was outside of his purview and they think that if they tell the courts that they were considering impeachment that a judge will be more likely to grant them access to that confidential information. The president called Democrats clowns for even pursuing it. Isn't that kind of maybe I'm misunderstanding but isn't grand jury testimony. Isn't it really like sacred stuff. It's really never supposed to release because it. It's not cross examined on grants. This is all grandstand. It won't actually happen. They won't get grand jury testimony GONNA get anywhere. This is just grandstanding. Just keep you know waving their arms C._B._S.. Plays along right they did have a little linux. The end that I thought was funny. You step on my WanNa play just the very end of that clip again because he's one of those things where they were they quote trump and it really kind of like a a nasty quote and they just throw it out there trump's an idiot to say something like this doing doing related to the trump campaign and Russia that he ultimately decided was outside of his purview and they think that if they tell the courts that they are considering impeachment that a judge will be more likely to grant them access to that confidential essential information. The president called Democrats clowns for even pursuing. It called them clowns yeah. It's just a little gym well he did yeah I know clowns you. You know what the right and actually you know I don't I don't WanNa body shame but if you if you put a red nose and a crazy wig on Jerry Nadler and some big floppy shoes dude he would look pretty much like a clown yeah yeah fat. He's got the the perfect body type for it so the point is is that <hes> I think they're up to here is they're trying to make the case and to get votes. Vote getting yes Zeke is all by getting votes for the Democrats in a and twenty twenty elections and this one is about you because they keep saying they're kinda hinting at it in this story as it continues the Yack about it Lo- longer <hes> trying to convince voters the ones that hate trump that might not go out and vote but they hate trump but they're not gonNA vote necessarily for a Democrat <hes> but if you can maybe convince voters that trump is going to be if he doesn't get re elected he's GonNa be arrested and jailed. There is pushing this narrative well for obstruction of justice. He's going to be a if it wasn't for the fact he's a president he would have been arrested and jailed already even although it Mueller because it comes from the from the hearing they've twisted this around. I couldn't even bring myself to to clip it. The twist what they did is yeah clearly. If he was a citizen he would have been arrested which which is the thing they repeated over and over and over in hearing to which more always said no no I wouldn't characterize it like that. He actually had to start the second hearing by literally correcting a bad answer he'd given to Ted Leo by saying it just just so you know at the he did not get. I did not not indict him because it's not allowed by the office of Legal Counsel. He specifically stated it but somewhere someone asked the question if he were a citizen private citizen when he probably would have been indicted. Yes of course you know so. It's like just twisting it around. How many times I heard someone say some talking heads say well Bob Muller really outlined all of the cases of obstruction of justice said no we didn't and every Democrat outlined it and he went to not my purview? This is complete crap. Anyone who saw that hearing knows that they're they're just lying now. It's just lying and by the way so as Fox News they're lying about other things that the Democrats have always been a high and mighty about it but until now play this clip. This is Danny Deutsche what the Democrats are GonNa do now any way Danny Deloitte's is the used to be advertising guy. WHO's on morning shows yeah now? He's a major pundit political pundits and we are at war. It is time for the Democrats to wake up. We are playing against cheaters and liars are steelers and with all due respect to Michelle Obama when they go high when they go low. We gotta do whatever we have to do. I Love Advertising Guy. You can't get the slogan right idiots when and they go high when they go low. We gotta do whatever we have to do. We actually have a government led by Moscow Bitch and criminal trump. We're GONNA call him on indicted criminal trump now because of course in two instances. He has been an unindicted criminal so I know in regular when you're playing fair. You're supposed to call on President Trump just like Moscow Mitch. What do we call him? Criminal trump now again for an advertising guy does does he not understand that these things really work better with alliteration and say oh. I've got a new nickname. It's called criminal trump. Wow Man Gee. I should hire you for my next campaign. It'll just stupid and another message for the Democrat. Moscow Mitch is in bad. I Have a Moscow Mitch thing I think is from the same segment. We'll play that after your after Donny Douche Moscow Mitch what we call him criminal trump and another message for the Democrats it is it's time to move forward. There are two takeaways from Muller that we're going to use US go to war number one. The president broke the law and what he's out of office he can go and we'll go to jail and number two with with our election systems. That's are two things we may not have won the battle of impeachment but we're going to win the war of put him in jail. What ever we have to do and we're not going to necessarily play fair and for all the intellectuals out they are? WHO's hair is going to go on fire but we're becoming like them? We're becoming like them not lose the next election. We will go back fifty years so I got the segment before Ford Donny Deutsch came on and said this and this was Joe Scarborough would morning Joe with meek although media didn't get a word in edgewise the whole thing was about sixteen minutes long and I guess that they came up with this. I think Moscow Msci Right. It's it rolls off the tongue. There's actually a Moscow Kentucky where he's where he's not from Moscow Kentucky but it's funny it's Moscow minch because because he blocked we always say blocked instead of declined to take the floor the safe act which is the. I have the let me get the I think I have the name of it yes here. It is the safe act passed the House H._r.. To seventy two two and it is the securing America's Federal Elections Act or the safe act and instead of just requiring T. I Dunno <hes> voter I._D.. There's this huge bill that has all kinds of stipulations as to how the voting machines should run how it's supposed to work and I think it's actually a lot of really valid stuff in there with paper trail. The problem is that that federalize is the election and I don't think that's the idea right 'cause the states are responsible elections and so the Republicans are saying well. If you do that then who knows what's next I I don't know if they can get around Moscow Mitch because the last statement Robert Mueller made in his six hour testimony was all the rice ongoing as we speak the Russians are hacking as we speak even though there's zero no evidence there's only evidence of server paintings and port scans no actual hacking evidence of one case where someone and it turns out of mine had been department of Homeland Security got into the registered the registration database but not into the voting machines themselves and above all. I'm pretty sure that no one wants to change the voting machines. Everybody's got their favorite manufacturer in their state and they've got it rigged or not the way they want. No one really wants to change that infrastructure. It's all set in just leave it the way it is but now of course that means that it's a big setup and I hope I hope the president sees it. If if he wins it'll be because Moscow Mitch rigged the elections through the Russians and they were and this is what they're going for and the and and that's how it once again donald trump broaden one thanks to the Russians. Here's the the Moscow he could not stop saying it. This is a montage remember back. Then warnings came but Moscow Mitch that being Mitch McConnell of Moscow Kentucky Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch Rich Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch said it's a hoax Moscow. Mitch calls it a hoax Moscow. Mitch says it's a hoax. There's an oligarch that I read is is going to be setting up a big aluminum plant in Moscow Mitch's home state. I don't know if that's it but how can Moscow Mitch how can Moscow Mitch keep denying that Vladimir Putin continues to try to subvert American democracy. I loved that you call in Moscow Mitch because frankly it's a continuation of something realize opposed to Kane mets. He's at all the people call him cocaine. Maybe I don't know maybe he's right. I mean he's only cocaine Mitchell. He's running cocaine to Moscow because he's Moscow Mitch. Okay wow that'll stick though that will stick Oh. I don't know it's by like it. Uh Not that interesting the thing with with criminal trump. It's like a take off crooked. Hillary knows stick but the <unk> there's there's there's a liability issue here with <hes> slander which which is you can't call. Somebody a believe I could be wrong but I think in caller I think call crooked but you can't call him. A criminal cause a criminal is a result of of a <hes> legal action that was taken and they were found guilty of a crime. You can't call someone a criminal without running into slander and liable issues and he's doing it just openly and could find it. I don't know what to sets that. I think they would the president because it's such a public figure you can get away itself. It's escaping gating a little bit on. He's really is this is not you don't know what he's doing that. Put it mildly so now the <hes> we've been looking at the I don't know if you were after we talked to Thursday Thursday if you if you saw those videos in Brooklyn of the the residents of that Brooklyn neighborhood pouring water on the cops do still haven't seen that no okay but anyway it was happening and it's happening happening multiple times and over the weekend in that very same neighborhood there was a block party which is this is not just some you know casual block parties some going on for over fifty years but it's in this neighborhood and lots of people come to this block party and there was a shooting eleven injured one dead and other one possibly might die now. The cops did show up for that but just I'm not quite sure what it says or what it means but I found the coincidence interesting and then I got an email because I was very curious you know we talked about on the show. Why is this happening? Why are people disrespecting the cops in their own? Neighborhoods got a nice note from one of our producers Adam John. I'm approved producer devoted listener. Thanks for the great material. My husband is retired N._y._P._d.. Police officer I wanted to share his thoughts on the water dumping on cops phenomenon now my husband retired right at the beginning of de Blasios term term and he was going to stay another five years but the Blasios had already made the job difficult. There were starting to face people throwing batteries bottles at black lives matter protests which he had to work at often when he and his retired buddy saw those videos this week they were shocked. They could not believe what they could not believe is the officers reaction or lack of reaction. It couldn't believe that these officers did not defend themselves. They all agreed that when they were working they would've reacted very differently in this situation it and might have definitely got a handle on it. In my husband's opinion these last five years have destroyed the morale of the New York Police Department rank and file where they almost have internalized the guilt and hatred and do not know how to handle these situations anymore. The BLASI lousy on the media have completely neutered them now my husband's in nine eleven first responder and finds it peculiar how the N._y._p._d.. Went from being loved and adored by the public and he worked in an area where a lot of liberals and even liberal celebrities lived in the aftermath of nine eleven to completely despised a mere ten years later and by the way as you can imagine you work in a precinct that was extremely diverse. Many black cops female cops Hispanic cops and especially gate cops work with him since his precinct was Greenwich Village he always had a female boss in fact white males were the minority but you'd never hear that in the media anyway Justin boots on the ground Info for you so I thought that was an interesting background or from someone who has boots on the ground and standing in the case and then I called Mo- I co-producer Mo Mo Mo Czar American descendant of slavery my only black friend Mo what is going on what is happening here he says and it kind of blew me away when he says Oh to know this is being provoked and it's done on purpose and I said <hes> says yes. The idea is to federalize the American police and when he said that I'm like Oh of course this was this was a big conspiracy conspiracy theory when Obama was an office he was talking about having a force bigger than the than the army and they would be on the streets and this is something we discussed on the show in some detail and then we kind of it never materialized unrealized some sort of a weird threat and we always thought that maybe this like he had other initiatives that were may be fronts to the same idea but the idea never went anywhere well. The idea seems to be rekindling and and you'll recall that trump was talking about sending the National Guard into Chicago with because things were so out of control. This is just you know in the past couple of months and the leadership of Chicago said no no no we might take blue helmets from the United Nations but not the National Guard which is odd on both counts one that he would want the National Guard in but to that that Chicago would would want the blue helmets an international police force so you kind of you kind of start to think about it big article in the Guardian just yesterday every state in the U._S. fails to comply with international standards on the lethal use of force by law enforcement officers according to a report by Amnesty the international of course which says Thirteen U._S. states fall beneath even lower legal standards enshrined in U._S.. Constitutional Law and that nine states currently have no laws at all to deal with the issue and this article pretty much advocates for a federalized police force and here's the sad thing I believe trump is all onboard on this. I think he actually wants this. He announced his his plan to federalize American police departments under the under the plan city and state police departments would fall under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security and would therefore be granted broad authorities to enforce law quote. They're going to receive the best weapons weapons training and resources this country has to offer going to put an end to jurisdictional restrictions and increase police capabilities in terms of surveillance and use of deadly force. I think he's all in on this idea. Even though it I would say this is a typical goal Soros sisters you know get the get all the district attorneys to buy into this and turn their police departments into you know federalized law enforcement arms of the Federal Government National Government Yeah Yeah that's what it falls into that stinking the real I d Oh totally and that's implemented everywhere. It's it's it's it's unstoppable as you show me out size. You don't need a real idea if you have a passport but it's part of the real I d the system of documents yeah. You're saying it's got a chip. It's got everything it's a beautiful little thing you're carrying around around there and find but anyway carried in aluminum foil. I think that there's something to this this this <hes> maybe black lives matter was also a part of it. It could all be a part of getting federalized police force in place and I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea you think and if trump's all in on it that's not good. No well. Trump sometimes doesn't know you know now you. I can't apologize for what he's saying there. I'm sorry this no. I'm just saying he's he's he's in many ways <hes> he's not a globalist per se but he susceptible to the same propaganda that everybody else's that doesn't listen to the no agenda aw there you go listen show happening or it's not he's. He's not listen to our show. We're not why would or did he certainly not donating Douche got the money yes or does he yeah there you go and maybe we can flow right into the shit holes commentary. This is probably more under the heading of the twenty twenty elections as <hes> or maybe maybe not I dunno trump made a big swipe at Baltimore to get braces swipe somehow well. Yes somehow no no. It's been deconstructed by C._N._N.. I like to hear because I couldn't figure out where the races part came in for the fact that somebody's black I know man he's using all kinds of racist terminology. All he's using code of course he's using code so the background is that <hes> trump swiped it swiped out to Elijah Cummings because Elijah Cummings hated hates him. If you want we can play the background of course <hes> what is it that versus cummings that would be at trump is under fire tonight after an attack on another prominent African American member of Congress this time the president lashed out on a House Democrat Elijah Cummings. It's the latest in a series of attacks on congressional congressional leaders. Paula Reid begins our coverage tonight from Washington before heading out for a round of golf this morning president trump launched a twitter attack against Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings claiming his district is a disgusting rat and rodent infested Mess Cummings district includes much of the city of Baltimore and reaches into Baltimore and Howard counties the president tweeted coming should spend more time in his district to help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place. The attack doc appear to be related to a July eighteenth hearing on border detention facilities were coming sparred with Acting Department of Homeland Security Chief Kevin macalinsan. We're doing our level best in a very what does that mean. What does that mean when a child while sitting in El Sisi can't take a shower come on man what's that about none of us would have our children in that position? They are human beings today. The president insisted the border is clean efficient and well run just very crowded cummings responded by tweeting that he goes home to his district daily and fights for his neighbors. He then urged the president to work with him on addressing prescription drug prices Baltimore is ranked as one of the most violent cities in the U._S.. But the president's language today mirrored his previous attack against the so-called squad of more minority congresswomen where he we asked why don't they go back and help fix totally broken and crime infested places from which they came House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended Cummings tweeting we all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast leadership versus racists races. I think there was a second part of this deserves. Yes there is there is. He says he's launching this attack. Now arena clearly he wants to draw attention to the struggles of democratically controlled all district but by tweeting well Baltimore he's distracting from two notable accomplishments yet yesterday I the Supreme Court told him he could begin using Pentagon funds for construction of a border wall and he struck a deal with Guatemala that may help stem the flow of migrants over the southern border has his returning from his Virginia Golf club tonight. He's also been tweeting about Antifa the wall and the Muller Investigation Wow that was really interesting. They reversed it and yes that was fantastic. They reversed saying oh he's distracting from these wins that he had what what station was that. That was C._B._S.. Flyer No. I don't think I think you're wrong. Oh I think the way it works is the following you have to put yourself in the other dimension at least for Split seconds out and go in there all right <hes> it goes like this. This guy is so stupid that when he actually has a good thing happened for him he doesn't care because he's such a racist the El Okay yes but meanwhile they just gave them information. A lot of people don't know which has been very under-reported about the court case before reported by the way right there yes they can and before I played the C._N._n.. Explanation of why it's racist another boots on the ground from producer living in Baltimore Maryland I'd love our producers in light of some of the comments president trump made the other day regarding the city. I wanted to share some of my experiences and thoughts on this first and foremost in a we in a week in a way I agree with the president while his comments were dramatic as they usually are Baltimore has unfortunately become come yet another one of the United States most terrible cities. There's a lot to unpack as to why from the corrupt leadership to the extreme liberal policies of coddling and yes of course are rampant drug problem the community in which I live with my wife and kid almost a perfect perfect little place just on the outskirts of the city proper yet. We have a continuous influx of major violence over the past year alone. Four separate incidents of residents being held up at gun point since the summer my house being broken into while we were home you know it's it's getting bad a continuing occurrence of drug dealing you get the point it is such that my wife and I are no longer comfortable walking down the street. I often don't sleep well during the warmer months but it probably due to some form of P._T._S._d.. From the break in I can understand that one of my biggest frustrations of my neighbors don't seem to mind the violence they complain when it happens but then they're liberalism or something else takes over and they decide. It's not that bad or since it. It didn't happen to them. It's not a problem a lot more to impact. If you wouldn't mind look send you a series of small. Write ups about what I'm seeing here. Of course we love that also if I sound frustrated it's because I am frustrated and angry name withheld for for work reasons as so. It's probably on par with many other cities. Currently Austin is on its way nice little a tweet war we had going on there you trying to send <hes> bums bums and Hobos to Austin no will. You're the one that encouraged it if anyone did miss. This was pretty good. I said some I had five was going through my archives and I found some old pictures of Austin from nineteen ninety nine. It looked like terrible terrible terrible place and what you were saying with that before you jumped in. I was going to say look how much it's improved the next series of tweets ball. You know you jump in white man lie you speak with forked tongue. I don't believe it for a second you jump in before I had the chance you jump in and show San Francisco today. Being a hell hole is and that that back then it dawned on me your right Yes San Francisco is a hell hole and Austin's beautiful homeless people go to Austin well worth the price of admission which is nothing on twitter to see that so here is <hes> c._N._N.. Now of course you can you have to be a black guy on C._N._N.. In order to explain this and this I don't know who this guy is. <hes> is a midday host but maybe it's just on the weekends you see. We're missing the code words in what in what the president is saying this morning. The president attacked another member of Congress on twitter this time it's House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah comings he wrote this Cummings district is a disgusting rat and wrote. It infested mess. Have you spent more time in Baltimore. Maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place. No human being would want to live there infested that usually reserved for references to rodents and insects but we've seen the president invoked infestation to criticize lawmakers before you see a pattern here just two weeks ago president trump protect four minority congresswoman. Why don't they go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came reminder? Three of them were born here. All of them are American infested. He says a week before there's inauguration January to at least stop and Scott Add as many huge stink about this this little thing yeah. He says you know they always read. They wanted to go back to crime-infested Blah Blah Blah but they never read the rest of the tweet ever. Oh there was more there was more to the tweet they never read the rest of the tweet when it came out and I don't have it in front of me but I can paraphrase it says go back to the crime infested places from where they came fix it. Come back and tell us what you did. There's there's the there's the the notion to come back right well. They're not tell him to delete as right right and that and that was the case with infested being the code word he would really be asking for infestation to return which is not doing so this whole thing is. This is another made up <hes>. Oh I'm. I'm so upset by this guy saying I'm surprised they don't bring you know putting them in prison after his office nonsense okay but that needs to be matching because they refuse to read the rest of the tweet they even to C._B._S.. report that we had had earlier on impeachment they read part of the tweet and they didn't read they they showed it on on the screen and then they had it highlight only read from the gut of it. They didn't read the whole thing. I mean it's just ridiculous but okay go on go on your merry way places from which they came reminder three of them were born here. All of them are American infested. He says a week before his inauguration January two thousand seventeen eight more proofs congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime infested. Donald Trump has tweeted more than forty three thousand times. He's insulted thousands of people many different types of people but when he tweets about infestation it's about black and Brown people okay oh man even for the day but I'm GonNa be a borderline for these get credit for digging it. Yeah I love that payoff man. Hey I have some important data about the close captioning <hes> mystery. Oh I'm interested yes by the way before you gotta at least catch up my side of the bargain which is I talked to the kids about it <hes> and they both say the sound quality is so bad to one of the hello sound engineers well. It is so bad that you have to have it on sometimes and so we're watching something the other day and and somebody says is something they go. What do you think of and then I said? What is what was that what you say and Jay says maybe we should turn on closed caption well? I the analogy is a spot on because what you conjure up with that and by the way almost everyone who responded and the number of people who are using closed captions today on movies and Television Division and that's really where it's most interesting to me and the people do it on. You know watching anime or other things whatever I'm totally talking about. You're watching television. Almost everyone says I think the sound mixing shit it which would mean now when when the movie goes to know what it means. It means the sound mixing shit but I I'm. I'm trying to draw when the sound is being mixed you have imagined a big mixture and there's all your sound effects and your music and your dialogue and too many people and I guess it happened to you as well. I don't know if it happens often. I certainly don't have it very often and it sounds like the fader on the Mixing Board of the speech of the actors is too low. I think that's what most people are characterizing this as now for sure although no one has written in with any any real technical data of this being a rampant problem for everybody and an explanation as to why or is this not the default configuration that you get a good mix. Even if it's five point one surround sound you can hear it perfectly on a Stereo uh-huh set or in any in any type of situation I haven't received any of that but I did get an email from quite an authority on the topic and I'm talking about the auditory processing angle of what may be happening with people's hearing and this came from producer Mariela and I'm going to read from her email the young lady who wrote to you John last year with my associate executive producer note about how the no agenda show helped me to survive a brain aneurysm and two you brain surgeries two years ago. Remember this remember this nice note. We got from her. Yes he said <hes> never forget listeners. Know Agenda is great for brain health and we it was very very nice and she gave us a lot of credit which we of course could not accept but she says because of our whatever we're talking about. It really helped her improve her brain health. WELL TURNS OUT <HES>. There's a lot of <hes> she has a lot of standing in this area. I am a speech language pathologist and published clinical researcher in Oregon while a graduate student earning my master's in communication disorders in the filthy indicating Portland. I was a student research fellow in the COCHLEAR IMPLANT and Research Research Lab at Oregon Health and Sciences University one of the top health research institutions in the country for two years at the lab. I led the experimentation and data collection at the National Institute of Health Funded Research Study that was looking at the differences in auditory processing data between individuals with normal hearing thresholds and those with cochlear implants now. You can imagine my joy when I get this. I'd like okay. Here's so and I learned a lot about hearing because of my hearing aids in the research I didn't into that and just to review auditory auditory processing difficulties is when you're eat your ears perfectly capable of sending the signals into your brain but your brain is not processing thing it correctly and so you can't hear anything certain things on this is her direct field of research in order to do this. I conducted several experiments that looked at various aspects of auditory processing in both these groups the most important development of those experiments experiment was using an e._e._g.. Machine to measure the auditory evoked potentials and Layton sees in the auditory brain stems response to sound now. I'm going to explain what this means because I had had no idea but they can very accurately measure how you are processing sound and the way it's done is with two little electrodes which is a scalp electrodes and they measure. I guess some kind of protein and and this is where it gets completely nuts when you hear a sound when they have the e._e._G.. What does E._e._G.? Electronic Electro graph or something. I'll look it up yeah. It's it's you know it's it's been around for a while. As far as it's not it's not the thing is is not a very like some hot shit new technology these put on your brain with a bunch of bunch of pros the electro encephalogram okay so here's what's cool about it when you hook someone up to this with just two of these two of these <hes> Scalp base probes you can actually record the wave form of what someone is hearing at that moment and it is imperfect hearing identical to the way form that went in so and it's and it's very rare that you can do these kinds of experiments because you're in essence you're getting exactly ugly with the brain. Stem is doing and sending off to whatever center so that you heard something now this woman who she pointed me to Nina Kraus who I have all the links six in the show now she's a scientist and she did a demonstration and I hope the sound I mean of course a sound demonstration has always done with the room. Mike and not you know not close Mike but would they discovered is when they were measuring. Doing this you put sound in you. Get the way form on the E._e._G.. Readout what can you do with the way form you can take that way form put it into audacity and play it back and she showed doing that. It's it's mind blowing and the and the Shittier it sounds or or certain parts of it shows the latency in your auditory processing so this is a true representation with good hearing in this case of what you are are not processing when it comes to sound I just WanNa play this minute and a half of this Nina Kraus. You can get an idea of how how effective this test is okay. So how do we measure processing in the brain of this week is very very fast precision just with a couple of scalp electrodes so we play sound and here is the sound play brainwave and what are you noticed right away then similar right the sound way to the brainwave actually you kind of resemble each other which is very uncommon in biological systems we usually you're looking at song response that is a very abstract representation of delivering the system and when we saw this we saw that we have versus interesting we can play on the back through a speaker and ought to sound like the sound and you know if it does so here's what she's doing now is she. He has two. She's a slide up and she has the original sound as heard by the person and then she plays the wave form. The came off of the brain stem played back in essentially audacity scale the brain's response to the scale in the brain will my favorite it so you get the idea they can actually play back what you your ears heard and what your brain process now. The mixer analogy comes back because what how you process sound is a is each individual your variants of how you process the sound is based on neuro plasticity. If you don't use it you lose it type thing or if you're multi-lingual like I am you can process accents much better so it's all just you know how your brain has been trained in what pathways you've created so the point is as <hes> Mariela says we can definitely measure in science just how accurate the brain stem is processing language giving us insight into the health of one's auditory processing ability for which we have normative data and says it comes back to the idea the of brain plasticity the human auditory system is a top down bio feedback system incoming stimuli shape how the brain processes those stimuli by stimulating our rewards system like Serotonin these things you get from Social Sean networks by the way strengthening our neural connections for things like speech process at speech processing and the more exposure to those complex stimuli the better the brain is tuned to focus on those exact stimuli with that in mind if this generation honoration were discussing are missing out on crucial opportunities to engage in communicative interactions in naturalistic contexts such as one on one conversations with caregivers friends etc.. It's a near certainty that over one's lifespan that would decrease one's overall auditory processing ability and said one final important thing hearing speech in noise is one of the most important markers of auditory auditory processing ability. That's been frequently identified defied and research that is to say the better in an individual's ability to hear speech in noisy environments the better their overall processing skills are this is because the part of our auditory Brenston brain stems job is to block out competing stimuli we developed this ability during the early history of Homo Sapiens cavemen for lack of better term where tribal and did not have language in order to survive they relied on filtering through the external auditory stimuli around them to determine if their environment was safe or dangerous so I- extrapolate this. I'm not a scientist but I think that if you if if the sound mixes off let's just take that as a top line given everyone complains about that and you start using closed captions it is entirely possible that the ability to hear speech in a noisy or complex sound environment starch to diminish and then you just may be stuck on closed captions forever and I think that I think that may see something that's happening in fact that was around about where to go into temporarily that I did not expect <hes> couple of things maybe doesn't account for it is fine and and I think theory's good that what you're saying which I didn't I wish you would have teased it better. You're saying that he's having the caption as all the time is going to hurt you because you're going to be going lose that fact of <hes> learning languages <hes> you would you made the point <hes> the day which is just the opposite of this. which is you like the how the Dutch would play their American movies with closed captions and you learn English? It's a little better than the Germans who overdubbed everything look. I'm I'm just telling you what I was saying. I just want to get back to good. I I still want to get back to my problem that I had hearing somebody whispering on television vision. I think everything that you said there's fine. I think is probably correct but I still believe is. This is all part of the adobe ization of the sound. I think dolby five point one has it is the real basic problem with the sound in today's on today's movies on T._v.. Yes I think it starts there and I agree with you. That's how many people do you you know have a center channel a real one. I agreed with you and I said that at the top end the clothes that is the most common thing people complain about now. I think this happened to me and I'll explain why at or this this similar occurrence for a quite a while when people would listen to the no agenda show your volume was low. It was about three D._B.'s lower three dog biscuits now my meters because I you have to trust your are your V._U.. Meters were showing the exact same level and I was hearing you at the appropriate level even though the recording was was not the same. I think that what happened to me is is I saw the meters I saw they had to be the same. I believe that I was picking you out. In a different I was moving up that slider. I'm auditory processing to put you on equal footing with with my own voice and it really threw me for a loop and then once we figured out that I was totally hearing it wrong and it was being recorded incorrectly we were able to rectify the situation but that could have easily been me just wanting to hear that louder and I processed the differently or org could have been psychologically some deep deep psychology of you definitely wanting to get me down three to four D._b.'s so you could constantly boom your voice over mine. What I think was going on purse because I hate you exactly like your own voice better anyway? I want to thank Mariela and also congratulates birthday today so happy birthday on the list. Yes I put her on the list and before are we <hes> take a break. I do have something very important to share with you. In fact this hearkens to your newsletter you had a Trifecta of sad animals today I I saw that was <hes> he had the Beagle. The broke peebles Beagle sad sad puppy <hes> you had the sad panda sad cat sad sad sad kit in the TRIFECTA and we had already agreed we were going to try and use the elitist trick which is to abused children into <hes> making making a plea for people to donate to the show and we had asked you know could we if you have Greta Thornburgh for the green new deal we had these kids <hes> reading the horrible emails from the children who are caged at the border ripped out of their mother's arms and jammed in a cage force drink out of toilets and it's effective and it worked so we need that June second check. This is up for debate because there's been a twist best in this in the psyche of the Americans end the world consciousness which is were they like they feel more sympathy and empathy two dogs well they do people thanks for derailing my introduction and we'll just leave the dog part alone and will year from our first child. Go Good. I'm not GonNa let you walk on it either. Okay you ready. I name is Felix John Adam looking for an exit strategy. We don't do something now. It will reach a tipping point no find something else to do and there will be no more short without known Djilas will be less this well. Nobody normal comma for anyone. Anyone pleased Carter divorce dot org slash N. A. and now it's four children's village apart. Maybe going overboard yea unbelievable. These kids sure we will have the full <hes> full version of grass. That's Chris's son Squire. Squire Felix Wilson is way to a career the full version at the end of show mixing with that. I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you. The man who put the C. and cochlear implant John C. Four in the money oh Mr Adam Kelso in the morning ships at sea boots on the ground subs in the water and all the data nights out in the morning to you are troll room and all the trolls who are occupying no agenda stream dot com where the trolls hang out they do it live. 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I believe it is he's got that he had the the bird with the <hes> with the camera lenses of course the birds aren't real we all we learned that on the last episode and <hes> got a lot of good responses and it was also one of those beautiful big bold colorful pieces that really works when people see that show up in their podcast APP or wherever you we we get podcasts from and it just invited you to click on it and it's highly appreciated as part of our value for value network where you can contribute in many ways and Mike Riley that in spectacular fashion and you can't as well and can also see all of the art that artist did et no agenda art generate dot com. Thank you again Mike Riley right. We do have a few people to thank for show eleven fifty nine but if you have quite a few executive producer pretty much jammed in the same price categories kind of interesting Joseph Finley at the top of the list with three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents and he has a note saying <hes> I t M Jensen Troll Room Jingle Hillary Barking to to the head don't graphs top rafting <hes> look at the juice your comments about no-one reciprocating on the snap stock triggered me. The newsletter said animal newsletter sad animals worked. I have made over two thousand dollars based on your tip far there we go since then. I've donated thirty two three percent of the first one thousand dollars to shows ago now. I will donate another thirty three percent. The value for value works folks Japan. I love that Earth Gene. What's what's the ceiling on snap will I I don't do that? They don't we don't give a big disclaimer and we don't do stock tips. We just unnoticed tips. You have to pull the stock tips. You can figure it out. Yeah we don't do that or or the civil war which would go I would go to Yahoo Finance. Look at snap and go down into the direct the buy sell recommendations but what what particular brokers are recommending it and then scrounge scrounge around and you'll see a bunch of predicted limits in fact Yahoo doesn't pretty well and that's to me is always like six months six months number so take it for what it's worth. It'll be way ALO- anyway if it continues to the building value. Perhaps this is my exit strategy to begin the no agenda compound in Arizona that blitzed tablets and I discussed in the troll room. There's a guy blitzed yeah sure there I blessed. I'll have to stay day out of a crosshairs unlike that other compound thanks again for all the disk deconstruction and such all right. Why are you lopping? Shut up my gosh. Can you see that cues. You've got Karma is barren walk. He is yes. He isn't thank you Barron Walkman for your support of the program Sir Kevin McLaughlin and locust North Carolina came with the exact same amount three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents but somehow he became the second Guy <hes> F- Carts Cancer Karma for my uncle Huey Willett of Lucas North Carolina plea plus General Goat Health Karma for the Migdal shrinkage titled Change to Earl of Luna or earl of the moon which ever sounds more grandiose. I'd like Luna personally. I think so lunacy better John Adam your opinion matters below. Thank you God bless the no agenda nation. Oh you gotta dig up your Little News. Mall work worked for. I was ready for it. This time I notice as very unusual doing that for a while now but you just notice it now is that right yeah okay onward loops. I have have to hit the escape. Key Windows. Ten will sometimes just minimize everything in the <unk> brought everything up on the screen. I don't have that do that. You'll it'll happen. Oh you're hitting that time line. Thing is what you're doing probably archduke archduke Nussbaum three fourteen fifteen from Virginia Beach Virginia. I am Adamant J._C._D.. I'm at the halfway point of a ten day stint on Cipro. Wait a minute. Isn't that if you have a bladder infection maybe and you can also take cipro if there's a if there's some kind of radiation. I think isn't that what what they say. I'm not a doctor. We've talked about this. You are a doctor a dull remember any of this okay anthrax. I'm sorry supra combatant bro Yeah. I remember vague. Remember shipren anthrax. Sorry didn't do definitely not radiation. That's iodide is anthony does us from <hes> from the Siedman. Sorry didn't respond fast enough when the backup was called for on Thursday and he's writing into apologize well. That's very kind and I did want to add to that that after the show six people total six people had recorded the livestream and a blew me away because usually Martin Jr he wasn't there Martin J._J.. And he usually has a backup and I think there were probably more and I really appreciate <hes> people who do that. I think they're also doing it just to record all all of our banter and stuff before the show and I want to have some exclusive material and people. Maybe they like that anyway. It's nice to know and thank you archduke Nussbaum for having a recording going and also of course source of your support of the show next on the list for during her bucks is Sean. CLUNK Shawny didn't right. I look for his note. I'd I do have a note from him from two thousand fourteen <hes> but I don't have any note for this three hundred dollar donation. It wasn't isn't apparently encounter on paper. was there so sorry China. If you have anything you you you have the right to a long message so Senate in we will read it eventually tim of Omaha anonymous Tim Anonymous Ms Foam how two hundred sixty six dollars eighty percents J. C.. D. has note right all right J. C.. D. Must have the note. I have a bunch of notes. Unfortunately no we love the notes. Here's one from this is the one from Tim him the small typewritten note. I have to put my glasses on to read it. Your segment on Social D platforming in episode eleven fifty one was excellent in all respects in fact I thought it was so important that afforded afforded onto my now independent human resources my apologies. Were not getting this to you sooner. Thank you both for what you do. It is important and it does make a difference anonymous anonymous Kim Tim Tim anonymous if not Tim non-assigned. Thank you in Larson in New Zealand he I will take a quick look at the email 'cause I did not search. I'm I'm thinking two hundred and fifty five dollars. No that's <hes> that's dollars dollar said now there's no no upgrade or anything you must have. He must have come in with three hundred New Zealand ducats. Isn't there a rule for Australia and New Zealand well. What is the what does the New Zealand dollar at right now not good what is a Betcha three hundred New Zealand shackles is two hundred and fifty five dollars so he may be an executive producer instead bumble that that's what I'm thinking? I just WanNa make sure but I think that sounds about right because it's it's being it's suppressed over there. Well I do have <hes> hoping some of the trolls would do the calculation. I got I got I got he said a note in I do have it good well. That was Tim Larson now as two fifty five to sixty six eighty for oh. I don't know now I'm confused. Here is a note from him. That was Jim non M._S.. Now that was a different guy the so that he knows at sixty six sixty six down under bucks to the dollar so yeah he's he's. He'll be an executive producer. Well I get every this other note in the meantime does the to sixty six eighty four note in the morning. I I would like to apologize for my permit. My penmanship <hes> strange hybrid of pay per capita league is unreadable this donation represents is one percent of Mike. Oh this is good note two hundred sixty six dollars and eighty four cents. This is the one from Tim yeah the anonymous WanNa some other guy sorry. I'm sorry took this. This is is worth listening to this donation of two six six dot eight four represents one percent of my gross income for twenty nineteen so far pro so he's made <hes> that would be at one hundred to it so he's up to twenty six thousand twenty six thousand six hundred sixty thousand dollars. It sounds like wow I have been a douche bag for a long time and I feel something of any Karma. I need some Karma. Since since I started listening in the days before number thirteen show thirty three <hes> listen to the grand and win Freddie hated he he was there when Freddie the firewall was introduced any misses him say hey that nobody says no. No no one mentioned that I'm an information security <hes> do name Dune Dame Tim <hes> prefer to be called cybersecurity but for me me and cyber kids and Lord Bad Memories of Disgusting Nineties <hes> is something about the chat room was on was mumbling some more stuff. I made my final payment towards my student. Student loan knock in June so expect more frequent contributions. Maybe was making good money. He says I can afford to match my ten percent. tithing contribution to the Church of Jesus latter-day senses a Mormon Norman who can't write <unk> does not have good handwriting. That's very unusual. Regarding Adam's Adam's says Adams claim that the Church owns ancestry dot com that is not true of his does have a partnership partnership with ancestry for sharing genealogy but does not have ownership interest this is a long time ago and we did correct it at the time but they definitely have an interest and you must give us some Karma. Give it to my stepfather. He has attornal journal. He has an internal disease win blocked arteries in his on his foot needs good health. Thank you tim we get some Karma. Does he need a deducing that I understand that this is I I made. It seems like he does but he's GonNa spend you've got Karma crazy on the Karma today so three hundred eighty four New Zealand ducats buckets is two hundred and fifty five U._S. dollars. That's Ian Larson yes now that didn't come in as a check so that came in people and I do not have a anything for but we'll make him an executive active producer as that is the rule down under dollars right okay good brother. We pronounce that in the Netherlands we call it Doti Doti Dejong Zhong doty Diong Dion Rosendahl Rosendahl exactly rover evernote. I do not have a note from dody but it's a associate executive producer Schiff. Thank you very much dodie from Rosenthal. I had went from March Twenty six twenty nineteen now Peter not from Peter Different for Dionne not doty okay. It's probably I don't know. Is that a male or females that is typically male Dodie <hes>. It's like a Dhoti from Princess Diana. This is a Dutch spelling. Okay all right. Now we have. They do have a note here. I believe yeah there's just a good note thank you this is Scott Mackay or McKay the Saint Mary's Ontario to thirty seven fifty nine. I believe this is also a three hundred dollars in Canadian Canadian money as we're really knowing he sent it into now is not never mind. He's not doesn't go up. <hes> it goes down so three dollars in Canadian would be it doesn't go opposite same thing with our New Zealand guy. It doesn't go up. It goes down yeah. I don't know what the the hell you're talking about. But the way I was Ian Larson's is donations about two hundred bucks and so is Scott's. I think I know these numbers are U._S.. Dollars on the SPREADSHEET correct act no they're the dollars that showed up on the <hes> in this case in the check. The check came in okay. That's why I was confused. Okay Gotcha now. It's pot yeah you're right. I think IAN would go up okay. This is confusing people. He says a nice short note. Thank we need staff or your thank you for your courage Health Karma to my daughter niece and employees okay all right we can do that Karma Bobby Curiel two hundred twenty two dollars and twenty two cents in the morning and Aloha Jen's bobby from the Big island of Hawaii here wanting to show my gratitude the ability to be grateful for what I have has been exacerbated since I moved to an island with such abundance and the absolute best water on the planet the gentleman is always on the Big Island Hawaii tested racist my my boss whom we referred to as Jeff Pastor a Jeffey I dunno cooking. Thank Jeffey passed away last week and it was only not only unexpected but left more questions than answers my question jobs Karma for the several employees of a new mom machi T- farm <hes> look up that democracy with that is and tend myself to continue Jeff's vision or Jeffey. I would like to know what it takes to get a Jeffey scream like Mueller <unk> Baume et Cetera. It's and dedicate that to him in in addition. I'd like a random a gesture may sh- maxon I think he means <hes> Al Sharpton but he he's saying Jesse Jackson. Somehow Jesse SH- maxine yeah. I'm looking to my night eating Aloha to Oh you in what you do okay. We may talk to the Fletcher about this. We may re. We used to do this about five years ago. We instituted a you could buy a <hes> quickly. Donations shout uh-huh expensive. I think it was three hundred bucks or something. It's quite pricey scream. We did quite well for that the promotion okay so do it again. Well you talk the Fletcher about that. In the meantime time t is an all-natural decaffeinated herbal tea from Hawaii and I can't really there's a lot of Amaki links that I'm seeing here some not sure if the monkey farm looks like they might sell on Amazon. Amazon actually yeah interesting you learn something on this show every single day we learn something new. I love that okay so he needs a little a little bit of <hes> Red Owl and a jobs carbon. Thanks good evening review. Is this Crown Hall Day to we're watching that was attorney. General Eric Holder A._D._D.'s about some Republicans at home all <music> all ready beating the drums of war today the Pentagon refuted that claim he said the American people do not want him to quote drilling. They do not want him dribbling his thoughts jobs jobs lab jobs and let's vote for Jobs M._S._n._B._c. piece in a lot more money than either of us. Make Oh yeah well. He's the Riv- Bobby Curiel comes up next two hundred twenty two dollars and twenty two cents in the morning now we just had no. I'm just curious. He was the one in Hawaii Aloha Mahalo GYP Vanden heuvel. You P- sales guy you you. Oh Man I haven't heard from him in a while loop. In Marcin yes matterson Marson you got mar- Martians Nila Bro Thirteen years. I've now been listening to DC and no agenda you still doing that via. The show is I get in touch in meet many any nice people. The last ultra meet up was great as well. I brought my fourteen year old daughter along this the meeting we missed along and we had quality time together valuable talks on many different topics and she met a group of people who were open minded and have the ability to converse respectfully. Thanks for all you do and never being a part of my life sales guy oop oop yeah. He's been a supporter of the show he was early early. We listen to one of the first listeners to the daily source code when podcasting just started so nice to hear from you you thank you very much and congratulations on bringing your I think I remember when she was born. I think I remember I do how nuts is that. I remember what she lives justed baby. Let me give you some Karma there and yet consider having your child do a sad testimonial for us but she's a little old. I like the ten year old is not fourteen fourteen mature woman okay John. We'll cut this part out of the show. The Epstein Epstein segment is next. We're not there yet and give me some room. Let's chill appreciated of course she wasn't Bashar Patrick comber two hundred dollars best line from the last show he says we don't you have a felon in the White House. We have a dementia patient in the witness. Stand another Zinger from the no agenda show yeah. We're so on your that was your quote. Oh really we're so under appreciate it artist in the quote. Books are as e- quotes or anything we got plenty of material some believable this we have our great group nights and and are groups the producers and executive producers and producers for the no agenda show and we WANNA thank execs and associate exacts for helping us and show eleven fifty nine yeah and these titles that we hand out this not just Willy Nilly. They're actual entertainment titles that are recognized is to internationally and will vouch for you if anyone wants to know so you are either an executive producer of the no agenda show episode eleven fifty nine or unisource executive producer either way. It looks good. It appears to help people get jobs. <hes> you can pick up people with it. Yeah guys girls like just say no producer really. Only I could find an unknown yeah. You gotta get reduced like a major producer for podcast. You'd be surprised actually it. Where where's your house? Get in your car. You're all over the map today we will we got a couple of nine innings and as you heard there we have a title change and more people to thank fifty dollars and above in the next segment but for right now please for those you who are considering donating you heard a whole bunch of different ways people like to donate and by the way we're transparent about it. We give you all the numbers right there. This is an open business and we very proud of what we built with our value for value network of producers and we're doing it again for you on Thursday. Please remember US and support us at Iraq dot org slash and the noise but you learn how that works today. Odd Formula is this we go out. We had people in the mouth beautiful cash. It shot up stain. Oh maybe we should do little brexit's John kind of a General U._K.. Jingle we have now and like Mr Boge John. You know that Sir Chris Wilson guys unstoppable. It is an unstoppable. I need to go Australia only to meet with him. You guys can produce material. Oh you know you're right. We just keep talking about it. We really want to go and it. It's on the books for soon as we can <hes> but yeah I can just imagine we've need three days just to hang with Chris. We could probably produce some stuff not sure yet some people that come by. I mean you'd Sarah over there. She was to do some voice work for the really Sarah Sarah Dame Sarah Harris the famous Dame Sarah this famous famous famous. She's very famous. She's super famous. She runs that morning. Show I think we even had a clip of her doing something silly Cillian these and these days even tweets at us from time to time which I find I'm like she his bless. That's risky risking your reputation. I think in Australia no it's not yeah I represented as you just saw is already shot in Australia thing whatever yes okay 'cause I I was <unk> teased a little brexit Chit Chess. That's why I started it off. The newsletter and I ended up with nothing. Well what I don't have clips per se but there are a couple of things going on the first of all in in general the expectation now is that Boris Johnson the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms of Gitmo Nation East is going is driving hard towards a no deal brexit and they're operating as such he fired half of the <hes> the <hes> the cabinet I guess and he's rehired everybody and bringing them in their turbo charging the no deal brexit and in a surprising move will maybe not to us he he has hired Dominic Cummings as a as an advisor to the Prime Minister Dominic Cummings featured in the movie about Brexit. This is the guy who drove to go. That was the guy the get the make it happen happen. Yes the guy with the AL goes the guy with the with the with the face bag material idea. Yes we hired him. I guess he's going to be the <hes> you'll probably be doing marketing and P._R.. It is seen as not just controversial versus it is dangerous has a dangerous well today. It was confirmed that Dominic Cummings has been officially hired by our new prime minister as an adviser number ten the B._B._C.'s Laura Cruising Berg tweeted that the appointment was controversial but what is not controversial dangerous even more so than Boris Johnson becoming prime minister this shifting tone dangerous get to that this shift in tone leaves liberals like me and this was from the Guardian not no doubt we are now in a battle for the very future of our democracy here comes let us remind ourselves of what Dominic coming stands for dramatic music made famous for masterminding the leave campaign immortalized allies by Benedict cumberbatch in a channel four drama. This is a man who commentators described as either an eccentric or evil genius. He's responsible for the iconic three hundred and fifty million pound two week bus slogan the lie that Turkish immigrants were ready to join the E U and flood our borders with Kebabs and cheap labor and find by the electoral commission for illegally spending in the two thousand sixteen in a referendum lies are his currency had his <unk> own admission accuracy is for snake oil pussies so they're that that's apparently his own admission. Maybe it was an snake oil pussies now so I have kind of <hes> boots on the ground report from our friends in the U._k.. Mimi's best friend Theresa and never heard name is super famous rocker that is known one for his car Monica and Bob Dylan mid game and used to work with the Ian Dury and with your rhythm stick it me slowly hit me quick yeah so the word over there is that trump is going is studying the N._H._S. closely to bring it to the United States. Yeah that's what I said I really really yeah and then somehow gets convoluted to to add an additional little dimension to it which is somehow. He's also going to take hake over the N._H._l.. S In in the U._K.. Because you see and I'll say that you see him in Johnson or like tight really tight. Everybody knows that the two of them were just hanging out all the time even though I see no evidence of this <hes> and they're gonNA do gonNA cut kind of sell out the U._k.. To to the United States in one way shape or fly by by taking their N._H._S.. I don't know that's the all they know and it's just like there's you know because of the papers over there is bad or worse than ours. Their information is shoddy. The N._H._S. is such an expensive program that granted <hes> your you only pay five dollars for no matter. That is your copay for everything everything no matter what it is for for medication because I was in this system but I also remember by Christina dislocated her knee and she was you know developing woman at the time she was in you know in high school and Dan and it actually happened again and so we to shoot now. Let's go get a scan and they said sure come back in eight weeks and well seems kind of like now. There's a waiting list. It's not priority and don't run in the meantime. Thanks so I took her private. I paid for it and we walked into the same place. There was no one there they were just sitting around. They took my five thousand dollars and did the scan the next day okay so it's not a very efficient system. It doesn't seem to house like a Crock of crap to me yeah so now we had multiple experiences with N._H._S.. An emergency appendectomy <hes> did get taken care of pretty quickly well. That's a plus but otherwise I'm I don't know when you socialize medicine healthcare to that degree you can get waiting lists then prioritization. It's the only way it can work and then going to brush their grant. That's what you yourself just proved that that's not how it only way can work because you waltzed into the place. There was nobody there. They're just slacking hang on their featherbedding screwing. This is corruption. This needs to be fixed well. Maybe that's what the president is is studying I think he I don't know if he's studying anything but doesn't it sounds like fear mongering to me yeah. There's some people don't like Johnson. They're trying to push for another general election as the big thing there was talking to Moan and Groan and about and if they can get that to happen of course that would put Farraj Asian. I think he would probably just totally kick ass because his sweet little brexit party is very popular. I'm I'm even more convinced than I was on. <hes> on Thursday. The Johnson is not going to lead the country to Brexit. I still think a new referendum will be in order and I don't know what the mechanism why that will happen but just Johnson doesn't. I don't think he even really wants. I think he's just talking to big game. I don't think his heart is in Brexit. I I have no proof <hes> it's just what I'm S- it's the smell test with this guy and his odd background and I don't know is very strange character. Yeah I'm just not so sure I have the feeling he may bring it to another another referendum. That's the European way they're still in the European Union. That's the way we do who's to wonder. It's been promoting this idea for both of us both of us. We've been promoting this ever since the Lisbon Treaty Yeah Okay take over I but if they do a hard brexit which is again neither one of US believes that will happen if they do. I collapsed the stock market everywhere or just. There's there's everywhere nice. It only be a short term by the dips. It'll be butter by the dips buy dips. I you know I was looking for the Reverend Al teleprompter thing for the donation segment I came across a clip from Twenty fifteen called Reverend Al Calls titled Reverend Al Calls For federalized police. It's twenty seconds. Can we just give it a listen. We were talking about it. We I need the Justice Department to step in these countries in the twentieth century. The fright state's rights in to get the right and we got to fight state's rights and terms closing down these cases police must be held accountable. I don't the big most of the need to tell you said it right there in the beginning so what what makes these people think that Federal Police Department grunge Ryan Centralized from Washington D._C.. With no real interest in any of the states or would stays there like what they you know what kind of barbecue they eat when makes an think that that would be better than the local people policing themselves CBS when all they talk about when it comes to like even policing within New York oh I we went to community to police us. We went more black cops. We went community community community policing. We gotta make up your minds. Do you want community he policing or federal policing. I think they want now remember. He's not speaking for himself. He's a known identified F._B._I.. Informant so you know who's speaking on behalf that's a good point though he's speaking on behalf of the federal police the the F._B._i.. Is a ineffective version of federal police centralized power. You wants to be a part of it. That's his game. It's the globalist way next. We'll have global police. Global Police Force standby citizen addition to speak with us the problem now you bring up an old clip. I have a retrospect retrospective of ten years ago today. Whoa this is something we can only do? I WanNa Sunday. I like it. It's ten years ago today. <hes> what do you mean. We can only do it on his Sunday. I'm just making shit up here. I'm filling space. This is just a remind people what was going on ten years ago on the no agenda show and the kind of things that we were discussing this is two thousand nine Brock Obama was in office. I was I presume was in San Francisco or still shuttle back and forth worth between London none. I think you're in San Francisco at two thousand nine. Okay yeah pretty sure all right <hes> but let's listen to die. I'm going to be mixed up. I start with the top of the list which is swine. Flu was a big this by the way it was the measles year too but he also has swine flu. Remember we pooh-poohed the whole swine. Flu Phenomenon is some sort of scam. We didn't know what it was but let's listen to a clip. They should stay the home from school for seven days at least if it looks like they have swine flu and people who are sick should actually wear masks that home also wash your hands often and sneeze and cough into your sleeve not your hand vaccines are also going to be available although but you must get one for the seasonal flu in a separate one for the swine flu which is two shots. We'll be gearing up for <hes> onsite vaccination programs in probably about forty schools in Contra Costa. We'll be doing drive through <hes> <hes> vaccine programs for the public in shopping centers. <hes> beginning in November in the meantime the health departments are working with each other and the school districts to track absences. If another kid gets it and then we'll just bring him home and he'll be I think I think a lot of the media because he put that back right and the media around it has been around the fear wet might be as opposed to what the flu turned out to be turns out the swine flu. Is it more dangerous than the seasonal flu but it's also here to stay won't be going away. We expected we coming back <hes> in the fall with larger numbers. What we hope is that it doesn't come back with more severity? Please Chan C._B._S.. Five and wash your hands after touching changed any raw meat now you hear that in there which part is here to stay so every year influencing oh yeah and we're and where is it it came and went to two years ago. No one even talked about it and and I had it C._B._S.. Reported remember I had the swine flu recall did have joined and I coughed and I stopped. Although when you're on the show you sounded did this is one of the amazing things things I will give you credit for this. You're such a pro that and I will tell the public this you've been sick as a dog but when you hit the show hey boom you sound perfect well. Thank you for at least giving me credit for something. Yes you need credit for that. I give you credit for something also better hair than I do. I would never say that yeah sure okay here. We go now this now. We're back back in two thousand and two thousand nine. Tell me this joke. This kind of Homo phobic joke by one of the great liberals of television could even be told today by anybody with everybody especially somebody like trump trump but this this is the wishes inflatable Anderson Cooper. I don't know if this has anything to do with the Gay Pride Week but here in New York City. Maybe you've noticed this. All the street vendors are selling inflatable Anderson Anderson Cooper's. I don't know if it does not hey you know around nine o'clock which is about an hour before we go to Abed always flip on T._v.. Land and two and a half men which I think they made eight thousand episodes yeah the most homophobic misogynistic jokes. I can't believe that it's allowed to be on television <music> at all and it's funny. The jokes are incredibly dirty that too yeah yeah and it goes in the role. Yes great changed in a decade next next on the agenda ended. This is now we have to imagine we had trump trying to make amends with North Korea. This is where we were with North Korea in two thousand nine just a mere ten years ago. This is the Hawaii clip. Oh I remember also tonight. American warships are tracking a North North Korean vessel off the coast of China that may be carrying illegal weapons meantime. The Pentagon is beefing up our missile defense system to protect Hawaii from a North Korean missile attack Japanese newspaper reports north may be planning into test-fire another missile this one aimed at Hawaii on the fourth of July. Most analysts doubt that it could reach the islands but Defense Secretary Robert Gates isn't taking any chances deploying a giant radar and missile interceptors to the Hawaiian Ryan Islands didn't turn out that all that was just a bunch of fear mongering bull crap. Yes now now our presence the taxpayers millions now our president just walks across the demilitarized zone bro how you doing and no no more testing unbelievable. There was only two years ago. When I was in two years ago? I was in Europe and people were so afraid you remember. I reported on it. We're really afraid at this North Korea Korea Kim Jong. Il is going to blow us up. It's crazy. This is interesting. I think the reason I said we can only do it on Sundays is you don't want me doing it every show. No no no no no. I don't mean it that way the because it's just hard to get quality well forget quality reporting to get any clips from Thursday to Sunday. It's either stuff we've been tracking throughout the week and we can go in depth and a few other areas. I like to do a little side. <hes> little cya business s good side Biz like a side Gig he but it gives us a little perspective. The idea is to give us perspective and to show what this show has been about says day one day one hundred anyway. Let's go to this one. This is a classic to me is one of the great clips <hes> ever collected and this one is the cassette. Just try everything thing. Everything and this is ten years ago mind you. This is the fat people clip Kit Dough on why researchers say obesity is bad for the environment obesity and global warming both heavy topics now linked by a new study from the London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine as says people who weigh more tend to drive more and eat more and all that food it shipped on average fifteen hundred miles from words grown to your plate fat people researchers contend and are killing the planet more so than those were thin. They would be if you've played that for. What was that C._B._S.? Who did that? That was the local C._B._S.. Affiliate Oh that would be so embarrassed if they heard today fat shaming body shaming just unbelievable. It was one of the swings for the fences that the global warmest emptied that maybe this'll work as it go on a diet. You're killing the arth. We should bring that one back. I like it. The main thing nowadays is that this wish to eighteen months. We're all GONNA die the. I know this is another gym. That's right jam all right the last one it turns out to be more of an enigma and this was a clip that I pulled and I don't know he even play this one on the show but this is something the Democrats have to kind of kind of deal with it seems to me and then I'll kick or two it is I'll discuss at the end which is this is from from American experience on the Kennedys done by <hes> not N._P._R.. But P._B._S. Kennedy carried Wisconsin but he did lose key Protestant districts and the next contest was an overwhelmingly Protestant state West West Virginia to win their Kennedy would have to confront the religious issue at every public appearance Kennedy Kennedy. How can we stop the religious issues that keep coming up to confuse the public well hi <hes>? I think that <hes> oh I don't mind I must say that we shouldn't boo because it's a <hes> I am running for the presidency which is a powerful office getting great power under the Constitution. It is a matter of concern to many people and the best way to get it seems to me to ask the question openly West Virginia was not only Protestant. It was notoriously corrupt once again. The Kennedys left nothing to chance the story worry about it. He went out there pocket full of money you see a sheriff and say to the Sheriff Sheriff. I'm from Chicago on my way self. I love this young Kennedy boy. He can help this nation. I got he's got the feeling foreign in no he. He'll do things for West Virginia data what he said his three thousand five thousand as said you carry your village fly him or your your county for him and I'll give you a little reward online on my way back F._B._I.. Wiretaps would later show that underworld figures said to have old ties to Joe Kennedy. We're also distributing funds on behalf of the Kennedy Campaign Kennedy One West Virginia and all of the primaries <hes> Yeah Sago. There's your there's your <hes> virtuous signaling Democrats Yeah Shell so I looked into this. This is actually from this show is actually broadcast in nineteen nineteen ninety two TA and most of this information is long forgotten so well that first of all thank you. That was a nice a nice little segment. I liked that we we should do that more often. Do it every Sunday until things loosen up well. It reminds me of this clip that I brought along regarding climate change this I think when the we only have eighteen more months to go before we die I 's story came out which is propagated by the B._B._C. and it's not just some came origin. Well let me see I have it here. Let me tell you <hes> green new deal. What's the rush gosh all of a sudden? We don't do something in eight to any of this is not gonNa work out for him to do something. In eighteen months we gotta start well. When is when is the twenty twenty election? Is that about eighteen eighteen months from now but even so what's IT GONNA take to change your vote because of this nonsense they can chat it up and countdown to Armageddon. We only have sixteen months fifteen months in county thirteen months and counting structure as companies impossible yeah that would to me would be a hail Mary. Well you know at this point. I've seen it all. You've seen it all. I don't put anything past anybody this was doing. Rounds in regards to that so it's not brand new. I think it was a year ago. Maybe these four climate scientists ron panel and they discussed the following report. I just WanNa read saying that they should read this at the climate summit. I think these are really read this today. Describe what's going on and and this is from a reliable source American meter logic citing monthly weather review publication that the Arctic Ocean is warming up icebergs are growing scarcer in some places. The seals are finding the water too hot according to report by the Commerce Department at Bergen Norway reports from fishermen see hunters explorers all over point to radical change in climate conditions. Why aren't they reading this and hitherto unheard of temperatures in the Arctic zone exploration expeditions re report court scarcely any is as far north as eighty one degrees soundings show the Gulfstream very warm masses of ice have been replaced by more rains of earthen stones and it goes on and on within a few years? It's predicted that due to the ice smell the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable. What year was that written? Oh I'm sorry this is nineteen twenty two this is November nineteen twenty two and this is real. This is Matt Urban Legend. I know it's old old gag but the problem is the one guy dino jumped on the punchline which is too bad but that is a verbatim reading and I liked that just shows you some of the insanity. It's the same it's the same same as playing these older clips holy crap what happened to us in ten short years yeah thanks did debt. Do I had a thing in the newsletter I think it was similar to what that guy just read and it was from the the late eighteen hundreds we have that is always going on and then we had the period in the seventies where we're going to have a ice age and then that didn't work out this frightened people enough and so they backed off so Ilan Omar. We've been tracking her a little bit this controversy as she is the. I think she's the leader of the squad at this point. I think she's pushed A._F._C. Aside and A._O.. See is she's going to have to disassociate or go down in flames. I think you're right about that and it's probably not smart and I I saw the body language already on this. She has a very different style than <hes> than Omar. She's bored. She has gee that's because Omar's more of a puppet and boy so see is more of a P._O._C. as a puppet of the of the Justice Democrats in that one guy you know so. She doesn't have the self confidence that Omar Has Omar Exude self confidence. She really thinks she's hot shit. Shed well <hes>. I don't know if you saw this thread. A lot of people's afforded this to me. It's from the imam of peace. <hes> who was a a real guy imam non hockey knee I think his name is and he posted this threat right on twitter and it's about Ilan Omar and now what is going on right now is there's a lot of question and a lot of investigation going on as to her committing immigration Russian fraud <hes> tax fraud by essentially marrying her brother bringing him in legally than divorcing him and then you know filing joint taxes where the guy she wasn't married to a lot of problems which which I think most people will leave alone however this guy the imam of peace which I got a lot of people talking about this posted the following I have sources for what I will say. They are solid rock authentic. Many officials were criticizing me for making taking this public but I have a duty to do so the public needs to know I understand the potential consequences of this threat and I accept them. I'm willing to go to the fullest extent with this matter. Even if I'm required to testify in Congress this is the beginning of the uncovering. What could be a giant scandal? The sensitive details of this matter will be shared in private upon request. This congresswoman has confirmed to the above group of Qataris that the recent investigations into her cases will not end well for her. They also fear that she's in trouble now. They are coming after several coming coming. After several people I am one of those people and their plan is as follows this congresswoman talking about Ilan Omar told the group of Qatari officials who have invested in her that Speaker Pelosi is happy. She is being investigated because recently they had rebelled against Pelosi and she hates the pressure coming onto the party because of her the plan of the congresswoman is to make all of this go away and strike a deal with Speaker Pelosi to put her cases aside if she puts the case of this congresswoman aside and ignores Moore's it. This is guitarist gold in D._C.. With regard to this congresswoman the congresswoman along with a Palestinian female activists from Brooklyn that'd be to lead agreed on diverting the attention of by planning to seek the assistance of the intercept Aljazeera and the Middle Easy I to fabricate the following scandal. They want to claim that all of those key criticizing this particular congresswoman are paid by Saudis and the United Arab Emirates and that would make sense. It's because the Saudis and you a have a big beef with Qatar they do not agree at all down to almost military action and that it is a collusion against the congresswoman so they are planning on separating people okay so it goes on and on so the idea is that to distract from all the problems she has she's going to launch into everyone who criticizes me about this is a Saudi Schill and she apparently asked that the intercept I don't no if they accepted this intercept but also Aljazeera which is Qatari owned and base <hes> to propagate this and I just found that fascinating a lot of people are looking at this and she has started to appear on Al Jazeera Zero recently which I think is relatively new. Here's the here's a controversial statement. She made on Al Jazeera a lot of conservatives in particular would say that the rise in Islamophobia as a result not of hate but a fear a legitimate fear they say of quote Unquote Jihadist hottest terrorism whether it's Fort Hood or San Bernardino or the recent truck attack in New York. What do you say to them? I would say our country should be more fearful of white man across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country and so if fear was the driving force of policies to keep America safe American seed in the site of this country we should be profiling monitoring and and creating policies to fight the radicalization of weight men do that's right not just crazy men. Not all men not straight straight. Men says gendered men no white men just white men in general thanks along so we'll see what happens <hes>. We'll see if we poorly played by her. I'd say I I I don't know. Do you think someone's running her at all or do you think she's autonomous made sandwiches. She became she became part of the justice. Democrats block right all four of them are and and <hes> so they may be. She doesn't seem like anyone's running or she was to be running herself and it's like <hes> well but if she has the backing of Qatar that's very interesting. That's would give her a leaving more confidence to say stuff. It's like that and then you go right. We'll see how that goes. I mean if the intercept is if they I don't know how they got their name in there but at least knowing some of those guys you're GonNa say it. Has They have to make a statement about that. Because AH is intercept would go after her they should because it's very damning. The intercept really touted its independence two hundred and fifty million dollars from P._R.. Drive my car <unk> meteor but okay there's independence and it's their own Madore is a <hes> trump hater so there's that <hes> but I don't see how helping this will benefit that that perspective. She's she's trouble trouble trouble. I think yeah she just left her husband that you know the ones she she's just so she's more of a she's more of a character from the Star newspaper keyboard or or entertainment tonight. You got adult these tribulations now. This is something to that to more of a car dash she and then she is anything else if you're watching T._v.. And I don't know if I don't know if you have this but the pharmaceutical commercials come on and you look at it go. Maybe a half that have you ever had one of those moments like well. Maybe you didn't but I may have tardif disconnect Asia. God what is it before. I was diagnosed by my doctor. I didn't know why my body was moving. It had a mind of its own my eyes blink way too much. Even though I didn't mean to it turns out I have tired of disconnect Asia a condition Asian that may be related to important medications. I take for my bipolar disorder. My fingers like they were playing a piano that wasn't there. I was embarrassed that others could see my movements. My doctor said tired of disconnect can affect different parts of the body it may also affect people who take medication for depression and schizophrenia. I know I shouldn't change your stop my medication so I was glad to learn that T._d.. Is Manageable if this sounds like you or someone you know visit talk about T._d.. Dot Com or call one eight hundred eight two five six five three three three to receive a free brochure that describes the uncontrollable movements of T._d.. And where on the body they might occur. You'll find a free discussion guide with ways to start a conversation with your doctor about how T._D.. Might be affecting you. It's a relief to know that today T._d.. Is Manageable learn more talk about T._d.. Dot Com so I have all this. I got bullied to Retz. What what is the drug involved here what they're saying well what they're saying? This is neuro crine any U. R._O.. CRI Any neuro crane and apparently though they're very sketchy because they say it could be but I think what they're saying is people who are antidepressants after you take <hes> what is it what's the booster medication that had been sailing Zorreguieta or whatever so you had your antidepressant does Arale does around the year so that may not work you need to boost it with Zarella whatever it's called and then you may get all these twitches and tics. Maybe here's another example. I've been pretty stable with schizophrenia for a while then. I can't ask me why my body was rocking back and forth. My doctor said I have taught disconnect Asia which may be related to the important medications I'd take on my schizophrenia also felt my tongue darting and pushing against my cheeks. I was glad to learn that today tedious manage tongue yeah. I have all of these all these symptoms. Maybe I could just try the meds and just see if it's it calms down and you can call me time. I've never heard of this. I've never seen these commercials. I don't know what you're watching down. In Texas. This came on Fox News and I was caught my attention for two reasons one an ad that isn't my pillow dot com and he's running now for good for you. Good then second they were talking about twitches and tics usually at turn the volume down because I feel that all these these big Pharma commercials can actually give you what they tell you you might have. I like that that's good that doesn't surprise me and <hes> so this Tardif disconnects you. I don't know I mean I don't take any antidepressants suppressants but I have all the other symptoms. It may be related to my Toronto. I don't know what do you think should I talk to my doctor. Yeah you should talk to your doctor for sure. I'm going to show us by donating to know agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that'd be among talk to your doctor about having him donate to the show in the meantime we do have a few people to thank starting with Sir fee nom in Appleton Wisconsin one sixty one ninety six by the way they grow a lot of apples in Wisconsin and cheese. He's got a birthday present for himself off. <hes> what's going on here yeah these he's upgrading to baronet today. Okay good and <hes> July twenty eighth is his actual birthday. He says love it when a showed as my birthday birthday though I'm never able to listen live thank you for all you do to educate me on the finer points of <hes> what feeds into the larger elements of our world your analysis and deconstruction are invaluable and I give what I can when I can and here's to being a baron. We'll see the table later Servino. Thank you Sir Eric Hertha in Blue Ridge Georgia one hundred fifty dollars anonymous in Kansas one hundred fifty dollars. That's note I read earlier and earlier got it got. It was Tim <music> but we read it so you can go back to the first part. You'll hear that <hes> I read it with a with a nice accent. Tim Sow Essau. There's actually a way to pronounce it as I abuse we have a we used to have a government official in the in California name. I think is how S._O.. When twenty five and he says I T M on behalf of Oregon local thirty three meet up had a great <unk> time with Eric the she'll wife and children in about twenty three others so that's a report a meet up report the Oregon local thirty three twenty three fantastic like Nice Jim in Garba Garba Zukowski? I think <hes> Jim Garbage Ski. One fifteen ninety Stephan prokop in Vienna Austria. Oh that's nice one hundred eleven dollars eleven a census gift for his birthday end of thirty I put him on their Dini's. 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Please consider visiting the following website to support our program dot org slash the today. What are we twenty eighth of July two thousand nine hundred ninety s going real fast now here's Today Sir Colin the Deaf Dumb and blind nights as Happy Happy Birthday to Mary Ellen she's agreeing expert? We spoke of earlier. Sir Phenom also celebrating today July Twenty Eighth Stefan throw call we'll be celebrating on July thirty first and Sir Blam says happy birthday to his son Max turning turning eighteen happy birthday from everybody here at the best podcast in the universe. I think we should probably <hes> do our meet ups. This will keep your brain healthy. You won't no need closed captions if you go to these agenda because you meet people you talk one on one you plasticize your brain stems and we got a report on July twenty eighth that would be today. 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If you go over to no agenda nation dot com slash rings Eric The show will gladly take your information and we'll get the ring and the certificate and the sealing wax out to you as soon as possible they don't want to be. We've got two title changes today which can be seen that I am slash periods or divorce dot org slash peerage dot h. t. m. Sir Kevin McLaughlin becomes the Earl of Luna and surfing on reaches is the level of Baronet both of you. Thank you so much for your support of the show <hes> the no agenda show according to the report the best podcast in the universe and again remember for our next show on Thursday at divorce dot org slash in a thank you for your courage so we've talked a little bit about it comes up in the conversation but I got some more details and this is the office of Legal Counsel the one that prohibitive prohibited muller from in throwing the President in Jiu. I've Lord baby but they're they're always getting involved in. I didn't you always talk about him. A lot of the office of Legal Counsel did this the office of Legal Counsel did that and so we haven't <unk> here who's writing for the Justice Department owner who he is actually but he's on Cheryl Atkin at added Atkinson's yes no and her name so it's hard to pronounce on her. Show discussing this it gives us a little background this educational segment and I found this to be quite interesting. There's a lot of secrecy surrounding the office of Legal Counsel. Why is that is it treated sort of like attorney client privilege because they are advising federal agencies? Sees and the White House yes so the office of Legal Counsel Claims Whenever we asked for these opinions they claim that it's attorney client privilege and therefore needs to be confidential but the problem is that the the office of Legal Counsel knows that the rest of the government doesn't see these opinions as just legal advice they see the opinions as official decisions people who follow these legal opinions essentially receive legal immunity for their actions because the Department of Justice doesn't really like to prosecute people for following its own advice so I thought that was interesting and this guy is <hes> he's. I think he's a Justice Department Guy Now <hes> I you know I went back and try to get his name but he he's given to scoop on this and he's curious do the follow up clip which is she asked him a specific question and and about she she she be preoccupied with the torture memos that were done by. This officer Legal Counsel Giving everyone the O. K. and here's this is a short twenty second clip explaining what was in those memos to declare what was the decision. The torture recommendation case the decision from the office of Legal Counsel was that what what we'd call enhanced interrogation techniques did not constitute torture as defined by international law AH or applicable U._S.. Loss wait a minute so that did that phrase. Come out of the office of Legal Counsel. Apparently that's interesting are there you have it. That's one of those once much. They say something because no one's going to do anything that is kind of surprising now entering the second half of the show John. I don't know this is I'm going out on a limb with this one. This is really off the wall. Okay I have one clip for second half of the show too so stay in the zone or why don't you go first but mine is just about the asteroid eau claire who just got almost got killed and talk about a close encounter an asteroid barely Mr this week. This Space Rock is named Asteroid Twenty nineteen. Okay it was passed the earth on Thursday at fifty four thousand miles per hour. It's several hundred feet across and it came within forty five thousand miles convert. That's actually less than a fifth of the distance to the moon scientists call the path uncomfortably close astronomers had not been tracking twenty nine thousand nine okay which made the fly by all the more surprising now not only you but I think I heard her also say asteroid asteroid. Yeah you can say that again sounds like asking related again. I know he said it again. Ask You let me just say asteroid asteroid yeah. I always shit asteroid okay well. That's fine all right. I don't know if you may hate this but you'll since you will okay. Let's put on our q glasses. It's time once again in the whole thought behind the coup glasses is when we put them on. We see cue for what it is so you can't condemn us for believing in Q. When we're wearing the glasses. Do you have them near nearby. You know hold on a second all right. You got okay yeah. We'd have the Cue Glasses on ladies and gentlemen perfect these mine do you remember the controversy over an email that apparent would supposedly would change the time line meaning that Donald Trump junior had received received the Hillary Clinton wikileaks emails and decryption key before wikileaks actually publish them and it turned out that that was incorrect and C._N._N.. Had to make this big MEA culpa apology. Do you remember this to be honest about it. No I have a clip just to bring you back up to speed. We actually correcting the story that we have been reporting throughout the day today about an email that was sent the trump campaign then candidate trump donald trump junior and others during the heat of the campaign season this email included decryption key and also is something a link to where they can access access. Some of these hacked wikileak documents from the Democratic National Committee now. We've been reporting that this email came on September fourth that was before some of these documents were publicly available but we have just received obtained chained a copy of this email and instead. We now learned that this this email was on September fourteenth so that is ten days later than what we originally reported earlier today and this appears to this changed the understanding of the story because initially it seemed perhaps they were being offered access to documents that were not yet publicly available now our initial reporting on that September four date was based on two sources nurses who had seen this email but that information was incorrect now based on the copy of the email that we have obtained this afternoon about this email is came on September fourteenth not September fourth as we said earlier so you. I'm glad you stopped it because because I don't know why you would do anything like that because I am listening into it this so they sent the the beast ringers out to do the big apology because just before that they were like Oh. We got him red handed. This is a smoking gun. He knew about it collusion with wikileaks to kind of remember that vaguely well this you will it was so much of that well you remember in a moment this was <hes> as it turns out an intelligence trap to find a leaker and this is what you do you use you send off incorrect correct information with separate pieces of information into the system and whatever poops out the other end. You've got your leaker so the well right after this apology cascade escape of apology came out president trump tweeted the following finally little Adam Schiff the leak and monster of no control is now blaming the Obama administration for Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election but he spelled little L. I D D l e you remember that yes well with our q glasses on. We now know why Adam Schiff is as an active participant of a nonprofit charity called Little Kids L. I. D. D. L. E. K. I. D. Z. Dot Org little kids is the gold standard for pediatric touch therapy education you yeah ex go look at the website little kids dot org in fact they do a lot of this touch therapy in Haiti where we see pictures of little Adam Schiff with children romping around in Haiti. Little Kids operates in California in the the twenty eighth district. which is Adam Schiff district? Keep those glasses on John. You're going to need him. So what really was the president's signaling here was he saying you're a Douche bag for having a nonprofit or was he may be calling this little little kids organization into question for touch therapy. I'm sure it's the gold standard I don't know I don't want any congressman touching my child touch therapy. I do love that yeah so now we go back to two thousand nine inch interestingly where we were in a few terrifying moments in the early morning hours. It was <hes> actually Martin Luther King Junior Day Martin Luther King Day. There was what authorities initially thought was a terrorist attack launched in downtown subway station several people had been overcome by cloud of noxious gas causing two of them to begin vomiting and it was it was they were the officials were freaking out but they figured out where it came from hazardous materials teams <hes> ultimately found that the toxic cloud was chlorine gas or initially found the toxic cloud was chlorine gas emanating from a storm catch basin two blocks away the culprit prosecutors alleged was not some scary extremist group but the owner of the Standard Trendy Downtown Hotel Hotel with a reputation for celebrity sightings and a rooftop swimming hotel hotel maintenance workers initially admitted this is from the Los Angeles Times that I'm reading admitted pouring a small amount of chlorine down a rooftop drain pain but investigators do not believe that would have accounted for the noxious cloud an F._B._i.. Agent who specializes in environmental crimes conducted the follow up interviews in which employs eventually acknowledged emptying the majority of two fifty gallon drums of neurotic acid and chlorine into the drain now mirotic acid is <hes>. What can we do with neurotic acid? Hydrochloric acid is used for <hes> cleaning cement mant. Can you dissolve bodies in it. It's not the best I think nitric acid be better but if I would but it does when it mixes with chlorine it definitely will produce chlorine gas to with the with the CLOROX clorox would produce chlorine gas so I don't know why you would poor to fifty gallon drums of this down the drain but they did so here's what's interesting the Standard Hotel Hell is owned by Andreas Bellas boyfriend to several actresses including Chelsea handler also boyfriend to spirit cooker Marina Abramowicz and boyfriend to Gylain Maxwell. There's there's our pedo connection the standard hotel if you look at their website the standard hotel dot com. I think it is never a number of one. This is the West Hollywood one they've got. They've got well first of all they have ping pong tables. It's always fun to bring that up in regards anything fiddling you know I don't know touch therapy <hes> but they also have a picture of a guy with a big pedo bear the head on in bed with a young woman. Is it very creepy looking so the standard we- ho- location is in Adam Shifts district and right around this time when trump tweeted the little Adam. I'm shifting quote. There was a helicopter accident. The general manager of the West Hollywood the standard was on her way to I think the <hes> there's one on Catalina Island <hes> she'd been the General Manager for eleven years helicopter crashes no Mayday Call Boom Gone so Cuban ons conclusion point to a shift problem being solved with the mirotic acid and potential witnesses witnesses of the crime being taken care of and this is the reason why Adam Schiff is so insane about removing trump he may have committed some horrible acts that were covered up and taken care of for him and now he has to pay the bill well. Let's stop with the hydrochloric. ACID is being a good way to dissolve the by because it's not not even a small body it the best you would use lye or <hes> <hes> sodium hydroxide or some that really as caustic now that we're just the opposite hold on a second. Let's take the glasses off because you're you're. You're bombing me out in q mode. Wow it's sticky dough at somebody must have spilled something. I know I felt it too <hes>. I'm not completely buying executive. I mean you would use the hydrochloric acid in this situation especially with the clorox use it might be useful as clean up to get rid of all traces of D._N._A.. Though there you go okay <hes> something like along. Those lines absolves even a little body it would just be mass it would be horrible yeah and it was just not work. It's just not a good way to go and I think if there's a mystery writer out there listen to the show they can. You probably know the details of this but you would you would use something else what they're doing with that asset not sure well there you go and it depends on also we never heard the concentration of the acid was at low concentration like a cleaning fluid this. I don't know I'm just reporting on the Q.. Proofs stretch which I like the shift and the kids though that's kind of interesting well also trump tweeting little. That's you know that is like he knows that the that makes that was signaling that that makes the story interesting interesting never thought trump as a shift that way as possible look. It's creepy. He's a creepy look as creepy guy yeah so if you look around for pictures of him with this little kids I was listening to one of these podcasts with some is going off on Epstein and all and they go into the Ted Heath Jimmy Sabal connected. It's one of the things he points out. He says you know people. You know. There's nothing wrong with you know helping children being you know getting involved with the boys and Girls Club or doing any of these things but when he really hanging around a lot a little kids Ed's you're not a kindergarten teacher. Yeah you know it might be something you might WanNa. Check the guy out little more closely yeah so yeah it was David Ike was is it well the connection and by the way you know just to remind everybody. I know it sounds unbelievable. Could we really have a ring of pedophile in America elites in government in Hollywood and I say I I don't know we had priests who were molesting thousands of children. We had Jimmy Savile who proven proven to have done the same maxine she lane. Maxwell also did a lot of work for the BBC The children's programming department <hes> with Jimmy Savile so this you know I'm sure that all the Hollywood elites are always hanging out across continents but the coincidences get a little little weird a little. We don't like guilt by association and I mentioned when I see it. I don't like it because you join too many people in the pot and that's one of the ways you do smokescreen to protect yourself. You know you go away you put a bunch mentioned other people into the smokescreen and <unk> than they can be can be easily disproven. They get nothing to do with anything and so I'm always <hes> looking on the lookout for that but there are too many people that are involved in some comedies things <hes> whether it's a I mean it's like the NECROPHILIAC clubs in New York that used to exist in the back doors in the mortuaries. They're out there still bunch of. They're still people that do that. According to <hes> Uh David I can this really very recent interview where he calls on everybody. He is getting really bold about it. He says that <hes> Jimmy Savile was a NECROPHILIAC. Yes well that that I remember many any reports at thing. We talked about it. He had the he would be left alone. In the in the morgue for hours on end damn people are sick that guy and then he died. Oh Gee funny how that works all right. Do you have something upbeat to get us to get us out a lot. I get some stuff up. Give me a beat. Abi Lie got a couple of the well. Yeah I got one. I got a real good one two. I've let me I may have to clips left first of all I do I do have to because I have to get this out of the way we got to play. At least it is not an upbeat but it's a good story. This is the short version of a long story about the Hong Kong is really out of control now. Oh Yes let's with that but the rage and chaos in Hong Kong hit its highest so upbeat peak yes police Saturday Saturday night storm the subway station in the neighborhood hitting people with batons and arresting protesters who refused to leave it was the worst violence the city has seen since June and came after thousands of protesters against squared off against as police for hours protesters blocked roads and threw bricks bottles and umbrellas police fired back with round after round of tear gas and rubber bullets but this time nine protesters wouldn't budge they were better prepared and ready to fight right point of fact the riot police and look like they're succeeding in the path minute or so police reported the first one fear awesome. It's only angered the crowd even more they're angry. After a mob of men last weaken brutally attacked protesters and innocent bystanders in this town subway the men are believed to be members of organized crime gangs and it took police roughly forty minutes to respond to demonstrate what justice furious protesters today try to take the fight fight back to the neighborhoods where the gangs from but were repelled repeatedly by police. This is the worst chaos we've seen on Hong Kong streets. It's gotten worse every single week. The fear is that if this continues to escalate the People's Liberation Army will step in. I like the <hes> the talking through the gas mask bit. That's kind of cool us new. I didn't like it. We should have mike them in the Gasman because we can regulate the replica journal. We're doing our own reports as true now. I do have the fun that clip to leave. which is this one now? There's a guy now I don't like to fat shame or any of these kinds of critical things and and now when somebody has just a silly voice that is any and he's on network T._v.. Doing reporting and he sounds somewhere in between record described sounds a little like somewhere between Comic Book Guy The Simpsons the Jerry Louis professor character on the simpsons and Sylvester the cat and then they give him a story with all the wordage in the story designed to kind of promote his silly voice and and this is on N._B._C. and it's the bison who has the little girl story done by Steve and they never ever give his last name but Steve. He's Fabulous Steve. I'M GONNA look for him. In the future. I enjoyed this to to no end and so the store because I saw the video of this <hes> some idiot parents were there young child are walking near a was it five thousand pound bisons inbound full grown male vice yeah. Let's go. Let's go over there and pet him. The Bison starts charging the parents run. Lee dropped the little girl behind the almost kills she gets launched by this Bison at least fifteen twenty feet in the air and and apparently she was she was okay. Yes that's I hate it when they say that up front. I don't want to know if the kids okay until afterwards want the suspense. Don't worry that child wasn't really haired needs video. I WanNa think the kid got Gordon. Gordon died and then make me happy but okay. I'm not producing network news. Which is oh inspiring? Encounter turned to horror at the matter of a crowd of curious tours getting close look at a massive bull bison then suddenly it charges plowing into a nine year old girl lunching several feet into the air the shocking video taking close to Yellowstone's famous old faithful geyser were wild bison graze in clusters bison can be aggressive they can move quickly and they can can get bothered <hes> in a in a moment's notice. The girl rushed to a nearby Clinic Ranger say the child is lucky. She was not seriously injured. Although Bison attacks in yellowstone are rare. It's not the first time towards have gotten too close to watch rangers say stay at least seventy five feet away from animals like bison or most and more than three hundred feet from bears wolves. They're wild animals and they're huge. They can kill you according to park officials fifty people were standing just feet from the bison before it started charging getting close to wildlife is not a smart idea and I know everybody likes to get that Sofi. They like to get that great photo but safety needs to come first park officials have so far decided not to issue citations to the girl's family and as as of now the incident remains under investigation Lester Hive Steve Hopefully lesson learned thanks he has yet again network news with speech impediment. It's by Shin and Moose by Chap on teaches peace dish you listen to that clip closely. I think he's putting that voice on. I think it's just an extra problem you really think he's putting that on because he drops out of he's got a certain sound and timber to his voice and it rings a certain way and then he comes out of it and he sounds very normal and the ended everything kinda changes too much my think is I think I could be wrong but I think he did that as kind of a goof oof doing that voice and I don't know there's something suspicious about it because for one thing the guys way out of control at that voice for Network N._B._C. Network nightly news and it just sounds you if you listen carefully. I've listened into a number of times. I think he may be not. I think he may be goofing on somebody. I'm not sure who or why I think it's s Cheetah the problem capacity borderlands two the veterans a cat and that wraps up your deconstruction for today everybody we got nick the rat coming up next with episode one eighty eight from the sewers on the no agenda stream dot com where you can find all that and <hes> end of show mixes we have the full Felix Wilson donation with the session of the our donation spot. We got galloped with feel my oats. We got <hes>. What are we get? We get some hacking hilary. Sorry then don't know who did that. We always appreciate all the work our end of show mixers do and we appreciate everybody supporting our program go to divorce dot org slash N._a.. And coming view from the frontier of Austin Texas capital the drone star State Fema region number six on the governmental nats in the morning everybody I'm Adam curry hand from northern Silicon Valley. I am John seed for we return on Thursday the second one of the week. Please support US Astore Dot Org Slash in a until then hot. They must do it eighteen months or it's too late. Why are you laughing? I said we had twelve years to fix told US providing eight months. They weren't be a no agenda podcast in eighteen days unless you donate now you want me to grow up with a swollen <unk> in a world with no Komo do you goodie. I name is Felix Wilson John Adam looking for an exit strategy. You don't do something now. It will reach a tipping point. Go find something else to do and there will be no more shark without no agenda. djilas will be less this well. Nobody normal comma for anyone. Please skirted divorce dot org slash n. a. and Dr Night now. It's four aw children's amid well. How was your day yesterday? Exactly what a tip yeah. You don't WanNa test <music> <music> Elsa the <music> boy sixteen three days.

