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McConnell, GOP senators meet Zelenskyy in surprise Kyiv stop

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00:46 sec | 3 months ago

McConnell, GOP senators meet Zelenskyy in surprise Kyiv stop

"A a a a delegation delegation delegation delegation of of of of Republican Republican Republican Republican senators senators senators senators are are are are in in in in Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's capital capital capital capital I'm I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas with with with with the the the the latest latest latest latest as as as as the the the the media media media media including including including including president president president president Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir salen salen salen salen ski ski ski ski met met met met the the the the delegation delegation delegation delegation on on on on the the the the streets streets streets streets of of of of key key key key city city city city posted posted posted posted on on on on his his his his telegram telegram telegram telegram account account account account shows shows shows shows him him him him greeting greeting greeting greeting Republican Republican Republican Republican leader leader leader leader Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell along along along along with with with with senators senators senators senators John John John John Brasso Brasso Brasso Brasso with with with with Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Susan Susan Susan Susan Collins Collins Collins Collins of of of of Maine Maine Maine Maine and and and and John John John John Cornyn Cornyn Cornyn Cornyn of of of of Texas Texas Texas Texas Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram posts posts posts posts the the the the once once once once he he he he calls calls calls calls the the the the visit visit visit visit a a a a strong strong strong strong signal signal signal signal of of of of bipartisan bipartisan bipartisan bipartisan support support support support for for for for Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine from from from from the the the the United United United United States States States States Congress Congress Congress Congress and and and and the the the the American American American American people people people people Senate Senate Senate Senate is is is is working working working working to to to to approve approve approve approve a a a a nearly nearly nearly nearly forty forty forty forty billion billion billion billion dollar dollar dollar dollar aid aid aid aid package package package package for for for for Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine passage passage passage passage was was was was delayed delayed delayed delayed Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday by by by by senator senator senator senator rand rand rand rand Paul Paul Paul Paul also also also also a a a a Republican Republican Republican Republican is is is is demanding demanding demanding demanding an an an an inspector inspector inspector inspector general general general general be be be be appointed appointed appointed appointed to to to to scrutinize scrutinize scrutinize scrutinize the the the the new new new new spending spending spending spending I'm I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas

Ukraine Wyoming Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Maine Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir Vla Ski Ski Ski Ski Key City City City City Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mcconn Texas John John John John Brasso Susan Susan Susan Susan Collin John John John John Cornyn Cornyn Cornyn Cornyn United United United United St Congress Congress Senate Senate Instagram Congress Senate Senator Senator Senator Senato
Biden blasts 'radical' Roe draft, warns other rights at risk

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01:01 min | 3 months ago

Biden blasts 'radical' Roe draft, warns other rights at risk

"Democrats Democrats Democrats Democrats are are are are ripping ripping ripping ripping several several several several Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court justices justices justices justices over over over over the the the the draft draft draft draft opinion opinion opinion opinion that that that that would would would would overturn overturn overturn overturn roe roe roe roe V. V. V. V. Wade Wade Wade Wade wondering wondering wondering wondering if if if if they they they they were were were were truthful truthful truthful truthful during during during during their their their their confirmation confirmation confirmation confirmation hearings hearings hearings hearings from from from from Dick Dick Dick Dick Durbin Durbin Durbin Durbin is is is is questioning questioning questioning questioning of of of of Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel Alito Alito Alito Alito in in in in two two two two thousand thousand thousand thousand six six six six do do do do you you you you believe believe believe believe it it it it is is is is the the the the second second second second law law law law of of of of the the the the land land land land rover rover rover rover says says says says wait wait wait wait is is is is an an an an important important important important precedent precedent precedent precedent of of of of the the the the Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court to to to to Neil Neil Neil Neil Gorsuch Gorsuch Gorsuch Gorsuch is is is is the the the the president president president president of of of of the the the the United United United United States States States States Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court and and and and Brett Brett Brett Brett Kavanaugh Kavanaugh Kavanaugh Kavanaugh important important important important precedent precedent precedent precedent of of of of the the the the Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court my my my my question question question question for for for for those those those those men men men men behind behind behind behind those those those those walls walls walls walls and and and and pillars pillars pillars pillars is is is is did did did did you you you you lie lie lie lie to to to to us us us us while while while while Connecticut's Connecticut's Connecticut's Connecticut's Richard Richard Richard Richard Blumenthal Blumenthal Blumenthal Blumenthal is is is is unhappy unhappy unhappy unhappy I I I I am am am am furious furious furious furious number number number number three three three three Senate Senate Senate Senate Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Patty Patty Patty Patty Murray Murray Murray Murray calls calls calls calls the the the the High High High High Court Court Court Court heartless heartless heartless heartless the the the the GOP GOP GOP GOP chief chief chief chief Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell says says says says the the the the leak leak leak leak of of of of the the the the opinion opinion opinion opinion was was was was a a a a toxic toxic toxic toxic stunt stunt stunt stunt to to to to intimidate intimidate intimidate intimidate the the the the justices justices justices justices Indu Indu Indu Indu keeping keeping keeping keeping roe roe roe roe the the the the court court court court should should should should tune tune tune tune out out out out the the the the bad bad bad bad phase phase phase phase noise noise noise noise and and and feel feel feel completely completely completely free free free to to to do do do their their their job job job Sager Sager Sager bag bag bag on on on the the the Washington Washington Washington

Supreme Supreme Supreme Suprem Roe Roe Roe Roe V. V. V. V. Wa Dick Dick Dick Dick Durbin Dur Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel Al Neil Neil Neil Neil Gorsuch Go Connecticut United United United United St States States States Supreme S Brett Brett Brett Brett Kavana GOP Richard Richard Richard Richar Blumenthal Blumenthal Senate Senate Patty Patty Patty Patty Murray High High High High Court Cour Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mcconn Senate Blumenthal Indu Indu Indu Indu Roe Roe
Biden taps oil reserve for 6 months to control gas prices

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Biden taps oil reserve for 6 months to control gas prices

"President president Biden Biden is is taking taking what what the the White White House House calls calls a a historic historic step step to to help help control control spiking spiking gas gas prices prices as as a a result result of of sanctions sanctions on on Russia Russia for for the the Ukraine Ukraine invasion invasion the the White White House House says says the the president's president's ordering ordering the the release release of of a a million million barrels barrels of of oil oil a a day day from from the the nation's nation's strategic strategic petroleum petroleum reserve reserve port port six six months months by by far far the the biggest biggest ever ever release release that that could could lead lead to to lower lower oil oil prices prices though though there there was was no no meaningful meaningful shipped shipped after after the the president president ordered ordered earlier earlier releases releases top top Senate Senate Republican Republican Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell says says this this is is another another half half measure measure president president Biden Biden is is going going to to try try to to slap slap another another mandate mandate on on gas gas prices prices McConnell McConnell says says the the focus focus needs needs to to be be on on boosting boosting domestic domestic production production the the White White House House says says the the president president will will pressure pressure Congress Congress to to penalize penalize a a wheel wheel and and gas gas companies companies that that lease lease public public lands lands without without actually actually producing producing energy energy Sager Sager made made Donnie Donnie Washington Washington

White White House House President President Biden Bide Ukraine Strategic Strategic Petroleum Russia Mitch Mitch Mcconnell Mcconnel Senate Mcconnell Mcconnell Congress Sager Sager Donnie Donnie Washington
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on WCPT 820

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03:29 min | 5 months ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on WCPT 820