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ep211 Dont lie to your doctor!

"Oh you like tom brady fuck you in guy i got i got a guy a guy he looked good did you shop yeah you're buying glad you like it made another one half off he hasn't put on closing two years retroactive abortions all you know big deal i feel like we can never talk shit about india ever again next but he did sean sean g g suite at that time don't be shocked you know why you didn't know that now i know that series i don't care what you don't know it is obvious when we met up with the tidewater you remember you know you're back out i feel like you're being dexter jerry on purpose that welcome the next evolution of math points where you said the shackles of feminism feedback depression of political correctness gear unfiltered opinion but everything pop culture to our listeners nbn we find out who stands true and proud and our listener mail the feet per who's just a simple little punk ass selling it's a mushroom stance on the forehead to currently safespace colonel pretty scary blanket and prepare to be triggered 'cause are facts don't give a damn about your opinions even though we don't have any facts we don't care sit in a room with me west is chris an sweating is nut sack often frigging miserable held the west we have mitch rich warm in trouble with his haji hangar in miserable the middle east with his free credit buddies we have dr liederman right digitally i mentioned on the way on the beauty but i come in complaining about how how did it work like ten it's hotter year students are honored and tony nighttime yeah and it's still hunting they don't get you're telling me it's a hundred and ten degree in the middle i've been dying back how many i made you not now but why janse yesterday was america's birthday oh my god where did you guys do get the fuck out of here i know and they're out of their pride and recognize that anymore i did without additional americans do i drink bamboo crap up i'm seeing let me know you know we move everything down when i say it was real quite impressive former basha neighborhood put in money we had probably a thousand dollars for the good stuff oh yeah maybe which craig allen however yeah did you have any anger missiles a no we leave those early lynn mc looks like the biker gang hours away last night was launching stringer miracles right taken down seven forty sevens steve stinger missiles have a completely different meaning at the at the truck stop oh yeah sure so are you old when he died died they shoot truths crack or thinking about soccer is lost right hey man like i don't i don't not lot lizards too soft tacos demoted lot lizards who may may actually a so susan had a friend that she went to high school with in pensacola the is a firing i guess arson investigator how here which is kind of like a hybrid up and arson slash firefighter and she got us behind the scenes at a trash more you know work you know everybody's over at trash more on the big hill watching the fireworks we're right where they were watching the fireworks is pretty cool man it in forty seven years for the coolest fireworks i've seen 'cause we were just literally right on room is you're amazing but we did have the park you know you're in the fight for parking in which she you open the little secret gately man there with the firefighters in their families and here's a good time that's cool yeah he really awesome legit i dressed up like george washington and walk around i saw you retire you're young you're too young and pretty george washington i didn't know who you're supposed to be i just i mean you guys very president did you could have been here drinking beer with reagan drunken uncle dave and his red white and blue overalls did he did he really oh yeah your pictures for the pay she somewhere i may have it but yeah he was fully decked out in his overall is great end he came in hot and he was already frigging were rocker and how before he showed up of course wired up it was raining it was raining and he wrote here at the back of the truck empathetic to oversee getting out of the truck recently sitting on a bail hey sorry what one long piece if even some hail user he's flat on his answers his legs out that's that's hardly get a big man up ten o'clock in the morning i got up early did i miss you guys on the drinking cores light you gotta start at six and you guys know that's gonna take you guys don't fall asleep in july third with a cooler besides her bed ready to go when you wake up and you're bringing on american basher unpatriotic bastards are we only nation that truly this goes in the straight retardation on her nation's birthday or just gonna do we're gonna get a drunk as we possibly can in were gonna blow up everything now you have a renewed on cinco de maya ranch dressing tatra say well i'm came in the murder of all this afternoon with america turned a career at the melting pot part tamblyn declared independence with the most powerful nation at on so and we did it so i don't think i guarantee no dude victims at that point you there weren't many other army taking over airports others in art back then it was real hard purified water back then may wait wait wait wait lately is that a real nightmare 'cause i did not catch that yes it is when you say that i thought somebody making fun of like a rental joe thanks headline i'm gonna do i'm gonna make fun of him because it's funny like is it that big of a deal later anita like they sent me like there's something wrong on the teleprompter and you know how did he just ramble she said something about like yeah the best the rams rampart and if you said something about taking over airports yeah you're gonna be five that we did you know did i mean you gotta punch the teleprompter guy right in the mouth rampart in rampart off 'cause i guarantee you not that stupid but when you're delivering stuff you just redone it yeah the girl night look any dumber than saying that little bit of pressure there's like thirty thousand people stack and funny on the wall for a brief moment ocasio cortez wasn't the dumbest person in dc first splitsecond somebody trump through his name trump literally did you did you see a big i like they focus on it a couple of times i dunno if you recall but you see the guy in the crowd there that had like the maggots type red hat and it said make a alexandrio cossio cortez's bartender again she will be in about four years sixty six years and they get a terms of like five years right yeah she's not not really no oh no ono she knows she's a congressman okay never mind like two years yeah yeah yeah she's she's she's she's not going away see her on april going to start around i mean the democrats won't even her own constituents in in new york where like you you screwed up amazon yet bitch yeah well i mean where did she go from here do g will be inside hunting talk show she will air to you and she she'll make way more while way more money oh once he gets out the guy that shit i don't think that chick host their own universe something like that what i'm saying shit all you know what i mean she's gonna be announcing along on her on her know joe rogan can i mean she gets her salary for the rest of her life she won she got a hunter fifty thousand dollars you and russia under two years now and i think you gotta do more that i do think there is like you have two lanes yeah 'cause i always thought you got it automatic remember right there's i can't remember how many years but it's pretty short basically like six years total to get that one the president is the president and vice president are they only want to get money through life yeah you'll get average there's a certain amount of time they have to do yeah he's fact jack well i mean she she deserved it man i mean she's a she's doing hardcore undercover sting operations looking through sense is a parking lot crying i wish she would do hardcore porn that's i'm waiting for he's not that hot which is attractive girl politician because most of them were like nancy pelosi maxine waters most of my hot one hot each like awkwardly now that are now need she seems like she's not daytime stripper but she's not headlining on a friday night on the center stage mad and i doubt that she has the balance even walking he'll throw on a pole i certainly where there's well i just don't i just yeah did you see a i don't even know about her until she got like weed on twitter but have you seen this a a mini aol see twitter account that have popped up no no no just like little eight year old girl who like that looks like a small gumri oh cousin over a starting their own twitter you know her parents obviously behind it she ate the kid likes the act does a pretty good job so she would do these videos where she would mimic hey oh see you know her speeches are what she would say it was cute and it was funny and obviously it would politically dakhli slammed more the writers are making for number on i mean i dunno you could maybe arguable exploited of you're kid kids seems like having fun you know they even did a photo shoot they draft pick it up and white she went to the playground fence there anyways anyways you they ended up picking the debt dulack lefties on twitter got so pissed off they freaking docs turner family started setting the death threats and then you know leader account got out there like that at the same time from rick wilson you know the congressman from florida that always wear pink at talking about anybody that believes people in congress or even a you know makes fun of an elected official shouldn't be in you know going on all right so here's something for you on that one we all their everybody knows where i real stances on this like free speech i don't care it all the way you could say whatever you want but i almost want her to make it law and then wait approximately five minutes before they said i'm a tweet something about trump yeah it'd be like yeah it's the same thing fries outlet guy going well west and continue recording this is i don't see very often wessels right it's based on age and time in terms service and so the most any congress making get if eighty percent of their their actual pay while they're active which of minutes but you have to serve like sixty two years or some crap like that yeah i mean you have to be at least six or just be at least sixty two or at least fifty one twentyfive years of service but it's really based on you mean you wanna make smile mccain never got his retirement shut out even though you dad i hate it i hate it i never do i really hate him but i had the lead after the give you a little props i think you'd think he would have were mad tours in a he had a tumor in spring i hate him explain why guys you know there's really no his brain swelling no wonder it's not good for the economy the reasoning so leaving no rockets red glare which is probably a good we're only rahman pretty a pretty quiet and like i said man you know a power around george washington john adams a continental folder and she read coach and a like almost like it's funny man you know you're over here and you were hot amer just like do something slightly like adam norm in britain the smaller space i must have taken rican two hundred pictures of people yesterday every single person that you know sauce and i get that extra points but we know that's not the real question real question is where did you get five costumes yeah how did you pull the revolutionary war dodgy land thinking that far ahead i got i got a guy a guy oh you got a guy we know yeah i don't i know you just you gotta you gotta think or had used the same way i dressed up as a teenager internal halloween you gotta rican playing the long game now i can't believe it or not not much ahead i would argue all day i would i would have been cherub never rubber one guy waving you wanna talk about not lazy like the one guy anybody saw the picture like diana try corn a continental holder track one hand all that do that with many costume that was like going from him you know he he you know i'm i got mine thirty five bucks duty is with her reenactors like he win balls the wall shot like three hundred bucks on it man like look look how much per diem a healer marriage that'd be really good dude do the funny thing was right there people my people came joyce talk to us and so we had to do dresses rent toast right and they were actually british couple of people come up and they were angela and just like oh man yeah british so a you're just making conversation in a couple of commented man you're really in character got that got that english act sat down and everything is i am english british like oh man that's really good happy treason already told you know now i see you as soon as you know that hopefully somebody else heard him coming around the corner like hey great ozzy accident broke down under where we stopped you're asking me to the reason we don't know where's be pissed on other cultures 'cause where the only one accounts reincorporate tomorrow we appropriating reappropriated we do if we like like you know what tacos good britos good temporarily bad cimber you don't play around with adhd mustaches bad bead most i have some boroughs you know they're hardly get on a bus and leave it doesn't work for public transportation hotel the metro man oh man yeah what have you been doing bud what'd you do for the fourth a you re fry kayak i'm well wow that's interesting that you say i'm well how mitch riggleman i'm well i'm very good at gardner well all right well how's how's mitch junior right we you know we had a nice quiet oh that's right they had the big went out on a six point two sequence hours i heard about that can't can't get my animal you think somebody have breaking news in backyard who i am a wide the big one off causing earthquake that i heard a vast fireworks ever people in california saying they felt like a six point two yours out yeah but way out in the desert oh yeah i i loved it i heard it on the radio talking about the the the the the reporters like yeah it would have been a very heavily populated area there would have been a bunch of death and destruction of crap like that and i'm like punny reason they didn't build right there so you don't have that on the excel smoke cigarettes in washington or you're gonna throw me but the but even then they try not usually put things right on the faultline gonna run out of room eventually yeah on that property it'd be cheaper somebody's gonna buy and you know we house right under the power lines you know he's gonna buy it eventually after new prices good in the end you know what you would call that not my problem yeah how far away from making a video as possible oh pay for it really gonna put this in a house you're looking for but oh however there in psalm less that's the best place to put it federal emergency funds minutes are problem again yeah oh hey hey guys on an update from axe i think just last episode a you know we talked about the freaking not met fueled attack squirrel no while remember that story right sorry i'm rebecca reasons not i think yet for some reason i think somebody said wasn't real but it was attack anybody i think he has banned who said it wasn't real 'cause he will try again honey the known originally did it with alabama not florida sweet defending the possibility and not be real this could be for the second you hear that story you know it's florida and it's funny how the floor bam align and he's probably right around parolee so mickey paul which was the one that you know the mess a mess fuel tax world was actually just arrested thursday night following a chase in which he rammed into and investigators vehicle with a stolen motorcycle he also had a gun in a bunch of dr a yankee is going to jail but north tomorrow so so no one seen he's not hey matt the beautiful cutting say but don the saudis actually went to a town end that that that they couldn't pass the squirrel math but they did go ahead and release it back in the wild so now you've got these not at the end meth addict did frigging squirrels the asheville north carolina deviants grown up in iran exhaustive withdraw and they friggin lion in trying to be nice like peter something 'cause you know damn well they they they killed that thing there's no way they released it i feel like we can never talk shit about india ever again were so pathetic they were releasing messing demented squirrels into the wild what if you learn how to make it did you imagine that it'd be the the walter white of square neighborhood full of meth addicted squirrels aaron horses zombies man break acorn can't beat that number bastards a quick normally yeah you know basketball freaking move wait maybe it's explains everything they i mean they do look like this weekend squirrels or anything yeah there is a fair over what you see when they go the road they can't figure forget which will definitely get hit like if you just continue on national yeah yeah under action going straight line they'll just keep stopping restarting oh my god squirrels and that has the fricken animal kingdom let's floridians well do you want rolling right end up i have another update about animals in from florida this is a couple of years ago but a joseph tarot you would not from orlando andrew remember we talked about the freaking piece of garbage that winter busch gardens tampa reached the cage and frigging wrong the knack that flamingo oh yeah thank you yeah well you know what there's two things karma dental joseph joseph not good at the end he's also not good at looking both wayne wade cross honoring achievements crossing the street in the forty eight year old but there by ford f one fifty end so wow he got it pinky got his revenge you is actually getting ready to go to trial that's the majority iran story oh yeah that's animal you know he's pushed by method dictatorial job they'll do they'll do anything right hit will they will do anything for freaking forming goes go that's definitely cheap so now you could hire frigging hit squirrel squirrel dude i almost ran over family last night mirror leaving the fireworks we pulled out so there's a sidewalk tons of people people even trash more right we get past the sidewalk but we can't quite merge contradict directing traffic so it's not based off with a light it's whenever cops aside they're gonna let this direction go that way or and for some reason even though the thousands of people for walking behind this on the sidewalk students families sidewalk right in front of me right in front of my car is moving forward merging traffic he's like you know i heard and so kook like why are you walking in front of a moving vehicle you family astle everybody else i cleared the sidewalk behind me you could've kept doing great i it was so weird i did not expect cnn super strange breaking news stephen speaking i'll be bomber he probably he probably stringer fucking flamingo last week and that's why you shouldn't random over sure there's no first of all there's a dude destroys it broke that they're telling the the beware story in a david dow in brisbane australia on december first loss of the new zealand border somewhere right around there he would he would get drunk with his buddy guy dared to eat a gecko so he ate the gecko the next day felt kind of sick dick thought it was hung over insurance has cancelled and it never it never really cleared up the day after so they went to the hospital configure it out ten days later do died salmonella poisoning they couldn't figure it out could figure it out so right on inside i dunno no who is the hotdog or i'm sorry i thought he led would like i ate a gecko let me think that would be like i would i would attributed to but he's only gonna like dude i'm telling they'll think i'm crazy going out of their unusual was oh idea gecko maybe it's that you're saying are you saying that he died of salamander poisoning a homeless man dealer but yeah i just thought that was hilarious at the i mean they couldn't figure out first world country australia's not backwards like could you seminarians kind of a normal thing in if i ever learned one thing from watching medical drama unprotected don't eat them at the house to you're not well known you the one person you never lied to you is your doctor did you shop snap you're buying then you count the did you know we're seeing like you're you're shooting nail into you're freaking you know but then you get to one person you don't lie to you yeah extra why why do you think this is happening well i do math fifteen minutes before you came to the hospital figure skating glass you know like i say that to my friend's mom right in high school she did she did you do nine minutes for sure you're gonna go have a scheduled surgery like you have to tell with doctors you have to this this could mean life or death is gonna kill you in the studio and this is gonna try to give you drugs and make you gotta sleep in when she gets real weird they need to know it's oh you did max domi like they're gonna have you're gonna have to sit and watch every eight hours before they could even do anything she's like okay like you know you're you're gonna tell me okay all right well how much the morning you faster twelve hours what's that like in any who were drinking water but i didn't eight ball left side smoke the little rock in the car parking lot you know she she she did realize way better drugs i know you're gonna get certain way better pharmaceutical grade under doctor like they can't they can't fault you for taking much you want me by real scientists without baby laxative in it or wherever else like baking powder on the battery acid ninety nine percent percent pure with a street value of this good oh man he said why mitch mitch might but i don't know about you do you many you guys know bell bell seen in that slavery rings a bell rachel i say that again dell dell e oh man i george gonna come out now i mean literally a minute you're gonna give more down in that would that would the cricket melvin all right so bell dopey is essentially like a pretty instagram model like you know attracted you cheaper preview and reclaim the famous she she kind of place in not very much you know she stream the more about her getting a reason like shaker booth and the camera but anyway so shallow bringing this up so now something else recruited journal is it is it is a genius so she's recently started selling for their hogan insert yes a glass of her bath water oh yeah it is selling out you know the house i'm hearing you wish only ashley even taken aback she literally just filling up bottles yeah well you heard there were two things first of all good her she's working manager of these these loser intel that freedom oh my god no no not offering her and she even had it in a she's not like sending it just in plastic bottle she made like a little confidence is immigra water whatever so far she she a she listed i guess jets five hundred i'll be like i don't like an out of the water in the thirty plus allowing like the thirty bucks a pop wow now what do you think they're gonna do that yeah what do you think that's what i was gonna ask a second i mean i know what the only thing i think they would do it it is literally drink it porn and on their general i think drink or or jerk off in it well ding ding dang you're right acas one drinking at somebody's already gone to the hospital after drinking too much of a fast why wouldn't they expecting it to do like well i don't know i think in your mind like you know it'd be cool route that math water in the second question you how like how much bathwater that'd be a bona fide hunter because you'd have a hell of a lot of water seacat thinking do i would like you know like obviously lately soapy water heidelberg now shit so whatever all that yeah she put in like the one i'm in there maybe that's why i went badly at all just jumping she wouldn't bath salts actually did awesome yeah he's sort of ito's i face off in the us if you start feeding into a squirrel oh like a bunch of freaking loser said you like good wanna hang out again i just molly outer underneath my my gender here is that was a fan of the hey could we try that it just blew my mind earlier for our land nobody burn a t shirt when you know i know i told you this my market on air you're gonna get next time you're back we have to sit down together news 'cause that link you sent me does nothing i can't and never opens okay here's oregon hi it's alright i don't buy a shirt right now you can't you can't that's what i'm talking about tony stewart could there's like well what a weird thing literally doesn't work like no it's like facebook is a sign of there's a mismatch because my my name on it and then west his bank account or something so it's always telling you like they need to call the verifying the sales on old we haven't we haven't done it we what'd you sound like yankee nigerian change count stupid it's time make all the info line hey everybody like leading man words have inherited a great deal of money from it i nigerian you're in print i get i get a new one the oh i gotta pull out real quick i bet you a newly rent never mind no dude no one's owner it was eight hours in deployed in iraq ooh city find some baseball somebody i think watched that movie and tighten it up and like i found like it was like millions and millions of dollars in iraq and they have they have no way of getting back to the state so they're trying to connect with needed do wire transfers or something like okay so that alone is worth creating new account with five dollars and being like let's see i i wonder if if it's somebody somewhere i wanna get rich enough then i could do it it'd be like five bucks at best ownership but no i i if you haven't had enough money to pull it off i would have to do it bill gates you know the middle gate should do that just lie why try the nigerian prince think somebody finally takes me up on it in the boom their bank account they got like three million dollars now the thing when everybody everybody's in areas where everybody's of the nigerian do the thing is though dude it doesn't take very long the reason that that damaging is still in circulation is doing it works yeah i can't believe people are still fine really nice now really you can't guarantee there there's a new generation sure it's harder is turning in every year you know every day there's another million eight year old but what did that i'm just saying targeting there's a whole new group backed by hard just what do you say and i kind of understood people are stupid yeah and keep producing them not teaching them anything and they get dumber have you seen my boys retarded slick out there and i believe though nigerian prince i yeah i don't know how to keep reminding the breed they'll by thirty dollar bath water but they're not gonna give out their personal information right without downright son yeah yes he's the guy behind the bath water are talking the nigerian prince is well i just had my boys were adler japanese by the way you're angry about getting ready go back to their moms were you dirty close but what oh you were the same job as per week dirty amarillo on that bought that bathwater water capitals the scary part is is no no they're not i mean that would be nice but they they are overweight white men yeah they're gamers again yeah ever left the frigging all they do is watch shirt on twitch jerk off her bathwater a reporter now there's you know there's there's tons of screen right now i taste you i case you know backtra she's like oh like it'd make another one product taking another mathon i know what i don't care about bailout in god's earth children exploding i don't give a shit five hundred well i'm just sad i had made me wanna vomit five hunter bottle you don't need fast that is usually don't care about children exploding smith on the front line yeah i mean i don't i don't care anyway it's thick over there you did blew up out there all right don't retroactive abortions so it'll be genetic do kid with the national anywhere it's it's what you start doing like i kinda don't you're gonna start suicide squad implant in their brain later on you there you're working you know little button you can still only one now they're not adults twenty one there's no organized now even in virginia you can't buy cigarettes so you're twentyone what as of july first a or shattering unless you have a can of our military idee if you have a military you kind of eighteen but you can't vote still i think motor fourteen but they can't bribe you're voting for real i mean that's what they want like literally vote like sixteen is what the goal is but you can't buy beer you can't buy cigarettes you're not smart enough make any of these decisions i promise you promise you i never met a sixteen year old but i i feel confident oh i met a lot of oh they were trying it out more they literally brought it i don't have confidence in eighteen year old voting they should be able to drive yeah i don't think you should you should vote until you're twenty one with a w to end then you show up with their idea you're w to a vote starship troopers full citizenship privileges you gotta serve no you don't deserve to be twentyone o w two w two if you're not a deep into for testing different teams that would i'm not into the martial law but no i i do think you gotta have a w two got you gotta have skin in the game yeah if not you but we don't pay raise yeah and that ain't fair right congress astles like no we relieving college debt when two thirds of americans don't have a college degree so you're fortunate enough to get a degree somebody gave you alone and now the wrestlers you're gonna pay it back you got hit by jellyfish they did force alone on you i get it if you graduate high school not here here's two hundred thousand dollars you have to go to college like okay i guess yeah oh it's loaning we gotta get back that that okay which fortunately but no you had asked for their their departure for yeah you really want to 'cause none of that we've all got loans there is no loan you literally right i want money it's like pulling alone like you don't have give this give it away i want somebody who pay money holly 'cause i didn't really understand if you're thinking about any loan you got and how much you had the frigging fill out like you're committed to the honey it's yeah it's you're committed on a short of saying like you had play opportunity it'd be like on the fifteenth time you're signing name like do i really want this how many years ago jamie pay this off yeah you're getting scared right here on your home court under thirty three percent in whichever you what what you're degree in a gender studies oh two hundred thousand gender studies we got you're lifer fifty years like when when you really think about it if they do tomorrow wipeout college loan debt you know for the college colleges raise tuition there that they are going to stay dry he's got no one is going to join the military but like as the biggest problem is you don't give him his education in the military and how much these colleges there i think about about no one's gonna join but everybody has a lot why did people joined the military queen roar 'em to get out of the trailer park as a college speak my patriot call shining a lot of people do it for calling man i never intended go to college oh yeah i just wanna get out of the house i it'll do for jared doormat you never even line which is why you know how i'm i am i am saying it was a miserable year my logan's harry because a call well i know a lot do during the first gulf war was an army there were a lot of people like what the fuck i ain't gonna know fucking or i joined this morning and it's like are you sure yeah like i was surprised but there were people like that no no i'm not saying there's not gonna be but the biggest problem with this whole deal is again look how much money colleges make it for nothing that i look at nobody's angry at the collins yeah yeah they're angry at a stanford letting them get alone you oh yeah let me get less loan lenders in the book cost a hundred and eighty bucks that's what i do you can't you know mary you can't use the last one yeah some of the wording is chain has a new version you can't buy it you i'm all for the loan amount for them get rid of loans now i want it but this time forward to get alone since we all the co signers on his you have to get every taxpayer signature as a coach signer everyone had any single one from this point forward alone but if i'm paying it off and then that means i'm held accountable for coach china right let me get my signature series a yes man it is ridiculous but you fix it instantly like all right we were all held accountable for it so let's go simon that loan i dunno nobody's going after university wondering whether it's like it's only costs less pay off the mortgage is i'm for that might have used for vets that program yeah yeah i pay off my mortgage you're gonna you're gonna choose choose are you gonna have the house paid off or you're a patient at all it's unrealistically expansion and takes too long the payoff yes we now need to petition the federal government they offer mortgages they trick this yep tribute good giving us alone to get a home in particular early american dream and they treat the world by saying i agree anyone necessary oaks college degrees aren't they make it the gift shops like you need to have a college but it really college level job most armed and also i said there's a hundred times in the pot already but universities you should be respected institutions learning you had to have a certain academic record's even get in because their reputation on the line they don't want gumy's graduating from college and now it's like just give me money it's a high school let you do whatever you want it's high school grad with a massive him it's a big scam it's like i said the rocket education and they're all working together oh yeah like have to kaiser friggin raking it in you hear how much like the baylor what is it like sixty thousand a year yeah it's sixty thousand a year yeah when i was a kid growing up in the eighties at sixty thousand four you're college education yeah maybe it's still how am i paying for that you know sixty thousand a year what do you think of how many students how much you're paying that plus everything else because that's just tuition that's not you know books room board everything else and goes indifferent gonna college stupid ass college to church and crappy got a bunch of big phone fingers those expenses were from the number one finger they they bring face thing it's expensive quick so they so they get it off right harbor sticker it's like it's yeah and then you gotta represent the rest of your life like an idiot and they're like hey like were number one you have nothing to do they're all you're professors you're dead by now if nobody what do you notice doing everybody on the team when you were there is a retired by now but no it's it's i i can't say it's just bad you're thinking there's massive military vets like now you gotta buy maybe guys you gotta buy the navy apps and they were not here's i ever ever ever ever ever so i saw this trucks yesterday and it's like like maybe stickers all over it but it also said if you value freedom think of that and then the license plate was like veteran to forty one or whatever and i'm like yeah you could you could you possibly drive down the street blue and you're horny or it's you know what he did nothing nothing probably not probably not they finally got kicked out it did for years med board it after one year to the planner fasciitis pretty twisted his ankle buddy oh i wish i could say in my country but that is like the kylo ren guy get bored at the marines is i just really hurt could go there like what happened like basically rolled his ankle or something illegal border oh yeah it makes the city forty two sandberg you're bringing horn he sure does yeah like you said to me once a marine always a marine and you know what i mean yeah thank y'all know he's got a lot of crap from a that he does so yeah i mean yeah smokescreen smokescreen we don't look see adam to to closure like everything's shower socks wanna kill you asshole hall marine marine just do a nice all right well leaving alone i don't care how bad you gotta be fisher she has been doing it forever another star wars movie you asshole eiser yeah hey you know what screw in field on the no you know what i hope he dies a horrible that his own daddy daddy you know you don't want matter of fact i hope hoping it's raised five guerrilla grabs her mitch my you'll get a rate was man yeah it could it always goes they're very quick there's no middle ground mitch loves you you hope you get raped by a wild animal it's like zero sixty but they say nowhere in wait the bad part is yes even like shoot he helps you get any money when they leave again you really want me speed round just march when she said it's a cruise cruise every once in a while i really would be chris i like it my way i we share similar views told oh you like tom brady fuck you die down here we go wait a trigger in that's the way tonight in the morning that even the guy just all right now here's all the critical yet i hope they get raped grasshopper football praying mantis bites their head off after they come to cricket cricket genocide against one of the gothic when deserted come i guess you they're the year man was sick gives me an extra forty five minutes of time that's what he does some lower and all my god loves you know how long it takes to get rid of the national and you can't really get rid of completely if you just dumb it down a little bit i hate that bastard jimmy cricket all right well you'd were waiting so i know i know now is about ten days two weeks ago but we we have to talk about some of the highlights from the first two democratic debate did you actually watch no oh yes you yeah and i mean i kind of like well i i watch it the next day and i kinda i i like going just youtuber watching the like eight minutes yeah it's it's manner so long nothing i didn't watch any new ones here that rate it you're great thing so a well for the pond down the head hands down the best moment of the night goes the build the blasio so they asked him a question i don't remember what it is and he doesn't care you know how these things are you answering questions you want answered well yeah you can answer that you have to get out there you're you're writing so he goes he goes i i'm gonna i'm gonna get to that but he's like i would like to address any a question that you posted you know andrew andrew whomever about gun control gun safety and then he goes have you only want onstage that has a black sun what somebody just this kamala harris children's separated i'm only girls kamala harris and cory booker my daughter's like i know i'm thinking that he was like hey a guy that corral harris cory booker's kids about you know like a damn donner she's like so i could say so i can't say i'm the only one with a black child but i could say black on white with the blasios in the first black major second one the second one okay so it wasn't released kamala harris and booker yeah but you know i'm just saying like well well on mr mayor technically that would be a true statement but we recommend you don't they and he's like after i die like twenty years ago it's time to shine when you do it's about time i get this pays off for me yeah that'd be only one who has a black sun high bad have or talk with him about a week and what you do with weapon and then also i'm thinking you can't deliver it new york city he's in charge of the car but that's a good point but but it goes down to get rid of this when you want this time the cory booker kamala harris could really frigging it'd be like thoroughly so a what was your life like growing up as a black male the team gear son everything that you earn yeah it's like like this is a stupid statement like i could tell you what i heard on tv or i've heard people talk about but honestly i'd never been a black man i don't know i talked to my son's about how did your police just the same way my father taught me it has nothing yeah there's there's you can see them grill you know you don't move around the way e you give them money now why you deal with them you know why you are killed on average more than black people by the police ready that's just a fact you give me this what is alive white car you don't has the white car no i don't i'm not in the club i guess an early on then you know the other day you don't know you have to touch it they don't have to suck it okay my mom there will if it's anything a misdemeanor bob not just a standard yeah really want mitch radio next time so i could just look how many i mean what are you saying that they all you're doing is a reason bitches and i can't rush yeah he hasn't put two years dress anymore he's literally wakes up walks around just a big yet eating wherever he's trapped in the wind over there walked in and said hey mom good generally tomorrow and it just in life it's the lake it i entered this world it make it i'm gonna leave you only brought one set of clothing wisdom and we all know how that turned out or it's way easier hose you mall just fucking around like cancer where boeing is laughing i'm thinking like oh man i gotta go find a fucking coconut each paul man volleyball means that we're ellison mitch been bitching about it's hot right you got all these guys walk around with a collar on his neck freshwater and coconut he's actually lost like you know what i mean he's got a thirteen foot shirley now all this thirty pound man i've been spread schmidt eloquently indian wrapping around stick a hell yeah my dogs they've been helping me anyone know how he nut butters the king of kings has got all the good video man holy moly there's no talking about you're talking about build the blasios black kid and then when i'll talk about you dick i i can't believe this ridiculous pander show that it has become and granted i guess i haven't watched it i've only seen the highlights and i know how dangerous that it'll take things are kind of you know who raise the most money doesn't right i wasn't here i know i well i made a leader on k p p a that that ridiculous each raised like an ass ton of money that ridiculous spanish the vet and cory booker did i didn't realize it at first or like a day and then i saw that one and i'm like oh like hey hey leland a i got a question joe i 'em all right so within those two bay okay which one do you even though they're still running for president a they only allowed what a hop right okay so here's an here's the thing top twenty anonymity only radio here's here's how you get on my numbers might be slightly off but you get on stage is not based on how you're pulling 'cause we're in statistical time gold abroad wall euro percent so it's about that all right it's about it's about individual donations receipt and i think it's either show your child steering yeah i i believe it's three two or sixty four thousand individual donations so really by the time the next election rolls around we get a go fund me going get like let's just stay with sixty four i can't number right now it's sixty four thousand people you're gonna go fund me you you know shake it up in the pot all donate a dollar my campaign how'd you get on the debate stage when you're the clear or runner from the now i'll be there has to be you know what that's all you do it doesn't have any aka larry god man you know what you all you need to do is just a a get the betsy ross shows and use in may get on stage there's a hard to come by right now yeah i mean why don't we aunt betsy ross i didn't know she already started library in fact we've already been to in somebody else yeah now one of the nine line i think it was her again mainly the extra starting parental monterey are lower retailer so they've already got t shirts and everything like they've jumped on it quick yeah well i saw the guy there there's a new the helicopter pilot that that a lot of money raised infer eddie gallagher he he's on fox and he had a bet you it's like t shirt on and i'm like man they didn't waste any time on that one like soviet brock obama bama bearing a second inauguration really yeah yeah i do i break some some update for you guys remember a justin be were want the fight yeah tom cruise tom cruise they'll do it as high as eight said yet we'll do it three you see like man this is often not only that you wanna cut out just hey if he won't do it i'll do it people you've oh yeah that's a more normal flight from jackass live he's he's cleaned up and everything i wouldn't fight steve no no highly trained at the killers recognize there's a way but tom cruise i mean really i wanna do and i think you'll go forward i think you know you've seen go for it because you know it's money that would draw i'm not quarter ben no fucking way dana white will not have amassed a lotta money money he will not allow that clown show the one thing that dude is is a businessman in the sheer volume of money that he would get i like after mcgregor mayweather can you get more of a clown children that that was such a we all watched it i paid for and had people were auto is there like what are you talking about his standards are you are you fucking kidding me i wanna see people if there's a demand for people would pay for it will happen man developed i wish i'd found politicos yeah saying i don't think that sucks is we've all done are thing in this not even gonna be fun the bet on because they only person that's taken justin bieber is leeland yeah that'll be fun taking all this fucking money he got that kind of money but with this we are bending already been a hundred bucks a piece or i'll tell you i'm the we already out though in nashville bucks each tom cruise do in vegas odds are just like straight up straight up leaders that are here are still here here's one for you between stevens in in just a number and most evil evil he's a fucking human champagne oh yeah you go how yeah yeah yeah yeah without a doubt of oh just make my i just wanna see it so bad dude i tom cruise i hating but i love the sea is old that old man beaten that young punk ass oh meet you now you're on the slave ship bitch about scientology homo it'd be down there the frigging in the boiler room sucking dick entertaining the rest five years on the ship around man stuff punishment he watched that read the going clear i think it'd be it'd be bad and i still watch there but i've i've heard about it from you guys in other podcasts yes but i think just getting beat by the old man would be the shame enough there oh not that they have they have to put things on the on online like that sissy so if tom wins justin has the joint scientology if justin wins one tom after do it'd be my new caney oh you gotta became a christian may join that that that hollywood church justin bieber goes to oh did he really since he really you know i think i think there's while there's like a controlled start there and they all go to man you just need to be justin bieber bro you just gotta follow around go bro i'd love to be a fly on the law that church from the stars thing you know it's just just just automatic more yeah late shares closed the door frigging it just goes bad where they watch movies about themselves are comes the wind scenes oh no i've been gone he's like in in in this movie i play white samurais really good really good the last one ever there's nothing there's nothing left i just just me just the one that got me just the white guy it's me and i really liked doing this movie because a lot of people don't know this but a japanese people are short but made me think todd i think even kenwood towne obvious taller than him they probably had a do the you know stand in this whole you're next tom wellman are most fair yeah were getting about their how would you like me are yeah all right so it is about that time then but but who's up first not legal emphases got w because he's got that going on ricardo so i got tenant brian john navy prosecutor any entire navy prosecution team in eddie gallagher trail why you gotta do more of that well let's just bad just in this review man look that's all it's written down the rest of it's in my head so should i try shop one because it was actually did show i mean tapping his emails to his defense just really whether you think he did it or didn't do it just a horror show of abuse and in denying them you know a medical treatment and just what a shit show man they did this whole investigation up whether you think he did or didn't do it the prosecution screwed this they screwed the pooch on this one by sign this guy who obviously doesn't know what the fuck you doing and this is by the way i'm only active duty guys have to put this out there this is not my opinion is united states sailor this is my personal opinion has no affiliation with united states navy it's just i think they screwed this went up real bad no they did a normal season prosecutor probably wouldn't have even brought this child now based off there are no i'm not but i just kind of like i mean it just stopped at his job yeah i mean really well i mean it it gives a little deeper now there's other people involved here that i would car but i can do it seemed alive while i know i know a lot of any style in any mutiny if you guys were just like we don't life is far girl that's exactly what it was yeah it really was now did the guy do everything by the book imperfect crawling out but donald kerry admits it i really don't care like that's what really pissed me off about this like i got it if the guy was confined brought back the camp and then he went in there stabbed in the neck secret behind a wire half stabbed the dude enact whatever you wanna do gillam i don't care even kill somebody else came in testified like i choke the guy who drove the method of yeah yeah so the murder thing aside obviously that didn't happen but duty six now though that sucks man not really goes high three that high three rules on their they also they also had like what part of his punishment is well they were gonna take fifty percent of his his retirement pay and they did so there's that but yeah so he'll be fine in the cool thing about the guy eddie order he never pointing fingers back he didn't he didn't say damn word you're just like hey i i think the truth is 'cause he had a better lawyers and the prosecutors next to his wife would be freaking may in silicon oh yeah she added a shitty job a lot of now split and who do you think you are i mean you know some young maybe jack guy he's got excited he got the take he's gonna get picked out a big bad guy the guys got rebut a few good men you know i think money is you got only objective got gallagher sitting over there and his uniform in here comes a prosecutor with his national defense ribbon ten that did not even when the store located at one the money you don't have the service yet just yeah national defense river fresh out of school and he's like i get the take down that guy that's all it was besides i mean they get their last but once you get there that's alley comes in with a guy like super circumventing the rules to try to make you name in this trial and it's like a set of just giving the guys you process that's offensive team where the word justice falls out as soon as i said nominee but i wanna bring a nike and the reason is not just were like not just prefer not doing the betsy ross black shoe but not doing it because of one person like we've sally duties for like ten people frigging boycotting the change there literally one guy that has nothing to do with that side of the house like the worst thing that could have done the art equipment all right and when you stop paying you yeah like you really pay this guy to advertise but then he's making a decision on something that could have sold so the the whole reasoning is the sound like timmy is literally you you're not one dude nobody else came up with a prominent an employee nobody said anything one day is like hey that flags offensive who has absolutely no historical friggin mindset at all has no idea what the real world is like because of his privilege is that's one privilege which totally prayer and that's why he's blind the real life is an if we're gonna go back day we gotta get rid of i heard yesterday to they gotta get rid of the donkey for a the democratic party that came out in the eighteen hunters campbell neil and the forty acres the donkey donkey the empty the symbol of the democratic party right now i'm just people there so this is you're in slavery this was eight symbol for the democratic party who were the kkk members they're the ones who were offer segregation and all that and slavery the whole works when that party came out so that donkey represents that same time period they haven't the jackass fits that party so it does earned but then you go to the betsy ross whole reportedly slavery back then like about da it was the world back then not seen would right now even the flag wasn't like he looked in this story for slavery this win a flat out once it got fourteen stars the fourteenth whisper slavery why why is it white on the that's why they're white ever like it's you know black courtesy against the blue banter well he had a black and white like it just didn't look really good it's kinda tack easily bed with like and just getting one person in soda especially that person that person one of the most privileged astles countries ever produced any half black half white dude raised by white parents got to all the way the nfl wasn't even really that good brian could've made a bunch of money if he just kept his mouth and if there's one thing we learned from nick now you just have to be good you could get back on a team now he's a bad sales person you know the thing that michael vick that's a very good point my this is my way you could go back and play good no evil thing you're doing you're batterer fighting dog's order but in football were bad he was not a part of that what's going on is how he did not know oh yeah that's what i'm saying no holes obviously legal matter mannheim twenty five feet of water in eagle he's a local guy any any most that's okay that's that's why we got it but now i just that's the only people who is he went to jail when you talk about like anyone around the house hey i'm saying yes the judeo not convicted on his property pretty you must not there when it happened on his were right you're right to the nfl is definitely rights organization notice that was really what's going on just like those people didn't beat their their wife elevator with a camera i mean totally fine if there is no camera which cannot sort of black staying on the nfl like that no can't do it can't beat you're you're spelled out on film okay oh you did on film is still tackle like he's pretty good oh maybe this this one time and you're like dog could be coca hookers s's they nfl's very leaning hemispheres rena real pitch i mean like baseball abandon him too harshly he's probably banning banou for vote or betting on your team to win caroline for life but football you murder somebody who have been on your own team to win that what do you think pete rose in see not their team to cause any right pete rose got bad yeah she believes and i'm like okay negativity that that might be a conflict of interest you're gonna answer opening game demand for life guaranteed that's crazy when you're rolling the they'll raise they just ban that ban will be led yeah 'cause it's for life so once you dead i feel like it's just four million dollars and i'm talking about man going around saying yeah well that's yeah once well the problem is he's past the five year mark wow oh like he can't be voted you know put something in there i'm sure i don't get that man like but but yeah that's the arch oh you're betting on your team noises like baseball baseball at least figuratively football you could you could you could do anything if you're good enough they don't care right but if you suck yeah you're pretty much gonna be some issues apparently circa showing shoes to so nobody's gonna happen you don't suck it sounded like you don't let me get on the markets yesterday how'd you watch fall we might take a minute do you watch the what mitch the best football movie ever which was a lot yeah i think that is my idea of a good football team run it down the field with a gun and start shooting everybody how much bush chicken touchdown that's an old movie it's when bruce willis had hair knows rituals to work to pay all not only that not back then yeah yeah yeah yeah nothing beach the hair what's what's that frigging which is the site fi movie where she got deal i hear oh that line no yeah fifth element yeah onside kick god what do you guys have from the great state of california governor gavin newsom you signed the bill and wendy that action this is pretty quiet a that legally protect people in workplaces an k twelve public schools from discrimination based on their fall under one third roco natural hair all their natural hair yet is that sucks that apparently child in california had signing a bill gruesome tech people from being discriminated against by their hair that is so sally's took me cousin you're ahead i mean if if i'm the ended by you're hey i can't do anything against you're you well i do and i know that's why it's even more sally that you gotta do this but legitimately have you ever heard anybody that has been persecuted because of their hair type was apparently get california think it's a big thing i think the problem is california's so full of bigots and racists that the rest of the world on cnn that they need the help they need these protections did i i will state ever i was flabbergasted when i read that everyone's like you've gotta be kidding me i mean you can't wear certain shirts in public but you need protection has a beard hair get started i remember early jump shot in that at rustler that let's borscht the cut his hair because it's dreadlock that was a rice lehto yeah yeah that's roast wrestling that's not has nothing to do with the type of parents if you're gonna play the sport have you played for the yankees you can't have facial hair like there are certain rules for certain standards it's only yankees do nobody else that's why they're so yeah a says a right here that crown act which was passed unanimously crown ads trace historically yeah i don't know what the hell that means the m will bond don't miss right now yeah it it says a december winning referee four seats lack pressler for new jersey high school cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his match and i guess that's that brought up the debate you know the referee in new jersey a apparently i guess in california is a big thing anymore but i just to me it's just those dreadlock we got were they getting in the way we do given an unfair advantage actually's it's dangerous pied are added again yanked back like it's it's i'm sure people here in wrestling though will but if he he's tracking undergoes a rollover and it's like there's it's not an inland lows arab wrestling herited wind gray hair is on game day at the i in football and the nfl harris pregame game yeah petroleum seat or else i the helmet yeah it's outside the alley bacon bacon politiken yep you're not allowed to grab somebody shirt in nfl hockey you're right but the hair you can you could jerker asked back i see it all on wb like teaching the cut their hair note but just getting longer that's gotta be a texas reuther when he got leaving all right now let's go west a lesser merits cutting off mean he's got more and more on the crickets concern i mean she's newton in of itself something is firing up falling in a mitch went outside yeah i'm still here you're in front of the fan i'm right here terms like yeah you got me all right yeah you're never gonna win a so we're gonna go we're gonna start off win oh my goodness registering stuff here it's hard to find any eight m v eight commissioner adam silver o w n b ain't looking to move away from using the term owner to describe those controlling interest in the team in favor of trump like e or online chairman of the team these guys we can't use the term owner who i want you to know when i'm like you know you don't yeah like you know it's like do you own you're how you're like no no no i governing card you only know i'm the chairman of that well here's reached peak level but this is where they get screwed up with this because i i i know where you're going and i am totally on board with yeah but yeah because you can't own man is what they were saying right well you don't actually only don't own the matt you're on the lease you own the team you own board dealership business you own like walmart but nutrition this dude the commissioner chairman about you but let's let's be looks like that's what we do here so let's be real man points podcast let's be real the real reason is is because the majority of basketball players are black majority or basketball team owners are white and i mean even lebron jeans about the seahawks and that's the reason it's i mean it's not yeah so because because of that it did it held back to slavery in it's kinda like the mlb in there were not going to the disabled list were gonna the injured list now because we often disabled people so now we gotta change their name from owners because now they're gonna go she ate slavery well maybe if they would diversity by their teams a little bit nobody will get confused there needs to be more five foot two white new the new teams it's like everything now so it's just like everybody else about players that you know buddy these types of people everything that i've never not but i'm a huge mb eight band but even when i was a teenager i never thought like oh well he owns the bulls like oh he all my daughter this old white guy owns michael jordan and scott no one ever think that including my real one you have you marathon mentally michael jordan bank account yeah i'm just i'm understand all this type of stuff when we talk about you know the same thing about getting something banned for a couple of union stupid point there was no one thinks that i have seen i have seen occasional white basketball player it was pretty damn good but i don't think i i can recall even one hispanic basketball player nope that's made it and m v eight big time like where's their affirmative action for this bullshit it'd be affirmative get along oh my gosh why and yada action in sports there has to be we need to make this happened everything i know you don't like more on professional sports would be if you do a couple of people who just shocked randomly on the team like you put you put this friggin colin capper nick you put this little and you put on the front line in football like you know you're in the offensive line one of only a hundred pound man equal rights tickets and creamed like hunter and twenty pound wrecking center we don't have we don't have enough asians on the front line just cream hearn somebody more important ask water then you're either one point 'cause you know like there's a week cold air that's completely useless on the front line like i know i have to figure something out her fifteen pound woman wide receiver just skip oh god it would be interesting no age ism no sex simply have a seventy two year old guy furring quarterback right past the frigging terminal what about jerry and reno nine minutes welcoming back they measure in the country more apt to watch the name of planes and some of these other eight you don't want this is how pete rose to get back into baseball forts he's not even allowed in the stadiums bro are you there is no i know he's been kicked kicked denim isolated areas of fog taste like you don't even get to come and watch a game do you the people that are you know when he was he was betting like vegas betting like even spent on his team do any better on other games too but he bent on his team's winning everybody knows me knows yeah i don't get that man don't you want you fucking team why couldn't you make a luxury bedding illegal in baseball wow i can't even come watch a game that you guys know national are easier enough side it was gonna stop pete rose reordering game i wanna see it we are the bootleg mlb back to that already been living on east bay to make lay down and you play the video game he's not but under the under breaking legends on the video game i bet you think like you could build old like they have a lot of players afrikaans always forget the look any saint pete rose on their he's not i don't i don't think so either they blow my mind if he was a big deal i over a where we vote in here guys i want diversity in sports you're voting for david silva 'em it's it's actually hard on emails the cause the cause of him but yeah it nb eight vs nike's where i'm at right now man me to the mbh trained in a name is retali but then and the tire company folding to one dish back to implore you fly but could you imagine maybe even a little one guy one guy like that she doesn't need the get underway it's offensive oh okay i guess we're not gonna do that yeah that's and why do we want to honor collin capper nick it's even with sally sheep marketing associated with that it just doesn't deserve west it's give him so much fake power like he thinks he really has some kind of power like i guarantee he doesn't say like look what i could do i shut the shutdown like you can literally they did it did it so technically but they wouldn't nike hired him a whole bunch of people said well i'm not buying nike's anymore and a whole bunch of millennials that i'm gonna buy a larger storage that guy i like what he stands for it doesn't really change anybody's pain that won't play more but i think you lose a little bit with the betsy ross i i do think they lost some more i think nike was trying to recover a little bit and say hey were still patriotic and then nah them or not you're liberty his nike says remember maryland catholic all we all said it wasn't just about black i guess obviously now was that could see the stars and bars even historically speaking we all know wasn't the real confederate flags of battle flag but i could at least i could see his point of view on that i know that when instantly 'cause a lot of people does directly is ripley a hardcore trigger for like hey including those alliance lavery and yeah there's a lot of people fly that that region through the saying yeah for that reason on the other side of the saying like so that when i get like as a pitcher such a stretch on the truth and the facts it won't be long you'll be dukes of hazzard forget dvd blu ray especially let me get great collector's edition which is the battle flag is the alabama florida alabama for its part of a i'm surprised that it'd be having a city or yeah i think it's alabama maybe there's a couple of a couple of states have something along the lines confederate flags still in there like georgia mississippi alabama and georgia yeah i i have to look it up i know there's a few states because there were some there is a big following following i wanna see it with georgia about the flag recently but yeah so that's really hard so let me think few seconds where you going with chris a god i wanna make sure about his wedding employee he just tanker sales all over again like that's that's the dumbest business decision but on of sally and like just as he knew outrageous hey you should eat a leader of the team is the owner of the team it doesn't own any people those people are getting paid millions of dollars you did a play on the team no matter what color they are they right we've all heard the term owner had owner the lakers out they never heard they'll only the bulls like were you ever heard they owner michael yeah owner lebron james owner tremendous i'm going with david silver this is just it's just freaking out of hand man when we when we can't even say word accurately describe what you are or habits anything but my buddies david silver any mb i kinda wanna vote for whoever the drink build the scenes baffler guy didn't die it'd be good the hospital okay just say oh no yeah he's got like all right i guess that's where i got david sour yeah i mean i think i'm leaning that way myself just because of the whole so masters silver can't reagan right so i'm gonna go over that same i drink build those teams down you don't live here on third man you gotta balance my klaus turns out you have herpes a oh my god they arrested then you can't say no he did you know when you're talking about her being yeah you do who you vote for mitch oh yeah i'll go with then i'll go with the owner by right under i'm literally on the fan what's why bother me ross thing in chicago with bandleader literally sitting on offense right now making yeah joy literally another i am i feeling the pain and we have a feeling leaving going with silvers well somewhere like did you say yes you miss so a massive silva you're gonna get his wish if any of you would like the let us know that you'd like the purchase the bath water you're gonna you know how to get a whole lot that we could send you mentioned about water on twitter where i talk about pecan so on facebook and instagram when you talk to ron pleasure right hey ron google play tune in radio app we're on you ity eight uncensored ready every monday wednesday and friday at nine pm central standard time please please please rate review and subscribe on whatever you listen to us on ice and take the five minutes rate review and subscribe to the podcast really helps out the show so tell a friend telling enemy how an eighteenth century landowner just tell someone and now new league and i'm gonna go right into mind why now you're gonna change and i'm gonna bring up local logan summons sixteen an ad from georgia and you work everyone's favorite chicken restaurant drawn chick fillet owns out while he's working the drive through window you noticed that wanna eat customers in their car breaking out a momma's panicky you know see this screaming freaking out and he looks back there he's he's a child i understand how this happened but choking itself with their seat belt in the mom can't get that she felt on so logan leaps through the drive through window one of their car pulled out of pocket night in custody ronald insuring if we let the kid cambridge that's right now i don't obviously this should be going on for a little while the kid was turning blue i don't know what took so long to the mom and everybody's attention but hey logan didn't hesitate jumped right through their situation they get wind wind or reid don't love it should collect you don't you don't know why it took so long do when you have kids any moment of silence is blessed cherish forever and i'm like wait something's something's wrong things quiet with the seat belt was choking the kid yeah even tangled in the seat belt any choke himself and the mom could get it all mash rain snow you do that in the closet not if you're a kid you know we have no frigging personal space type issues there now a kid is a freak he got into he got mad plus plus logan in the mouth but now it's almost done well i only have one question though when he was doing saving the kid did he say my pleasure which i'm sure of course of course he did my first memory that's when my mother my bladder people don't want chick fillet chicken place even live and the chicken i know still rolling it talking about it earlier alarming man kidnapped her return back to normal color man i'm here i could baker chinese ask you one quick question are you a lesbian what is what's not even a question no okay i could see this chick fillet do you go to church just think if it's sunday logan wouldn't have even been there you know a you know it's true that is true that span on on chick fillet not seven kids on sunday i mean yeah that's their insurance on oh yeah well what do you got chris that's pretty good i got a jeremiah hartley indiana man a so it turns out his so a guy named quinn bose killed his own three month old son a terrible physical abuse a this is a problem that we see quite a bit here in the hampton roads area at children's hospital it's it's it's sad when you know the joke is so today's a good day only have a cancer kid you know parents didn't cause the fucking damage that's killing the child i mean there's a lot of child abuse going on here that's everywhere yeah but apparently yeah so it's normal no i'm just saying it's it's horrible horrible it's an epidemic and i wish and you want to like just punch these people in the fucking face when they tried to call and say pretty much gillam what what could cause this a you throwing him across the room several times probably i dunno nothing else really it's the traumas pretty specific to like child abuse in you know what they're doing they're trying to get information like go to court where it's like well he probably fell down the stairs and like well here that's all you have to broken femurs in several him in town is a lot of the old but anyway guy's a scumbag look again i leave with a nurse matola you need bruges yeah now on the brain is why i mean this is the guy comes in he's being scored in a for the sentencing you only got nineteen twentyfive years nineteen in prison six years of a work release run over nineteen years the chick who just got busted for licking blue bell ice cream at a walmart and putting it back in the upper twenty years yeah yeah i went out and i had to do just not gonna get if i know you guys see that prison at all that's what i'm saying is the least i mean the charges she can get up to twenty years like this guy should be bottom line twenty ashley bottom line yeah yeah put him away you kill till the three month old baby that you let us protect invicta right this isn't like a buffer guess i mean now he's sentenced to walks in jeremiah hardly who is their uncle of the child russia's up an just super ramparts points this guy and you can hear it just i mean it's a good even a crappy internet speaker on a computer you hear that you know i mean he'll get the one here before the cops roma right on those guys got in quick they were honest crash it like he must have been bragging looking that's gonna do it lineup the gop's it doesn't come like literally flying like neighborhood chauvel has down but i mean heater so hard at it reportedly bloody just face you he flew out of one of his sandals did you don't give you anything shoelaces yeah i thought it was pretty cool man i thought like i think every comic down we get extra shoelaces oh you did you go it's gonna get a little lonely it's gonna get rough rough for well here's what i really option out but my tax payer rest the rest jeremiah you're punched in my head i'm like what is the cops put him in hell all i think i'm still they'd go to jail he gets twenty minutes brew i dunno i thought it was so cool and 'cause i we talk about all the time the lowest form of life is not even terrorist people in rape or kill children are children yeah just disgusting if he looked like a little punk to man and he got roxy the goods outlined by give free buddy like he'll set up you know the guy that hit him yeah okay i'm getting arrested foreign it's totally worth it the drive the cameras like hey anyway i'm jeremiah hurley good good on you man i hope you don't get into more trouble for that is pretty awesome he'll get off depending on the state of indiana yeah he got off they're pretty conservative it'll be fine i mean shoot the guy you're in debt and i gotta selena so lay she say this program so lays esl you will be she's like oh leg how she's a she's a high school track like springer who is bring a lawsuit connecticut again see a guest the people who run the track and stuff like that or wherever the the crack me or whatever they call it friggin who runs organization owner high school track the owner not it's got around body or whatever because district she missed regional so she she got the regionals but then you go further because she got beat by to sprinters there were biologically male which first off and like we all the percentage of trainees right it's not that high but have you let you run it again like they're already brothers they're they're down bond you know like i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry there's just there's the brett burkhart interceptors now we did make the male team but he actually stood up in connection with lawyers in his suing him for her civil rights really compete analyzes biological males beer out which she would she would literally made it but she was right behind those yeah you know you're not out yet basically she got screwed she was first in the women technically burgers sir yeah because these guys got compete 'cause he's do spags i i've been waiting for this it's about time until the sheets connected with she told on move any free money so yeah well that's what i'm saying like she know like in her age group she's doing her neck author she's gonna be black people on by a lotta people it's funny it's funny to 'cause she's still find like the way she's navigating mars which i think is fine she she's definitely separating like she's trying to be called lessons but she said you know she's like hey i am totally a for them to relive their line and be themselves i want them to be they are they're supposed to be what they have their biological advantage in sports and they should not be allowed to compete against me she's very much saying like i i'm really pro trans like this is great good for them but hey this is cheating so like i said but that were that age and we've we've talked we've been talking about this since the show started and i know you know i i said you know you guys just gonna happen where there's some people that now you winning in first of all due to a these two guys they still they still got there you know what other dick and balls all testosterone all the testosterone get all the tests these right a good good so wild time making idiot i mean it's just common sense to me that i totally agree with her hey however you want identify that's great but we still have rules competition here there's a reason why there's two different divisions yeah because there's like like we just talked about diversity in sports split split up all woman frigging offensive line against the male defensive line let's see how that works out it's gonna be real bad here like i mean you you're biggest reagan a group of women were lined him up it just railroad avenue soccer biological differences yeah now but i i like the store i like the story is well i think you know like we said there's otherwise you're you're just looking at at women's sports non existing if they continue the trend at the same rate intended twenty years women's sports won't exist become more like come up with ideas there's people that value winning over there or you come up with a third they'll be like oh it'll be the man's league he did you not worry about trans men making professionally that ain't got well yeah but we have no energy transfer you have these female league and then you're heavy real women league yeah it's yeah i did all the reasons not been allowed to happen at all is 'cause people were so afraid of the repercussions so now if there's legal repercussions from when you let this happen good put the fear back where it belongs like you don't get to just do that because you're too much of a coward just say no i'm sorry you don't get tickets pete against biological women 'cause you're a biological male like it doesn't matter who you think you are in your head you could go home and tucker shit in and be like god for all you want but you can't you can't there's a there's a line somewhere there's a line that they're just connecticut interscholastic athletic conference that's where i'll try say that again when leading sounds like screw that adds connecticut interscholastic athletic camry yeah no it's just i i liked the fact that somebody young enough to sacco you know it's not our parents gummy just shoot a bottom and did not do this could affect her college college scholarship no economic turmoil right now yeah it did affect 'cause if you have lifelock like if he doesn't get togethers meets where there's college scout you start missing the meat to the concert scouts are then you don't get yours scholarship you don't get on the team you don't get noticed yeah they do some point factor lie he loses it to the biological male like her scholarships gonna go to him because he's faster yeah it's so much take care women man what do you think ricky inter switched over he's ready to bring anybody remembers who that is man that name i heard you wanna go back to olympics were the castle is gonna fight tom cruise man stand up that would be even better my money's on that lie on russia how electric's dealing i mean you know now claim this guy got even women that legitimately just having natural higher testosterone like biologically that their own yeah i'm in and they get mad they can't player in the olympics they had that one a lot of the russian checks there now there's of african girl or something like she produces testosterone naturally but it's not like we should grow facial hair but she just naturally has a slightly higher end he won't participate in that feel bad about that yeah saying it's in industries she's got the medical like look this is natural it's not i'm not answering i'm not i'm a freak of nature and my sport at which you're but at least some woman you know all all all the gold medalist you're freaking nature's in their sport i don't like you're not no one is naturally like do not have a little you gotta beard advantage junior schindler hard work and dedication but also you gotta have some talent that you could only be you could only will practice so much like you know you get to a certain level with practice at some point you gotta have felt chicken friggin smoke pot drink beer and frigging eight ten thousand calories with the spaghetti bowl right yeah yeah carbohydrates women i just a freak of nature you incur reverse women who do you got mench oh i man i got nobody i mean sound like nobody nobody murder the ad going on i i don't think anything good i've been there many times middle and i'm like nobody's really mallory this week for me i mean really i just you know all i've saying that reaches just negative negative negative sally sally sally negative that in general in turned fox so i'm watching cnn look at i look weird news that's where i go out of my stuff i just type in florida i only i only thing i got florida but you know what i got bitten by a mountain asian toward washington you can you never know when he had dollar man main airport on the first floor museum partners reemerge man it that's how the rangers a learned daddy take airports because of the koran meals i mean my face my goto west this chick yeah need me to fail solana so lay so my commute original justice or not but certainly i mean i think it actually it's just he's white i think it it it it is so i think probably know i've seen a pitcher ever know i mean the property so i believe you that's yeah actually sounds more for more important what'd you wanna be called so lay is a slow so let me just so low so now we know chris i also all right i'm going with selena myself selena all right there we get to unanimous unanimous that's ryan how's it going man is not here to bring grumble about a unanimous all right so well salinas old man of the week with a man out of whatever you do in life for good or bad you got a phone that should do like how how could you not make abattoir joe we already did did did a whole bunch yeah oh man oh man you know i wanna redo i'm i'm owning it all right well

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Trip Report - Part Deux - Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

Earful: A Disney World Podcast

1:05:01 hr | 1 year ago

Trip Report - Part Deux - Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

"<music> <music> and we are back episode seven of the earful podcast. I'm one of your hosts Kate always and forever joined by always and forever. We have it on recording now. I'm Patrick and and in a legal document that we signed before our wedding that says you're stuck with me. Kid wording is a little different but yes is the same. That was our vows to you're stuck with me. Kid forever are and ever so we're back with airport part. I hope I remember so much since then actually been doing other major city in between recording last week in this week so we're going to <hes> get into the second half of our trip which we did not get to share last week because of our length of our show we just got the talking and by the time we were done it was already an hour in seuss decided to cut it short and just make it to parts. Maybe it'll be three who knows who knows we might go off the rails today but first things first. Let's attended some housekeeping when we had a question of the week this week and that was what are your disneyworld pet peeves months coming. I'm saving mind. You'RE GONNA save your shaping okay cool Sherry. L. said all those damn scooters drive me crazy. Scooters were problem Christopher said bag check please open that large bag and have it ready to be inspected. I gotta get to the park cap and Jim Sweet Salute you people walking without looking where they're going or texting using their phone reading a guidemap or looking. That's something in the other direction which I've been guilty of many times I'm sorry and then finally along with that yeah or people that will walk in the middle of somebody taking a photo so like families are in a photo when people do due to feel dragged right yeah Yo. Should I feel like you're coming at me a little part. Do you know how many times on this trip I had a pull cape the back of the lot and then we're of your surrounding Mitch Rich See also said people walking slow get out of the way or similar to mind but they're not exactly mine. Yeah I think mine is the bubbles the bubbles from nuts. Just I mean we were at animal. We're we're talking about that today. Animal Kingdom when the Little Oh boy in front of you with the bubbles clear watching rivers of light the new the new version of the show and the kid is directly in front of me and you know what they're fun. Let the kids have a good time but I always amazed by the lack of awareness of parents when their kids kids are doing something like that and there's a lot of people around like flowing directly into my face or you just around. You're you're sitting amongst. One hundred people be a little more aware. What else do we have that our pet peeves anything? You don't just GonNa do it. What's that I'm just going to do it so along with Captain Jim and Mitch see that that's kind of my same thing? I get really irritated. When people in the parks are walking so slow and he can't get by them and or my biggest one is when they decide to stop wherever they are stopped in the middle of the walkway to have a conversation there's hundreds of people trying to like funnel around them and they have no awareness that people are like trying to bend their bodies these to move around them nowhere in this they stand there and talk or I have to get something out of the Stroller so I'm GonNa Park in the middle of the sidewalk and I'm GonNa dig in the Stroller for half an hour? Oh my gosh or I can go on people. People just really drove me nuts on this trip. This is a very small pet. peeve this is this is super like almost not even a pet peeve but with the new bag check system is that I would say seventy five percent of the time we went to the parks I had a wrestling and it was not considered bag so when we went right through the bag line cut the one time the officer was not the bag and but he did let us go with the end but like you get used to be in like this is this is the protocol. This is what we're doing and now we're GonNa make you hear you and I appreciate your son of a sorry heart. You really got around people that just they walk and they stop and they said they stop right in the middle. I just I don't get it. I don't understand it. What is the point or the the speed up? Go ahead of you in this slowdown and you're like you just like ran Dan in front of me to slow down. I don't I don't like I don't like it one bit so everybody out there I need you all be aware of your surroundings. Take note of where you are in whose lives you're impacting. When you stop in this goes with driving? Don't pass me going under miles an hour and then get in front of me and go forty oh or if there's all right I'm trying my make sure I'm wondering my microphone. I also don't appreciate when people try to get into their fast. Pass an hour or before their window and then you hear the cast member go yeah. You're you're about sixty minutes too early comeback in an hour anyway gotta shout out some people as always we WANNA say hello to Jacob and again the are the offspring of the Mugshot podcast and they are devoted listeners and they're huge celebrities. They're big deal guys. So have you ever see them. Get their autograph their deal. We're so happy you guys listen thank you thanks guys and then onto our ear your fans of the week we'd like to shout out rope drop radio. We've been following them on instagram and they also have an amazing podcast and they have the coolest instagram right now. They've had the summer of their lives. They've been on a Disney world tour and I've had a lot of fun following going along with their travels on instagram. They've been to London Disneyland Paris a Disney Cruise Barcelona and all their pictures are just so much fun to watch and give their show a listen for shore. Go check them out at rope drop radio on Instagram name yeah we also this is exciting. We also debuted this past Saturday away for you to get your voice hurt on our show. We now have a voicemail line however I not abused that. I haven't told you till well now. If you call us at eight one four three one four nine four eight to you can leave us a voicemail with your thoughts or questions for the show and let's be positive okay. Don't tell yes we can't guarantee. We're going to feature whole voicemails but right now. We don't have any so chances are pretty good and last but not least I did not put this in the show notes because I wanted to surprise Patrick but listener T._j.. I was brilliant. Don't make me angry. I'm not he was brilliant. Point out this week that with the new release of the Lion King they have redone be prepared. What and after I listen listen? It's not great. It's not great so my not my logic was. You'RE GONNA love this new. Meanwhile I'm over here hating it so pleased. Patrick take take a listen. Fossa has always shown to strenght when it comes to hunting. That's Chew Retell Alesia for Joey. What now Mikey will be free to take whatever they want was in the Millennium Falcon? He was not never N._F._l.. Pasta powerful I assuming hyenas today's message like Madam Library Rian not like clump of Duda Duda Duda. What can I do to ninety two massages ear? I love that and ricky well and like he mostly speaks things it a we'll keep going police department. You'd think perfectly the base is going to drop in the Marin was gonna come in and it's going to be that that don't do to prepare for the coup disco asked to you I see my vision is clear and wide ranging updated compasses the digital it just to me. It sounds like like an army military mark good part. There's no good part now. Where's where's? Where's the Cook Hook D._J.? Callan commitment with the hooked. Let me scream Mondays unnecessity spending resonate denial simply white I train and like you keep going. I know hang on preparing be before Oh my God sleep like that. That's thanking God terrible. Now I will not be able to go see those move out here in Madame Library Librarian the and so do you like this or hate this farm loving it. You know we lose more. Nope the news clips of the week. This is the Global Broadcasting Service serving remote outposts since nineteen twenty eight I in the parks in Magic Kingdom. The tomorrowland signed mysteriously was removed overnight be prepared repaired so now all of a sudden when you walk into the park now and you go to turn right the sign for Marlins gone but an eagle-eyed viewer noticed on the Disney parks APP if you look at the map that there is a brand a new sign very sleek streamlined but that sign is currently not there yet so eagle-eyed person saw the sign that's not there must be very very eagle-eyed on on a Disney parks now. You're saying so that was interesting because that's I mean I've I haven't been there. I've only been to Disney in the past lake for five years but that's just weird that they would take that down. I guess they're trying to start to re theme Tomorrowland end to- okay. We realize you call Tomorrowland Yeah Tomorrow Lands Maryland the sign was from the seventies. It had to go. I know but it's just so iconic you know. This is a fun one from the Animal Kingdom a Disney contractor. This week got trapped in deep hole the Animal Kingdom Timmy's teams in the well last is lasting Disney. I don't think so Evans. I don't know he was tragic. Rule he was trapped after the ground collapsed from underneath him causing him to fall into a deep hole. It took firefighters ninety minutes to free him from a pile of dirt within the whole his leg was trapped up to a sti- he was not hurt but was taken into the hospital as a precaution only an animal kingdom. I guess and that's part of our news this week. So you can tell was kind of slow news. You WanNa buy some merchandise so I love fun copes. If you didn't already know that and this week we learned that there are going to be there's going to be a fun Co pop featuring the Sanderson Sisters from the movie hocus pocus. Oh Gosh Poker talkers focus thousand times of you know I. I'm not a big proponent of the film I know people that are big fans than me. Your huge fan not Halloween. You go nuts with that move. I go nuts for Halloween but I I don't think that I'm a huge hocus. pocus glued alluded you quoted by don't only knew who are you thinking. What other podcasts are you doing? Oh boy so you're going to get the three sisters circling around a cauldron that is boiling with a green substance substance so fun. Go Fan go by that thing Disney Fan as well and Disney fan in the world of resorts. The Grand Destino Tower opened at Coronado Springs this week so this is the tower that they've been working on for over a year now that it was it was in construction last year when I stayed there at Coronado Springs and now it is done and ready for visitors. What would the purpose of the tower be? The Tower is primarily for Disney vacation club members of the rooms in it. It's not just like a tower. It's like a Hotel Hotel Tower. The Tower has five hundred forty five guest rooms including fifty sweets and club level services a grand to story lobby meeting in venues lounges and a rooftop restaurant was spectacular views some of the dining options include Toledo tapa steak and seafood and the Dalai Lounge which is located on the sixteenth floor of the tower. If you go out to Lago Dorado which is Lake Dorato you can find the new three bridges barring girl which is an open air waterfront restaurant which we have covered in a prior episode Patrick you hungry talk about food the by you brunch is now available at the house of Blue Disney springs the branch according to the article I read will feature southern fair with items like biscuits and gravy omelettes Jalapeno and corn bread and carving station with roast beef and Ham and the again this is located at the House of Blues in Disney Springs. We are huge fans of Margaritas and now at the Polynesian resort you can get a lime Dole whip Margarita which looks very tasty. The Margarita is available at the bare foot pool in bars. Nothing sacred nothing is sacred. Don't whip owning their mess with first of you got that hat. That looks awful that one last week the pitcher. You showed me that hat on the reds the reds revenge don't mess with the Dole whip no pet peeve. Don't mess with Dole. Are you ADULLAH purist Kinda yeah well in in this drink. You're going to get lime flavoring instead of the classic pineapple tossed him with some Tequila. The drink cost twelve fifty and includes a talking rim a spicy Chili Lime seasoning. It'd be good what's put lime in the coconut. Mix it altogether lime in coconut due to do to Madame Neighbor Rian talk about star wars stuff okay. We got news this week that the rise of the resistance is Reid is going to be opening in star wars galaxies edge in Walt Disneyworld before Disneyland boy. They're going to be upset. People a boot this yeah so the Canadian everybody the ride is going to open on December fifth fifth for Disneyworld and not until January the middle of January for Disneyland due to complications or is it just the way it is. I don't know but what's been interesting. Is that as I've been reading in listening than hearing the the. Reactions to star wars galaxies have not been one hundred percent positive. I think people were upset that the second ride was not ready and they're obviously like when it was super busy we had a friend that traveled and she said it was very disappointing because you could go in and look at the stuff and you could go and possibly grab a drink if you're lucky enough to get into some of the restaurants and quick service locations but that it was just kind of walking around and it she just kind of I felt like I didn't seem quite ready so I'm anxious to see if disneyworld's is any different. If the exact same thing is the thumbprint in Disneyland the same as Disneyworld they use as much land on both sides both coasts. It'll be something to explore. We should do an episode. I'd be curious on that if it's just because I know that the problem with Disneyland and California's that there's not a lot of land correct and I know that you're a huge fan of soft openings so we always asking about soft opening the platinum platinum plus and premier annual pass holders are going to be able to register for special free preview opportunities before the official opening on August twenty ninth the same. We'll go for cast members and their guests so Jim. We're your guest in late August. If you want to bring us but other than that we're not. We're not quite sure when they're going to have the official soft opening or it's just going to be the previews for the pass holders. There was a video this week that I found where they were surprising employees and telling them that they were going to be working star wars land and we'll disneyworld and so the video would start with them like surprising like a someone with a broom and saying we have this for you and they would hit him a box and inside would be metal from the rise of the resistance and these workers would just like burst into tears. They were so excited like you congratulations. You're going to be working in the land and they would just cry they would just cry and last but not released into the parks and beyond we have some news about Disney cruise line. It was voted the best cruise line in the world. It's earned a world's best ranking congratulations congratulations and if you ever want to go on Disney cruise I can help you book it. I've actually always wanted to. That's like my next big well. I don't know I feel like Disneyland might be a little bit above going on. A cruise because crews are so expensive. I think drink when we are agent. You don't say that I have to be honest. I will never leave my guests astray and my clients astray. It is expensive. I think for two people on Seventy cruise. It's about five thousand dollars. If a little bit under maybe but we can do disneyworld much easier on more of a budget had if we needed to but cruises I've heard time and time again just stellar and everybody I've talked to has just said that the level of service and the cleanliness and the food or just at a different tear it doesn't surprise me yeah. We're GONNA take a quick break. When we come back? We're going to finish up our trip report talking about artists to Hollywood Studios Disney Springs and beyond so stick with us. We'll be right back. Hey My name's Paul and I'm not an animal expert. Donna and I'm not an animal expert either together we do a podcast about animals called varmints every me weekly pick an animal do a bunch of research on it and bring you some interesting facts about that animal but we don't stop there we talk about that animal and movies T._v. and other pop culture and we talk about whether or not that animal would make tasty ditch and how intelligent we think it is on the scale of one to ten. It's exactly like one of those fancy P._B._S.. Nature documentaries except with more pu jokes new episodes. Go live every Thursday. Wherever you find your favorite podcasts or you can visit us at blazing Caribou the studios dot com damage and we are back and we're ready to finish up our trip report with a little bit of news is about Hollywood studios Disney Springs and beyond so patrick take it away? You know why read an article recently after that perfect setup swinging I know it. This has been bugging me. This is really been bugging me. Go for it all right. Do you know what Bob Disney is paid a lot of booger. He gets a lot of money. Bob Disney makes Kuptana money so we're just going Nisa. See I thought Bob Disney was fictitious character. You create it for the sake of doing some armchair imagineering all right but he's actually like what you think Bob Eiger sound that's right. That's his name by wire. Okay so let's just I think think I think Bob. Disney is your own creation then he makes a lot of more how much money does Bob Eiger make above Eggert. He makes a sixty million a year sixty minutes in Avenger. Has he been in several movies. I I believe he's been dusted a couple of times guy zing. What on Earth 'cause you possibly due to warrant? Sixty million dollar paycheck apparently make some crappy movies original ideas. God God about that zing or man going crazy so you're bringing that up. I Really WanNa talk about my trip now so we started the day what they was this day three. This was day three. This was the Saturday that we were are there. Would you start we started. You escorted me quickly into the toy story land. That's right. We went at rope drop. We weren't quite there for the actual roped or how we didn't quite the buses. Were really kind of behind this time China. Those buses fall told Leo and our APP was not working half the time with the bus times right so I blame Bob Disney's so we ended up going straight to what he's lunchbox. which you had said to me was probably going to be like really really busy he because last time you were there? It was really really it was really this was last time it was at lunchtime. This was relatively new in the yeah when it was open yeah so when we went there it was we didn't wait in line. We walked right in. We had ourselves a nice little. Oh breakfast sandwich. Yeah it was okay. I wouldn't say it. Was I do that again it was it was good value for what we were doing. I think that we actually used a quick service. We did that time. We actually got an adult lemonade nine o'clock in the morning urging. I said well we're going to you're GONNA do it. She urges and I fought for Awhile and then I thought we had like Turkey Turkey with cheese on wheat or toast something so many of his toes toast Thomas to my right side anyway so we as we sat in eight we admired the people waiting in line for Slinky Dog Dash which had now stretched stretched almost to the infant's the park me was the wait time when we got there was already eighty minutes and increased by twenty minutes theory about what's that I think that they don't know how in lines they have the ability to get more people nine by like opening up some doors and making making the people wind around extra sure okay. I think that sometimes they don't open those up so that you can appear to be a really long line so like if I walk in the park and see people like walking lane line down the street. I'm really ball. That's a long line to get you to thing to not go right to it. I'll come back to really long line or you can look at your my Disney. Experience happened go. Yes that is a long line right but as you know we went back later there was one hundred twenty minutes in align wish order. I don't know how that works explaining. They were Tinier people so maybe that was it so we did. We watched the people for a while and then as we were watching them the green argument appear Oh this is one of my new favorite things to watch so so yeah yeah see later March or the empire welcome made me feel bad. Welcome the Green Army guys and they came with some Hula hoops and some balls and they marched out and they selected select some kids for their their recruitment show. There's two variations on the Green Army. Show one is with children or childlike adults and the other is with they come as a drumline miss was the former correct they they were delightful. They're allowed to talk their faces are no longer covered like they used to be in Pixar place yep now that they are just face painted and it was very delightful to see a female army officer Yes yes. I can't say no because I'll hang angry me. You don't ever look to didn't I didn't feel or look this shaming of songs you don't you don't see gender. No I thought it was really high man to voice with boy man with a really high voice and then we did one of our favorite pastimes and that's what I call this the Orlando Trifecta of Shooting Games right midway mania next and as you know that's a shooting game for those who don't know the winner you sit in a car and still champion and you pull back on a little string and you get the shoot things and there's points as a whole point system involved is me and Kate has the ability which are gigantic cans jumble Hans to pull back on the trigger very quickly in this beat my buns and strategy and you know that has more we do with how fast you can pull the trigger whatever but she won. I will hand this one to her. One one one it was very impressive when you you won the car I wanted I usually when the car it was my goal is to win like of of the week of the month. It's never gonNA happen because there are people out there that that's all they do. They go there and they hope to get the perfect score. We'll talk about part two of that story a little bit we did the normal we went to go see Kylo Ren and and we met and what did you say the first time you met Kylo Ren this time the first time oh I said Hey ben doing and he like immediately said I don't recognize that name he had that I believe we've had some things program to say differently. Would at that point who's never happy. I always love that meet and greet. That's so much fun. We went over to Rockin roller coaster. Which one of my favorites I think when we were there had a very also very long line because no that was later on maybe when they know no had shut down one of the lines and they were putting everybody through fast pass or something like that but our time was was fine? Our weight wasn't that long except I was very disappointed. Nobody else give him backstage passes. That's right. That's built into the script. It's right and nobody said nobody else. Usually somebody in the audience. It's usually the cast member I know but usually there's people have done the rights many times. Everyone knows. Nobody said it was really weird. It was funny because like every single time we've done it and the Catherine Brielle's it they always yellow in the most apathetic way possible <music> passes at your like who said that like who to sell that now I figured out this time it's the cast member because it wasn't said yeah very bizarre and then after that we had the chance to see the brand new lightning McQueen show which is right eight next to rockin roller coaster not not a fan patrick mill now it was nice. There's a talking car. It's great and it's all very well. Let's set us little Mac so as soon as you leave rock rollercoaster there used to be gate that closed off the area behind it which is where people will be taken if they had to leave the park very quickly. It's where the minivans would pick you up the minivan excuse me and this is all been re themed to have a courtyard and it has crews Ramiro and another car called D._J.. Would they were enemies. They were enemies and film one now their friends and you can do a meet and greet with them. They don't do anything they don't say anything. They need somebody in a room somewhere like doing the chow and hey it's not those cards though as face or something but now facing they need something you just sit and also the cars like I'm GonNa play. Some music. Remember plays music and they have a playlist. That's about two hours long. That's what we learned is. Our friend told us that the moves soon helps Jim what no names what about Disney here's he's not going to he's too busy count as money and diving into it like a scrooge mcduck pit anyway they then you go through the courtyard. It's a very small courtyard there or a bunch of umbrellas that are set up so that while you're waiting to the show to start you can stay cool ler in the sun and then once the show is done the doors open and your ushered into a big. I wouldn't even call it an auditorium to haul with benches and they're all in the same level Yup and you've used it doesn't sound entertaining. It wasn't it's okay it. I did not enjoy it. It's great for kids. It's a combination projection show with the lightning McQueen car okay. It's impressive to watch because it's partially projection. It's someone moving him. Obviously backstage the wheels and stuff we could puppeteer guy in the suit huge and the whole re interrupting your meal. I'm taking I'm actually eating right now. The whole concede about it. Is that lightning McQueen dinner show you simulator oh boy he and his arch nemesis chick comes and like he puts a bug into the system and then lighting has to prove spoiler alert. I'm just I'm just saying this is like what happens and you see a bunch of of characters that you know from the films on the projection screen right tomato so you basically quickly. I mean come on lightning wins. Shy You ruin everything you hush-up no more. Don't spoil it. I'm not but I'm just saying people people need to know. The people need to know what the themselves outside in the courtyard in addition to meeting the two cars. You also have a dance party which we didn't see no. Thank God I think Oh education expect there was a party and there were people that would come out and do the lightning McQueen dance which which which is what patron will show you later. He's actually showed me right now but you can't see this is on our Patriot page the extras no we don't even have one you know yet but that's a great idea so after we left that we actually walked over towards the tower of terror and shockingly. I've never seen this be this way. The Tower of terror had one hundred twenty minutes standby weight which we found out why we found out why one of the shafts in the ride chef the one that one of the main shafts in the ride was down which meant that they were only operating with two cars cassette of three four four four so the whole second half of the room was completely shut down they weren't using eh which led to the huge wait times told that the fast pass kits priority. Yes we had a fast past for that one of my favorite rides and nothing nothing spectacular except we had a great view of galaxies edge then we hit up a new place for lunch into the A._B._C. Commissary which was recently renovated new but running not new and they added some new food items and we had the Mediterranean Salad and it was surprisingly really good. What we have learned on this trip is go healthy because it's very delicious yeah? Actually that's very true. The Times that we had fresher fresher meals not fried not fast food we were happier with our lot and you have so many options at Disney that it's easy to you. Find healthy fresh things and the commissary was air conditioned. It was very crowded. It was very hard to find a table but I would definitely go back if I wanted to get something fresh again took a job A._B._C. comes here then Patrick and I went back over to toy. Story Land and we rode Alien Swirling saucer pass we did. We get one for that. Didn't we yes we did we didn't stand in line yeah and the the weight was probably about forty minutes at this point which is typical for that ride but if you've run the ride it's not really worth Eh. It's not worth standing in line more than an hour for oh gosh no I. I was GONNA say that's my Max is thirty minutes for that ride. I wouldn't stand any longer but did you think I've already road the ride. What did you think was as it looked? If that makes sense there really wasn't wasn't much right around. There's a little will little whipping action which is fine but wow yeah you will you will indeed but no but it was it was cool then we walked off that right and we had the ability to meet Jesse Chessy our of good friend Captain Jim. It's not it's his pseudonym. Okay was working that day and was able to. He didn't set up anything we stood wearing his work in certain line yeah perks and got to meet Jesse. She's adorable. Zing perks no cap and Jim on you to fall down skid. My need to get any kind of gone shy elaborate uh-huh. That's coming up later. Okay I'll talk about so we met Jesse. I will take a moment to say that the most popular meet-and-greet was what he and Bo peep wait we did not wait and then buzz was a close second was ninety five with one hundred ten real field these poor poor cast members yeah. It was hot I mean every day was in the upper nineties old so it was bloody hot for everybody involved. After the meet-and-greet we went over to frozen ever after and we had one of my favorite narrators the raiders of all time again. I don't know his name but whenever I see him there I just know that I'm in for a good time and he milked the audience he was so so funny so interactive. It's one of the best funny shows to go to learn years years ago. They were able to write that script and they were able to modify the performance and have some leeway. They have to get permission to do anything but they do have some leeway in that script. It's very funny. They do a really nice shop with that. We were told that people will come through the show every now and then and they'll say hey we have an idea tried this out and if they if it plays plays and if it doesn't they take that's a pretty cool gig yeah then it was so hot that we decided to go back to our hotel to get ready for our evening which included dinner dinner at Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge so what didn't realize about animal kingdom lodge is that it's it's a pretty far piece away from everything else outside of the Hannibal Kingdom area obviously but it set so far back and it's so so surrounded by trees and foliage that you really truly feel like you're not a part of disneyworld anymore. You feel like you're kind of out in the country. They do a great job with teaming to make you feel like you really are in a different country. Almost we went to the lodge and Boma is situated in the bottom of the main lodge and down a set of stairs and there's a small waiting area right near the front entrance of the restaurant and Boma is a buffet so what I didn't anticipate was how crowded it was going to be crazy. It was basically like a big food court well and I think they messed up because when they sat us it feels like they sat fifty percent of the restaurant the exact same time time when I got there was no line for Dessert and food was like almost halfway through the restaurant and then when we got for dessert the line for Dessert was halfway through the restaurant so I think they screwed up something in the seating it was it was as crowded as a food court in a value resort in the morning eight A._M.. That was the kind of feeling I had was. Oh my God everything is happening. It was noisy. The ambiance was cool. Though 'cause the lighting was a little dimmer and like I said it's in the bottom of the the main resort and the windows look out too. I think the pool and again it was surrounded by foliage and plant life but just it was just busy. It was very busy. WHO's good food was excellent? I will say that I feel like they had the best flavors at this place very comparable to Tusker house in in the Animal Kingdom. The Zebra domes did not disappoint those were some of the things on the dessert buffet that we knew we had to try I because they are one of the most famous desserts in all of Disneyworld some bad parenting going on tables very very very close together if you are curious it's cheaper for lunch. I I would be curious to see how busy it is for lunch and then right next door is g-go which is a two credit meal and looked a lot quieter. Oh Heavens yes. They were begging people to come in the door. Yeah I would like to try that. Sometimes I really enjoyed the food there yeah for sure then we went and took the bus or we try to take the bus back to Hollywood studios because we had a very special event plan for that night Patrick when ahead and planned a star Wars Galactic Desert Party right which was in addition to our buffet so keep that in mind though as we can do this story book did it was to be a desert and beverage so I was okay going to dinner thinking who nice dinner and then we'll have a desert desert it will have a desert we had many well so but before we got the the one downside by the Kingdom Lodge was the buses do stu don't there's no buses it took forever. I would say half an hour easily half an hour easily a and we were told that by cast members that deluxe hotels usually have a better turnover rate for buses which was not time we had another another at wilderness lodge. We had to a long time for a boss going back to magic kingdom so refreshing so we walked back into studios and we walked down towards Star Wars Bay I we we checked in early. Thank goodness we did because Star Wars Bay thank you and we were escorted. Where we got our landlords that have the Galactic Desert Party on Danny and then when they meet and greet where you can meet and greet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca there was some roped off area gave our name we got ourselves a table which which actually was very far away in the corner which was still see everything and it was a book Fe? It was a dessert buffet from one buffet to another we were stuffed and there were alcoholic drinks as well there was there was like cheese and meet to start this buffet table and then four different types of tarts cupcakes they had they had the freeze dried Moose bread pudding. They had ice cream Sundaes days enough so that by the time we were done we could have rolled us out of there. We were stuff probably had some type of diabetes pad time we were then one point. A couple of stormtroopers come around and they greet each table. They thank you for your support support. The it's all very empire empire positive positive empire which of course kate and I like to have some fun with that. So how did you get in trouble. I I said I had I wanted to know what I should do if I was looking for F._M.. To one eight seven which is Finn From Force Awakens and I was immediately escorted over to see Kylo Ren yes yes we stood in line nine to meet Kylo Ren and the stormtrooper would not leave like he was going to make sure that you got in that room and so we stood there staring at you and we tried to kind of engage him a little bit and then I said like aren't you going to come in with me. Get some Brownie points and then he caught walked his his laser gun blaster cocked his blaster and he walked away so ever that was that night really funny. It was a highlight and then we went and saw Colorado again and I immediately got on one knee and pledge my fealty guilty to his fullness. Patrick Patrick didn't do anything smell so then we came out and we got escorted up to a very private viewing of the Star Wars experienced variance special phantasmagoric fireworks display yes but we also got a chance to see the brand new show world of animation which was I I almost lost my marriage. When I informed Miss Kate that this was going on because we were going they have to miss fantastic as a dark time in a theme household yes so we we made a deal? We would see that later in the week so we got to see this. One of these wonderful shows we had awesome seats or note. We were fighting. Nobody it was great. It was a really great experience. I highly recommend. Would we pay for that seventy five a person so I don't know if it was seventy five a person it's typical of special add-ons like that. It was worth it. It was neat. It was really neat. We also got a free gift. That's right which we were handed as we were going towards our reserve seating section and that was like darth vader mug plastic mug. Let's let's push the button in his head POPs open yeah so it's great for holding eminem's or pencils or cue tips cotton balls. Whatever you'd want so both got that I think I mean the food was really good? The drinks were great. I think if you if you plan for it you could get wasted. There is no doubt because we had literally one and a half drinks links because I was so full from dinner sweet mix they had beer and wine in the desert was great. We were exhausted by the so nice not to have to fight the crowd to watch that show is really nice so nice and again we actually sat down. This is really great. It was worth the price itself so as we left that night happy in tired full rolled out of the full. We got a very special phone call from very special friend Captain Jim who's magical bus was happening to go our way. We got a magical car ride back to our resort. Yes it was it was very nice. It was awesome the free uber basically then luckily the next day we had our Disney Springs Day which it came at a perfect time I find that two or three days of a park and then a day off is very good formula so that you don't burn yourself out we had a little bit of pool time and then we went to the springs around eleven hit Vera bradly looked looked at some of the patterns there and then we had one of my favorite experiences of the entire trip which was lunch at Morimoto Asia low model so here's the scoop on this one. If you go at dinnertime Morimoto Asia is a signature dining experience. It costs to credits if you go at lunch. It's only one credit so you get the ambiance the experience the food at a one credit cost is worth it. It's very worth Oud. Everything's wonderful. It's a beautiful atmosphere. There are two floors to the entire restaurant there. There's a small bar area as you walk in the main area beyond that and then up a staircase we were escorted into who like almost a closed off room that overlooked the main dining room. If you go make sure you check out the Guinness Book of Rural Records Longest Bar that's true that's right. It's the bar starts in the bottom and a wraps all the way around upstairs loop de loops and everything I think it's a longest bar yes and they have decorations that very much pay homage to the fishing villages. The chandeliers were made out of recycled plastic from the ocean. Yeah they look like jellyfish to begin with and like I was like I was like. Do you know what this means. I'm like jellyfish. He's like well actually there. The recycled may look like fishing nets jellyfish amulet. We had great cocktails here. They were very subtle but really tasty and after having super sweet cocktails it was a nice I ordered the angry chicken which was a creamy curry sauce with tempera fried bone in chicken. You had the borey Bop God which was chef more emoto's rose iron chef was his winning dish and so brought to Patrick was a claimable that was five hundred degrees and at his at the table side are one of our waiters prepared your Berry BOP which was yellowtail Yoto including cracking a raw egg into it into it when I watched cook itself and it was hot was catching the ball going. I don't learn followed up by delicious delicious dessert Sir you had some sort of Moose dessert was layered with like chocolate hazelnut and it was delicious and I had the oriental dish Tros which was actually pretty good. Everything was everything was delightful. We will do that again. Oh absolutely would you do it for for two Credito we always do for why would do from one again just because there's so many other things I want to try yeah good point we shop at Disney style got a really cool haunted mansion Spirit Jersey winter the brand new. It's not brand new. It's again renovated but the Disney store in Disney Springs is finally done. It's humongous now our feels larger because they basically took down most of the walls that would segregate each room into themes and now it's all in. I if you can't find something there then then you're too picky because everything is there. I hate shopping tree. Do I hate hot and being warm. So I sat you sat did not sure so good that I took get a jack. Lindsay's for a beer flight loved Jock Lindsay's we went there because we love you now on the deck of the ship which is next to the right of the restaurant not not so much that day because it was ninety five degrees and there wasn't really a breeze going through so we had our beer and then we quickly had to go over to the void for our V._R.. Experience so the void is a relatively new installation in Disney springs that it's basically like laser tag but way cooler. You're not actually against people though laser tag implies you're fighting against people you so you have a V._R.. Helmet on and you are going through different floors of the starship trying to make your way out so it's really neat so you kind of there's things like you look a pie and there's Pi it's all based off of rogue one and so there's one moment where you walk through and you walk in room and there's blasters and you reach out and you grab blaster and the whole thing is be quiet quiet quiet. We had to people with us a dad. Let's go back a little go. Tell them how this was grouped together so you're standing in line and one of the employees comes comes out and says okay I how many in your group okay follow me and it looked like they were doing groups of four and at one point they had two groups of forego in together and then for us they pulled Patrick and then and then we were paired with a father daughter and they bring you into the first room. There's a very a brief exposition setup that tells you what you're doing. One of my favorite moments was you get to pick your color for your stormtrooper. Get a little accident on your shoulder to distinguish who you are and I think I picked yellow elegant Patrick and he's like I picked Green Green and I'm like Patrick. That's black. It was totally black. Patrick is colorblind F Y but normally black is not a problem. No it was not green for sure so once that is done you go to another room where you get equipped with your backpack your helmet and that's it right away toby. It's it's heavy yeah and you have to pawn straps and you have to tighten some things around your Chin once that has done they lead you into a room and they tell you to put your visor down in the soon as you put your visor down U._C.. Everybody else's stormtroopers the minute you put your hands into view you see your hands as stormtrooper hands again. We're wearing nothing on our hands right. We all we had was the helmet and the backpack so like it's recognizing our hands without having any any kind kind of lighter glove on of any sort so as soon as the advisers go on the whatever we were in transformed completely into like a holy sal yeah elevator and I think the first thing it said was like find a way way to open the elevator door and there was a to our to what we thought we were seen some sort of pulled down lover and Patrick went out to grab it and pulled down on it and it worked and then opened a hatch and we were asked to walk through now again. You were relying solely on what we're seeing in our helmets and there's a little walkway over a fire pit was the first thing that felt warm so we get to a point where there's there's going to be quiet as blasters and you you go ooh grab the plasters and was you okay. It was me somebody fired the blaster okay to be fair. There were two than the blast of there was a trigger minutes secondary trigger an as it was picking up my blaster went off and if acute because it was well I guess we're not doing the quiet tact in new seats and we had to defend ourselves so you fight new shoot but then we won't spoil it because it's too good to spoil but I will say that the father daughter we were paired with breath slightly napped if not wanting to be there one point. The daughter said I'm GONNA run away. She had no desire to help out to help out the rebel lions. I think she was ready to switch the dark side at one point. We were in a room. We were asked to do something specific. The father daughter started doing that. Let let me go back. The father daughter started button mashing if you would to the point of one of the one of the robot said. Is there anybody else in this room that can do this task. I was like move meanwhile. I was over defending the room. You're doing some a completely different. Something had triggered something else off doing your own thing and so basically long story short time you end your whole experience. It was probably twenty thirty minutes all right. You're thinking that you're going to get some sort of printouts some sort of battle report about how you did and they had said we're going to email you how you did. Here's the box which I did. I didn't so after we got out of of the void and left. I got an email saying like Oh. Here's your your wanted poster because now you're wanted in in the empire Blah Blah I clicked on it and got nothing so like we have no idea how we did as a team. How we did is in value you you got a value as to how much bounty on your head but we have nothing to China bounty number but it was in it wasn't even English was it was in related experience right now? There are two things the star wars experience and the Record Ralph experience which we did not do the void is really cool really cool a lot of fun little pricy but a lot of fun there. Are there avoids around the world. They have different different stories. You can play one. That's like about a profit. There's one I think it's about about vampires attention to the buses and Disney because there will be a code on there that if you say the code to them you could especial photo. We'll share that this week to show you are special photo so after the void we were actually we got a surge of energy from that and went to Raglan Glenn Road. Do you have a drink which is not plan because we were going to go the plight pig but we have some time to kill and we was hot. We just want something cool to drink. Pop into Raglan road had a drink at the bar and then went to the polite friend Mike good if it's not cap and and Jim what's what's Mike something with a bar Stewart spar tender bird keeps burkey Mike era go and went to the polite pig for dinner polite pig very a happy with it. This is a quick service option which is which is surprising when you consider how much food you get the quality of the food and the quality of the drinks as well so we both had a beverage alcoholic beverage and I believe I had the pork shoulder which it's like the best street corn ever. It was so good corn bread. You had a sandwich and we left. They're very happy very wonderful. So then we went back and again another long wait for the bus. I think it took probably other half an hour to get the bus to go back to our hotel for the night. Mike was willing to drive us. No he wasn't so that was basically the rest of our time outside of animal kingdom which will get to in a second but we did spend the day hopping parks works which I don't know if we ever have done that as so so committed -ly. Did this time spent some time in Hollywood Studios Epcot Magic Kingdom. It was just a really fun day because we didn't have a lot planned outside of our set fast passes. <hes> we went back to Hollywood. Studios had some tart what he's lunchbox finally got to ride slinky and one of the things we picked up on was that slinky's not just a ride. It's a really great view of Galaxy. It's hard to not look at that. When you're on the Ri- Road Tower of Tarragon arrogant got to meet Edna mode in the new pigs are pixar place lace picks are street yeah that they're calling it did some star tours and then we took a boat to the boardwalk and walked through the boardwalk walked all the way to epcot had a quick service nervous lunch at La Cantina this gel wonderful which was delightful great view of of the world showcase lake great tacos? Good Margaritas got to meet Donald the Mexico. That's the thing we do. Every time test. Track was down the entire day. There was some weather in the area. There there was yeah so text test truck was down and the but we did walk past that until the Guardians Kosher building that's being built almost done almost on the new space restaurant is set to open this fall and there's no date yet but that is what they're insane. We left the park and got to go to the monorail. We could see the construction being done. The entrance about gap caught which is really kind of cool. We took the monorail all the way to go but we did. We Will Magic Kingdom did some younger crews did the carousel progress and of course as part two of our Orlando Shooting trifecta yeah which would be buzz light year down for those who you don't know Bosley years a game where you sit down with the person next to you and you have a little laser gun that you shoot things for from for for points and there's also a little ever in the car which spins the car left or right or in his circle completely moving on no one moving on it just gets cut. I know you're right at one point. <hes> early on in the in the game miscarried has control over the car and has an angled in such a way that I cannot hit any let me finish so I say to Kate I put my hand on the Knob to move the cart so I can play and she says no and I said I can't hit anything she said. Trust me. You didn't trust me. I said I can't hit anything and learn trust me. She said and I kind of like took control over the so I just sat there. I couldn't hit so she cheated. I did not sheet and she won. I kept telling you got to aim for this. I couldn't leave because I was not in rained because you wouldn't move the car aim. This has been nice ramp leading to leave prepared. Be Prepared be prepared so we did all that and then we took a bus to key west because we had dinner reservations Disney Springs and from Key West we then took a boat everywhere everywhere and then another my favorite moments the entire trip dinner at Chef Art Smith's homecoming great great meal wonderfully casual atmosphere <hes> smaller smaller restaurant than most. I would say I had the the Fried Chicken Sandwich you had braised beef like three times. They serve some of their sandwiches with their homemade barbecue chips which they were great. The cocktails tells her outstanding the desert was the best I think the trip because I had pecan pie you had chocolate cake busy but didn't feel crowded right like it was it was lively but didn't feel overwhelming. She's very good then to wrap up that night. We took a bus to the boardwalk boat studios. We got the CAP and Jim for awhile at tweens Danzon trash cans yes and then finally got to see fantasma which was a must do for me especially after Patrick's surprise surprise when we went home we went that was that was our hopper day that was our hopper date and then we had animal kingdom right right animal kingdom was unlike anything thing we have seen before it was so crowded we hear about an hour after rope job and we still waiting in line yeah yeah we we went directly to Pandora and got breakfast there at Pong Pong hong-goo which we had what they call a Pungo. LUMPIA sounds like I'm making that up. It's just a spring roll. That's rolled in cream cheese and pineapple. It was nice it was it was flavorful and then we both had a different kind of Margarita rush to snack on chat to snack Margarita for breakfast. The surprising thing of that day was that the safaris had had enormously long waits like seventy eighty ninety. One hundred twenty was the Tuesday of of <hes> fourth of July week so we think we out yeah we hit. We about time yeah. What else did we do that day? We we saw the Nemo show we could do the lion king we did see the lion king show we also did right Everest. I once we wrote offers twice twice. That's right. I think both times were in single writer who definitely which is the only way to do that. We had lunch at sat to the canteen back in Pandora. Always what a fabulous quicker was that is especially if you can get inside because it's so nicely air conditioned but it's very crowded because it's very good food again very fresh. They have their own beer that they brew in the in the theme of Pandora. We live a fast past for Pandora. We did fight a passage very very early on which is again one of our favorite rides. We didn't get the see the male female no we did not get to write the Nadi River journey this time we just couldn't find a fast passed away yeah. I know I know you were one of one of the coolest listings we saw this time around was the walking character of Kevin. Oh yeah other that you were going to talk about the way keep walking character in Pandora the walking oh the he was okay. I want to call them a stormtrooper. That's not he was okay. He he wears the utility yeah he was all right the but no Kevin Kevin was awesome. Yeah they now have Kevin just kind of wanders to the park. There's no set area for him. He if you just catch him he's he's he's willing to I'm sorry she she's willing to stand and let her self be petted. If you asked if you ask nicely and as we talked about I think last time are no is this time we talked about the possibility of including her in the bird show we also saw this time around to have another another update but Patrick also forgot to mention that when we did stop to see not only the person in the utility suit and Pandora we stopped to see the Pandora and drummer forgot about that and Patrick was yet again that APP guy in this show pointed out there like look that guy wants to have fun they went back to you like several times made you clap and say things like that. Was Your Role Guy. Oh let's see we did we did Collie river rapids which is perfect on the hot day and then we had the pleasure of going back to Tiffin's for dinner right does a double service double credit to only double credit. We did yes that was that was our choice for that trip. We usually do one because we just don't have enough credits. What did you think I've been there before loved it? I loved it. I thought it was really are waiter was great. <hes> the food was fantastic. The restaurant was not crowded. It was very enjoyable is really nice evening and it was so hot it was nice to be indoors and be chill I that was that was a nice when I take family back to the turf we had our waiter was just last. One was the same thing the waiters are so knowledgeable and just they know exactly when to comment and ask if you're doing well. They know when to leave you alone. I would take my family. I would take my team. We actually had the rivers of light package all right and because of that we had not only an entree a drink in a desert we also got appetizers as well that was included no extra charge outside of the tip that we would have to include and then we also got a fast pass due to the rivers of light. We are one service. which was where you experienced bubbles in your face? This is where I got bubbles in my face yes so we finished dinner and just kind of wandered around for a little bit and we did. We finally got a fast passed. A dinosaur after dinner would probably wasn't the best idea of mind cause down up and not up and down and rivers of light was updated as as a new version called we are one on which incorporated a lot more of the Disney characters as opposed to just animals and improved it but it still is in it still could use a few more updates in yeah but <hes> that's what I had the kid in front of me what the bubble maker who decided to just let that thing fly no and then it ran out batteries which we were all very very. I shut it here. I shut up here. That was a great day with the exception of being overly crowded and very warm still one of my favorite parks. I love that Park in looking at a chance answer show you refugees planet watch another time next time. There's always the next time so that was our trip to Disney this this past summer we are looking to probably go. I don't know anytime soon well. There's a couple of things up in the air that they have to to land next year but we'll see have some friends that are going in December two that they're going to be checking out not only star wars but I just heard today that the skyline is going to be opening in September. They'll be able to see the sky lenders as well along with rise of the resistance. It's great debut live so we didn't question for the week Patrick boy <hes> well. Let's see we talked about animal. Actually have we done the question like what's your favorite park. Have we done that. We have not in. Don't just tell us your for your park but we want to know why yeah you have to back up back it up everybody up as it tell my student you have back it up until you say no. Tell me why you're allowed to say no Gimme reasons so tell us your favorite park. Tell us why tell us if you have any memories of the park was your favorite experience in that park yeah because I would say that ours is absolutely absolutely animal kingdom rate normally yes non crowded decor. I would say that maybe the V._I._p.. Of the Strip was epcot oh I one hundred percent agree. That was the most children I think whenever we find that we have a chill day where we're very grateful and I don't know why we don't program more chill time <music>. I'm in bulk up cart crowded which I always appreciate so so again. If you're following along send us your thoughts on favorite park. If you have a minute send us a voicemail drops a message on twitter instagram where facebook we'd like to get involved with with you guys. We'd like to be engaged and as always thanks for tuning in and listening to earful. We'll see next truly give you a little border now. I'm tired okay well. I'll give it for you can eat travel is it. I'm a travel agent Travel Appalachian <hes> so yeah Color Texture tweeter and she will plan your trip for you. I'll be happy to help and I'm Patrick and I'm kate and this has been another episode of earful C._N._N.. Week bye-bye.

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Meaghans's Wine Walks

Mojo In The Morning

15:14 min | 5 d ago

Meaghans's Wine Walks

"Hey Mojo. In the morning, the Kroger are ex savings club powered by good Rx can provide discounts on thousand prescriptions. Members also have access to over hundred common generic prescriptions. Members save up to eighty five percent visit Kroger S C dot. COM ready to start saving with the Kroger Savings Club. DETROIT W. W. vk. Still leave your. Mojo. In the morning, this is the home of Mojo in the morning. This. Is Mojo in the morning. Launch. This is Mojo in the morning Mojo. And the. Kids. A Logical is what I'm saying this is like an orange. Good morning and welcome to the Mojo in the morning show. I think we might have to start off talking about this with a Meghan. Meghan. Walking the dog while drinking alcohol is not considered. Exercise or Yeah. It was up the most fear of getting over by the police. Isn't it? Kind of funny. What we're eight, four, alive for four, six, six, five, six, five, four, eight, eight, four, four, six, six, five, six, five, four, eight you're listening to us right now. This is the one. Positive that has come out of twenty twenty is that we've become so lax on society's rules and norms that I noticed people just walking down the street drinking her walking into target smoking a blunt don't care anymore. What happened so I'm not really a drinker which is why this is kind of interesting to me as because I don't really have any interest in walking around with a glass of wine, but I take my dog for a walk every. Evening in great after dinner. So we can settle down before better whatever and every time I go around I see all of these. MOMS walking around with their glasses of wine, their coffee cups, their whatever, and they'll lake. Cheers you as you walk by good evening OBE everything's. I. started to drink a glass of wine walkway for you. So proud you. Join the the. Kobe Alcohol Club. I love well into our twenties. We're still affected by peer pressure in neighborhood. Well, I didn't know when I was growing up I knew parents on Halloween would drink a new like they would pass around beers the trick or treater parents like I knew that was a thing but I didn't know just like everyday walks. Yeah. We're a time to drinks I didn't know is this a covert thing or you know has been around for forever? It's been around forever. They actually have a mug that says there's probably not coffee in it. Written right on unless it is a morning walk or a morning bike ride or like morning to you. Know they`re But there is not coffee I'm GonNa say that for me personally, it has been that I've become more. Alcohol induced since this whole thing. Oh, for sure on that I'm just saying like if like there are many many times before cova that there was not. Shannon Abraham. That's Monday Tuesday Wednesday. It's called the park. To kind of mask it a little bit a few years ago you hit it. Even though all the other moms new now, I feel like you just walked down the street where the keg in the kids wagon and you know it doesn't matter anymore people are like. Twenty twenty. Go for it. So. Is it that as much as just don't be an idiot and don't get drunk and nobody really cares if you drink in public as long as you're. Walking what are you GonNa do trip and fall I mean it's not like you're not GonNa get in the car and hurt anybody it used to be that we looked at downtown Toledo in the district as a very cool place because you could just walk around drinking outside of you know fifth third or or you know Tony. City but now that's in every neighborhood. And it's okay and it's it's okay right Leah to do that look. Yeah. I mean like I tend twenty line like not too long ago, and now I'm going to the store in the morning. For breakfast like I feel like I feel like lately we've gotten some PTSD I mean you were locked in our house for a minute. I drink right now I could walk the dog and I don't come back for six hours just. Thanks. To a fifteen minute one minute rock and our what. Time to turn twenty one. You can't go to bars Y-. Yeah we're the we're the bars closed or were whereas everything closed when you're? Open they were open. I. Probably got he never got carded before. I turned twenty one and I was expecting someone to start using my idea one still have encouraging me. Because I'll lay the able like look at it. Yeah. A friend of of Chelsea's met their significant other drinking in downtown Toledo and they had a baby and then named their baby Dora. By the way. This is swear swear. Yeah, because of the. I know. But, that's. Now, that's how they met to and they said that that was they met. So they decided that that's what they were. GonNa do. I actually have a doormat in front of my side door that says turnaround unless you brought wine. Just overall theme at this point. I M on day number two. Of No alcohol. This is day number two yesterday was day number one. Yes remember I said, I was GONNA start Monday no alcohol for me I'm done with it. Made for a really boring night yesterday. Last night actually I was so tired because remember we talked yesterday on the show about how don't get any sleep at all and man I got some great sleep last night I feel so refreshed I. Felt like crap all day yesterday. I. Had like a busy day to to to to and I picked up, I ended up. Getting out of my lease at Gordon Chevrolet. So they got me into a new lease. So I had to go yesterday to sign the paperwork and you guys know how when you sign paperwork or back before. Cova. It would always be like A. Process and stuff of signing paperwork. It's so fast right now like they're ready for you there because they know that people feel kind of uncomfortable with the whole thing. So I like belted in signed everything got it and I felt bad for Mona, who's The lady who I go to at Gordon Chevrolet she's awesome by the way cheat she such an amazing woman I felt bad for her because we get into the Tahoe and she's like. Well, let me show you some of the new features like Mona get out. I'm going home I'm getting. Outta here but it was one of those one of those moments where I was like so so tired and then I fell asleep. At Luke had a baseball hitting practice yesterday in the afternoon I fell asleep in the parking lot where his baseball hitting practice was and I've had numerous occasions where I've fallen asleep and people have thought I was dead in the car. The back door was still open with Luke, having grabbed his equipment out of the back door and he didn't shut the thing. So I fell asleep with the back door open in a truly looked like there was a dead situation in there and another parent comes walking up and it was like excuse me German close this. Oh. Sorry that fell wake up just a little bit but. How everybody's evenings last night aside from Megan's a drunk walk. Did you guys all do anything anything fun or special on a Monday night? Nothing too exciting I was thinking about last night was the last night of Summer Oh. That's right. So I just wanted to take a walk 'cause you know farewell summer but then having did we really have a summer and now follows are summer and actually this week it looks like it's going to be like up to seventy eighty by. The weekend. Yeah. So I guess summers continuing since which started off summer not being able to really. Enjoy it as much. I heard that that that like in the news they you know they did that whole thing like every time they would go to the weather guy. They would always sit there and talk about it being the last day of summer I didn't realize that it was the last day of summer today. Dave Oh. Wow. So how do we? How do we celebrate the first day of fall typically would be with your pumpkin spice, but now everybody's already been doing that for a month. Yeah. We I feel like we have no idea what anything is nowadays. It's too warm for a bonfire. To warm for sweater weather. What's Today's temperature again, going to be seventy? Wow Gordon this gonna be eighty like the next couple of days is every ella. We do a little summer mix summer to there you go. Yeah. In Michigan we've twelve. The coup slightly transform just ahead of a break from the norm just a little slump, the break, the monotony of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be a little bit out of control is cool. The dance. But what about a coup sued the move romance give me a soft subtle mix and if it ain't both been, don't fix it. And paying of the some of the past adjust face let out on. The DL let me run a bomb, put your car onto the laid back at this. Decision. Get all four seasons. Sometimes we same day you're listening to Mojo in the morning. Stop By. In some. Some. New Kids on the black cat a bunch. Food. Five over the summer. I like. Cloudy and fish. Fish. She's Summer Mama Dates Span Mitch Zoom in it all. The best girl that I did see the Great Larry Bird Jersey dirty. When you take you pause. Been Shakespeare but with a whole bunch of his comedy. The is. Increasing can't forget. Day In never came back. Them Back Home Macaulay cokie was in. Now. We Begin Michael J. Fox was speaking when I Mitch. Rich Black. Kid. Janis? violating. Toward some. Examples. I'd say. She's Johnson. Always reminds me of summer whenever I see people with boats on trailers, can makes me depressed? Doesn't it putting them away? The Dog Kim Mohair Thrill Beauty Queen Style. I'm fine. Sean. Dot. What are the odds that I don't make it today by the way? Without, drinking without drank avenue I I don't think it's going to happen. I tried to finish off all the alcohol that I had that I knew that I would be tempted by. So I actually had to dump out literally like maybe a couple of shots of the watermelon that had that was in my freezer. and. It was like so hard to when I was dumping it down the sink on Sunday what helped you get rid of? Well, I was kind of like at the point where I was going Oh no, I can't have one more drink because then I'll be really screwed trying to wake up on a Monday mornings I'm like dumping it out of their. Iota reminded me up. It reminded me of when your parents were coming to visit you at college and you were trying to get rid of the booze. I had the best hiding place for all my boost. It was right in my stomach.

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27 June 2019: Callused feet, and protein-based archaeology

Nature Podcast

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27 June 2019: Callused feet, and protein-based archaeology

"The nature podcast is brought to you by benching the life sciences are indeed. Cloud tide of hunting, down research data scattered across papers emails, and spreadsheets Benchley is a data management and collaboration platform pan research on bio therapeutics biofuels and bio materials and it's free. Frac emmett's. Get started for free Benchley dot com forward slash nature. Lightsaber sound so simple no idea. But now the data's finally not only refreshing, but, but some little stone. Nature. Welcome back to the nature podcast this week. We'll be learning about ancient proteins and hearing about the feelings in your feet. I'm Benjamin Thompson and I'm Shamanee bundle. I up reports Nick how has been looking into how being shoeless may affect our souls, many years ago on the podcast, the name of which I've long forgotten. I heard that wearing shoes, maybe but few which time medico sense to me after all, humans haven't really been wearing shoes for that loan humans and Dr dancers have been walking onto it for about six maybe seven years, and dominantly, modern humans, Dave been around for maybe one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand years. So in the grand scheme of things we have developed into who we are today without shoes at all. It's only much later that we decided for whatever reason we wanted to use that was Christa a researcher, who studies the evolution of how humans move in fact, according to the article. Evidence, humans may have only been wearing shoes for about forty thousand years, uneven, then these was simple foot wrappings, not the cushion shoes were so used to today. So if these ancient humans could go out shoes like couldn't I being the signs interested in suggests the Bill person that I am I decided to do an experiment with a sample size of one myself and shouldn't my shoes. After several mums, I had discovered a couple of things. One is the no-shows, no service is definitely store thing and to that not wearing shoes easier with time. I spent more time hopping in pain than walking eventually, I could easily stride across all manner of materials without discomfort from being a sensitive soul become quite thick skinned. I developed heavy calluses which protected my feet from the prevalent pavement Powell's, this is also something that Dan Lieberman. Who studies the evolution of human activity noticed after his own adventures being shoeless after publishing a paper on Beth ruining, and as part of studying that paper, I got interested in trying out being barefoot myself, and what happened is that every spring, I would take off my shoes and start running barefoot and my calluses would develop and I noticed. That as Iran, the calloused started, you know, of course, protected my feet, but I, I kind of felt that I wasn't losing sensory perception, the way you would with the shoe done wins about trying to test his theory, do think calluses stope feet feeling things beneath them this week in nature, he publishes his answer to this question. Firstly done about trying to determine if people's calluses do indeed. They when they don't wish shoes to do this. He studied the feet of a population of people in Kenya. Some of whom never wear shoes. Some that wear them infrequently and some that weather all the time. But using an ultrasound device done could image, the insight of a foot these images allowed him to see the size of people's calluses, perhaps unsurprisingly by doing this. He was able to show the people who usually tend to have thicker, calluses, nobody would actually tested. That before. So, so that's nice to know. Once he had shown that this was the case, the next question was do these thick calluses mean the people feel less for their souls to test this. He and his colleagues vibrating probe. The could be placed on the Soza people's feet by changing how fast, the probe vibrated and seeing when people could feel it. He can measure the sensitivity of nerves on the feet called mcanally centers, no matter how thick your calluses where there was no loss of sensory perception, so that people with thick calluses more or less had the same sensory, perceptions as people who had thin, calluses calluses, then can give the protection without compromising on that perception. But how does this work logically? It might seem that having a thick Callus would block the nervous centers in the sole of foot. Krista, we heard from earlier has written news. Views article on this new research. He explains that the reason this isn't the case is likely downs the structure of the calluses themselves. They are like very hard layer. What would be like very rigid, thin footsoldiers you will, and their assumption, is that because the food slowly so hard, it just transmits Steelite through DeKalb, Texas into the deeper layers of the skin. These McKenna receptors are located search solid souls will transmit the forces from the ground directly. They won't cushion the forces like shoe while it may sound unintuitive Chris wasn't too surprised by these findings. So as an biologist, I would say, devolutionary pressure on having a system that combines both functions protection and station to pressure will be so high that eve, Lucien would come up with fairly good solution, which it has wearing shoes is a pretty new thing for humans who have evolved. With all the sensory information of bath feet shoes blocking some of this data could have cost. So if we don't feel, what happens during impact or revealed less than our body of neural system. It doesn't have the same amount of information to work with, and it will find it more hard to adjust gate to adjust how unroll our foot, exactly what's required given the impact we have I would compare it a little bit like wearing sunglasses when it's already dark. So if humans have volt system to protect their feet while providing the maximum amount of information on what that walking on, what is the impact of wearing shoes to find out, Dan, look to how energies transmitted food feet when they collide with the ground June a step he was able to show these forces change when people wear shoes, compared to when that Baffert's, it's not clear what the consequences of these differences all on over parts of the body, but. Dan believes even subtle changes across many years could have it facts. Think about how many steps person takes a day, multiply that by sixty five days a year, and then multiply that by how many years, you're walking around, that's millions and millions and millions of these collisions, and those collisions today are fundamentally different in terms of the energy that our bodies are experiencing than the collisions that we have to cope with for me. Not weighing shoes was a bittersweet endeavor. There was swing awfully freeing about being Beth walking became a whole new experience on the other hand many people were petard by my shoeless stroz, including my poll MOVA in the end the world, wasn't quite ready on Chris thinks is not quite time to for our shoes, just yet. Calluses are quite amazing evolutionary solutions to a problem, and we can be fired by discusses in footwear design because what's not to like about it. We have good sensation. If we can keep that whilst protecting our feet that would be ideal. And I think we can make shoot that do that. Maybe as good as, as a natural callous, maybe even better, that was Christo from the university of Liverpool in the UK. You also heard from Dan Lieberman from Harvard University in the US you can read dance paper over NATO come, along with Chris news and views article later in the show. We'll be hearing a special report about the ongoing bowl outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That's coming up in the news chant. Now it's time for the research highlights read this week, but Anna Nagel. New measurements of Magma's movements may mean that methods of modelling, eruptions need a bit of a rethink. The time it takes the magma to rise from deep within the earth to erupt as love on the surface isn't well understood to get a better idea, a team of researchers from the UK studied some lava flows, that erupted from a now dormant Icelandic volcano around ten thousand years ago by looking at the chemistry of crystals within the lava the research is estimated that the magma moved to the surface from twenty four kilometers below in just ten days, making it the most rapid rise for this type of magma yet, recorded as the magma rose, so quickly that wasn't time for it to lose much of the carbon dioxide, trumped within it. This suggests that measuring CO two emissions, a common strategy for monitoring active volcanoes might only provide days warning for certain types of up Shen head over to nature geosciences to read more. You've likely heard of three D printing. But what about forty printing? This technology adds a whole new dimension to otherwise static objects and allowing them to transform in response to a stimulus. While many forty materials are only able to perform a single transformation, perhaps, folding up in response to an electrical current recess from China and the UK have developed a new printing method that produces multi transforming materials that can change both shape and color similar Tena, the team achieved this by mixing shape changing polymer with heat responsive pigments, which they used to print a blooming flower that changed from orange to yellow and a miniature octopus with arms that shifted Hugh, and stretched out at different rates when warmed up. The researchers say that these are just proof of concept examples, but suggest that the technology could be used in camouflage and softer botox shift over to advance materials technologies to read more. In recent decades. Acuity has been transformed, by the study if ancient DNA, which has been recovered from skeletons that hundreds of thousands of years old now research is also turning to ancient proteins, which could survive even longer. And undigested Tia takes up the story. Around nine thousand years ago in modern day Turkey, a population of early humans began to settle down from their hunter gatherer lifestyle laying down roots and taking foaming. They built one of the most well preserved earlier been settlements known as chatter her, Luke, we have houses mudbrick houses, which are all join together and the way that people enter the house is not through the front door, but it's actually from descending from about from letters that go into the houses from above, and it seems like maybe people will walking on top of the houses to has this really unusual architecture feature. This is Jessica Hendy, an archaeological scientists from the university of York, but Jessica wasn't at to her Luke to study architecture. My interest really is in the study of ancient proteins understanding diet in the past, and the kinds of foods that people have eaten through time. The study of ancient proteins known as H inputs yo mix has many applications understanding the past, including prehistoric cuisine charter her Luke Jess. Cica was looking for proteins on some eight thousand year old fragments of pottery, basically had this white residue on the inside and we performed an experiment using protein analysis to try and understand what these residues might be what they might contain and what we found was incredible protein preservation, we found evidence of dairy products if found evidence of plants that we found peas and also we're able to see what kind of tissues would being used in terms of the food. So we could see, for example, that when we were identifying weight and Bali we could see that we were identifying protein. So actually from the grain of the, of the weight in the Bali is, so we can get Mitch rich understanding about not only what species being used. But what kind of part of that plateau animal was being used just like the study of ancient DNA, which came before it ancient proteome eggs could revolutionize archaeology in some ways proteins, less informative than DNA, because wanna genetic sequence is unique down to the individual? Protein sequences, maybe almost identical across many different species, but the major advantage of proteins is that they can survive in the fossil record for much longer at the moment are gases that for anywhere that you can find ancient DNA you can probably find ancient proteins about ten times further back in time. This is Matthew Colin's professor of proteome makes the university of Cambridge and the university of Copenhagen, Matthew works on the development of technique could zooms or zoo archeology by mass spectrometry, which is now used by researchers around the world, we call it zooms because it's quick, and it's a very simple fingerprinting approach. And if you have a pure protein, what you can then do is digest that protein and the constituent fragments, which different masses will have a characteristic. Fingerprint? Zooms can be used on unidentified bone fragments to work out which species, they came from by fingerprinting Abon protein called collagen. Early this year. Zooms was used by team to study a piece of ancient human job bone in a cave on the plateau dating to a hundred sixty thousand years ago, they weren't able to recover any DNA, but thanks to the proteins. They were able to tell that the jaw belong to a Denisa von Denisa wtn's remiss steriods group of ancient humans until now all that we found of them as a few bits of bone and teeth from a cave in Siberia. This work represents the first time a Denisa van specimen has been found anywhere else. And the first time in ancient homonyn has been identified solely using proteins. But bones on the only place you can go hunting for proteome 's you could also fund in novel where they tend to stick around even longer as researchers discovered recently, the diminish site in Georgia, and they were able using enamel from ROY Mel ceres. To recover sufficiently detailed proteome at one point nine million years. So something like a bone where water might flow through the sample. We will not get such good preservation. But in now, very tight closed system they were able to recover sufficiently detailed proteome to place that in a follows Nettie trae. And in addition, one of the nice things about in novel is in some instances, they could discriminate proteins expressed from the x and the y chromosomes, so they could discriminate male and female animals that paper is currently uploaded as a preprinted on bio archive. And so it hasn't yet been peer reviewed, but the oldest bit of authenticated, ancient protein discovered so far is even older, and it was found in an ostrich egg show. So author child is a really, really nice system. Really tight closest them. So. So we have proteins, that have the function of initiating promoting and regulating the actual mineralisation of the show. So they become trapped in this huge crystals that compose, the ostrich egg show, this is bit treat show democracy from the university of two Rin her group was trying to see just how far back in time, ancient proteins might survive in warm environments where they usually break down much more quickly. They studied ostrich show, several important archeological sites, including in South Africa and tons NIA. So we found something that we couldn't quite believe we found that there were bits of proteins surviving up to three point eight million years ago in climate. There is really, really hot and so that in the future, if people want to find engine protein sequences, then the better off looking at things that contain, for example, culture. Which is a very stable mineral. Because these things will have a better potential for preserving proteins results like this suggests we might be able to pay much further back in time using proteins than ever before. But that being said, there are some teething problems in the field, for example, contamination of ancient samples with modern proteins is a big concern and another challenge is trying to reduce the amount of actual precious sample you need in order to do your analysis. But Matthew Collins is confident we can overcome these hurdles, and he has big hopes for the future really for me the sky's the limit. I mean we know these proteins surviving, that's evolving of a long periods of time. But more than that, so much of what humans have done is to work with proteins. They could be meat or blood or milk. But also many of those materials used to make gums and pain. Ants as well as all of the remain such as bones and teeth, and parchment, and leather all of which are made of protein. So the range of materials that we've used as humans, which contain proteins, and the technological ability to recover ever small samples with greater precision and built interpret these data in a more sophisticated manner. Leave me big strawberry optimistic as the future of this field. That was Matthew Collins from the university of Cambridge in the UK, and the university of Copenhagen in Denmark, you also heard from, Jessica Hendy, who's at the university of York in the UK and bid treated Marchi from the university of Turin in Italy, if you want to learn more about Incheon proteome aches in, you can head over to nature dot com forward slash news. We can read a feature all about the field listeners. We've got something a bit different for the news this week. Amy maximum. A senior reports a hero nature has been in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She's opposing on the ongoing bowl outbreak in the country would support from the Pulitzer center on crisis reporting, it's a complex situation as there have been multiple complex in the country. Unrelated to the outbreak. I spoke to Amy at the back end of last week on a slightly wobbly phone line, when she just returned from Benny as SAT in the east of DRC. The region where the outbreak is centered are started our by asking her about the current situation there. He'll ask. Adam June nineteenth. Now we're entering the tenth month of this outbreak. It's in north Keeble and Torri two provinces in eastern DRC, and there has been just over twenty two hundred cases of A Bola so far and almost fifteen hundred deaths. So this is the second biggest outbreak of A Bola on recold and the WHO to general has been in the country to assess the situation. Yes, you know. Right. When I arrived, I met the director, general of the. W. H. O tetris embrace. Yes, he likes to be called, Dr tetris. And when I first met up with him. He was Incan Shasta, and he spent the day meeting with big leaders, like the prime minister of the he actually met with position leaders because important to sort of make this a bipartisan effort he met with the minister of health. He was also warning them that later that day he was going to meet with an emergency committee of experts on the conference call. So he wanted to warn all of these different leaders that they might be the clearing what call. A public health agency of international concern. So after that morning of meeting, then went into a conference room for a couple of hours, just speak with this emergency committee. Now, I didn't get to sit inside that that was confidential. But I thought maybe it would declare this outbreak because there had been a couple of confirmed cases in Uganda. It's important to know that as far as anyone had seen. There was no spreading of the virus in Uganda. What had happened is a mother from Uganda had gone to of someone that died of A Bola in DRC, and then returned with her baby to Gonda in that where they noticed the case, the committee decide they decided to not declare it, this public health emergency of international concern that made some people I would say upset because the World Health Organization right now is lacking funds and other to fight Bulla. And so the, the thought is if they made this declaration, finally. Funders will start pumping money into the response. That's required. So the experts didn't announce a public health emergency of international concern. What does this mean then for the count outbreak on the response to it? No one knows if actually declaring it would impact, amplify funds and on the reverse what could have happened is people by that. I mean lawmakers could go against the advice of the World, Health Organization and shutdown borders completely now. So many supplies coming into the region. I wasn't Kibo injury near the border you've Uganda and all of the supply going out would be cut off. Plus right now, there's a lot of conflict in cherry, especially I think since June, there's been more than three hundred thousand people have fled, you know, murder rape violence, so that could put those people endanger as well, and they might just try and sneak through the forest at night. And then we really have no idea how the virus moves. So that was sort of the fears that I've heard from various people. About declining outbreak. So what the WHO did do and what also the governments of Uganda. D R E wanted us rounding places are doing is trying to make sure they're checking people's temperature vaccinating people along the border like health workers to be prepared as possible for the spread of the disease without declaring this emergency. You've been out in about India see with healthcare workers and officials where have you been and what sort of things if you've seen management quite a lot. I went with Dr tetris from the temple cat, what area where there has been lots of attacks against the bull responders. There's a bullet treatment center that had been shot out by Salan, and then it was later burned. So he went to go visit that since these attacks, they now have NYPD is behind a barricade outside, there's sort of sandbags within it for people to hide behind. These are things I've never seen before, and I should emphasize nobody likes that. These are really researchers health workers are not military people. They don't enjoy traveling with kind of rifles around them the same time, they want to guarantee the protection of patients and their own staff. You can kind of see both sides of it troubles, giving you a sense of why it's been so difficult to contain this Boehner outbreak. The shortest dancer is the conflict that has been going on there for twenty five years. There's dozens let's say of armed groups and whenever an attack happens people run and they don't exactly want to be followed. They're not going to put their lives at risk to kind of stay sitting in a bullet treatment center at the time of conflict. And when people run they might carry the virus with them somewhere else. The conflict also makes it really hard for Ebola responders to go and do their job already able to respond as I met there far braver than I would ever be just to be there. So you might train epidemiologists but you really weren't prepared to be on the other side of. Throwing rocks. So you've been writing up some dispatches for Niger news about the things that you've seen in what is clearly a very serious outbreak. That is a facing a lot of people. But in your appointing have you seen any bright supposedly? Yeah. So one thing that I found remarkable with the role of bullish survivors right now. So once they get the virus, there, sort of a new into a bolo everything on sort of data from the last outbreak. Everything we've seen so far. So I was really moved to see survivors going into the bullet treatment center, and sitting by the bedside of patients. And this includes children who are related who only see their nurses are doctors wearing the whole protective gear the kind of like this astronaut suit, so they have no one to comfort them. And yet survivors, are sitting by the bedside telling them, listen like I live, you can live, and that means a lot. The other things are doing. There's not a lot of ambulances for one. One. There were never there before second. There's often not rose. Ambulances can drive on and people are used to traveling by motorcycle taxis, so survivors, or in some cases, going out on their motorbikes and offering to take people who have symptoms of A Bola to the treatment centers, whereas normal motorcycle, taxi driver would be at risk. There's sort of like these powerful agents right now. That was reported to me, Mexican you can retire dispatches from DRC over NATO comb slash news. That's eight for this week show if you'd like to get in touch with us, you can do so on Twitter nature, put cussed all you can reach us on Email put cost at night. You don't come and say Hello. I'm Shami bundle on Benjamin Thompson an time. The nature podcast is brought to you by benching the life sciences are in the cloud tide of hunting down research take to scattered across papers. Emails, spreadsheets Benchley is data management and collaboration platform, Pam research on by therapeutics, biofuels bio materials, and it's free. Franken mic's, scientists using cutting edge techniques, Krista, and caught t depend on benching suite of cloud applications to design DNA collaborate on experiments, manage, research workflows, I make critical RND decisions. Join over one hundred seventy thousand life scientists around the world on benching get started for free Benchley dot com forward slash nature.

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Thu. Jan. 17 - Apologize

The Starters

24:49 min | 1 year ago

Thu. Jan. 17 - Apologize

"On today's show kyri apologizes to LeBron's Dinwiddie spoils hardens fifty eight point night and cousins thinks the warriors are the most eighteen in sports who needs some all-star support what shoot technology will we see next and which player would make the best movie villains and Steven Adams smashes stakes in a bloody new edition of the mean teammate. It's Thursday January seventeenth the starter star. Now. Good evening sweet rural. Then welcome to the starters. Presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee. Honey, I'm Jay skeets alongside me as always tasks Malysz. We've got the Ozzy li-listen over yonder. Let's the bearded one. That's true. Curvy. Uh-huh. While I'm here at the internet looking for your best tweets at hashtag, the starters. And guys we like to joke around about the starters bump the idea that players play better after coming on the show. Well after Deandra berry balled out earlier this week. The bump got a serious cosign from hawks coach Lloyd Pierce. He had a tough challenge he has to guard. Roth. And you know, I don't know what show he went on last night. He called himself or they called him. The drip got you are the hawks drip God for. If you know de'andre he plays with a lot of swagger, and I think that's important. That's show. Baby brings us to today's question who needs the starters boat because the bump is real just look what happened with our guests from earlier this season Marvin Bagley came on Halloween through on an ipad. And the next day. Scored eighteen thirty one point victory over the hawks John Collins visited in December his very next game. He set a career high and scoring against the wizards. And then followed that up by setting another career high in scoring in his next game. And of course, Bambi was here on Monday. He's the drip God a day later. The hawks smoked the thunder and the drip God threw down as swag doubt, reverse and the cotton, buddy. So choose wisely because now bump is real hit us up on Twitter. And let us know who needs the starters bombed. Send us your best tweets that affect the starters glare from you later. All right. Get your three cents one tonight. We're gonna play a little fill in the blank. We got a new addition. In the meantime, very solid play. But we start with is this news trae has rounded up some recent MBA headlines. He's. He's gonna pitch them to us like he's rod Beck back. We'll determine whether or not they're actually newsworthy. Trae runback cool. Gotta shave my moustache handlebar lead Ellis Styler. First headline is from ESPN it reads. Kyrie Irving apologize to LeBron James for not appreciating his leadership. Does this news? Sure. It's news kyri called LeBron James people still call people that's news and twenty six year old Kyrie Irving old man Twenty-six-year-old kyri said he made mistakes when he was younger. He admits it, and that's a good thing. And also, I think it's this is news because he's learned to control the media like LeBron James because after he called out his teammates, he gives LeBron call and then post game you tells people. Yeah. Yeah. I call them all of this. Yeah. Unprompted. He said all this. Yes. So they can go stories about him being great just like LeBron knew how to control the media knows how to control the media. It's a smart move by Gary. But all in all it is a good move. And that he is learning and he understands that maybe he was a bit of a jerk. Tila. When a youngster he's twenty six he's not that. Oh, yeah. He's not old at all. But this is the interesting part because people sort of got up in arms over these comments. There's two ways to interpret them this comment like that he called LeBron and away one. It's like he's genuinely like empathetic to LeBron. You know, he now understands being a veteran himself a veteran on his on his team the leader of his team. How hard it is to come in there and be that guy, but then communicated in a way to your younger guys like this is our goal this. What we gotta do. So he he feels truly feels like for LeBron that, hey, is sort of did you wrong when I was with you in Cleveland now the other way to look at this like, I know Bill Simmons included in this group. This is just kyri doubling down in a weird way on his whole comments about I don't trust some of these young guys that are a little immature because they remind me of my former self so in a way saying he apologized to LeBron. But also saying, you know, you guys, I gotta do all the work here. I gotta carry us. I got to be the LeBron in this situation. Now, I don't know which way I sort of lean towards us being apathetic with LeBron James being a veteran. Do you not look at it though? Like, no the. This is just you and Bill Simmons shouting each other out on different planets. Tom Tommaso included with this sort of thinking that this is sort of an oddly calculated move here from Cairo. Well, he just went out and Bazeley rescued a game away from the rep is when those Celtics desperately needed. It was very LeBron. Like, it was it was. And then he said afterwards. Like, you know, this is why I can say these things because I can go out and back it up on the court and the team to victory which was an incredibly performance by him because he wasn't a shooting and scoring. He was getting out of the gauze involve typically out hold down the stretch this. I think this is just saying listen guys. I know what I said the other day, and then I apologize. But remember, I am the leader of this team as well. So I expect you guys to sort of kind of fall into line again, like LeBron unless someone is better at closing games than Cari on that team, which I don't think there is then the other guys have to listen to what he said and understand that it's coming from a point where he's trying to win and he's showing the white because he's doing it himself. Okay. I get that. But you know, the other side of that is yeah, he won a title with. Lebron kyri hasn't done this stuff by himself. In fact, some of these younger guys on the cell. Ticks have had more success in the playoffs. Without another superstar leading them is what I'm getting at here. So that they could look at it like, okay, hold on. You're not LeBron man. And you're not even old. You're not a vet. You're twenty six. Yes. Strange part a little bit to it. But look I'm actually as a raptors fan happy. This is the news. And not the fact that the raptors sort of folded late in this game, the offense got staying and like you said kyri did the takeover where he started lead that eleven oh run hit the three six Bron. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. I guess it is, but I'm happy. This is weird story instead of the raptors link sort of Kyle Lowry disabilities. Grows. Lakes. Nine car is a free agent the end of the season and the Lakers could use a point gun. Don't buy that. At all. I've heard that going around maybe. Like, you know, what I didn't appreciate Brun wouldn't mind having him back on the. Let's go. All right next headline here. Our next headline is from the new York Daily News, Spencer Dinwiddie spoils, James Harden's, fifty eight point night in nets rockets brillo is if news is this nece, which pot of James for fifty again, not really news. He's doing it as long, but you know, what was ironic I think to me was James harden, probably looked at what Spencer Dinwiddie did particularly in the last couple of minutes and then in overtime, and he said, I would love to have had a God like that on my team who can just create for himself and get a few shuts off because spends a dim when he went Tracy McGrady there in the last seconds hitting those big bombs, and then it carried over to overtime. He also got his teammates involved. And it was just I think giants hot and looked at everything he did. And he got Austin rivers a shot at the end, they couldn't make that. And he just felt that kind of went to waste, and he just needed another guy Gordon play, but he left. So it was just the disappointing end for James and to put up another historic not. When the other end a guy like spins what he would sit would fit perfectly next James harden. And right now, you call Dinwiddie McGrady like he's sort of hard like. In this hardens the beard, can we call Dinwiddie goatee? We could throw that out there because that was an unbelievable takeover performance Brennan. And like you said this should have been a rockets win. The nets were dead. They were down eight with about a minute to go. And then when he went off and then took care of business in overtime. I think it's news though, from the heart inside of things as well. And I think we're gonna see a lot more of these headlines and goes for forty five plus fifty plus, but it comes in a loss to team x hardened hits twelve thirteen threes. But it comes in a loss team x because he's just being asked to do. So so much here. We're going to see more of these. But it's news. If your name is included any we got rules here on the starters. If your name is included in any sort of milestone with Jordan or a Wilt Chamberlain. That's newsworthy. That's pretty impressive even came in L to it. You know, scrappy good nets team. So Zach LeVine scoring twenty points each game to start the season. That was Michael Jordan, ask got included. Right. That's fair. Nice counter. We've talked about it either way. It's news because there are up the rockets are up. Yeah. What was the thirteen with four minutes left, and then eight with one minute left, and yeah, he's tiring and not to say that the rockets weren't working their butts off at the end of games, but they are going to lose basketball games. Because harden has to play he admits the three minutes and this minute after the game. I was tired. I ran. But I will say I like how the nets got really aggressive in overtime on a final couple possessions where they just totally. We're like anybody. But harden is gonna be there. They are doubling him force James to pass it. Okay. Well, you guess they're gonna live with Austin rivers with a wide open three. Then he missed and then even was like two seconds ago. They just bounce two guys on them. Okay. Green in the corner. He had hit some threes. Do you still consider everything? And then I had nothing else. I this. All right. Just put two guys on him. And see if he can still beat us and it ended up working. All right headline trae our final. Headline is from NBA dot com. And it's based on an ESPN interview DeMarcus cousins calls the warriors. The most hated team in sports. Is this news? Is it truce truce is generally nice guys on this team? And they give great access as well to media types. Like, you guys you've done a lot of interviews. I will say though, DeMarcus cousins told Rachel Nichols that I didn't play against the pelicans on Wednesday night because I didn't want to give you guys story. You will become the most hated team if you continue to not give us. That being said now, they're they're too nice. It's it's like a Yankees or or Cowboys. Three. You know, when the words on the Roy's, everyone loved the warriors. Then they go to good. And everyone's like, we want to see them lose. It turns when Durant join there. Yeah. Of course. Is still leading vocab. Yeah. Just a lot of play everyone everyone. These are the comments are a part of the comments cousin says, he says, you know, they hate Kevin Durant. They hate me. I think the only guy that really like is curry actually they may hate him as well. The hey, Draymond green. But I mean, it is what it is. I can't worry about this. I mean what I think he's saying throwing himself in there because he hasn't obviously even played for him because he joined the warriors like what Kevin Durant like an all star. Just joining the warriors when he could have joined any other team. But he goes the war is that's why people hate him. But people DeMarcus will will be out to rehabilitate. He's image. If he goes and plays. Well, and they go on to win the championship. I didn't think people feel the same way about him as they do about Durant because Durant voluntarily left the seventy three and nineteen to go and join the wars, and then he's been successful since then people want to see them. Get chopped down a little bit. No. That's for. Sure. Do you think it is the Yankees or the Red Sox or the Cowboys or the patriots as the most hated team sports sports? I mean, I would go. So my luck Liverpool. Menu Manion audit. Yeah. Chelsea just talking soccer now football skews me. Let's. Trump on Twitter. Hashtag starts the most hated team in sports across all sports. Is there a cricket team that comes to mind. Yes. Who I won't say it. You're scared. English. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Zanny optical offer, a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. You can get multiple frames with this great pricing for less than one pair. 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That's bollandbranch dot com, promo code NBA. Remember by going murder January twenty eighth. Don't miss TNT's new limited series. I am the night. She and fifteen years starring Chris pine and skirl does all about it. Inspired by a true story of one girl at the heart of Hollywood's most notorious murder upload this thing wide open. Girl. She's the key. But new limited series on AM the night. January twenty eighth at nine on TNT. This starters is presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee. Honey. Back with the starter time to play a little fill in the blank trade. You've got some questions for third returns from all star fan voting came in today. And as you can see the song remains the same in the east. We've got Janas quiet and beedon the front court while Kyrie in D. Wade hold down the back court, west LeBron the dunk and Paul George or the tall is Stephan de rose or the smallest we got about four days left of voting. So fill in the blank the player who most needs all star. Support is blank. I think it's Blake Griffin or the pistons. If feels like he's becoming a bit of a forgotten, man. Even though he's averaging over twenty five points a game. He's eleventh in the league in scoring. It's not his fault that he has to do everything on his team, and they have fallen out of the Eastern Conference playoff picture is bounce back with all he can this season he'd working his butt off. And he would be very very fun in the all star game. He would be spectacular. Even those games a little bit more primer or entities days. He can still throw it down get them in there. It's because he's on Detroit though as well. I mean, that's just not a team that people watch a lot of note. What he's doing? But I'm going with Stephen Adams because I think it's underwrite at just how important he is to the Oklahoma City thunder. He's been brilliant has the highest net writing when he's on the court visits when he's off and oil. So I think in the Western Conference. These are the the forwards who are going to make it on the front Coa guys LeBron. Kevin durant? Anthony Davis Yokich, Paul George. Maybe don't you. I'm not sure what's going to happen there with him. So I think it's going to be a little bit tight for him. He's going to have to get in one of those wild card spots. But I think the coaches will respect what he's done. I just hope that he does get in. Because he doesn't have the flash if someone like Paul George or Yokich it gets a little bit more acclaim. But I think Stephen Adams has been just as important to the thunder as anyone else on that thing. It's a good one. I'm going to stump for deer and FOX this FOX can't even sniff the top ten in the Western Conference guards here. I think that's a joke. He's averaging eighteen seven and four on one of the league's most surprising teams in the kings are twenty three and twenty one here. Admit january. That's rare with forty seven percent from the floor. Thirty seven percent from three. He does a little thing called defense as well. We haven't had a. Kings guard just guard here make the all star team since Doug Christie, Mitch Mitch rich way back when over a decade. I don't think I don't think. So to think FOX is going to make this all star team. But you got to start laying the groundwork. You've got to start looking a year or two ahead. So if I start saying this meeting the Bush here beating the Bush saving the book. I'm thinking FOX's in the bushes. And all that aiding the drum beats and if I ever heard one. All right. Beating the Bush never heard of that before. But where we're going. We don't need laces because earlier this week Nike and build the first ever auto racing basketball shoes. The Nike adapt BB tightens up on your foot through a smartphone app. Guys Rev up to eighty eight miles per hour. Take me back in the future and fill in the blank, the nets shoot. Technology will be blank of insane. This for a decade NBA jam shoes. What do I mean? By that shoes that light up start to glow. Get a brighter red brighter. Blue whatever the color is as that player in the game catches fire. Just like the old NBA Jayme can GM game. And we got the we got lights in these shoes. Now, we're getting close to this being the thing curry hits three and get a little brighter. He gets five in a row. That's going to happen. We're gonna see MBA jams us. I'm telling you, I'm going with a technological advancement. And I think it's a hydrate rest God because you know, how. Now, we've got all the sports. Scientists is telling us, you know, you go to rest, and you've got to do all this stuff. I think the shoes can absorb your sweat until you when you start to need to go and have a rest and go and drink up. So that you ready to go. So you want with down. Maybe grandfather your feet, exactly exactly the fix everything very sensitive. I'm really worried about issues the can control with your phone or a device that they're going to get hacked at some point. Jason Tatum is going to be in the fourth quarter going up for a shot, and this lace is loosen. The next technology is an anti hack device to turn that around. So that you can hack the shoes in this day and age everything gets act go to answer anti final one here. All right last summer news broke that the clippers on Mariano bitch would have a cameo role in the latest John wick movie earlier today, the trailer for John wick repair Belen came out, you can see a little Bogue on their land and a kick on Kiana and then getting a book smashed into his mouth certified fresh but building the blank NBA's next movie villain. We'll be blank Joel Embiid. He is perfect for this role. You know that if he was in a movie he would be promoting it on social media. He would love to play the bad guy level, the hang he's a big guy. He's got the great head. It's got the great voice. He would be fantastic in any movie role. I'm gonna go with Alex Len of the. Atlanta hawks. I know is he's not really known in the basketball world all that. Well, but that means you can get them on the cheap. And he's got various looks. I believe he was a gymnast when he was young he's flexible alright throw him in. There can be great. He loves Jackie Chan movies. That's always a positive, and you know, you can be an eastern European Bill is from Ukraine can be that guy. He's so what? So what that caused nine beat eloquent? I'm actually gonna pick a coach not a player Quin Snyder. He looks already like an evil mastermind mean, wouldn't he be an awesome villain? Here's sing is or his mannerisms when it looks like he's plotting world domination along with trying to defend the pick and roll coming up with strategies so Quin Snyder he could just save with these henchmen. But. Exactly. Right. So I think he'd be great out there. Guys jump on Twitter hash day, the starters, which player coach personality too. You think would make an awesome movie villain when we come back. We've got a friend who addition beam team. Every week. We scour the internet to bring you the mean team our favorite weird and wacky moments from the. Number five. Joel Embiid had some fun when he had to name as many colors as possible in a mere fifteen seconds. Why? Query live moves glue. I agree. Green dark. Green light. Joe Joe Harris loves the shoot the long ball. And it turns out he's pretty good at it. Connecting on over forty seven percent from three this season. Which is why? The nets recently got creative with a Twitter. Video promoting Joey buckets for the all star three point gone. That's yeah. He's tossing oranges and eggs into the hot frying pan Kohl's into the hampered tips into the tip. Let Joey shoot them in there at number three, and you Instagram account tried to set a record for the most likes by posting and eggs. Well, we got in on it thirty four hundred likes. Thank you very much. The Charles Barkley, sir. Duck. James harden, eg by Biard, very well done and a Nikolai e okay good, yo fire that the did get the most ever, by the way for male tried his hand at being a celebrity spokesman smash. Thanks. So I'm just smash them because they taste really good. So be like Stephen Adams at smash stakes. That's what's for dinner. The kiwi. Loves the stakes are Ozzy loves its bananas. I even on his it's on a smash. All the bodies on much smashing because I Thais really be likely Ellis and smash bananas. But honest, it's what's for breakfast lunch. Dinner snacks after school snacks mid morning snacks have a banana. That number one the ten year challenge going around you had a post a photo from ten years ago. Longside occurring one Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward. They're Butler days now with the Celtics Mike Bibby transformation. That's real that ten years in the gym. Lebron James says really changed. Go to go, Marco bell and Ellie. That's so good. Well, well, done and Jalil white. You might know Missy vertical. He put this up because he does look like CJ McCollum. He. Did he? That's the one more break when we return lily's smashes someone Anna's and gives you a very solve. All the bloody time. Double header on TNT tonight. Seventy Sixers Pacers followed by the acre. And the thunder. All right. We asked you who else needs the starters above it. Hit us up on Twitter. Hashtag started trading. A couple of drip, guys right there. Good answers, though. Sands Shaun Livingston starters bump. Yes. Referee bump, not so much. Good one like this from gauge it says, Joe Ingles needs to bump to take his trash talk to the next level. I'd love to see him in leak and bearing three kisses my favorite answers from midnight. Masterminded says wedgies need to bump a need. Another fifty this season is going to be tough. We'll get there we need that. You got to believe midnight got to believe. All right last night. Big results trait and tasks picked up a game. They had the Celtics. Thanks. Thanks to you. Has the wraps? It was close. But we lost tonight's game. Seventy Sixers Pacers. That's the one first TNT. Trae leeann test like Indiana, continued to stay hot at home. I'll take the Sixers on the road Lee very play. Well, it goes to the rep is actually because that bowl was fishing around. Here is a beautiful five, man. There's a little pump fake potty there from Kyle ends with Danny green for a beautiful who that's what I call a very solid play. So it's like we want in the exactly here's got a very solid play. Fantastic. Didn't get the win versus the Celtics. Tomorrow's friday. We'll have a new drop podcast for you. You can get your questions in right now. Famous starters, Email us the starters at NBA dot com. We'll get it up as soon as possible, but keep your eyes and your ears ready for that. Download always Alaska we've got some time for well. I guess just one Fantine we got to a lot of the instrument yet from Boston. And this is oh, this is Mazda. Doesn't. He lives in the show. This is on and on and Carolina in Boston side lost with the message betrayed getting stool. A couple years ago telling to get stool still hasn't happened. Yes. That's that game coming up next. The night people.