"Advances If he has to pull back he will say look see and he's already he hasn't stopped infiltrating America's social media America social media where he's keeping us divided If he has to pull back he will simply say this Look at these Americans They want to save Ukrainian European Americans I mean European people their democracy but they don't care about the black democracy in the United States And that will what that will do is further divide the United States where he will pull back from Ukraine and about 5 to ten years later he will go in and will not be opposed because America will be totally divided from all sides He will beat us from that side and the Chinese will beat us on the other side And let me tell you how I can and you can prove this And I called you about a year ago about this Tom About Elaine Chao And look look for senator Mitch McConnell McConnell I'm going to make a bold prediction here He will finish his term out at the end of his next term He will not run again I'll tell you why because after a Putin gets through with Ukraine he will move in the Belarus and those and I called you He already took Belarus Lawrence Last week He's got 30,000 troops in Belarus and he's just said I'm not leaving I mean that's the definition of we have occupied you We now own you And that's perfect And what is he going to do next Watch for Mitch McConnell to a retire because Elizabeth's child is she had very good interest in I'm sorry She had very good interest in Estonia And Lithuania Those are important shipping ports Those shipping ports will be a threat and they will cut their losses because she is a shipping she has inherited their shipping business Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of shipping business Yeah you're right She's a shipping mogul or her family And yeah yeah I don't know Lawrence I mean I'm skeptical of excuse me I just hung up on you I didn't mean to But I'm skeptical of elaborate conspiracy theories here I'm more inclined to think that what we see going on is exactly what's going on But you never know Don and grand blank Michigan hey Don what's on your mind today They're very good at points that guy was making Yeah Pleasure to talk to you I watch your show a lot Thank you My thing is I think until we prosecute Trump And show his supporters that this guy was everything that he said he was a fraud a gangster the country would be more divided and we're not going to be able to focus on what Russia is doing We have to get our home together Both parties together being called Trump out for what he what he is I don't disagree that we need to prosecute.

America Belarus senator Mitch McConnell McConn Ukraine Elaine Chao Putin Mitch McConnell Tom Estonia Lithuania Elizabeth Don Lawrence Michigan Trump Russia
Democrats seek swift confirmation to fill Supreme Court seat

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00:49 sec | 6 months ago

Democrats seek swift confirmation to fill Supreme Court seat

"Democrats Democrats Democrats Democrats are are are are looking looking looking looking to to to to move move move move quickly quickly quickly quickly once once once once president president president president Biden Biden Biden Biden nominates nominates nominates nominates justice justice justice justice Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen Bryer Bryer Bryer Bryer Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court replacement replacement replacement replacement a a a a GOP GOP GOP GOP led led led led Senate Senate Senate Senate has has has has confirmed confirmed confirmed confirmed the the the the last last last last of of of of three three three three justices justices justices justices most most most most recently recently recently recently Amy Amy Amy Amy Coney Coney Coney Coney Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett just just just just a a a a month month month month after after after after she she she she was was was was nominated nominated nominated nominated that that that that is is is is now now now now the the the the democratic democratic democratic democratic playbook playbook playbook playbook we we we we want want want want to to to to get get get get this this this this done done done done as as as as soon soon soon soon as as as as possible possible possible possible Senate Senate Senate Senate leader leader leader leader Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Schumer Schumer Schumer Schumer on on on on WABC WABC WABC WABC there there there there is is is is no no no no need need need need for for for for any any any any radish radish radish radish Republican Republican Republican Republican Susan Susan Susan Susan Collins Collins Collins Collins on on on on W. W. W. W. G. G. G. G. at at at at me me me me saying saying saying saying the the the the buried buried buried buried confirmation confirmation confirmation confirmation move move move move too too too too fast fast fast fast and and and and this this this this should should should should be be be be more more more more deliberate deliberate deliberate deliberate Democrats Democrats Democrats Democrats hope hope hope hope some some some some GOP GOP GOP GOP senators senators senators senators will will will will back back back back up up up up by by by by the the the the nominee nominee nominee nominee on on on on W. W. W. W. B. B. B. B. K. K. K. K. L. L. L. L. Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell dodged dodged dodged dodged when when when when asked asked asked asked of of of of his his his his Republicans Republicans Republicans Republicans will will will will or or or or if if if if they'll they'll they'll they'll try try try try to to to to block block block block the the the the pick pick pick pick we we we we don't don't don't don't know know know know the the the the nominee nominee nominee nominee is is is is yet yet yet yet songer songer songer songer mag mag mag mag ani ani ani ani Washington Washington Washington Washington

GOP Senate Senate Schumer Schumer Senate Biden Biden Biden Biden Justice Justice Justice Justic Bryer Supreme Supreme Supreme Amy Amy Amy Amy Coney Coney Coney Coney Barrett Barrett Barrett Barret Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Wabc Wabc Susan Susan Susan Susan Collin W. W. W. W. G. G. G. G. Wabc W. W. W. W. B. B. B. B. K. K. Mcconnell Songer Songer Ani Ani Ani Ani Washington Washington
McConnell: Black people vote at similar rates to 'Americans'

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00:54 sec | 7 months ago

McConnell: Black people vote at similar rates to 'Americans'

"Top top top top Senate Senate Senate Senate Republican Republican Republican Republican Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell has has has has tried tried tried tried to to to to clarify clarify clarify clarify comments comments comments comments he he he he made made made made this this this this week week week week before before before before the the the the G. G. G. G. O. O. O. O. P. P. P. P. blocked blocked blocked blocked a a a a federal federal federal federal elections elections elections elections bill bill bill bill and and and and then then then then flubbed flubbed flubbed flubbed his his his his own own own own attempt attempt attempt attempt McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell said said said said Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday any any any any concerns concerns concerns concerns people people people people of of of of color color color color have have have have about about about about voting voting voting voting rights rights rights rights are are are are misplaced misplaced misplaced misplaced African African African African American American American American voters voters voters voters are are are are voting voting voting voting and and and and justice justice justice justice higher higher higher higher percentage percentage percentage percentage as as as as Americans Americans Americans Americans drawing drawing drawing drawing criticism criticism criticism criticism for for for for implying implying implying implying black black black black voters voters voters voters are are are are somehow somehow somehow somehow not not not not American American American American two two two two days days days days later later later later McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell called called called called it it it it an an an an outrageous outrageous outrageous outrageous mis mis mis mis characterization characterization characterization characterization of of of of his his his his race race race race relations relations relations relations record record record record as as as as a a a a result result result result of of of of inadvertently inadvertently inadvertently inadvertently leaving leaving leaving leaving out out out out the the the the word word word word almost almost almost almost after after after after he he he he walked walked walked walked away away away away in in in in aid aid aid aid whispered whispered whispered whispered in in in in his his his his ear ear ear ear McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell laughed laughed laughed laughed as as as as he he he he walked walked walked walked back back back back to to to to the the the the podium podium podium podium for for for for remarks remarks remarks remarks carried carried carried carried on on on on W. W. W. W. H. H. H. H. A. A. A. A. S. S. S. S. T. T. T. T. V. V. V. V. the the the the amount amount amount amount of of of of orders orders orders orders all all all all not not not all all all those those those are are are Sager Sager Sager made made made Ghani Ghani Ghani Washington Washington Washington

Mcconnell Mcconnell Senate Senate Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mcconn G. G. G. G. O. O. O. O. P. P. Bill Bill Bill Bill Senate Mcconnell Mcconnell Mcconnell Mcconnell W. W. W. W. H. H. H. H. A. A. Sager Sager Sager Ghani Ghani Ghani Washington
Democrats eye new strategy after failure of voting bill