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A Fitting End To A Divisive Year In Politics

The Diane Rehm Show

33:11 min | 10 months ago

A Fitting End To A Divisive Year In Politics

"And why it's Diane on my mind. The House impeached is sitting president for only the third time since our country was founded despite the historic nature among the partisan. Listen vote had been predicted for weeks but the consequences he may have for. The president seemed very uncertain as this does the question of win. Democrats will send the articles of impeachment to this end. So what are the possible possible outcomes. And what could it mean for the president's future what better personnel. Ask Than Susan Page if you was hey today she's suffered six White House administrations. She joins me on our last podcast at the decade to look look back on quite a tumultuous year in Washington Susan Paved here we are the third president in US history to been impeached. What an extraordinary few months? This country country has been through. It's been remarkable. You know it's just been eighty five days between the announcement by Speaker. Nancy Pelosi of of the formal impeachment inquiry in the house. Vote impeaching him to articles of impeachment. As you said just the third president in American history to have this taint paint It is a historic moment and it came really quickly in a way in a way not so quickly. Because we've had investigations of the president trump from the start but the accelerated pace of Ukraine investigation has been one for the history books and the claim aim now is that it was not only rushed but it was there right from day one of his presidency I into that is Republicans her saying it is true that there were some Democrats who wanted to impeach president trump from the day he he was inaugurated however Speaker Pelosi was not one of them. She was very reluctant on impeachment. She held back her most liberal members. I who wanted to impeach the president at the point. That Robert Mueller. The special counsel presented his Report on Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election. It was only only with the when it was revealed that the president had encouraged the president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on one of his political rivals that Speaker Pelosi and and more moderate Democrats got on board. So that had it not been for that telephone conversation and the whistle blowers comments. You don't think this would have happened on July twenty fourth. When Robert Muller finished testifying I I think all of us assumed that there was not going to be? The impeachment of the president. Hadn't Miller had not galvanized public opinion. In a way that Pelosi said was necessary a to justify impeachment and then on July twenty fifth on the next day. The president had this conversation with the president of Ukraine If he had not done that. I don't think we'd be here today. I don't think that the president would have been impeached. There's been a lot of speculation about the timing that phone call coming the day after Muller's for report what do you make a then instinctively. I think that it may indicate that the president felt emboldened. And by the end of the Mueller investigation felt empowered to do whatever he wanted felt free to look ahead to the next election Joe Biden was was his and is front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination his most likely opponent and that was the subject of that phone call to to encourage an investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter and actions and Joe Biden's actions when Joe Biden was Vice President President So I think that the timing is probably not accidental. There's also some confusion in the minds. I think of many people as to what Joe Biden was doing as vice president about bound the investigation into Ukraine's top lawyer because there a was feeling supported by countries around the world. This guy was a bad actor Joe Biden and while he was vice. President was the Obama. Administration's point person on Ukraine He went to Ukraine and pressured Ukrainian government to address corruption and to get rid of the top investigator gator who was seen as himself corrupt in doing that. He was backed by the Obama Administration and by much of the rest of the Western world by other European leaders. There was a consensus instances that Ukraine had to do something about corruption To become part of the kind of community of Western nations what Joe Biden also did though as vice president was fail to prevent his son from taking a high price contract with a Ukrainian gas company. And it's it's not that either Joe Biden Hundred Biden arc used of wrongdoing in connection with that contract but that is creates definitely a perception problem. Appearances you're into everything. I mean when Republicans ask why did the Ukrainian gas company wants to hire Hunter Biden. It is undeniable that they wanted to do so to get influence with his father. So while there's not an accusation of wrongdoing there is definitely a perception problem a failure to prevent the situation situation. Now that has caused the Biden so much grief is there. Any indication at Hunter Biden approached. His father I while he was vice president and said as I would hope my kid would dad. Do you see anything wrong with this. Do you see Any problems with this so we know that both Joe Biden Hunter Biden say there was never that conversation and of course Hunter Biden's adult. You could argue. He's he's free to make his own decisions. However when you're vice president of the United States there are? I think expectations that you will avoid wrongdoing. Doing in the perception of wrongdoing you'll avoid corruption and the perception of corruption and so the question is should that have proceeded in a different way One Hundred Biden was Hired and I think that even the Biden's if they were speaking honestly I would say yes tell me about Republicans now on this. Sem Peach Mint effort and the vote. Were you at all surprised. At how in lockstep they were during the process I think to surprise me about the Republicans one is that they are totally united. Not a single Republican in. The House voted in favor favor of the articles of impeachment. Not a single Republican. The House voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry even though some of the Republicans in the House a few all of them had expressed concerns about the president's behavior when it came to Ukraine But not even will hurt the Republican from Texas who has at times split with the president on substantive issues at times criticized the president and his retiring from Congress is not running against even he Voted against the articles of impeachment. That was one surprised the price the second surprise about Republicans was what they said during the debate because not a single Republican said. The president is a good man. Who never would have done something wrong Tom? no-one said it's totally okay to do what he did. In the call with Ukraine. What they did was attack the process? They said the process was unfair. They said the president hadn't gotten due due process. They said that the the hearings had been rushed and the whole process had been rushed. They accused Democrats of various things wrongdoing. They raised the issue of Joe Biden and but they did not defend the president's character. Now One how do you who think Susan Collins her vote as the senator from Maine who has apparently been thought by a lot of people who might in fact defect so Susan in Collins is one of those senators that will be watching closely as a Senate debate begins as a Senate. Trial Begins Because she is more moderate Senate Republican Republicans She has at times A few times been willing to buck her party. Although less often than some would think On issues like health care And she is also one of the senators. Republican senators up for reelection next year. Who are come from states were voting to acquit? The president might create political problems. Cory Gardner in Colorado is another one. There are few Republican senators to be watching to see see if they decide to break with the president because they believe it's the right thing to do and also because it may help them politically another. Senator were watching. Has Mitt Romney of Utah Mitt. Romney comes from has incredible standing a former a former governor Massachusetts a former Republican presidential initial nominee from state republican state but a state that has less president trump is less popular than some other red states. Would he be willing to to break with the president. We don't we don't know they're stronger. Prospects of candidates of of office holders on legislators on both sides Republicans and Democrats of of crossing party lines. Then the were in the house and what about Democrats. Nancy Pelosi had some trouble apple keeping all those Democrats together did she. Not You know she Initially there was some dissent in the caucus in the Democratic Caucus Caucus. Because there were there were some moderate members from districts that president trump carried who didn't want impeach the president for a long time. There were members. I wanted to impeach him on a lot of different other issues as well for a long time. But at the end of the day the Democratic Caucus was remarkably unified. You had just to Democrats Kratz vote against the first article of impeachment. Just three Democrats vote against the second article of impeachment when you think that there are thirty one. Democrats who represent districts that trump carried carried that is a lower rate of erosion. And I think most of us expected she also made the point that they didn't whip the vote which means they didn't Deploy the resources of the leadership to tell members how to vote now. It was pretty clear to democratic members of Congress. The Way Nancy Pelosi was hoping they would vote vote but they didn't make it a matter of party loyalty and even so she held almost all of our troops. Now that the vote has been taken to impeach impeach the President Nancy Pelosi has decided to hold the impeachment and not send it forward into the Senate yet. Tell me the thinking behind that and where this idea to hold came from you know I was is covering the impeachment vote for USA Today on on Wednesday. And I was surprised when Nancy Pelosi in the press conferences. She had just after the vote said she wasn't ready to move forward now. We had a clue of that because she hadn't submitted the names of the House. Managers the house members who are going to argue the case present the case At the Senate trial But the idea that she was going to deliberately hold it as a pressure point on Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell two two n setting the rules to go forward she says you know I. I don't know what the rules are GONNA be like. Sorry I can't name the managers if you can't even the managers you can't actually send the impeachment articles to the Senate This is an idea that laurence tribe had talked about in an OP. Ed that had gotten a lot of attention some liberal members of your caucus. It said. They should do this as a pressure. Point some of them suggested they should hold Jim. Clyburn suggested maybe you'd hold them and never send them forward. Maybe he told them if for in perpetuity But we didn't realize it. Nancy Pelosi thought that was a good idea and Yesterday Thursday was at a regular weekly news conference where she talked about this again. She he hasn't drawn a firm line in the sand. She hasn't said I won't send these until this and this and this happened but she. She reiterated that she's going to hold onto to them in. The hopes of encouraging are forcing the Senate majority leader to set clear rules for how the Senate trial will proceed seed of course having Mitch McConnell say at the outset. I'm taking my lead from the White House from The president himself. I mean I as a citizen found that Shanqing should I have been shocked. Don't it was. It was surprising when Mitch McConnell said that he did not see himself as an impartial juror. He saw himself as someone. Who is there to make sure that president trump is acquitted and that is a surprise because we think about this impeachment process? You know none of us. Are that familiar with the impeachment process because this will the third time we'll have had a senate trial but I think the the constitution envisions the Senate as an impartial jury who considers the case presented by the House and for the Senate majority leader who control so much of what will happen in this trial to say say he was not an impartial juror for him to meet repeatedly with officials from the White House to try to figure out what to do going forward. I think did chuck a lot of people. So what does this mean going forward. Do we have any idea whether Nancy Pelosi might actually literally hold onto it and not send it forward if she did that. What would that indicate? What would that mean? Well people the White House officials at the White House are now suggesting that would mean that. The president was never impeached because they they're arguing that the impeachment is act of sending it to the Senate. I think that it is unlikely that Nancy Pelosi will choose to do that. I actually think it is unlikely that Speaker Pelosi is going to delay a long time. You know that we're talking about it. Being a delay delay now but the fact is this is a meaningless delay at the moment because the House and Senate have gotten home for the holidays they come back on January six. Nothing would have happened until January six even even if she had gone ahead and immediately sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate I'm inclined to think that she'll that will look pretty tricky. If she doesn't forward the articles of impeachment she's been trying she's trying to be careful to make this look like not as a political act but as a constitutional one and I think that there will be the risk that she could open herself to a lot of criticism of kind of Of acting in a political way. Do you see Mitch. Rich McConnell giving into any demand whatsoever. So here's the thing Nancy Pelosi Mitch. McConnell are both great poker players. I don't mean actually playing poker I just mean that. They are skilled in this exercise in which they are now engaged in. I don't know how it comes out. But they both have some cards to play and they both have some vulnerabilities as well on this and so I'm inclined inclined to think that they'll reach some kind of accommodation that prompts. Nancy Pelosi to send the articles of impeachment over. But what that comprises. I have no idea and a quick break when we come back more. You're from Susan page. So now we're back. Here's the register. My conversation with Susan page. She's The Washington mirrored he for USA Today and author of the Matriarch Barbara Bush and making a an American dynasty. Stay so just to help us understand what actually happens. Once it gets to this Senate you had the chief justice. It is of this premium court sitting in judgment. Is that the case. Does he say anything. So the constitution solution does provide the chief justice presides over the trial right but it does not give the chief justice. The power to set the rules fifty-one senators get to set the rules rules. Then why is he there at all. Well the constitution calls for him to be there I think it reflects the Gravitas of impeachment. It includes it's the third branch of government in an impeachment process. He also even if he doesn't have the power to set rules. He will have a the authority to speak nick. So if there's something going on that he thinks is wrong he he could speak out about it. I mean he's got soft power in that way but even though he's presiding residing in a way he is not actually in charge. And what about the issue of witnesses he even if Mitch McConnell says we're not calling any witnesses. In behalf of president trump can the Democrats. Let's call witnesses. The Democrats can call witnesses if they can get fifty one votes for calling the witnesses Now that's not impossible you'd need a couple Apple Republicans to come over to just a couple just a couple On the other hand Party disciplines. Been Pretty fierce on this issue but it is possible it is possible for them to call witnesses. It's possible that that won't be allowed. You know th this has been an issue that divided the White House and the Senate majority leader. President trump has said at Lee said publicly that he would like a lot of witnesses. He suggested that maybe they should call. Hunter Biden Joe Biden as witnesses as well Mitch. McConnell has really squashed that idea because he thinks that carries a lot of risks and it might look kind of circus-like and he has I think convinced the white else at least for now that they wanna have no witnesses but this is one more of those things I think you've got to let the process and full before we know for sure whether they're going to be any witnesses genesis or not so. Do you think there is going to be negotiation over this Christmas holiday break. Yes I think there'll be a behind the scenes and effort to reach a deal to break the impasse so that the articles of impeachment go forward I think that that is probably I think probably Democrats and the White House both think that's a good idea Mitch McConnell says. It's fine with him if they never sent him over. I'm not sure that's actually what he thinks. It's so interesting. How this could play out if Mitch McConnell says there will be no witnesses? This is this could be over in one day. Probably not probably not in a day because you have the house gets to present its case ace but it could be over in a week or in two weeks. It could be over by February first. That has been the thinking on until until the until this Till this issue of sending over the articles of impeachment or assumption was that the Senate trial would begin the the second or third week of January and take a week or two. Maybe that slides if they don't if they have some trouble working this out but I think there is every expectation it'll be over early in the year here. Are there any surprises. That could up end this whole process. Yes us the surprises would be. I think the biggest chance of a surprise would-be the disclosure of information that we don't have yet say for instance John Bolton Alton the president's former national security advisers spoke on morning edition more refuse to talk about impeachment. Right say. He decided to speak out about things he saw are the perspective he had on what the president did. That would be something that could be very dramatic in of of course senators often display less party discipline than house members and getting to fifty one votes in the Senate doesn't take that many Republicans to flip to get to that so if you had some really dramatic disclosure that raised questions about the president's fitness for office. It is conceivable that that would have a big effect. And of course I would imagine. That's what Democrats are hoping for in that kind of a public trial. That's one reason and Chuck Schumer. The Democratic Senate leader called for John Bolton to come and testify before them. It's also one reason. Republicans would like to have this over quickly of course and the president would like to have this over quickly as well so that he can claim He his intention. I think is to argue that even though he was impeached impeached by the house he was acquitted by the Senate and therefore his record has been cleared. Susan I have heard some commentators. Commentators expressed view that by this summer. Nobody is going to be talking about impeachment during during the presidential campaign. That it's all GonNa be over done with an outta their minds. What's your view? One of the big surprises prizes has been held set. Public opinion is about impeachment in about the president. You know we've had these dramatic hearings in the House before the Intelligence Committee and then before the Judiciary Committee and it didn't move the needle in any significant way in people's attitudes about impeachment or about President Trump and we did a poll last last week a USA Today Suffolk which we said here are twelve big issues. What's going to be most important in affecting your vote for President in two thousand twenty impeachment was one of those issues it came in at number eleven? The only thing cited less often by Americans as an issue that would affect their vote was transportation and well. I want to remind you which I don't think I really need to do how wrong the polls were her in the last election. I think we should be humble about predicting what is going to happen. In a presidential election and what forces are going to affect people's views before that election I completely agree with you on that. Tell me about the Democrats San where they currently stand in this presidential race. There was a debate. There were just seven Democrats Kratz on the stage. Joe Biden did the best that he has done he was calm. He was straightforward he. He didn't stumble. Does He. Remain the front runner. Joe Biden is the front runner. And he's been a pretty durable for you know he's not in some ways we're in that great a campaign. There have been debates where he didn't he looked kind of flummoxed but he his support has stuck with him and he did look good. He'd spoke well in the debate in in Los Angeles and the fire was mostly directed at P.. Buddha judge that debate because he is now seen as a rising alternative to Joe Biden so he got some criticism. I'm from Amy Klobuchar and also from Elizabeth Warren. I think you'd have to say Biden is not only the front runner. He is a more Significant Front runner. He's more durable for under than we thought. Thought he would be. And that doesn't mean he's going to win the nomination but it means if you're placing bets now you're I bet would be on him mayor Bloomberg. What do you think his chances? Chances are I think it's tough for a Septuagenarian from New York To to burst through and win the Democratic nomination I think he's not a great fit with where the energy is in the Democratic Party. The one thing there to things that give him the possibility so one is. He's got a Tahoe and he's willing to spend the the the other is that Democrats care most of all not about ideology but about defeating president trump next year so if Bloomberg if the former New York mayor is seen as the candidate who is kind of uniquely able to defeat President Trump. Then he's got a great chance at the at the nomination but that is also the argument. That Joe Biden is making and Joe Biden is in many ways A better fit. I think with where the party is now with where the party is is which are the two. Do you think might be able to stand up in a debate with Donald Trump and come out on top. You know they'd be different Bloomberg is a more combative Figure I think Joe Biden is somebody who can get projects kind of software as a rule projects the softer image That's his he's more senatorial. You know how senators as a reasonably cordial in Senate debates. Maybe less so today were a decade ago But so they haven't they have a different style but they're making they're making of courses sources similar point which is at their argument is that president trump has violated democratic norms. Let our country in the wrong direction and that we need to get back back to some Old Ways and old courtesies of doing things and president trump will make the argument that he's been a disruptive influence influence in ways that needed disruption. However it's not so much what I would say but how? President trump trump would conduct himself on that stage I'll never forget watching him. Sort of Stalk Hillary Hillary Clinton you know that Democrats are looking at president. Trump's debate history with Hillary Clinton and also with the Republicans in two thousand sixteen to try to figure out how what is the best approach to us with him is the best approach to like. Try to stay above it. Which I think is what Hillary Clinton tries to do are are you better off punching back hard. I gather you would punch card. I would punch back hard indeed because I also oh thank. He has problems with Wim As an example his comment abound down Debbie Dingle and her husband which I found absolutely outrageous. Talk about what he he said. He was speaking at a rally in Battle Creek Michigan. The stage John Dingell John Dingell state. That's right and he said that he hadn't gotten appropriate credit for actions. He took when John Dingell di John Dingell the longest serving member of Congress in the history of our country and he he made derogatory comment about Debbie Dingle looks and then he suggested that he said that in a conversation he had with. Debbie dingle were Debbie Dingle thanked him for allowing flagstaff staff. When John Dingle died said that John Her husband would have been so pleased looking looking down meaning looking down from heaven and he said at this rally that maybe John Dinger would be looking up meaning looking up from? Hell and Debbie Dingle responded. She said that it was very hurtful. She said she's approaching the first Christmas without her husband The love of her life and she said something should be off limits and on that I think she has gotten broad support including including from at least one Republican House member from Michigan and I heard the number four ranking Democrat in the the house Been Released Hawn doing an interview with MSNBC where he said that he thought the reaction of Michiganders I would be such that. Donald Trump had made it more likely he would lose Michigan next year. She won which he wanted which is one of are those handful of Midwestern states the determined the outcome of the two thousand sixteen election looking back sues new and I have been friends friends and colleagues for so many years. Could you have imagined the two thousand nineteen would Heb. EBB ended up this way. You know I think about When I went to journalism school the things I never thought I would cover the nine eleven attacks A tide presidential election in two thousand and impeachment of Bill Clinton and now covering a second presidential impeachment impeachment at a time our country seems to be ripped apart. It is not something I ever thought I would cover. We've seen you know we've seen times when our country has had strife Strife and tension and demonstrations in assassinations. I I just feel like this has gotten to be the worst It is I. I think a perilous And I worry I worry about the future of our country. What is it that words you most? I worry that we've lost an ability to both talk to each other and listen to one another when I go to cover events I I'm struck doc. By how Americans love their country How devoted Americans are to the constitution? But they have very different visions about what it means to say. You love America and it's like it's something we need to be able to talk about to have our democracy survive and dawn that note. I want to wish you happy holidays. You need a holiday after all this and I wish all the the best for you and our country in the new year and I and I would say in response that the ability to talk to and listen listen to people with other points of view has been a hallmark of your entire career so happy holidays thank you for today. We'll have a couple of special holiday. We broadcast for you over the next couple of weeks. So look for those in your podcast feed. You can also find us on facebook and twitter or send an email l. d. our podcast at W. Amu dot org. Our theme music is composed by Jim Brandenburg and then landsverk Furka Wunderle are engineered. This week is Josephine Neo now. The show is produced by Rebecca Kaufman and Alison Brodie. Thanks for listening all Merry Christmas happy holidays and happy New Year to all. I'm Diane Marine.

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Episode 77  Transitioning from spectator to motivator with guest Angela Marshall

Power Of The Purse Podcast

39:07 min | 1 year ago

Episode 77 Transitioning from spectator to motivator with guest Angela Marshall

"Welcome to the power of the purse podcast the only show connecting baby boomer women with professional peers advice. You can use to be more confident in your financial future inspiration to take control of your personal finances with Lynn. S Evans certified financial planner good afternoon everyone. My name is Lynn. S Evans and I am the host of power of the purse podcast. There was a time. I'm in my life not too long ago. When I believed three things about money number. One women are not supposed to talk about or being included in any conversations stations about money number. Two women don't have the natural ability to understand anything about money and three men know best how to manage money and those truths I made up about money guided me for years until I realized money was not a foreign language or some other their ups cure academic exercise and it was something I could not only understand but teach to other women too many times. I've heard stories from women who ought to know better but did until they were forced to because of divorce widowhood job loss or the approach of retirement. This podcast will add another chapter to an ongoing informative conversation about financial topics. Women's should be more knowledgeable about my mission is to help women reduce their financial illiteracy and develop a healthy relationship with money with that in mind mind. My guest today is Angela Marshall Angela Marshall also known as author stone at we'll talk about that how she got that name is a native of Augusta Georgia and an entrepreneur and positive words powerhouse. She's also the author of a book called reality. You too rags to riches the story in life of an ex. NFL Wife Welcome Angela Highland. How are You I am well. Thanks and I'm so happy that you you and I are doing this because I was so intrigued by the title of Your Book Because I'm I'm an NFL SAM okay marketing tactic work yet did it did indeed former jets season ticket colder so I can tell you that I I love football and I love the story and I think what's fascinating about to me. Is that the story. Oreo the life of an ex. NFL Wife to me is just so rich in all of the possible experiences you could have had good bad and ugly. I you know we all fantasize I think about the lives of the NFL players and their wives and their families and we look at people like what's her name. I can't find pronouncing it right. Tom Brady and Oh yes gazelle. Yes yes so you look at them when you look at their kids and you look at their lives and it's also glorified died and you just wonder what's really like when he comes home after a day and so I am so interested in what you have to say because it's probably really not the fantasy world that we all think it is and I'm sure it's not so let's just jump right in here and tell the thing I was curious about was a at article and interview. I guess it was that was done on you. By a man named Andre Johnson yes he talked about some of the little snippets that you had to say at one of them was said that you have a personal playbook and one that has one that was accompanied accompanied by the wisdom to call what you referred to as an audible pass and a run which is football talk are some people may not really understand what that means but then he went on to say then you had the proverbial good for the two point conversion as I lived each day so tell me what does that mean into you. What what is it that you did that was so surviving right so basically you know I have sat in the stands asset in bleachers. I've sat in stadiums and domes for the better part of my life and so I was able to watch flays being executed in O- on some flawed and others flawlessly he's and I just Kinda took those football analogy. Take the sports analogies once I decided to get off the bench and getting a game or myself. Those are just things that I just started to make a difference. I guess in my life to help me to be to have like an athletic. I guess putting molly or an athlete's mind set his love athletic mindset. They're so confident. They're so energetic. They are I do or die. They're unstoppable and from that standpoint. I knew who I if I was going to really really live in not just exist like I have been doing for so long that I needed to incorporate this this whole every single day fourteen goals or third one fourth in Long. I'm going forward every single day. I like literally. I would equate different incidents in issues in my life I would you know acquainted to a play and then I just call myself. You know like an athlete in our bisbee executing it to make that I would that I could win. You know that I could win the game. Yeah that's interesting. I love it. I guess you just never think about bringing that discipline that mental discipline into life and using even using the language which I think it's it's great because you are correct. They are so goal oriented and winning oriented standpoint of female. If you not you you know a female athletes. You normally don't utilize sports analogies old from that standpoint. That's why wouldn't you know throughout the book and then I tagged Egged on their the story of an ex. NFL Why just to give it a different possess. I guess if you would or give it a different presence so if you have three speakers offers or three presenters in all are equal in you know credentials what's going to or preferably hopefully what propels me to the top is just being able to have sports analogies that will make people go all right yeah. All I want her to come because I know not on the wishy motivate on among the crowd or or motivate does the attendees those that are in the audience but she's actually propelled them for you know for them to be able to get up and do something with their life not just listen into a to a good speech so altered listen to a good speech that go home and nothing semi different. You don't do anything like this is useless but you know I was preaching to the choir because been there done that so many times and in I will I will tell myself a a little bit. I still will listen to certain motivational videos inspirational videos our read the polls they could be my own personal original course or someone else's instilled there are days when I just kind of drag along or I feel like I always want to be bothered to be bothered and then yeah and then I have to open up that playbook look and say no Angela. Hey it's time it's time to get back in the game and get off the bench. quit being a spectator exactly. I love it so now your play devil's advocate here because I know you and I talked about this previously but there are those who would criticize you and say that you're using your husband's notoriety to propel yourself into a world that you know nothing about so. How do you respond to that. Will I will say this first of all. I was in that lifestyle for quite some time not just from an NFL NFL perspective like I actually dated my ex-husband in high school so I was around. I've been around football for quite some time. I've been around sports or by some time from the standpoint of utilizing his notoriety well. I will say this. I do use it as a marketing and advertising advertising tactic store in life of exit. NFL Wipe because my book is actually titled Reality. To rags to riches but I mean everyone and every entrepreneur every sales person knows that you have to have something unique in rare in order for people to pay attention. You Know Mall all high whole household appliances are not created equal. All books are created. Equal is is something that catches matches. Your eyes or catches your ear to where it makes you say okay. Yes I wanna read that book or I WanNa buy that particular vacuum cleaner because they I put this as a marketing tool or like McDonald's or whoever else when they're making themselves more appealing so I would say yes. I am utilizing that that story in life but I feel like I earned it. I feel like I deserved it. I was with this man for quite some time. We have two amazing children and we have a handful of a great smart and intelligent grandchildren and if I want to tell my story my journey in my life in utilize my actual own experience Washington not be able to do that or should not be able to capitalize on it and I will say this even though yes the reward award is is financial in get paid to speak in people buy my book in in basketball a monetary exchange the greatest feeling the most significant -nificant filling that comes from my story and from this journey from as they say not capitalized and we're trying to monetize on his wants career is when people read my story story they understand my struggles my strengths in my successes and they're not only are they freed or they're liberated on my story but they're able all to turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones as will through my story yeah yeah. I I am using it in and I have a right because I lived it. That's you're oh you. Did you earn it as you said you did so tell us. What are some of those struggles that you had because you know. Oh that what's out there. I'm sure it's been told you several times. How could you possibly struggling if you're married to someone who has tons of money and you have everything that money could ever. We're by. How could there be struggles. So what are they stored right right. So some of the struggles was just feeling inadequate for myself. It was me not feeling like I fit not feeling like I know belonged in that particular world or that particular lifestyle you know had children. I'm very early so I did not acquire the higher learning education like everyone else beyond high school so you know you have most of the people there. They had college education or m beyond. I felt a little standing in the room. I felt a little what word the Mulligan for either adequate. I feel inadequate but also but I also felt lists. Dan Saying a lot of a lot of situations so that was one thing thing that Kinda plagued me a lot in a really another reason why I started you know flooding myself with knowledge reading in taking different courses and training in just a bail in myself to subject matter experts to help me to overcome that once fear and then of course there's the you know the stigma of the wives and girlfriends France what they're what they're supposed to look like and I just didn't feel my yeah. I never felt like I measured up to what they what they look like. In the whole world was the way the wives and girlfriends to look like you know so that was put a damper on things and then of course you never know when people are coming at you or they're coming to you even within your own family and friends low circles from time to time. You don't know if they're really there for you or they're there for that lifestyle how so or quite a few became suspect and so you start alienating yourself start isolating from different situations. Che's in circles because you just you just don't know you don't know you know who's really there for you and and who's there just because of what he was at that particular time so there are lots of struggles. I mean I said that in lots of interviews stated in Santa. My book is well. Issues plagued us from our children. You know like we had parent teacher conferences. He hit marital issues. We had off every other issues that money at that particular time. I was not one yes well but it was one because it created all the others so there you go yes from that perspective mislead. You're absolutely correct kind of it. Made a a wall of other things that is correct yeah yeah and I think the other thing too is that I see the so many times with athletes not necessarily football but all the other sports where you have professional athletes there are people that came from a place where they never had any exposure to a lot of money it was also a dog eat dog kind of world and survival and maybe there was something a little bit better but never the multi millions Saddam that came your way and without the knowledge of how to handle it. It sometimes goes astray. That's correct in that. there's the expectation that it's just bottomless floor. You can spend it on anything and everything you want to and I say this as a financial adviser so it's not just anecdotal evidence. I'm just saying I've seen people who have acquired major you of dollars through whatever inheritances sales of businesses whatever it was and it was not the world that they came from yes strike though when you talk about the struggles. I think a lot of people have the misunderstanding that because you have the money life is easy and there's no struggle struggle now because anything that you come up against you could buy your way out of it started and I don't think that that's what you experienced wasn't no no not at all. Tell about some of the things that you realize money didn't buy I realized that money did not buy love happiness. It did not by piece that by sleet. I don't care even though I slept on like twelve thousand dollars bid with while three thousand dollars sheets it I had mini sleepless night yeah like a ton of sleepless nights and not only that it just it never bought me like the self confidence self awareness the definition that I have now. It never bought got any of that. You know that is just. I don't know looking back over everything looking back over my life. If I had to do it all over again Dan I definitely would have taken advantage in. I'm just GONNA give a disclaimer give kudos to the NFL because one of these. I do know that they offer is as you know. They have this umbrella where you can have someone like yourself. I'm sure the field that that you were in do help you with your money to help you save your money investor money just it's just a vast knowledge of how you can enter enter into the NFL enter into that lifestyle if you've never been accustomed to money and you know be secure later on but a lot of us don't take advantage of it because because like you mentioned earlier when you don't come from you know that upbringing order that that might have that mindset where you're taught about money the in how to use it and not allow its use you you overlook a lot of those things and so that's basically what we did but yeah. I found out very quickly. Money did not by friends it did not buy or should I say friendships thereby did not by not by friendships and I I mean it was just couldn't by the lessons that I needed to help me to be able to be a better parent to be a better person just to make make myself a better citizen all around it just it. It didn't do any of that. You know that comes from life experiences in Bennett also comes from to in my opinion it comes from being in humbling and humility not necessarily real mom. You know how many Zeros I had in my bank account. Yes okay. That's a good way to put it yeah so I'm thinking of something that I'm sure people are wondering about now you said that you met your husband and you dated him when you were in high school and so he was a football player then did you know that he had aspirations to become an NFL player I sure did I knew he had talked about. It and I knew that he was working towards it. Now me believing that he was actually going to be elite player. That's something totally different like I. I didn't think that that was gonna the hat okay but I but he talked about it. We talked about it in. I knew that he was doing late night. PRACTICES EARLY WANNA practices in addition to some mother fundamentals in whatnot now would I will get mad because sometimes I wanted to spend time with them and he would you know have to go to here and there and continue to work on his craft on or or enhance his skills in so that's what got him so to where he was you know to the hi of his career but then you knew that in order for him to succeed as a team player he would have to travel title as the teams had to travel all around the country and now we can say around the world because some of those London performances right right but so knowing that did you release think that there was something that was gonna Alter or change in your marriage once that became a reality may you know that that would be part of the package if he did make it to the NFL. I guess I just didn't think that it would be to that magnitude. You gotta understand like yeah. It's like you see stuff on TV. So I knew games were played here and they were playing there yet. No I just I don't know why I thought it was like you get get on a train or get on a plane. You go you play you. Come back and say you know I mean. I don't know how it was a different different. I think because I was so insecure. I didn't have a life of my own. If I had things that I was into at that time which I did I just did. I just did not act on them. It would have been different. It would have been very different but sometimes I think when you make other people your world you know and you just make everything about them and is less. You know less about you having any sort of fulfillment. I think there's a a little resentment there. I think there's some little disappointment in disguise may going on it and that's what I had. That's going on with me and it wasn't it wasn't lackey wasn't exhorting me or encouraging me as little class at local. Do those doctors that you WanNa do that do this. You know because pins a little paragraph in the book. He knew that I always wanted to be a writer and he was like go. Go go take some classes or you know whatever but at the time our children were a young or they were younger and I just didn't. I don't know why I can't explain when people ask me what what was holiday you back. I mean other than myself. I just I can't I can't explain it. I don't know I guess it was fear that I would fail or fear that I didn't think I was good enough. In then. Maybe a little Uber Comfort in there because of course you know of your man is making a million dollars a year. Why why would I think that I needed to do anything you know so yes. There's a bunch of stuff that was going on in his brain brain. So what did that brain come up with when you finally said he's decided to get off the bench and get out on the field. So what made that happen. Well is actually a combination of things that why I decided to go from being spectator tomorrow Beta but I will say the I think the most compelling was a conversation that I had with my mom and I talk about that in a book as well. I actually watched my mom who was a vibrant just you we know mobile agile young lady that she she lives her life out loud in so watching her be diagnosed with circle cancer in April the twenty twelve and then eventually she died from it in August two thousand thirteen in set off from June twenty thirteen to August twenty thirteen and watching her deteriorate. I just felt like you know I don't know this may sound a little weird to some but it's like I was placing myself in her shoes in I was thinking to myself. I've really not lived like I live by standing by Arthur site. Which is my ex-husband? I live with my standing by the side of my two amazing children watching them helping them encouraging them as well as other people but it I had not done anything that was fulfilling. Angelo of course I had a corporate job. I went into that after the divorce in nineteen ninety nine two thousand but I I just I was not fulfilled at all and so after that conversation with my mom it was like she died in August of twenty thirteen after I handled her affairs from August in two thousand thirteen to January twenty fourteen January two thousand fourteen. I just wasn't a New Year's resolution thing just turned over a new leaf had a new mindset mindset in I just literally got up and start getting out in started making no path of making a journey for me to be able to find my way on my position on my power on purpose in I just I haven't stopped since it's been riding great books. So when did you start writing. I've been writing every since the age of like about nine or ten. I guess right around fourth grade. You know doing different stories. La- short stories essays and whatnot but my first book actually started painting. I guess around two thousand three two thousand four or stalled just a compilation of poetry. You know real of life portrait bedsores topics that I actually went through but I didn't publish it until two thousand sixteen and then autobiography I started writing. Eh Right around twenty Lebanese. Your soul started painting started journaling different thoughts about my story in my life and then I published in in two thousand seventeen also featured author in a bestseller which is women Lee at chronicles women across the globe that talks about struggles near successes with entrepreneurship. Okay sounds good. I probably would like that one to our Ah Let me ask you. One thing here that I think is probably what everybody's thinking but maybe hoping I'm going to ask but a- as what is the one thing that we would find really shocking about the life of an NFL wife who really shocking about the life of the NFL will say two things things one. We have to deal with a lot of outside women. You know yes is not not really a good feeling to walk around and wonder you know what the status is of your husband husband or your your boyfriend your significant other and all of these women that are like willingly throwing themselves at them. You know constantly. I mean if you're right there like they don't care. They're really really really aggressive. You know like most people they try to do stuff behind the scenes or download what no no no no you gotta part. You got your man or member that is you know celebrity as a position of power and he or she is televised across the the globe. No people are trying to move you out the way like can I just say like what would they get out of this. I guess that they want to replace you. Is that the idea I guess they want to replace me or maybe they want money or their law fifty minutes of fame. I'm not really sure the now but you know for whatever reason and they can't miss land aching give very very aggressive and then I guess the other shocking true you about the life of ex wife is because people look to us as being these glamorous creatures that have that exude this. You Know Oh strong confidence but a lot of us. Are you know we're very self conscious at conscious and we're very like we had these identity issues even though we're looked upon as being the most beautiful the gorgeous the exotic and whatever I guess this this is what I'm told now but it's just you know we we have times and we have moments as well where we feel. We feel insecure so so I think that will probably be giving you don't also thank you look like yourself. we do and we are not beyond say. They say that woke up like this exactly 'cause. I know I definitely don't wait a minute. Wait a minute girl hold on. I'm looking at pictures of you that you are all over this thing everywhere I look at you. The first thing I thought of is you are really a beautiful woman now. Now that's I'm you know I'm not planning on making any moves there. I don't know I mean I'm just saying would everything that's on on the Internet pictures of you. You are very attractive woman. I find it hard to believe that you would be insecure in that regard eight as just one of those masks that I talk about and I guess yeah it is pulling layers back in and we do it. We do it as a human as a society as humans we do that. We have many different talking about my hands. My man he ends up being beat. I mean this is different. Things that I feel like we we feel like we're not good enough for like we don't measure up from time to time yeah when people are snapping pictures in you know those airbrush different stuff whatnot which I don't have a whole lot of them. I can honestly say that because I'm I'm not real big on you know trying to cover up to Mitch rich because I just feel like those flaws in the scars and the difference on what some call abnormalities but for me you know different moles that I have I column Beauty Marxists make myself feel embraced them and it took me a long time because these are things that as a child people would get me no picking my completion they will pick it my hair texture you know the little the the beauty malls and it's funny because my daughter has has the same marks marks on her forehead as well and I told her same thing growing up because people were picking her and told her that that is beautiful emmys. You're pretty but yeah. I think people would find that to be shocking because again. We're supposed to be these creatures that are you know we were better than everybody else and we got it all altogether and no we do not at all well. I think that's normal for all of us. No matter what we look like we we see something different in the mirror than most other people do and I guess when you're in the spotlight like like you are even though you weren't the NFL player right by I guess by association you were so the players at the the wise or the girlfriends friends. They just look at US differently because they wanna see what we look like. They will receive word hearing so that's the scrutiny that we get. They don't care. We have athletic ability if we have if we have intelligence you don't have any you know they don't care. It's just will if I walk out looking like a hot mess own you know his wife or his girlfriend a hot mess. You know just one of those things is limited. I will say this now the skin that I'm in in the second half of my life like I am bowing to absolutely live and I want to live liberated and that's my mission and that's my goal yes from all of their from Ns socially financially spiritually emotionally mentally physically. I WanNa do it and right definitely financially so that's why I was really excited about being able to come on the power of the purse because you know it hasn't been noticed role paid in gold or roses for me you know prior to the NFL even during NFL indefinitely not after the NFL the divorce was very financially draining and a shock and a wakeup a call for me and I had to rebuild in now. You Know Entrepreneurship draining my savings. Try to walk in his purpose that I still i. I am you know I was put here. I was created. I was molded for is the same thing you know. They're days and there's times when I'm like Ha. You know check check the name. I'm going to give something to keep me from red. Put me in the black. Welcome to the world of entrepreneurs wonder for Noushin Russia. Yes yes so you know from time to time it. Does it get a little scare. Then you're not like for myself is not that my grandparents raised me. It's not they did not teach me about money. Because I guess the bays lesson I ever learned while it was that money does not grow on trees and that has helped me throughout my entire life yes. I'm I'm sure go groceries as any. Do you want it. You gotta work for bottom line. You know you gotta get out there and you. GotTa really grinding you. GotTa Hustle. You got what you do in honest illegal way to on to make it happen for you so speaking about that. I'm just curious to know now how a woman who felt so insecure about herself and her place in the world becomes a motivational speaker speaker which means you gotta be up in front of people so how'd you get past that. I faced myself so after after the conversation with my mom then you know I kinda went through some self evaluation self reflections. I mean like I just disconnected disconnected from a lot of things I was still working in the corporate world but as far as like being out is society social like different bits of that would have gone to a slight literally. I just stop doc in. I started writing journaling certain things about myself and the things that I did not like I started changing aerob- a plan out for what I needed to do to change whether it was mindset or retraining my brain in another things that you know I could probably. I felt like I could live with. I just said well you know. Is this who you are. You will embrace bottom line like you know I'll give you one one. That is really really shallow. That has followed me my entire life. That would be the texture of my hair. My hair is is really really curly tight texture. I hated it. I digested it for so long but now if you attention you see the pictures I've embraced it. I want. I'm going to tell you I I love your hair and I like to and they've told me that just about her existence but I I don't know like I think because my texture Asia was different and then there's this whole good and bad hair this other kind of craziness that kind of plays a part ways really heavily it just I don't know it really like turned me against my own hair and but now I'm just like I'm embracing it in and I will say this too is saving the lot of money to all. You know like I'm not getting it dyed anymore. I'm every now and then I'll go young. Lady will oh on trimming for me as it so as opposed to me. Having you know paying out three or four hundred dollars a month or Alabama. I seek the books yeah right yes but I also like that little streak of gray in the front. I think it's a raise gray all throughout Ms Leeann. Whatever but you know I'm a hundred percent gray so I just embraced the same way. I just thought you know what I don't see it. I don't get the thing is is that you know. I think that we pay more attention to than anyone else. Does that make sense so other people will all kind of overlook it or unit. Yeah you have your Naysayer. That may say I look dated or whatever I guess. I don't know I don't even allow it to permeate. You Know My oh my positive process so you know I mean I look comments here or there about different things but I absolutely love it and it's funny because I had an interview one time in your life. You could be anybody. You know who you want to be an. I sent me but offer you once upon a time. I never would have said that I would get our. How would you have answered the question? Let's see I probably would have said that. I wanted to be ooh like Holly Berry or something you know yeah yeah yeah and he's already. She's beautiful in our own regarding her. Was You know she loves her for who she is and what she is. She embraces races. You know whatever it is that everything that encompasses her from the She had big ears a little taller so I mean I don't know aw that's what makes you you but so many times we you know we get ashamed of our flaws and you know yeah. I just decided like I said we're not did that. Self reflection I even wrote a poem about one or two points is in competition with that URL mentioned earlier in this call facing myself Mike. I'm absolutely took a hard look at myself at my life at the Pitti to whatever and I just started making changes and I'm so glad that I did because now I'm able to help people globally. That may be a little insecure in you know maybe walking doc it. We're out once walked so yeah. This is great is isn't amazing feeling to be in service. I think it's wonderful but I think we've just about run out of time here. It and they're so much worried love to ask you so maybe we could do a second one with foul-up but at this point. I was thanks to my guests. Angela Marshall and Angela tell people how they can get in touch with you if they have additional questions absolutely so my website is in other words by stone dot Com or you can just do it you know the Internet Way Google Angela Marshall Augusta Georgia I'm on every social media outlet possible symbol even if you just google the story of an NFL why you all of those links will or all those searches will get you straight eight to Angela Marshall in thank you so much lead in power of the purse four. Does this consideration opportunity to be able to interact with your audience in your in your followers thank you it's a pleasure sure and so to all of you and my power of the purse community. I hope today's podcast gave you some freedom around money and even the littlest bit of courage to know more. You're if so please visit my website. Lynn S EVANS DOT COM and look around and while you're there sign up for my newsletter and a Free Free Guide and thanks again Angela for sharing your time and your knowledge and until the next time thanks for listening and remember money is not the enemy your ignorance ignorance of it is good by this has been power of the purse with Lynn S Evans certified financial planner for more information and a free copy of the seven minutes. Our mothers taught us about money visit online at women of substance. LLC DOT DOT COM. That's women of substance. LLC DOT COM be sure to subscribe for more inspiring stories and information to help you take charge charge of your financial future. Thanks for listening.

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Hour 1: Saints fans will never forgive Goodell

Izzy and Spain

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Hour 1: Saints fans will never forgive Goodell

"Save spans are waiting. Saints. Players are waiting and Avello fans are waiting navy. The whole world is waiting for Roger Goodell to speak. The question is why it Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app series XM channel eighty Jason Fitz. Sarahspain Sarah, you have had a marathon day. And that only means because you've been everywhere. Like, you're already everywhere you already like the star in on like fifty thousand different shows. But today fifty thousand different shows hits you at once. So I am going to be the bundle of lightning enter DEM lightning in a bottle bring energy. I bring the brain farts that hopefully result in humorous mistakes. And not things that'll get me fired. You are I'm going to be lightning in a bottle, and you are going to you're going to you're going to bring back some reality because I'm gonna need it. All right. Okay. I promise for that. But also I would like everybody to have a close finger on the dump button. Okay. Perfect. When my brain is this tired, you never know you never know what's going to happen. Well, here's the thing. We do know unlike Roger. You're going to speak for the next thing. And then do my best at least. So this is what really hit me as I was hearing people today talk about Roger Goodell. And and as I read articles today about the fan base for the saints and Benjamin Watson saints player, obviously going to Twitter, and and making his plea of anyone in see it the quote Commissioner Goodell, we all realize that football is an imperfect game played coached and officiated by 'perfect people. What occurred last Sunday in New Orleans, though was outside of that expected and accepted. Norm. You can do your continued. Silence on this matter is unbecoming of the position you hold detrimental to the integrity of the game and disrespectful and dismissive to football fans everywhere from the locker room to Park Avenue accountability is what makes our Li great lead. By example. We are waiting. Why? Now, I mean that that's my first. I mean, there's no proof of concept here that Roger Goodell ever feels compelled to step up and stand up and speak out. I will go back to probably the biggest controversy. She around the NFL for the last several years, or at least one of there's been several was Ray rice. And let's remember that after the Ray rice video surface. It's Roger Goodell nine days to talk to anybody. Roger Goodell is not a man that comes out and speaks to anybody it because anybody compels him, Sarah. So I'm looking at this thing. What's gonna do? Come out and say, yeah, we blew it. What what why is there a benefit to him to do that? Why would that even be on his mind right now, it's a huge benefit? And here's why it's Friday after the game was played. We've had Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday already to talk about this and to put it to bed, and there are a couple of things that him talking about it would put to bed number one the conversations and the lawsuits surrounding the belief that there was some sort of article within the NFL rules that would allow the team to ask him to step in and replay the final minute forty nine you come out right away. And you say a hem there's an article right before that one that says I can't do this when it's related to an official call. So you put. Rest conversations that people are having all over television and radio about him being able to step in and do something about this. We already know that they admitted wrongdoing because our river on called Sean Payton moments after the game ended to say, so, but that's second hand of Sean Payton telling us that they admitted fault is not the same as coming out. In owning it he comes out and says this was a grave error. We regret it. There's plenty of human error in our game. But we won't we don't want it to be something. Agreed just like this with a Super Bowl berth on the line. We're going to do our best to make sure this doesn't happen again, which includes potential issues with the referees that were involved in this looking into the possibility of reviewing this, etc. Right. So he delineates all the ways in which they're going to react to this air and prevent it from happening in the future. It doesn't change who goes to the Super Bowl. It doesn't make saints fans feel less frustrated. But what it does do is it nipsy conversations in the bud before it ends up being something that he does at the state of the union as a reactive measure because enough people have dragged it out of him or because someone asked him a question there. Versus what it should be? Which is a proactive measure to say, we don't want you to doubt this game and our referees. And so we're going to come out and say something happened that was wrong, and we're going to do our best to fix it. But what if he doesn't have any of the solutions because Roger Goodell himself can't make the solutions? The owners have to decide on what the solutions are because then he says they're discussing it, which is all that matters. Right is not to say, we're going to bury your head in the sand and say, well, it happens to say we're going to talk to the referees about accountability. And we're going to potentially look into rule changes. That's not to say they're going to happen. We're going to have a discussion about it. So that we can appease people who are saying, this is something that should be reviewed in my mind. If he comes out and says, you know, what we're going to look at things and try and get this better next time all that's going to do is create another fervor of conversation and on having it anyway. Yeah. But but at this point why why fuel that conversation when nothing's going to stop it from becoming part of the conversation at the state of the union address. He does next week 'cause you nip it in the bud, and you get people talking about the two teams that are actually in the game. Yeah. What I'm saying? In doing all week because we've been focused on the many different ways that people are trying to relitigate the end of this game. Whether it's through actual litigation or through please via social media through letters like Watson's to me the way that you take control of a situation is for you to actually speak on it and to control the narrative in a way that makes sense even while acknowledging that you're wrong, people respect acknowledging mistakes more than they respect running and hiding from them. I don't disagree with that sentiment. My problem with the concept of him coming out and speaking is that without any answers. I do believe that that's only gonna make him look ill prepared to do his job. It's only gonna create more questions for the owners because if he does come in and say, we're going to have a conversation about this. And we're gonna have a conversation about that. Now, every owner is going to have to be answering those questions how he's going to have to be answering those questions there's none of he says right now, there's nothing for us to talk about right now because this is in the early stages, but we want to keep you guys aware and be transparent about I mean, look. The only thing that's come from the league on this is a second hand account from Sean Payton, and now the fact that Nickell Robey Coleman has been has been fined for helmet-to-helmet on the very play that there was no call on on the field. So this is the worst possible scenario that you've not heard a peep yet from Roger Goodell or anyone at the NFL other than to slink out and say, not only did it not get called for PI put it was also helmet-to-helmet joint. See you guys later, but that happens every week, and we don't we don't ask questions about it. Guys, give fine for things that were not on these this game changing place to get to the Super Bowl. Of course, not a game changing place to to get to the Super Bowl, but he didn't speak after the fail. Mary. I mean like, and again that that impacted playoff seeding. So he's never spoken in the past on this. And even if he speaks now the follow up questions he has no answers for. So he can't there. I don't think there's anything he can do that will change or control the narrative, I agree with you in some instances coming out and being transparent about your process fixes or at least. Controls the conversation. I don't think that's the case because he won't have answers to any of the follow up questions. And until those agree on that. Because I don't think he needs answers right now people aren't asking for a definitive solution yet, they're saying we don't wanna be in this position again where we're not even asking the questions, and we're not even responding with accountability by saying, yeah, we should fix this. We should look into this. At least we don't need answers and solutions right now, we need them to be able to honestly inaccurately admit this, isn't it? We're going to figure something out. And I totally disagree. I mean, I think that if he comes out and speaks today and says, hey, we screwed this up. We blew the entire thing. It's only gonna make it louder for the lawsuits that are saying, hey, can't get any louder in my opinion. You I mean, you you really wanna fuel a court system with a why not go play the last minute forty-nine the commitment to the suing is about his ability to step in and do something. And there's no real claims there. Oh, that's a completely lawsuit. That's nothing's going to happen because of that. And you don't think a lawyer then stands on a pulpit and says the Commissioner just admitted this agreed. Error. It must be fixed. I mean that lawyer that that that part of it's only going to get louder and louder to me. Like, I I understand what you're saying that we're not suit is not about whether an official missed a call the difference. The answer is if you come out, and you speak specifically to the fact, hey, listen Goodell's not allowed to step in. This is not an emergency. This is about an era. We're going to try to make sure our referees. And our officials are doing the best job. They can't. And maybe this is something you review, that's very different than fueling lawsuit. The lawsuit is not about go back and litigated game because of official missed a call. That was based on the idea that he would be allowed to within the rules of the game. Go back and replay it which he's not it's already a lawsuit of no substance, and he continues. So to me giving it any additional information. That's that's just one part of it. The last of my worries fan base, I'm orientalist lawsuit. I mean, it's coming out and saying we're going to take control this narrative instead of letting it run away because we haven't spoken in my mind, anything he says is only gonna make the narrative that he should find a way to go back and fix it. Loud. Her and louder there's nothing he can do that will take it off the plate at the league the league meeting next week when he does his state of the union address if he came out today or if he doesn't come out today. He's still going to get peppered with the same hundred questions on it. So why give any sort of fuel to two extra days of any of it? That's that's my thought we'll see you guys can chime in on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at sarahspain that Jason Fitz at Spain fits ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance. We'll continue to break it out down through the course of the night. But straight ahead. We'll head to New Orleans a player sent a message to Roger Goodell. How does the team move on? We'll find out next pain and Fitz on ESPN radio. We're going to head to the shell Pennzoil performance line. We're Mike Attilio joins us from saints report dot com. You can hear them on WWL radio. Mike, we're having a discussion tonight on Roger Goodell. And the fact that he hasn't spoken. So I would ask you if somebody that's in the heart of of the saints fan of in the heart of that that fan base if Roger Goodell comes out and speaks what does that fan base really expect to get at? Well, listen, they won't they've never forgiven him for bountygate. So now, you know, it's almost like playing blackjack with somebody, and they slip you to tens and he slipped the one car on you. He slipped as down. They're gonna hate him until he leaves the commissionership. And that's one thing people down here on the buy a saints fan and everything else they gonna take this with them till they're dying breath that that they would have hoped that. He would have come out and said something at this point in time. It goes to show his lack of leadership and one thing. I was correct on. I knew when I left that Superdome that day that this is basically what was going to end it that you know, he wasn't gonna say anything until his state of the union football address at the Super Bowl. And so so far I've been right about that part. But he's the most hated man. It is not even close down here. Not just about the missed call. But also, you gotta remember you peel back of years about what I think everybody here perceives as a trumped up charge against the saints on bountygate. I'm of the opinion that he would save himself. A lot of trouble. He had already spoken about this. Because now I agree on Friday, and his only hope left is that no one will wanna talk about it next week because they'll find only wanna talk about the two teams that are actually playing in the Super Bowl. Do do. You think it matters to saints fans or really to anybody watching if it ends up being in the state of the union because of a question that he's asked therefore being reactive instead of proactive in terms of addressing it. I think the saints fan now they could care less. You know, it is what it is. And I think the reality has finally sit sat in on saints fans that you know, it ended Sunday, but you know, in doing sports talk, you know, as you guys do with. Sorta vent pipe fourth. And it's it's unbelievable to hear it. And and at highest level of disdain for Roger Goodell who didn't have anything to do with the play. That's the thing. You know? It's not so much about the officiating. It's it turns very quickly toward Goodell. And again a lot of that has to do with with past issues on this team. But again, if you followed this league is thirty four years from me covering it. He's never come out and made any quick statement about anything that's happened in the league. He's the keeper of the NFL volt that that's his job to make sure thirty two owners are getting their money for league matters and things of this sort it takes them forever to come out with a statement and one thing in we've had the really good fortune of having been watching on our program numerous times, and Ben is such a great guy and one of the things him doing a little bit about my background me. Knowing him is he's always said this, you know, let's do the right thing. Because don't what we try. To do as parents or as grandparents to teach our kids to do the right thing and to be stand up people. And when we make a mistake to admit it 'cause that's part of leadership that that, you know, that makes you a leader for you to say, you know, what I take blame for this. It's my fault. I take blame for it. And yet, I think here you have a Commissioner who says nothing in essence, he doesn't wanna take blame for anything at any level. As far as the NFL is concerned. But bins absolutely right in his comments about the fact that this is part of you being a leader. And isn't this what we strive to do with our children or grandchildren to to have them be stand up people, and this is the role model come on. So he should have done that the Monday come out make that statement publicly. And I wouldn't have finished it for saints fans because they'll never get over it not until their dying day. They will never get over this. But at least that would have been something that he would have handled before him having to address those questions next week. I'm sure you'll be peppered about it. Does thing too is if you think they bring out all these old sages that have covered the league fall? These years about how this will dramatically change, the NFL NFL and dramatically change in for this. We've already heard from John Elway from Stephen Jones from Mitch rich McKay. Head of the competition committee, saying, you know, basically, you know, it was a mistake on referees sport that you know, they like instant replay the way they have it and they don't wanna lengthen the game. So if you think anything dramatically will change because it is not gonna happen. We're talking to Mike to tell ya on the shell Pennzoil performance line up. Now, he has five rightfully so. I think we expected that. That's why we call them. You get a follow him on Twitter at Mike deteriora-. So I I want to go back to what you're saying. Because if Roger comes out on Monday the day after the game and says, all right? You know, what we blew it? But we're not going to replay the end of the game. The game is with the game is is is this roar really over at this point. Nobody down here me. I it wouldn't have it wouldn't have settled that part. But I think what it would have shown at least he's sort of is is reaching out and saying, hey, it was a mistake we admit it. And that's that. And we just have accept accepted. It's human error is like a guy throwing a miss passed. A fumble an interception a penalty on you know, play. Like we saw in Kansas City. You know, d Ford lines up offsides on a play and how crucial that was to admit that you made a mistake here. Again. This is part of you being a leader. And I think people down here would've accepted that part, but they would never forgive the play. But I think the furrow as the week has grown on has turned away from officiating and turn more towards the Commissioner for not addressing this at all. And he can call the the head coach and he can call MRs Benson. But that's not really addressing the NFL nation that really should have been addressed on this the Monday right afterwards. Because that's what a leader does. In essence, he has shown in the past. He kinda tipped his hand. I knew it right off the bat. He was never going to do that. That's not what he's done in the past. And that's not what he's going to do in the future. He Mike here in Chicago. I'm actually not in Chicago right now. But my hometown of Chicago, we reacted to Cody Parke's rice, the double d link with a little Cody parkey challenge that a beer company through on. I did see some saints fans. Bought some billboards in Atlanta, and I'm wondering if there was anything else going on around New Orleans that. You know, was kind of a reaction to this any contests then he'd drink deals anything else like that. So I want to be in the billboard business anything that happens negative down here man, people by billboards all if it's in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Atlanta, you name it. I want to be in that business 'cause I'm gonna tell you one thing we make a heck of a lot of money doing that one of the things that has spurred on 'cause I've talked to a number of people involved with different Mardi Gra Cruz that you will see the outrage camonte grow time as they are fixing floats, and that sense to try to you know, just trying to human things and the one thing about down here is they never forget. But they sort of sort of move on because that's another party down the road. And I think it'll be heavily themed Tamada grow on referees. And Roger Goodell that moment changed mardi gras twenty nineteen for everyone. And I've talked to enough crew members at tell me man, we had floats arranged one way we redoing it now. So that's probably the biggest thing you'll see so far they've talked about boycotting not watching the game. But you know, my thing is this is a heavy football area. This, you know, Super Bowl is sort of our national sports holiday, and for a lot of people that say, I'm not gonna watch it come on. They're gonna turn that game on they're gonna watch that football game. So, but I do think it it will affect more to grow more than anything. But I wanna be in that billboard business. I tell you that. Well, I can tell you guys one thing if you want to see the floats follow him on Twitter at Meiktila, Mike. We appreciate your time. As always we're here for you. When you need a hug, my friend. Thanks. Thanks for joining us. I appreciate it guys. You'll take care. Thank you so much conversation about Cam and Andrew luck. And the comparisons. Obviously is you just heard he's had surgery on his shoulder. And what that means first recovery. We'll get into that in just a minute. Spain Vince on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz presented by progressive insurance. Comparing rates to help you save call or click today and find out how much progressive could save you before we get to the important news of Cam, Sarah. You know, my Finnity for mascots. I I have a love like I kind of think rethinking some things in life share it kinda wondering if I should go like there's a few minor league teams here. Maybe I could try out somewhere get a little side hustle going as a mascot. I'm obsessed with a Netflix series. Go behind the mask that followed a a UNLV guy for that was like going into year seven UNLV had a hard time getting his degree. He was a little focused on the mascot. I love the art form. So we got a little taste of the art form when it hits the form of I don't know like real NFL players at the Pro Bowl skills challenge. We told everybody yet yesterday to watch. I just didn't know it was also going to be because Jamal Adams was going to take out the patriots mascot. If you haven't seen the video, it's pretty awesome. It's it's obviously set up like he's joking with them. I can attest to having been like the the scrawny non athletic dude that was joked around with with the outlet guy in somehow went flying to the ground. That's what it felt like to me when I watched it here. But it was still awesome to see mascot, just go flying. Yes. So I'll say this much. I thought this was staged. Okay. So because ESPN posted something Tamala Adams in front of the camera, and he says to the camera there's other players around him. But he turns and looks the cameras says man, this patriots mascot, people been booing them all day everyone sick of him. I'm gonna take care of that. And then it says two hours later, and you see them signing fans stuff. He turned spots the mascot lays him out. But in a way that to me almost looked like they'd planned it, right? So then when I start hearing that the guy actually had to receive medical treatment didn't have to go to the hospital that wasn't erroneous report, but did have to receive medical treatment and then saw Jamal Adams in an interview with Diana Rossini, basically make fun of the idea that he would apologize. I thought to myself this is all still staged right? I have been assured that. It is not. So with that in mind, I will say that it's funny as this is they might need to give a little PSA about our mascot, friends based on my experience with mascots, which is not very big. But you know, a couple they are not usually large people in there. Most of these mascots when they include their giant head are still shorter than me and their eyes are usually coming out the chest or the next somewhere. Not where the head is. Right. So you might think that they are some sort of infallible or strong thing because the outfit that they have on the costume. But it's usually like a five foot four buck twenty-five dude in there, and sometimes very gymnastically talented athletic but small right? So like, maybe consider that when you're a giant NFL player who wants to make people laugh by laying out that is a heck of a you're right. That's making the world a better place. But it was still kind of funny. I I wondered and we haven't seen these injury. I'm hoping it's not. Not serious. And I did all joking aside. Like, I do wonder there times where I joked yesterday. You know, my goal junior came flying up the stairs and slapped me for a bit. We were doing. I just started to bleed everywhere. Well, Mike hand, I'm still confused at how you bleed from a slap. He had like a late hit me hard enough that it cut like you cut my lip against my teeth. So yeah. But there's also this note when you think about size matters onto stuff like Mike's hand that a lot Mike's hand is as big as my face. So when he comes to slap me like us covering a lot. I got tiny hands. If I go to slap, Mike, I'm like, I'm scratching his chin, right? Usually like is just a big do a big light on a little dude as this is not gonna work out. Well, right. And even if he is, you know, slightly protected a little bit by the costume. I have to say, you know, it's funny until you're like that would stink to get laid out by in Pro Bowl or. Yeah. No doubt. I do want to give shout out to Kevin Vander coke. I don't know how to say his last name, but it sticks out my mind behind the mask, the the mascot TV show. I think it was on Hulu. He was Bengal the book. I don't know if he's still is but back, then he was Bengal the buck man that guy was I one of those aerial people that can do all the jumps in twirls and twists and everything super epic, dude. But even as I think about it now when you mention it super tiny super tiny Jamal Adams, not super tiny. So we've learned something here. I wonder to patriots. Good eight is does he get a shot back Jamal? Does he get to like retaliate? You think he wants to you think he thinks that's going to go. Well, no. But I just kind of wanted that that. In my merica. We do have some Cam Newton news and insight to get into. We'll get into that. In just a couple of minutes. We'll get to some of the breaking news on what's going on with Cam. Also, there's a breaking news in the world of tennis. And it's important for the conversation that we wanna be having for the future at tennis. We'll tell you about it. Next pain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Sarahspain Jason Fitz. Cam Newton as put the organization the Panthers in a bit of a pickle. It's of gherkins. It's a tiny pickle. Then is it a small small situation here? I know that shoulder surgery. It's funny. Because if if you were listening earlier, you're at some of the great minds talking about, hey, a shoulder surgery for Cam Newton for anyone that hasn't heard. It's a second shoulder surgery on his throwing arm and you hear this. Well, it could be three months. It could be six months it could be longer. But but don't worry about it. They can just look at Andrew lucked situation and see how it's gonna play out. And then they know that hey, there's reasonably patient. We almost forget that in order to be patient enough for Andrew luck to come back and be who he is. They had to fire every. Then to fire GM they had to fire coach. So if you're Ron Rivera, are you really taking the message of, hey, don't worry. This could be Angela partout. What do you do with that? I mean, this is a really difficult situation. Because even if it is Angela part to it could take a year and a half or two years to find that out. You don't know what the franchise is gonna look like in that situation in until then, and you really don't know what to do with your quarterback position until that. Well, not to mention that. You've got him for two more years. You lose them for a whole year. And then what happens you know in that contract season? And how much are you willing to wait? How much you willing to put your future into the sky? Now, there's one positive you can look at from the fact that it's just sort of Arthur Scott pick clear out clean out procedure. The last time this happened. He played all sixteen games the next season. But that being said, he's getting another surgery. So that didn't solve the problem. It was sort of it was a stopgap and the larger issue remains. And so whether or not this is going to result in an Andrew. Luck like comeback. That's an aberration. That's not. That's not the norm. When you are a quarterback in Yuma, massive shoulder surgery. The likes of which he would need presumably if the 'nother clean out like this doesn't work. There's no guarantees. And so this is going to be something that they need to worry about. And so as whatever the the next heir apparent is at the quarterback position. The only thing I'll say this is not the year for them to try to shore it up via the draft. It's a really thin class. If anything they've got to find out who they have enough money to go try to get whether it's a Fitzpatrick, or a Bridgewater a guy who's a veteran who can compete and can can step in if he can't go, and that's really what it comes down to him. And I think if I'm a franchise right now that like the Panthers I just send out a letter to my season ticket holders. It says. Sorry, that's all it says the top not a great year for quarterbacks. We wanna see how this camping works out. So might be a rough year, but it could work out. Really well in the end sorry. I mean, there's just no easy way to handle it. And you're right. I think they're going to. End up being in the market for somebody that after the free agency period is cool. They're going to be looking for somebody. They can get on a one plus one sort of deal one year, plus an option that they'll pay a ton of money to and and unfortunately, I just don't think they have any other way around it there just isn't an easy solution. So I if the best case scenario here is that cams healthy. And if that happens, then it doesn't really matter how they handle this right now, it's preparing for the worst case that they have no idea how to handle it this point. They can't know because it's such a valuable piece he's going to cost so much and he's still just entering the prime of his career Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz, Sarah, you pointed out something really brilliant as we were sitting down putting the show together. And you know, of the many things I said of the many things so there's this moment where you say. Okay. We're about to hit the Australian Open finals, and I say, you know, audibly, where's my level? Okay. Fine. Australia open, and we get it all in joke of it. All right. Yeah. It's a, but you made a great point not in the Australian. But not on the men's side. But on the women's side of how important the AUSSIE final actually could be because you have no Naomi Osaka against Petric. Almost almost did it I almost made it through against a bit of a in. What is really a key matchup for Asaka? Because a lot of us have sort of a memory of her last big final that is by no fault of her own semi tainted. Yeah, it's actually huge for both of them. Naomi? Osaka is exciting for a number of reasons. You know, she burst onto the scene with that victory over Serena which tainted though, it might have been certainly got her a lot of attention, and right really opened up people's eyes to this possible new superstar, and she's been excellent sense, then, but she's still searching for that title without the drama without the question marks without the breakdowns about whether or not Serena was wronged by cherub. So that's huge. We get this story line of Naomi Osaka who will probably be competitive for years to come. Petra Vivus story is also fascinating because a couple years ago twenty sixteen she suffered a intruder situation at her apartment where she literally had to fight the guy off using her hands and suffered massive damage to her hands from a knife. So this this knife-wielding guy breaks into her home, and she has to undergo all of this rehab and surgery on her hand. And now she's trying to become this woman who's fought back from this to win. She hasn't lost a single set the entitled entire tournament. She's played two hours less of tennis than Osaka has needed to get to this point. So she's on a tear. So kind of either way you look at it. You're looking at a woman who has a ton to gain beyond the fact that whoever wins is also number one in the world that well, and I think that's the huge part of it right there. Not just for these two women, but also for women's tennis because what we're looking at for tennis in general or for young superstars to start to emerge, and that has to happen at some point. There has to be. Passing of the guard the worst possible situation for tennis is to end up in a Gulf situation where tiger has been so dominant for so long, and we just haven't latched onto any of the young personalities the way we want to or we wish we could or the way anybody. That's just casual cares about these sorts of matchups when when you're looking at these sorts of matchups you're looking at the opportunity for a baton baton passing of some sort. And I think that's important for women's tennis. Not just for these women. But for the sport is a whole and to be fair. We are not allowing Serena to pass the baton just yet. No, right. We're we're in we're in practices. She she's allowed to relay the baton to Asaka in practices, and we are not willing yet for the race to occur. Wherein? She fully gives it up because she has been really close in every pretty almost every effort. She has had post pregnancy almost every tournament. She has been very close. So I'm not ready to say that Serena's done. But I do think we want these challengers to be concurrently competing. We don't want to have to wait after Serena's done and be waiting around for another big name. Another name that we are drawn to Sloan Stevens is somebody that I think we all would love to see kind of pick up some of the slack. She's got a ton of the likeable qualities and is an amazing tennis player to watch. But Asaka similar to that. Right. You've got someone that I think could be a big star. If she manages to, you know, loop together a couple of successes and stay in the forefront of people's minds in terms of tennis. And with that being said, sir. I think the best way for the baton to pass win passes. And I'm with you. I don't think we need to rush that process. But the best way for it to pass is a sort of a back and forth wrestling between right exactly because what we want. You want this moment? Whereas like Serena's a little better now, maybe Asakusa a little better. Now, maybe Serena's a little better, and it goes back and forth so much that it helps rises star. And it's I know this is cheesy analogy, but they talk. About an a wrestling. Like at some point a one generation has to intentionally give in to the next generation to create a star. No, that's manufactured, but it's manufactured because it works like, my they're not gonna do it. No tend to know. But you're right. That would be the way we would want to see this all go down. Right. That's the way that it captures the world with a winning her last one. And then being like, all right. I'm good. Yeah. Yeah. Well and some acknowledgement that it's like this epic matchup that goes, you know, makes history. Then we've got the the star we need straight ahead. James harden, seems to be doing everything on the court right now. But I'll tell you something he shouldn't do. We'll talk about an ex pain and Fitz on ESPN radio.

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5 Pension Time Bombs  Part Three

Rich Dad Radio Show

40:41 min | 6 months ago

5 Pension Time Bombs Part Three

"This is the Rich Dad. Radio show the good news in bad news about money. Here's Robert Kiyosaki. Hello Hello Robert Kiyosaki. The Rich Dad radio show broadcasting from Gorgeous Old Town Scottsdale Arizona where to heaven or hell and right. Now it's having. Everything's perfect perfect perfect and today our subject is It started off as a five piece. Subject is called. Who stole my pensions. And the more we do these things the number of people coming out of the woodwork. Who went to tell their stories about what happened to the. Pensions keeps growing. So let's start off as a five program of five unit program is now going to ten and the reason it's important for all of you. Listen to this. You know the story about the pension time bomb is because it is the biggest story that nobody knows about. And it's only now making the news. And the reason pension time bomb is so important because as much like this corona virus and all that is a systemic problem like chronic viruses. About you and me. Getting the SNIFFLES. It's about the whole supply chains breaking down all over the world which will cause crashes all over the world. This is number three as start off as a five unit program and now it's expanding so app some very exciting people who just want to tell all and let the world know how this pension program is going to blow up and it's GonNa bring down the biggest crisis bigger than corona virus bigger than the subprime of two thousand eight and Becker than they Student Loan Program simply says you've been ripped off. That's that's really what's happening here being ripped off and one of the ways that Wall Street the US government and the banking system. Reps this office via our pensions so stay tuned on the Rich Dad. Show have more of these programs come to let you know how Wall Street the government and the Crooks of the world have been stealing our wealth via different vehicles and our this vehicles pension. One of them is student loan. One is your home mortgage one is the stock market. So this is a very important series of programs started off as five and what might stop at ten whenever no so our guest. Today again is tense Adele. Here's my co author on the book. Who stole my pension and our second gases. Mark Rain and Mark. Green is in the book who stole my pension and mark is a thirty year veteran a ups driver from upstate. New York he is former. He is formerly the organizer and president of the Teamsters Alliance for Pension Protection Aka T. a. p. p. a. grassroots pension watchdog organization mark led to raise funds to perform the first ever forensic investigation of a union multi employer plan the New York State teamsters conference pension and retirement fund. They are robbed blind. So Ted. Let's start with you because you're my co author on who stole my pension. Please give them a little little bite. Your background about why you and I are interested in pensions. My Dad didn't have a pension poor dad and your dad that have a pension so please introduce yourself tent and then how you got interested in. Pensions sure thanks Robert. My background is I'm a former. Fdic attorney and I have done over a trillion in forensic investigations of pensions. And some of the first investigations. Ever done and one of the things that I uncovered it in these investigations. Is that the reason these pensions were? Failing was not because not enough. Money was going into them or the benefits. Being paid out to workers to rich was because the people running the pensions were grossly. Mismanaging the money what we call Bros. Malpractice generally crafty and For the investigation ideas more threes. Pensions The New York State. Teamsters pension is in the book In the exhibit to the and that was the first forensic investigations of over one hundred. Twenty one multi employer pensions. That are going to be taken over by the government and so that was the first one that was ever done so and also You know like my dad lost his pension because of corruption again in government and he ran for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Hawaii and got crushed and lost his pension. And what up until your dad? My Dad was working in the intelligence community so he disappeared in nineteen seventy one in east Africa and it turned out he'd been murdered in Africa in doing an investigation for the American government of being the brutal dictator so since he just could not be found his life insurance wouldn't pay social security wouldn't say his state couldn't be pro baited so there was nothing available for those of us in the survivors of the family. Also so he had no mention either so so one of the reasons I think Ted ireson paddock. Oh you know brothers on this project. A book called. Who STOLE MY PENSION? Is that our fathers. Had their pensions taken. And we're very concerned at this moment. There's many mothers and fathers who will find out if if they already have not found out they have no pension and that's why the but it's more than just a pension is the ripple effect like the corona virus is going to have upon the whole system of the world economy so mark grain Plea thank you and welcome to the program. And I'm glad you raise the money to hire Ted's saddle to go in after the pension so tell us your story Mark Place. Thank you for having me on. I really appreciate you guys working on this project and bringing attention to this pretty serious issue which is affecting us in upstate. New York and of course the whole country so You know how I met Ted. You know it started back in two thousand ten actually the story. We have to step back. A little bit are fun. Started sending US letters in the mail saying We were under sixty five percent funded which is critical status so there was a law passed under the protection. Act of two thousand six. It said the trust. These hasn't make benefit cuts and implemented funding improvement plans. So that's what we first started forming committees. That's when I started getting people together calling attention to this problem and we saw a lot of irregularities with the trustees with telling US misleading statements and we call them out on so as the years went by kept saying. There's enough money in plan to pay low the commerce fabulous and you have nothing to worry about. That's what they were telling people publicly. This is thirty. Four thousand member plan with three or four thousand families involved. Keep in mind privately. They were telling us that the fun needed a fourteen percent. Investment returns every year for the next ten to fifteen years just to break even and not take that step so we knew they were not being honest with the participants. So we had these meetings parking lot meetings town halls and we started raising money in two thousand sixteen to get some inter interventions and. That's where Ted Payments. So thank you ted. I appreciate your work on this investigation and unfortunately we find that the plan was grossly mismanaged and now. I can't retire. You know me along with thousands of other people can't retire because the benefit is way too low and so That's the story as of right now. We can't get the money back but certainly wants to reform of pension legislation to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Didn't your pension benefits get slashed in half so the the tiers of cuts are kind of complicated to explain my case when was hired at ups. I was promised pensions thirty years. I leave at any age. Last year was forty eight years old. I just turned forty nine if I were to leave right now. My Attention Cup between fifty three and fifty seven percents and the numbers I received is twenty three hundred dollars a month however the reality is based on what we see right now is that as our fund is on life support and the PBGC. Which is the insurance back stuff the federals insurance program. The fact stuff these pensions. My maximum benefit will be twelve thousand. Eight hundred seventy dollars per year. Actually twelve thousand seven hundred eighty dollars for years. I mean that's a thousand dollars a month. Yeah that's a thousand dollars a month and it's it's really less than that. It's it's more around nine hundred for that's proactively you know adjusted so that's the reality for people that are watching pension closely. We're looking at the numbers we do not think. It's going to emerge from of the critical declining status. It's in especially with this market volatility you mentioned thrown of Iris Routes Volunteer. Very bad or a plan like ours. So I'm looking at less than a thousand dollars a month so I'm forced to stay working after of this job so now. Let me get the math. Because I'm never at math in school. So you're expecting. If you spent thirty years at ups you'd be making approximately five thousand dollars a month when he retired after thirty years. And what you're saying is now. After thirty years it might be less than a thousand. That's that's what corrective huge haircut if a huge cut considering that a my behalf which was was money contributed through wage deferrals stagnating wages employer contributions from ups. Almost five hundred thousand dollars was put into this account on my behalf so just look at thousands of other fulltime workers. Five hundred thousand. What's what does that translate into over thirty years? Investment return on six percent? Let's say and now I'm being told a thousand a month while I'm being told twenty three hundred but realistically if the plan goes insolvent nine hundred dollars a month. It shouldn't be happening. It's a fortune five hundred something. That's you know having It's earning record profits so we we have a big problem here. Obviously so that. And that's when you raise the money and you hired Ted. Saddle and Ted stepped in again once again. Ted's qualifications are here's a former SEC attorney. So he sees it from the inside looking out as Ted when you stepped in to mark grains ups driver pension. What did you find? Well I tell you Robert the most amazing thing. That's the guest go was. What I found was fifty newsletters that the people running the pension were sending to the memberships. People like more truck drivers will kept saying as as late as like a two thousand fourteen. There's plenty of money in the pension. Don't worry about. You're getting paid the pension benefits. You've been promised so up until a just a couple of years before. They informed the membership. They were not forty to get their money. They were affirmatively. Promising in these newsletters Beth. There was plenty of money there and Members shouldn't worry so if you're in any pensions in this country's corporate or government pension and you're being told there's plenty money they don't believe it do your own analysis but that was one of the most shocking things high found gets you was they. They were within a year or two of of declaring insolvency. They were telling the members there was plenty of money there and then the actual investigation showed that they were gambling hugely in hedge funds and other investments At the end they were losing the terribly the closer the pension got towards insolvency the greater the risks. The people running if we're taking which is the exact opposite of what you should do when you're running out of money so once Barbara Cusack. The Rich Dad radio show once again. This program was initially conceived to be in support of the book that Ted Salon I wrote. It's called who stole my pension. It was going to be a five part series and I had no idea how big this problem is and I don't think the world knows how big it is as so the five part series is now expanding out the where my roommate from Vietnam is now going to speak up. And he's a congressman the United States. And he you know he and our pilots and many of my fellow pilots lost their pensions. Also but nobody's talking about it so that's why the Rich Dad radio program and the latest book told my pension are crucial. Because you're gonNA find out how pervasive not only in the US but all over the world our. Pensions HAVE BEEN STOLEN. Ripped off so we come back with bitcoin little in a little bit more test. Talk about what he's found whereas money disappeared to mark's going to be talking about how he's adjusted or life without pension after working for thirty years as a loyal employee and to find out. Somebody know our pensions. We'll be right back. Hey Rich Dad. Listeners it's rob the producer of the rich dad radio show. Do you know the question that Robert and Kim are asked? Most I have five hundred dollars. What should I do with it? It's a frustrating question because most people cannot do it. Robert and Kim do and that is invested in large multifamily apartments. Here's the problem. That type of real estate investing requires a level of wealth that takes most of us out of the game however there is a way for anybody to do it. And it's called fund drive fundraisers and online real estate investing platform allowing investors of all levels to purchase and create high quality real estate portfolios and ultimately reap the long-term cash flow and value creation benefits historically provided by private market real estate through their cutting edge technology and low cost model fundraise enables you to instantly access hundreds of high quality high potential private market real estate projects from high rises in DC to multifamily apartments in la all handpicked by fundraisers in House team of professionals. But now no matter. What kind of investor you are fund rise makes it simple to build a more perfect portfolio? So are you ready to get started? Visit fundraise dot com slash rich debt. That's F. U. N. D. R. I S. E. DOT com slash rich to have your first three months of fees waived again. That's fundraise dot com slash rich. Dad Don't be like Charlie Charlie. Is that do-it-yourselfer? Who Does himself in do it? Yourself is good for tile and grout it is not good for asset protection. Charlie thought he'd save a few dollars forming his LLC online with no guidance he did it wrong when he sold the property. He lost thousands and thousands of dollars. He did himself in by trying to do it himself. Don't burn yourself us. Corporate direct to set up and maintain your LLC's INC's corporate direct is owned and operated by Attorney and Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton Garrett wrote the bestsellers loopholes of real estate and start your own corporation. He is Robert Kia Sakis attorney for asset protection. He and his team will do it right. Visit them at corporate direct DOT COM or call. Eight hundred six hundred one seven six zero mention rich dad and receive one hundred dollars off your formation fee that's corporate direct dotcom corporate direct DOT COM. Welcome back Robert Care. Second Radio show the good news and bad news about your pensions and once again. The book promoting right now. What's called who stole my. Pensions and Sarah Hair might reduce with well. Do a little five part series help promote the bulk was telling my pension and promote the more people come out of the woodwork. Saying I've been screwed. I been screwed. This is what's going on and the reason this is important show. Is Pensions Make? I think it's a fourteen trillion dollar shortfall in the US alone. That's bigger than Bernie Sanders Plan of how to get free medical to everybody. Sorry guest today Ted Sydell again. He is Michael. Laughlin who stole my pension is a former. Sec Attorney Securities and exchange attorney. And he's a leading whistle blower on. How these pensions are ripping people off and our special guest. Today is Mark Green. Who is part of the book who stole my pension and mark is a thirty year veteran of ups this year he should have been retired for at approximately five thousand a month? Which you know you can live decently on five thousand a month but now is down to less than nine hundred a month. And so we're GONNA find out from from Ted Saddle where the money go and secondly for Mark Green. What are his plans now? The good thing is mark is still a young man. If you're an old guy like me you're in serious trouble so anyway ten. What happened to the money? Well you know. Wall Street always has a solution to any problem and wall. Street's solutions to pension underfunding about ten years ago was passed more money. So what Wall Street did was approached all of these tensions and said the only way out of this severe underfunding. It's a gamble more. And so they created some of the highest cost highest risk investments ever devise on Wall Street Hedge Funds Private Equity Funds Venture Capital Funds and fund of funds all kinds of Secretive high risk high costs investments. Ten sold them to pension saying this world. This is the way to gamble. Gamble your way out of insolvency well according to the war Gambling is not a solution to underfunding it. Just almost always resolves. Neilan greater and how many how many of these. Pensions are in trouble in the United States. Right now right now. There are one hundred thirty or so Multi employer pensions life to New York. State teamsters pension mark grains is a member of that are slated to be taken over by the government in near future. That's all one hundred thirty and Chins corporate tensions that the half over a million workers and of course their family members so if there are millions of people's lives were GonNa impact and Mark Rain When you talk to people today about what happened to you after thirty years with ups and your pension and cut from about five thousand to less than a thousand two people said who do they believe you or do they not denying. This can't be happening. What happens when you tell them that I said earlier? It's it's very Curious how A fortune five hundred company reporting record profits can have. This kind of situation has to its work. It's it's baffling so people don't get it. They don't believe it but it's reality It's it's really happening. We were the first group in upstate. New York the first You know few thousand workers from ups to see these cuts and We have a backup plan at this point and unfortunately we can stay working at a at a job like this because you know I'm not sure if anyone's heard but ups has you know. There's there's a special insurance classification that's Osha has given. Ups workers it's called industrial athletes. And that's been given for a reason because our bodies sustain life altering injuries a lot of repetitions lot of heavy lifting degrade paying jobs. There's a cost. There's a price in you know your body. Is You know how young do athletes retire? We see when they retire. They're retiree are very young and so working into your late forties fifties. It's just not doable. So a lot of people are retiring early with a greatly reduced pension. So I'm not gonNA be able to stay I'm going to have to Leave early and take that cut. You know I have a backup plan. Fortunately and a lot of other people do also thank goodness. So what is your plan cassette? You're relatively young man but for the I'M A. I'm a tip of the baby boomer generation. We're pushing seventy two seventy three now. Like with trump and What is your plan at forty eight? Well my my my plan is a investing real estate so I work sixty hours right now at. Ups There's a lot of overtime. It's a great paying job and I I pretty much put that money into real estate investments grenfell properties so. That's sort of my backup plans because my pension was my 401k. I did not even participate in the 401K. Until maybe three years ago when we saw how bad this pension plan was now many would say well. That's your own fault you should have you know. You should've had a four one K. You should known better but Frankly I trusted the company. I Trust the Union and I didn't have. I didn't do a 401K. And that was my death. Five hundred thousand. I mentioned earlier. That was my 401k months. Okay so now. I'm playing catch up Working a lot of overtime and putting money into real estate investments and I can tell you right now. there's many of my colleagues doing the same thing working long hours and then we're going to retire and run our own businesses or do whatever so ted any comments and all. That are what what suggestions for people who might be in Mark's problem Max Challenge and they're all over the world. Please hear me. This is not a USO show. This is a global issue. Any suggestions Robert Robert. What what mark's talking about is kind of what you advocating which is create your own 401k or your own retirement income plan which in Mark's case it sounds like rental property And so that's a great alternative is to You know as much as you can and not everybody can do it. But as much as you can create your own type of retirement income who real estate as or or any other business opportunities but You know I it. It just shows that That If you have all your eggs in one basket you need to watch that staff closely or alternatively don't put your all your exit one basket and do like I you know hedge your bets by making other investments that. Perhaps you have more control so tell Damascus question. What happened to all that money? There was literally billions put into the fund. Where did it go? That money went straight to Wall Street. Who is through a wealth transfer? Basically Wall Street came knocking on the door of policies. Pensions and said we have a solution for your under-funding which is pay us. More money and There was a wealth transfer money out. The pension went straight from workers. Pockets through pockets of Wall Street billionaires. And you know the the the theory is gambling would pay off. It's been completely Demolished dummies gambling hasn't paid off. There's not a single tension in this country. That has soared in value because of the outrageous. Best they just outrageous best always with Adler and then. That's why we have your average state. Pensions only seventy percents. Funded so with a corona virus you know kind of putting the market in turmoil going up and down looking kind of blake you know but other thing too is that you know what we cover it and who's told by pension there's two kinds of pension and you cover the benefit which is which is the the benefit is guaranteed like mark was guaranteed. Let's say five thousand a month second is contribution was a 401k. Other people in four one ks any better off. 401k done terribly great. 401k experiment is started in the nineteen seventies and took off in the nineteen eighties with IRA's and 401K's which has immense investing in retail price mutual funds has forty years later Resulted in your average sixty five year old having maybe twenty five thirty thousand dollars saved for retirement and Chaffetz of workers have nothing today. That's not a retirement. That's no substitute poor attention. But that's where we're at today. And so ted if somebody belongs to what we call a defined benefit like Labor and Union or a Teacher's Union firefighter. Police officer pension doesn't help to call you at all to look at them or does it do any good or share weekend? Do it investigation. We do crowds funded investigations which we're workers Pledge like fifty dollars each and we do an investigation right now Recently I was contacted by the American Federation of musician whose pensions are being taken over by the government. These are musicians all over the country. Can you name some famous ones? I I don't know any of the famous flinch but I'm talking to a lot of them. Who are in They play and A number of them are Recording musicians of trauma Nashville but Be Of course. The most famous aren't really worried about the pensions. Because they've made their money Telling their music but the rank and file musicians need this pension desperately to to fund their retirement so going back to mark Marcus. A thirty year veteran of ups and the promise after thirty years might make five thousand a month and now it's down to under nine hundred mark. What advice would you give to young people who are counting on a pension? What would you say? Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Yeah Yeah I mean you have to diversify your investments like Ted said. Start Your own retirement plans And you know ask a Lotta questions you know. Don't don't be afraid to be labelled a traitor You know there was some people that were concerned that the by being a member of tap that they would be labeled a traitor for investigating their pension fund. But it's the best thing you could do And frankly the Department of Labor ask for more Bought it full scope bought. It's not limited scope audits full-scope audits and that's what we need. We need more audits. We need more people like pets Adele to investigate these plans and I hope people will heed that advice. So Ted Like I said we Saron. I ONLY PLAN. For Five of these things where people are coming out of the Woodwork. And so people are beginning to discover how big the problem is. But I was GONNA be one of those guys who flew for United Airlines and what happened to my fellow. I am so naive. I was at a a reunion with my friend. Congressman Jack Berkman for three star. General Jack Bergman northwest pilot. Captain Jack Bergman and I was at this reunion in Pensacola Florida. We all went through flight school. And I didn't know my my classmates could not retiree that because even though a high high paid pilots working for famous airlines. Their pensions got stolen. Also so Jack Willoughby one of her upcoming guests on the rich dad radio show so what happened to the pilots unions. Jack I mean Ted pilots duty at the same face. The biggest Tension Stale. You're in around. Two thousand. Six was United Airlines United Airlines dumped. Their pilots pensions And other tensions onto the federal government onto the PBGC's. I met ABC back then. And we offered to do a forensic investigation of what caused the pension to sail and the government said they didn't want it done We offered to do it for free on a contingency basis and they said ironically steak quote unquote. Couldn't afford a free investigate. So but you know Robert Florida. One of the double whammy is for pilots Federal law has had been for years. I think it's the change that all pilots have to retire by age. Sixty not only were these tensions. Not only were these tieless going to see their. Pensions CUT DRAMATICALLY FROM. Like maybe a hundred thousand a year or two forty or less thousand year. They were go like they couldn't keep working And I'm told that the pilots actually have a very high mortality rate I'm told because of radiation in the Kosten but anyhow it's it's doubly bad for pilots because they're only allowed to work a certain number of years and if your pension gets taken away from you in your fifties your screws guys Ribot Mitch. Rich Dad radio show and again. You Know Miss Sarah my producer here and we thought we do a five part series but this keeps expanding as people were a little pissed off at all this whole thing coming out of the woodwork. And the reason this is an important program. The Rich Dad radio program was corona virus and the stock market. Crash are big stories today but the biggest story of wall is what happens when these pensions collapsing. And they already have so. I want to thank Ted Sydell and Mark Rain for your contribution for Sounding the alert and and you know and I'll be I'll be back. Saturday will discuss what what people can do again. Thank you Mark Reina. Thank you Ted. And we'll talk to you later. Thanks very much thank you. So we'll come back. You know. Sarah what Kim is In South Carolina with her sister one of her sisters has passed away. Says she's Spending time with remaining sister. That's why under this program but we'll be right back looking back. Robert Kiyosaki the Vista Radio. Show the couldn't use them bad news about pensions. Your either your four one K. or you defined benefit which The fight which of the pensions for firefighters schoolteachers and police officers and labor union members. Am I thank Tessa? Dallas MY CO author and the book. Who's telling my pension. I recommend everybody gets that buck. Even if you're not about to retire if you are a child of a person who's going to retire you better know now quickly before you buy new roommate and they WANNA talk to mark green next. Thanks to mark. Read thirty veteran of ups and how they Said thank you about it much from five thousand to nine hundred a month volume thirty years of service. And so we're just going to recap the show so Sarah. What did you think of this? It was nice to have A. I don't WanNA call him a victim but somebody who this has impacted their life so greatly. I'm on the show because we we can hear from experts but I think it's a different perspective when you hear someone tell their story like oh? I was promised five thousand. Now it's less than a thousand and I think the truth is third people all over this country that this is happening to and they don't know what's happening not just as country it's the world world. It's the world in Australia. They just. They're just finding out now that they're banks have ripped off their pensions and they thought they were safe You know so. What do you see on social media? Because that's what you direct for us. People getting aware they head in the sand yet. I think at that I well my expectation was that because we have a younger demographic are watching the show and subscribing to our podcast that I wasn't quite sure you know that it would touch them as as deeply as it has. But shockingly. We've only as of this recording. Only one has actually aired. Today's airing is the Andy. Tanner episode but the people are coming out of the woodwork. Talking about I'm a firefighter in California. I'm a schoolteacher in California. I'm a schoolteacher in Illinois. I've heard from Who they they say. Or I know somebody who's seventy years old retired and their flu for united and their pension zero. I mean this is. This is something nobody's talking about but it's affecting so many people and in many ways you know. I think is interesting. That Ted sediles father was a CIA agent and he disappeared and so the family couldn't claim benefits and my father made the similar mistake. He he ran into the criminals of Hawaii. You know the governor and the legislature there. Because they're all in cahoots. I mean who is one of the most corrupt states in the nation? Every time I say that my friends hate me but you know sometimes truth hurts but anyway. That's why Hawaii has no Republicans at all inside their government and that's where Barack Obama comes from. It should tell you something about the state of Hawaii and you know I mean it's amazing. They don't fly the Cuban flag or the flag of Red China. But anyway. That's Hawaii for you you know. They're very pro-socialist pro-communist and My father fought that and that's when he got crushed so they were very important program. I don't really take sides. In this thing I agree with mark content. You know you'd better get your own. Put up your own plan. You know sorry you know. I'm almost talking about. Every employee should have their own retirement plan. Anyway here right well because rich. That doesn't offer for a one K. I mean that's because we don't believe in that and I think this I should we feed the stupid the right well and I think like Merck set. You asked Mark What's his plan? And he said why have other. I have real estate investments. Or He's he's was smart and prepared early not knowing that this would happen but but I don't. There's so many people who didn't who were relying on that word guaranteed. This is a guaranteed benefit. That was one of the comments in Youtube. That I've just read my. My mother was set. You know as promised this retirement promise means nothing right. So can you know a little five series pension time bomb series of expanding on Caucus said in a few weeks? We'll have my my own roommate from Vietnam where both carrier pilots together and Vietnam. And I. I love Marine Corps Lieutenant. He left the Marine Corps Lieutenant General. He went on to fly for North West and now he's a US congressman from Michigan. And he's going to be talking about what he witnessed as a pilot and now as a congressman of how Wall Street and even our US government and SEC with Ted worked for a lot of this sec attorney's GonNa work for the pension companies. Afterwards and Ted refused to do that. He's going to be a whistle blow on these guys. So that's our book who stole my pension and that's why this series used to be a five series. Now it's going to six seven eight nine ten. Maybe I think the most important program you can listen to because most people don't know what's happening yet and like Mark Green. He's already being proactive. And he's gone to fine but for those who are pretending. It's all GonNa be fine. I think you might be on cereal. Upcoming guests include Phoenix City. Councilman Sal Decio. He hates those guys a goat. He hates he's been fighting for for years. I know because we're local here in Arizona. But you know I know that that is something. He's very passionate so I'm excited to talk to him. Jack Bergman as you mentioned we have Can You mcelroy will be on the show to give solutions? So what can you do? And I think that's important for our listeners. To know and just the last message I'd like to put out to the to the listeners of this is these shows are so important and nobody's talking about him so please please please share these shows with your friends and family And just open their eyes to what's happening around them so thank us. I say in conclusion. You listen to the rich dad radio anytime anywhere on itunes or android or youtube if watching view of this program. Please leave us a comment like to hear from you. And all of our programs are archived at Rich Dad. Radio DOT COM. We just went archive them as a friend. Who is driving for ups right now? You may want to say. Hey listen to this program. Or somebody's a schoolteacher in California. Listen to this program or somebody's a firefighter. Listen to this program because early. You know what's going on the better chance of survival your head so once again. All of our programs are archived at Rich Dad. Radio DOT COM. He'll listen to it and share with your friends and he'd have questioned use Hashtag. Ask Rich Dad on social media. Thank you all for listening to this program.