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01:03 min | 7 months ago

Democrats eye new strategy after failure of voting bill

"Hi hi hi hi Mike Mike Mike Mike Rossio Rossio Rossio Rossio reporting reporting reporting reporting Democrats Democrats Democrats Democrats I I I I a a a a new new new new strategy strategy strategy strategy after after after after their their their their bid bid bid bid to to to to rewrite rewrite rewrite rewrite U. U. U. U. S. S. S. S. election election election election law law law law failed failed failed failed with with with with their their their their top top top top priority priority priority priority voting voting voting voting rights rights rights rights legislation legislation legislation legislation left left left left in in in in tatters tatters tatters tatters due due due due to to to to hold hold hold hold outs outs outs outs by by by by senators senators senators senators Joe Joe Joe Joe Manchin Manchin Manchin Manchin and and and and Christensen Christensen Christensen Christensen about about about about Senate Senate Senate Senate Democrats Democrats Democrats Democrats have have have have begun begun begun begun piecing piecing piecing piecing together together together together a a a a new new new new strategy strategy strategy strategy the the the the focus focus focus focus now now now now shifts shifts shifts shifts to to to to updating updating updating updating the the the the electoral electoral electoral electoral count count count count act act act act which which which which was was was was passed passed passed passed in in in in eighteen eighteen eighteen eighteen eighty eighty eighty eighty seven seven seven seven and and and and mansion mansion mansion mansion is is is is on on on on board board board board is is is is such such such such a a a a neat neat neat neat thing thing thing thing to to to to secure secure secure secure our our our our elections elections elections elections this this this this time time time time by by by by partisanship partisanship partisanship partisanship appears appears appears appears to to to to be be be be the the the the goal goal goal goal steering steering steering steering a a a a group group group group working working working working on on on on an an an an ECA ECA ECA ECA update update update update is is is is a a a a Republican Republican Republican Republican senator senator senator senator Susan Susan Susan Susan Collins Collins Collins Collins of of of of Maine Maine Maine Maine I'm I'm I'm I'm very very very very encouraged encouraged encouraged encouraged by by by by the the the the fact fact fact fact that that that that so so so so many many many many of of of of our our our our colleagues colleagues colleagues colleagues on on on on both both both both sides sides sides sides of of of of the the the the island island island island indicated indicated indicated indicated at at at at the the the the entrance entrance entrance entrance importantly importantly importantly importantly Senate Senate Senate Senate minority minority minority minority leader leader leader leader Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell is is is is also also also also voicing voicing voicing voicing support support support support directly directly directly directly related related related related and and and we're we're we're we we we ought ought ought to to to be be be able able able to to to figure figure figure about about about a a a key key key component component component to to to the the the update update update would would would be be be new new new protections protections protections for for for pole pole pole and and and elections elections elections workers workers workers might might might cross cross cross CO CO CO Washington Washington Washington

Christensen Christensen Mike Mike Mike Mike Rossio Ros Senate Senate U. U. U. U. S. S. S. S. Joe Joe Joe Joe Manchin Manchi Senate Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansio Maine Senator Senator Susan Susan Su Island Island Island Island Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mcconn Cross Cross Cross Co Co Washington
Raw Senate debate in fight to end voting bill filibuster

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01:05 min | 7 months ago

Raw Senate debate in fight to end voting bill filibuster

"The the the the Senate Senate Senate Senate is is is is an an an an emotional emotional emotional emotional and and and and raw raw raw raw debate debate debate debate over over over over voting voting voting voting rights rights rights rights legislation legislation legislation legislation that's that's that's that's almost almost almost almost certain certain certain certain to to to to be be be be defeated defeated defeated defeated in in in in a a a a big big big big blow blow blow blow for for for for Democrats Democrats Democrats Democrats we we we we Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch McConnell's McConnell's McConnell's McConnell's Republicans Republicans Republicans Republicans are are are are unanimously unanimously unanimously unanimously against against against against the the the the legislation legislation legislation legislation Democrats Democrats Democrats Democrats say say say say is is is is vital vital vital vital to to to to protect protect protect protect democracy democracy democracy democracy he he he he calls calls calls calls it it it it his his his his ski ski ski ski area area area area that that that that seems seems seems seems to to to to exist exist exist exist only only only on on on their their their own own own imagination imagination imagination as as as he he he ended ended ended his his his speech speech speech would would would you you you entertain entertain entertain the the the question question question Connell Connell Connell walked walked walked out out out during during during number number number two two two Senate Senate Senate Democrat Democrat Democrat Dick Dick Dick Durbin Durbin Durbin Republicans Republicans Republicans argue argue argue new new new laws laws laws and and and several several several GOP GOP GOP led led led states states states are are are not not not restricting restricting restricting voting voting voting rights rights rights with with with bill bill bill Cassidy Cassidy Cassidy blasting blasting blasting president president president Biden Biden Biden for for for calling calling calling them them them Jim Jim Jim crow crow crow two two two point point point oh oh oh he he he tries tries tries to to to make make make people people people think think think the the the twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty two two two is is is the the the same same same as as as nineteen nineteen nineteen sixty sixty sixty five five five Democrat Democrat Democrat Cory Cory Cory Booker Booker Booker responded responded responded I I I know know know this this this is is is not not not nineteen nineteen nineteen sixty sixty sixty five five five that's that's that's what what what makes makes makes me me me so so so I I I don't don't don't waste waste waste as as as accusations accusations accusations flew flew flew across across across the the the ideal ideal ideal number number number two two two Republican Republican Republican John John John Thune Thune Thune may may may have have have summed summed summed up up up the the the days days days of of of motion motion motion I I I am am am not not not a a a racist racist racist Sager Sager Sager made made made Ghani Ghani Ghani Washington Washington Washington

Senate Senate Mcconnell Senate Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mcconn Ski Ski Ski Ski GOP Connell Connell Connell Dick Dick Dick Durbin Durbin D Bill Bill Bill Cassidy Cassidy Biden Biden Biden Jim Jim Jim Crow Cory Cory Cory Booker Booker B John John Thune Thune Thune Sager Sager John Ghani Ghani Ghani Sager Washington
Big voting bill faces defeat as 2 Dems won't stop filibuster

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00:58 sec | 7 months ago

Big voting bill faces defeat as 2 Dems won't stop filibuster

"Senate Senate Democrats Democrats are are pushing pushing ahead ahead with with the the top top priority priority today today that that seems seems headed headed for for a a loss loss Democrats Democrats simply simply don't don't have have the the votes votes to to advance advance voting voting rights rights legislation legislation amid amid unanimous unanimous GOP GOP opposition opposition in in the the evenly evenly split split Senate Senate it it would would be be a a devastating devastating defeat defeat enabled enabled by by two two Democrats Democrats who who refused refused to to back back rules rules changes changes that that would would overcome overcome a a Republican Republican filibuster filibuster steel steel we we are are moving moving ahead ahead on on our our own own democratic democratic leader leader Chuck Chuck Schumer Schumer wants wants to to force force all all senators senators to to go go on on the the record record for for the the public public to to see see where where each each of of us us in in this this chamber chamber stands stands G. G. O. O. P. P. chief chief Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell says says the the public's public's already already seen seen a a naked naked power power grab grab by by Democrats Democrats less less interested interested in in voting voting rights rights and and more more interested interested in in seizing seizing control control of of elections elections of of faction faction this this desperate desperate for for unlimited unlimited short short term term power power is is a a faction faction that that must must be be denied denied Sager Sager made made Ghani Ghani Washington Washington

Senate GOP Chuck Chuck Schumer G. G. O. O. P. P. Chief Chief Schumer Sager Sager Ghani Ghani Washington Washing
Biden challenges Senate on voting: 'Tired of being quiet!'

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00:52 sec | 7 months ago

Biden challenges Senate on voting: 'Tired of being quiet!'

"Hi hi Mike Mike Rossi Rossi you're you're reporting reporting the the Senate Senate prepares prepares to to tackle tackle voting voting rights rights and and possibly possibly change change its its filibuster filibuster rules rules the the battle battle over over voting voting rights rights and and Senate Senate rules rules could could hit hit the the Senate Senate floor floor as as early early as as today today Senate Senate Majority Majority Leader Leader Chuck Chuck Schumer Schumer is is preparing preparing to to push push ahead ahead to to debate debate voting voting legislation legislation or or consider consider revising revising Senate Senate rules rules around around the the chambers chambers filibuster filibuster blocking blocking device device we we must must consider consider the the necessary necessary steps steps we we can can take take so so the the Senate Senate can can adapt adapt and and act act Republicans Republicans led led by by senator senator Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell are are digging digging in in the the Senate Senate democratic democratic leader leader is is trying trying to to bully bully his his own own members members added added appearance appearance in in Atlanta Atlanta yesterday yesterday president president Joe Joe Biden Biden gave gave his his blessing blessing to to what what some some have have called called for for the the nuclear nuclear option option protect protect our our democracy democracy I I support support changing changing the the Senate Senate rules rules the the Senate Senate is is split split fifty fifty fifty fifty current current rules rules require require sixty sixty votes votes to to advance advance most most legislation legislation Mike Mike Rossi Rossi out out Washington Washington

Senate Mike Mike Rossi Rossi Majority Leader Leader Chuck C Senate Senate Senator Senator Mitch Mitch Mc President President Joe Joe Bi Atlanta Washington
Biden to back filibuster changes to push voting rights bill

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00:53 sec | 7 months ago

Biden to back filibuster changes to push voting rights bill

"President president Biden Biden is is planning planning to to use use this this afternoon afternoon speech speech in in Georgia Georgia to to indicate indicate his his support support for for changing changing the the Senate's Senate's filibuster filibuster rules rules president president Biden Biden is is traveling traveling to to Georgia Georgia honoring honoring the the legacy legacy of of Dr Dr Martin Martin Luther Luther king king junior junior and and then then delivering delivering a a speech speech on on the the importance importance of of protecting protecting Americans Americans voting voting rights rights a a White White House House official official says says he'll he'll support support changing changing Senate Senate filibuster filibuster rules rules to to prevent prevent the the GOP GOP from from blocking blocking a a vote vote on on voting voting rights rights legislation legislation calling calling it it a a moment moment to to choose choose democracy democracy over over autocracy autocracy but but Senate Senate minority minority leader leader Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell cautions cautions against against that that move move I I want want to to silence silence millions millions of of Americans Americans and and take take over over the the Senate Senate so so they they can can take take over over elections elections so so they they can can take take over over America America a a number number of of states states have have made made changes changes and and restricted restricted voting voting access access since since Donald Donald Trump Trump falsely falsely claimed claimed fraud fraud cost cost him him the the twenty twenty twenty twenty election election hi hi Jackie Jackie Quinn Quinn

Senate Georgia President President Biden Bide Biden Biden Dr Dr Martin Martin Luther Lut White White House House GOP Mitch Mitch Mcconnell Mcconnel America Donald Donald Trump Trump Jackie Jackie Quinn Quinn
Invoking Jan. 6, Dems pivot to fight for voting legislation

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00:56 sec | 7 months ago

Invoking Jan. 6, Dems pivot to fight for voting legislation

"Democrats Democrats are are mounting mounting a a passionate passionate bid bid this this week week to to move move ahead ahead on on elections elections overhaul overhaul legislation legislation and and are are considering considering changing changing Senate Senate rules rules to to overcome overcome GOP GOP opposition opposition from from president president biting biting down down top top Democrats Democrats seized seized on on last last week's week's capital capital insurrection insurrection anniversary anniversary to to push push their their long long stalled stalled package package one one Senate Senate leader leader Chuck Chuck Schumer Schumer says says is is needed needed to to ward ward off off another another attack attack on on democracy democracy there's there's no no better better way way to to heal heal the the damage damage of of January January six six but but GOP GOP chief chief Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell argues argues invoking invoking the the insurrection insurrection to to push push a a left left wing wing agenda agenda is is offensive offensive it it is is beyond beyond distasteful distasteful and and the the legislation's legislation's not not needed needed Schumer Schumer says says the the evenly evenly split split Senate Senate will will consider consider lowering lowering the the sixty sixty vote vote threshold threshold for for passing passing most most legislation legislation though though even even some some Democrats Democrats are are wary wary of of that that the the president's president's due due to to give give a a voting voting rights rights speech speech tomorrow tomorrow in in Atlanta Atlanta after after visiting visiting Martin Martin Luther Luther king king junior's junior's burial burial site site Sager Sager mag mag ani ani Washington Washington

Senate GOP Chuck Chuck Schumer Mitch Mitch Mcconnell Mcconnel Schumer Schumer Schumer Atlanta Martin Martin Luther Luther Ki Washington
McConnell, Spears, Osaka: A look at 2021's notable quotes

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01:11 min | 8 months ago

McConnell, Spears, Osaka: A look at 2021's notable quotes

"A a line line from from a a speech speech given given from from the the Senate Senate floor floor before before rioters rioters stormed stormed the the capitol capitol in in January January tops tops a a Yale Yale Law Law School School librarian's librarian's list list of of the the most most notable notable quotes quotes of of twenty twenty twenty twenty one one Fred Fred Shapiro Shapiro says says he he picked picked quotes quotes that that are are important important or or revealing revealing of of the the spirit spirit of of the the times times is is top top quote quote is is from from the the then then Majority Majority Leader Leader Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell urging urging fellow fellow Republicans Republicans to to abandon abandon attempts attempts to to overrule overrule president president Biden's Biden's victory victory voters voters the the court court and and the the stage stage it it also also spoke spoke with with president president Biden Biden gave gave a a speech speech in in July July as as the the U. U. S. S. was was preparing preparing to to get get out out of of Afghanistan Afghanistan the the likelihood likelihood is is going going to to be be the the Taliban Taliban overrunning overrunning everything everything and and owning owning the the whole whole country country is is highly highly unlikely unlikely Swedish Swedish teenager teenager Greta Greta tune tune Burke Burke spoke spoke to to protesters protesters in in November November about about adults adults and and climate climate change change we we say say no no no no exploitation exploitation of of people people and and they they and and there there are are the the first first words words from from Amanda Amanda Gorman Gorman in in the the palm palm the the hill hill we we climb climb she she read read it it during during the the Biden Biden inauguration inauguration when when day day comes comes we we ask ask ourselves ourselves where where can can we we find find lights lights in in this this never never ending ending shade shade the the list list is is a a supplement supplement to to the the new new Yale Yale book book of of quotations quotations I'm I'm at at Donahue Donahue

Capitol Capitol Yale Yale Law Law School Schoo Fred Fred Shapiro Shapiro Biden Biden Mitch Mitch Mcconnell Mcconnel Senate President President Biden U. U. S. S. Taliban Afghanistan Greta Greta Burke Burke Biden Amanda Amanda Gorman Gorman Hill Hill Donahue Donahue
Here's What Sen. Mitch McConnell Is Serving to Sen. Chuck Schumer

Mark Levin

01:52 min | 8 months ago

Here's What Sen. Mitch McConnell Is Serving to Sen. Chuck Schumer

"So you get you're going to be completely confounded because McConnell set up the situation Let me show you He thinks he's a smart guy He's actually quite stupid He believe in liberty and you believe in the constitutional system Believe in some level of fiscal insanity in defeating these people I'm pushing them back He does not It's one of the reasons Trump had him spotted and can't stand the guy So here's what McConnell has set up and delivered to Schumer And the radical Democrats the American marxists Here's what he's delivered to them And by the way has completely undermined the House Republicans He's working with Schumer and undermining McCarthy That's why some people say to me wow Kevin McCarthy Mitch McConnell you don't have to love McCarthy but he's no McConnell McConnell's the worst McCarthy at least attempts to reach out to conservatives and tries to push an agenda You're never going to love everything a speaker does a Republican speaker But he's some guy you can talk to and try and influence and persuade and prod McConnell wants nothing to do with you He despises you He wants the majority that you'll deliver him But he doesn't want you And this is a big part of the problem isn't it Anyway so he is temporarily effectively suspended the filibuster rule That creates a horrific precedent Because the Democrats want to push through their agenda Republicans never push through their agenda People say get rid of the filibuster rule It's going to hurt us more than them That's for sure That's number one Number two they can now raise their limit by trillions of dollars Number three the Republicans will vote against it but it's the Republicans who are making it possible by other votes By not requiring the 60 vote