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Day 924: On Mueller's warning on Russia & 2020, Trump says, "You don't really believe this?"

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

44:33 min | 1 year ago

Day 924: On Mueller's warning on Russia & 2020, Trump says, "You don't really believe this?"

"Tonight the president dismisses the warning from Muller that Russia's interfering in our elections and so he says he didn't raise it while on the phone with Putin. We'll go live to Louisville tonight as the Senate majority leader who has to win reelection back home in Kentucky to keep his job title is right now angrily trying to shake off his new nickname Amo Moscow Mitch and for the Democrats after last night's friendly fire debate where even Obama was under attack impeachment talk is still rowing and their hopes are rising in Texas of all places with a big name retirement making news tonight all of it as the eleventh hour gets underway on a Thursday Thursday evening good evening once again from our N._B._C. News headquarters here in New York. This was day nine nine twenty four of this trump administration and it was something the president said this afternoon that got our attention late today. This was in response to a question gene about the ongoing Russian attack on our election system the warning that was just repeated by Robert Muller just a few days ago. I don't really believe this. You believe this okay okay bye. We didn't talk about that. I spoke with President Putin of Russia yesterday. They're having massive fires in the in their forests have tremendous. I've never seen anything like it is very big. I just offered our assistance because we're very good at putting out forest fires frankly well. I watched Muller. I'm not sure Muller knows what's going on. You want to know the truth but all I do know he said no collusion with us no collusion and ultimately no obstruction auction because it led to no obstruction by a very smart group of people including our attorney general so <hes> no collusion no obstruction as far as muller's dollars performance you would have to say it was maybe not so good about that first response by the president. You don't really believe that never never before has our country felt more vulnerable to attack in real time in this case because we've been told were under an ongoing attack in real real time while at the same time that view is not shared by the head of our government who took the oath about preserving and protecting our way of life his view now how famously extends to his enforcer in the Senate who has now been tagged with the nickname Moscow Mitch born in this very studio for not even allowing election hardening legislation to be brought up for a vote before the Senate. Don't take our word for it. It was just last week. The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report that concluded Russia targeted election systems in all of our fifty states then this past weekend we learned that the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats will step down later this month trump famously on publicly sided with Putin overcoats while he was alongside alongside the Russian leader there in Helsinki and for good measure here is how Robert Muller summed up the ongoing attack from Russia. Is this in your investigation do think that this was a single attempt by the Russians to get involved in our election or did you find evidence to suggest they'll try to do this again or attempt come to they're doing it as we sit here and they expect to do it. <hes> during the next campaign it was right after that testimony from muller that McConnell blocked the election security legislation in the Senate earlier this week he defended the move in the face of attacks from Democrats and the news media will have much more more on that later on meanwhile after fending off attacks from Democrats in last night's debate for debate former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to reporters today. Hey about Donald Trump's very narrow pass to victory back in two thousand sixteen. If I get the nomination I will win Michigan. I promise you that I will win Pennsylvania. I Will Win Ohio. I will win these states that he got seventy. Two extra thousand votes talk to give himself an election look folks. It's not the resist great migration to him. It didn't occur we're talking about seventy two two thousand five hundred votes in three states changed otherwise Hillary Clinton President with a margin over three million votes and on the upside this moment almost got not by US tonight a seemingly monumental update from the president at his rally on our national health. This is from Cincinnati tonight tonight. The things were doing in our country today. There's never been anything like it. We will be ending the AIDS epidemic hammock shortly in America and curing childhood cancer very shortly so we've got that going for us and here for our leadoff discussion on a Thursday night Philip Rucker Pulitzer Prize winning White House Bureau chief for The Washington Post Former U._S.. Attorney Joyce Vance who spent twenty five years as a federal the prosecutor and Philip Mudd former deputy director for both the CIA counterterrorist center and the F._B._I.'s National Security Branch. She also happens to be the author other of the new book that we'll be talking about later in this hour it is called black site the CIA in the post nine eleven world good evening and welcome to all of you Mr Stor Rucker. I'd like to start with you. You don't really believe that was kind of a toss off answer by the president to a subject that defines finds who we are and what we've become now so much so that in the legal realm unjust social media last night in the public domain the box went to work with a messaging trying to foment racial division just in the hours after the democratic debate yea Brian this is not some sort of partisan point of view. This is fact according to our intelligence agencies according to all of our intelligence agencies. It's not just special council former special counsel Robert Muller who testified to it but the president's own handpicked intelligence chiefs including Dan Coats to former or soon to be former summer director of national intelligence who had been warning for several years now that Russia is continuing to try to interfere in our election. We'll try to do so again in twenty twenty me and that other countries may follow suit. This is a profound serious threat to American democracy but it's also one that the president does not take seriously we've seen it time and again where he has denied that Russia denied the intelligence that Russia has tried to interfere in the election and it's all rooted in his own feelings about his own election his insecurity that by admitting that Russia did this interference campaign it would somehow de-legitimize trump's electoral victory so that's been a sort sort of blinders for the president enjoys fans something that speaks to your line of work just before we came on the air our friend Ken Vogel at The New York Times tweeted out this new new court filing Rick Gates is still cooperating with prosecutors and is a potential witness in the trials of Greg Craig for lying about Ukrainian and work Roger Stone for lying about wikileaks and Paul Manafort for loan related fraud in New York Joyce. What does this mean? What's the takeaway here other? Even the fact that legal jeopardy continues Rick Gates seems to have been one of the most successful cooperators the molar investigation instigation produced. I don't think that there's anything very surprising here Brian. We knew that he would cooperate. The beginning work on a pre sentence. report is is relatively routine. It has to happen before a defendant can be sentenced. He has to have access to it sufficiently in advance to review it and make any any objections he might WanNa make I think the biggest piece of information we get out of this filing is that apparently gates's cooperation is coming to an end. He won't for for instance apparently be a witness in anything to do with the inaugural investigation. That's widely believed to be underway or any other federal cases and now phil the mud by way of welcoming you here. This is where your life's work intersects with the news today when you hear the president say you don't really they believe that do you what happens inside you internally and part B. What's the reality it's it makes me hurt? I spent twenty five years doing this. The president has three responsibilities here number one. Somebody's got to confront the Russians. That's that sits in the Oval Office. Clearly presents not going to do that number to the boring part of this. This is if you want to confront this. Somebody's gotTa bring a hammer down on the bureaucracy homeland security f._B._I.. C._I._A.. They don't work together extremely well unless somebody the Oval Office says guys women. Sit Down and let me tell you what to do in the last part. The part where clearly missing is somebody's got to tell the American people especially when the margins of victory in these states are so small law. Here's what to watch out for. There's only one spokesperson for America. That's the president he's telling people. Don't worry about it. How are your colleagues in the business dealing with this kind of talk? I think when you're in the business you look at the leadership that you have most most colleagues I have don't meet with the president in that. Leadership has to represent the truth in the CIA. I know the director I guarantee you. She's sitting there saying we've got a mission objective that mission objective objective doesn't change regardless of Democrat Republican. It doesn't change regardless of whether the president tweets so it's demoralizing as someone who spends a career in the service for the president to attack attack you. He's attacked me personally but at the same time the mission is so compelling if you're sitting there looking at the Russians trying to come after an election system regardless of what the president and says you're going to be motivated Joyce Vance among a muller's legacies I guess it it must be said he warned at the start art and at the finish of his nine minute press statement he warned in print for all to see and he warned as recently as the the questioning with will heard who's in the news tonight in a way we'll get to later in this hour about the ongoing attack so his Legacy Must Austin include the fact that he was loud and he was clear on just this topic. This always seemed to As you pointed out reiterated it in that nine minutes statement and again I thought that that was the most forceful part of his testimony. I guess it was only last week where where he wanted to make certain that people knew that not only had there been attacks and that was the conclusion of all seventeen of the agencies in the intelligence community Russia had attacked our election molar wanted to make sure that people knew it was still ongoing and that it would be a threat in twenty twenty so shame on the president for trying the set aside for his own political purposes Phil Rucker. Let's talk about the president's nominee to be director of national intelligence. A man Dan who during the Muller hearing we all said in real time was seemingly auditioning for the job on live cable television television. It is said that his nomination is in trouble. It is further said for Republicans who don't want to cross the president they could maybe find good would reason in his resume to go against this guy. Tell our viewers what you know yet Bryan so there's increasing doubt about his nomination because of if the investigation going on into his background by so many news organizations and my colleagues at the Washington Post Shane Harrison Greg Miller have a piece out tonight that says you know his top qualification for this job is his role on the House intelligence committee but he has effectively been a wall in that role he has that's not gone on any of these overseas trips to look at the American spy capabilities overseas he breezes in and out of meetings. He doesn't spend a lot of time. I'm in the classified reading room. <hes> becoming familiar with documents he also doesn't pay a lot of visits to the U._S.. Intelligence agencies that he would be directing deny. He's not really known at the CIA. He's not really known that these other agencies and the collective feeling within the intelligence community when he was nominated what's who this is according to their reporting Phil Mudd. I'm imagining the learning curve to be Director of national intelligence is steep. I also want to point point out. There is a deputy under deny coats stood up ready to go ready to serve day one. She didn't get the nod yeah. I think there's a couple couple things you need to think about. We're talking about experience. Clearly this individuals light on experience. I suppose you can learn on the job at some of the people who've been in that job bring tons of experience. They didn't have to learn the question I would ask is not as much about experiences is about judgment look at what the president said today raising questions about Russian interference going into an election and cycle and then you have presumably someone who's going over. There proven to be a cheerleader for the president. Is he going to say this new nominee. Is he going to say to the intelligence can be I'll speak for you. I'll defend you or is he going to go in front of a committee and say I know the Intel guys are concerned about Russia but I think the president's right I'd be worried about judgment about whether he'll reflect facts or presidential politics what must be the reaction in a place like Russia to a day like today that we have just witnessed in this this country just from the standpoint of cost benefit analysis. They've spent nothing and they've burrowed firmly into our society and politics politic look cheap covert action. You could do it remotely overseas obviously intruding and computers the cost the Russians have had has been relatively modest and I think one of the reasons that the the special counsel was warning about this is not just today the future. Let me give you a quick scenario. You're running for Congress for the third fourth term and you benny heavy proponent of sanctions against Russia. The Russians hate you. I'm creating. This is a scenario. I can see a scenario where the Russians start to steal information not just to affect global or national national politics but about you personally financial information information from your emails just to seed it into facebook or twitter. I'm worried about the future and how refined these operations nations get from overseas to attack politicians. Individually we just seen chapter one Brian Oh boy that's a heavy subject. That's why we've asked filled a stick around. He'll be joining us the back half of the hour for now to Philip mudd to Philip Rucker to Joyce Vance our thanks for starting off our conversation tonight coming up pressure on the Mitch McConnell building as the Democrats see a new opportunity to push him out of the halls of Congress or dream about it. They certainly have given him a new nickname and later another missile launch from North Korea to which the President says in response no problem as we call it around here a Thursday night the eleventh hour just getting underway Moscow Pitch Moscow Mitch that being Mitch McConnell of Moscow Kentucky Moscow Mitch Blocks Two bills Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch Rich keeps killing any bill that would protect American democracy but I wanNA talk about Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch he is aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin's ongoing attempts to subvert American Democracy Moscow Mitch won't even and let the Senate take a vote on it drives on American that just this past Friday left such a mark that it's now possible to say this this if indeed the U._S. Senate passes bipartisan legislation to protect and harden our defenses against the Russians it may be thanks to former Florida Republican congressman and current M._S._N._B._C. Morning Joe Host Joe Scarborough Senate Majority Leader Mitch which McConnell is not happy to be heading back to Kentucky with a new nickname not this one McConnell is running for his seventh term of course he has to be reelected elected in Kentucky. I if he wants to stay majority leader yet he has blocked the legislation that the critics say would stop the kind of in for interference fronts Russia carried out in twenty sixteen hence the Moscow Mitch Nickname. It even got some airtime in last night's democratic debate. If Mitch McConnell is the one that lets them off the hook. We're going to be able to ensure they in peace in their house or but his friend Mitch McConnell Moscow geared toward him off the Hook The New York Times reports Mitch McConnell is quote incensed by the name and even more miffed that he has been called a Russian asset for wants Democrats seem to beginning to a man who has embraced his portrayal as Darth vader and the grim reaper overseeing a Senate graveyard for legislation that he opposes the Kentucky Democratic Nick Party is now capitalizing on this dispute selling items including but not limited to this t shirt with the words just say Nyet Tomasco Mitch this this week the majority leader publicly defended himself against those who questioned his allegiance in a speech on the Senate floor. I was called unpatriotic UNAMERICAN and essentially treasonous I was accused of aiding and abetting the very mad ob- singled out as an adversary adversary and oppose for nearly twenty years a lot of Putin welcome to Modern Day McCarthy is with us to talk about all of it tonight Philip Bailey daily political writer for the Louisville Courier Journal and Anita Kumar White House correspondent and associate editor of politico very glad to have you both Philip a special. Thanks for you for joining us from there. I don't know much but I know the good people of Kentucky. Don't love love Russia with that in mind. How much has this nickname in your view and in your reporting Philip Taken hold will look Senator Mitch McConnell loves a political fight? He brags about how he has six hundred cartoons mocking him in his Senate office. When Don blankenship the failed the West Virginia Senate candidate referred to some cocaine <hes> being on a shipping port he embraced that with cocaine Mitch t shirts so he has a pretty tough skin but the confidence of Senator McConnell that I've spoken with former aides current aids all tell me this has gotten to him a little bit here and that's because Brian other than perhaps his fight against campaign finance reform and free speech what cinema Cada holds really dear to him is sort of pro democratic views across the world but also his hawkish views when it comes to the alliance between the United States and Europe against Russia? He actually believes that that's a key point of his philosophical standpoint so I think this the issue has in this tagline of Moscow has gotten to senator McConnell in a way that previous criticisms had not Anita. I want to read you something. This is from Greg Miller's book the apprentice in which he describes a briefing that then C._I._A.. Director John Brennan gave McConnell. This is about Russian interference before the two thousand sixteen election action as Brennan moves through his talking points. The Kentucky senator expressed no alarm about what Russia might be doing in the U._S.. Election and instead dad accused the CIA director of playing politics. You're trying to screw the Republican candidate McConnell said Anita what could be a a motive here of being the blocker between us the American people the integrity of our elections and a piece of legislation designed designed to help that effort well people who have reported on this a little bit more have said that it could be a couple of different things in one of those things is that he doesn't want to get involved in state issue state elections that he never has wanted to do that but but as you've hinted there others have speculated or talk to people who've said that perhaps he is he is seeing something here that he doesn't want to give Democrats the upper hand that he sees somehow that Democrats could be using using this as more than an issue as we're talking about it but could be using it as an issue around the country so you know he's thinking of it as a partisan thing perhaps apps and doesn't want to get involved in that doesn't want to do that but as you have started to see just in the last day he is starting to hint that perhaps apps they will take something up Philip. Let's emphasize. One more thing has value to the president. He approved a another thirteen judges just before before this recess the count is up now to over one hundred forty in some areas of the federal bench. President trump has appointed a record number during his time in office so that in mind Philip when Democrats dream about beating this guy in Bright Red Kentucky. What do you tell them well? Don't really work out. Cinema always been unpopular when you look at poll numbers but he's often told me the only poll that matters is the one on election day aiming McGrath for a student a retired Marine fighter pilot certainly had some stumbles out of the race initially now. You're seeing different. Democrats Clean State Representative Charles Booker Kentucky Farmer mcbrayer Hoyer who entered the race Kentucky Sports Radio Host Matt Jones is thinking about it. They're all sort of thinking about it but at the end of the day cinema McConnell has an argument I think is very potent what he's Eh different meetings in Kentucky Brian now when he's at the national level when he's in Kentucky Too often tell Kentucky inns look when you look at the president and the four top leaders in Congress all all of them are from New York or California except me so not just representing Kentucky. I'm representing Middle America. It's a different kind of rural identity politics that senator McConnell place quite effectively so most of us here in Kentucky Still Have Mitch McConnell as the favourite however the Kentucky Democratic Party has noted they've raised about one hundred and thirty five one thousand dollars off those t shirts that you mentioned within twenty four hours and they're also seeing a lot of engagement from their party base here which could be an early indicator of that importance for that Race Fort Kentucky Democrats so there's a lot of energy around the race. I think if anything McConnell maybe worried about that being the early narrative which may explain why he's already going up with radio attack Ed's against a Mcgrath and State Democrats and Senate Democrats. Anita Republicans just aren't going to like this tonight I note Leningrad Lindsey has started started up toward Senator Graham because of his performance in committee today that will probably get under his skin back home in South Carolina <hes> but Anita and I don't mean to call for a judgment on your part what about the calculus what are the chances of what I laid out at the top of this segment being true that this could at the end of the day at the end of the recess actually result because of the trouble this causes actually result in the Senate taking up and finding sixty votes in favor of bipartisan election hardening legislation well as you just indicated they've left for or their recess so a lot of it depends on what they're hearing back in the states back home. I mean you've mentioned senator. Graham depends on sort of the reception. They get what people are really talking talking about so often. We talk about things here that are here in Washington that they're not hearing back home but if the Democrats are going to use this and it's resonating in in their states in their districts. I think that you might see that might see that happen when they come back and I think it really just depends on how the Democrats are GonNa look at this issue. Is this something they really want to push on and what these Republicans think this will do for them next year. Will it really hurt them. In their their own elections <hes> both senator McConnell and the rest of the elections that he's got to deal with obviously we're talking about his own election but remember he's looking at all sorts of other elections around the countries so as president trump those are things that they want to look at and <hes> you know the presidential election matter senator McConnell's election matter but so do their fellow Republicans election so I think it will really depend on what we see over the next few weeks when they're at home to our viewers. Both of these journalists do a great job but also have great jobs. Anita gets to cover for politics in Washington. These days Philip gets to cover politics in the home of the Senate majority leader to both of you good luck in your work we I hope to have you both back on the broadcast. Thanks for making our broadcast. This Thursday night and coming up trump weighs in on what we covered here last night on on the eleventh hour continues I was watching the so-called debate eight last night and I also watched the night before that was long long television Asian and the Democrats spent more time attacking Barack Obama then they did attacking me practically in this morning. That's all the fake news was talking about presents. I've got a couple of points. They're all bizarre debate last night. As a national audience watched the Democrats eat their young attacking each other attacking the last Democratic president while passing up opportunities to attack the incumbent president who was taking a victory lap on tonight in Cincinnati near the the end of the debate. They were asked about Robert Muller's testimony last week in the issue of impeachment. I believe that we in the United States Congress. Bush should start impeachment proceedings immediately. We all watched the his testimony. I read the report there are ten clear incidents of obstruction version of justice by this president and he needs to be held accountable. I've seen people go to prison for far less. Ten different instances that Robert Mueller has pointed out where this president doesn't either obstructed justice or attempted to obstruct justice and I believe that they should go forward with impeachment proceedings in the days following the Muller testimony at least two two dozen more Democrats have now called for impeachment proceedings of some sort to get underway according to the N._B._C. News count almost half of all House Democrats Democrats now one hundred seventeen support impeachment inquiry or vote against the president here with us tonight to talk about it. Tessa Berenson White House correspondent for Time Time Magazine and David Jolly just happens to be a former Republican member of Congress from the Great State of Florida has since left the house and his political party but he belongs out of the house tonight it because he's here with us in New York and Congressman. I'll begin with you number. One was last night proof that we don't have party-boss anymore because a party boss would probably say to all the coms directors so you're clear y'all have to attack trump right and by the way you should go home and run for Senate you should go home and run for Senate and you should go home and run for Senate is that what's part of what we saw last night yeah but I don't know that that is that uncommon an off year race when a party's he's out of power the Democrats are fighting for who they are right now I I had a very contrarian take to the last two nights. I think the first night was more concerning running for the Democrats because it exposed a lack of unanimity on ideology you know the first night was all about I'd Gulf the two lanes right the the Warn Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders Progressive Lane and then you had the moderate really trying to make their case and and so you left that night saying well who are the Democrats compared to last last night. I know if you're a Democrat you're worried that people it was the circular firing squad demonization of hours of I can tell you what I saw as persuadable voter and I think you're you're persuadable and maybe dim leaning voters saw I saw a lot of candidates last night that are ready to go toe to toe with Donald Trump. They can take some licks they can stay on the stage. They can deliver some licks they had opposition research on each other but they kept it all within the bounds of a typical debate. The cauldron only gets hotter from here. You have have to be tested like they were last night. I think we saw a lot of strength last night. I Know Democrats are saying hey stop beating up on your own but if you're somebody who may be an eighteen voted for Democrats Pratt and wants to reason to vote for Democrats again in twenty you saw a lot of strength on that stage last night Tessa. We're glad to have you back on the broadcast. What was the after action reporting coming from the various camps that you picked up today so you know I agree with a lot of what was just said and I think one thing that was interesting in terms of how the candidates appeared whether they could go toe to toe with trump you know it looked at the beginning of the week like we could see a situation where a lot of the debates would be dominated by talk of Love Trump's tweets about Baltimore and chairman comings and that actually really is not what we saw on one hand as we were just talking about you know you could see that as eating their own but on the other I think this is something that Democrats are going to have to wrestle with as they head towards the general election is how to come up against trump? Do you argue with him on his level. Roland get pulled into the the tweet storms and the inflammatory comments or do you keep at this stage advancing affirmative vision for how you would govern as president and for the most part they did criticize trump but for the most part they stayed away from his rhetoric and his inflammatory tweets at this point I think wary of making a mistake that Hillary Clinton did with her famous deplorables comment which of course came back to haunt her David Jolly in the studio last night. Claire mccaskill was among our guests and she in in <hes> in rare honesty for someone after a democratic debate especially a prominent Democrat admitted she had to mute the the debate at times. I WANNA play for you congresswoman Debbie Dingle who is from Michigan so I don't WanNa be negative. I love all all twenty of these candidates. Many of them are my friends but I was disappointed. In these two days of debate I think we had too much practicing of lines to take take jabs at people and not enough talking about issues that matter to work in men and women. You know you're in Michigan. Trade is a big issue. I quite frankly strongly. We believe that it's an issue that helped get president trump elected David. Is there a risk that the majority of the twenty over two nights have forgotten cotton or never learned how to talk to an America where the Ford F. One fifty is the best selling vehicle in our country and not the Tesla yeah there. There's there's a mistake I suppose and Debbie Dingle saw at that way Claire mccaskill saw it that way I didn't in fact I would point to Senator Kamala Harris in a moment of about thirty seconds where she she took the entire president's message on the economy deconstructed and re delivered it to those who are losing jobs in the AG industry and in the the automotive industry. I think we saw pieces of that last night again. I I like in this too. I was at this table on election night and the day after and twenty eighteen in all my democratic friends were lamenting. It was such a terrible time and maybe it was because they were expecting so much greater but I said to them. Hey you just won the house house. This is exciting. What I saw over the last two nights where twenty candidates who each person is a better person than donald trump both in their moral moral character and their command of public policy? We will naturally see this field winnow. We will see ten people in Houston. Not Twenty we also are seeing each of them. Rise to the moment. This is a process by by which each of them become presidential. I think we saw more of that. Last night I understand others didn't but I would just try to reassure my democratic friends. I think this was a good week for them. Sa Something to play for you because In come up and then tonight before the president's rally in Cincinnati the vice president brought up the issue. The Democrats haven't discussed <music> over two nights here it is oh we don't have it. I'm sorry it it was about federal judges all right. Tell us why you think that was not a part of the president's agenda so judge federal judges and appointing confirming conservative judges to the bench has become a huge legacy project for president trump and what I think is really interesting about it is exit polls from Two Thousand Sixteen showed that twenty one percent of voters said it was the most important issue too that when they cast their vote and those voters strongly favored trump so multiple people close to President President trump have told me that they really credit his promise to nominate conservative judges as being one of the key factors that put him over the edge and made him win in two thousand sixteen eighteen now the right has historically been more energized by this issue than the left better funded better organized but because it has become such a huge success for president president trump in conservative circles. He's already nominated to Supreme Court justices almost one hundred and fifty federal judges elsewhere in the country. I was surprised is that Democrats. Never mentioned it and I think it is a risk for them if they don't tackle this issue head on given how potentially decisive it was in two thousand sixteen yeah they did not use it as a rallying cry. Last two nights are thanks to our guests terrific conversation over just what it is. We have witnessed this week. Tesla Berenson David Jolly we greatly appreciate having both of you on coming up. He has been on the front lines of counter-terrorism since right after the attacks of nine eleven author and Intel veteran Phil Mudd back with us when we continue this is an uneasy time for the nation's intelligence gathering community the director of National Intelligence Dan Coats leaving in two weeks seeks the president's been critical of coats for that matter has been critical of U._S.. Intelligence gathering agencies. There's already controversy over who might at that job job next. Phil Mudd is back with us as we said he's the former deputy director of the counterterrorist center and the F._B._i.. National Security branch for good measure in his new book black site the CIA in the post nine eleven world Phil Mudd describes the many changes that agency faces and we quote after a half century of chasing the traditional targets of the post World War Two the agency now hunted an adversary that had no government sponsor no clear lines of control organization chart no well-defined capital or geographical center a hazy chain of command and equally fuzzy linkages linkages to affiliated groups across the Globe Phil. I don't think it will give too much away to tell the audience you begin with a fire in an elevator shaft laughed at Ya and Langley tiny event in the scope of things but that suffices for a kind of wake-up up call that was the wakeup call before nine eleven nine eleven arrives you warn the readers to remember kind of you had to be there you had to be in the moment that gets us to black sites describe what they are two of viewership of lay people and did they suit their purpose. Did they go overboard for a short period of time they did look at black site that black sites starting in in two thousand and two you have a simple question you take shakedown and Al Qaeda prisoner you have to you have to come up with a conclusion. You're going to take them home to the United States and prosecute a meter even if you don't have enough information to to bring him to trial. What are you going to do so the quickly agile organization quickly says we didn't have sort of a game plan for the post nine eleven world? We're going to create our own secret prisons overseas in our own interrogation program there are problems with the interrogation process especially early on as the book lays out the program assured that is the interrogation program matured but a simple proposition early on if you have a prisoner and you can't leave him in his home country. You can't bring it back the United States for trial. What are you GonNa do with them? That led to black sites. Tell tell us why every intelligence and interrogation professional knows the name Goal Rochman go Rochman was an an individual who was taken into custody in Afghanistan that was before the formal black site program began a sort of a prison in Afghanistan that held individuals Joel's managed by the C._I._A.. Go Rock Mon was put in a cell one night change of the floor and died of hypothermia. That was a wakeup call for the CIA. The is traditionally an intelligence agents gathering organization. They're involved hot in the fight for against Al Qaeda in the days and months and years after nine eleven all of a sudden you have a dead prisoner on your hands by accident but still still a dead prisoner. It led the step back and say we gotTA figure out how to professionalize detention program explained to the audience why late in your book the question comes up. What would your mother say? I talked to maybe thirty five or forty forty former colleagues. I wanted to take the reader back in time whether they like what we did or not say you should at least understand what was going on and look at it through the Lens. We looked at it through. One of the questions that I had was if you have to answer readers questions about whether this is right or wrong. I'm one of the elements that question is what are the ethics. The ethics are everything from U._S.. Law Down to what would your mom say and I thought that was a pretty good litmus test. What is your short good answer on what you've learned? We're both in the business of cable television. These days where we're talk is cheap and plentiful. What's the difference between those in on the cheap seats and those who are in the game every day? If you sat I sat at the briefing table every day most most of that time with director Tenet's and then four and a half years doing threat briefings with Robert Muller who became the special counsel. I think what the public doesn't recognize as they might see one tenth of one percent of what we would call the threat stream some kid in Atlanta or New York or Los Angeles who wants to blow something up but the volume of threat that is below that one tenth of one percent they see as this is early on it was deafening. I mean there's so much stuff. We couldn't keep track. I think we're in managing it better today but just the volume the day-to-day volume of businesses overwhelming. I'm a huge fan. I hate thank you work for the company. This is the book it is called. Black site the CIA in the post nine eleven world. Just I went on sale this week coming up for us. The president shrugs off North Korea's latest missile launch saying those missiles weren't part of the deal when we continue in the short range missiles. We never made an agreement on that. I have no problem. We'll see what happens are sure sure because <hes> these as a short range missiles we never discussed that we discussed nuclear what we talked about as nuclear those are short range missiles sure and a lot of other countries tests that kind of missile also the president's unconcerned by North Korea's most recent missile launch but let's repeat for emphasis. The North has launched two more missiles the U._S. military reconfirming. They showed off too short range missiles early Wednesday morning Thursday here in the U._S.. This is the third launch in eight days. North Korean officials say Hey Kim Jong UN himself oversaw this launch according to experts the rocket launcher system could enhance the North's ability to strike South Korea area including American military basis there of course Kim is apparently not happy the U._S. and South Korea are resuming those joint military exercises later this month. The missile launches may not trouble our president but they deeply worry our friends the Japanese and they violate the U._N.. When Security resolution coming up after another break the political world is wondering what's going on in Texas why there's more no reason to wonder tonight? There is last thing before we go tonight. It's officially time to ask what is going on in Texas. The news from there tonight is big. Republican congressman will heard is retiring. This is meaningful for a number of reasons starting with who he is and where he's from remember will heard who's questioning of Muller drew out that answer about how the Russians are hacking into our democracy right now as we speak something our our own president doesn't happen to believe will her like our guest tonight. Phil mudd is a C._I._A.. Veteran he was the only house Republican who survived reelection after his district went for Hillary and not trump his district by the way is huge the largest in Texas largely Hispanic eight hundred miles of border with Mexico which as you know has been in the news of late heard is the sixth house Republican to announce retirement in just the last two weeks he's the third house Republican from Texas to bow out in what is already being called the Texas and while most say they you want to spend more time with their families and for most that's true. It's also true that most would opt to stay in Congress if the math were better now house republicans. It's are losing their only black member. Two of their thirteen. Women members have decided not to run again. Texas Republicans have been whispering about seismic political change change in that state especially in suburban areas as twenty twenty rolls around and these retirements will be seen as a huge opportunity for Democrats but only GIF Democrats can get out of their own way flood the zone run good candidates with a big assist from demographics that are changing on the fly and that is our broadcast for this Thursday night. Thank you so much for being here with us good night from our N._B._C. News headquarters here in New York. Hey It's Chris Hayes from M._S._N._B._C.. Every day. I come to the office and we make television. Show an everyday I think to myself there's are so much more. I want to talk

president Democrats Robert Muller CIA Senate Russia Senator McConnell New York President Putin Donald Trump Philip mudd Kentucky Dan Coats Congress United States Director Mitch Moscow Mitch vice president Cincinnati
The Browns are dead & the Ravens are deader

Real_Sports: A Snapchat Sports Pod

48:17 min | 1 year ago

The Browns are dead & the Ravens are deader

"Welcome to episode thirty two of the snapback sports pot on this episode. We're talking Ravens get smacked by the rounds a full week for NFL RECAP and we're a quarter of the way through the season. We'll hand out some awards. Let's get it they feel rose wide open to the end zone Ricky Seals Jones with the touchdown turn for the in Cleveland up snapback FAM. I'm your host Jackson from snapback sports on snapchat with me as my fellow to and to co-host Abe able to go on you can call me too and to all you want but I'm GonNa way better spot than you are right now. Mr Browns are dead of victim number. One of I guess that's where you can call the Zombie Apocalypse Yeah so let's just address it head on the Ravens had beaten the dolphins in cardinals and we've lost two now the chiefs chiefs and the browns. My initial gut reaction was we're not very good. The defense is embarrassing. We Baltimore has been in their history only a defensive team. we got absolutely absolutely embarrassed today. Leading forty points the one bright spot Marlin Humphry really good corner. I saw the club him Marlon Marlon Humphrey really good a potentially convicted felon for attempted. He held Lovie J. cashless through three quarters he also he also held him by his neck. He obviously that clips tough to watch not knowing the whole situation lovie Jay did throw a punch earlier. Please go for a guy's neck if I got punched in the face that reasonable thing so you choke me out what would you want me to do. I don't know maybe throw a left. Hook doc right hope not dumb. He's not throwing punches at at people with helmets on anyways. Maybe some frustration there from the Ravens. Yeah got embarrassed like I'm saying I just think were probably not that good. The one thing we do have talent so there's a potential I turn around. I don't no no if I agree with that. The defense has a lot of town on that side of the ball. They're just plain horrible. The offense was fine today obviously Lamar and the Bolivar a couple times they were in garbage time. I'm not too concerned with that. Ingram fumble when we were looking to turn the momentum Lamar Stat Line looks looks really a lot better than it would have if he didn't get that garbage shine fifty yard touchdown to willies then you're looking at odds twenty four for thirty four one nine seven three or two touchdowns to interceptions. I didn't even say a thing about Lamar said our offense I know but I I know I know. Lavar didn't play okay well. Lamar hasn't played while two straight weeks by here's the thing we're going to the Owen three or four depending when when you're listening on this steelers and then we're home against the bengals will we probably be the worst foreign to team in. NFL history potentially but right we just gotTA turn around the same way. We don't really want to overreact week by week and that's what I was word for word. We adult WANNA react week by but you are. We learned on Mike. You are on the microphone a couple after week one after week one and declaring the Cleveland browns dead but no now we don't. We don't want to overreact because because we learned our lesson it's just week by the browns thing they won the Sorority also yes. They do any brown fan online it is. They think they want thinking that you won. The super bowl is like how the giants into reacted last week to beating the buccaneers. The giants are also tone to lumped in with the eagles. There's a lot of teams out there. That's why four weeks in let's just take it easy. Let's say let's get right into this week four recap and why don't we start at the top at the top of week four. Okay go for it. You got you. You got thirty so no no no one really cares the people in my Sherpa me all week did but hey you guys down to the Philadelphia Eagles so we came out. What did I tell you? I was never ever nervous about this game. Halfway through the first quarter were down. What was it fourteen? That's a lie that's a lie. I got multiple about let me finish my sentence. You had your time about the Ravens. Let me finish my sentence because I'm getting there halfway. The third volume will not about to tell the truth. You let me speak halfway through the first quarter was I thinking Wa is might be the saints game from last year sure was I figured we're GONNA lose. Forty six to ten sure was gonNA find a way to spend one in three eagles in the US making the playoffs sure but it just takes one plight every time miles miles booby sanders the big runback Carson though we didn't throw for the big yards that's this is probably his most impressive regular season. What will he doesn't have a playoff win so we'll call it his most impressive win of his career my opinion this in two years ago on the Road Against Carolina on Thursday night but hey there is a huge difference between two into one and three and now you go into Lambeau? I mean I mean I think the I think the the blueprint is out on how to it'd be Green Bay right. They can't stop the run. We learned that Jordan Howard of miles sanders toward the part the eagles ran for nearly two hundred rushing and they can't stop the run and they can't run the ball so that is a huge negative for their team it just I dunno Green Bay that whole. NFC North is a team of just a bunch of you know we call on this podcast. Check cuties. That's ridiculous. I said that on the last five cast and you're like no they're they're a legit division. They Jack Jack Stop. Stop Stop and I said all of them are able to compete for what it takes to to go to a roar win a superbowl but the car listening right that's definite Kaiser of most competitive division and on any given week anyone can beat anyone anyone in that division. You wouldn't be surprised that makes them the best division in football like look at the lines so we can we can start our recap after the Eagles too oh into now by the way have planned the just sex in good shape cowboys. You'RE GONNA lose tonight currently downtown nine but anyway look at the line today there are I think a lot of us are overlooking the lines lines now do you and I think that there are team that can win two playoff games on the road and went up playoff game obviously not but they gave it the chiefs today a great run for their money and I think they're surprising a lot of people this year especially I mean it didn't look so today but I duNNo. I watched that game start to a Finnish. Should I and I've never been the least impressed that I've had with mahomes today. He was missing throws all over the place granted a bad game for him is he threw for three hundred fifteen yards and didn't throw interception but he also didn't throw them but he was missing throws all over the place today and Kirk Lyons the they were all over him all game applying pressure all over them in the secondary and that's what I'm saying about the NFC north right there. None of them are GonNa go to the Super Bowl. We both agree on that because we have Trubisky who will get to I feel so bad for the kid we have Kirk my guy and we have the lions but none of them are going to go to the Super Bowl but they can be any given team the NFL on any given Sunday cool I mean I guess that's cool. Theoretically anyone anyone can beat anyone except for free I mean the the bucks went into Allah one so look like you're saying in Detroit Limited Kansas City like mahomes played horrible. They went on the road beat an undefeated team so funny. That's so funny to say you. You say mahomes play horrible. He didn't turn the ball over any at three hundred yards but that's because it's Patrick mahomes he played. That's my point. He said he did not look good and the one hundred percent agree with you and it's just funny. That's the reality that we live in best. When a guy throws it's wild and that's what I'm saying? He put up thirty four leads a game winning drive arrive on the road beats and undefeated team. Look this could have been potentially a turning point for the lions like they can never really get over the hump. Stafford's pretty much been a losers whole career and it's the same old story they fall short in a game. They definitely should have one not even probably they should have won this game. I know there was like some bad call. Maybe potentially but like now that call was so the Kennedys go. I think you're referring to the calorie touchdown so there was is a play earlier in the game. Maybe the second quarter the back of the end zone where off they called it out of bounds on the field but like to me and a bunch of people I was watching the game with he was very clearly and then there was another player in the game towards the end where it was also Kenny Doggett can golladay again and it definitely seemed like a makeup call so many consider those awash but the officiating was questioned go for sure but I mean Mahomes uh-huh your different mahomes is crazy. That's why I think the best team league because this this is where I know New England like their defense is just insanity but that's that's the difference that's fights but I know the bills have a good defense in case the bills probably have one of the top three yards brady. The Brady has shown that if he goes on the road or even like just the past couple of years he'll have bad games and whether or not the Patriots events is the best in the League mahomes will put a point so like Brady's GonNa have to match that and I think that he should be able to he has the weapons and all of that but like the chiefs cannot be solved. They literally cannot be stopped but can they stop is the question is I mean they're on the record you're on the record saying that the bottom three defense in the NFL I think I think they're more middle of the pack. Obviously they're not elite but I don't think they're go teddy goff up on its head on Teddy. Sorry I'm watching the cowboys. Hopefully blow this game but anyway yeah I mean that's the difference between the Patriots. Chiesa me is is the defense I think they both have weapons on the offense of side of the ball that can get the job done. Can the Patriots put up thirty five on you on any given day. Just it's like the chiefs of course but the Patriots are way more likely to hold you to under twenty one then the chiefs are but I guess this this is more of a conversation for our updated power rankings on Thursday. Yeah I mean another game. We're going to get to is your number five team. the colts lost at home to the raiders. Even though we both kind of predicted it would happen. They're they're like decent and that division is now. Now I believe all four teams which is pretty crazy. Yeah Houston loss at home to Carolina the Shawn Watson Struggle Allen now to yeah. No that's wild the jags combat like flacco leads another game winning drive and then the jags comeback kicked field goal Menchu magic as well alive live that divisions pretty crazy. Yeah I mean you kind of keep the titans out of the loop right now just because like every division game them in that division is going to be like a must must win like you got the tight end that Owen to right now and the Texans and cultural one hour in the Jacksonville Jaguars at one on one on so like I said before somehow the titans will find a way to be eight at the end of the year we I don't know they wing games. They went to Atlanta today and like I know Atlanta's echo they'll win. Don't beat Atlanta on the road and then they'll lose to the fricken reckon redskins at home or something like that. Just Kinda see Titans Tennessee titans in a nutshell for you. You can never bet on one of their games because it's just a great day always as do the reverse of what to expect. You're going to lose. They're GONNA win and if you think they're gonNA win. They're going to lose its clockwork. Yeah I mean you're you're you're so we started conversation talking about the raiders in the colts. I think that I actually I think you did as well. We both predicted the raiders game today. Eh I think it mostly had to do with a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball and specially and also the number one weapon for the colts to you I I was out but like they had believe hooker was out Darius under their banged up so this was a tough game for them in general. I'M NOT GONNA look too much do wouldn't I wouldn't say like wow trouble trouble Indianapolis because of this Jacoby percent is still looking good. He he added a lot incompletions. They still throwing for two hundred sixty sixty five yards and three touchdowns I get it. It's the raiders day the really bad Belykh they have something with perset and as long as he can consistently manage teams I think they can crawl their way to the division privy wacky like as much as I enjoy overreacting a big reason why I'm I'm stressing not to think about this so the eagles obviously trending upwards huge Thursday night when Jack I didn't hear you on that potentially gone audio three and two but then like look at all the teams across the League better now to into you have the jags makes you have the buccaneers you had. The raiders are two into like that's so weird to think about. I mean it's so early exactly I mean that's my boy. They were quarter of the way yeah. No I agree. I mean it's crazy. How you switch off two weeks later from the browser dead there? There's still don't get it twisted there the Samba apocalypse underway but yeah I mean there's a lot of middle tier teams in the NFL. I mean is there a case right now that the NFC NFC West is the best division in football. We have three three win teams in the niners the rams and the hawks no I would actually say that it potentially could it be the NFC south well. I guess the Falcons kind of thing Allen's been balling the McCaffrey's. He's crazy. Rats offals did use point to a running back to you out of all people you just pointed to running back to make a point why the NFC south breath might be the best division in football you MR running back shouldn't even be on an NFL. Shouldn't it's actually a great day for my running back should not be an NFL team saquon Barkley the best running back in all the wind Wayne Gaughman steps into touchdowns like it's Redskins Redskins Day redskins coming from a guy who said for weeks that residents had a good defense cause they signed they do sneak governor. Daniel Jones now to know giants two and tied with the Eagles and the Ravens and the raiders they are at home against against the Vikings. They're going to be three into right like Kirk. Cousins Kirk cousins on the road is the craziest thing in the world kirk cousins on on the road. I love that just as much as I love my own mother I something about watching Kirk cousins uh-huh play on the road. I WANNA get into this game. Why don't we go? The trajectory of this podcast is going from Kirk cousins on the road to Mitch Asia and then we're headed to the West so let me go beating Minnesota sixteen to six start manning was could that game could that game have been more scripted than it was may the bears defense the bears defense shows up no offense shows up unfortunately our Guy Mitch went out early Chase Daniel's filled in Jack. I'm nervous. I can't do a lot of weeks football without Mitchell trubisky. Take take it for granted worth I need and I love twitter and this is why so one of the guys that follow follow like a really random person said she suffered a very similar injury like he fell on it in that way immediately knew and it was a torn labrum. Mitch obviously was in the sling like immediately. They ruled them out so I am nervous that it could be like nagging Nagy. I just all before we hit record Ford. Nagy said he doesn't think it's season ending but he'll find out more bright so like even two to three months or so. Here's the deal like I'm gonNA keep stressing this. Yes we don't hate the bears we actually we actually think the bears are actually yes. A Matter of fact I love the bears given incredible content and they've given me life. They're hilarious but their defense is insanity. It's the best it's not even close. It could be one of the best in the past decade not even not not even like tapping them up but Mitch Trubisky is in good which is why we're always down on them but the answer like some someone asked me okay now the now that Mitch is out like is chase daniels a better fit like can they wing no Mitchell job as bad as he is chase. Daniels is behind him for a reason now. I think there are actually the same person just the different number I think I think you're still GonNa get the Chicago bears that average like fifteen and a half points a game but but you don't think that they're the like trubisky's better whether or not it's by a large gap. He's not trubisky as a player is better solely because of what he adds on the ground right like he has that he has that threat right where he keeps the middle linebacker guessing like they have to stay on their toes double reverse for the cowboys cowboys lose escaped. Sorry bad radio radio anyway. Trubisky keeps defense guessing but if you're asking me to compare Mitchell trubisky arms at chase Daniel's Jack Chase Daniel was twenty to thirty today for one hundred ninety five yards no touch one touchdown and no interceptions like are you telling me trubisky puts up those numbers. I don't know what a good day on a good or when he gets the Redskins Look Chicago. I mean there's three in one and they're gonNa be good this year. They're just not like they're not what what does that mean what is good. They're not going anywhere you love the sit. all right now to the West Coast Surfer Mitch had air for Mitch Rich Babe and Incredible Server Mitch Game career-high passing yards out surfer Mitch so the buccaneers one fifty five to forty as if this was a the PAC twelve game. Let me let me cut you off so Surfer Mitch's is a new little thing. We've got going on this pot and I think we're going to run with it so while jacket I the other week we're both in agreement. I know that may come surprise to allow listeners but we're both in agreement that Jared Goff it just isn't that good as a quarterback plain and simple you put jared Goff team that doesn't have Sean McVeigh. He's like not good at also we call him surfer Mitch Trubisky just because he's in La but oh my God he threw they threw the ball sixty eight time third-most third-most third-most attempts in league history today five hundred seventeen yards but jared surfer Mitch Goff Two touchdowns and three interceptions against the Tampa Bay buccaneers defense that just got hung. What a thirty piece by the giants yes so here's is the deal with the rams yeah they don't have that insane offensive line that they have the last year and they can't run the ball quite as well and like when Goth gets exposed years like ten touchdown so like eleven interceptions or something over his pass? What's whatsoever us? Oh that's nice. That's a nice thing. I just realized that gough also lost a fumble. That's good for the brand yes he. He turn the ball over four times not going to get it done. The boxer to and to Jameis Winston is winning games implying decent. Obviously he had thorough pick six just to keep it interesting today like there was no way they were going to run away with but in dime consumer returned a fumble against his former team which must been nice for him I did. was there any takeaways from these three games. I'm curious about rams they they lost bills and lions like I guess we didn't get the bill's enough attention all right so the deal with the takeaway from the lines game is that you should you should not sleep on the lions on any given week and I think they could. They got to win a few division games to upon the tiebreaker but I think they're I think they can compete for the division that crazy easy for me I it's not crazy. I'm disagreement. I don't think I don't think they'll win. The division inevitably think Green Bay will get it done but I don't think it's crazy to rule them out of it like we do in past years. They really do look like a different team than they have in years past so that's it might take away from that game. It's just you can't walk pass Detroit whatsoever in the New England Buffalo game take away. It's the bills L. Stu like what do you want me to take away from that. Josh Allen was a believe one nine one for with sue picks before he got absolutely smoke in the head obviously guy well not obvious I've seen different angles where maybe he shouldn't have been objective. Maybe should have but a fair point was made that if the a flip it happened in that game and Brady got hit like that he whoever did it is blackballed from the League is getting the capital treatment. They're done Tom. You can just add Josh Allen to another injury on my fence. Hey take away is Bills Defense Unreal Josh Allen obviously to face the tough day. They still won the game. They're going to be a playoff team because they still have so many easy games in their schedule speaking of much. I need to address the elephant nor Jack. I don't understand how they get away with this murder of a schedule The frigging New England patriots. It's crazy crazy there okay so they six the first of all they get six division wins every year. Not I mean I mean I'm I'm usually they moved to Miami to Miami this year. Now that the one in buffalo it's literally six months like me and a bunch of my buddies today at work. We're talking about like all right. The Patriots just put the jets than they put the bills like they've got to play someone suit right now. They're playing the redskins next week. The the following week they play the giants the following week they play the jets. Are you kidding me. We knew they were going to be seven or eight. No coming into Ravens Eagles back to back and this is the thing right so they go through a stretch. They go through a stretch after that where they play the browns the ravens the eagles the cowboys the Texans in the chiefs. That's tough okay. That's it's a tough stretch but then going into the playoffs we can assume they'll be clinched by then. You'll probably need to win one to clinch a first round bye they eat either way into the playoffs with the bengals the bills and the dolphin like what took how do they get away with this. It's bullshit. Yeah I mean and honestly in a few few weeks we might look at the Ravens and throw lump them in to the dolphins category. I will say the your wishes by command. The one thing I will say is that if the Ravens do have ambitions of making the playoffs this is how I request we do it. We go nine and seven we get swept by. The browns Brown's like we look to you as you're about six now. I thought we could have but then. I realized we're not that good so this. This is what I'm requesting we get swept by the browns I hope they smashes in Cleveland and then reuniting seven there the three seed and we face them in Cleveland and then we're we would just smack them like they're not going to beat US sure high after the break we'll talk a few more of the Games quarter order won awards on Monday night football but first let me take Jack Jack Jack Jack. Let me I need. I've been waiting. I haven't had my ship station station while go for gopher she no these are my guys. Go flow that's right. We're back shift stationed DOT COM when you're selling online getting your orders out can be a real pain and time consuming expensive so many carriers choose from. How do you know you're making the best choice? That's why you need ship station DOT com. It's the fastest easiest and most affordable way to manage in ship orders ship station helps you get your orders up quickly. Save money on shipping costs and keep your customers happy. 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You don't need to spend a fortune on custom wardrobe talk about how good man look when when their suits fit well Indochino is the world's largest made to measure men's wear brand they make suits shirts coats and more everything's made to your exact measurements for great fit the best as part of their super affordable custom clothing for under four Hundred Bucks Sartre your style upgrade now with thirty dollars off your total purchase of Three Ninety Nine Indochino.com coaching no dot Com when entering blue checkout plus shipping is free. That's Indochino Dot Com Promo Code Blue for thirty dollars off your total purchase of three ninety nine or more. You really have no excuse to wear clothing. That doesn't fit gets them Indochino so you can look fly Giger drip up right Jack so I'm checking some scores on my phone right now in a message from my boy a Stephen saw shout saw said by the way a please tell me you're talking endless shit too. You're right now about his quote baby goat and company so I just thought we should add that and I should shah ah saw Lamar has not been playing well Brown's Macktaz your MVP pay now what mb per exactly no. I seven Mahomes won. MVP and week to that I made that was that was that takes still stands he will win. Mvp He's insanity quarter won awards were through four weeks twenty five percent. The season is done by calcat. Could Math Texas quarter want awards best team. I'm giving it to the chiefs. Best Best and EP is Patrick Mahomes. There's only one MVP Jack so there can't be I kinda stuttered what we gotta give a shout at the defensive player of the year to this point. Jack Baird on the buccaneers has eight sacks through four games might've actually more than that has a pick he's fallen out and then obviously Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald are monsters in themselves sleep on myles Garrett knobs hops for myles Garrett exact already one phone bill news good of my opinion in my opinion myles Garrett is the second best lyman football behind Donald's like Khalil Mack died would even ah but amy's play. He's got the better numbers and Garin out but I think we all know that defensive lineman it goes deeper than the numbers you gotTa Watch that played under understood. Ill Neck was getting tripling today. Guarantee Great Player don't get don't get me wrong but he's not. He's not getting triple team at this point as Kerr Double Double Oh for sure for sure offensive rookie of the year Gardner men show is that is that hunter bro We got a month. We're approaching October and a few days and then we got a few days until minhsiu Movember your mustache we might have to. I can't think I'm all in on the Jackpot. These over eight wins very impulsively placed after the end to make the playoffs. They're my squad so I'm all in on the Mentio- obviously we had to take down a lead joe today which was tough because I thought they were going to have a good season it time for hanging out it's been time brother. It's been in each inverness. He's led to game winning drives and the defense didn't hold one with thirty seconds left against Mitch trubisky which is like that honestly should get you relegated from the NFL. Go plan like you see for a little to me to me and you Joe FLACCO won that game right. We ended the pocket and he took us. It's twenty five minutes after we stopped recording that we realizing it was like how far how badly we're like our in trouble but Danny Dan. He didn't play great today but he's too so he's definitely up there. He's showing he's really showing a lot of promise like he's thrown very accurate ball. Obviously he's making rookie mistakes with the turnovers but what about the Wayne Hassans getting thrown into the fire has asking the redskins kept saying Haskins ready. It's not at time he it's unfair to me right and then they throw them in there and he looked horrible which it wasn't necessarily his fault but he stepped in the D. two percent one hundred yards. It's hard it's hard. It's hard to defend saying it's not your fault when you throw a three pants. You know what I mean. Okay we'll get one for one. We give forgive have you for one. We can spend two three three stuff so yeah. He wasn't ready. I assume he's going to start next week like there's no going back. ACTA keenum really the the one where you're throwing. You're throwing Haskins out there against the Patriots next week. That's brutal. What if I think you I think I think you play Keno next week? Hopefully hope I mean obviously keenum will put up shitty numbers the Patriots and you can just say it was asphalt and then you throw out Haskins against Josh Rosen the next week against the dolphins yeah. That's a maybe Haskins gets his. He gets his first touch. Actually he had his first touchdown tonight but it was too Paul parking thank pull perkins's of rotting that Turkey pepper. It was Michigan's first win over Ohio state in the Harbaugh era our that's a little line yeah you even thinking about that. You can save in that one John Y sold on twitter original content. The Quality Charlie cut that part out we speak in which Charlie Charlie our producer die hard cleveland browns. I would be in the wrongheaded shout him out today. around four thirty he was blowing up our group which Act Jack was bitter ship rightfully so I understand Dan I was pretty respectful to you have to admit right like if the Ravens lose. I'm usually in your ear but I was pretty respectful. I did bad on the browns but I think I was I. I think I deserved a pat on the back for for being a nice guy you know you you were definitely respectful. 'cause the browns were not respectful to think I was just riding his vibe since Thursday good vibes the the last team we didn't really talk about is the dolphins and the chargers. You said they were GonNa around with Melvin Gordon. Obviously he made an unbelievable unbelievable instant impact now fuck this. No let me Talk Anthony Land Anthony Lynn head coach of the Los Angeles chargers chargers if you're listening to podcasts tweet him. Dm Him I'll know what Social Anthony Lynn shut up well listen anthony ones probably not listen to him his DM's children DM him tweet him. I've got a bone of take with Anthony Lynn right so I have a very very injured fantasy team to the point where not a single person on my bench. Today was active. I had two people buys and six people that are out from anywhere from two to eight weeks so Melvin Gordon ends hold out. I'm hype is Shit. I come on the POD. Uh I'm just going to rejuvenate the chargers Justin Jackson the chargers backup running back to Ecuador while was out gets put in a walking boot so so this asshole Anthony Lynn step to the podium on Thursday has the God damn nerve to say that Melvin is still there number one back which you will be going forward. He's GonNa play on Sunday. He's getting a limited snack out. So I'm like aren't Bet I text my boy josh a fantasy partner. I'm like y'all. We need a win this week. I think we start Melvin. He's playing the dolphins. He's GonNa get a goal on carrying get the end zone only to find out that this motherfucker motherfucker cut that out Charlie is sitting in a God damn hat on the sidelines. All game didn't get a single carry. Put up a Goddamn goose egg thankfully in my fantasy Li. It was the battle of the two worst teams in the League right now. I'm actually GonNa live looking right now. Oh Shit Jack so I came into this game up fifteen and he had Dallas Day Dallas has has eleven right now. I'm I'm up three point eight. Oh my God I'm outside how close it was but anyway Anthony Lend Euro my shit list. I stopped doing you. Don't you're not cool. 'cause you lied to the media about what your game plan is playing the Goddamn Miami Dolphins you hear me like no no. I'm Gel. I get a notification that next week that Melvin is going to have a limited role against the broncos because as today how the hell am I supposed to interpret this. How do I trust this guy? What do I do? I have to play right what next week start we can talk about Melvin on Thursday looking a week five preview but anthony land we got ta Fantasy Z. Performers Not Melvin Gordon James Wilson Winston balled out obviously put up four touchdown out who say they top performer was Nick Chubb Dub area now running back for the browns. I was actually quite shocked. He had the fastest touchdown this year. One miles an hour or so only one point point nine five and he didn't even look at fast in person which I I was Kinda surprised when they showed that and he's not a person but I watched it on television live and I turned to my boy and I said well it's made it look ten times worse by hobbling and coming up short. He's been a bum. I'm beef with Alzheimer's but I'm going to keep relaxed. It's you know we have a long weekend of us. Chris Godwin who I preached would be a baller solar put on our put up two sides pam baby. Yes who else balled out offset Aria some people all over the place letter for neck career-high running yards. I think he topped off a what two twenty five I actually had this conversation this week so it's actually no shit he went off me and my roommate were talking about Leonard. Fournette is just life Kinda just like a slightly better version version and this might be a little too old for some of our younger listeners slightly better version of what Richardson was re point six yards per carry carrie guy at best but hey and then the alive for Jacksonville's coming together whatever net went for like two twenty five against the one of the best defensive fronts and football actually last year was this year I don't know did they get a sack today coming into coming into week coming into this week the Denver the Broncos were the first team history without a sack or a takeaway in the first three weeks this season and that's coming from the that's coming from duo in Bradley Chubb and Von Miller von Miller got his hundred sacks so yes they did get a sack okay so they got their first of the year today. Congratulations Denver for Net Chubb James Godwin Cooper Cup and Robert Woods both had huge Davante Adams tortuous didn't get in the end zone reception machine until he went to he's GonNa be fine apparently with the turf toe Arizona Stinks Seattle beat them because I know people are GonNa say I hate the Seahawks I don't I think they're good but I had at least mentioned that they played a game. I I think they're good. We're recording during New Orleans Dallas. I don't think the outcome of this game game kind of changes are thoughts on anything about the two teams correct me if I'm wrong like we kind of knew what they were. The saints a really good with brees Dallas's Dow dowd this agree or disagree you think depending on who wins it changes like I don't even think it matters to win. Look at this. That's what I'm looking. I'm looking at this metric metric right now weeks one through three douses averaging thirty plus points and four hundred plus yards right who they play the first three weeks this season wash they. They played Washington the giants and Miami and now they get their tax you before this game. I I love the under because I think Dallas getting their first real test and Callum more has to call a game. It's a real defense and now you're seeing the true colors of Dallas where are is their offense actually as potent as we think it is granted that Michael Gallup is out and I think that's actually a huge part of their offense Dacca shown that he likes loves him the first season but I think that New Orleans New Orleans and the Eagles in my opinion are battling for top teams in the NFC right now. We're just GONNA act like you didn't say that because it I'd spot on Thursday we'll get through on Thursday. My point was I don't think it changes our outlook on the teams. yeah well yeah well. If if New Orleans holds onto the scam not only will I be a slightly richer man but my my power rankings will be change up on Thursday. I sure all right right last thing we're GONNA do and you're not. We're not actually going more than a minute on this game if we got a minute it's actually a little too long in my opinion. cincy see Pittsburgh Monday night football battle of Owen threes and that's all we got on the Monday night football game. I'm going to say the steelers dealers when Mason Rudolph looks fine their defense looked better with Minka and the bangles or high garbage I don't who's going to I agree. Let's move on well. That's all we got our week four. NFL RECAP and money wake yeah either. We have to address the parlay right yeah the point I lost so it was fine so parlay repeat again. I had the giants who won by twenty one and then Denver are who didn't cover you had the rams who lost outright and you pick them. Minus ten went to ten to for four guys. You know what this means. Essentially sorry Bryant Gumbel but this means means that we're now yeah. You're a better better what you shouldn't be getting close. It feels like we're going in the right direction approach. I do need to give a shout out to my boy in. He said he's a he's a big listener the pods thank you guys for always listen to you know. Do you know who what team Ian Rich for yet. It's not one of my very close friends. He's real. He might be my. DM's after the shadow week for recap number thirty two Jamal Lewis ex-raven. I don't know any really we'll fell bro. I how about this five that he kind of this five minute bonus is content. NBA Obscure. Let's get it if you're lucky enough to have listened this far. We're lucky enough I guess right five minute bonus. NBA Content so we're twenty three days away and I am going to be such an annoying asshole about the NBA season an my Philadelphia Seventy sixers hit subscribe or unsubscribe. If you've got the balls to hit subscribe Dr you're GonNa have to listen to me ooh Jack. I'm ready to go. I'm ready to go We're definitely not going into the sixers tonight. We're going into one ending one thing. Only I thought the Lakers we're GonNa win the NBA title because Lebron and a D is a deadly Combo. We're not even GONNA get into that. ESPN SPAM ranking because they don't deserve it was disgusting putting Adm Staff disgusting put but then I realized like the rest of the Lakers team Rondo Devel- McGee geico's out and Danny Green is like not compared to what the clippers have to offer Hawaii PG. Lou Will Beverly Mantra Zal. Your boy shamet damage. The covers of the better team and the best team in California is the Golden State Warriors. I'll hang up listen. I'm GonNa Forget that you just said that but let me let me ask you this. Let me tell you this matter of fact. I'm going to ask you you just said row. Let's assume that going into the playoffs the the LAKER starting five is going to be Rondo Lebron. Who's Ma Danny Green in a day? Obviously I just did no particular order. That is a very very experienced. Starting Five Rondo playoff Rondo is very experienced notably one of the smartest Deanna Rondo stuff. Why a playoff Rhonda that was a few years ago? He's a different guy and the both not going to be in playoff. rondos hand can control the pace of a game to the point where you have Danny Green who just went through a championship with the Raptors can obviously he's GonNa to be just sitting in the corner waiting for the ball with Lebron a day like I understand why you have your reservations about that starting five especially with coups Mount indefinitely going into the regular season but if they're all healthy obviously no rotation shorten in the playoffs right so you're gonNA see the clippers rotation short nearly the Lakers rotation shorten and these rousers won't look the same. I'm sure both teams will make moves at the deadline to impact it but I'm telling you you gotTa Stop Sleeping on this lake or starting five come playoff time I actually disagree. I don't think you do fives. Is that good. I think the one thing being slept on his if the worst actually keep below. They're going to be nasty and we're going to see a big year. You're out of Steph curry you'll be did you did you get a good four or five see that absolutely nobody wants to see in the first round. Did you know that with clay clay and durant off the floor and Draymond and Steph on per thirty six minutes seth curry average forty five points per game last year birther to Meena I mean we'll with so versus getting the best the six according to ESPN best player Maxwell Aswell just absolutely hooping. I cannot wait yeah I mean I think we'll get into it more in were twenty three days away from the tips off. I guess we'll do our previewing a few weeks but twenty three days away the best twenty-three in NBA history on three three two one Michael the Williams. What are we doing? MJ Verse Lebron debate you want that smoke. You have to come up up to New York for because we gotta get it video style. I going to wear jumpsuit or mile broad jump man jumpsuit. We'll have to figure out what side taking I actually have to do. Research I mean I'm obviously taking hookah. That's enough. Nba I five MBA minutes NBA coming soon more MBA. Come to thank you guys for listening episode to the snap exports pies if you made it this far Brown's sort that ravens are sadder. the Eagles are alive today tomorrow. Let's Moonen Nick

Ravens eagles NFL Jack Jack Jack Jack chiefs giants Cleveland browns New England patriots NFC dolphins Mitch Trubisky buccaneers football Josh Allen lions Kirk Lyons raiders League Lamar rams
743: The value of hope even when death is certain, with Dr Lee Warren