Mcconnell Mccarthy Schumer Mcconnell Mcconnell Kevin Mccarthy Donald Trump Mitch Mcconnell House
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

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" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Ships in some parts of the country were larger And its analysis of the 2020 electorate equus labs which studies the Latino electorate found swigs toward the GOP of 20 points and parts of Florida's Miami dade county 12 points of the rear grand valley of Texas and double digit swings in parts of the northeast In South Florida the ship was big enough to flip two congressional seats to the GOP And you have a lot of people in these areas that have seen a lot of destitution or have escaped tyranny From Cuba from Venezuela from Haiti and from other countries In the last month's election for governor Virginia AP vote has found the Republican Glenn yelchin who won the race out poll the Democrat opponent among Hispanic voters We talked about that Hispanic voters saw Republicans in Congress is better able than Democrats to handle some economic issues such as reining in inflation and cutting the federal deficit And best able to secure the border They saw Democrats in Congress as better able to control the COVID-19 pandemic rebuild infrastructure in healthcare more affordable So those of us who believe in individual liberty and the constitutional system we still have our work cut out for us But what I'm saying is there's a significant population in this country that we should embrace that we should engage with that we should talk to and I actually think from a conservative perspective we do We don't deny anybody We want to have that discussion We don't say agree with us or will burn your house down You know that's the other

McConnell McCarthy Schumer McConnell McConnell Kevin McCarthy Trump Mitch McConnell House
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on The Mark Levin Show

The Mark Levin Show

02:45 min | 1 year ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on The Mark Levin Show

"The you know in the early years where they decided to fight back and that's when they return to power. This stinks to me like they're just in them. Permanent minority mindset or. They're getting a lot of money to bring back to their states and they don't care about all the other things that are going to happen as a consequence and they they self-aggrandizing way to go out and they actually argue there. The conserves actually heard this guy from north dakota not hoven the other one actually say that. They're the real concerns. I saw this guy cassidy. Unhinged on television going on and on about how this was going to suck the moderates into their position. I'm thinking you are are so so brainwashed by inside the beltway in the associated press praising these people for what they're doing they're like certain supreme court justices once they get on the court fill they just flip and they're led by mcconnell mcconnell and eighteen of his colleagues voted against thirty of their colleagues. How can you be the republican leader when you're the minority of your own party. I honestly i don't know what's going on. And i think that you know what's frustrating is that what's going to happen is democrats are going to push through his three point five trillion bill and all these republicans will vote against it. And they'll try to convince us that they oppose the big Biden bill But the reality is that this grease the wheels for the whole spending this. This was something that they needed to get. Everyone you biden said that this was in tandem. pelosi said they were connected. Schumer moved them both unparallel parts. This was they had a tricky job to try to get Legislation that mansion and ao could both vote for and republicans. Did them a huge favor by getting a few weeks ago mentioned had said if the bipartisan fill bill falls apart the whole bill falls apart. So as far as i'm concerned any republican who voted for this rim structure. Bill should be treated by us as having supported the entire four trillion dollar bill because democrats certainly see it at the same thing which is exactly why right after the vote. Mcconnell runs to the microphone and says we've got a defeat to stomach kratz socialist bill with defeat because he spinning his own constituency spinning. The american people just like democrat. You know phil klein. We used to talk about social conservatives. Oh they're so controversial. Oh the conservative hawks..

mcconnell mcconnell cassidy north dakota associated press supreme court Biden Schumer biden pelosi kratz rim Mcconnell Bill phil klein hawks
Senate confirms Merrick Garland as attorney general

America First with Sebastian Gorka

00:31 sec | 1 year ago

Senate confirms Merrick Garland as attorney general

"Confirmed on a vote of 70 to 30 farm or votes and the simple majority needed. Ironically, the confirmation comes just days from the five year anniversary of President Obama's nomination of Garland, first seat on the U. S Supreme Court this time around, Garland even picked up support from those who opposed him in the past, including Iowa Republican Charles Grassley. And minority leader Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell, describing Garland is a straight shooter. Garland has served on the D C Circuit Court of Appeals since 1997 Bob Agnew reporting hackers aiming to call attention to the

Garland U. S Supreme Court Charles Grassley Senator Mitch Mcconnell President Obama Iowa Mcconnell Kentucky Bob Agnew Circuit Court Of Appeals
Trump Warns Republicans Who Didn't Back Election Fraud Claims: 'I Will NEVER FORGET!'

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

00:23 sec | 1 year ago

Trump Warns Republicans Who Didn't Back Election Fraud Claims: 'I Will NEVER FORGET!'

"Shortly shortly after after posting posting a a Christmas Christmas wishes wishes video video with with the the first first lady lady the the president president back back on on Twitter, Twitter, claiming claiming he he saved saved at at least least eight eight Republican Republican senators, senators, including including Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell from from losing losing their their elections. elections. That That they're they're now now sitting sitting back back and and watching watching him him quote quote fight fight against against a a crooked crooked and and vicious vicious foe. foe. The The radical radical left left Democrats, Democrats, the the president president tweeting tweeting in in all all caps. caps. I I will will never never forget forget A A B B C's C's Andy Andy Field Field In In Washington, Washington,

Mitch Mitch Mcconnell Mcconnel Twitter Andy Andy Field Field Washington
U.S. stocks close sharply higher as markets look beyond Election Day

America in the Morning

00:39 sec | 1 year ago

U.S. stocks close sharply higher as markets look beyond Election Day

"Relief rally when the votes are still being counted and fought over, But stocks are coming off a rally nonetheless, on Wall Street, the Dow was up more than 1% yesterday. 367 points, the NASDAQ sword 430 points. Investors see stimulus back on the table after a possible change of heart from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell is now saying that he believes that lawmakers should pass another stimulus package. Before the end of the year. This is a change from his position just a week ago in which he said he did not think that Washington would turn to this until the beginning of 2021, CNBC's Ellen Muay, But some say nothing's

Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnel Mcconnell Senate Washington Ellen Muay Cnbc
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on WSB-AM


05:57 min | 1 year ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on WSB-AM

"Part do part two. It's not over. Yet. Despite the president's claims on Twitter, Rudy Giuliani's claims they're still counting votes, and we're going to be right there with them as they count votes, and we'll give you updates throughout the night and the overnight and we'll have the very latest tomorrow morning on Atlantis. Any news. We're going to start political. We're going to be late Land what's going on locally and nationally with election 2020 Greg Bluestein from the agency is going to join us in 30 minutes. We're gonna have some fun, too. We're going to do a little presidential edition of millennial match game. Johnny Cobb possible joints with a fast interview, and most importantly, we will eventually get your calls on Day two of election 2020 joining us live in studio, WSB radio and television political analyst Bill Crane Bill, not It's not often. Someone bumps me off TV in the morning and then invite him on my radio show at night. So you're in rare, my friend. No, I like to be considered a special friend of the market. I was so happy this morning. So the producers in my ears like Hey, we got a bill Crane interview coming up. We're going to keep your traffic. I was like, Yeah. Thankyou, Bill Crane. Anyway, Thank you for coming in. Folks just getting in the car. Now they've been out of the loop, perhaps with the election today, they've been at work. Where do we stand now? Will start nationally. Where are we? Nationally with the presidential race. The racist titan with Joe Biden now having 253 of them needed 270 electoral votes. Most recently, the state of Michigan was called for the Biden campaign. Wisconsin is leaning and the direction of the Biden camp. Nevada is has been leaning, but Biden, but they basically have flipped back the calls on Nevada Arizona. Those tabulations are ongoing. North Carolina is in the president's column. But as absentees and tabulations continue there, there's a possibility of change of outcome, and Georgia continues to be in the president's column, With the lead shrinking as more ballots are counted in Fulton, the cab Cobb and Gwinnett County's in the Net net is the path for the president. 2 to 70. The doors are closing. Heywood need to pick up a majority of the states that our outlying the vice president really only needs two more states and he's over the top, so the path looks much better for Joe Biden. I do think Donald Trump will hang on by the barest margins here in Georgia because even in Fulton County, where he was being beaten three toe won a number of votes left. Don't measure up to 80,000 votes, which is the gap that's left between the vice president the president, so I expect the marginal narrow considerably and may forced the Purdue Ausaf race into a runoff, but that Donald Trump will still hang on to George's electoral college delegates. WSB political analyst Bill Crane, joining us on the market and show Pennsylvania the president Ah has tweeted multiple times up. Pennsylvania. Today we're winning Pennsylvania big with the secretary of state just announced they're millions of balance left to be counted. Where do we stand in Penn's Woods? Currently? Well, you know, as I've kidded a few times today with some degree of seriousness, I think they're still voting in Philadelphia today, so Pennsylvania has a history in close elections of being not only a battleground, but having Problematic tabulation, so the president's campaign is actually suing to stop counting in Pennsylvania and several other states. I do go ahead and forecast that whatever the outcome, this is going to be on Very litigious mess on the back and much worse than we experienced in Florida and the 2000 election. Not that it'll change the outcome. But a lot of lawyers are going to make a lot of money suing various states over the tabulation. Accuracy of absentee ballot counts, recounts. And in Wisconsin, where there is there, less than 1% vote threshold automatic. The president's campaign has gone ahead and triggered and requested a recount of the bounced the balloting in Wisconsin. President Trump has has declared victory just a little while ago he heard vice president Biden not declare victory but confident that they will become victorious. There is definitely a distinction between what the two candidates said the MCA nations of how this plays out going forward. Let's do a little hypothetical game. Let's say Joe Biden gets 2 to 70 and the president doesn't concede and there's there's lawsuits that what what do we What can we expect going forward in that scenario? One wants the Electoral College meets and declares in December, The 12th will know before Then there were his final. But Al Gore did not concede in 2000 after multiple recounts in the Supreme Court weighing and I was there for that inauguration, and that was a pretty chilly Handoff in the White House and on the stage and you know George Bush had to walk past Al Gore Tipper to get to the podium and be sworn in and you know, we survived. There will be a peaceful transition of power. This president As a lot of weaknesses and some strength, but he will not bunker in at the White House and expect the Pentagon to keep him in office. If if he loses this election, it'll probably a painful month or two for him as well as the people around him in the White House, and I expect he won't be much help in the two Senate run off. We may have here in Georgia. But he'll he'll give up the office and move on. There doesn't appear to be anything that we can point to you right now legitimately and call outright fraud. But it does make one nervous. The longer these windows go, North Carolina will accept ballots. Postmarked to Election Day is lays the 13th of November and that window in close election states does create both opportunity and Some degree of interest and fraud. WSB political analyst Bill Crane in the Mark M show, have we heard from Republican leadership whether McCarthy McConnell McConnell's been on the record earlier said there will be a peaceful transfer of power. Have we heard from them? Aside from McConnell's own race about what's going on with the presidential right? I think there's a general I won't say peace, but The blue wave did not occur. The tsunami did not sweep out members in Norridge numbers of the Senate, there was actually a net pick up by Republicans of four members in the House at this point, perhaps more, based on some races that still haven't.

president Bill Crane Joe Biden President Trump vice president political analyst Wisconsin Pennsylvania WSB North Carolina Biden camp Johnny Cobb Georgia Twitter Greg Bluestein McConnell McConnell George Bush
Democrats Open to Restarting Coronavirus Talks Despite Stalemate

Ben Ferguson

00:50 sec | 2 years ago

Democrats Open to Restarting Coronavirus Talks Despite Stalemate

"On Lisa Brady Fox sees that message from the Senate's top Democrat offering to return to Corona virus relief talks if Republicans are willing to budge and support a larger bill than their original proposal. Republicans remain opposed to one of the Democrats keep demands. The Senate Gavaldon for the week, though no votes or scheduled lawmakers will be given at least 24 hours notice of any deal on a Corona virus relief settlement. One in this country really believe that relief for for Americans Americans should should be be totally totally contingent contingent on on Bailey Bailey on on states states for for mismanagement mismanagement that that predated predated the the pandemic pandemic by by decades. decades. Senate Senate Majority Majority Leader Leader Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell blames blames Democratic Democratic leaders for the stalemate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proposing up to a trillion dollars in aid for state and local governments. Move, she argues, will help states provide for first responders in public health. Fox is Jared

Leader Leader Mitch Mitch Mcco Senate Senate Senate Lisa Brady Fox Bailey Bailey Nancy Pelosi Jared
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on KSFO-AM


04:44 min | 2 years ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on KSFO-AM

"It's a living death as far as I'm concerned. I have a report of a friend who works for a major bank in New York state. Who was forced to sit in on company conference calls discussing what white people going to apologize. And make up for their privilege. Are you listening to this? Apologize for the white privilege. I have a real question for you out there. Okay? And I'd like an answer from those of you who think it's cool to rip down statues? When will the Vandals in barbarians be stopped? Who will stop the Vandals and barbarians. Trump talks tough The other day. I cheered when he said it should be a 10 year sentence for tearing down statues. He was right. Tom Cotton, a certifiable Iraq war veteran. One of the best man in our Senate said the same thing. But where is the action from the corrupt Mitch McConnell McConnell exists as far as I'm concerned on ly to feather his own nest. They are the classic rhino operatives. They do nothing for the nation. Nothing for the people. It's certainly nothing for the future of our nation. So it's falling upon us. We, the people. To defend our nation. But how? What should we do? These are the questions Maybe you have the answers. How is it that a nation that has a DEA that could take down Pablo Escobar. How is it that a nation that has special forces in the U. S Army? That could defeat Isis. How is it that we have a nation of hard core military cannot take down a group of Vandals and barbarians. Ask yourself that question and you'll have all the answers. I watched these movies about Iraq. And I see these men going in and breaking down steel doors, waiting into machine gun fire and hand grenades and stopping them and they can't stop a group of barbarians and Vandals who are burning cities and looting. So it doesn't add up unless this is on purpose. It's all happening on purpose. It's not happening by chance, because this could be stopped. Could have been stopped. You've got little girls who hate people. Mainly white men. Putting on the Internet. Ideas and plans on how to how to vandalize statues. That's called crossing State lines. To come in a riot. It's a federal offense, Mr Trump. You don't need to write new law arrest her. Arrest those who are teaching others how to pull down statues. They've crossed state lines on the Internet. Did you hear what I just said? They've committed a federal crime. You don't need to write new law and have some cockamamie rat left wing bum Judge. Slow us down. Arrest them now. Stop them now before it's too late. The American people are screaming for leadership. We cannot suffer any more of these indignities and these assaults upon our Heritage, our culture. In our nation, we cannot take it anymore. Black lives matter was founded by hard core Marxists. Well established. They've even boasted about it on the Internet. What happens after this crisis stage? Normalization. Of the abolition of our freedoms. And what happens then? Demagogues like Newsome. Demagogues like Cuomo. Tell us that we do not need Business is we do not need free market. We need a government. Who will help us And the radical Left wing Democrat Party, the racist left wing Party of the Democrats. Will be the salvation for America. Remember a few weeks ago, I speculated us the widest Pelosi. Why does she want this country to collapse? What are they thinking? And then it dawned on me. It dawned on me that way back when During the Great Depression. The people were dependent upon the government. Not only that, but there was another element to it. Billions were made in the black market. Ha! Now you're starting to get the picture. Coupons. Or given out by the government for basics Gasoline, sugar. Bread, You name it milk. And there was a great black market in coupons for basic goods and who controlled it. Well do some tracing of the lineage of some of those destabilizing America. Look into their past their fathers. Their ancestors.