The Ziglar Show

1:10:13 hr | 9 months ago

743: The value of hope even when death is certain, with Dr Lee Warren

"Hello everyone I'm Kevin Miller and this is the ziglar show where our goal is to inspire your true performance in this episode. What is the value of hope? Even when death is certain. So what do you have hope in real ho based on actual expectations. Do you have hope that drives you to you. Get out of bed. Make progress toward your desires. And we'll stay in the hardships of life. We in this show I bring you a guest to is a neurosurgeon. Yes a brain. Gene surgeon the top guns amongst medical doctors. Dr Lee Warren. He brings us stories of Terminal Patients and brain tumors merge with one hundred percent fatality rate Eddie sites from his daily experiences walking through the TRAUMAS and tragedies of humanity that hopelessness is even far more deadly which sounds preposterous. How can one even have hope amongst certain death win the show you will hear how and why hope is so so vital necessary and possible for all of us no matter our circumstances but let me forewarn you this is not remotely some formulaic show on? Hope it's a deep invulnerable invulnerable dive filled with as much recognition of mystery. heartbreak is it is hope and help Dr Warren. He's an Iraq war veteran who perform for more than two hundred surgeries in a tent hospital. From then until this day he performed surgeries on everything from tumors to headwinds he's daily amongst thanks despair and death and hope and healing at family tragedies and triumphs and amongst it all he's also lost his nineteen year old son and had to deal with his own grief and faith. His new book is called. I've seen the end of you and it chronicles the stories of some of the patients who just really rocked his faith. And and let me say this. I studied the books of every guest. I have on the show of course but I don't always read them word for word from front cover to the end this one. It was like a novel that I kept wondering what's going to happen next and I read it cover to cover. I've shared it with my friends and family and my family keeps passing it around. And everybody's he's going through the book just rabidly. It's just incredible now. I'M GONNA share it with you. If you have ever ever pondered your faith. Please listen to this show and if you want a book that will keep you enthralled and quite possibly give you a new perspective on your personal faith go check out. I've seen the end of you. Wherever you get books you can pre-order now as actually actually comes out January seventh two thousand nineteen? You can also connect with Dr Warren W Lee L E WARREN MD DOT COM and. Make sure you check out the doctor. Leigh Warren podcast. So I'm going to bring you Dr Orrin right after I share some great products and services with you if your team uses public public Wifi for Work Your Business is vulnerable to data theft. That's why you need tunnel bear for teams. It's an easy to use WIFI. Security at built specifically specifically four teams that are regularly on the go and unlike other. VPN's expensive is easy. There are no licenses to juggle or one off invoices to manage. Try Try tunnel. Bear for teams free for seven days by signing up at tunnel bear dot com slash. Ziglar what do you think of when I say fasting. What do you think a sad little holy men sitting cross legged on pillows will there are other important ways? The fast like fasten from your work your roles even your relationships ups. I just did a fast from being husband daddy and it was wonderful. Which is why episode? Fifteen minute podcast. True Life Show is titled Feasting on fasting fasting. You'll hear some types of fast you will want to feast on and it's vital for our overall health and wellness so find the true life show wherever you get your podcast checkout episode fifteen or let's see I actually asked my my my doctor partner here how to pronounce this blast Oma multiform. They get it right yeah. Our people say multiform multi-form. Okay all right. Well I was trying to be politically correct correct on that one or at least verbally correct jeep. Gbm knows what you refer to it. So brain tumor that of course as you lead off in the book. It's almost one hundred percent that fatal. But how many of those surgeries do you think you've done alley. Oh I don't know three four hundred seven hundred goodness okay and you. You know in removing this tumor you give of course as I read in the book you get the patient. More time. Time to let them and their family come to grips with with this pending death generally to put their affairs in order and of course in the book you share the emotional aspect of faith struggle legal and knowing that they're likely going to die and as you showcase. It's I don't know if you give it a stab at it. Seems like it's about ninety nine point nine percent of the time and we're going to get into that more but from a job aspect I was. I was interested that every time you perform this surgery and this is your your job. You do your job and you do a good job yet. Realizing it's not gonNA be success. If if you were a mechanic that'd be really bad. It's fixing the car in realize that outside of the emotional the faith issue that talk about even that. If you've found that I mean is that have you you come to grips with that sometimes demoralizing to know that this effort this expense is generally not going to. It's going to give him time again. which is maybe? That's the biggest. Maybe that's the biggest value but still daunting it. Is You know the thing is we. We talk a lot about what was the goalpost that you're shooting at. So you know the target and the Glass Doma and diseases that are known to be generally fatal. The the target is not a cure target is cannot establish the diagnosis and I- preserve quality of life. NEUROLOGIC function It patients ability to communicate and live their life with their family for as long as they possibly we can and so we know that without the surgery they have a lot shorter lifespan. And let's higher complication rate. So we find ways to sort of adjust our own expectations and help our patients understand. What they're you know what the plan is? And what the purpose of the procedure is and what is is the general time line that they get from you perform the surgery. What is the average length of their lifespan? At that point so statistically speaking in this is is held up for about the last forty years of this disease People that have Glo Bus Doma. That can't be mostly removed If you can really just only by opposite and treated with radiation and chemotherapy they tend to have about twelve months People that you can the tumors and a safer location and we can get most of it out with surgery and then they go wanted to have radiation chemo. They have fifteen eighteen months. Median survival kindness. When was the last one that you did? How long ago last week last week and How again same same thing do you feel as normal you see the end of them whereas what would you say their status right now mostly That patients doing well clinically Well I'm sure you're affected of course by every patient you deal with But your book highlights. I mean as you as you're going about and doing whether it's Gbm or otherwise the surgeries are doing the pupil. You're in contact with but in the book your highlighting these Gosh. I don't know if these highlight stories in a sense of the people who resonated with your heart and in that where are are there some. Yeah compliant here but are there some recently with an anonymous name that you could say. Oh my gosh. They left a footprint on you if they had happened prior. Did you write in the book. They probably would have made it in a book made it into the made it into the boat. Yeah every every patient story is unique and different and the ones that move made the most Are The people who they encountered this really hard thing. That a lot of cases with create helplessness and despair despair but they encounter it in a way that makes me question myself and say why would I have held up as well as they did. Hard thing or the people whose family's seemed to rally around them and they seem to get stronger while they're getting sicker And so I've had several those recently. That were just really inspiring people who seem to they beat the odds of survival but they beat the odds of overcoming hopelessness. Yeah and hopelessness. I think it'd be the thread of this but you no in reading the book and as I told you I have a son who had I guess three brain surgeries and so it was just incredible. And he's reading the book rabidly sadly right now just really means a lot to him and it just gave me some of these tangible questions about what you do and I have a friend and that works at Stanford out in California is a clinical social worker. IDA's family guidance in Bereavement. He's been doing it for a long long time and So much trauma and on one hand. It's made him who he is today. He's incredible guy of faith and an insight and compassion probably compassion despite the top of the list. But then he's also talked about and I thought about this in regards to you. How much of a toll it has taken on him emotionally and even even even physically and I wondered with that as much as of course this has bolstered your your faith that we're gonNA talk about here? How has that ATP laid out with you? Just look at the toll that it's taken on you to see so much of this in-depth trauma and grief. I think that the greatest advantage I had over the bulk of my career is that Milwaukee Lisa and I worked together in our practice together in so you know a lot of my colleagues. They don't take their work home. Because it's something that you can't really explain to somebody else what you're feeling right. But at least our living those patient experiences together and so Had An ally in the fight who understood it in who was also going through it so I think for me I I never. I never got to that place where I felt like I was things were futile or are that I wasn't making a difference because I always had her perspective there to help me see that we were helping these folks and and you know oh by the way so and so dropped by the office today and they. They're doing great and they said that. Thank you and you know so. We had this this thing in home. That helped us deal with what we were handling only at work. And that really has helped me tremendously. And that stood out in the book to me because We hear so often the people in the workplace especially specially those dealing with I had somebody recently talked about on the show about just Complexities and the gravity of their work. That was so iheart translate at home. They felt like it literally disconnected and they didn't know other. They've talked about this. The struggle that they had to this day in being able to take that that had off for one and then feeling like it's just there's so much there's no way I can come in and related and so they just felt that void so for you not to have that yeah. What are unbelievably unique place? That puts you in right. It's been a great blessing. Hope talking about you talked about hopelessness CLA system. End of Y'all I mean hope and faith to some degree we can use those interchangeably. But you're seeing it again back to the trauma you're seeing net where the rubber hits the road life and death situations which few of us ever see t- to any great degree. Everyone is going about their lives. Just like the folks listening to this show right now. People are tens of thousands. It'll be listening to go into work. Run on a treadmill cooking in the kitchen. Whatever just like me? I'm doing here doing my job. And maybe their faith is tangible something they devoutly pursue. Maybe it's on the fringes but now again you're in your practice and and just like somebody that you you did the Gbi em surgery for an recently they now have this critical diagnosis. And how do you see people's faith play out in regards almost timeline wise. Is it something where right. Then the rubber hits the road the crap hits the fan. Whatever and their faith is gonNA come to fruition right then and there and help or hurt them or is generally a process that now they're going to dive into the depths of where their faith really resides right? You know it's interesting. You ask that I as a scientist right. As a is a person who kind of grew up in the science world and also as a person of faith a studying these people sort of scientifically as I encountered him in my career here with his as I tell the story in the book my my heart had this problem of saying you're looking at a scam before ever met the patient and saying boy that's GonNa be Globalist Obama and I've seen the end of you know what's going to happen to you right so in my mind. I would project out this path that the patient was going to take in their physical fight. What I didn't understand and as I as I thought I knew a lot about this disease was that there are multiple ways really that people encounter in grapple with hard things that they face and sort of sort of filtered them out into four groups that are seen over time in the first one is is what you might call a crasher there? They go along their last been pretty good. They haven't really. I've had a lot of trouble. And they hear me say you have brain cancer. And they were like that stuff doesn't happen to me that that those things don't occur in my life but you know and then boom there in the pit of despair right there at the at the bottom and then there's another group that might call climbers that they're sort of her. You're in the book. A guy like Joey that told the story of they'd never had any relationship with God. Never had good things happen in their life. His story was terrible. He and his dad left him his mom and died. He was drugs and alcohol all kinds of problems throughout his life and he almost expected me to say he had cancer. Those people wife has been one stream of trouble for them so they almost expect it to be bad and when it is bad it doesn't surprise them so they're they're faith is in the dumps in it stays in the dumps and there's there's another group that they understand they have perspective. Maybe they've been through something hard before. Maybe they've got a good faith but something hard happens in it and it knocks down for a little little bit. And then somehow they're able to rally in in re reconnect with their faith or their family and come back and there's the other group that seems to be unaffected indefatigably Kabui nothing. Nothing that happened to them shakes them at all and I started wondering what separates all those people right so if the first event is your diagnosis news in that changes the arc of your of your hope if you will or your faith. What's the second event and in the second event is something that creates hope or something that shows them light again and so for For a guy like Joey you know. He's he's dying is losing. The fight was his disease. He's never ever had any kind of hope in his life and all of a sudden his grandmother in pastor can rally around him and they keep telling him that they love him no matter what he's never. I heard that before right. He's never felt that before. And so all of a sudden he's got this idea that he's lovable and that even if he doesn't survive his life could mean something even though now the end of it is a lot closer than it used to be in his mind and this is the thing that turned him around. Was this notion that the other things to hope for other than length of live right so I've seen that in in people and and it seems like that second event if it doesn't happen that thing that opens the door to believe that lights lights out there even if you can't see it yet that's the thing that separates people who survive emotionally and people who don't really been stunned to learn over these years. There are people whose lives get better even if they die and people whose lives get worse even if they survive so there's this group of people who thinks crash for them and even if they recover from their disease they become bitter in their angry. That happened to them or brook up their manager. They might survive the tumor but they don't survive five the hopelessness right. Where would you put yourself? You just said the four people. Where would you put yourself because I know you question that in the book wondering how would you deal with it? If you got the diagnosis. But then you did have your tragedy with your son Mitch. Rich Dine at one thousand nine years old. How long has that been now? Six years he died in two thousand thirteen thousand thirteen at that point. Where would you put yourself there? And the soap before that happened I thought I was. I was raised in the church and had a faith and todd our kids to believe in God and and I was I was having questions as saw people encounter all these hard things L. is grappling with some of those things but I thought I would handle it. Well if something did happen happened to me a wondered but figured I would be okay and then when something bad did happen when our son died To be honest with you for a little while L. I felt either. That guide wasn't real or that he was really a jerk. I mean I I The ironic thing about it was. We'd had kind of a the difficult relationship with Mitch for a while as many parents do with their adolescent kids struggling with some things but but things that seem to turn around and even the day before he died he called me and said dad coming home. I'm ready to go to school. I'm sorry for the way things have been a love you and and and just that morning we've been in the morning that he died the next day We've been in twenty one days of prayer event with our Church and the youth pastor lead that service on Tuesday morning that August and prayed for the kids and we were you know. Listen I both on our knees at praying for all five of our kids and and really had this great sense of hope. I hope that that things were turning around with mentioned that very evening when he died and so for me it was like God. What was all that about like what? Why did it happen? The day. The Youth Pastor Astros praying for the kids and the day after he called after. Almost you know several months of not talking to us like why did you let us have that little bit of what felt like reprieve. We've heard that it was all going to be okay and then it seemed even more unsurvivable at that point show it took us a while to To sort earth decide if we were going to believe or not and then what what came down for me was the alternative of there not being a good God out there was worse than just not turning out to be what I thought he had been in as it turned out he was more than I thought he had been because he actually proved himself true to all the promises like like God is close to the broken heart. That turned out to be true for us. We just had this be still enough to listen and feel it and so for me I I thought I would be the guy that stayed strong and it turned out to be the the dipper the guy that went down pretty low and then found hope again came back. Yeah you you are listening to the ziglar show next. I asked Dr Warn about the question. We've all asked or heard how can a good God let tragedy happen and how his own answer has changed since dealing with the tragic death of his son. So we'll be right back to that after. I share some great products and services with you one of the ways that hackers steal sensitive business that it is through public Wifi the infamous dark hotel attacks that targeted executives in hotels all over the world. In fact fact two thousand eighteen study by past mobile security reported. The eighty-one percent of organizations have seen Wi fi related security issues in the last twelve months. If your team travels often works remotely or has a bring your own device to work policy. It's almost impossible for them to avoid using public Wifi for work work. That's why you need tunnel. Bear for teams and easy to use WI FI security at built specifically for teams that are regularly on the go with one tap. 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You must get that question fairly frequently and doing what you do. And how is your answer. Change changed from before Mitch Today after you going through that same thing obviously that gives you more. That sounds bad. But gives you more credibility that you've done donahue experience that now you can relate to that but how's the answer changed. Well you know I used to say well. It's all about perspective. You know we have to have this attornal perspective perspective all the Christian platitudes that we say if we really believed that life is short at attorneys forever. And God's got a plan and all the things than than we have to just be able to understand that that life life is hard and we can't always know everything and that's how it sort of frame it before but a- As we were walking through it I came to the place where I had to understand that we we were never promised a life without trouble in fact we were promised the opposite. Jesus said it himself in this world you will have trouble but take heart. I have overcome the world right and the same. Jesus that sent. I've come. The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy your life. I'm here the might have life and have it abundantly and so the same. Jesus that said those two things also says that there will be a resurrection and that someday will get to be united with their loved ones in him again again so for us it came to if if any one of those promises isn't true then we are utterly helpless and so if one of them is true though because because God says that all scripture is true and that all it's impossible for him to tell y than all those promises do have to be true and so they're if they they are all true in the ones that seem hard on the surface like in this world you're going to have trouble are balanced exceeded by the ones that same comforting. God is close to the broken brokenhearted. I'll think somehow worked together for good for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose in and if there's no resurrection than we're above all men to be pitied right because there is a resurrection and so for me. It came down to saying it is utterly hopeless. If there's not a god who's going to redeem aim this somehow and you don't choose what you believe because it sounds better you choose it because you really believe that but for me it came down to. I believe that I'm going to to see my son again. And as my friend Gordon Livingston said in He. He lost two sons in thirteen months. So he's got even if my credibility is something his has to be exponentially more because he got to the place where he could say that what passed for hope for him. Was this belief that he would get to see his sons again. Someday and so for me. It was that passed for hope in a time. When I didn't feel hope had to believe that someday I would again be able to feel how we're not didn't feel faith? I knew that if I kept reading and studying and praying and crying out to God that he was GonNa let me feel some faith again someday and he. Did you just mentioned mentioned the scripture that we often hear often. Aaron Lee in the shortened version guide can go to work all things to dot dot dot so. I pulled that out of the book. You had the chaplain that you cite in the in the book who said the purpose told you in a hard time. The purpose purpose of prairie isn't the Ben God's will to ours the purpose of prayers to bend us to God's will and as you relate this in the book that didn't sit well with you when he said that right and that brought you guys right into talking about you mentioned that scripture gotTa Work and he got pretty stern there give us a snapshot of. That's that message in the book. Well everybody has everybody who knows what Romans eight twenty says. Everybody tends to take that and apply it to the to the idea that God will turn everything into something. Good view love him. So you lose your job. God's GonNa make something to get out of it. It'll be okay. We plotted to bring these platitudes and pat each other on the back with those ideas and so I sort of jumped on pastor John and said No. Now you're going to tell tell me that everything's GonNa be okay right. Everything's GonNa work together for good. You'RE GONNA pull that out on me and he said that's what it says no doesn't say that God will make everything good. It says it will work everything together for the good of those who love him enter called according to his purpose in the next. I basically says to make you more like Jesus and so if you look at Jesus Jesus Guy who lived a perfect life and then got nailed to a tree to be thanked for basically got killed killed for being a perfect person right and that wasn't good for him when he died they went through all that pain but it was worked for. We're good for everybody. Who loves him right? Because it it gives us a chance to be redeemed and so in your life. The way the way I came to understand it is is that if if the hard circumstances of your life can point you towards being more like somebody who was able to navigate this live in a way that it got him through it in really perfect way than if those hard things can be redeemed to make me more like him than I'll be able to be more effective in my ministry in my work. I'll be able to be more compassionate towards but other people in my family and other people around me when they're struggling and I'll be able to be more faithful when countering hard things the next time they come around. Because I'll say you know what in with the time and and light in perspective on this I can look back now and I can say today. I am a better father than I was six years ago. A better husband. I'm a better doctor. I've affected lives that I wouldn't have affected affected in the same way if I didn't understand other people's grief because of understanding mine so those are good things that came out of something that is not good so it's not true to say that Romans eight twenty eight said if your son Dies guy can make that good. That's not what it says. It says the God can redeem met in a way that it allows some good to come through it and and that really means a lot to me it has to because if there's no no redeeming it then there's no way to understand. There's no way to say that his life had any value. If it's just about a bad thing happening but his life had value and continues to help serve other people because we've learned how to use it and make good things come of it well in. This is a question that I our perspective. I guess that not even sure how to ask. I mean doing what you do you. I can't fathom without the faith that you have. It would seem so especially in these cases of GM where you know that there's the greatest chance that they are not going to make it. It would seem so futile. I mean do you look at that. You look at other your peers other. Docs doing that. Who Do not have a faith in wonder wonder how are they able to how are they able to withstand it or do you feel like they just have to read harden themselves against it? I do I've been blessed to work around a number of people who don't believe and I say blessed because I think it gives me some perspective to understand we're not the only ones that have the ability to have equality life and and to enjoy our work and find meaning and purpose in life that I believe you can feel those things even if you don't they have a faith but what I I think the differences to me when life is over when my physical life is over my real purpose begins then right. I believe I believe that. This is an eternal thing that has meaning and value beyond the days that I'm drawing breath and I've never been able to wrap my mind around the idea that just living this life well is enough okay. I feel avoid when I think that way so I've seen a lot of physicians who don't have faith and don't have a belief leafs are more prone to burn out and more prone to Surrogates for hopelessness like drinking too much or having having other things that they we used to pacify they're They're wondering what is all about because it ends at a certain point for them right. It's cold it's cold ending thing and so I I'm not GonNa say that all of them feel that way because I have some friends who radius that really seemed to have a very solid emotional live live and they seem to be Full of joy in that. They don't have any trouble with the idea that it's all over when it's over but I've seen the flip side of that too and and I I think if you have a real faith then your life is is you life on this earth is part of your story but it's not the whole story you know i. I want to ask about faith and you said you. You categorize people into four areas and the number one was the crash or people who hadn't had trouble. So here's my testimony. One of mine to you is this past Sunday and this morning because obviously the books on my mind having read it now my again my son's reading it in my devotions with my kids Sunday it was with my three oldest boys and this morning it was with them. I'm and then Three of my other kids younger kids and this came up in relation to scripture. We were we were reading and then a topic we were talking talking about. The aspect used the word gravity that they have lived a privileged life. And I don't say that in a negative way towards them I mean I'm not gonna go make things hard on them for heart's sake but they have lived a privileged life. They have not had this well except for my oldest who's gone through his his surgeries. He's had he has had a road but the rest of them have and it's I don't know it would be. It's an interesting question when you look at that. If if something in happens if the trauma happens and it is going to I am nine kids and now grandkids and at some point the odds are. Something's going to happen. How am I going to prepare for that because I have not dealt with a lot of trauma? I'm not one of these people who's been through the fire in that sense so how am am I gonNa do that and as I look at my kids go. How are they going to do that? We talked real blatantly. So you guys you could. You could lose me today or mommy today or both of us are and things would drastically exchanged. This is why you are pursuing your faith now and they get it intellectually. I feel really inadequate to bring it much further than that And I don't know that's I it's big thing to throw at you but you know looking at you how. How would you look at that? And how massive. It is in regards to how people respond. And how resilient they are. That's a big buzzword these days resilience right how would you you speak to us those of us who maybe have not in talking not only for us but for our kids. How do you raise up that gravity? How do you make the faith real enough to where when it does happen when it hasn't before day can ride it out? Well right I think the first thing his and I write about this a lot in my in my newsletter in my mushroom of aim with the things I write about what I'm not reading books is this thing. I kind of jokingly call self brain surgery hurt this this notion that you have to change your mind about things before you can really change your life in in the one mindset mindset shift I think is the most helpful is to just be aware and be thoughtful of the fact that your life has a time stamp on it right and must've must've SORTA project that out so far especially when we're young it becomes almost infinite like I'm GonNa live forever right but but if you start with yourself and you say how many two hundred year old people have you ever met zero one hundred fifty year old. How many hundred zero people maybe a couple? How many ninety year old people ten or twelve and you keep backing that up you start to realize none of those people that didn't make it to eighty thought they weren't gonNa make it eighty right so every every live atop stamp on it and so the first thing is you recognize? I don't get to pick the number of my days inserted therefore I better pick the quality of my days. I I so if I'm going to say I'M GONNA change my mind about one thing that will make a difference in my quality of life no matter what circumstances come along then. It's going to be that I'm GonNa make take this day the best. I can make it even if I find out today that my son died or even if I find out today that I've got brain cancer or even if I find out today that the bank account's awesome fear or whatever so so the first thing is tell your kids till your family to just start being aware that hard things happen in life even if they've never happened to you or your family they do happen and they happen to good people and they happen to normal people and to your next door neighbor and just be aware that that's a reality because one of the things that I think hits people. The hardest is when something happens to them and they've never in there just blows their mind that this could happen to them right so I think that's the first thing second thing is anytime you're gonNa go through something in your life anytime you're gonNa go through life but if you're going to go Latin. Change the tire on your car. There's a set of tools that you need to do that thing with a right. You need a Jack in Lug nut wrench and all that stuff. There's tools is that you need and so I talked to my people in my family about. There's there's brain surgery tools that you need to and the biggest one is something. I call thought biopsy this idea that every pops into your head isn't true right we get all these little thoughts in our head and some of them are negative and we especially are prone to them. When something bad happens when when your wife leaves you or you get fired from your job you start hearing all these thoughts? I'm unlovable. I'm unharmful out. This'll never be okay again. I can't bounce back from this and and so if you go into life aware that these hard things can happen and that when they do your brain chemistry chemistry is going to make it as negative as it can be is going to make it as hopeless as it can be that you have some ability to fix that. Do Surgery on your brain changing how you think about it. I think Zig Ziglar would have something to say how I love the thought biopsy statement. Yeah how you think changes how you live right. It changes you just how you interact with other people changes the steps that you take. It changes your brain chemistry positive and negative ways. That's why Paul who wasn't a neuroscientist. As far as I know. Also Paul said whatever's lovely pure noble. And good think about that stuff right so when your son Dies you you start saying I must have been terrible dad. I did all these things wrong. Can I have done differently. How can we fix that? What what will happen now? Our kids endanger now. Now all of a sudden it's possible for one of your kids to die so you start not letting your high school kid go out. 'cause you don't WanNA protect her right. You don't want her to go off off to college. You want her to stay close all of a sudden it's like you're endanger mode and you have to step back and say wait a second time out the thoughts on thinking gain. They're all negative and they're not all true so my daughter still needs to have a life and I still have all these other amazing kids got a grandchild. And I've got a life that does have value and you know what my son did have a good life and he did love me and he knew I loved him and you start rebuilding those thought processes assesses and then before you know it you start taking steps back into your life again right so changing. How you think is the first step to changing how you live so the change your brain change your life? Danielson says my mile friends psychiatrists essay. You can't change your life until you change your mind you you got to change your thought process and the first thing thing is understanding that the thoughts you're thinking always true. I is this just one of those tools and I'm talking about so the idea is if you're if you're saying how do you handle preparing airing yourself for the hard things that happen in life. The first one is being aware that they will come. There's no matter what you can't put yourself in a big enough bubble to keep your shelf from having some trouble because even even if you're in a perfect bubble you still have a body that's GonNa wear die someday right now and it's hard to. It's hard to say that stuff without sounding like you're being fatalistic or negative tyranny of those things but because especially Christians in some of us there from certain traditions. Have this idea that if you have enough faith you know nothing bad it can happen to your demand that God gives you certain things or you name it and claim it or you know all those kinds of things and I'm just going to say I think that's a heresy at I think it's it's it's incorrect theology because Jesus himself said you're GonNa have hard times in your life now. Paul had a thorn in the flesh. Couldn't pray away and God said my grace's sufficient for you right and as far as I know at least eleven of the twelve apostles were martyred for their faith but they had a whole lot of faith right so the Bible. I don't think tells us that we're going to have a pain free life. If we just have faith and I think that presupposes uh is to have a lot of trouble if we think that it does say that there's one of the hardest things for me. Hey as a dad who believes that everything was always going to be okay. When my son wasn't okay was for me to say this is a dirty trick? None of the stuff. I thought thought was real as real none. None of the things I thought about Gaba really true. And that's a negative thought. That is a lie from the double. Who wants you to feel despair and hopelessness because when you are in despair and hopelessness? You can't help anybody else. This is so just recently And folks listen and show shows seven thirty five. I interviewed. Mark Patterson well known pastor. He has a new book called double blessings and in that he even talked worked. So we're talking talking about the bad things that are going to happen at some point that he even talked about on the blessings that with God's blessings come complications and I really appreciated that and to what you're talking about the thing that I keep I continue to come back to and talking with my kids and talking with my peers ears and in thinking for myself so arrogant to expect that the bad things will not happen and so this topic is so so. That's why it's so cute to me. That's one of the reasons we're here doing. This is because I know it is going to happen. And it's so it's almost mind-blowing to me how you deal with this daily in people's lives I would a special person it takes. I'm grateful for God's anointing on on you. I really like your line. You can't pick the number of days you can pick the quality kind of goes to that live every day like it's your last day which is impossible statement to walk out but that puts a tangible viable aspect on it of again back to that word of the gravity. You mentioned this. I don't know if I would ask that. Otherwise but some of the. You didn't use the word regret but some of the questions that people do. In retrospect and you talked about your son you know with Mitch if I can ask you look back. Even in your own peace and reconciling that and look back and go there are some the things I wish I would have done. What would you take? I mean. That's the consummate question you'd ask somebody who's gone through something like that okay. I've got kids. What is that thing thing or two things or even if this is a specific thing towards Mitch you go man? I I do wish I would have been able to do or been able to impart X.. Or whatever it maybe well I think the biggest thing for me is if I'm confessing. Monsoons is a lack of balance in my work. Personal live in those years when my kids were growing up in Lisa and I ran our own practice and it was a solo practice. meaning that I was. That's the only neurosurgeon in the practice. But also in the town so in Alabama where we lived. There wasn't another neurosurgeon in about fifty or sixty fifty mile circle and so there is a limitless amount of work to be done the people who are hurting and people who are sick and people who were in pain and and in my quest to build a good life for my family I never said no to anybody in work too much in so although you can't things can be simultaneously true but not causative of one another you can can be true that you had bad balance and it can be true. That one of your kids had some trouble. But that doesn't necessarily mean the one thing caused the other thing But I know that I I. I wish I had spent more time. I'm not working. And so if if that's a real answered your question absolutely I have never. I've been at the deathbed of a lot of people every week week. Did it again yesterday. where people are like literally taking their last breaths and I've heard them say in all kinds of things but I've never heard anybody say they wished they'd spent one more day at work or they wished they'd done one more surgery or they wish they had made one more dollar. Never heard anybody say anything like that. It's always I wish I'd spent more time with my wife. Had Another Day with my daughter I wish it was. It's all about people in time and things that they're missing. Yeah at the end of life. It's never about stuff. They wish they had done. More of May materially well and to balance that out that as much as yeah. I don't I can't imagine somebody being on the death bed saying I wish I had worked more. been away from my family more but for those who hear that and struggle viably with they may be at a place of survival mode financially. Whatever where you're at I literally lived out the other side of that in my early entrepreneurial early years of Saint? I've got little kids and you know what I need to go. Spend some time with them. God will take care of the mortgage and I did that long enough to where there came a time when my wife said honey I love you but I am. I can't handle this. The best thing you can do for our family right now is go. Make a buck. You need to go to work. Do you go to work so I literally live that it was a big valley in my marriage and it was gosh it was two thousand and two and it's a big part of our own story where I went too far that way As well so back to your statement of a balance in the work in the personal life that I've lived it out on the other side as well You you know Lee on this. I'm still somewhat enamored by you. Given the four categories of people who went tragedy hits and how how they react and you also talk you have a story in there that just hit me somewhat of I talked to my kids I think again. I think it was this morning morning. And where you find yourself most people they come to you and they've got a tumor. They've got a head injury injury. They've got something that happened to them. And then you talked about the One lady in the book who tried to kill herself and shot yourself in the head so here you are where somebody obviously their life. Living their life was such a hardship. They decided to end it. Now you're you're trying to put them back together and if you do that successfully and they come out the other side with fair functionality they now have a new set of problems to deal with. So I'm really curious because I I looked this up and you know. CNN reports a suicide rate United States continues to climb with the rate in two two thousand seventeen. That's thirty three percent higher than in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine so I assume you're cases continued to increase and in that arena so with them. Where do they generally fall in? That is that. Is that what you see. Play out that now. They tried to like now. It's just worse or is there. Are there some of them where it helped turn them around. Yeah humane to some of the people that survived. Yeah I've seen that a lot. Actually where because one of the things about Mild Pastor actually. Cato used to say that you know the Christians used to say if you commit suicide you are destined for Hell right accent. He didn't believe that anybody could try to commit suicide in their right state of mind in what I've seen is that so often there's something else involved. There's there's alcohol drugs. There's there's something that has changed lowered. Somebody's inhibitions or made the problem at hand. Same insurmountable in the moment that when they do survive in. And there's some clarity over this substance has gone and the and the situation the families at the bedside saying Gosh. We'd never wanted this to happen. We love you or sorry. You know that there's a group of people who find again and they find some meaning and purpose in their life again and then there's other people Act I had one patient who wrecked his car on on purpose Mister longtime ago. Rectus car on purpose survived. The wreck told the people in the emergency room that at the first chance he was going to kill himself again. Committed to the hospital manage to kill himself while in the hospital while the day before he was supposed to go to another long term rehabilitation thing So there are some people who really mean it right in the they'd completely lost any desire or intention to live and you can't do much for those folks but but but in my case I see a lot where it's the gunshot to the head. Where even in the last moment when they're pulling the trigger they're changing their mind? And their flinching in the shoot themselves listen they shoot their eye out or something but they don't die right. Those people a lot of times when they recover they have a whole new host of problems and disabilities but they somehow often can find their life again too and so our job in the or. I think I talked about in. The book is not to make those decisions or people It's just just to do our best to save lives and resort function to the extent that we can work on that same note. I'm going to go into something that in Amer me. This was page one hundred. Turn fifteen in your book and your quote you said not to diminish sadness and I'm going to take us a little bit different direction than where you took this because it just brought it brought up Let me read it not to diminish the sadness but is it a true accident if someone is hurt because he drives under the influence or doesn't wear a seatbelt or someone falls off a balcony and breaks her neck while high on Meth and injure an injury co joined with some aspect of preventable for preventable. Billy elite causation or intention. -ality and of course your point was with GM back to that it's random there's really nothing to blame and what was interesting to me as you wrote. That is which you find is harder for people to deal with. Is it harder to deal with something where there there is the possibility of them being culpable for it. Or is it better for them to deal with it when it's like GM and there's really nothing to point out. I think it depends on how somebody's wired. But you know as far as dealing with with the loss or injury of someone you care about if if you not being the patient but the dealing with the other person I find it. It's easier when people have something that can attach the causality to like. Oh Oh you know uncle Joe got lung cancer. But he's also smoked four packs a day for forty years. It's not really a surprise right so people are sad that it uncle Joe's passing away but they're not usually I shake their fist guide. About how unfair is this. Because there's some reason why it happened got that's and that's why I was fishing for. Yeah so so. There's an old joke. It's not really a joke. A joke about things that you shouldn't joke about the no kind of saying trauma that there's very few real accidents in trauma in what that means means is like I said in the book like people drink they take drugs. They put themselves in dangerous situations especially young adult males. You know they they go out in bars cars and they pick a fight. They do things where a little bit of wisdom on the front end would probably have prevented that accident from occurring so there are very few few true accidents meaning that we often put ourselves in situations through bad decision making her Being inaugurated or something else so when when when it's really the hard is when it's your five year old that slips on the is and has your head is in a coma but there's no way to explain that I mean there's ice there while I was there is there but it wasn't wasn't her fault she was just walking right and now she's in a coma with a hole in her head because the surgeon had to operate on her. That's to me harder for people to wrap their brains around and start best when people start saying why. Why did this thing happen God? Because they don't have that explanation. He was driving one hundred miles an hour and he was drunk. I can understand Dan how the accident occurred. You see what I'm saying like it when it's when it's random when it seems like the universe conspired against that person than it seems impossible to understand understand and sometimes impossible allow yourself to think of good God could ordain that thing to happen. I absolutely well and it jumped out at me. Lee Okay because so my business partner and such a best friend Dr Randy James is an Md.. He's Co host the true life show so are other new podcast. He's a functional medicine doctor and so he sees patients who are dealing with chronic illness disease not finding the answers they want and traditional no medicine they come to him and of course the majority of the pathology the ailments are lifestyle related for the most part point and I know this is where you get into slippery slippery slope people feel blamed and it's I'm that I'm there too. I have my own issues that I've so what caused myself my ignorance so I didn't know but as I've been in this world I feel like it's my responsibility to find more and more wisdom because I am culpable for myself but to what you said I've never really thought about it. This way and awesome good conversations on this when I see more hope in people and I sure feel it myself when I do feel some power over that so maybe I over here. I'm frustrated and maybe disappointed maybe anger that this is really. I'm I'm Paul blame somewhat but now I've got power as opposed to the patients and I literally never thought about it to this point till till right now and I'm glad I asked the question the patients who really really don't accept any culpability and any power in it are generally the ones who do not get better. It's a big medicine right there. It is and you know even in this even in the case of fatal diagnosis right. There's a huge difference in quality of life and people in fact tobacco up a little bit because if you haven't read the book. The whole notion of the premise of this is it got to me on a spiritual level when I started taking care of these patients aren't got out of my training training and I would say this guy's hosed I would look at the skin every medical term but I would look at his scan and I would see that global stolman even before four we buy seed. I knew what it was and I knew what was going to happen a new at the. Or wish going to look like a new your post op. Recovery period was GONNA look like I. I could see your wife's face in my the mind when I told you what the diagnosis was and I could see how long you radiation chemotherapy was gonna take and I could see when your hair would start falling out in a new about when you come back to my office. Listen you were thinking about going into hospice. And I could just project all that out because it was so reproducible with this particular disease and so I started having this problem because I knew from neuro science that people do better. They live longer. They have fewer infections that spend less time in the hospital to take less pain medicine when they hope and as a Christian. I'm supposed to believe James Five says if the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much in gobble. Heal your diseases and god Bob will remove all your afflictions and all these things at the Bible says that our promises but here we have a disease that it he always says no to. So how am I supposed to be a good doctor. Her for this patient when I know that they're going to even if they don't survive they're going to have a better quality of life in their marriage is gonNA stay together in their kids are GonNa remember them better if they fight it and if they hold their hope up and all those things how much supposed to do that and be honest with them when at the same time I know they're they're not gonNA make it they're not going to survive this and at the same time tell him. I'm praying for him when I already know that. God's GonNa say not that clear if I'm if the target shooting at his survival now right so I got to that place where I. I was in such a conundrum that I didn't know what to do with myself and said that the cop out for me was that I sort of I cannot cannot pause for just one second Yup getting a college fuzzy for once. Yeah yeah all right well. Of course. We'll edit that out but there you go. I'll leave this in their are folks. There's the candidness of a doctor on call as we had to pause as you've got a call from the Er what you had an amazing. What an amazing life you know in literal prayers? Where here we are praying to God? I'll admit after all all these years. Sometimes I find myself unsure of what to say to. You got in the moment and I know you talk about this in the book. But as our everyone's faith faith evolves you how do you find yourself sometimes balancing or even as you formulate your prayers when you have somebody who has is something where you see in the end of them you know that they're by by every you know much as you have experienced they're going to die and yet are you praying for still praying that God. You can't heal. Hopefully that you you will do that but then also cashing that with praying that they will just deal with it. Well yeah that's really what's what's changed the most. In my prayer life after losing a child and after twenty years working around the sickest people people in the world really is coming to that understanding that global. Bus Doma is not in fact. Mankind's deadliest disease hopelessness is is now and so coming to this idea that that the most important thing for guide to give me or you or anybody else when we're in hard times is is the ability to walk through that and carry ourselves well and continue to live while we're living even if we're dying. Yeah your your own faith. I mean today would you say that in Lee warns faith that you doubt less or you have come to be more at peace with the grappling of your doubts. I think that's a good way to say I was GonNa say I definitely don't doubt less because I still do I think the best advice anybody ever gave me was Philip. Yancey said you know The bottles full of doubters and it's okay with guide in this in in a in a wrote about chaplain John in the in the in the book talking about how one of the reasons he believes in God is that we have a Bible all full of stories of people who are allowed to express their doubts to him like if a person wrote that book that would ride it more perfectly. No you're not allowed to doubt me you have to. You have to follow me completely around might you that. That's how human would write that story right absolutely her guide to the for God to say Haley. Your broken guy and you've been through a lot of hard things there's GonNa be some things that challenge you in one. They do what I don't want you to never waver I want you to talk to me right right and that's where I got you what God really wanted from me in. That was to say God. I will never understand why this happened. My son in fact as I told them the story like we don't even still know what happened and we can't. We never will know what happened. Less money comes forward and tells us we'll never know and so I had to come to peace with this idea. Yeah the one of my children was taken from me. And I can't know why and I can't ever expect to know why and I'm going going to have to still live in my life still has to have some meaning and and I said you know if I can't make my life something that Mitch will be proud love and I might as well quit because it's got a main something or his life was really a tragedy and I don't want him my son's life to have been a tragedy wanted to be a victory right and so I think what what my face looks like now is I trust the fact that even even when I'm doubting I will again find faith because I know that have been in the darkest place there is and even when I couldn't see light you know. Listen I we even talked about it a few times. We can't see it but it's enough to just know that you don't have to. You don't have to see the sunrise yet but if you just survive the night it will. We'll come back. You have to believe that the sun is still out there right and that's how God shows himself over time when you're in the hardest thing that happens if you can just hold on. Tell him what you're Feelin Elon. He always somehow manages to the chew up a little bit and make it a little bit better since somebody along to put their arm around just the right time or papa scripture in your mind that you know. That's one of those tools by the way that taught my kids. We talked about instruments for self brain surgery this a whole bunch of scripture in a whole bunch of good books looks and good things in your heart that will pop out. When you're under pressure? I it that if you've got some scripture in there if you have some promises is that you know that pop back up. That's what the Holy Spirit does I think is is he says. Hey Kevin I am going to be close to when this hard thing happens if you don't have if you haven't read the promises and if you haven't stuffed them in there it's hard for him to come back out when you need them. I'll be sharing that with my family tonight on the dinner dinner table because my wife has my kids. My five youngest memorizing the first chapter James Are Right now so at advent advent last night they they recited what they know and that's her perspective with that is having the implanted word of God. We you You know it's there's so many poignant aspects of your message of your story that stood out to me too many for me to say that there was one that was paramount. But this one right here that I want us to land on. You shared a perspective that you came to about story that in movies. He's and books that we don't focus so much on the trials the characters face or even whether they survived them where move by and remember the characters actors who face those trials well hold up under the strain and live or die true to themselves or they're calling that's right out of the book and I thought About Myself Lee and I am so task oriented I focus on the end result and I'm not rare in that you know mission focused and that but here you are saying that if I were a move if I think about today my day tomorrow as a movie people are watching what they're mostly interested in because it resonated so much with me you're totally right is how am coping with it. Along the way. Last night we watched a wonderful life. I watch it every Christmas. and Ah that is as I was reviewing these notes today and thinking about that data is the movie how many people remember the debacle that George Bailey got in and what really happened at the end. They don't they're focused on the in between and his trial in there and he was obviously not one of your. He wasn't number four on your list of just taking the tragedy and the trauma easily or well he he dove way down and that is just convicting and for you to come to that is for folks. Of course I'm going to be pushing you go get the book this is as I said in the intro. It's a IT'S ONE I. I don't know if I've ever read a what I'm GONNA put in the self help. Category Book or Personal Development Read One. That had me that enraptured. I was reading a novel. I wanted to see what happened next. And yet impacted me so deeply Lee and that right there may be the one. That's the most paramount to me wearing a spectator culture. We're all on screens. Watching stories were enamored. I think sometimes we're enamored hammered by even more because we're not living big stories ourselves as the culture evolves and so. We're watching the stories to hear that here. You come to that. Kamini was again. It was one of those impacting things that I read about in the book that made me feel incredibly accountable to not the results that I'm getting not the paycheck. I'm bringing home not the event I'm doing with my kids or the experience I'm taking my family on or or whatever it is but it's just on how I did I. Would I be proud of the movie that I walked out today. In the mundane aspects of life or through the trauma or tragedy. You know that that came. It's interesting to me that I knew in my heart. I was supposed to write of seeing the interview told the story to you know what I ended up. Writing my first book about the Iraq war shortages there is trauma surgeon their first because sort of copped out. It's easier for me to write a tell all of what it was like to be in the war than it was. It was to write about faith doubt but what happened was as I prepared to write that book. No place to hide I learned about telling stories. I read all those books and Robert McKee in all all the books about telling stories and learning how to write and then it dawned on me as I was living out. Walking among all these people with brain tumors and after we lost our son especially like like God put all that stuff about story in my place. I could see it for what it is when I was living out mine. Like what kind of story would Mitch want me to tell what the days of my life after he passed away right as you. You want to think about as you're living. You WanNa think about what your grandkids are going to say about you right how much money they grandpa Mike. You don't want the you don't care about that you care about man ma'am. My grandfather was a hero. He was my he was my hero. He was the guy that show me how to be a good man right. You want those kinds of things to be part of your story. Not I just how much money you made or how many podcast downloads you had or all those things right. You want it to be about the story that your life told and how you held up to the various trials as an aside. He talked about James One hall ago. And that's James One is one of those. It's a bamboo splinter under my fingernails. When I was going through a hard arthur? Because if you decide that you're going to believe the words so that you can claim the good ones and not have to reject the hard ones. If you decide you're going to believe leave them then you run into James One and it says consider it pure joy when you face trouser various 'cause knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance right. And you say why. Why don't you put that in there like why did you? Why did you do that to me? God like why do you tell me. I've got to think about some way to find joy out of this. Seems awfully cruel. Tom's Suraya but it's another one of those things like Romans. Eight twenty eight that comes down to perspective and you can't get perspective without time and space from the thing that you're going through and that's why you never ought to pick up the gun and end it. You got to go through it because if you believe that God's GonNa Produce something good three This event in your life or that guy's going to turn you into some better version of yourself through these trials or help somebody else through it than in your fail if you ended without going through it right so you've gotta put yourself through. What is called the furnace of suffering? You've gotta let him refine can you in that way or you can't get to that place where he had that backwards perspective to say. You know what you're right like I did grow through that. It was the worst thing in the worst time nine but all of a sudden. I'm around all these broken people and they don't maybe have the background or the tools or the the things that I had the perspective that I have and I can put my arm around them and I can be. He who pastor John was for me and I can say hey might not feel like it right now but you're going to get through this and so for me that was James One was one one of those triggering a callously really but it. But it's true it comes out to be true if you could just walk through it long enough to get that perspective on the. I'm just just. I'm grateful for what you've done here at the point out. Maybe I'll add it to the intro that you really pursued you. Talk about this in the book the craft of writing and in the realm of the types of books that I generally read and that I bring the guest authors who I bring on the show. I Ah can't say that in the past five years of doing this that I have read a book that was Both as impacting and enthralling to read. So Oh just just so impressed and grateful that I got a hold of it. I'M GONNA thank your agency again for bringing you. Thanks for taking the time. Thank you for doing what you do. I hope I can get as many people as possible to read this book and a digest this message. Thank you it's been a real honor to be with you today and I appreciate the time. Thank you Lee friends. I know that was a deep show but I hope you were moved as much as I have been. I know I always recommend my guest books but and I won't say this is better than any other but I will say What I did at the top of the show? There aren't many books that have ever been this engaging page-turners and packed with such deep impacting message. Again you can get. I've seen the interview. Wherever you get books you can pre-order pre-order it now as it comes out January seventh two thousand nineteen And connect with Dr Warned W Lee Warren MD DOT com. And make sure you check out the doctor Lee worn podcast. We're coming up in episode seven. Forty four does your work interest. You should your work truly introduced to. What are you missing if it? It does not though as you'll hear in the show maybe interest in your work is not the absolute end all but here's a question. I posed to ziglar audience. Do you find your work to be interesting. Interesting yes or no. And how. Much weight on your work fulfillment. Does this have. The question came from a short message. We're going to hear from Zig Ziglar or he cited a survey conducted about the workplace using what are asking what employees wanted. Managers said. They wanted good wages job security promotions. The workers workers however responded with number one interesting work So there's no commentary I could give that would be valuables hearing what you. The audience responded with so. I think you'll enjoy the show. Tom Ziegler join me as we talk through all the comments till then thank you as always for letting me walk with you as we inspire are are true performance together new.

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Mueller says little, but was that the point?

Left, Right & Center

56:43 min | 1 year ago

Mueller says little, but was that the point?

"This is Josh Barrow and welcome to left right and center. You're civilized yet. Provocative Antidote self contained opinion bubbles that dominate political debate. This is the fourth week of July and this week it was muller time Robert Mueller testified before the House judiciary and intelligence committees he's and well. I'm not sure we learn very much that was clearly muller's intent. He already wrote the report that people could read if they felt like it. He said in May the report was his testimony and he wouldn't go beyond it so Democrats spent much of the hearing quoting from the report and asking to affirm mm-hmm that what he had said in the report was true they also tried and failed to get him to say the president had committed acts that would get most people indicted for obstruction of justice. Were they not sitting presidents who are protected by a Longstanding Department of Justice memo that says you can't indict a sitting president. Republicans Republicans for their part wanted him to talk about the steele dossier and the origins of the F._B._i.. Investigation into people around the trump campaign which wouldn't do saying that's not as purview. We'll talk about those hearings in a moment later in the show. We'll be joined by two academics focused on climate policy. One rhythm has provocative thesis that the green new deal is far less expensive than it appears also Evelyn Farkas will join us to talk about rising tensions with Iran and the president's unusual efforts to get American rapper ASEP rocky sprung from Swedish jail but now let's bring in our left frighten center panel as always. I'm your center joined by rich lowry editor of National Review on the right and on the left flank along the Roosevelt Institute. Hello Hi cash. Hey Josh Rich. What did you make of the Muller hearings well? It was obviously a fizzle missile and we all learned afterwards that had been an open secret in Washington that Bob Mueller had lost a step. Unfortunately we saw that demonstrated on live T._v.. For four or five hours and top Democrats must have known us but just been so desperate to try to create a T._V.. Moment that would catalyze and shake something loose on the impeachment dynamic. They went through it anyway so it wasn't a game changer establish a little bit sad and I think the main thing we learned is that it was very unlikely that Bob Mueller was rigorously in charge of his own investigation so Felicia. I think to rich's point a lot of the disappointment was that Muller did not serve. Anybody's political goals certainly didn't do what Democrats were hoping in terms of T._v.. Moments out of this hearing airing. I also don't think he provided a great deal for Republicans. I think you know to to richest point. There's this this talk about him having lost. I didn't think he was as bad as a lot of people thought he was. I mean he's clearly hard of hearing <hes> and he's clearly you know he's seventy. Five less energetic than he once was ause. I thought he got better in terms of his performance through the day but I do think that it was partly that you know that Bob Muller is less energetic that he once was but it was also partly he was trying not to be interesting and so that he was not interesting is not necessarily so Sara Lee a failure on his part. Now that's right we could have expected that he told us that <hes> you know I think the most sad and also actually alarming part of the entire set of testimonies the really wanting disrespect that many elected Republicans showed to muller himself. You had sensenbrenner accusing him fishing. You had gohmert you know trying to enter into the record. A piece called Robert Muller Unmasked and this just seems like an attempt to actually personally attack him <hes> you know there are real underlying issues here about what the president attempted to do to obstruct justice. I think these remain very serious issues and <music> all of that is obstructed by these questions about mother himself. I find that really actually quite scary. Rich to Felicia point one thing that Muller did seem interested in talking about at length was was passed an ongoing Russian threats to to U._S.. Elections <hes> <hes> which is something that is discussed somewhat in part one of his report there are also counterintelligence findings that have not been in probably never will be made public <hes> that relate to that he clearly wanted <hes> more focus on those efforts for twenty twenty Republican congressman will heard <hes> spent his time on that in the House Intelligence Committee hearing but otherwise it wasn't a big issue. Shouldn't this be something that is a focus for for members in both parties something that that really one can learn a lot from both what's in the report we've seen and then what's in some some material that we're not privy to you but that that is in the government's possession yes but I don't know why we need Bob Mueller to tell us that that I think there's been this ridiculous puffing up of Bob Mueller some sort of Oracle where if you write something down in the report you know that's one thing but if you actually actually says it in a yes or no answer and congressional testimony then it's unassailable true in and now everyone has to rally around this. He's just a guy he's just a prosecutor in members of Congress can make their own judgments about all these matters and I didn't see any personal attacks on him from Republicans. I did see some Republicans very effectively raising the issue that this new prosecutorial standard of not exonerated is exist nowhere in our law nowhere in president. It's it's impossible. I think to think any U._S.. Attorney who's ever advance such a standard and this was put the molar sometimes without the without giving you an opportunity to respond but sometimes actually in a back and forth and he could do nothing to defend it because it's indefensible but on on the Russian interference operations issue this isn't something that Muller was confining himself to yes or no answers on and it's not something just some guys the former director of the F._B._I.. With extensive experience in counter intelligence obviously there are other people who are also experts on this issue but this is an issue where his relevant standing is not just that he's a former prosecutor. It's his experience as a counterintelligence. We're making a huge deal like like a major moment at the hearing was when Adam Schiff said unpatriotic and wrong to welcome foreign assistance and Muller says is problematic at the least I and I was supposed to be like a a big moment <hes> why you know everyone can have their own judgments about these things I think obviously it's problematic and you shouldn't welcome foreign assistance in an election but the just Bob Mueller the the Democrats have been using him as a crutch. He's going to do the investigation. He's going to tell them what matters and the investigation and he's GonNa Create The T._v.. Moment that's going to create the political drive for impeachment and I just think that's been pathetic. They should step up themselves or shut up. Does this take impeachment impeachment off the table. Because what what I was looking at here imagining about impeachment Felicia is Democrats. Have this idea that impeachment hearings will be useful in some way that they will focus public attention on the president's wrongdoing more than it's already been. They will change minds wouldn't impeachment hearings look kind of similar to these hearings. I think there's a real reason that Democrats are conflicted on impeachment because it is a calm too confusing and almost difficult strategic question as to whether or not hearings would <hes> do do more to actually attack the president or as you say <hes> look like a non issue so I think the impeachment issue remains <hes> confusing but I want to go back to the Russia question because we can talk about Bob Muller all we want but let's not forget that the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday released a report about Russia's targeting of elect of our elections in two thousand sixteen. It looks like they are doing the exact same thing in twenty twenty. They're already doing it. We are seeing no no additional federal attention to this seeing no additional federal funding for it. This is a problem that actually right and left ought to be concerned about and I think the fact that rich you dismiss it or try to make it a subset of Bob Muller's performance <hes> This Week is wrong riches there. I mean setting aside specific legislative solutions. Are you confident that election officials in the fifty states all of which Russia made efforts to breach Election Systems in two thousand sixteen I mean are you confident. This issue is being handled appropriately. I think I've even heard Mark Warner saying on T._v.. That the agency level the trump administration is taking this seriously. I think some Democrats in folks on the left are now calling Mitch McConnell Moscow Mitch rich because he doesn't want to rush to pass one of these so-called election security bills that would do a lot to federalize our elections and that's just not that's not the way the system set up to ron and it doesn't mean he welcomes <hes> foreign interference doesn't mean once foreign interference but I don't. I don't have the insight to know what's happening. Every you know every single state in the country on this but it's something people should obviously be aware of and be trying to harden our defenses against as these hearings were happening. We also got closer to finalizing the budget agreement that sets federal spending levels and raise the debt limit for the next two years. It's a bipartisan agreement but the deal pass the house mostly with democratic support. They're actually enough. Democratic votes for the deal that could have passed with no Republican support at all about two thirds of house. Republicans voted no rich that vote tally assign the Democrats got the better end of this deal. Yeah I think you know Republicans got more defense spending which they wanted but they're not enthusiastic about the overall level spending I do think though it's kind of the final nail nailed coffin of the tea party Republicans are a big spending party now. They're not as big a spending party as the Democrats Wanna be but the deficit obsession debt obsession is all gone now and May. They return pending a Democrat winning the White House and wanting to spend more than even Republicans do but this was the the final nail in a stage of Republican politics that is now over Felicia to the extent that you I saw this on the democratic side. They tend to come from the left saying that it spends too much on defense that it doesn't impose enough restrictions on the way the the trump administration spends money related to immigration efforts. Do you think Democrats made a good deal here. I think one really important thing happened. In this budget deal which is that we got rid of question. We got rid of automatic spending cuts that were just as we saw when we talked about this earlier this year during the shutdown. Where's your so problematic and what the point that twenty eleven law did was every couple of years we had an environment of crisis that was sort of self manufactured because we had to undo funding levels that were artificially created <hes> and we created a kind of brinksmanship in the meantime Congress still head to fund the government and so I think getting rid of automatic matic spending cuts <hes> was a very important part of what happened in this last deal one criticism? I've been hearing from Democrats with this deal. It runs out in mid twenty twenty. One people are saying it sets up a situation you could have a Democratic president and you would give the Republican Congress Chris Power Soon in that president's term to pull basically what happened in twenty eleven with Barack Obama and threaten a debt ceiling crisis and try to force some big spending cuts related to that you talk about getting rid of the sequester you're getting rid of the lever that has forced Republicans is to the table over and over again since two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen which is Republicans are focused on undoing the automatic spending cuts in the military and you've seen relatively smooth dealmaking in most cases starting with Paul Ryan and Patty Murray Twenty fourteen do worry about about setting up that twenty twenty one crisis. I do worry about setting up other kinds of spending crises but I think what we have to do which I think we're gonNA talk about. Later in the show is really rethink what it means to fund the Federal Government End to actually use public investment spending so I was obviously I wasn't there. I don't know why they couldn't go get past sort of June twenty twenty one <hes> I actually we've seen very many short term deals that were far less than two years so I I expect that this was really the best that the speaker could get and I think that pushing it out this long actually gives us time to start talking about what the what the debt-to-gdp ratio really ought to be <hes> I have some confidence that actually we can <hes> both get more Revenue Avenue <hes> and increase our understanding of what that ceiling ought to be so we can actually really start funding government Felicia. What do you want to talk about well? What I really wanted to talk about? Was this recent polling we've seen that has as looking very hard at how important independence are are in the twenty twenty presidential race. You know you've seen trump's approval rating about ten percent higher in must win states like Wisconsin and Florida and most of this is with white non college voters so I think it's really important to look at these independents to ask ask what are they actually think about the economy and why might they vote on what basis might they vote <hes> and there's a couple of things that democrats should really focus on <hes> first of all many of these white working class voters are economically distressed and that it could actually affect their vote away from trump. I just did a study <hes> for the voter study group with my co-authors Lee Druckman and Vanessa Williamson and we found that not only one in five Republicans think more like a Democrat on economic policies. They want to tax the rich which they wanNA raise minimum wage. They're actually they say they're more likely to vote against president trump because of that <hes> the second thing is that when you go right to the ultimate swing voter independence who are economically progressive these people are seven percent of the electorate and they've already started switching their votes. They pulled the lever for congressional Democrats by sixteen points more in two thousand eighteen than they voted for Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen. You have correctly I think this focus on and <hes> independence white working class voters but let's not forget that these folks are actually economically progressive so rich it feels to me like there are hazards and opportunities for for both parties in in these areas that Felicias describing. I think that these observations ovation's actually do significant extent to inform Donald Trump's two thousand sixteen campaign with his emphasis on the needs of workers rather than entrepreneurs on trade and being in favour of Tariffs de Emphasizing entitlement cuts that previous Republicans had been more enthusiastic about and then you see democratic policies some of which poll really well with these voters and some of which don't pull so well and so you have you have different policies that trump would like to emphasize versus the ones that Democratic candidates might be emphasizing twenty twenty. Do you think that Donald Trump is on strong enough ground round with these kinds of voters well. That's a big question. I know the answer to it. It will do a lot to determine twenty twenty <hes> the outcome. I think what we're seeing potentially on the Republican side is a giving away of off the language in the logic that had made the Republicans small government party kind of across the board you you kind of listen to what a Missouri Senator Josh Holly is saying and he he gives these big denunciations of the free market or says the free market is not the be all and end all denounces the the elite and wealthy people and then the policy is well. Maybe we should have more tax credits or something but there's no reason that that was the case he's making wouldn't <hes> support much more government activism than Republicans have ever had before that wouldn't support tax increases on the rich and the way the Republicans have advocated before I dunno went you know an one hundred years more <hes> so ah trump was was might have just been a precursor to this and we've talked a lot on this show he he kinda got the populist appeal and the populist rhetoric but a lot of the economic policies been traditional Republican policy as wonder whether that traditional Republican policy wash out in future years flea show and you describe these these voters in the middle as as economically progressive presumably that depends on precisely which progressive economic policies you're you're talking to them about and you're seeing this fight in the Democratic presidential primary right now about how far left to be on these issues and what to emphasize so for example a public option health insurance plan pulls extremely well even pulls pretty well Republicans pulls almost universal sport among Democrats very strong support among independents but there are a number of items on the Progressive Policy Agenda Agenda that are underwater in the polling if you ask about Medicare for all that replaces private health insurance <hes> there's a new mattress poll out last week that has that underwater <hes> forty one percent in favor fifty four percent opposed among the whole public and then things like offering health insurance to to unauthorized immigrants part of National Health Insurance plan very unpopular slavery reparations very unpopular so you have certain aspects of a progressive economic agenda that are getting a fair amount to play in this presidential primary that do not pull well and that I assume do not opole with these specific economically distressed working class white voters that you're talking about right well the two or three issues that Paul extremely well with these particular economically distressed voters are higher taxes on the wealthy and a a higher minimum wage which isn't surprising and if you look at that poll us you do see that Medicare for all who want it a kind of public option which I actually think is a path ultimately to a much greater kind of federal <hes> support of <hes> <hes> healthcare that pulls it seventy percent you see government regulation of prescription drug prices also pulling sixty seven percent you see a green new deal pulling it sixty three percent U._C.. A wealth tax pulling it about that so these are very very progressive policies and if you would told me that these were the in two thousand fifteen or twenty sixteen that these were going to be the policies that seventy percent of Americans we're going to support I would say maybe we have a really progressive country so rich. I mean you you sort of describe what Josh Holly is talking about with this sort of you know repositioning repositioning conservatism as against bigness whether in the public or the private sector and taking on big tax as to some extent vaporware and you talk about a way that you could <hes> put more meat on the bones but it sounds like that's not a way that you would want to do what is the alternative. I mean isn't the diagnosis says right that you know Ryan Ism was tired did not speak to the interests and needs of voters in the middle of the electorate didn't speak to the to the working class part of the Republican Party base. What is the alternative to moving the Republican Party in that direction well? I think it's coming up with intelligent elgin alternatives that don't have big economic <hes> downsides you know Republicans WanNa get on board. The minimum of big federal minimum wage increase. I think for instance that would be a mistake because you're squeezing certain people than out of the lower end of the Labor knbr market which are jobs that are really important in terms of getting training and skills and getting to the next rung of labor market so you don't want to endorse policies that have unintended consequences and an entitlement reform. I I think it's it's it just can be an economic necessity necessity as a matter of accounting at some point. This is a heck of a problem for a pop party is going to have more populous orientation and going to have to have some appeal in places like Pennsylvania Selena upper midwest presumably going forward what is a form of that <hes> in Tottenham form that would be politically saleable and I just don't have an answer to that actually WanNa turn back to this question of key swing voters and focus on. On a minute sub section but very important one there are six percent of Americans who say they approve of trump's management of the economy but they disapprove of his overall performance as president so this is a really interesting group and these voters say day. They're holding back from voting for him because of their own values. They don't think he's going to be a good role model for their kids their their values on non economic issues mostly family separation and climate and their real concerns about his character and temperament so I think that that is also a really important group to look at. Let's take a break. I'll be back with rich lowry of National Review and Felicia Wong of the Roosevelt Institute to talk about the green new deal. You're listening to left right and center. What do you think share your thoughts on? Today's show go on our facebook page or tweet us at L. R._C.. K._C._R._W. and download the K._c._R._W.. APP to listen to left right and center on demand back again with left right and center. I'm Josh Borough of New York magazine on the right as rich lowry editor of national review on the left is Felicia Wong President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute. We're going to do something a little unusual. In this segment Felicia has brought a guest with her J. W Mason who is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute J J W was an interesting new paper making a macroeconomic as for the green new deal flee before we bring in J. W can you set the political context a little bit for us. Can you talk about what this paper represents in terms of sort of reframing the debate about the green new deal right well. The Roosevelt report is really designed to do three things first to show that we don't have to trade off between improving the economy and making the economy more green you can do both so that's a reframe. The second thing is to show that to really make the transition to a green economy economy not just to move to phase out fossil fuels but also to expand mass transit or to retrofit buildings or pay farmers to capture carbon you simply must have public investment led strategy and then the last thing that the report is designed to do due to show that we can actually pay for it. The problem now is no longer climate denial to actually climate austerity and the report is designed to show that that austerity is wrong well so let's bring in J W Mason J W is an associate professor of economics at John Jay College in addition to being fellow Roosevelt Hydro W so your paper argues that a robust green new deal program might entail new expenditures of five percent of G._D._p.. which is a lot for context existing? Federal Spending is about twenty three twenty four percent of G._D._p.. A._D._p.. You say we could incur those expenses with little or no new taxes and that we should think of this not as an economic cost at all but as an investment how how does that math at the idea here is we're trying to connect to conversations that really have been taking place in separate silos silo. There's a conversation about e carbonation and climate change and then there's a conversation about the macro economy and the macro-economy conversation. We know that we've been facing inflation below the feds target for many years. We know that we face the problem with zero lower bound. We faced persistent assistant periods of high unemployment. We faced very low interest rates in the U._S. and around the world now we're looking at a new round of fed cuts. We're looking at the talking about a new extraordinary stimulus so central bank. Yes thanks so so essentially usually when we turned macroeconomics we're looking at a world that seems to be suffering from a persistent lack of aggregate demand suffering from a persistent lack of sufficient spending to employ all the labor and other productive resources available to us with a lot of economic costs then unfortunately when we talk about climate we've tended to assume that we are working with the economy at full employment. That's fully using its resources and so anything that we devote to decarbonisation is going to have to be taken away from meeting some other needs but in a world where we have the problem of the zero lower bound where we have this problem. Secular stagnation has Larry Summers and other people have talked about of persistent demand show it was it doesn't make sense to think of it that way that when you spend money on public program like decarbonisation not only are you what are some very urgent goals for our society but you're also helping plug this gap. You're also helping make up the shortfall in demand as we've seen conventional monetary policy is simply not able to do said of break that down the usual way that people think about the economy A. and the way the economy works in certain economic situations is basically that if the government goes out and spends more money and either taxes or borrows in order to do that spending that that's going to crowd out other activity in the economy the government borrows more money that push up interest rates that makes it more expensive for businesses to do private investment and so the government spending crowds out private spending your contention is because of this economic situation we're in where there's a shortage of aggregate demand. The government can go out and borrow and spend and that doesn't crowd out private activity so the government could spend conceivably not just on the renew deal but on anything and it essentially would cost less than it appears to cost on the government's financial statements. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. The social cost new spending is much lower when you have a shortfall of aggregate demand and that's really in a way that's what a world of low interest rates is telling US older persistent low interest rates is telling us that the opportunity cost public spending is much less than it might have been at at various times in the past. I have one more person I want to bring into this conversation and that's Joseph Mike who is the director of climate policy at the Niskanen Center <hes> just as one of people on the right who's been trying to interest conservatives and Libertarians and the idea that we need some sort of aggressive climate policy <hes> welcome Joseph. Thank you for joining US happy to be here. Thank you so. Is this an argument that appeals to you that essentially you know so many of the debates that we have about climate change inch prevention and with the the assumption that there's a really large economic costs associated with them that you need to convince people that that cost is worth incurring that basically that frame is wrong and that we can go out and say to people actually this is something that it's not completely free but a lot of it is free well. I think it's <hes> I'm a little skeptical. Though I appreciate the argument I agree there's evidence there slack in the economy <hes> in in in demand and I agree that <hes> oftentimes the costs of climate action have been overstated as a means of of of <hes> opposing individual policies but I I do question if it's <hes> if it's a going to be a constructive move to cast the cost of decarbonising the economy which we should do as as a feature as opposed to a bug of the of the policies. Let's see we want to use it really depends on your read of the situation. I think if we're in a situation where we simply can't spend enough money and we've we've seen this situation we saw the situation during the great recession where conventional monetary policy in the U._S. and elsewhere was simply not able to get the economy up to full employment and where I think today there's widespread agreement that the stimulus package adopted in the U._S. and elsewhere was not large enough then. I think we absolutely have to say that spending more money on anything is a feature are not about knows it happens. We're fortunate to have a very urgent problem to spend the money on but isn't the phrase on anything really key in there this this macroeconomic argument that you're making obviously this has been a controversial topic in U.. S. Politics for for over a decade it would apply to to any new public investment. So isn't the burden still on you to show that this is the appropriate way to spend that money I mean you could you could spend it on healthcare on child care on infrastructure not particularly aimed at at at green benefits isn't the burden still to show that this is the best use of these resources even if it is feasible to finance them through government borrowing I think to some extent our report is aimed at people who agree that the problem of climate changes and extremely urgent social problem and that is one of our highest priorities and are concerned about the paying foresight. I don't think our goal was to convince people the urgency of the problem. I think there's plenty of other evidence and arguments out there to convince people that I do think there's a certain argument for decarbonisation in particular because there is a certain time limited aspect of this. It's not unlike healthcare education. It's not something something the government is necessarily going to be doing permanently so if we think that this period of weak demand might not be might be something that will last for ten or twenty years but not forever. There's a certain argument there and I also think there's an argument that when you want to do this kind of macroeconomic spending there's a lot got to be said for public investment in particular and I think that <hes> you know that's something that clearly is a big component of decarbonisation way that it might not be for some of these other areas rich have Republicans to an extent opened up this line of argument for people on the left which is to say that you know Republicans came into office with some priorities they wanted to spend more money on the military. They wanted a corporate tax cut and they decided that there was no need to pay for that that the macroeconomic situation was such that the government could just borrow more money in order to pursue those priorities and and so far economic performance seems to continue to be fine in that environment of increased borrowing. Why shouldn't the left pick that up and pick its own policy goals and say that's what to use the increased deficit spending for yeah? I don't think Republicans have any credibility spending at the moment and in deficit spending we've had hasn't had any obvious immediate economic harms. My fear is just by the time we all agree that <hes> we can spend any amount of money and deficits don't matter at all will spend ourselves to a level where deficits matter and economic conditions will will change and it just seems to me that this this <hes> paper with all due respect to my today W it's it's more of a case for spending than than spending on the green new deal per se and I would think if you accept those premises. Thomases and I don't want to spend on things that make the economy more efficient and more productive <hes> their infrastructure projects that could do that for instance like basic R._N._D.. <hes> where we're I think we're not spending as much which is we should is a no brainer. A green new deal involves a notch just creating new sources of energy but scourging the sources of energy we already have that are represent great national wealth and are more efficient and I just don't buy the argument and that making energy basically more expensive and for swearing sources of energy that that are more efficient is good for the economy. You can make other arguments for that. It's allegedly gonNA save the planet but there's going to be a a big free lunch and a boon to the economy makes no sense to me well. So W D do you buy that premise because it it seems to me that the way that you and some others talk about some of these investments in new technology are similar to way that people often talk about the Apollo program which is to say that you know we did we had this expensive program to go to the moon and we had all sorts of ancillary learning from doing that that that boosted productivity in the economy and that led to other useful innovations and ultimately produced more economic growth so I think that sometimes the argument you hear about green technology the claim Ms that this particular area both public spending and of regulations that forced shifts in private spending that they'll they'll force people to do useful are indeed that will make the economy more productive in the long run. I guess the question is how do we know that because usually when the government comes in and tells private that businesses no don't do the thing you thought was most efficient do this other thing you should tend to expect that to to reduce economic output. So why is this a case where you get positive knock on benefits from that one piece is Felicia said we're not just talking about regulation. We're talking about public investment vestment and there's a big difference. I think when you're trying to build up new industries from scratch it's true that simply raising costs as something like a carbon tax. You know this is why we don't agree with people who say the carbon tax is the be all and end all policy here because all that does do is raise costs for existing carbon intensive forms of energy and production and we think that's not enough you need directed public investment into new sectors and we think there's a lot of areas where there's increasing returns where you start an industry initially. It's not cost competitive initially can't get going on its own. It can't be successful in the market but with smart strategic subsidies and public investment you get to the point where it is and I think we are. We're already seeing this. You know there's a reason why most of the new installed capacity of electricity in the U._S. is wind power because it's cost effective. It's because it's actually cheaper to invest today for private companies but that didn't happen on its own happened because you initially had public investment and you had subsidies that got it up to that point. If you ask why is China taking off dominating the Solar Altaic Market it's because they've had smart policies of putting public resources. They're building up that sector sector and getting it to the point where it's then cost competitive. It's not the case that you simply already have sort of the most efficient options you have and if you close them off you're just going to be doing something less efficient Joseph some of the arguments that j w made their <hes> are related to a declining enthusiasm suzy. Ask them that I see for carbon taxes from some climate advocates on the left basically saying there are concerns about carbon taxes both politically that they that they will end up being unpopular and their aggressivity and arguing that through some of these other approaches you can achieve many of the goals you try to achieve through a carbon tax that through public investment in research and development you can move people away from from carbon-emitting activities <hes> without making carbon tax central to your climate. <hes> plan does that make sense to you is the carbon tax is important as people made it out to be well. I have to say I think a carbon tax is the best <hes> policy approach we can take to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and that's largely for the same reasons that we're just described right research and development or early deployment of wind power for instance changes the relative if prices in the marketplace and you shift to that kind of production. That's exactly what a carbon tax intends to do as well. I think the idea that we need to do a lot more spending right the programs. We've done previously for clean energy or not five percent of G._D._p.. That's Defense Department apartment types of numbers and I don't know that that's necessary to <hes> read our economic production of Greenhouse Gases J. W where did you come up with five percent. It was really just a benchmark number that was sort of the high end. The argument was even if we got that hi this is still still affordable. It was not it was not an estimate of what we think. The cost would be a lot of estimates out there low lower than that but but I do think it's a lot more than where we are now. I think that that that there is an urgency to this requires a level of public investment. Maybe it's not five percent G._D._p.. Maybe it's three percent sean of G._D._p.. It's still a lot of money again that number and the report was simply arguing that even if you take sort of high end estimate it's still something that we can afford rich. What if anything do you think we should be doing about this? I mean you have people like Joseph out there trying trying trying to get Republicans to take seriously the idea that this is this is not just a real problem but a real problem that is addressable through public policy in the Republicans should care about addressing people obviously worry about the economic effects you also see people like the president sort of sowing doubt about the underlying hang science and and the extent to which this is really a problem <hes> if you have concerns about you know specific economic effects of specific policies what if anything do you think we should be doing about climate change basic research and remaining a rich and dynamic a society with the ability to adapt if the worst comes but I don't believe that we're in a climate crisis I think a lot of the rhetoric we see on the left the Democratic Party where every time there's a tornado or a flood or hurricane is responsibility of global warming none of that supported <hes> by the the research and even the the most robust A._F._C. version of the green new deal look at the estimates using the best models out there and it just has a miniscule fact on global temperatures <hes> eight years from now so I think there are a lot of people who ideologically they like more spending they like more regulation and I think the climate supposed crisis is their new way to make the case for that agenda which is a very old one Joseph. What do you say to that? I assume this is something that you hear a lot in your work. I sympathize with the idea that there's the impulse to have a lot more public. Spending is now being put on a climate action timescale right that this is a sort of a convenient mechanism by which to push a different agenda which is about changing the economic structure of the United States. I agree with J W that climate is a compelling issue for public policy makers. I would push back on rich saying that <hes> the manifestations of global warming in individual weather events and extreme events are increasingly visible when you look at the <hes> the scientific literature and the we're now in a regime where we're managing both the costs costs of adapting to climate change and dealing with its damages as well as reducing emissions to prevent future damages G._W.. I want to ask about how your proposal fits into the broader economic agenda on the left which is to say what what you have pointed out about. The idea that we are below capacity interest rates are low they appear to remain low even when the deficit grows that gives us room to spend you see people on the left say that about a lot of policies you see I mean <hes> Alexandria Casio Cortez noting that when talking about single payer healthcare and and how that can be financed and so to rich's point there even if there is room to spend more on a deficit spending basis that room is not infinite eventually you would reach a point where you were borrowing enough that deficits would matter again and so you can use that space once let's you can use it to spend <hes> and then once you've spent it then an additional program the also WANNA implement at the same time you would presumably have to finance that with taxes or something else so how does this fit into the agenda. If you know if people take up what you say on the green new deal <hes> how would you also do single oh payer. How would you do childcare? How would you do other things that are that are on the left's agenda which I assume you also support? I think we really need to bracket single payer Medicare for all which is is really vastly more expensive than anything else. We're talking about including the green new deal and clearly I think almost almost everybody who talks about that is also talking about some kind of revenue that goes with it so comma Harris. Yes I think I think so. I think that one I think that it's not obvious to me that setting that one aside that we don't have space to do actually of robust green new deal and you know robust housing program and and some type of free higher education and the rest of it because it's Medicare for all is just is just much much bigger than the rest of those things but I also I do think and this is a starting point here. The climate change problem is the great problem facing us today. It's probably the most urgent public policy <hes> <hes> problem that we face <hes> so I don't I don't see a problem with with prioritizing that. Honestly I want to bring in Felicia again to to close the segment <hes> we talked about the green new deal like seven months ago. We were on a special edition the show over the holidays where we talked about visions for what's coming with the left and I remember I asked you what is the green new deal because at the time it really felt like more talking point there has been more detail that has been rolled out over the last few months it still feels to me like an issue where the democratic coalition benefits in terms of being able to form cohesion by a certain amount of vagueness about exactly what the policy is going to entail. I mean for example. G._W.'s paper is sort of agnostic on on the use of a carbon tax doesn't endorse or reject it. <hes> does has does note that if you do it. It's regressive offset it with something that's progressive but once you start putting details in deciding you know where we're going to spend the money. How are we going to finance it? Does that start to fracture the coalition at all as you have to start to make prioritizing choices and how do you deal with that. Well I'd actually make the other argument that the great <hes> fragility of potential green new deal is not putting enough policy specifics behind it so what you've seen since we talked about it in December January is a number of people putting more meat on the bones of the framework <hes> that was that initially came out so you see our report where we you know list three different buckets in which you could really do significant spending you see Jay Inslee as work work which really focuses much more on jobs in front line communities and also focuses on regulation of oil and Gas Vice President Joe Biden also has a climate plan. You've seen better come out with a set of policies you saw the House Democrats. Come out with <hes> you know something that is intended to be somewhat imperilled to the original A._F._C. Green new deal so I think that this is it's actually important to put enough meat on the bone so people actually know what we're talking about here and then we can have the policy debate. Things are going to be fractured but I actually think there's great agreement on the left at this isn't urgent priority and I think folks are GonNa work it out whether it's as you know targets for twenty thirty versus twenty thirty five versus twenty-fifty. That's something that's going to be worked out but moving is the most important thing I want to thank G._W.. Mason from the Roosevelt Institute and Joseph Mike It from the Niskanen Center. Thank you both for joining us. I've been talking with Felicia Wong of the Roosevelt Institute and Rich Lowry of National Review. 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Lowry editor of National Review on the left is Felicia Wong President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute and now we're joined by Evelyn Farkas who is a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States Evelyn is here to talk about the rising tensions with Iran but I want to ask first about another foreign power. That's on president trump's mind this week which is Sweden American rapper. Asep Rocky has been jailed in Sweden for several weeks now. He was arrested for assault though he says he acted in self defense. The arrest has led to the cancellation of much of his European. Tour and various American officials and celebrities have urged the Swedes to release him most notably president trump has put extensive public and private pressure on Swedish Prime Minister Stephan loafing trump reacted angrily win loaf told him the sweetest judiciary is independent and there's nothing you can do to influence the prosecution <hes> Ellen first of all hello and thank you for joining us. Hello Hi Tash great to be here so I'm not GonNa ask you to comment on Swedish law and the validity of this prosecution. My question is essentially American diplomacy with foreign powers. I assume ordinarily has a variety of goals were balancing and obviously Sweden is not the most consequential and powerful world power we interact with but how does it affect our foreign relations when the president picks a hobby horse like this and lobbies lobbies on it on a way that truly looks quite improper to officials and members of the public abroad. It's so disturbing Josh because it's so abnormal you know this is another example of what the president himself would call unpresidential behavior because normally when you have a situation where a U._S.. Citizen is accused of committing a crime and put in jail and faced with a criminal prosecution. The United States will not intervene politically or otherwise if the country's democracy with a strong rule of law. Maybe you would have something happening at the embassy level. Let's say the ambassador would go and make sure that everything's proceeding as you would imagine a democracy that the I would be defendant is is has access to family etc but Sweden is a very strong democracy with a very strong rule of law and so you there would be minimal work that the United States would have to to do there and certainly you would never have a president publicly calling for the release of someone who's been accused of a crime again in a democracy where they're not want to just Willy Nilly accuse people their own citizens or other citizens of crimes the way the president has approached this is the way you would approach it and the way he should approach it in dealing with Russia because Russia today as we know or maybe this is a reminder or or maybe it's I information for some listeners but Russians been holding a man by the name of Paul whalen forty nine year old guy who went to Russia and it looks like he was snatched by the Russians under false pretenses they plant it looks like the intelligence community planted some some information with him and said that he was a spy and they've been holding him without a trial with improper access to medical <hes> medical assistance that his family says he needs and that case is one where the president needs to intervene because there is no rule of law affectively in Russia that Kremlin is holding this guy in response for our holding of Maria Boutin A- and that's a whole nother story a Russian national. Obviously this is irregular and improper my question. Does it matter or are there like are there harms to the United States because the president has has picked this fight to pick yes because of course now he's insulted Sweden and while Sweden is not a member of NATO. It's very closely aligned with NATO. If you just pull out your map and you look at the number one threat threat being Russia you have to deal with Sweden they provide us with good information and intelligence on what Russia is doing. We work very closely with Sweden as a partner. We obviously also have a trading relationship with Sweden Sweden's a member of the European Union and if we treat our friends like this us again every other friend is going to think when are we when is the president of the United States going to tweet about us and essentially draws down on our ability to influence our friends and others and that's a problem for the United States of America Erica. Yes the president's trying to distract from probably Russian interference 'cause. I don't know if we're GONNA talk about it but two big developments are the fact that the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report saying that all fifty states retargeted by the Russians and then of course we had the muller testimony the other day and you want to talk about Iran but that's probably what the president's trying to deflect attention from but it does do diplomatic damage. What is there to be done about Iran right now because you've had this escalation since it's the U._S.? Withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal reimpose sanctions Iran has been doing these provocative things. They're enriching more uranium than was allowed under the deal. They shut down the U._S.. Drone last month they've been intercepting ships on their way in and out of the Persian Gulf. What kind of risks does this pose specifically quickly to the interest the United States and what can we do about them? At this point having pulled out of the deal yeah I mean look the Iranians like the North Koreans and another scenario they would like the United States to come back to the negotiating table and make another deal similar to the one that we made with them before the United States on the other hand has said all the way up to president trump were willing to negotiate but when you then look at secretary pompey's language he said we'll negotiate if Iran and then he has a list of I think it's something like sixteen eighteen conditions and essentially what it all adds up to is if Iran completely changes its foreign policy which is unrealistic and so we keep pressuring Iran through sanctions the latest thing now is this tanker war. You're in quotes if you will in the Straits of Hormuz where we're pressuring Iran and and limiting their ability to move oil in particular through the streets of her moods so we're cutting off more of their potential revenue and it's pushing them to the wall and the hope in this administration maybe that they negotiate on better terms. It may be that there's a regime change. This is the problem that I can identify as an American trying. Had to figure out what my government is trying to do and it's also the problem that I think is in the back of the Europeans minds as they are trying to navigate the the situation because they don't want war. They don't want escalation. They're not pushing for regime change. They would prefer to go back back to a negotiated settlement something along the lines of what we had before rich. Do you have a sense of of what the strategy is inside the administration right now because you have these officials including the president who are all over the map on how they would seem to like to approach Iran you have the president it's sort of a openly talking about John Bolton as someone who favors Hawk attractions that that he would never favor on the other hand you had the president allowing Rand Paul to try to negotiate a very dovish member of the party. Is there a theory within the administration of how they're going to get around in line well. The consensus across all factions is squeezing Iran and will continue to see more of that. I expect these certifications for so-called civilian nuclear work in Iran that Iran's cooperating with Europeans with that we basically allow by certifying. I expect those not to be renewed. which be another pressure point? A big benefit from the Iran nuclear deal be one of the last benefits to to go away but what what comes next is the big question I do think <hes> trump imagines this as a prelude to diplomacy and negotiations. I think that's probably where we're more likely headed rather than <hes> toward more intense conflict. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what the Iranians a think as well and I think so far <hes> the administration's handled it fairly well the various provocations and the Straits of Hormuz we can do more to provide security to shipping and we're heading heading that way but given that Iran seems desperate to be retaliated against in some sort of major way and desperate <hes> to be bombed presumably because it thinks thinks it would create domestic political problems for trump that will create greater tensions in the U._S.. Alliance science with its European partners. It's probably not a good idea to give them that and trump hasn't yet felicia by the idea of trump is the keystone of restraint here who has held us together. Yeah I don't agree with <hes> riches read of the situation situation as I see it. I think the trump administration's response is really incoherent in an actually reflects a deep internal divide because on the one hand you see maximum pressure for regime change you see a doubling down on sanctions you see threats of military attacks in on the other hand you see and this has been true from the beginning of the trump administration not just with Iran but you see a really deep isolationism that is at the heart of putting America first so I think it's really tough to be strategically. He's smart in a game of chicken. When you've already tipped your hand that you're going to swear I and I think that going back as we've already said <hes> to rules of law and being a nation of law that is the best the best way to create more stability in the International System Evelyn? Is it possible to put the deal together if trump decided you know that he's going to send Rand Paul or somebody else's an envoy and try to you know presumably trump would say like this is like the U._s. m._C._A.. It's very different than the thing that that came before for it. If the president came around and wanted to get back into something that looked like the Iran deal. Would that still be in the offing. Is that something around absolutely yes <hes>. I have josh a an OP ED in the Washington Post now almost a month ago that essentially lays this out we just need the president to decide that that he wants to deal and the deal can include all of the elements that you had in the Obama deal and the joint the J._C._p.. Away but he can make make it better he can include missiles <hes>. I think the Iranians would go for that. Maybe he can get some of the Americans that the Iranians are holding released in prison in Iran. Perhaps also Thais the the American that has being Austin tastes being held in Syria they run INS might be able to get him sprung so a few other things maybe some some language on a resolution a peaceful resolution for Syria. I believe the Iranians would come to the table and they would make a deal like that. So I think it is possible. The problem is that it seems that the administration wants a maximalist outcome. They're not gonna go for this kind of compromise and I think because that's unrealistic it will drag on this this tit for tat situation with the Iranians where the Iranians will continue to escalate to try to get us to make a deal and the risk for that entire time will continue and possibly increase the risk that we will have some kind of military confrontation if the president does what you're advocating here goes back and gets a deal. That's like the old deal but a little bit better wouldn't that be vindication of his whole strategy here wouldn't he show that indeed by pulling out of the deal and by doing this aggressive posturing that he had succeeded in improving on Obama's deal it could be if what he got was good enough and or better enough. I guess if those watching thought it was substantially better I mean I think if it was like M._c._i.. And it was just incrementally better view would have have some discussion about that some debate about it but yeah it could be successful. The only thing is again the U._S.. Government is taking on a lot of risk with a strategy. If I were in the White House I would want to negotiate an end to this to limit the risks to the U._S.. Risk Government to the U._S. military to U._S.. Personnel to the United States of America writ large and the economic interest we have because we have a whole nother bunch of issues to worry about besides Iran us going to add yes. It's true the ministrations to manage right now a very maximus. They'll have have to decide what they're really gettable deliverables are that they want to seek an negotiation but also the Iranians. I don't think have any incentive to do anything before November. Twenty twenty in the hopes that a Democrat is elected president who will just return to the deal. No questions asked far aren't they in a lot of economic trouble. Wouldn't it be to Iran significant advantage Evelyn to to get out from under some of the sanctions yeah and that's why I think that president trump can get a better deal and and frankly speaking. I've been hearing Democrats. Say you know those who are running for office but other experts say you know yeah now now. If we got back into office we would also want a better deal so let's go for the better deal but let's not drag out the situation where because the other cost of it getting back active diplomacy where we started josh is that we are really severely straining our relations with the European allies and we need them as I said for a bunch of other more important situations Russia China Etcetera <hes>. We're going to leave that there I wanNA thank Evelyne Farkas senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund. Thank you for joining us. Thanks Josh we've we've reached time once again for our famed left right and center ranch featuring pet peeves from across the political spectrum flee along. What's your rent on Wednesday? The Federal Trade Commission issued a five billion dollar fine against facebook but that fine as big as it sounds is is insufficient. It's actually weightless facebook had already set aside three billion dollars to pay potential vines and it stock price actually rose after the F._t._C. announced the fine but more importantly as F._T._C. Commissioner row hit Chopra Chopra who cast one of the two dissenting votes on the deal said the settlement imposes no meaningful changes to the company structure or financial incentives which led to these violations the fine leaves the company's business model intact facebook is the tip of the iceberg regulators have to go after the concentration of power that causes harms and not just slap fines on top while leaving those structures intact rich lowry. It's her soapbox senator. Josh Holly stands accused of resorting to the antisemitic tropes because he repeatedly used the word quo cosmopolitan to describe borderless elites at a conservative conference on nationalism last week's true that the word has historical baggage going back to Joseph Stalin in the nineteen forties forties who used it when he was embarking on antisemitic purges in the Soviet Union but it's a word that's used widely in academic literature because it's so useful it's also a word that cosmopolitans used to describe themselves so in Short Art Josh Holidays innocent of the charge and it's a perfectly good word and our contemporary context for my rent. Mark Kleiman passed away this Sunday at the age of sixty eight climbing was public policy professor at N._Y._U.. And one of America's leading experts on drug and criminal the justice policy he had a brilliant mind these areas he described how you could make parole and probation systems more effective and less for Conan at the same time he designed drug legalization regimes that would discourage increased drug use and dependence and he advocated an approach to drunk driving that focused on control of problem drinkers a policy that appears to save lives both on and off the road his research and his work with lawmakers improved lives and we'll continue to do so after his death estates perform their criminal justice systems and move toward marijuana legalization. Mark was always generous with his time when I wrote about these issues he made me and so many other people smarter about them and he will be missed. That's all we have time for today. I WanNA thank rich lowry. Felicia Wong J W Mason Joseph Mike Catt and Evelyn Farkas left right and center was produced by Rebecca Mooney our technical director J._C. Swat Katie Buerskens.