Mr Trump Pelosi Iraq Mitch McConnell McConnell America Left wing Democrat Party New York Senate Tom Cotton Pablo Escobar wing Party U. S Army Cuomo Newsome
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz

KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz

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" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz

"Keep workers on their payroll some supporters of the bill warned that these new funds may run out almost immediately speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi says Congress will pass more coronavirus relief bills in the weeks ahead she says the next bill must include more funding for state and local governments which was not included in this bill there will not be available without state and local we will be ready soon with their next dell and the sooner we can pass it the better because our teachers our firefighters are first responders and the rest need the resources that the funding for state and local will bring it will be expensive and I look forward to doing as soon as possible because jobs are at stake protection of our people the health and well being of the American people are at stake and as soon as we get this done the better Democrats tried to include funding for state and local governments in this bill but were stopped by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell McConnell said he doesn't want to bail out democratic states that had physical problems from before the pandemic the plenty of Republican states need financial help to Pelosi criticized McConnell the Republicans reject science and reject governance state and local they pay the pay the wages and salaries of our health care workers in public hospitals and the rest police and fire emergency services folks first responders our teachers our teachers our teachers our transit workers who to enable people essential workers to get to work we have to do something about that and and not to do something in my view is morally wrong it's medically disastrous and we can't can't defeat this pandemic is Mitch McConnell is leading our health heroes get fired hello see also said she wants the next bill to include more direct payments and help to those who have lost their jobs and are maintaining their health care coverage through cobra the corona virus has ravaged the U. S. economy and around one in six workers have filed for unemployment the US has the highest number of coronavirus infections in the world trump insisted again today that he's doing a great job.

Congress dell Mitch McConnell McConnell US Nancy Pelosi Senate
Mitch McConnell describes America's 'new normal' due to coronavirus pandemic

BBC World Service

00:59 sec | 2 years ago

Mitch McConnell describes America's 'new normal' due to coronavirus pandemic

"US Senate leaders in the White House have reached an agreement on a two trillion dollar stimulus bill to alleviate the economic impact of the corona virus outbreak it follows five days of negotiations the Senate Republican Majority Leader Leader Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell described described it it as as a a wartime wartime level level of of investment investment adding adding of of those those meat meat will will be be held held later later on on Wednesday Wednesday roughly roughly forty forty percent percent of of our our population population is understated home orders from state leaders employers across America are wondering how they'll keep the lights on doctors nurses and health care professionals are literally crying out for support we literally have army field hospitals on the way to being set up and our major American cities in the space of this is become unfortunately our new normal

White House Majority Leader Leader Mitch M America Us Senate
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on WJR 760

WJR 760

01:45 min | 2 years ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on WJR 760

"To go for the prosecution and you know it's been two weeks there for obviously you've stated you don't want to do it unless you can control the Senate process which you can't do today we're having the vote to dismiss could be and just end it right because we get into the emotion of the day were people say we want the trial we want the trial and then two weeks go by and nobody's talking about it it's like well known just end it yeah just be done because the president hasn't been talking he has been he hasn't been you know out there every day saying I want to trial I won all the witness emit diva doing that a lot more I want to bring before my witnesses I want Biden and I wonder if two two weeks weather Hey just it'll come up in history as completely bogus because she never submitted the articles of impeachment then she will be blamed not McConnell McConnell simply dismissed it because she had a weak case so don't actually if you give her time on we I think my point is he doesn't need to even now why doesn't now but but if he did and she doesn't send it over because she said we're gonna wait make sure that the process is going to be fair right because a laughable because you're already stated that you because she said that she said her own deadline welcome sorry it's been not two weeks you claim you you said publicly you're not going to send them over and so you believe you can get your kind of trial well Sir you don't run the Senate you haven't sent it over you don't want to prosecute we're voting to dismiss and your vote to dismiss and bone it's done it's over we'll see where they go eight six six ninety right I wore.

president Biden McConnell McConnell Senate
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

760 KFMB Radio

01:34 min | 3 years ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"Who showed up to a Walmart yesterday wearing full body armor and carrying a rifle there were no shots fired in the suspect was eventually held at gun point by a bystander walked up to the grass and ask him if he was a male inside he stated yes under my weapon total put his hands in the air he complied was complained the whole time the man who wouldn't give his name is a former firefighter in the wake of recent mass shooting scares in Ohio Texas and California there are calls once again for stricter gun laws and background checks Democrats want Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring senators back from recess early and to pass the house bill on expanding background checks something that CBS news correspondent Laura protested says is a non starter with McConnell McConnell says that he wants to take this time during this recess to gather bi partisan support when the Senate reconvenes in September he expects background checks assault weapons and red flag laws to be discussed a Tennessee convicts suspected of killing a longtime corrections employee and escaping a prison on a tractor may have left the state this man is considered extremely dangerous and we need to find him as Tennessee governor bill Lee he says forty four year old Curtis ray wants an escape the West Tennessee state penitentiary Wednesday not long after the body of a prison administrator was found in a building on the property Watson had been serving a fifteen year sentence for kidnapping the parents of an unarmed black man killed in Ferguson Missouri seven years ago today looking to re open the case CBS is Jim crystal reports Michael brown senior once the investigation of his son's death five years ago to be re opened August nine nine.

CBS Michael brown Jim crystal kidnapping West Tennessee Laura protested Senate California Walmart Ferguson Missouri Watson administrator Curtis ray bill Lee Tennessee assault McConnell McConnell Ohio Texas
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

04:16 min | 3 years ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on The Dan Bongino Show

"Center. However of that movement as described by Siegel in his book and covered in this American greatness piece that I have up in the show notes today. The power center is always been what he calls the iron triangle, Joe now, I know you've heard me talk about this before. But given that brought it up today. I wanna talk about it in terms of the current news event that's going on and how the iron triangle is aligned against you. And I just want you to understand, ladies and gentlemen. We're in this by ourselves. Do not wait to be rescued. As a good friend of mine once said a very powerful person in the conservative movement. She told me once we are the leaders we've been waiting for. No one on a white horse is going to come in and rescue us here. This is not going to be any clash of the titans perseus moment. None of this is going to happen. We are the ones that have to change things. This iron triangles aligned against us, the iron triangle are members of congress. The federal bureaucracy. And interest groups, including two media because the media is a left wing interest group large portions of. Folks, they are aligned exclusively against you. And the iron triangle piece and an American greatness is discussed in terms of what happened with foreign policy last week. President Trump got elected president United States. He's the commander in chief and has been speaking out forcefully about the need to start to pull back from some of these foreign engagements where we haven't seen any results in a long time. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, I respect my audience. Why read your emails? That's why started in the beginning. Addressing most people just would let this stuff go when I get emails that are contradictory to a stated belief. I have I talk about them on the show because this is a back and forth. That's what I love about this show you have input. You Email me? I read emails some people object to my stance that I believe President Trump is right? It is time for us in some of these engagements in the Middle East and elsewhere for us to start to reevaluate them or pull back. As not seem taller, the author of the black swan says skin in the game. You know, it's easy to send others over there. But when it's your kids and your daughter and your son. I say daughter I I have daughters. I don't have any sons it's not so easy. Then so President Trump Joe just to be clear as talked about bringing some of our boys, and our men and women back home from these engagements where we haven't seen tangible results and what happened Joe the iron triangle. What -absolutely crazy even Mitch McConnell and some other Republican senators put out this statement rebuking, President Trump for hasty withdrawals. President Trump was elected. He is the commander in chief. He does not answer to Mitch McConnell McConnell hasn't answered a Trump either we have three independent branches of government. They are to act in their own define roles. The legislative branch is not there to act as the commander in chief. President Trump is entitled to an opinion. He was voted on by the people. They don't like it. They don't have to vote him back in again, the fact that he has an informed opinion about what's going on in Afghanistan and Syria, and the fact that Republican senators had to jump out to this rebuke about a hasty withdrawal and sign onto this letter. Is it the scrapes? The iron triangle it never stops. These people all are vested in a lot of this stuff. They are vested. In a lot of these decisions. They are hoping for jobs afterwards. Ladies and gentlemen. This is this is a war of attrition now. I bring this up because I was at my I had a long weekend. I had my daughter's birthday party. So we went to a local law Jim kind of place where they can bounce around. And there's like a laser room and stuff, but it was a lot of fun. And I sat there we had a packed house, which was nice. My daughter was seven and we had a blast. But a lot of people knew who I was. So, you know, one point a couple of women approached me and they wanted to talk about current events and. You know, I what am I going to do?.