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R.L. Stine's Bad Dreams (w/ Greg Smith)

Teen Creeps

1:41:42 hr | 1 year ago

R.L. Stine's Bad Dreams (w/ Greg Smith)

"And is he gonna pay cash r._l. Signs badgering welcome to teen creeps. The podcast discusses white pulp fiction. I'm one of your host lindsay kaitai another one of your hosts us calling nugent and today we are joined by a very special guest. You may know him from the dotan. Three thousand podcasts writer director actor greg smith is here yea. Well thank you. Thank you happy easter. Yes bring out your pastels. Those eggs easter time. You're listening to jack f._m. After jack f._m. Ah yes jack f._m. Is a little different now. It's now it's i actually people <hes> and no deejays or whatever it's three digital voice recorded his multiple. D._j.'s always women and there's very little music music almost never <hes> yeah and we talked about waypoint thing yeah. Let's check f._m. Now totally dear fru different no do i have a headache. I'm sorry on today of all days the debut headache how do as you come to me like greg. Thank you so much for coming on the show the last time we had you was go ask alan. That's right a minute ago. It was a minute ago no so much fun yes yeah. What a silly book yet truly. What a silly book yeah you. That was a real classic you. You really got like back a prime episode. Ooh talk about that book this this book just feel honored. I feel very honored. I notice a thing we're waiting. We're waiting. I'm good cool great so weirdly. My headache is worse <laughter>. Thank you thank you you. Did you enjoy this book. I enjoyed a heck of a lot. I really liked this book yeah. I really enjoyed it. I eh thought it was going to get better. I do think it showed more promise at the beginning than actually delivered on but i definitely think this is one of the stronger fear streets. Do you know what i loved most about this book right. It's okay an hour to renew it yeah yeah once it starts cooking in the second half it just zips. How can it truly. I what i did. Love was that there still was that supernatural element to it. <hes> that stayed <hes> i mean when the ghost you know spoiler was not a ghost always. My criticism of here street is if it doesn't veer into supernatural enough for me me who i'm not saying this is an objective opinion into certainly subjective that i want more supernatural stuff <hes> maybe other zone until they would be fine with it but i wanted a little more dream weirdness and i wanted what i wanted was for the sister to been the because he was being taken over by the ghost of the killer sister <hes> maybe she was put to death. Maybe in an electric chair even though is the nineties that would be fun <hes> <music> <hes> and that wasn't eight. Andrea was just a fucking bitch. Andrea was yeah bad. She's larry case q and he's a better with a q. We have a lower is the lowest. It's like you're not even you're like barely step up above bitch yeah. She's a q. Lower case q kind and not a bitch simply because it was like relentless jealousy with her sister. Me was absolutely relentless. I ever ended. I was tired except for when then maggie had bad dreams to dream. Andrea was always genuinely consists very true. Yeah she always dropped dropped her baggage for that for a moment yes and then the second half it kinda yeah and as soon as it was like okay your nightmares over great now. I fucking hate you you again. I'm jealous of your looks. The the introduction of the characters well. I do you want to read the back of the book yeah yeah so that the people know what we're talking about. It's just a bad dream but it seems so real every night. Maggie travers has the same horrible dream every night. She's forced to watch. It's the same murder and every night. The girl and her dream cries out for help. Maggie is afraid to go to sleep again but then that's terrifying dreams starts to come true and the gruesome accidents begin gin. Staying awake is the real nightmare. Oh my god what gruesome accidents happened. Am i just like don. Don falls down the stairs serious talk. If somebody gets stabbed kind of brush accident truly is really super brushed away. A child gets stabbed. Teenagers are children. Yes let's be on it. Let's be honest and no they're just like well. You know she's gonna live so that's great and they don't detail how it was that she was stabbed in a way where she will be fine. Yeah they never explained the nature or where she was stabbed exactly she was just like in a pool of blood right probably yeah that's yeah disconcertingly vague. Yeah i would have preferred. Maybe just one line of like <hes> it missed all the important oregon's yeah or oh. Luckily it was just her shoulder older or whatever. I like those kind of a there's a lot of sort of misdirect fake out fake. Let's get to a huge thing and then we're dislike sprinting through the kind of any consequences of it even down to the final twist yeah if you like that twist happens and then there's like two pages in the final was shocked. It was very fun. Yeah it made me laugh a lot as well have been like a freeze frame and yes. It's very silly yup. Yes i'm trying to remember. Oh yeah yeah i forgot and twist is like a huge choice. Yes yes because kind of like what you're saying it does sort of. I don't know if it nullifies but it renders just a weird coincidence. All the weird dreams. She was is having right well so you know i think there is still supernatural stuff happening. It's just not it's just soups lame yeah. It's just very it's like like it's explained away with like miranda always said she had powers so i guess she did because she was making your dream to warn you and then <music> but it was still like nothing <hes> and just from beyond the grave maranto is i do with my bitch sister. Sister miranda was hurting more than helping to be honest because then it made her think that when she was seeing this blonde girl she was like like oh this the girl for my dream rather than like oh like there's someone in my room and that's scary because then then she started getting really crazy about the dreams and then her mom was like we have to take you to a psychiatrist because like you can't tell the difference between dreams and reality and like i think if the dreams hadn't been been happening she would have just been like oh girl was in my room. Percents touched me and then went outside yeah hundred percent. I don't like the ghost was here and then like that like why wasn't anyone acknowledging the truth of the weirdness ignace that she was having a dream that girl was being stabbed in her fucking weird canopy bed and then it turned out that the people who were in the house before girl was stabbed apt her fucking weird canopy bed because her boyfriend wanna hear about it. Nobody wanted to hear about it but it was true. She was having dreams before she you found out about this and everybody's acting like it's like well. You know what sometimes you have. Dreams come true no big deal. It feels like a thread not just in this book but i think maybe in like r._l. Stein's work in general from what i remember that kids are just never listened to by parents or by their friends. Yeah i just like isolated in their own kind of like paranoia. I guess and i remember that feeling very real real as a kid like the gulf between me and my folks are other adults and like the just kind of like primal horror of not being understood or listen to it came rushing back. I to this day have nightmares which we we've talked about where i am like. Tell like i'm calling allowing someone out for something that they did to me or like saying like oh this thing happen and everyone's like you're being crazy. I don't believe you and like like that. I think truly like not being believed is a huge fear for kids. Yes because that's you know it's like the clearest. Most injustice that you as a child is if your sibling is like like hits you and take something and then you take it back and they're like mom. Travis just stole that from you and you're like no way fucking didn't yeah i how did it first and then you stole it from me and then your mom is like i'm just going to take it away from the both of you. If you can't play nicely no i was bring normal with mass whole comes in and took it from me. All he did was take it back. All he did was take back like the gist of it all the the do you guys have memories of like when something like that happens to you like when you were being normal and then kid does something and then the teacher sees as you reacting or like your apparent sees it and they're like <hes> you're. You're the problem yes <hes>. It was slightly different. Though it was at my friend jill's house yes who i wrote a book with <hes> we're all swimming on who and then we read the book on our patriot episodes patriot dot com slash team creeps. It's terrible. It's listen to battle the band yup emperor high-pitched. The battle of the bands takes play. There's never a battle ever not even a little bit. We got a real board writing thing and i just wanted to wrap it up. It is mostly fifteen characters using themselves to each other or they want to do and then reiterating iterating what they decided to do and then like eating at a restaurant. It's very bad wanna read this yeah so anyway so i met jolt house. She has a pool. It's like doc. I dunno sixth grade. Maybe later maybe eighth and maybe around the time we were writing this piece of shit and we're all swimming and joe's mom comes out and she's like haiti goes want something to eat and we're all having fun in the pool and we're like no. We're fine. We're not hungry yeah. He goes okay but like if you're hungry later i do not. I'm not making you anything and we're like we're fine. We're never going to be hungry again ever in our lives and then inevitably notably like an hour later. We're all like we're hungry. Yeah and we're talking about it in the pool and we're like oh. What do we do and i was like. Let's just go tell her that we're hungry and let the chips fall where they yeah and so we walk in and we're like and i decided to be the spokesman of the grandma. <hes> spokesperson and i say mrs corn tweed. I'm so sorry we know that you came out and asked if we wanted food before weren't hungry then but we are hungry now. Would it be okay if we had food now and she goes great. Do you all feel this way and they're like no but like if like you guys are believable right now and so they all acted like they weren't really hungry. I was the one who is hungry eight if if she was going to make me something and i was like you've gotta be fucking kidding me right now and from then now on anytime i was over at their house. Her mom was weird to me about food really every time she would offer food and if i said thank you she'd be like you never eat like a little bird. If i came over and i did each buick lindsay's eating us out of house and home one time she walked living room. I'm with an empty bin of like popcorn factory. Yeah in popcorn you get it like christmas with the three different flavor yes yes yes caramel cheese and butter and they had eaten all of the popcorn and she walks in and she's holding the bucket and she says lindsay do want this. You like to eat and walk at the same time and i was like what's <music>. What what are you talking about white also wait. Why are you doing and how does not do. I walk around with a bucket of taken in her mind. All the time and i mean me and my friend jill and her sister like cracked up. Like what are you talking about even god well. Let's her baggage. I don't use and the thing is as a child. You're just like this is so unfair. Wars bruce is coming from but for all i know shoes just like i'm just gonna fuck with this for the rest of my time knowing her every time she comes over. We're going to give her shit about that time when she made me make her a hotdog. Only i had said i wouldn't oh my god. I don't know adult. I'm like adults would do that yeah now. I know a there. Sometimes they're just fucking with you yeah because the world means nothing. Nobody knows how to do their jobs. Adulthood is fake but also like there's lake. There are like adults that are very weird about like holding grudges against kids. It's yeah it's very strain and people are very worried about food. Yes always my mom to this day. We have this like. My mom is very <hes> <hes> like old school vietnamese and like if you like make a thing about out food. She gets like very embarrassed. 'cause she thinks it's low class so there was this one time that we were over at my <hes> aunt uncle's house and this was the anti-itch mouth and mitch rich miles is over anti-itch mouth house who this aunt was very very mean. She like hated my mom so she was very mean to me like we talked about this last time. I was here probably no way really it's ringing a bell yeah the storm about two tower that she exists that she exists. I might have told the story so there whereas like this all the kids were playing in the pool and then we all got out and we were eating hot pockets and there was one him and she's hot pocket left and my my mom on like everything you know was always like now share with your sister now. Do this and your sister make sure denise. Gets this and make sure this that whatever and <hes> you know when you're like a you're like no. I want to have my own pocket. My mom was like make sure you share with me and i was like uh no she got she was like she like i remember her like pinching me really hard and like pointing aside and being like how tirr you make a fuss about food in front of anti bitch mouth she was like oh like you like all the stuff you know she's being all he yeah yeah. She's like you're being really low class and you're making me look bad because she's gonna make us. She's going to think that we're poor and i can't feed you and i was like i remember even it's going to be aligned is like so then years from then like you know twenty years after that a me and my sister were like mom. Why did you lose your mind. Oh because it came up because we were in hawaii and we were all getting our dishes and i was about to take the first bite of my food and my mom goes like oh can. I try it and like took a bunch of it and g._m. And i jokingly was like jeez wait for me detriot verse and she was like how dare you what did she say. Humiliate me and i was like whoa all all i did was like jokingly. Say like jeez. Wait until i have a chance to try. It and she's like you know what with food you. You're acting low clasp on this whole fucking thing and i was. I was like you know it's fucking reminds me of that time that you went a little nuts on me because of ham and cheese august and just shoot like like me and my sister were like that was pretty wacky and she was like sola bad mom and we're like no is cray like no the it was pretty weird and we finally like got her to like unpacked that it was because she had had such a bad relationship with anti-bush mouth uh-huh that she was embarrassed because she was afraid that anti bitch mouth would like judge is yeah ammo yeah and like and because antibeach mouth did used to be. I'm married a doctor and i'm rich and you some real classic yet competition in u._s. So it was like we kind of got her to admit that and then like you know the next day. She forgot this admitted that but it was progress at the time yeah but like yeah. Did you feel like you're often used as like ammunition in that war not ammunition but more yes like not so much ammunition but li- weapon are a target. Oh <hes> yeah well. I mean a lot like there's so much. I like my mom and her family like they don't have anything going on in their own lives so they use their kids like the sort of living vicariously curiously kinda and like oh. We'll like if you because i remember when i was a lawyer. That was oh my god. My mom loved that especially because he son dropped out of law school whereas like i i like one quote unquote mom i didn't read children never win. The children don't win and the funny thing is. I look at that and i'm like dude. You got out early. Good good for you like you. Don't have the debt that i have good for you. Bob aw whatever but yeah yeah i mean there is so much of like. I need you to be this because i need them to see some things out me. Yes that. I produced this that i created this yet but i didn't really know about it at the time so i was just like. I'm sorry i just didn't get it yeah but i see it now. Did you ever have a moment where you got the of injustice and a great injustice yet. I'm sure i did the talking about just kind of like weird. Adult kid food food relationship. Yeah i sort of had a weird and probably still do to this day a weird relationship with food growing up. I was like really it's really a picky eater and i was like very anxious about food. A lot and i got like stomachs and stuff like that a lot and looking looking back on it as an adult. I'm like oh. I was just sort of like undiagnosed depressed anxious in this sort of manifests itself that kind of thing but at at the time it was just like every meal was greg. Has i'm a nightmare yeah little bit yeah. It was kinda like they had to kind of like. Would we gotta do to you. Get eat man that kind of thing so it kind of came up again recently. Weirdly i went to yeah. We went to matter what you do. You're always like a teenager. It'll be hashing the same. Yes i feel like the older they get the more of that amick hamic yes strange. I think like no that should lessen shouldn't <hes> we the whole family went to catalina a sorta recently y'all ever been to catalina island. I haven't did you take that ferry. Yeah i get seasick on the way there every single time yeah. I guess my face turns green very bad. I got and they they warned me that. I was going to happen. I got so sick that it kinda like rex my whole trip there. <hes> everyone else was fine and i was still like fucked up <hes> and at dinner i tried to like order food and when it came. I was just like i'm not going to be able to do this. Yeah so last thing you want to do is yes and i could just watch their faces and their brains like go through the song museum and thing that sucks. I've had that experience where you see them thinking what they think. They know about <hes> units like dude. No like different says yeah yeah and eventually they were like when we went back to the airbnb we rented not not like we're going to stop at a grocery store and get you like saltines ginger ale an plain cereal and it's just like i. This is my nightmare yeah. Just leave me alone fourteen yeah. Did you feel and you didn't get. I'm guessing you did not get sick on the way back. Did you on the way back. I took a dramamine <hes>. I don't know if i got sick but i definitely got high yeah yeah. I felt pretty darn weird after but ed's probably not as much no yeah because the boat on the way there is going against the waves so it's like more up and down yeah yeah. No i get it really sick on that to get really every time i've gone to catalina and growing up in south bay. It's like a thing to do <hes> remember. My parents always like kelly is going to get sick and i was like yeah i am and my mom beeline boat yeah yeah i remember. I got and i've told this story before on the show. I got not really fucking seasick. When we were jumping out my grandma's ashes in the ocean. Oh and i was like i was like really fucking seasick and my uncle well <hes> who is just like me and my cousin austin who's because i'm closest with were very very similar because our parents are exactly the same we call my mom and his dad the twins because they hate each other because they're exactly the same and so his dad was like wanting going to be in charge of like doing the putting the ashes in the ocean and the the guy running the boat was like like okay like make sure that you don't like completely submerged the little bucket because then the ashes won't come out like what you wanna. Do you wanna like just gently kind of dip a bit in slow out and it'll be really nice but he just kept like submerging <hes> and then he like flipped it up and then down and my grandma plopped into the ocean. I was just like i was so sick but i was laughing so hard and i i just was like so oh unwell and also the weirdest thing right after someone dies. It's so weird how people like lie about who they were to try and make them seem better like and this is so minor but like the guy was talking to my my uncles and my mom and my aunt about like the type of person that my grandma grandma was. They were like oh he he was like oh was she <hes> a good cook. My grandma did not fucking cook. My grandma did not doc cook from the record on the record. She didn't cook and like i think my mom's isn't thing like oh yeah she she cooked sometimes and then my uncle was the the twin of mom. My mom was like she was an amazing cook and i was like uh-huh talking about she did not cook like what very weird but i i was really really sick so my sister was just sitting with me and she's like and she just been binge-watching mako mako mermaids so she was like what's that it is an australian show in which <hes> they've got to find out what ma'am aids. It's just a bunch of like he australian teens teens that find out that they're mermaids and keep it from the world. Secret from the world is called mako k._o. Mermaid and make him a rates and i was like so sick and she's like drama to tell you the plot of mako mermaids fine so she's telling me the mako mermaids on my grandma's like plopping into the ocean and i'm like green sick. <hes> feel like somehow everything to do with funerals or grief when you tell it it later is the funniest shit ever. You're like a news. That's why there are so many movies or tv episodes of the most ridiculous situations because this is just what happened everybody like becomes their weirdest seldom <hes> and you get put in weird circumstances surrounding rounding the death and then just everything is such a specific detail like if you sat down and you're like i'm going to write a story sorry about a family that takes their grandmother's ashes out on a boat. Would you ever in your life decide that one of the characters is sick and so their sister starts doing the plot of an australian show about mermaids like would you ever go like i think i'm going to write this yeah. Whatever ever actually happened always seems to be weirder than what you could invent like yeah. Truth is stranger than fiction thing truly truly basically around death <hes> <hes> truly <hes> so bad dreams bedrooms book <hes> so i i really i really liked this book. It reminded handed me a little bit. The respect that our elstein pays to swimming reminded cheerleaders where he was like you know what swimming's important to these girls charles and the love interest kind of doesn't matter yeah. I really love that really like it. When one of these books the girls have an outside interest apart from dudes and i loved it. I loved that there was like you know this like. These girls worked really hard on swimming. <hes> they really wanna make it into into the two hundred m <hes> which is the most challenging race and just kind of like the politics of who gets to use. Yes i love in gender under role. <hes> like procedure yeah like the the the kind of nitty gritty of how things that people are very specifically smart mark about that. I don't quite know about are like explained like the microcosm of this woman world the politics of that world and yet there was like i i feel like there's one chapter where he really dislike spends a lot of time explaining how it works. I remember he like explained. Afflict flip turn yes. I i also was like admiring that moment where you are with a character because it makes her more. It makes her more three dimensional where it's like. Oh yeah she's just like super excited that she just executed very good flip. Turn <hes> and i i used to swim and all of this stuff felt very like it. Did you do feel excited. When you execute something perfectly like <hes>. It's so funny like like i now realize like why i had trouble doing well and swimming like really well because i couldn't wear my contacts in the water. Oh oh and so i was like i'm i don't think at the time i was legally blind. I am now but i think i was pretty nearsighted and so i wouldn't get got like prescription goggles i didn't i mean that was like you know i was getting really seventh grade eighth grade at the time that was the thing i guess that makes sense yeah i should i. I should get back into swimming. I think i was pretty good. <hes> what was your stroke. I'm just did freestyle and then because i was trying to get into junior lifeguards is and so i was training a lot to try and get my speed up because i think we had to do what was it. I forget what the distance was but i remember the time you had to do it. In one minute and forty four seconds and then there were two levels. You could do it one minute and forty four seconds or you could do this other type of junior lifeguards if you did it in two minutes and thirty seven seconds. It's like the j._v. junior lifeguard like they don't actually have to save people. You just have to swim as long as you. We reached them yeah. As long as you die <hes> then you can still be a junior lifeguard yeah. It was pretty much like the j._v. One was like you you you just have to do exercises at the beach and like do you like buoy swims and then like the first half of the day was always like exercise exercise exercise and then the second half was like go out on a paddle board. You know have fun and i remember my mom. Never let me say for the second half and also wish i could see for the fun bar never could why wouldn't you mom let you <hes> because i had to go home and do in hot pockets and not share hot pockets anti-bush matthaus no so i had to go home and do math and grammar workbooks ah because summers for getting ahead drew troops on sons more fun objectively blink and sit alone in my dining room and literally stare out the window for hours because i would rather do that than do my work yeah. It's very it's very like sick. <unk> sick victorian child truly secret garden say secret garden i really did. I didn't enjoy summer because i'd rather be at school. I didn't like being at home. It wasn't what have i yeah i i would. I begged my mom to let me go to summer school. Because there was a recess wow that's sad and other kids yeah another kids and no i wasn't allowed to wow only in high school was allowed to wow that was the only way i could get out of not doing those. Workbooks was in high school. If i did summer school what were these workbooks like little workbooks that my mom would buy at the <hes> teacher supply store and so she was just the one grading them yeah and get really like so the fury of an asian. Mom mm-hmm is truly like it's so it's so angry it's as if you are personally attacking her like she would come out and see that i hadn't done on a problem or something and i was just sitting there like fucking around or like listening to music or something i would like my mom would leave and go live her life and then come back and then be like how come you haven't done. Oh you know this these assignments that i've given to you and she'll get really mad and like screaming scream and scream at me as if like has if i had insulted alter or something when it's like no the kids don't wanna fuck and do and i remember. She pinched me and i've talked about this. I should pinch me and it was like draw blood and then she would like. I was bad <hes> and i really lot of anger issues. She has a lot of anger. A lot of anger issues a lot. <hes> and i like it was one of those. Thanks you feel fucking. Crazy makes you feel really fucking crazy like because i remember my dad saying no matter what she says you're not allowed to to say anything back and training yeah rate life skill training and absolutely something that you want to be armed with going forward word seriously and i remember standing one time in the living room and my parents live living room is pretty really tall ceilings. It's like pretty big and i remember member feeling fucking suffocated because my mom was just like saying really mean things to me and my dad was just like kelly dot com down. Kelly come on and i remember like screen. I just started screaming because i feel crazy like there's one person who i know is like object like if anyone else was here they would see like about a an injustice yeah. It was like oh my entire childhood. I'm like oh such an injustices crazy because my sister never did had to do with any of that. Hello everybody wanted to take a quick break from the show to talk about one of our sponsors mods easy you know sometimes you gotta jewish up your rooms and it can seem kinda daunting daunting to do it by yourself and you wish that you had the season i of an interior designer but that luxury girl life seems a little bit out of reach no it it isn't dealings. 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A funny and heartfelt fault collaboration from the new york times bestselling authors who brought you simon versus homo sapiens agenda and they both die at the end becky albert holly and adam silvera. Uh have teamed up to write the ultimate meet cute romance sponsored by epoch reads. Arthur is only new york for the summer but if broadway has taught him anything. It's the universe can deliver a show stopping romance when you least expect it. Ben thinks the universe needs to mind. It's business. It adds back. He wouldn't be on his way to the post office carrying a a box of his ex boyfriends. Things arthur and ben are two very different guys who met by chance one summer in new york city. Is this meet cute. The start of the ultimate romance or the ultimate dating disaster full of laughs hurt warming moments and plenty of romance. This charming romance is a must read meet cute from two superstar waie a authors check it out was it the classic thing of like the first kid combs the parents down and then they stop being so like hard about things because i was talking to somebody yesterday ritz- it's like oh yeah i was the first of fourcade so my parents were like super strict with my religious upbringing but then they kinda softened and as they had more kids yeah i mean i think they just give up because they're like really. My parents would always be like well. You know we tried with you and you were just such a disappointment i and like well we tried and it didn't work so like we'll just let her do whatever she wants but also house so more matt atta you oh yeah one also denise like <hes> good at not like if i think something's unfair. I'm gonna say something and she'll just let it ratified allied yeah because she's like i just wanna play with them and i'm like how can you let them ask. It was always something we would fight about yeah yeah. I don't know it's crazy. Parents are crazy phillip. There's a lot of that dynamic that felt really true in this book both with <hes> maggie and her sister and meghan again her mom a little bit there were some like the mom is like clearly really depressed and going through some stuff yes and maggie kinda has parent her her as well as kind of got the interaction she has with andrea. Andrea is like going through a an anger episode felt so you like uncomfortably real to me the way you talk to somebody when they're just irrationally angry like reason just won't just hits them like a brick wall really something she when she was like just quietly asking her questions and andrea just plowing pass them and it's like it's just unfair and like you you you make me seem crazy like that whole scene or very very quickly main main characters maggie scott sister andrea mom dad died <hes> like like seven months ago so i think yeah said fairly recently and so they'd have to downsize the move to a house on fear street great the idea also they already lived in shady side but they were in the north holt. I didn't hear it so i was like. They're gonna she's gonna be long distance with this boyfriend. I really like how she huma swimming team. Already understand there is shady side. They've always going to shady decide high but they had to move to this shitty house on fear street since the died and they don't have two incomes so they move into the house and and maggie picked the bedroom with the big beautiful antique canopy bed the level of obsession over this canopy bed. Yeah fucking weird wild yeah. Is this an r._l. Stein they always like water. No like women seem to fucking love canopy beds. They go crazy over these candidates. Hang my sister had and canopy bed and i was like things cool okay. I remember thinking like you know what that's pretty. I also wonder if maybe there was like magic with the bed and like made aide them want it. I don't know about that because it didn't seem like it was magic. They were just like ants beautiful yeah but i question about moral stein uh-huh. Where does he get his ideas. I'm glad you asked the end of the unknown. Every book is like where do you get your idea. I've heard it's the question he's asked most often <hes> the question i have because i growing up goosebumps was huge. I feel like this dude in his heyday. Edey wrote like ninety bucks a year sally saint like is it all him yes he goes team and i have heard people say that he does who who just randomly people are like well you know blah blah blah blah blah gross writer and i'm like prove it showing show me the receipt because that's the thing all the other ones we have the receipts. We know the ghost riders are of sweet valley high yeah hardware case files case files like if if you're a ghost writer you're not truly hidden. You'll have to be credited in some way select some but yes so as as far as we know this motherfucker was just writing like one fear street and three goosebumps a month. It seems like and you can really tell which books folks. He takes more time like this when i think he cared about i think he cared about eighty to ninety percent of it. Yeah i think there are parts of it. That are really dislike. The ending dislike throws me for a loop. It was so funny haired about the idea yes he did and i think that that came out in the writing but i think that he never truly cares. It's about plot wow yeah okay. He's about concept but the plot a he gets very bored with as we all. I mean plotting something out. A passenger idea is the hardest part of writing well especially in horror when after a while the plot just kinda like you kind of know what's going going to happen. You meet the big betty. They explained the plan. It gets foiled and then it's like well yeah. We all know what's going to happen okay. Let's move on also the so you are really right. The like dana mov the book is two pages because often is in these books so i don't know how to rap shit up. They just wanted to be over so end of page. One forty four is she gets stabbed by gina who is basically the girl who killed the ghost. Who's visiting her in her dreams. So so what it is is this canopy canopy bed is like haunted by this girl maranda who was stabbed by her sister in the bed because the sister was jealous of her <hes> which is sort of an echo of meghan andrius really yeah then gina was sent to a mental institution escaped which is a trope that these books love and has been living living in the attic of her old house this whole time and she's the one who's been like fucking with girls on the swim team to try to help andrea because she sees a lot of i often andrea so gina stabs her and this is one of those things right. This is the classic fake out. She brought the knife down again. Mattie maggie aguilar uttered a terrified known as everything went black next page. Everything went black. Maggie realized she was still alive struggling in the darkness. He is the only one who does this. Who does this to us. It's wild. It's really it's funny inexcusable unnecessary. There was another one that i got really mad about to justin justin out justin. All of a sudden pretends like he can't breathe aid that yeah that's the one that made me mattis anyway justin or or done floating face down in the pool. She's being breath control whilst always y'all yeah is pretty bad too some of them though like i just turned to the one that ends chapter twenty two on one forty one this one got me because i think it is an actual scare. Hi andrea gina said casually as if they were old friends. I'm going to kill your sister for you. Now bam see that's a good end then and that is what starts happening. A cliffhanger is not a lie. A hanger is a cliffhanger yeah and i liked also that like that that was misleading but not ally because she's like hi andrea she knows andrea and so you kind of think like is andrew having her kill people and then later i don't fucking know you and then you're like okay. No she doesn't like a yet. You're leaving off before you get more information. It's not a complete. It's a misdirect district not alive <hes> but he does not care about no sometimes he's just a liar because when justin or there was one where it was was a full online i mean i can't remember specifically but i do know what happened. In this book <hes> i did like that. Justin was like a non. I'm saying like he just he wasn't even a red herring nuts. How much of a nonentity justin was and yeah. I liked that. I liked it in the cheerleaders series. I liked it here like she's got a boyfriend. He's a part of her life. He comes into play but he has nothing to do with anything. I think got it done in my notes. Just the phrase justin sucks. I didn't any context before after it. It does seem like justin is going to second more but he kinda pulls it out every time yes yes syllabi like i think the thing he sucks the most on is that he does not believe her that these nightmares have more significance or just like respect the fact that they're getting to her instead of being annoyed he literally no. There is a moment that i remember i wrote. I wonder if it's the same moment i wrote it onto. They're having a conversation about it and maggie begins it by saying i had the dream again. Blah blah blah blah blah explains it and then at one point justin corrects her by saying you mean in your dream and never done. You're not correcting her. She began by saying it was in the dream. Yeah your correcting for no point you suck yeah. He sucks he also how the part that i really got mad at him was like when she's like you know i'm having this dream again and he like literally like aw ah yes i was laid off with the dream. Lang sued justin. You're boring as hell yeah go away. It's an honor for you to even be here. Truly <music> accept the fact that you are almost non-existent truly and <hes> help your girlfriend out a little bit. I did like what a non character he was like. I liked that he didn't matter. I liked like she was like okay. You're kind of annoying me that you're not believing me but live other shit to worry about which is like this is trying to eat and he was like kind of a sore spot fought with andrea added to without making him a larger part of the story. It added to gina seeing herself. In andrea's yes situation uh-huh and while andrea is a lower case q count yes perhaps it is because she has grown up with a mother who will continually turned to her older sister and be like maggie argued. Go easy on her. You know that she has it harder than you referring to. Her looks yeah like if you grow up in an environment where your mom is like you know. She's she's had a tough go of it on account of her not being as pretty as you he that would sink in to your opinion of yourself. The way you behave the way you interpret your sister's behaviour dow would really affect your mind and so so while andrea does suck and while i'm probably giving r._l. Stein too much credit in the writing of it probably what he thinks is just like go be harder for girls notice producer sister but if you interpret it in that way it's like okay i see where andrea is coming from well. I think he i think he made her her. She was annoying as hell did not enjoy her but i thought she was a realistic. Yes given her circumstances giving them. Her mom is always like well. You now go easy on her like that whole thing like because when you do stuff like that and you're trying to protect one of the siblings as you are hurting that sibling well. That's what i'm saying that if you're reading the book from that angle he meant to do that. We'll say no no. I think you might just be in the like chebbi. Girls who were boy crazier terrible camp yeah but i do like that. Andrea had nothing whatsoever to do with genus genus behavior. Yes loves her sisters early just a jealous sister and it was like way separate from this other crazy easy jealous on her side on andrea side in one of the arguments that she had with <hes> with <hes> maggie maggie because it was is a straight up why she didn't put that knife in her pillow. Is that what you're no. No no that's when she comes in and she's like. I heard you like crying. Are you okay and she's like yeah and she's like you know what i think. You're just like really putting too much pressure on yourself for swimming yes and like i thought that was like so. It's this moment where she's being wrong with her and being like real with her. It's the middle of the night sees two sisters and she's like you know. I just feel like you care too much about swimming and you just you you should rest a little bit and then maggie not realize like not having any ability to be in andrew's shoes is like oh you want me to to ease up so that way you can yeah like be as good for swimmers me and like that. I don't fuck and say that like granted. Andrea got way overreact but i think any did have a right to kind of be like you know what fuck you then will be interpreted as either way because i i was like oh yeah it's nice. Andrea three is trained to comfort her sister and i do think every time she had a bad dream it was pure like sisterly affection and care she let her baggage drop but if your behaviors to continually be like express aggression to your sister for like having the things that you don't have or being a better swimmer than you if you come in and you say something that you think is innocuous but you have this repeated they had earned of being a fucking bitch. That's have lunatic. Come soo-kyung competitive. Even if you're saying this one thing i can see why maggie would think like oh. You're like trying to convince me to yeah like not try as hard and swimming because you want it so it's like i think both both i think both are right and that like totally because it's like no no no like it 'cause then andrew could be like how could you put that on me. It's like i'm not putting it on you. You act a certain way every time. I'm just assuming based off of past yeah actions zach kneeling. She was like well. That wasn't what it was and it's like well. How am i supposed to know that yeah. It's interesting interesting that even from a more macro sense that maggie is the protagonist of the story and not andrea to me well yeah. I think i'm so conditioned. Russian to inherently empathize with outsider with arizona doesn't have it all kind of from page. One maggie is more popular boyfriend. She's a great swimmer. So there's a part of my brain. That's like yeah so she's going to get what four and we're gonna follow andrews but but it's not it's through horizon. Yeah we'll like so the difference between teen fiction and why a is that like nowadays why is like either the nobody character for that we can all protect ourselves onto or this outsider character because all of us at some point a felt this outside and you wanna root for the underdog yeah. These these books are different different. It's kind of like a you know what kids want to escape so let's just how they don't care about connecting to the characters. They just want to pretend 'cause truly when i would read these books. I pretended that these people were my friends. I was like oh. I'm popular for wall. I'm reading. That's what i was about to say say is that i think they do expect you to connect with her but they expect that you want to see yourself in the main character and you would wanna this yourself as popular in having a boyfriend and so you want to imagine yourself in that situation. You don't want to imagine yourself in the situation. Where like you're. You're struggling the way andrea struggling you want to these books are about asking yourself yeah. It is either like your popular or you're pretty but you don't really know how pretty you yeah well. It's like these are like aspirational verses. The other ones are like us. See yourself in those care. Yes not you if you could you recognize yourself in those characters like i want to be that character yeah yeah yeah totally and all these books. I don't think we've ever once aside from the vampire caroline b cooney cheerleader. I'm sorry yeah the cheerleader here dirt. I started out a dud a dud unpopular dud. All of them have been at least various. Llosa wasn't hated but yeah there have only. It's like exceptions to the rule in these books yeah where the main character like truly has like nothing going on <hes> <hes> yeah it is really the shot because you do typically your heart goes out to the yes who you stop pretty or not succeeding yeah <hes>. Did you have something greg <hes> to you. That was like swimming was to these girls in high school. Oh for sure for sure. Just alva discussed everything arts related. I could do in high school. I did and i probably probably took this seriously. <hes> things like theater marching band jazz band <hes> eventually when i kind of like discovered filmmaking making stuff i would take that as seriously as this. I think eventually i sort of rebelled at at the high school i went to i would say it's kind of like we were to marching band. The way east dillon was to football in friday. Yeah yeah and we took it so serious really yeah so seriously did you fi- am i imagine this or did you grow up in wisconsin. <hes> just a little up north michigan michigan. <hes> mothers not real twin but the twin lives lives in michigan again livonia. Oh yeah that's where may this. My grandma lives really really nice. Livonia is very nice. I like it there. <hes> what part of we've talked about this what part of <hes> michigan up. I'm like very close to livonia just outside of detroit. <hes> city called ferndale. Do your parents about their. They do yeah and the house. I grew up. It's really nice yeah. Do you go out very much. I probably go one to two times. A year usually more like one yeah usually for christmas yeah for for how far away that is. That's not bad yeah yeah yeah <hes>. What instrument did you play in marching band marching man. I was in the pits which i know nothing about marching so upfront. <hes> <hes> we did not march we would play is what's that you're gonna marching band but you did march. Leave me. I got a lot of we. The pit gets a lotta shit for so really what do you do you sit. Just sit and just like chill so i'm i'm making the joke that you would have to hear all time. My apologies <music> not taken. I'm very upset. Okay well. All i can do is offer it and it's up to you. Oh we did talk about at that. When you did go ask alex. Actually we talked about shitty apologies whether or not there should apologize. I told yeah ah my genuine apology because you were the wrong <hes> it is. It's totally up to you whether you accept that <hes> yeah well forgiveness is actually for yourself not for the other person i mean that's true but i'm not going to put that on greg because that would be very self serving drew outside party. I'm sir to give that advice except i forgive us. We play mallet percussion so i would play marin nba's vibraphone cy law also some like auxiliary percussion like people would play a big concert bass drum gong stuff like that. I was most it was it's fun. I was mostly a mallet percussion guy so i would do these kind of like crazy. Intense marimba run drenched in sweat. <hes> yeah for sure and we would do like i do. Four mallets work four mallets. Yes like you sorta like hold old. Oh i've seen that show like two mallets in your thumbing four thing it kind of normally where there'd be and then like inbetween your middle title in reacting or you kind of stick to other mallets and that's kind of like a fulcrum he records and weird sort of sixteenth stuff the gnarliest earliest bloodiest blistering finger former military drum instructor would dislike third duct tape edison be like just tape it up. Keep going really shit like that why we're in whip lash. Is that what when i flash it was did you get p._t._s._d. Watching a little because literally our jazz band director once got so mad that he threw something just like the teacher in whiplash really it was wild <hes> what was like the most popular like what was like the coolest position at are charging ban like cools position of mark margie man yeah like who would get like the most by quarterback of interesting question. I got the most tail off your got the most in question what a weird the end of the drum major is pretty cool. Oh that's the person person who they stand in front of the band. All the band looks at them. They stand on top of like a kind of elevated staircases conduct the band o gender. We have a question about southern answered this on you. Go ahead and time. I in order to be a a music conductor. Do you have to know how to play an instrument. I would say no. Oh my god why but you have to know oh yeah like yet to be able to like no music yeah you have to express at the very least time time signatures and tempos with your hands and then expert mode is like you have to know read the score the veal azar about to come in. I should cue them. It's you yeah no yeah stuff on on twitter. We got a message from <hes> texas life skills she she she said hi guys. Yes conducting extremely difficult. You must understand how to read scores and music. It's like reading ten lines of information at the same time in three different languages which is typically you must have a master's degree true and then she said listening to you guys right now because on our on a recent episode are are really dumb. Boring character was like i want to be a conductor for a living but i can't play an instrument or read it oh so she wouldn't like such a jordan you any music like why would you pick to orchestral music and just imagine herself does it. Isn't that sad sad. Why why would you pick that dumb ass liz stupid liz okay yeah. I figured figured as much i think she needs to pick a different dream. If you have no musical inclination you should not yeah at the very least take a music class do it. She just not good at this a real person. We're talking to a person in the book. We're so free with this person interesting stuff we suck. We're just mean mean. Women really make fun of people mean. Women just mean women <hes> yeah character in a book and we said it's like one thing if you're a little kid and you're like i want to be a conductor and you like fantasize about yourself as a conductor and then you grow up and you're like okay well that requires the skills and i don't have those skills but to be like seventeen years old and still like i'm going to be a conductor and so we fantasize it and it's going to help me solve this crime did it did. I had to think about it like she was like oh. They're so basically it was that there were multiple. People involved in the crime <hes> so she had to think of it as like oh string section print staves on a score oh no not that way not even that she she was like there's a string section. There's like yeah so she was like oh well. Who's playing strings thing. I wanted to hear it that way. They'd be like violins who are also strings has helped. I feel like if i read this book. Break out in ask. My parents are music teachers really catching the masters thing. They've both gotten their master's in music education. My dad is like a really good conductor. Oh really what are your. What is the conductor burst into flames. The second you start for sure makes me very very happy that we eventually got the information that in fact your father is a conductor amazing. I love that you like really buried the lead on that. That's that's materialistic style surprise. My dad was conducted full-time r._l. Stein twist don't explain it. I just say it and then i run away or or more like an r._l. Stein twist. You're like yeah. My dad was a conductor. No he wasn't falling on me picked up the baton. He stood in front of the musician turned the page and he put the baton down and went to subway i didn't i didn't realize that you came from a musical family. Oh yeah it's everyone in my family and my brother is like a legit rock musician and really the kick san. Listen to them on spotify cool you well. That's a for name. Yes name fund band <hes> <music>. This explains a lot like why you play <hes> instruments well and have music podcast. I guess thank you now yeah. I think so yeah yeah yeah. I will say this season. Yes to double back took like injustice thing. This is a very petty one but still the podcast that i have is a hip hop scene podcast and growing up up. I think i was the only member of my family who likes sort of loved hip. Hop or like was kind of at a young age learning to love hip pop. My parents certainly didn't quite understand it and they sort of cast it the way i think a lot of folks yes the cast best hip hop with a very broad like it's crap. It's noise. It's disrespectful. Semi problematic brush to paint with. I remember once i was watching a busta rhymes performance on t._v. Busta rhymes is like very technically gifted. He reps fast. He's very animated animated and my dad came down to do laundry with t._v. In the basement laundry right over there and he heard what i was listening to the s like who who is that and i said busta rhymes and he said is the any good and i said yeah he's like really good. Look at how fast he's wrapping and i think my dad said something like now i. I don't mean like how he's wrapping. What is he talking about like. Is that any good with such disdain. Yeah dripping just like made me if you answered it to like what i like. That's i mean yeah no yeah. I hate when people like you. Obviously you like it. You're listening to it so like to be like is it good is like very like and i'm just listening to it ju- fuck me. I guess <hes> yeah that sucks yeah. That's a big like kid for sure he yes. Yes feeling of injustice of lake. Let me lately things that are like yeah hey everybody he wanted to take a quick break to talk about one of our sponsors arc whether it's a job interview or you're dating profile your smile can help you make the best first impression but if your smile isn't as vibrant as you'd like it to be arc can help you feel more confident because guess what y'all there is another level of oral care aside from brushing rushing and forcing with arc. You can remove stains that lie beneath the surface of your smile. Arc is a new way to achieve professional level teeth whitening at home for <unk>. Just thirty minutes a day. 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She's a knowledgeable kind person who takes time to touch on everything i think even if you send it in a disorganized mess of a message and so thankful to have her as my counselor and i look forward to continuing my sessions with her visit better help dot com slash slash teen creeps. That's better h. E. l. p. and join the over five hundred thousand people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional l. lindsey and i always talk about how important it is to take care of your mental health and this is a great way to make it more accessible to many people we got a special special offer for teen creeps listeners. You get ten percent off your first month at better help. Dot com slash teen creeps <music>. Oh you know what the worst is when you're like having fun and being silly and then <hes> another kid like <music> some other mean kid or like a teacher. Something is like like makes fun of you for life. Happy yeah that sucks. I feel feel like i had a lot of elementary teachers. Who do that yeah yeah. I like. Maybe why my one bad story about my mom who's like very very supportive of various berry and she she was just making a joke however for life it's just me me and my sister and i think a friend were in our backyard very loudly singing colors of the wind <hes> because pocahontas had come out that summer and i come inside and we're having a great time and i'm just glowing with the playfulness of youth and tight. Take my mom just this to me. Don't quit your day job because my mom's very funny but she's also very very dry and a broke me because i was breeding. I would have been twelve twenty belting colors of the wind in the backyard yard yeah. That's i have one. That's like a little bit more recent where this one time i was not that recent. It was like is eight years ago. I was at a party and there's music playing and i was like dancing to the music and his group of girls comes in and they're like i i don't want to they. Were just very snobby. Girls groups very snobby girls who came in on the immediately sat down on the couch and and they were like looking at me dancing and like kind of laughing and then one of the girls is like hey why don't you dance with her and the girl's like oh. I'm good and then they also allowing and i remember like feeling so dumb for having a good time like i was like oh. I'm so embarrassed i i was like sure come dance with me. Why not and then they're like. I'm really okay. Thanks <laughter>. Oh just like cool. It's really. I didn't say it's been my head. I was like it's so easy to like. Sit it on your ass on the couch and not take any risks and make fun of people who are having a nice time yes you. You nailed it on the head. It's easier to do less and that's in the same reason like easiness equates to cool as a teenager. Oh yeah because you don't ever wanna be extreme right. You don't ever wanna you. Don't wanna stand out in your effort yeah you don't have you seen. Please don't look at me. Please never tell the person i like. I like them. I i hope to god they never figure it out or isn't it like the worst right like even this with your like you say that you have a crush on some celebrity eighty and everyone's like you think they're high and then you're like the fall no-one ruins my. It's like the worst to like not conform. I'm like you with the master on buffy. You're wrong is the pro. I love master dirty. Love see now i can. I can the beauty of adult like probably he was a little too old for me <hes> now. I'm like i don't think i would. I don't think i saw his sexual appeal. When i was a teenager because all i care about spike and angel yeah angels very hot angels extremely hot very dark and like nari yes. He's very new worry worry. I very like entranced by him but now i'm like well now. Giles is the hottest giles's the hottest i but goes giles spike the masters like inbetween angel and then the master never in the master verse water. Does the master have extremely australia long dirty nails yes does he have known it for yes. It does look like a fucking not just bag yes yes but he had a flower charisma and he's funny and he has confidence does he look like your thumb has been sitting sitting in a glass of water for three days straight and then like my mom for like an hour yes but he's confident and unhelpful jokes. He's he's he does like he like makes a joke about like he makes the room rumble and then he's like oh. Where would that registered the richter scout. I'm just like i don't really modern seems like a really good sense of humor about the apocalypse you're planning. It was kinda cool. I really like him. Whatever so i stand by it see that's okay. I'm proud of you and and yeah and when you and ryan literally early barf when i say that i like him i don't care but also and then on the flip side of you not carrying is that in adulthood we respect you for for standing out for for standing by standing by your man because that is the lesson of adulthood is like never question your mom when she's being abusive and also always man no matter how many people how many bill we're planning on killing yes yeah i stand by life lessons life lessons. Did you guys think that that <hes> the friend dawn kinda sucked oh yeah. She was a bitch too. I didn't like don no don. Don was low key bitch because she was like so competitive and so like we'll. I know that they were trying to explain it away with a concussion <hes> that's not how concussions incursions work she goes straight up pushed out pushed down the stairs by gina who we don't know about yet and her immediate response to being pushed down the stairs is to accuse maggie of having done it to try to take her out also all of the people accusing maggie of doing things to take out the competition. Shen makes no fucking says she was already late already and i play the entire fucking time. So why do people keep acting like she has any kind of if motive in this. That's another reason why it's a and i know you like gave that like gijon ra- overview but if you just tweak it so she's not on top yeah. You're more active. You've protagonists and doesn't she have more reason to be a red herring well. She is being attacked on all sides so she's definitely she's definitely being wrong wrong. I just wish but i do wish that she was like maybe two second-place and instead of always getting first place. Now i get that we he's trying to do a lot of things at once like he needs to have her be. The best at everything and andrew gave you the worst. Everything's that were andrea is a red herring but also that's why gina is targeting hers because she she's the best. Sometimes it's just like. A crime pretty is so hard it's like heavy is the head that were slew other prom queen crown <hes> i just it would've been nice if he had started not nice but it would have been interesting interesting if he had started like taking things away from her yeah and that that was part of the year and that gina was doing more than just trying to kill her more than just trained to bump up andrea on the swim team she was likewise action like trying to like hand that rocks the cradle her life hum dot would have been a more interesting read. That's a i think the biggest problem with these books is they set up a pattern in and then all they do is repeat that pattern. It's like if you were doing a herald show and there was zero heightening and you literally just did the same thing every beat yeah that is i mean that's. That's kind of trap of some of these books. Is that like it's literally just the same thing with no sense of anything getting worse or is it any different specifics being played. It was just like have the dream people accuser of things have a dream people accuser of things have the dream andrea's andrias mean to have the dream andrea's mean to her what she got the part. This is actually not genus fault but miranda's miranda's fault but like the dreams make that she can't ever fucking sleep which first of all stop sleeping fucking by being in the fuck up bed like sleep on couch like christine figures out very early on that if she sleeps in a different part of the house that doesn't happen so if you've got a big fucking swim meet coming up on the fucking couch couch i used to do like sometimes i would get creeped out when i was a kid and like not sleep in my bed i like sleep on the couch or a link yeah or like i'd sleep on the floor and my sister's room or she'd sleep in my room like i feel like find a difference about very obvious that are elstein was never a teenage girl because and like forget what it was like like to be a teenager 'cause you would just not sleep in that fucking bed. Stop doing that. I as i've said before would not shower without somebody else in the bathroom with me for three years from the ages of ten to thirteen because i saw one scene out of stephen king's it the miniseries adaptation tation one scene happened to take place in the shower and i wouldn't shower out somebody else in the room like sitting on the toilet reading a book while i shower she would have not slept in that shed one of those dreams she would have not seen that and i get that it has to <unk> happening so like make a rule of the world that like she slept in at once and now miranda's like attached to her marinas haunting the fucking house yeah <hes> fine fine 'cause and the thing that bugged me was like okay fine. Maybe she doesn't realize it's the bed that's haunted but then she does have a moment which is like <hes>. I slept really soundly on yet because the beds haunted. Oh well going to go to sleep tonight in the bed. I was like you just let them stop working against her own. Best best interests yeah maggie brag this me off mags. I liked that. She had the nickname bags me too. That's unique. It was unique. Andrea was was jealous. Sh- nobody called her ends. Yeah probably bad thing. Stop trying to make and tap yeah yeah. I felt like in some ways this this book read as like in an educational tool like it was kind of like for somebody just getting into to jonah fiction. Maybe just novels in general i it was like here's a here's a starter novel for you both with like the patterns that y'all are talking with like you're going to get used to narrative setups and pay off and mr x. and stuff like that kind of a very easily just structure. I'm sure down. Yes yeah so that once you read kind of a grownup novel that messes with it. You have a base understanding yeah. Sh was the case for in all of us. I share it with the kind of thinking sorry the other thing. I noticed about that. He's a lot of adverbs adverbs and he kind of like yes talks out emotions very explicitly and bluntly which to me is kind of like holding but in your hand through subtext right. It's kind of like absolutely i'm showing you what these characters are feeling bluntly so that one day you'll kind of remember what that feels like can can assign it on your own. Yes like i. It is very like okay. She was angry. She was scared she was to sunday. They then be able to be like <hes>. You know <hes> the ice in her glass clinks against sides and it's like oh she's nervous because her hands shaking yes i. I think that's very generous reader. Oh sure and what is probably the case is is that all these writers are <hes> fucking talking down to kids because they think they're dumb or writing ninety something books a a year shares bad for bad for yeah she yeah she likes anger. Toss sure muttered angrily. Yeah yeah yeah yo or that or that wasn't time well. You know uh-huh certainly that is probably why it was written but one yeah and his defense he had twelve deadlines day. I mean yeah jeeze. Are we happy that the dog was perfectly. We save the whole time. I was thankful for that fake out. Yes oh yeah that was a leak out yeah. That was the one fake out that was okay with me because i didn't want it to be real yeah. She said the dog gets hit by a car. Just getting no doesn't thank goodness <hes> <hes> heard the yelps of its pain just getting their yelps of fear stein why you gotta i was like stein you don't find i'll take it but only because i'm glad the dogs okay. It's such a strange structure to have when i'm gonna keep reading yeah yeah this isn't we're not going to commercial in half of a second. I'm going to find out yeah yes. That's why heels vary is very strange. I also just like to end chapters. It's exciting if he does that with goosebumps or not. Does it's worse. It's worse it's alive re chapter traffic literally like there was one where <hes> we read the haunt i read the haunted school with a woman a friend of the show jam oh yeah wonderful grateful man and there was literally chapter where it was like. I got pushed off a cliff by a monster flipped. It wasn't a monster mister. It was my best friend and he was hugging me pushing me saying acceptable fucking dare you a certain point. It's almost need yeah yeah yeah. It certainly impressive nothing else. It's impressive can ask a weird goosebumps question. Yes this is such a specific thing <music> at my elementary school growing up so if you can picture goosebumps cover it has kind of like the bumpy yeah they're raise line and was there like a myth urban legend or some kind of thing where if you scratched those letters and white dots what's appeared admit you're scared of the book was just does your school. That was just an amazing. It was wild and i've seen it happen in the person who made that up. We'll also another thing too where it's like it means. You're scared of the book yeah but it's like you know if you're scared of the book because you either are you on. This is very similar to the quiz that we did for pizza on minnesota's what nightmare you having which is oh no because i'm having a uh-huh harry stupid quiz. Are you afraid of this goosebumps. Scratch it to find out. I guess i just know if i am either am or i'm not or like or maybe it was meant to be like you're gonna isn't it impressive that the book knows your promotions not so much that like going you your emotions but like the book knows like a mood ring so i already know if i'm scared. Let's see if i see the white dots yeah scratchy so you scratch it with your fingers scratch it with their fingernails and sometimes white dots would show up and sometimes they wouldn't yours. Were just this ruining books just breaking books books. We're breaking breaking hood fruit punch thumb cat hands sydney. You ever have a goosebumps cover that you were like. Oh this one might be you too scary for me the question you're coming in with some good question thank the one i was always kind of fascinated by horror comedy growing up <hes> things that were spooky and funny because and i have such a vivid memories of this like it would i would be like we shouldn't be laughing at this. This is scary like the another song maxwell's silver hammer by the beatles yeah that song is about a serial killer who kills people with a hammer kazan height but it's sung in a very jonty bang bang man yeah and my mom my mom and i listened to it and i watched her like laugh at it and it like freaked me the fuck out really scary that you're laughing at this now. I'm kind of scared at you funny greg so we go to get you to eat them. They just have some writers come on anyway. That's a long way of saying the book that comes to mind was. I don't even remember the title it was like a suburban barbecue with people wearing like a kiss the way they're all skeletons. Yes iconic yeah. It's scary but funny fascinated but horrified yeah that's when it comes to men just have maxwell's silver hammer. Yes <hes> also kind of the case with mack the knife <hes> where it's like super swing and sounds cool but really it's like a song about about a fucking murder berthold brecht opera yeah. I just looked up. It's aitchison die. I thought it was that oh god. That's not taste good name dying. Wow i can't believe such a good cover had that usually a conic heidel yeah. It's like an embarrassment of riches on that book yeah <hes> i was really afraid of sloppy. I didn't yes living dummy yeah very scary. I was like really scared of it and like my dad had this like little you know little mary net <hes> like old from when he was when like when he was a kid or something and on like the top of my bookshelf in my room so looking at you was a little feet would hang down. I was just like i remember i would lay there and just stare at it and like be afraid. It was going to run across the rumors. That's child abuse is child. <hes> i remember being scared of that but i remember like when i made the jump from goosebumps to like these books and i remember i'm getting like really scared really scared of like zuber pike in these books. Here's burning that. I only now looked up when the first goosebumps spoke was because i've always said like i didn't read goosebumps. I just went straight from baby sitters club to christopher pike and it's because they didn't fucking exist yet yeah. They came out in nineteen ninety. Two at which point i was already on to the other books 'cause nineteen ninety-two i was ten then <hes> and i was already like in fifth grade headed toward christopher pike so no wonder i didn't read these books on wasn't scared of them. Yeah yeah yeah. I was like oh cover for me and i was like there's one. I don't know yeah yeah. I was as a grownup human. I'm in man scared of this cover a little bit and i think i'm scared of it. Because the holder of the book is the monster yeah the two of them are looking at us and they're terrified. Yeah and that like makes me feel like what am i ooh and all the girls has just one single tooth just one large as they both have hysteria is both one on the left is particularly frightening because it's all tooth no on the on the left yeah. It's altuve your mouth. Yeah all single tooth i also the posing is a plus yeah. It's very good posing. I mean come on her. The hands we're she's holding the elbow the other girl love that and then the one hand out the other hand on the body language really good one one of the best covers i think yeah i i also like a like that. It's very monochromatic almost like it's pink pink pink and red. I love it and that's the canopy bed. Oh um the the the bed the yeah dive bar die german. No one who speaks german could be bad always fun to just quote some yeah it is. It's really is yeah. I really liked this book. It's very quick. I recommend to read it. I think it's i think it's probably at the level of like prom queen. It's below cheerleaders. Yes it's maybe a little bit better than i think. It's a little bit better than prom queen. <hes> which one is going though i remember liking it okay. I don't remember the details. I just remember thinking. This is one of the better ones it wasn't i. I'll lake prom dress. No i know it's not prone address the one where she's she has to wear that you will dress for her nineteen. Twenties dancers idle yes. Oh that sounds good. That was a pretty good it. It was an interesting one isn't interesting. We'd never run by that author. Why can't i remember what happens in prom queen. Oh well. That's fine it was it was a it was just like better than like dead boyfriend or girlfriend or any of those better than a lot yeah. I'd say this ranks up. There really liked this one. I liked it more than go. Go ask alice. I think oh squad scholarship is a hot mess of garbage. <hes> yeah and it's upsetting yeah viscerally eh. It's not well written and it's like disturbing. Yeah i bet this. This will never traumatized anyway. Yeah you know we read <hes> the boy version of glass gala dallas cowboys named diaries that way. What is it called. Jay's journal is journal. I always wanted to read that he he does like whip. It's and then he because satanist. I really like oh yeah. They're still fucking publishing these book or like new versions. There are new no anonymous book. Oh yes yeah. I truly <hes> woods not beatrice anymore. It's just dead the company. I'm always doing this no-no stuff she did for jay's journal most fucked up because it actually was based off of a kid's real journal but she changed a bunch of stuff so like the family that was like can you please like <hes> right about this are are like publish this to bring light to teenage suicide and she completely like he was never a saint as he was never any of that and they were like can you please remove of his name from the shit and she was like <hes> the books already like oh my oh so yeah shins justify the means yards uterus sucked that sucks. That's food yeah yeah but now they're. They're publishing new out what other teenage stuff like. I dunno fucking catfish fish auburn yeah. They're new. Oh my god you see for the patriots anorexia one. There's there's some kind of internet cyber bullying one. I think hyperplane yeah they're new fare new videos this. This is not about re publishing yeah. There's one about talk videos. It's only like six pages when then you just flip it over <hes> <hes> probably the best one pretend like. I don't like it but i love it. It's very digestible. Thank you so much for coming on and doing the show so much for having me. It's always such a dang blast yeah yeah. Do you have anything that you'd like to plug sure you can listen to my hip. Hop podcast dope town three thousand. We've just wrapped up our first season. I also did want to say that <hes> both my parents are lovely supportive people and they sincere me perform hip hop and they have vocally supported. It's <hes> good good. Listen to the podcast start with kelly nugent episode. What a fun place to start yeah. That was really awesome. You guys are so like mind blowing talented greasy. It's really really cool thank you. It's like magic. It's really cool. Thanks so much the so sweet and if you we dig the way i talk about genre shit and you have a shudder subscription. The horror channel shudder. You can watch a season of a t._v. Have you show called. The core that i wrote for a talk. Show watched them. Give it a watch yeah. I love shutter yeah so much. I'm gonna watch that what's it called the core. The core greg u._n._l._v. that i wrote that i'm very proud of give watch. I absolutely will all guys watch that <hes> like horror. Why do you listen to this. I know yeah yeah you fucking watch. Go watch it. You danes <hes> <hes>. Where can people find you online yeah at smith. L. greg on all the all the places <hes> thank you so much again to greg smith for being such a wonderful guest. Thank you all of your listeners for being wonderful people. Thank you to every one of our patriots supporters. We really appreciate hit you and you help produce the show and if you would like to support us you can go to patriarch dot com slash teen creeps <hes> if you can't give it this time you can donate your time by writing us a review on apple podcasts that helps as well <hes> an egg you to everyone who you've got us passed one thousand yeah you must've thousand and now we are reviewing all of the casteel movies on lifetime and <music> <hes> hey dark angels sucked in a good way yeah about episodes coming out tomorrow yes yes. Yes changed the scale bush. Oh no sorry sorry. We're a little bit off so that episode came out last week. You would have already heard it soup while we were gonna see what we're going to think about the next one no. We don't so whatever comes up tomorrow. Whatever comes out tomorrow. We have no idea what we think about also like we travel. We read the books for the first two but we haven't read the other books so she the surprise for all of bill. I wonder what's going to happen. Oh well thank you all so much. What are we really really are. We are reading the chaos by nilo hopkinson. Oh good so slightly out of genre but <hes> <hes> for the best reasons which is <hes>. It's not a white man yeah who wrote it yeah so we're trying to get a little bit more color so here we are with that <hes> you <hes> by no means required to read along but if you should choose to that is what we are reading <hes> uh thanksgiving to greg. Thank you lindsey. Thank you kelly. You're welcome thank you edwin. Thank you is under that <hes> r._e._i. Blanket jacket target target blanket. I thought i saw re- something yeah. It's the target r. e. There's no i brand room essentials august brand yeah they edwin furling under the blanket. Yeah thank you for listening. Catch you next week or tomorrow r._o. With our casio movie episode and keep a creepy this has been a forever dog production aw executive produced by killing nugent lindsey k. tie and alex ramsey engineered and mastered by alex in for more original podcasts. Please visit forever dog podcast dot com and subscribe to our show on apple podcasts spotify wherever you get your podcasts podcasts keep up with the latest forever news by following us on twitter and instagram at forever dog team liking our page on facebook.

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Matt Nagy, the Steelers, the Cowboys and Coaching Carousel

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

1:50:24 hr | 2 years ago

Matt Nagy, the Steelers, the Cowboys and Coaching Carousel

"Thanks for listening to the heard podcast. Be sure to catch us live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox Sports radio and f s one find your local station for the hurt at Fox Sports radio dot com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio app by searching heard. You're listening to Fox Sports radio. Here we go to Monday. This is the heard wherever you may be. And however, you may be listening live in Los Angeles. I heart radio Fox Sports radio and right here f s one one hour from now every Monday were Colin was right where Colin was wrong. There is a ton of Bolshoi Taylor is joining me in a Monday. How are you? I'm great good morning. Good morning. We have a huge NFL game tonight. But I want to talk about the game that was on television last night. The Chicago Bears biggest game in Chicago in a decade. And man, they threw a party, and man, they look great. And man, they're on a roll. And this is an amazing football town. My wife from there. I been there. I discovered it later in life. I love Chicago. And the bears are mostly about Matt Nagy? Okay. I said it nobody wants to hear it as a fan. You don't wanna hear that? You don't go to a game wearing a headset. We're jersey you don't go and buy. By a coaching outfit. You buy a jersey. You want me to go on the air and say your players are amazing. And that's the story. And I'm not going to tell you that. Yes. Khalil Mack is amazing. And by the way, akiem Hicks is really really good. In fact, pro football focus has all eight of your best players are on defense. This offense though is about Matt Nagy. I'm sorry. You don't wanna hear it? You only have brag about your sure handed wide receivers. And you're young and promising running backs, and of course, Mitch Trubisky. Come on folks this bears offense in forty years to watch a pro football. I've never seen an offense in a coach orchestrate an offense more brilliantly around a limited quarterback. It's an orchestra. It is motion. It is a fishing. It is beautiful it six running backs. It's eight wide receivers. It is a beautiful offense. And in the end of the night hundred sixty yards passing. That's that's that's coaching Patrick Mahomes, far greater talent DeShaun Watson, far greater talent. This is about Matt Nagy. And I'm sorry. You don't wanna hear it? There's two stories going on with the bears. They have a very very good defense. Led by one of the great defensive players of my lifetime Khalil Mack. And the second part of the story is Matt Nagy. This is beautiful. I'm not saying Bisky does not have talent. He's got a little Jimmy G. But he can't throw as well. He got a little Russell Wilson. But he can't run as well. He's got a little Alex Smith. He's not that good at the line of scrimmage. He's closer to Dak that he is a superstar. Andrew luck his coaching staff. Just put them in the pocket, throw darts. Drew Brees his quarterback. His coach puts them in the pocket, just throw darts. Matt Nagy game plan is telling you exactly what he has with Mitch Trubisky. We don't trust them in the pocket much. We're gonna move them around a lot of deception this is three and a half hours of card tricks. It's illusion. It's fantastic. It is beautiful. It is an orchestra in the you know, everybody's like all the Rams have the best coaching staff. No Rams have better players Rams wide receivers. They're they're they're they're better than Chicago's Rams offensive line left. Tackle Andrew Whitworth is better than Chicago's Todd girl. Is better than Chicago. Jared goff's better Trubisky. Rams Rams, Sean McVay as great coach. But he's got some stuff to work with now Chicago offensively it's guys some are better than others. It's Matt Nagy. And I know you don't go to a stadium with a headset on and I know you want me to say now players are folks, you don't think coaching matters. You still watching football these years don't think coaching matters, John FOX Trubisky McVeigh from Jeff Fisher Sabin at Alabama Harbaugh. Michigan replacing Brady Hoke. You know, there's an old musical called west side story. This is mid west side story. Okay. That's what this is. And I know it's going to drive you crazy. And you know in you want all this sort of love and self for Mitch Trubisky. He's a guy now he's an adult again not saying he didn't have talent. He's confident as hell he he's got a little bit of Jimmy Garoppolo. But he didn't. Quite that his ball dies at the end garoppolos doesn't he got a little bit of Russell Wilson. But he's not that athletic, and he's got a little Alex Smith straight line speed. But I don't think he's that experience with that good at the line of scrimmage, by the way Rudy sat for Alex Smith. Great dude on east closer to Dak. But but the offense of coaching right now, it's Kogyo is one of the great things I've ever seen. It is just fantastic. Biggest game in Chicago great football town on a decade. And I mean Minnesota walked into a snake pit Minnesota and their quarterback. Andy Dalton my bad Kirk cousins. Same guy walked into a snake? Pick snake pit. And Chicago deserves all the love, but we got two things going on here. A really good defense with a superstar and a great head coach mid west side story. That's what this is. Right. Bear fan taping. L? Let's go to Dallas fans. Dell's one yesterday maybe Troy Aikman was right me. This is Dallas is division every year in the NFL. There's one division winner that feels like they're a little over their head. Let me just say this out loud this year. Steelers patriots? Saints Teves Rams. Dallas. Ooh, what what doesn't fit here, by the way? We've seen this member. Carolina unwanted division. Seven eight and one Kirk cousins won the NFC East's Washington. Nine and seven t-boz Broncos one eight Nate Seattle one year went seven nine with Pete Carroll. Houston Texans done it a couple of times. Listen, that's Dallas this year if they win this division and right now, they're the healthiest team. I mean, they get another home game on a short week. It looks like Dallas is going to have it. Dallas got several breaks this year. The Redskins quarterback got hurt. Philadelphia has got a Super Bowl hangover and they enter this year on crutches. And the New York Giants took a running back a good one over a quarterback. And they are with a are. That's number one number two, this this cowboy offense is totally limited even with Amari Cooper. I mean yesterday they faced Atlanta everybody in the league. I mean, everybody ally. Jameis Winston everybody hot knife through butter against Atlanta. Dell's had six points going into the fourth deck had about two hundred and fifteen yards throwing I'm not saying Dell's Don Knapp talent, I do not believe like Troy Aikman said the need. No overhaul. I do not believe that. I love their defensive line. I think they're young linebackers that kid from Idaho. Eight man football is a stud. I love their left tackle, he's a hall of Famer running back Zeke a real deal. I even think Amari Cooper is really good. I would have thrown a first round pick it him and offensive line. It's not what it was. It's not as good as the saints offense of line. But the offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys is still very good top ten in the league. And I think if you ask Dallas cowboy fans, if if you ask the true cowboy fans who are really honest, not just pom pom waivers people to go into a stadium. Smart guys. Smart women that go to the stadium and can talk like grown-ups and say, listen, we do this. We don't do this. This is the weakest playoff team that will enter this year. And and if. Wins the NFC east. It is absolutely the weakest. I mean, listen Dallas has five wins Dallas five Windsor against teams that are eighteen and thirty four there. Windsor against the giants. Philly detroit. Jacksonville and Atlanta. Dallas losses are all the good teams. They've played Carolina. Tennessee Houston Seattle in Washington. I mean, listen, it's not all went to the same. Not all division titles of the same. Let's not kid ourselves here. They're not all the same. This is a very slightly above average Dallas team. But they've drafted very very well on the defensive side of the ball. And they've got a couple of stars left tackle running back, and they gave up a number one pick to get Amari Cooper. And I like him Amari Cooper is like when you add a really good pitcher to a pitching staff in baseball and everybody can go down one slot and the former as is now a two and the two is now a three in the three is now a four Cole Beasley now feels a little better. And the tight ends feel more capable and that rookie Gallup, oh, I kind of like it more. Now, Mark Cougars made everybody a little less important. They can just play their role, and it's nice. But they they throw for two hundred yards against an Atlanta defense that is just awful so bears fans still love Trubisky. It sleight of hand. And it's beautiful. I go see magicians all the time in Vegas, Chicago fans. That's what you're watching on offense. It's it's absolutely listen. I've seen you know, every great comedian or every great magician in America. I've seen him Chicago fans. I've seen them all in Vegas used to live there. It's fascinating. I love magic. But it's optical illusion. It's sleight of hand when David Copperfield goes love, those a building, you know. I moved it. He didn't really move it. Mitch trubisky. Oh my God. He threw all these magic tricks. Yeah. He's not. He's not Patrick Mahomes. Sees he's not to Shawn Watson. He's not Andrew lock. He's not Russell Wilson. He's not in cowboy fan. I think you'd admit it, honestly, this is gonna be the weakest team to win a division. And there's always one team that wins the division. And you're like doesn't make. The cut Dallas. Is that team doesn't quite make the cut coming up next. Actually, one of the most impressive things I've seen all year in the NFL, and it doesn't if you just look at it. And you watch the game it may not feel impressive. But it's one of the most impressive things by one of the great players. This league is had for fifteen years. Not Tom Brady. Kind of blown away yesterday by something the Steelers did we'll get to that. Coming up next. Be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio at this one and the iheartradio app. Thanksgiving hosting a party, one eight hundred flowers dot com code heard H E R D twenty four multicolored roses for twenty four dollars. This is one of my favourite weeks of the year. We do shows Monday Tuesday Wednesday chop it up then we all leave for a weekend. And there's a bunch of football. I'm off Thursday Friday. But the next three days we are packed Trent Dilfer next hour. Michael Vick on this show. Chris broussard's Sam farmers, one of the longest running NFL riders will join me in about thirty minutes. The chiefs in the Rams tonight. We'll be the NFL game of the year here in Los Angeles moved of course, from Mexico City. He'll give you the very latest on the Rams and the chiefs. I liked the chiefs tonight in Los Angeles in what's going to be a complete fireworks show. We've had so many good games. Joy taylor. Of course. Joining me, I saw something yesterday that was impressive. But I've said this for years, you can lose sometimes in sports, and I'm blown away I've seen teams lose. And you know, they're missing a star player. They're on the road. They overcome a lot of obstacles they lose in overtime. But I'm like, that's an impressive loss. I don't believe every wind blows me away in every loss stinks. The Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday that's called a flex for three and a half hours. They mailed it in they had no juice. They had no energy. They came off a big win over Carolina. Apparently they didn't practice for a week to be able to go on the road against the defense like Jacksonville. There's real players there who in the NFL can be down by ten with two and a half to go in win in regulation. Pittsburgh can who wins on the road with twenty six yards rushing only Pittsburgh can whose quarterback can throw three touchdowns on the road and have twenty incompletions and win. Ben rothlisberger. For three and a half hours of the three hours and forty minutes. There was nothing there for Pittsburgh. They were three for eleven on third down over to enforce down. They had no juice that was a flex. I've seen New England not show up on the road and get crushed by Tennessee. I'd seen the chargers at home yesterday. Not be ready to play and get beat by Ben ver-. I've watched teams all year good teams in the NFL notch. I saw Minnesota at home not show up against buffalo and get routed, Pittsburgh, did not show up for all. But the last six minutes and won the game on the road. You know, I sat there and watched that game yesterday. And I thought the NFL's become the saints in the Steelers at the top. And then whoever wins chiefs Rams tonight. And that's my three I picked the Steelers win the Super Bowl before the season. I thought it looked awful for the first five weeks. But when they played Cleveland again in blew him out, and when they played Atlanta and suffocated him. I'm not sure those whereas. Impressive as as yesterday because and by the way, can we put Big Ben now in the MVP conversation. He's gonna throw for over five thousand yards. He's had to overcome no, lady bell and the lady and bell noise. He is going to lead the NFL and pass attempts. Basically, they're just giving the playbook to him and saying lead us, we'll figure out the defense might just just figure out Ben. Here's the playbook throw fifty times. Just lead us. Here's the game winning touchdown yesterday from Big Ben. First and goal float away. Spreaders bounce back dreadful performance. Most of the way coming up running like an option. Improv incredible comeback. The last seven minutes this devastating loss for Jacksonville after they played their best game of the year. I was so blown and by the way nothing against Chicago. But this offense is about a hall of fame quarterback Antonio Brown and to bro bowlers on the offensive line and juju Smith Schuster this offense. And Pittsburgh is got this is Pro Bowl stuff Chicago's doing it with smoke and mirrors Chicago's doing it sleight of hand, you know, Chicago's like there's there's a mountain. It's gone. No, Pittsburgh's just got just got ballers. I mean, I just sitting there yesterday I've seen good teams mailed in this year. They all lose to go on the road and do that twenty six yards rushing. Three picks, and you win on social media, the kids call that Affleck's. Here's joy with the news. Turn on the news. This is the third mind news kids, call the flex the kids. Do the kids call it a flex. Well, the Cowboys have won back to back games. So the first time this year five and five and his Yukio Elliot had a lot to do with that two hundred and one scrimmage yards and touchdown. Yesterday's win in Atlanta and talking with pro football talk after the game. Yeah. Zeke made it clear that all motivation has come from the urgency to win that's coming from. He was asked about Troy Aikman suggesting it was time for a complete overhaul organization. Zeke said a not even one hundred percent sure what he said the guys don't really know either notice suspected Choi, but that's not why we're winning. That's fair. Yeah. Like choice at a bunch of stuff choice at a little dysfunctional. I agree with that choice said they need an overhaul. I didn't agree with that choice said I think it's their division. Now. I didn't agree. But it looks like it is, you know, it's it's funny about Dallas. And we're gonna talk about this later. I've said I think it's an average coach football team in an average quarterback football team. But I think the thing that's been overlooked for two years joy on this their front seven defensively. Let's give the Cowboys credit. They have hit some home runs in the draft that that Vander s kid that linebacker is a good. He is like that like Brian Urlacher when he came into football more like Brian or lacquer played where Newt New Mexico and for the next ten years, you're like Bryner like a beast this kid played eight man football at Idaho went to Boise state. He is unbelievable player. Now, they're solid. And I think that the the obvious. Spot that you feel like they're lacking is DAT. Yeah. That's when you're looking around the league at the other young quarterbacks and you see the flash and the over the top plays and the dynamic offense at the Cowboys incurring like. I mean, he saw that the first year, but you're not seeing it now, but they do still have z. And I I agree with you. I mean, we we say a lot of things, and it doesn't then it here things here and there, but it's not like they're putting it up in the locker room like choice said complete overhaul go play harder. Like they've got enough motivation to win. And now this this Washington game on on Thursdays. Humongous the season. So Jon Gruden. Derek Carr had quite heated exchange in the sideline yesterday and says no big deal when reporters said he hadn't seen Gruden and cargo each other like that who had this to say, I have you seen. Have you seen? Doesn't mean. We're both competitors competing. Massachusetts. He went for the big play. Disagree. But you know, what we're gonna have contra requests a little bit. Also, I four to one another. A lot this year. That was my proudest. Blazing five pick took the raiders and the points to win the road. Here's the thing. This. This got a lot of play on social media. And I this was I wasn't watching this game primarily it was. It was one of my, you know, it's on the third TV, but I will say this. There was a lot of discussions the team quit. I've never seen an NFL team quit before thanksgiving. I didn't buy the raiders quit. They actually have some decent offensive peach at pieces. I I I like some of their offensive stuff. They got a ton of cap space got bunch of draft picks. They gotta get better. But I don't buy the Derek cars getting traded thing. I just don't buy it. I don't mind that either. And I also don't buy into the idea of guys quitting. Now. Not not professionals. They may maybe you do this in college, and he gets to then the year, and it's like it's over and it's not a big deal. Everything that you put on tape is a tryout for the next team. It's your income. Exactly. So this idea that you're just quitting now. Mentally, you may know that this game that you're playing in the outcome. Doesn't matter towards the end of the season. But you as an individual you still have to play hard. This is your job. And and you know that because next year coming around you may not be on this team anymore and other teams are going to look at the last bit of tape that you left on the field. It's not this idea that the guys are just quitting, mentally, you know, that you may not be headed to the playoffs. But the there's levels of that. And I don't even think of that exchange. Was that insane? They'll be every time we clip off something on the sideline and highlight. It a lot of emotions are trying to win a game. Like, and it's grew by the way, it would. It would be a big deal to me if it was somebody who never showed emotion like that. Here's your thing Dez Bryant would do this for thirty minutes for coach in a quarterback of a thirty seconds shouting match. Barely even thirty gives it to people. It's it's wouldn't Dez was on the sideline screaming and yelling at the coaches had to go back. That's disrupt coaches and quarterbacks bark at each other. This is the this is the way it works is worth funny watching background their them trying to figure out what they're saying. But I agree. It's it's not that big of a deal to me. Finally, it's been a rough stretch for the warriors in the recent weeks. Champs lost five of their last seven games, including three straight on the road trip through Texas. Ship was also seized cars. I three showing on a road trip since he took over the warriors. Can't be surprising. That Kerr thinks this is the toughest stretchy space with this team. Four. We've had such charmed existence was four seasons. So of course, this is tough stretch. This is the real we haven't been on the real Indian. Dream. We're faced with. Really? Ourselves further record. This is shack and Kobe there last year the championship year, then they came back after the third and they fell apart. And they started arguing they'll still win this year, but you can go back to shack and Kobe for a blueprint they went and title they went title. Then the last title they won that you started hearing rumors. There was egos. They weren't playing hard in the regular season. They still won because they were both amazing following year didn't get along. And they were done you can see the fabric tearing, but this is still easily when steps back the best team in basket missing. Steph Andrey Mon now, I know everyone is freaking out and panicking. And yes, there is something going on here. And we talk about it all the time. It's hard to say at the top and be consistent. And you know, it's not it's not that easy to get to the top. But it is something it's about maintaining this level of excellence for as long as they have their injured. They don't have seven. They don't have dream on when everyone's altogether. And then losing like this, then I'll start I'll start panicking. I'm not that worried about it right now. Yeah. Joy with the news. Well, that's the news. And thanks for stopping by heard lie side the way I'd like to be selfish joy has said many times on this show. She is petty. Correct. And explain what that means. It's a nice way of saying that I hold grudges Reverend ever. All right. Don't that? That's your thing. I mean, you know, it you're aware of it. Yeah. I'm working on it, it sure. And I am working on myself. I can be selfish this whole career. I've put aside friends, and as sometimes just just been about me, I can be very selfish, and like joy, I am working on it. But not for this segment. I'm going to be selfish. I've had enough of Joe flacco. I just wanna see Lamar Jackson play that'll be. He's really ready. I mean yesterday was a win. It was nice twenty-seven. Russia's for a quarterback, really sustainable when he's got a skinny kid. But listen, the NFL has been infused with new talent and Lamar Jackson's really fun, and you can't. You can't throw the ball nineteen times. And you can't carry it twenty seven for his size. But you know, what running quarterbacks it's a real thing. And it's not going away Trubisky moves and Russell Wilson moves in. Carson Wentz moves into Shawn Watson moves in by the way. Baker Mayfield moves and Sam darnold gonna move. And that's a component. Now. Lamar's gotta move a little less enthralled little more. But let's be honest about it. The league is changed. Flacco is no better fit. Then Lamar Jackson is when the rules all changed in the NFL that are all for the offense. It was bad for guys. Like Joe flacco, he's always been inaccurate. But now his sixty one percent completion percentage is in barris ING when breezes it seventy seven percent when the good guys are now at sixty six sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine seventy seventy one seventy seven flacco still sixty one. So you can do the big formidable strong experience sixty one percent completion guy or you. Couldn't do the wild runs. Too much. Lamar Jackson not ready to really be a pocket passer. But you know, what trubisky's denigrate pocket passer, he's not in Lamar Jackson, whips it. Well, enough kind of those at my wife said this yesterday kind of like a baseball, but I'm going to be selfish here. He's more fun. It's more fun to watch. I'm over flacco. I'm done with flacco. Neither is ideal. Neither right now flat goes lack of accuracy is not ideal and Lamar rely. Lying on his legs. This much is not ideal. But you know, what as a consumer? That was fun. That was fun. Cris Carter talks about it. You know, this can't be going forward the way it looks every week. But he won't have no long career run that ball twenty seven because he does not have the body. We just talked about Cam Newton six five to forty five. Lamar he is not that. So they have to design. Some congratulations Wellington NFL Goodwin at home against the Poor's defense that we have in in feel but they have to build chains the game plan moving forward, absolutely agree, but Joyce, petty and I'm selfish. I want more of that. And for the record let me list a lot of the young quarterbacks that people like Baker Mayfield Watson. Darnold Trubisky Wentz. Russell wilson. Dak Andrew luck. Mobility is a weapon for all of them and ten of the eleven leading rushing quarterbacks right now or five hundred or better. I'll take Lamar Jackson. I don't think. He's really ready. Josh L. Not ready. I'll take him that was fun for in. By the way, if you'll watch Baltimore's wide receivers tell me, I'm wrong on this. They looked engaged. They looked like they were rooting for Lamar. They were having fun. I mean, they were making some really nice catches. Why they they got a guy? They like him receivers have favorites too. They like playing with Lamar not inaccurate. Joe? Flacco. By the way. Oh, yes. I just wanted to throw this in. This is just a small story means nothing. Lebron James had fifty one points yesterday. I don't know if you caught that LeBron James had fifty one point yesterday. And I'd like to throw this out to you. The Lakers are nine and seven. What does that mean? His first year in Miami through sixteen games they were nine and seven his first year back in Cleveland through sixteen games. They were nine and seven his first year with the Lakers. They are nine and seven. And he now leads the NBA in scoring in his sixteenth year. By the way, I went to that game last week when he could break wilt scoring record. He dropped forty four. And yesterday in Miami still got little chip on his shoulder about Miami. He dropped fifty one. Colin why do you talk LeBron so much? He's in his sixteenth year. He is still easily the world's best basketball player. Go look at Magic's career birds Dominique's Malone's wilt MJ sixteenth year. By the way. The Lakers are not a perfect team right now, they're LeBron the best player in the world easily and about six hundred dudes that can ball they need a number two. But for all the critics and all the naysayers and all the doubters admit it. I know it's hard MIR still work look in one. You were wrong nine seven through sixteen just like Miami. And just like Cleveland there is no great dysfunction with the Lakers. Everything is on track. Only two games back of the top seed in the west. And the bronze still easily the best player in the world, by the way, Golden State got some dysfunction, Oklahoma City, Minnesota Houston. Philly Washington check tech tech dysfunction dysfunction dysfunction. Not Lakers sixteen in nine and seven to back top of the west. And by the way, who did they play next. I could be wrong. But is it it landed in Cleveland check-check win win. In eleven and seven. Coming up next top of the hour, twenty minutes from now twenty five minutes from now, we're calling was right. And we're calling was wrong. And then there was plenty of both. This is the best week of the year starting yesterday from Sunday to Sunday. This is the best week of the year. We got great football. We got three shows. Then we go to thanksgiving. We have huge college games in some rumors later that I have been able to source on some massive massive coaching moves coming up in college football around the corner tonight is the best NFL game on paper in the NFL here in Los Angeles. It is the chiefs. It is the Rams and one of the longest tenured NFL writers Sam farmer joined us a couple of times on the couch is stopping by for ten minutes on a game that will be the highest rated and the most watch Monday night football game in years Rams and the chiefs here in Los Angeles twentieth year, he's in that Peter King cat. Gory where he is one of the most well connected people in National Football League. I read in long before I worked in Los Angeles. Sam farmer the L A times. It is great to have you on a Monday tonight. I just want to let's talk about the importance of the Rams chief tonight. I you said something during the break Sam that you think this is bigger than just a fun football game. No, I think this is a historic moment for Los Angeles and the return of NFL to Los Angeles. They've sort of flirted around people have. You know, they really like you you mentioned that sort of have a crush on the Rams after Sean McVeigh and Jared Goff. And all this is the night that LA could fall in love with the NFL that big event here. And it's really the Rams are using it not always a football game. But as a tribute to the people who the first responders of the fire the shooting. You know, this is a big event Roger Goodell is going to be there, and it's a midseason Super Bowl. I have been about three weeks ago. It's not that I sold my ram stock but about three weeks ago, I put the the saints number one. And I said listen, I'm seeing a Rams defense. Now that feels to me in Domin consume, Marcus Peters. They're kind of doing their own thing. I do not see a lot of integrity in the gaps. I see a lot of going for the big hit. I see a lot of guys trying to make plays. And I like the chiefs tonight. I there's something about the Rams defense. I do not like in the last three weeks have you sniffed around. I mean, I know you've seen it. Right, right. This is a litmus test tonight because we're talking about a team that has run the gauntlet of quarterbacks. They had Aaron Rodgers drew Brees Russell Wilson. And tonight, Patrick Mahomes say this is a defense that's really been tested. And I agree. We haven't seen the gap integrity. We've seen guys freely. Lansing, God sheeting doing their own things. They've got to get back to the basics. And and really that's why you brought Wade Phillips here is is to do that into corral this defense. And you know, we may see it. We may not see it. But I think this is going to be a real litmus test tonight. Yeah. I like the chiefs close your thoughts on that. What do you expect? You know, initially I picked the chiefs in Mexico City back in Los Angeles with the emotion. I like us a ranch thirty five thirty one. But you could really go either way I was at the chiefs last week for the Zona game in Arizona gave him problems. Inner Josh Rosen gave him problems till he threw a pick down at the end. So I think defensively they're a lot like the Rams this. These two are sort of mirror images. I mean, they can score like crazy. It's the defense is going to get a couple of stops. That's gonna wind up determining the outcome of this game. Let's shift into that. Because you said, you know, it's funny about like, I watched the. Airs last night. And listen you watch Michigan with Brady Hoke. You'll watch them with Harbaugh. Coaching matters. You watch the Rams with Jeff Fisher. What you watch with McVeigh? I watch Chicago last night there. Eight best players, according to pro football, focus role defense of guys Khalil max amazing. I came Hicks amazing. What Matt Nagy is doing with less talented McVeigh. With Trubisky is one of the great things I've ever seen. It's Copperfield for three and a half hours, even their dive plays. There's motion. There's unique. I mean what what do you make it a bears? Well early on. I thought Matt Nagy was sort of too clever by half and trying to do too much and reinvent the wheel. Offensively. It seems like they've calmed down a little bit. They've run the ball better. But what I was really impressed with last night was the mobility of Mitch Trubisky. I mean that was amazing. There's a little Russell Wilson. And there was a sort of a weaving scramble he had. And then he picked up more yards on the I think he might be leading the league among quarterbacks in yards per carry. So. That. And also this is a team that's built to go deep in the playoffs lie the defense. If you have just what we were talking about offenses sexy. It's sexy with the Rams at sexy with the cheese. But if you have a defense it can play these cold weather team keep you in the game. Keep you in the game create problems for teams, that's where it's gotta come from as we get deeper into December and January is the teams that play defensively, by the way is everybody likes the dome saints and the Rams and all this stuff. But don't forget Kansas City in January. You don't wanna play there bright and a Chicago most of the year. You don't wanna play there. We could very well have some playoff games in awful weather. It's much easier for a bad weather team to plan L A than L A to play in Chicago. Yes, it's a Dan Marino. You can go to the great quarterbacks. You get them in the cold. It changes every and we're going to see that because L plan Sunday night football in Chicago. So we're going to see how LA holds up. In that game. But I, but I agree and particularly when LA still trying to get its foothold with fans and everybody in create home field advantage that seems to me if you're gonna hit the road in the playoffs coming LA is not such a bad deal. Okay. Two things. I wanna talk about first of all the mar- Jackson. I said I'm going to be selfish. He's just more fun to watch. And I'm watching all these new quarterbacks Wentz moved Trubisky. Moves Wilson moves to Sean moves, and I'm watching Lamar maybe moves too much, but got he brought some life into them. What what are your sources saying on the mar and going forward? Well, the moving is fun to watch and enjoy it while last because he's going to start getting hit. It's not gonna go. So well, I think that if you think that Lamar Jackson is a suitable. That he should crop- flacco flacco, you're crazy. Everything's between. The numbers are quick throws through nineteen times this last week or yesterday and. You know, I think it's is he tested as a passer is he accurate enough. He's funny. He's a spark he's fun to watch. But I think flacco who lost a lot of confidence in the three game losing streak. Yeah. And lost a good teams. We'll come back. He's not gonna come back this week. It's going to be a Lamar Jackson this week one more time more weight, but as far as a long term solution. You gotta go with the guy who's led him to the Super Bowl won a Super Bowl. All right. I don't like that. But it's probably true. Okay. So we saw listen, I never liked the Gruden thing. I don't think you can leave. You can leave baseball for ten years comeback. It's mostly the same. I don't think you can leave football for ten years. Joe Gibbs left it for a while came back. He was lost for a year. I mean, I always used this example, if you fifteen years ago, if you to walk into the NFL locker room and said, no politics, everybody's on board. If you walk into a locker room today and say, no politics, a third of the locker room bales on you like at the new world, athletes millennials. I never bought the Gruden thing at least short term, but I'm watching him in car yesterday. And it's great for social media. I didn't it didn't bother me at all. No, did you make some 'cause I cover the raiders for five years. I was raiders beat writer, and I'll tell you that was like leaked video from every raiders practice with rich Gannon in Jon Gruden. I mean, those guys went back. I talked to rich this morning you did. And we were kind of laughing about what a big deal people are making out of this. And he went through a litany of occasions when so much worse with Gruden, and you know, he was telling me about a Dallas game when he's going up against Mike Zimmer's defense and any audible that oh playing Gruden was freaking out on the sidelines, and and Gannon while audibly was turning and dropping f bombs on Gruden during the audible or another time other plants San Francisco enrich said, you know, he and John really went out on sidelines. John told him I'm going to stick Bobby hoeing enriches like crazy. So this and then Gruden apologized to him later. So, you know for a quarterback to get this far along and car would never have gotten this far along if he couldn't handle a little back and forth. Verbal undressing coach. And I think that's part of the process. What do you make of the Cowboys? You know, the Cowboys are getting back to running Zeke, which is the formula for that really works. I think replacing Connor Williams a rookie on the offense winds really helped with their blocking. I think defensively they're good defensive team. And they really are not listen, Jerry may be crazy. But I gotta tell you something you go back to their last three or four drafts. They have hit home runs on the defensive side. They don't they didn't feel like to me Sam they need Sean Lee anymore. Not as much right? Not as reliant on Sean Lee. But I, but I think that you also look at the rest of the NFC east and sort of falling off, obviously Alex Smith injury giants are coming up a little bit. But you know, Philadelphia's is sort of lost at sea right now. So. I think I think the Cowboys didn't get to nine wins. And that might be enough. Sam farmer one of the longest tenured NFL writers joining us in the heard I I gotta go back. I wanna go back. One more time to the Rams and the chief tonight because you said you believe this is bigger than just a football game. You know, it's very funny for those watching us Los Angeles is building a stadium. And and Jerry Jones was a big proponent of L A getting an F O football. I was told about four years ago Jerry went to the Espy's, and he and he talked to staying cranky and Saint Louis, and Roger Goodell and said, we're making a huge mistake not having an NFL team in Los Angeles. This is big NBA. It's an entertainment world. So every time you fly into Los Angeles. You see the stadium off to your right? And every time I fly in it's closer. It's closer. We're still two years out. But you talked about the current relationship. USC has a football stadium Rams or playing in it. Are the Rams they're just spending money you hear about they don't practice his hard? They didn't play any starters in the preseason. I talked about this last couple of weeks. We have a minute left about the culture change. I think as a huge culture change. I think that Sean McVeigh has really created a situation. Now, where preseason football is going to be worse and worse. Yes. Because nobody's gonna play their starters copycat league. But I also look at the Rams and say they have a chance to be in that triumvirate the triple crown in LA goes dodgers, Lakers UC football. Now. USC football's down. It's the Rams Rams could be that crown jewel. I totally agree with you. I football has been shrinking since they arrived Sam farmer L A times. It's the heard be sure to catch live editions. The heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific, our two in Los Angeles. This is the heard wherever you may be in. However, you may be listening. I. Iheartradio, Fox Sports radio on f s one joy Taylor is joining me in fifteen minutes, Chris Broussard stops by not only LeBron score fifty one. Kevin durant? Mad at me. Kevin durant? Taking shots at me. And I like Kevin Durant, and I support Kevin Durant. But I think I'm right. And he's wrong. We'll talk about that in fifteen minutes. Joy. How are you today in our two? I'm doing great. I feel great as well. We do it every Monday at this time. I have big opinions and strong feelings, I lamb out and then on Monday, where was I right? Where was I wrong over the last seven to ten days? Here we go. We're Colin was right. I've been good on the AFC. I predicted the patriots Steelers chief charters in Texans would make the playoffs and I'm five for five. They're all gonna make the blouse. Now, I had the ravens over the Colt and this morning. I like the colts momentum more than the ravens. But ravens right now are five and five in the culture five and five now, the NFC not so much. But on the AFC we have. Chance to go six for six and our playoff predictions. We feel pretty good about that. Where Colin was raw. Lamar Jackson won and was capable. Now. I did predict before the season strangely. And luckily that he would start in week eleven I got lucky I'm not going to get myself. A right. That was just bizarre luck. But I'll take it. If that was your prediction, right? Then you're right. Well, give stipulation for why? But I this is way better than I thought he would be the that Trump's listen, I don't think he's ready to play. I mean, he's he's got a whip. He runs around. I don't think it's a stain -able. But there's no way in the world. I thought he was going to win an NFL game as a starter. I thought he was three interception guy. And you gotta give again, you gotta give coaching staffs credit nece league. They did a great job. They rolled them out of the pocket. They had some preferred run. I like that one. Right. There's a beautiful play any any. You know, what you actually when he's running? He may throw like baseball. But when he's running got a little whip on him and get the ball out there. So I didn't think he'd be if you had told me that was going to be as I start in the NFL this year. I may have gotten a week, right? I didn't think oh look that good as wrong where Colin was right now. The eagles lost forty eight seven that was the worst blow out by a Super Bowl champ ever in the history of the NFL told you so I call this the lottery winner syndrome people who have never had huge money get huge money, and they don't know how to act they don't know what to do. How would they did never been twenty five million dollars or more? It's the same in the NFL teams that don't get to the AFC championship much Jacksonville. Don't know how to act when they do teams like Atlanta don't get to the Super Bowl. Don't how to act after they do in Philadelphia doesn't win Super Bowls. Dallas does Washington as giants. Do. Philly doesn't and they didn't know how to act they fell in love with themselves. Those stupid underdog maths. Everybody's writing a book and getting endorsements. This team is not buttoned up. They are not the patriots. Congrats on winning. One by the way, go back to learn those underdog masks 'cause you're going to be an underdog the rest of the year and all your games where Colin was raw. I've I've said this I always consider the warriors to be kind of the Silicon Valley of the NBA their owners a little smarter. They're GM's a little smarter their coach a little smarter their players a little smarter. Not really it's Steph curry Steph curry gets hurt two weeks. He's gone the implode. They have the longest losing streak three games now in the entire Western Conference. Listen, man, they got a bunch of talent. But this thing is way way more dependent on Steph curry that I've ever realized and it's not just about his three point shots. His leadership is I q he's not insecure. He's not overly sensitive. I mean, Steph curry has not only changed the game with the three ball and eliminated centers, essentially in the NBA, but his just overall confidence and security. In this very star driven organization. It is obvious. He's debts. Kevin Durant right there on the screen. He didn't like me talking about him. He don't he Steph curry going back and forth with media guys. And for the record I loved Iran. Second best player in the league. I love the guy. I like him personally though, I've never met him. But boy, they missed f curry where Colin was right when Sam darnold left USC. What did I tell you? I said Baker Mayfield gonna leave Oklahoma still gonna win the eleven games. USC is going to be a mess. He has been hiding one of the worst offensive staff I've ever seen. They lost a UCLA this weekend. UCLA was what two and eight UCLA had only Fifty-seven available scholarship players UCLA had twenty freshmen playing in only one senior starter. UCLA is going to be good with chip Kelly. They're a mess right now. I mean, it's like a like a bunch of babies their kids. They're nineteen year old players USC has died without Darnell Oklahoma averages more points this year without Baker Mayfield. And by way, bakers fine. But Baker left the program didn't die. What I told. You was when darnold left you're going to see the truth this staff their fourth now in the Pac twelve south there. A hundred in Russia in college football USC hundred and thirty programs. It's a mess where Colin was wrong. I guess Troy Aikman was right? Here's Troy Aikman on the Cowboys week ago right now. Pick somebody. I would I picked out the thanksgiving game is huge. But I think that if Dallas can keep it within within two games going into thanks giving. And then win that game. I think they're positioned pretty well. Yeah. Guess he was right? I mean six days ago, they lost at home to Tennessee in the season was over. Then they went on the road and beat Philly. Then they beat Atlanta and Washington is now with our backup going to Dallas on a short week on the road. You good for Dak. I mean to me deck I like his intangibles. I don't love all the I don't love his arm. I don't think he's that accurate. I I wouldn't build my team around him. I'm not gonna pay twenty four million a year. But you know, what? In the end good for Dak intangibles are winning the divisions weakened, and it looks like Dallas Aikman was right there in control where Colin was right? Carmelo anthony. They're no longer like suiting him up and playing him. And the rockets have won four of five and all the problems are solved with an I've been on this for fifteen years. He's the most overrated NBA star of my life. He has he's delusional. He can't get along with anybody. He won't play defense. He'd never been in great shape and in Vegas. They call that a cooler like, they're they're people that are employed by casinos are called coolers. You put them around a hot table and everybody loses the negativity. Carmelo Anthony been fooling people for fifteen years. Yes. He's a great score on Yahoo. He'll be in the hall of fame. There's officials in the hall of fame. But there's there's never been a star in the history of the league that every locker room exit gets better overnight in every locker room entered by the way, Oklahoma City. Good team last year. He got down there. It was a mass as a mass. We were right on that one where Colin was wrong. Yeah. That golden Tate addition to the eagles. I got a little head of myself on that. That they don't know how to use him. He had one rush yesterday for minus nine yards. Maybe it's because they've lost def- Lippo the coach of the Vikings and I lost Frank Reich to the colts. But the offense has actually gotten worse since he's arrived Detroit's fine. They beat Carolina this weekend without him. It's just done. It's been a big nothing burger, and I thought Golden State. He was going to be a golden Tate was going to be kind of an extension of the running game. Carson wentz. Get the ball out to him. And it is just done. Absolutely nothing. I was wrong on that. Where Colin was right. I did pick Minnesota to win the game last night. But I've been saying this for years Kirk cousins, he's basically Andy Dalton of the NFC. He is he rakes up garbage time stats. I mean games over last night got two hundred seventy yards and a couple of touchdown to game was over. He is four and twelve and primetime games. If you watch the game. Here's the thing. I've always said about Kirk cousins, folks. He's my size. He's six to two hundred pounds. That's all he is. I'm sixty two hundred pounds not very big in. Obviously, he's more talented player that I'm he's an athlete professional athlete, but not big he's not overly mobile. They didn't have a huge arm. And I mean, I've overpaid for things in my life. But this morning, if you're in Minnesota, you talk about buyer's remorse, you paid for a Bentley got yourself a one of those little mid-size. I don't want to take a shot at any car dealers. But you gotta sit a nice car that you from native e but I mean, it's not in style. This is he's Andy Dalton he shrinks in big spots. Where Colin was right. Well, I had the saints three weeks ago as number one in heard hierarchy, and I did this before they had played the unbeaten Rams, and I've also been on the breeze is better than Aaron Rodgers. You just don't want to admit it. But he's an avalanche better stat and he's going to end up with two Super Bowls. Here's the thing about the Saint. And this is what I noticed about three weeks ago when we put them number one their offensive line is the Cowboys offensive line like three years ago that is the best offensive line in football. We're Sean Payton with those running backs with that star receiver Thomas. With drew Brees this offense. I mean this. Here's what this offense is drew Brees back to pass completed. That's the offense. Renton repeat. Nobody is beaten his team in New Orleans. So all I know is Rams you better win tonight. And all you NFC teams you'd better keep one and cross your fingers 'cause nobody's going into New Orleans and the secret sauce here is not just drew Brees. This offensive line is blowing holes open all over the field. Coming up next, Chris Broussard, Kevin Durant went after this weekend. He did Trent Dilfer stop. And by Michael Vick. And there's a couple of major major moves that appear to be imminent in college football with the stars in coaching. That's around the corner as well cold and flu season. Try vixen. X nasal spray lasts for twelve hours. When congestion strikes Vic sign X. Nasal spray uses directed. Chris Bruce are joining me. Now, Chris people think you're NBA guy, and you are, but football, my favorite sport. And you're actually a great football guy you and I were talking during the break. So before the season started joy was here. I said the eight messed quarterbacks I've ever seen all things considered durability arm strength, all this stuff. And I put drew Brees in my eight and I didn't have Aaron Rodgers. And I said that people aren't get more. I think errands Hardwick coach errands, not as good a leader. And frankly, Erin kind of ad libs at a good place. Now, I think Aaron's pry ninth. Drew Brees is ridiculous zoo. Brees is awesome. Here's what I would say. I think drew Brees is in the perfect system now and his coach is the perfect coach for him is kind of like, Steve Nash and Phoenix with Dan, Tony, it's just all come together. Now remember few years ago when they didn't have that running game. They would go seven and nine every year. So I don't I would like to see Rogers in. And I think this year should be Mike McCarthy's last it will barring some you know, miraculous run to the Super Bowl. I would like to see him get with the coach who is more in sync and can maximize his abilities. Like, I think Payton's doing with Brees. I think obviously Andy Reid where he's quarterbacks. So if Rodgers can get God. Oh, I better. I'm not ready to throw Rogers under the them under the bus. But look at the NFL records held by breeze. He internet land breezes tremendous. But what what do you do with those three straight seven to nine CJ? What do you do dad no along because he signed a fat contract in the bottom line was he signed a huge contract. So they couldn't afford an online or a defense. Then then he said, I'll take the less money. And now he's got a good drafter to I'm telling you. He's got the help that any look, man. You're just off you just don't qualifiers in there. Now like Aaron Rodgers hasn't had help. I'll tell you what every bar you go to an American Brady. Rodgers brady. Rodgers all I'm saying I'm gonna squeeze drew Brees in that bar argument. Well, look breeze is the MVP right now going to second Super Bowl if he wins his second Super Bowl is going to be winning is huge winning. His Hughes was the difference between Brady and Peyton in the end. It was Super Bowl. Right. What was the difference between Marino? And Elway in the end. It was super. Bowls. If breeze wins another and I got all the stats and all the play offs and all the super bowl's on at the bar. I'm just squeezing my guy into the argument. Let them win the Super Bowl. He could be in the argument. You're tough can be in the arc. So listen, you have been on this thing for years about the warriors. I've always thought that very Silicon Valley. It's all day. All connected, bro. Steph curry takes a little bit -cation. There are amass terra. Kevin Durant ticket. He's reacting to me on Instagram. Well, look, we can talk. You can talk on the court off the court. Let's go off the court. I Steve Kerr said it a few days ago. Steph is the short Tim Duncan. I was saying this years ago at our other network acid, look just like Dunkin set the tone for Popovich to be able to yell it all this players, and you know, everybody to be in line with what pop the because Dunkin. Did it? Same thing with Steph. This team has been about selflessness strengthen numbers that was the model before K D. Got there have been fun loosey goosey all that Steph set that tone. Don't take yourself too seriously. You know, look he showed that he was selfless when he wanted. Kevin Durant on the team. A lot of superstars would have been like, I just want my second VP. We should have beat Cleveland. We'll beat them next year. No, I don't want Kevin to I wouldn't have been mad at him. I'd I would argue no superstar, except maybe LeBron would have said come on LeBron's it. Right. Right. And so Steph said that now, so here's my one question. I'm getting a little bit ahead of where we were. But my one question about the warriors going forward this year because I think after this Durant's gone, they have always that's always been there wanted airstrips is there atmosphere there vibe yet. Then there's music blasting it practice all that if Durant and Dray mind for the next five months of the season, six months are going to have just a business relationship has it just be co-workers, and it affects the vibe of the team. There's this unspoken tension there. Oh, you try to smile at each other you laugh at each other's jokes a little bit. But you're no longer. Cool. You no longer France that could disrupt this team to the point where it could stop them from winning the champion people think I'm crazy about this. And let's segue into LeBron sixteen games in with Miami. They were nine and seven sixteen games in back with kyri nine and seven sixteen games back with the Lakers kids nine and seven next. Couple of nights, Atlanta, Cleveland, they'll be eleven and seven I think it's working. I think it's working. I don't think Golden State, but I think they are ahead of schedule. I would agree because the nine is seven in Miami. And Cleveland seemed like the sky was falling. Ninety seven is like all the Lakers are rolling. I've been saying I think they could be the second best team in the west if Houston gets it together, maybe third best, but they're elite there in elite team. And here's the thing. And I I hope the Brian realizes this don't be so caught up in a need my second star now next year when you get who knows K D, Anthony Davis, whoever great get them. But for this year, it's not the worst thing in the world to see LeBron James without a star another star. Remember what he did in Cleveland? His first go round second guy was like MO Williams the lactate west guys like that. They won sixty six and sixty one games. He was two time MVP. And I think he was good enough. He wasn't ready mentally, and he knew that. So he went to Miami. But he he was good enough physically to lead that team in Cleveland to a championship. I believe is last year. Now, he's. Got the middle strip. He's got the experience. He's a smarter player. Then he was in Cleveland, I'm enjoying watching this. I didn't even bring up in two thousand fifteen against the warriors win KYW Rian love or hurting the finals they're up to one with Matthew Della Vedova and guys like that play in his supporting cast. So if LeBron embraces this and says, okay next year, we get in somebody. But this year, I'm good enough to take us to elite status without a second stove you to do it all the doubters new world. If I said to you. Too much go. They're going to get to Western Conference finals, they're gonna lose in five to the warriors. Nobody thought that was gonna happen. There wasn't. I mean you and I are on the LeBron's gonna win forty eight games. I say fifty three and he's in VP. Okay. I said forty eight and I didn't care about the MVP. But I think right now he is the MVP. I think they're on track to win about Fini's. I've got Janas right now. But LeBron's closing fast. You'd see in you. Chris Broussard, can you believe Kevin Durant? I love Kevin Durant. I kinda in a weird way. I wish Aaron Rodgers would go on social media and take shots at me. I kind of like it. It's fun. I he's paying attention. No. I mean, I have an opinion, and there's other long with react to what I've said Durant and Aaron Rodgers are they're sensitive guys. They hear everything and they react to some of it. We can't bang on guys because young guys in their twenties and thirties react to social media. This what I say with those guys is long as it doesn't impact them on the court. Some guys can hear everything, and it impacts them on the court is a voice in their head. If he can respond everything people say and still go out and play great basketball, more power to see anybody. Chris Broussard joy Taylor with news. I heard on the news. This is the heard line news, right? This is a part of your selfish rent earlier. John harbach it's been hot seat lately. But his team responded in a big way yesterday Jackson's first careers starts. He did just enough on offense. But teams this into win defense made some stops late in fourth quarter when they need it too. So let's watch far by a very fired up post game speech, cool. Good. What happened? The field. Mark. That's great. The beginning of that just like yelling. But as good win. It was very nice either Margot out there and be successful way better than I thought he would be in his first way better. I two hundred yards cabernet thousand what Baker was starting his first game this week. Do you think he'd be a little more refined? All these guys should wait until I mean, I know you wanna start all these guys. But I would make the argument darnold and Rosen and all these guys were making their first art like this could watch the game develop a better teacher than experience. But you know, it's very easy to say this now because John Lewis struggling, so you know, there is that this other elements of the jets that are playing into that plan this week either. I I love this. But this is not sustainable, so I enjoy it. I I'm happy for them. And I'm glad he went out there and proved everyone that was saying he should be a wide receiver in the NFL wrong. But you're gonna need to throw more than that. Hi, Ben says he heard it throughout the game from Jacksonville's defense after they picked him off three times. That's Big Ben Ben rough chatty. Chatty chitchat buddy said. He had the last word obviously, scored three touchdowns in the games. Final sixteen minutes and forty seconds plot and improbable improbable twice sixteen win any. Oh, he had the nice stretch there. It was like it was like four he made it by like. It's like a touchdown. It was it was it was how do you little nervous there for second. Wasn't the most of it was the ugliest win by good team in the league. Take we went and had this mic drop after the game. Defense. Like talk a lot before the game during the game. Yes. Very luckily, by the way, and there was a flag there at the end of the game. Save Ben from having a quite different by the way, the Jacksonville run for net into the line three times. I mean, you can just tell they just don't trust them. They don't trust Blake Bortles. Well, then had ten picks in the last three games against Jacksonville's defense. So they had a little room to talk. They're still the very he's a risk taker and their risk taking DB, so he gets he burns them. And they burn him. This is the he is these Jags Steelers games you ever noticed. They're all crazy. Yes. They're all crazy. Absolutely. But I will say this. I feel like watching the end of that game to kind of reassures you how you feel about NFL offenses. I'll take a hall of fame quarterback in ugly win great defense in any situation. Moving forward the way that offense Chinese finally. Lebron had a season high fifty one points last night Miami against a heat. However, Lance Stevenson provided him with a little extra nights there at the end of the game to get LeBron to exceed fifty point barrier into LeBron. Lance to finish the game off. And I bet you won't shoot a three. Say go for three. I bet you won't vote for three. So I went through three point Lance. I tell you. I went to the Lakers game last week in talk to me. Yes. Have you have you looked at video again got what he said? And I gotta talk to my guy. Maverick carter. He'll not all ask him ask just only bother them. I don't like the ball. I don't like the ball. Do we bother people? I'm not a good bother. I don't like to do it. I don't even bother my wife yesterday. I just like I'm gonna watch football you to your Netflix stuff. And I I'm not a good bother. I do my thing to get out of you know, I mean, I guess that is kind of an annoying. It's gone cowherd wondering if you could investigate Brian in the middle of the game. Last week. I'm sure you remember. Yeah. I mean, see I would sound big door. Yes. In hindsight. That'd be that's very dorky Texas at. Yeah. What Johnny was talking that would be bad for you. I was like, oh, no talking to that guy right behind you that is that is a liability to then you get clarified. And then it ruins the mystique. He was talking to. We'll leave it at that. In the -ssume that he said something to you was positive joy news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping heard lie guys sink. I don't like Cam Newton. But that's not true. His inconsistency. Drives me crazy. But let me support Cam Newton on this. And the Carolina Panthers who I do feel feel like a playoff team to me borderline not the saints. Not the Rams not the Steelers not the cheese their playoff team. It feels like a playoff team to me. And I've not been great predicting this year been very good on the AFC, not the NFC. But yesterday, Ron Rivera went for at the end of the game on the road to win and Cam didn't make it and you know, Cam after the game everybody's saying why did you go for it to point? Let me let me defend Ron Rivera number one. Cam Newton had played well all afternoon, he played great number two is candid just had a very nice confidence-building drive to get into the end zone. Ne. Number three is camps Carolina's kicker and Mr. field goal and a PAT. I'd rather have Cam guy over kicker number four is on the road ios go for the win the NFL roof since I've been a kid is on the road. Go for the win at home tied up. Go to overtime. You should win the home game. But never forget this. Is that Frank Reich in week four for the colts went for it with his star quarterback, and they didn't make it on fourth down. And it gave the Texans short field that kicked the field goal in one. The colts have been on fire since that loss. And remember what Andrew luck said after his team and his coach win for it and they failed and they lost a Houston. Remember what Andrew luck said? Love it. Yeah. We're not going to play for a tie. And I think everybody about locker room for can looks that lumps that I love that. We've got execute. I've played that. I've gotta throw a better ball. We we all know where we have to improve that attitude can get behind that. We can get behind that. Ron Rivera is held his job for like outside. Abella? Check a long time in this league because players like him and players trust Ron and players get behind Ron. He never loses that locker room. You gotta go for it. Don't don't judge crap off results. Okay. Even in Vegas, professional sports gamblers in Vegas. Hit fifty eight to fifty nine percent of their picks. Okay. There's always a right side to be on. Minnesota was the bet last night. That's what professional gamblers you didn't win the bet. But that was the right side to be on last night. The raiders was the right side to be on if the raiders had lost by seven and I lost. My bet. It was still the right side to be on based on analytics and numbers and history. What he did as a coach Cam played. Well, cameras had a great drive. I don't trust Carolina's kicker and they're on the road. It was the right thing to do. And man, listen, I say this before I'm not old enough. Now, I've lived through generations. Right. Like, I'm fifties. And let me tell you what wins in America. It's not your education. It's not your linked profile aggressive wins. The guy that goes up to the prettiest girl and says wanna go out ninety percent of the guys at the bar won't do it. Aggressive wind doesn't win every Sunday. But over time aggressive wins. I love what Carolina did. And I love that he trusted Cam and Cam sometimes it's not easy to coach. But the reason Rivera and Cam coexisted, they're on the same page there. Alpha's go for it, Trent Dilfer. Michael Vick Trent Dilfer is coming up next. As smart guest. I have every week to break down. All this stuff. Saturday. Buckle up. One of the fiercest rivalries in all sports, number four, Michigan number ten Ohio State battler spot in the big ten championship. Covered begins Saturday at eleven AM eastern on FOX or watched anywhere on the FOX ports at Ohio states, beaten, Michigan six straight times winner. This game wins the big ten east Michigan to win by a touchdown. It will be close. Jim Harbaugh has done. What I thought he would do which is take control of the big ten. I'll have thoughts on urban Meyer. There are some massive changes coming in college football for some of the biggest names, and we'll get to that next hour with Michael Vick. But now a decade and a half in the NFL Pro Bowl and a Super Bowl. His name is trend for the coward. Global satellite network. All right. Chicago's mad at me. Because I keep saying listen sometimes it is the coaching more than the players in. My eyes are telling me is that there's a lot of David Copperfield going on with Matt Nagy. I I mean, it is just MIR's allusion in what do you make on Chicago's offense? What do you make of it? It's good stuff. So I agree bills and whistles a lot of misdirection a lot of stuff do help. Mitch trubisky. Have success this stage of rare I'm mentioning talented yet. He's big strong as good arm. Accurate. Primary Seaver can extend plays. In fact, the line of scrimmage get yards. His athleticism moved the chains. What he's still remedial in his development as a quarterback. So Nagy a lot of pressure on himself and the other ten guys by moving them around and giving all these Frasier looks to help grace really haven't aged situations. Permits trubisky. I think it's the right way to coach young for back. You want? Quarterback to be a legend in his own mind. You think he's better than he really is the way you do that you get them cheap. Completions. Throw a lot of screens. You'll get your primary receiver open you create ways for him. So I don't think it's wrong to say the mischievous for product of Nagy system. But at the same time, it's gonna help speed up. Mitch rich mischievous he's learning curve. And and help them become a better player long-term. So Lamar Jackson. He's better than I thought he would be defeated kind of the same way. Like, I don't think he's sustainable that running. But I gotta tell you. It's got a little bit of a whip on him. He kind of moves around. The ravens did a nice job with with his game plan. Fantastic job. I mean to me, it's the it's the best backup or back that way you can have when you're stars hurt. And you can roll out a guy that you can put a whole new often out there for puts tremendous pressure on the defense hard to prepare for a lot of big plays in the running game is a sustainable. Heck, no. Running quarterback and times game in the NFL. Is this sustainable, let alone twenty seven. I watched every snap for that game. And I had anxiety watching. Toby for network. I mean, listen, he's Amar's. We're number eight better. I work. I am rooting hard. And I want this thing to work, and I'm sitting there with sweaty alms because I just know that you can't win insistently this way you can't win with no rhythm and timing in your passing game. You can't win when you're running along downs on horseback fraud. You just can't win long-term that way you can win a week or two, which is awesome. But I definitely think you'll back to Joe flacco if they're going to be the fast you can be this year. Now the lie to think that every NFL teams trying to be the best. They can be this year. Many teams are building for next year or the year after if that is the case in Baltimore, then go ahead and make the move and grow Lamar Jackson through the rest of the year and teach into the traditional NFL football and still have this component to his game. Now you chance next year to maybe see a really. Player. I liked when the colts went for it failed and lost. I liked the Panthers going forth thought Cam played. Well, you've been in that situation before what did you make Ron Rivera saying we're on the road? We're going for it. Did you like the titans going for and losing? I like going for it. If if if you like you like Maryland going or losing like Oklahoma state going for Lucy. Here's my point. I'm with you. I just watched your rant. I love. The more, hyper recive mindset, the more analytic driven, by coaches these days. I definitely think it's the right trend. Here's the problem. Is that always analytic? No, you that make it form away. Make your decision that insert situations. You're gonna go workout. You're going to go point conversion because it's the right thing to do the problem with that is you're not looking actually you're not bringing circumstance into it. For instance, just saying Carolina. And again, I'm green that is probably the right ball. But you're not taking into hell momentum. You're not taking account the other team stalling. You're not taking the timing and rhythm of the play being called on the sideline if the offense coordinator coordinators ready to make that Paul if the quarterbacks comfortable back fall at that time, maybe to play you practice three times on Friday. And each time you open receivers and the quarterback in see and missed it. What happened on Sunday? So here's my bigger problem with this discussion or the bigger point this discussion is it can't be former land if you run revere. You cannot go in and say when we're on the road, we're gonna go to his now you're being narrow minded you're not taking enough into account. I agree the my fishing. Hey, if we feel good about it. And all other circumstances, we feel comfortable with then we're most likely going to go for it in the situation. But I'm sick and tired of my Twitter feed being blown up and listening. The people on TV and the radio say the bottom line, the analytic say it do it. It's not a completely linear game. Right. It's there's other things going on. And the great coaches the Bill ballot checks Bill Parcells whoever it is. They have a mindset going in. But they're willing to death in change because they realized that the art of coaching is fluid. It's not many are like all the other out there saying it Rams hosted chiefs. It's going to be a firework show Eileen a little Kansas City. I see a little selfishness on the Rams defense. I see a little bit of guys doing their own thing on the ram side. Losing some gap integrity, Marcus Peters, kinda plan his own style. I like the chiefs. What should I look for tonight in this game looks for this? If the Rams are stubborn defensively. Wait builds stubborn defensively, you cannot wait as NC chiefs often in band, they cry? To middle too many middle. The field mismatches skill position players on linebackers. They threw motion super mation shifts. If you're playing man, you will not hold up. They'll be free runners on offense running down the field. Wade Phillips is famous for playing primarily, man. That's why he gets dashed against item play running back play in the passing game over the years if they come out and play some zones, and they have fairs that are very capable planes on the front for that can rush the passer new can play cover to cover for, you know, pass to chills behind it and still be successful. And keep things in front of them. The Rams mountain plays zoning the game in front of him on defense. I like the Rams the Rams out and their stubborn and they say we're a man aim. We're going to bring five what I've done my whole coaching for. And that's what we thought season. That cheese will absolutely seem just railroad. Boy, I like talking to Trent Dilfer, absolutely great. Having you on the show buddy decade and a half in the league super. Bowl the Pro Bowl, and we will talk soon. Thank you so much. Thanks, buddy. Thanks, buddy. I got I got to tell you this. I'm I love college football. But I'm more of an NFL guy and one of the reasons that again, I sit and watch college football. But one of the reasons I like the NFL over college football was this weekend. And other example, it's just too many blowouts in college football. I think people that like college football like dominance. I have no interest watching a team up by twenty eight nothing. First quarter. Look at the scores since Thursday of the NFL games. It's unbelievable ten of the twelve or one possession games. The only two games that weren't the saints in the colts were still good matchups. You just became blowouts because Andrew Jackson fire. He's the hottest quarterback right now in the AFC in drew Brees is on fire. He's a car hottest quarterback in the NFC. Look at these scores. You just don't know if you knew you'd all bet professional football because it'd be a great life in college football. This is why years ago, I said keep your eye on the UFC over boxing boxing, had no says. Central lies leader, you f c had Dana white a centralized figure to make the calls. The NFL has Roger Goodell. One guy lays it out. This is what we're gonna do college. Football's a mess the SEC plays eight conference games a Pac twelve plays nine conference games. You get buys in these awful citadel versus Alabama like three times a year for every team in the south. It's a joke. The NFL, by the way, the ratings this year are up. This is why it's four times more popular than college football. It's always been more popular. But I think it separated now it up to four times more popular if you look at the digital if you look at the TV if you look at it just more popular look at this weekend's games. They were just crazy. Just like I'm sitting there watching the NFL wrestling every game is down to the last snap. And I think a lot of this is the NFL figuring out. The better offense is the closer games are because the reality is whoever has the ball last. It's just hard to stop them. So if a team gets down by two scores in the other team just gets a little conservative the other team, though, inferior can catch back. Pittsburgh probably struggles to win that game for years ago. Five years ago, we are seeing so many come from behind games. We're seeing some average quarterbacks like Mitch Trubisky to me playing an elevated level. The NFL's always been. Better. When quarterbacks are the stars and catches incompletions come easier than harder. But this weekend's a great example of why this league is so hot why this league is on fire. We bet it we watch it and the parody is unbel-. And by the way, the best game in the week hasn't even been played yet. The best game of the week. It's tonight. Forget yesterday ten or twelve one possession best game. I mean, even the raiders cardinals yesterday. I'm sitting watching it. They got Gruden screaming quarterback is unbelievable. Michael Vick is around the corner. Plus, major news. I'm being told on some of the heads of state in college football coaching Vic sign nasal spray cold seasons. Here twelve hours when congestion strikes Vic Sonics nasal spray uses directed. Okay. Listen, one of the things I found out watching football this weekend is the agents for all the is about three agents that control all the college football coach. Is about three of them. And there's about to coat to agents that control the NFL coaches, the wheels are spinning baby calls were being made right now coaches deny it what coaches do is they have their agents make the call. So they can deny any knowledge. The wheels are spinning on this stuff. There is major stuff happening behind the scenes that you know, you can go to your message boards. The agents are talking I'm talking to him. I'm talking to people who have talked to him. Let's let's play coaching carousel right now. Five names. You're hearing a lot of urban Meyer Brian Kelly. Green Bay's Mike McCarthy Cowboys Jason Garrett John Harbaugh. So let's spend the coaching carousel and see where it lands right now. Oh urban Meyer. Here we go to separate sources told me this weekend urban Meyer is done after this year. He's going to retire from football this. There's a Fisher between the administration there and. Urban meyer. He doesn't always feel. They've had his back. He's not gonna admit this. He's going to say this is ridiculous. I don't know what you're talking about. But you saw on the sideline this weekend. Some people he does not look good. Some people have saying he's acting. I don't think he is. This is a guy that takes every loss personal. I've been told by two people that I trust way up the food chain urban Meyer after this year could be after Michigan after the big ten championship after maybe they get in. They play a huge whenever it is. This is let's spin the coaching carousel again. This will surprise you. Brian kelly. Brian Kelly told me three years ago. Notre Dame is not a job coach for twenty years. It's too intense three years ago and two years ago. Brian Kelly put his name up there had his had his agents sniff around the NFL, nobody was interested. I am told there are a couple of NFL teams that have been really impressed with Brian Kelly this year that he is getting the most in twenty eighteen out of Notre Dame football. They've got tough academics. It's a small private institution religious overtones tough schedule this as good as Notre Dame can be they're not Alabama. Good. They're not Clemson good. But there are NFL people interested in Brian Kelly and Brian Kelly to me if he gets his team into the playoff winner lose if the job was right would tap out at Notre Dame. And frankly, I think it'd be great move lamb. Let's spend the coaching carousel. Another time. Mike mccarthy. Green Bay Packers. It's over again. Aaron Rodgers has a massive brand. He's he's on every darn commercial. I watch he's not going to ding that brand and take a hit for this. He doesn't wanna look like the bad guy. I have been told that Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy no longer share the same offensive vision. And they just they've grown apart like any relationship some grow together some grow apart. Even if Green Bay goes on an improbable run, it doesn't matter the relationship again, there's a fissure here. Aaron didn't wanna take the hit. They'll denied if a tasked, but they were always two different guys. And this puppy is over Green Bay will have a new coach. I'm I'm told there's not a long list to hire McCarthy. But I'm sure somebody will let's go back to the coaching carousel for one more. Oh, John Harbaugh. Keep your eye on horrible. If Notre Dame loses a coach he'll be the number one top number one candidate. He is told people he would look at college jobs, and he's not sure of his in Baltimore they've underachiever for several years. If USC looks for a coach couple of names to look at James Franklin, and John horrible. He would be interested in a high end college job the situation with a quarterback right now at Baltimore's a little dicey. You got flacco got Lamar who knows how that's gonna work out. Just keep your eye on John Harbaugh. He will be at the top of any great college job that comes open and Baltimore maybe looking to make a change, by the way who did not show up on that coaching carousel. Jason garrett. Yeah. He's not going anywhere. All weekend long, everybody. I talked to he's not going anywhere. Let's be honest about this Jerry has been incredibly loyal to coaches through the years. He gave damn Dave Campbell. And Barry Switzer more that they probably earned Jason's guy. They may do some tweaks to the staff they've done that. But I've heard nothing on Jason Garrett moving. In fact, I've heard the exact opposite. He's in Dallas for a long time. And with that I bring in my friend, thirteen NFL seasons. Four pro bowls, Michael Vick. I to tell you when I watch. Let's start with Trubisky. The NFL when you came to the league you or the outlier and a lot of people that said until you got there running around stuff Steve Young Bill Cameron around. Now, if you don't have mobility people aren't interested. I'm watching Mr. Bisky last night is pretty good runner. Right. You can move on seeing that enough. Carolina knew that would be a big asset for him, especially being with Matt Nagy. I knew so, you know, man. Yeah. He was in Kansas City, and he was also in Philadelphia with us. Four or five year, run and. Always so size of being a great Coates. He's gotten better over the years. And when I was with him in Kansas City, he spoke a different language. So the weight Mitsu Bisky has been playing over the last couple of weeks is a testament to Matt Nagy knowing how to use his quarterback. He by the way, he's a better athlete than thrower. Is that fair was the net. I think trubisky's have been athlete right now. Then he is thrower. Yeah. And I think he's doing whatever works right now. And van a second year quarterback is almost like have I have the mood to change his. That's how I'm gonna get it done. Just moved back that and as him grow together he'll become a better quarterback. He'll become more polish understand the dynamics of the game. And you know, this this'll be a marriage that glass for a long time. And he evolve and get better as time goes on you. So Cam I defended Cam I thought he played well yesterday. And and I liked teams if the quarter if I have MVP lava quarterback. I'm gonna go for most of the time, Andrew luck. If I have Russell Wilson if I have Brady mostly go for guy, you didn't love going for it. I didn't like it. I'm over time type guy like the fact that you have opportunity to win and you'll get the ball at some point. I mean, it wasn't like in the past. So you kinda had to go for it. So. You have an opportunity to to go for now. I think. Yesterday, at me just wasn't the time for you know, whether the office is playing will not playing will defense can't stop, you know to opposition. Then you say, okay. This is desperate situation. Let's go to you never liked to tame who never liked going for the to know just like the into game. My Reynaud overtime run over time. Running back today. You know, things don't always happen. Like that. I got lucky and I just feel like. Camp could have done the same thing in if you'd have over time take time you'd had to change you'd had in the game playing better the two quarterbacks. Yes, let me ask you this. When you go in these go for it situations. Do you think Carolina had a play specifically for that moment where I think every team has two to three plays. Just in case you re step pointing the game that juncture with two minute opportunity. Go for two points. You have to have some of your back pocket, but you have to believe in it. But it's a hit or miss if you get it great if not suboptimal, and I just hate the fact that the game boils down to one play. I think you give yourself a plan to replace an opportunity to get a draft and go down to fan school. Lamar Jackson was better than I thought. He would be what you make of it. I thought it was a great game yesterday. Obviously, you can't run the ball twenty seven times and sustaining, and what was the most you ever ran it. I think the most I've run was fifteen times in the football game. That's it. Yeah. I never ran for maybe in the three in two games Spain closer twenty seven carries. But that's still allowed in your body. Takes a toll on you. And I can almost guaranteed a next week. We're not look the same the nowhere close and the Martian. I won't that north of Wadi wanna week when you run as many times as he does any took one or two shots. I mean is he running right now? Because listen man, I start bingles got Marvin Lewis defensive guy thrown a bunch of stuff. How much in a perfect game? Michael how much did you want to run? Maybe ten times on average. When I say that we're these design runs are your ad living at living runs, maybe sin because I knew at some point. I was going to get some pressure escape use my ability to be affective in the game design runs as they got older. We didn't have as many when I was young. We were going to game with maybe seven eight different runs that we can call multiple times. But as I got older, I wanna least at least amount of runs in the game plan because I didn't want to put myself in jeopardy homes way when young you twenty two twenty three Izzo, you can handle it. But as you get into your five six seven, you're biding feel the same. So you have to preserve your body and not want to do as much, but if this working for him right now in this great asset for him to have then you can do it to give by but ultimately he has to get better in the passing game. So tonight, we have the Rams chiefs. It will be crazy. Kansas City's weapons are very few teams have better offense of. Weapons than the Rams Kansas City's one of those teams. Now, you know, Andy Reid, very well, Andy Reid. Learn a lot of takers. He put his hand up and said, I want Michael Vick and Philadelphia you say he changed your life. What to talk about Andy Reid for a couple of minutes about tell my audience. What did he teach you? Why is he great? What will people see tonight tonight, you'll see exposing this Andy you better believe has cooked up some things that will take advantage of what the LA Rams do on defense. I can assure you that he spends countless nice making sure that he has the right game plan foods quarterback to go out and be affective. And for me, not only. Did he changed my life? You know insane. My game. He made me see life in a different form. I took on a different perspective. More work hard approach and believe in yourself type of protein, you only go and get out of anything as much as you put in. And you know, for me, it was it was my profession and trying to be the best quarterback that I could be. But he told me. I had to work for it. And that was the promise that we made each other that I made to him, and we both may teach other when I first came in work, high promised me, he'll be the best coast that he could be and that play Costa relationship really was probably the reason I felt like I couldn't feel on the field. And I did everything I could to. Help team be as good as we cook. Why when you look at Patrick Mahomes? I mean of all these quarterbacks you got Russell Wilson Mitch Trubisky to show to Shawn Watson. I mean, there's a million. Is there one Patrick Mahomes? Is there one that you do feel aligned with like, you kind of feel like if you could do it over again, you kind of feel like that's me? I will say Watson. I think Patrick is very dynamic. He don't run the ball as much he tends to the pass for. He's got a huge Hughes. He believes he got a great coach cooking things up for to help them spread the ball around. But I think the offense looks not as sophisticated is and is not conservative, but is good enough for him. And I feel like when I first came into the league, my coaches did enough that was good enough to go out and execute the game plans and be good doing it. And I kind of see that in decide. You know, Bill does a great job of putting him in positions where he can be successful. And where he can he can go out and not have a lot of pressure on south. You know, he got the is Hopkins, and he can turn you can turn around hand off to his bag. See it sue of them. So I think that was asked out of play at work done. Roddy Roddy white TJ duck it so I ask some guys around, but we lay more in the run game and the impasse second. When you look at the NFL now that it is. I mean the rules are all offense. And it's incredible. I mean the rules are all offense. And you know, I look at a situation like Aaron Rodgers, we all know Aaron's great. And but he and McCarthy, listen sometimes, and this is what I was told this weekend. They just don't share the same vision. They just don't see the world. And you've been in situations, you Andy Reid, totally clicked. Right. But you've also been in situations. More was more of a defensive code. And I'm not calling out. Jim what happens when you get into a situation that is what I'm told McCarthy and Rogers is where you've been together a long time is not as tight, and you don't share the same vision. What's Aaron going through? It was still saying all good things come to an end. But I think at some point you, you take a look it was going on outside, you know, organism. And throughout the league does use to watch what's happening. Elsewhere. I wanted to sometimes Pat or no offense is around. You know, what I was saying around the league and try to sit input? But thing is taking a look around him seeing. You know, things are looking lot easier. The place can you imagine him watching that game last time knowing that he can do that. And his ability understanding this game is not that hard. You know, when you professional it shouldn't be as hard, especially when you can. Build offense around, you know, your knowledge your experience, and I think that's very important in Aaron his play for a number of years. He knows offense. And he knows how to manipulate defenses. And not think it's him to start doing things a different way. Maybe doing his own way. Yeah. Take into account. You know, when I was in Pittsburgh and watching big being come to work every day. Tell me about that is, you know, been to approach to the game where he wanted to make it easy but easy for everyone understand and go out and execute. So it was always back and forth with him and saw Hailey book. Good back and forth, and he was able to find some common ground at the end of the day. And it made the game lot, easy and simplified, and I give being credit for always trying to find a way to make the guys around him better be productive. And by the way, Ben would Spar with his coaches yesterday. Jon Gruden and Derek Carr sparred. Ben would go back and forth. We've seen. Brady yell at coaches we saw Gruden yesterday. Did you ever get new spot with coach? Yeah. Got into Reeves. Montanari? Go so miss point in my second year, and just let them know like coats uneasy to call it a place in the game plan and called call them in believe me and noted I can go out and execute them into passing game. And we got into a riff on this island, and they had to break it up. And I wasn't the most vocal guy was only twenty two years old. I mentioned you're not totally vocalist. So I felt like it was a knee for me to step up in moment. What a team to be successful. And I did it. He playcalling more aggressive. We want eight straight. And sometimes, you know, you need that kind of therapeutic relationship could see anybody, Michael Vick joy Taylor. The news. On the news. This is the heard line news. The Washington Wizards are struggling a little bit this. Yeah, it's not worked at all five and eleven their eleventh in the east, and because of those struggles agent now key reports that the wizards are making John wall and Bradley Beal available for trade along with everyone else on T. Brad love, Bradley Beal. I love Bradley Beal, dude, can shoot he he can. But he he may be meeting those Washington. According to Washington's pet remains three eight the team around John wall and Beal but play ki ki teammates is limiting their trade value in paralyzing, the wizards efforts to make meaningful changes to arrested it no longer appears functional together. Okay. I've said this before outside Klay Thompson, I can make am I crazy saying this D Wade was the best to guard in the league forever. And now, it's Klay Thompson. I think Bradley Beal's the second best to guard. I love Bradley Beal. I've loved him at Florida. I ll. Love him. Now. I think he's really good. He's averaging twenty one point five points per game four point five rebounds. And three point. James harden doesn't count. He's got the bonus had to one when Chris Paul's off the floor is the one I think Bradley Beal, let me tell you think I'm crazy on this. No, I don't think it crates. I don't think Bradley Beal to the Lakers his the nuttiest thing in the world. I I mean who would they have to give Brandon Ingram gives you the Lonzo. I don't know. But I think Bradley Beal's wildly underhandedness leak. Ingram in Lonzo feels like alive, but he signed through the twenty twenty one season than average salary twenty five million. So this is great. I love Bradley Beal, and Don walls and our contract through twenty three with an average salary of four nobody million. Nobody's taking John wall. We'll see what happens, but that is big news. Right. So it's been a rough stretch for the warriors in recent weeks, the rain champs lost five of their last seven games, including three straight on their road trip in Texas. Yeah. So this is Steve Kerr's I three showing on a road trips since he took over with the warriors. It's not surprising that he is saying the toughest stretch he space with this team. Three four. We've had. Such charmed existence four seasons. So of course, this is tough stretch. This is the real. I've been the real. Dream. Our faced with really. Can be even for the rest of the teams are taking that. Well, I mean, even dynasties are fragile because the NBA ZOA star driven which built around personalities in one or two friction. Just there's not a lot of guys on the court. So if you lose Steph curry injury Mondrian, you're not good. You may. Well, I mean, I say that they're not good. But they may have some struggles. Yeah. Look as far as Kevin Durant's, not being the leader of this team or having leadership qualities. I I don't know that although that far, but this is Steph seem and itself that way since even with rent there, even the last two years three and being the the finals VP step kind of allowed him to kind of take over that role and Steph is one eight, but it's not surprising to me that Steph not being around is causing some problems for that. Like, he's it's it's Steph curry, it's not surprising to me and Jay mom being not helping situation either. But I'm not ready to push the panic. And yet when Steph and dream on her back and they're losing like this. Then start freaking out finally won back to back games with first time this year, not five and five and if he can lots with that two hundred and once scrimmage yards and touchdown and yesterday's win in Atlanta. And he talked to talk after the game and made it clear that all of the motivation is just coming from an urgency to win. He was asked about Troy Aikman suggestion that it was time for a complete overhaul of the organization. N Z said I'm not even one hundred percent sure what he said the guys don't really know either notice expected Choi, but that's not why we are winning. Zeke add twenty-five touches against the eagles last Sunday night. Philly and added another thirty Atlanta, and they have a short week listen to running they when they run and their affective. Good football team. Yeah. He thought. Yeah. He is John makes good point. He's leading receiver. I actually think the Amari Cooper thing. It's not like a huge move. If you'll watch every if you watch this game closely, and I did Amari ads just a little dimension on the outside. With Gallup getting veterans Zeke. Listen this team is good enough in a playoff situation. Their defense is to they're going to be in games. I don't think they'll Pllows them well against the elite teams, but that defense is going to keep them in outside of maybe going to the saints that defense can keep them in every game. Well, it's just become a very interesting couple of weeks for the Cowboys. What looked like a completely wasted season is now pretty much possibly lay off season. Because with Alex Smith out they have the. Redskins on Thursday. This huge game for them pretty much determines the season or week backup quarterback on the road. Those are struggling, you know, the giants are doing all right now. But don't think anybody thinks this is sustainable, Dallas is seven and a half point favorite. I mean that's more than a touchdown in the NFL. Dallas should win that game. Yeah. Joy with the news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie coming up all some each NFL game yesterday. In three words that's next best for last. Saturday thought one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports number four. Michigan number ten Hieaux state battle four spot in the big ten championship. Coverage begins Saturday at eleven eastern on thoughts are watch anywhere on the Fox Sports Ohio State has won six straight. They've dominated this series. But I love what Harbaugh's done, by the way. The unspoken genius of Michigan success. This year is Don Brown who outside a Nick Sabin is the smartest defensive guy in college football Michigan series two series. Played a play doesn't unbelievable job manipulating their defense. That is a well coached football team at Michigan. We do it on Mondays at tar three word game. We go back to the Thursday game. Every NFL game can be explained. In three words. Here we go first Packers and Seahawks. Winless in Seattle. Aaron Rodgers now for four against Russell Wilson Seattle. The Packers this year and five on the road. If a team can't win on the road. And let's. Much different home that on the road. There's a reason and with Green Bay they give up on the run Aaron Jones feed him the rock. What are you doing? They quit on it. They couldn't win Seattle next up. Cowboys and falcons NFC east champs. Dallas is five and five one game. Back a Washington and a host the Redskins short week Thanksgiving Day. Listen, Dallas is limited offensively against Atlanta. They had six points entering the fourth quarter. But when Zeke is turning out one hundred plus yards one hundred thirty hundred forty yards this football team that front seven defensively is a real team. They'll be the weakest division champ if they win it. But it does look like now they control the division. Titans colts ten and Andrew luck has this is weird. He's never lost. The titans. Can you imagine being titans fan you go to one game a year the colts game? Do they Andrew luck is the Michael Jordan of the NFL? Andrew luck. Now has an offensive line. For the first time in his career appears to have a decent running game. The defense is young not great plan or but off coaches deserve credit. I called it three weeks ago. I said keep your eye on the Colt. They're not gonna win the division. They're going to get in as a wildcard team. They're favored by the way by ten joy over your dolphins. Ten over while. You're you're dumping. I can't do what am I gonna say? Yeah. The dolphins ravens Bengals that was fun. Tibo had the record before Lamar Jackson twenty two Russia's by quarterback. Lamar Jackson shattered it with twenty seven. Listen, he's better than I thought he would be he sat around for ten weeks. They've helped some place for fun Gallo whip there those are more like a baseball football. But it was fun now not sustainable knocking to last forever. But that was way more entertaining than what Joe flacco has given me for the previous ten weeks. Buchan ears. Giants. Giant still alive? I can't believe I said that. But the giants are three and seven only three games back of Washington actually have a chance to be a wild card team or when the division. Oh, my head hurts. Listen. Allies been comfortable night. We'll say this. They had a new coaching staff is it fair to give them eight weeks to get their act together. Yeah. I mean, it was really bad for eight weeks. But it does look like in the couple of last week's to protections better allies kind of clicking with people looks a little better eagles saints while the saints say who DAT the ego should say. What was dad forty one point loss? Biggest ever for defending Super Bowl champ? Listen, it's the lottery winner syndrome. You're not used to be in rich don't know what to do with the money, and when you're not used to winning Super Bowls Philadelphia, yet don't know how to act they're not great at anything. Carson Wentz visibly upset on the sidelines. There's no other way to put it the guy low money, they got a little wind. They got they got a fancy new trophy. And they weren't grown enough then weren't adult enough to handle it Steelers Jaguars mail it in Steelers came back from a sixteen o deficit. That's what they call the kids. Call a flex Pittsburgh unfocused twenty six yards rushing three interceptions were an absolute in arguable mess. Rothlisburger had more passing in the fourth in the first three quarters combined. But this is why I picked him for the Super Bowl. I contend the. The biggest wrong est fastest most athletic team in the league with a hall of fame quarterback. Give Mike Tomlin credit lady and bell is out of that locker room. Not a lot of noise, and that was impressive. Texans. Redskins. Joe thighs Mun. Again, do you realize the Alex Smith injury came thirty three exactly thirty three years after Joe thighs men broke his leg? Dove is by the way, not only to the day thirty three years but the final score the game. Eighty five was also Twenty-three Twenty-one Redskins winning. That is a spooky coincidence raiders cardinals. Here we go Gruden magic back raiders to an eight first win since week four. Listen, I like the argument in the sidelines. Derek Carr in Jon Gruden. I don't buy this isn't going to last. I think Jon Gruden is smart enough to know that really talented quarterbacks. Derek cars, absolutely, coach, -able and talented. He's a good kid. They don't grow on trees. I think the writers would be nuts to get rid of him. I think you pay quarterbacks now twenty five million deal with John. That's what you pay good quarterback. You don't want to be in the NFL is in chaos at quarterback. And if you let Derek cargo there's a chance for chaos, Derek Carr and rich Gannon are the two best quarterbacks gruden's ever had they connected yesterday. Derek nice final drive in the one. The game Panthers. Lions. Gopher to listen. I have the better quarterback. I have a chance on the road to win. Cam just come off another really good drive. I don't wanna go on the road. I don't wanna get Matt Stafford the ball again if I can close out a game on the road and Mike quarterbacks played great. And I feel better team. I'm gonna put it in cams hands, by the way, Cam played great was not a great throw there. So what go for Broncos chargers. What Philip good? Hell. Philip rivers was awful. I defend Philip rivers. I bring him on the show. I love him. But yesterday too brutal picks and at the end instead of taking a sack and running out the clock. He threw an incompletion Philip you've been in this game way too long to make that mistake. Philip rivers that that was bad. That was that was Jim is Jason Whitlock just told me that was JR Smith. But forgetting the scoring that wasn't bad Vikings bears. Cousins equals dull among active quarterbacks. Cousins Dalton's at the two records in primetime. Do you realize that Ryan Fitzpatrick is third? Listen, they're not terribly Kirk cousins. And Andy Dalton one NFC AFC. They're not terrible. But there are a little under-sized. They're not great athletes. The got sort of average arms and I'm watching Kirk cousins. Listen, the bears defense is real. I'm not saying it's an easy place to go. And Chicago that was the biggest game in a decade. But good God. Was that frustrating? I mean, it some point. We've all overpaid for something. You got to believe the Vikings have a little buyer's remorse. Finally tonight keeps Rams not a preview. I do not think this is a Super Bowl preview. I think the Rams defensively have some holes. I think in Dhamma consumer and Marcus Peters up to their reputation are kind of doing things their own way. Neither is known as very Kotal. They're doing little ad-libbing. They've lack some gap integrity as they call them at offensive line with sue and Marcus Peters doing his own thing. That's why Andy Reid. Let him go. I don't think the Rams defense is good enough to get to. Super Bowl and win it. And I think the Steelers are gonna win the AFC. And I think the saints good luck for anybody wanting to go to New Orleans in January and beat the saints of that's not going to happen with anybody. I think this is going to be the biggest best Monday night football game in a decade. I'll take the chiefs close, although there's going to be so much emotion at the Coliseum. That may just may elevate the Rams to pull off that game light. Don't be the guy in the room with a long sloppy looking untucked shirt, go to untuckit dot com. Put in the code heard for twenty percent off G Q calls untuckit shirts. Perfection. Tony Gonzales tomorrow heard hierarchy tomorrow Peter King tomorrow, it's the her one more heard heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like.

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Big Brother 21 | July 15 | LFC Roundtable Podcast

"Win The one less to let their living your life watching T._v.. Watching you'll be watching hello everyone and welcome to the big brother twenty-one roundtable podcast. This is the podcast where we break down everything from the feeds. I'm euros during Armstrong and with me. Today is most has good as again. Be Considering the terrible weekend of feeds that we had you know that was very does that. Was that was tab. I mean you said yourself on the morning update that you were even get feeling emotional about these things I I noticed that my mood completely changes when I'm watching feeds that are like good vs versus bad feeds so when Affleck was going to happen. I was sitting there at my desk at work like yeah so excited. It's chocking all my coworkers very excited and then all of a sudden Friday night hits and we're seeing this terrible like bullying mentality this awful staff with a segregation of the to the Campers and the Non Campers etc and I just like shut down. I'm sitting here on the couch just like totally upset and I it's like I can't help it gets into me and so this weekend was a tough one but I'm excited to talk about it. It's a tough one for Melissa also with me. Tonight is a Brent Brown. I'm good. I apologize for very much chat. I was the person who's running late tonight. Usually not me I will say but I was late tonight because those working on my hair a little bit decides that though I have to disagree with Melissa I live Alec. I feel for Nicole. I feel for some of the other campers. This has been a great week of beats for me. I mean I am living for the Nick H. and all the ramifications of it. I'm living for the house right now. I still think the house is really fluid. Especially now. The camp comeback is getting ready to end. We still don't know who's GonNa come back into the game I mean of course human part of me and it's all part of me so bad Nicole and the rest when they were getting ostracized from the big group but the icy cold dish part of me was like grow this big brother and they're playing the game. You're playing the game when you try to blow up Nick and bill with the alliance aim alliances with Nick in Bella when you decided to pick the side you fell for it. This is the price you pay so I'm okay how you doing friends doing all right. We are here live on Youtube and you can join us in the chat if you want to hang out with US tonight but it's time we're going to talk about what happened over the course of the last week when a recap the week as a whole here the last time we spoke things. We're looking very different in the house. Cami was on the block issues Hopkins Jess Cliff notes hadn't been exposed. Sam had didn't know about grateful so we have to start there have been that long has been that long a lot aww events like this is one of the longest recap of the week segments in my notes that I have in recent memory here so cliff notes were exposed as as we all know cliff he talks to the cameras in the morning. We see that we saw this in the episodes. Yeah Kristie overheard him talking and exposed alliance of himself Nicole and lovie fellowship of the zing and it was not good Christie heard him say her name and that's is going to be a very large portion of the reason why he is going to be in trouble the following week so that happened there. Sam is going to find out about grateful from Bela who tells him not to tell Nick and that storyline is not really really gonna go anywhere because eventually nick is GonNa get around to telling him about it. Then because of this information about grateful Sam is going to try and flip the vote to save chemi but it doesn't work and coming goes home ten to one with Jackson casting a rogue votes. Don't vote nick is I'm GonNa win the H._R.. Wage Jackson plan blaming the rogue vote on Nick but nick is now the wage so he's instead of going to blame it on Nicole and it doesn't work nick believes that it was actually Jackson that cast cast the rogue vote but ultimately it doesn't matter because grateful is going to successfully pretend that they are still intact and still working with nick and Bella despite the fact that they are planning on going after them as soon as this week ends but nick and Bella Kayla are fooled by them they don't believe it and so nick wants to nominate cliff and Jess for eviction. Now that's all that catches us up to where the episodes have left us. But of course there's a lot more that that <hes> that has been going down on these feeds that starts with the last thing we saw in the episodes which was Nicole trying to tell nick and Bella. Hey those guys are coming after you. I hope that they're coming for you and very nearly swayed nick into making a move but ultimately just didn't want to do it with camp comeback in play and so he backs away and he nominates cliff and jess and soon after the nomination ceremony mony nick and Bella are going to be talking with Tommy about what they heard from Nicole. Tommy is going to spill the information that Nicole told his side and everything comes out into a whole monstrous mob of chaos well I mean. Do you want to start there. So here's the thing as I said in the prelude to this podcast. I didn't have a big problem with anything that really happened aside from the human elements which is the part that usually gets to US big brother. The cold decided to pick aside however she knew ahead of time then Bella is not to be trusted. She knew that she is a snake. Make she is Iraq. She knew this because she does the Black Widows Lions and why did she does it because oh well. I assume they were gonNA find anyway so I told them Oh by the way you're safe remember. That's what she told. It's Nicole. Nicole space was just like I was so why in the world a week later would you go back to this person and still being stem right before nomination. It was a bad play on Nicole's art. She was making inroads with Holly. I Ci may not go home this week. Frankly she deserves it. As the play was back I mean I I was. I was with you until I found out that really did come very close to working at which point I'd say I'd say it still was a bad had move but at least at least like actually really came close to work. I feel like that's diary. Room known that was that was nick in the House telling the people that he was almost about to put up. He was like Yeah Jack. I really was really really close to putting you up man. Okay wake me up when decides to grow Pero Ball I there's no I realize he said that and I know you're taking him at face value on that. I feel like that's him feeling guilty. He wants to believe that they're not coming after him so so he and his head is he confessed all of his sins to Jack like for all the Times that he's thought about putting Jack Up. Was He really going to project out at that nomination ceremony no not there's not one of my being that believes that it will be telling Jack to his face. I very rarely you up if it's not even the truth how they think it makes it seem like Oh that's all water under the bridge like I was back up like this was like this kind of rift in our relationship relationship but wires and bother well because I feel like I could see a situation where you know. He doesn't say okay yeah. You're right. I was thinking for you up. Whatever and then it's just like okay? We're not going to speak of that and so maybe that's something it's still in your mind but if you put it out there and say like look like I'm sure you've heard like there's been talk. Whatever I was going to play you are I was thinking about putting you up? I came close to it but now everything's different now so now there's no way I would do that because we work things out or whatever and I feel like there is some good strategy in like revealing to someone like hey. This might have happened but now there's no way what I'm saying. Why didn't he word it like Hey? It freaks me out and I I was like kind of like not sure what to do. Obviously I would never actually do anything but it definitely shook my confidence. Why is he saying no seriously like I was about to put your name in there and then I was like you know what I can't like? It just seems like way money. We're upfront than he needed to be and all like awesome not gonNA give him credit to say like he intentionally was throwing things out there so he can discredit it. Oh I don't think so either I that's the one thing I disagreed about. This was not strategy. I think it was like human thing to do and to be real. Humans don't make very big brother players if they did. did I feel like everybody would it be good at it. He was just like showing part of himself because he felt guilty and he wanted to make himself feel better it also by doing this Nixon filled sale. You'll better so that he's like Oh. We're all but one big happy family. I really wasn't going to do you that or I was the now I am not and everything's washed away. I think it's all part of that. I will say this though that I take your point that you disagree with apparently but if you I guarantee you if you pull up on twitter they were side with me on this one was nick ever going to Jack up or not well. I think the part of that comes with not wanting to give nick credit because that's the right thing. No because people are like yours even saying he doesn't have the balls to do it that little whatever like there's a little bit of like vindictiveness in that I mean I would like to think that he does have the balls to do it but he is shown but he doesn't as least as long as cam comeback is and play. I feel like that's what's been staying his hand. So as long as that's in play you can't convince me that he was ever going join to do that really matters the endo because all of their sins got washed away by this Nicole bashing session. which did it really hurts watch? It wasn't on I was at work and then I went back on fire strike. Of course I was reading twitter updates. It doesn't work and it was just like really. I'm so mad in a covert trusting Bella I mean this is such a bad play her part because as I said she was making inroads with Ali I actually felt like Nicole might be absorbed into holly. S side of this alliance danced with Jackson and cat and Jessica. Maybe they can make something out of this later on down the line but again I there's there's no part of me. That actually believes that this would have look this. I I said it before. It happened but I said that I don't think that this chemi idea of like calling out nick him Bella is a good idea on the way out because it just pushes them closer to that great bowl lions it makes them way less inclined to side with any of he quote unquote underdogs and like the outcast because they're going to be like oh well this whole time looks look what happened when we were just even considering keeping Cami like she just totally betrayed us. Of course we're going to go with the other people and I called that and I knew why would you WanNa call now degree pool lions like it just it made me so mad but also I felt very justified and because I was really right and I call this and I know but for real like I it's so disappointing because I feel like at the at the tail end up last week. It was a very exciting time in the house. I thought like there was this you know othe side group is like rebel group that was starting to form and like Sam had just found out about the big alliance and that he wasn't a part of it and like he was starting to rallied people to be like we need to do something about this and now all of a sudden. I just feel like we're we're back to square one where we've got this big giant group again and I feel like this is similar to Canada the most recent season where we had the pretty boys and the whole time we kept having to be like okay well you know just we until pretty boys after turn on each other and so then we had to wait a final four to finally gets match in the House I mean at the very least we can be grateful that people to jerk to turn on each other. We don't have to wait hell four so at least we get that but I feel like we're just GONNA see. All these people get picked up one by one and nothing's going to happen and it's GonNa suck and I'm going to be only board at my mind in the next few weeks and that's the way I feel and that's why I'm very very disappointed in this season and totally enjoying it. I don't personally feel that way. I take your point Melissa because we've been burned. I get a yeah but I don't feel like this. Group is that solid I feel like that once they go after nick and Bella it depends on the mechanism with which go after Nick and if it's somebody like Nicole or camper when's H.. O. H. and they nominate naked and Bella and I feel like things looked icier. I feel like that is the darker time because we won't get enjoyment of the alliance they'll be able to say oh we would never betrayed trade eunuch and Bella we were on your side. They'll be able to to act that way. However is somebody from rightful or SAM? Sam Great Wins H h they targeted making Bella. I feel like everything comes. Undone like that is a terrible idea or Tommy to what this plan go through to the N._C._A._A.. Nicole keep everything keeps making out of it. Betray them and then it's hard to give them. I don't think that's a good idea at all. Yeah I feel like my other other reservation about the season. I guess not really reserve them or just like very upset. I buy it. Is that like these are all trash garbage clown people and I don't WanNa see any of them win so I'm also like a the point where it's like okay yeah. Maybe it'll be fun to watch them all turn each other in each other alive but I don't want them to win like I wouldn't be the happier <unk> winning. He is not only. Are they bad people. They also aren't good players so it's not even like well. At least we get to see a fun like let's see these guys get Allie. He's very strong players. I don't even want to see that. They're not even good player I like why should I even be rooting for any of them to win it. I I feel like there are some good players and I feel like we have one. I feel like there are a few good people. Here's the thing I don't feel comfortable. Assigning good had an evil labels to the people in the house. I feel like we can we can criticize character and their actions and we don't have to like these people but they're not good people. I maybe a bridge Riggio far from me and this is really weird for me to criticize you for saying that because I'm usually the person who's like they're fucking assholes but I just I feel that some people get lumped in with other worst people and then bus look worse than they would have have on their own and just feeling about sorry my thinking on that though is that like okay so then we have people who maybe aren't like bad people okay but they're not the game players so I don't WanNa see them when either so it's like I don't even have anybody in their Zayed's that people were encamped comeback and I guess Nicole and cliffs at this point any cat she's fine. I just feel I feel I feel totally. You almost lost the chat. I feel it over like I just feel like I have nothing. I don't have anything invested anymore. Besides just like just like anger and was oddness here okay brief Qatar. Where are you on this in terms of whether or not they're good people are in terms of the season Yeah Oh adder? I hope for the season I mean I remember big brother fifteen and feeling very discouraged in that season and I ended up loving this season overall. I thought that special down the road things very exciting and I do think that there are players that are in this cast that can make some very exciting plays especially down the line so I I do have some hope for for the game play of the season especially watching as a more Tommy's doing this week. What Christie did today was absurd and I think we'll continue to be absurd and so I feel like there's a lot of room to play here? Camp Comeback is about to end and I think that things are finally starting to open up and and be viable for like good fun gameplay yeah. That's kind of where I'm at the other thing is that here's the thing I- podcast about big brother and I live on twitter so it's really hard for me to put this much anger into something. That is my job. Eh maybe you're not with me on that. I take your point if you're not <hes> but I have just learned over the seasons and I've been through this a few different times that it's very hard for me to continue podcasting about a show if if I'm so angry about it and so miserable about it I have basically worse myself to like some people who I probably shouldn't like and I'm like I'm there are times today where I'm like. I'm living from what cats doing. I'm living for Holly and the Jackson isn't so bad. It's just a symptom of the vibe that I have to watch the show. I loved the show I feel like I have to get off the pot right now. I'm on the pot well. I can say this. I've never watched the show to like people. I've never cared about who I liked like the new I didn't like. That's always been my stance. I watch it for the game so personally. I don't care if I don't like any of the people in the house. I don't need to like them to root for them. I don't need to root for them. I just want to see the thing play out and I am upset at what I'm watching. Ah especially the stuff that's happening this week but but it's still ultimately big brother and I have hoped that it won't continue to always be this bad as we move forward through the season one last thing Chad. I feel it gets coming from you. Like is this the real brands of course it's the real but as time it was on and you have to evaluate how you're going to podcast about a show and I'm just tired of being miserable. I'm trying to look at the ten percent. That's good about this season rather than the ninety percent that's terrible because there is is a lot of freaking terrible. I'm also not making any apologies for the casting or the show or the people on the show who've said racially charged things or anything like that. I have come follow them on twitter. I have come on this podcast. I have tried people and I will continue to do so so but insofar as the show goes. I feel about it where we're now. I feel like cautiously optimistic. That's where I diverge from mullets. I think also my I mean I feel like I said this but I feel like my main struggle. Who is a comparison? I guess is Big Brother Nineteen. I hated like most of the people in the House I was super miserable while watching it just because like I just felt there was no there was no hope it was like Paula joining circles around these people and they were just doing work with the lapdogs and yet I was still able to recognize that like while I didn't appreciate the bullying and stuff that was going on hall was a great player. I really thought he did a good job and then I did you think he should have wine and so like winning came down to it. I was like he deserves a win because he's doing so well and I can recognize that sort of good gameplay whereas in this season so far there is very a few or very little good game play that I'm seeing and so it's becoming increasingly hard because it's like not only am I not seeing good game play but I'm also seeing like some questionable tactics being used and not even in a game sense like some of these things that they're doing our game related and so let's talk about this so we're where are you. Are you really that upset about what happened. In the trim on Friday night is that is that was for you know it's not just has got. I've been increasingly more and more excite. You're out the season just because of the way that these people have been behaving towards each other and some of the I feel like targeted targeted towards you know minorities in like different and this sort of like we're the cool quote unquote normal people and it's like that the weird the thing that I don't like seeing and so it doesn't it feels personal. It doesn't feel game related like a notch where I'm struggling with this and you know for the people who are saying well. If you hate it so much don't podcast about about it. Don't watch big brother like don't ever find something good to say about the season. I find a lot of good things to say about a lot of seasons of big brother and yet for this one period of time where I'm upset about something. I'm allowed to be upset about it. Nothing to you. Guys is 'cause you guys like people who tweeted me and tell me to stop podcasting better. Stop watching like this is one of my favorite shows like I love watching big brother and I love the game and so like I have a lot of positing say a lot of the time the whenever upset about something. I'm going to call it out in the same upset about it and I'm allowed to be upset about something and I don't need you constantly. Be You know one hundred percent gung ho about every single season it big brother. That's just the way that I feel and I'm going to say how I feel. I want to add to that too that. I think it's more important that you if you love the show or even if you don't love the show if if it's a show that you watch and you want to change that you continue watching and continue expressing how you feel about it I completely really understand the people that are like hey I just WanNa shut this off but in in my view the people that are protesting by turning it off their voices are being lost. They're not going to end the show because of a couple thousand people online turn it off but if those people are very vocal online about how they feel because they loved the show and they're passionate about it and they keep talking and they keep using their voice. That's what's going to change. Hopefully not that's why posted that threat on twitter on Sunday I feel like because they do see us Melissa. They don't acknowledge that they see us but they do also and this is not t- I'm just being real with you. All I know a few people who know people in production not unlike Alison Gardner and Mitch Mitch Rich me him but like people who are under them and they're all with us they see what's going on. They realized what's going on. They don't like the people who are against other people having said that though like it's they have to let the game run its course like these are the pieces that they put onto the game board now that the game is starting can change it. I think that's when we owe complain about the Khuda Tower America's vote or something like that and there's a part of the one side but I just want them to let the season play out the way it was play out and I feel like root of the problem is casting process that is problem point blank and the period you put more round skin black skinned people into the house. I do feel life. We will not have these sorts of things happen. I also with Darrin at the twists that have taken place this season over the past few season encourage bridge bigger monopolies of alliances to take control of the house because they're scared shitless about leaving and that's why behave the way they do at least as far as the game is concerned as far as a human level. I look that's a really empathize empathized with people like let's let's just Tommy. Tommy sees some of the stuff that's happening in the house. I've never heard Tommy say anything that I would consider to be racially charged but he's been in a room when it has happened. But how does he approach so that is that his job at there's the human pardon me that's like yes get them girl. I tell them all out there shit but on the other hand there's a game for five hundred thousand dollars play here and I really feel like it's so tougher people to confront what's going on in the house and not at least hardly or possibly jeopardize their game play and I don't know what to do about that much but like I said it starts from the beginning once again has gone going. I don't feel like we can do anything at this point. Yeah I mean I think I think for my point of view. The casting has always been a problem from day. One the casting has always been a problem and what has made it come to the forefront recently are the twists recently because you