President Trump President Trump Joe Mitch McConnell McConnell titans president Siegel Middle East United States congress Jim Afghanistan Syria
"  mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on 710 WOR

710 WOR

07:05 min | 3 years ago

" mcconnell mcconnell" Discussed on 710 WOR

"Free balls, Peru balls is the. For Rutgers playing up a pretty good half. Just hasn't been able to get as you said off the air, and he runs really haven't been able to make a couple of stops. And then make a couple points in Ohio states, but very efficient on the offensive end. May have that they have done that. Exactly. And that's why it's been very difficult for Rutgers to get really anywhere closer than eight so far in the second half. And right now the deficit is ten in Ohio State has the ball lobbed the ball to Caleb lesson. The Rutgers shooting fifty three percent to save. So offensively they're doing a good job. Have turned it over. Yep. Yup. So it's top of the key to the foul line. Pull up. Jumper is good. So Keyshawn woods gives Ohio State at twelve point. Meet again, fifty nine forty seven seven twenty six to play seven points for woods. Ron Harper junior. Swing the past left side for Baker returned past Harper cut ball free. Jackson comes up with it and takes all the way to score turnover. Yep. And that was a miscommunication and biggest lead of the day now for Ohio State at fourteen with seven six laps sixty one forty seven. Marie has it on the near side on the wing shouldering his way and on Caleb west like moving moose turns gets enclosed fumbles. The ball gets back holds his dribble shot blocked away. Home are- goes and gets. It finds Peter kiss kiss as the shop locked by western. And finally a foul called Caitlyn's question. It'll be his second and kiss. We'll go to the line. Boy, overruled really work to get that ball up in western does credit who's not a great Lieber just stayed on the ground and just went up he blocked it away. Last blocked by kissy actually reached down bec- Peter up without much effort so kissed to the free throw line. He will shoot to what he misses. The first is the one thing to Rutgers has done so well of late they're now five of twelve from the line and kisses it almost seventy percent, you expect them to make these should he does as well. Mrs the second long rebound and Baker will track it down left corner. Kiss wide open three. No good. And we're going to get a foul on the floor. I believe that's an Andre western you just found out. He locked arms with marina. And I believe that be the sixteen foul on Ohio State or rather the seven so it should be a one at one. No. The foul on the floor. So west out he is fouled out. Luther Muhammad will come back in shock corner out for Rutgers and miles Johnson comes back in there are seventeen thousand on the board and the officials just notice it's a one on one with all Maria going to the free throw line six forty three to go in the second sixty one forty seven Ohio State. The difference in the two games. I was six almost seven minutes left to go stayed at sixty one and gave a Rutgers at sixty one for the game. Basically all fence Li they've done a really good job today. Front into the one and one is good for me who has fourteen points now on the afternoon to go along with this, five rebounds and five assists continue just to be solid. Second free throw up to two for Marie and now McConnell will come in for Baker at six forty three to go and Rutgers trailing sixty one forty nine McConnell has about twenty five people here watching employees. I'll stay with the ball up by twelve. Jackson across midcourt guarded. Thereby mcconnell. Liberal effort Jolla up top for woods woods left side. Jackson catch and shoot three short Caleb west and the offensive rebound end the stick back forty five for western. And it's sixty three forty nine. He worked hard for that rebound. You did. Johnson was to block it. But he got it through. Peter kiss with the basketball. We've hand the ball off to Harper Harper. The left for McConnell McConnell coming back to the right stopping top of the key pass right for kiss now on the wing all-maroon guarded. Thereby Jolla turns and faces backs his way in ducks under and around. The short shot is good in the paint. And Marie has seventeen. Rutgers down by twelve against sixty three fifty one seventeen point seven rebounds and five assists for Eugene. Oh, Marie today. Great blue that timing like a three sixty ball fake. Step back into the lane over top of the shot blocker. Here's woods in the paint kick it right Muhammed shoot the corner. Three. Wow. Luther Muhammad in double figures now at twelve and at sixty six fifty one is again, they match their largest lead at fourteen with five eighteen to go here in the second grade, bald McQuay Ohio State that time McConnell around a screen from olery drives left to the lane. Floater in the paint rims out Johnson tips three down to himself. And then he's fouled by Mohammed. And this would put miles Johnson to the line shooting. One at one eight t pollen, Ohio State. Good play by Johnson just reached over Wesson tipped the ball back to himself and got valve. Miles struggling from the free throw line. Fifty percent on the season. Baker back in for Harper with five seven to go in the second shooting. Rutgers down by fifteen miles is usually good for missing the first make second. This is a one on one opportunity any banks it in like shack did earlier maybe they've been working on that show. David working with each other. When did the underhand free throw? Stop see. Seventies. Probably nobody shot it out when I played. No when I played in the fifties. They used it in the sixties a little bit. But in the seventies they were gone second free throw. No good. He goes one for two sixty six fifty two Ohio State under five minutes left here on the second sexually good way to shoot free throws. But nobody will shoot it today. No one will do it. And now we get a whistle on the foul away from the ball on Rutgers. I think it's Kayla McConnell the way he's complaining. It is indeed seventeen fell on Rutgers and so Ohio State lines. During one one I talked to a hall of fame coach about eight or nine years ago about their team free throw shooting. Why don't you make a? Changes we throw shooting. Players. It's so ingrained players says just not worth the effort. The player wants to do it. He said if they're at least bit resistance, it just doesn't work and. And you get a player like Ethan half who's probably want. Maybe the best player in the big ten in many ways. He works on his free throw shooting all the time free. Good goodbye woods. He, but he really struggled shooting. The ball. Woods in eighty four percent. Foul shooter.

Rutgers McConnell McConnell Ohio State miles Johnson Marie Harper Harper Baker Caleb west Peter kiss Keyshawn woods Ohio Jackson Luther Muhammad Ron Harper Peru Muhammed Caitlyn Lieber basketball
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"The San Gabriel. Santa's helper. Mcauliffe. We play the Mitch McConnell sounding and Mitch McConnell is of course, the obstructionists that kept you federal workers off work for thirty six days by again hundred you, just go back in time, December twenty second. The the Senate voted one hundred zero on on a plan that they presented with the house and right? But when they were going to present it to Trump, Trump got a phone, call from Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and his blue shriveled, and he said, no, I'm not going to do it. And then McConnell was compliant with that shutdown. In fact, I'll say this had McConnell McConnell could've pushed Trump, and those people wouldn't have to happen on our country wouldn't have lost a few billion dollars of McConnell would have had that kind of power over Trump in all honesty. Embarrass me. He would've told them logistics gonna make you look bad sign. This thing in we'll find some other way to get to the wall because he has because of lifetime politician and actually will no longer. Trump. I'm sorry. Yeah. I loathe him. I really do. He's the worst of Washington politics. And I said that about many Democrats to over the years. Anthony weiner. So probably a great example of a guy that did more damage to his party than you can imagine. And again, he was a brilliant guy. I mean, he was a brilliant Perv. Eighty eight hundred ten that's how you do it. I'm not doing this. This is this is not a show people. I'm really pissed off. I mean, this is not. I mean, this really bothers me that people don't understand voting and just how how wacked this is Mike. Hi, you're on Keijo chip. Nikki what's up. Hey, guys. So what else younger I worked a lot of blue collar jobs. I still work a blue collar job always found it difficult trying to get time off trying to get to the time. And you know, it's it's a shame. I would love to have a full day off. I could get up get my kids at school. Maybe they're not in school, and they can talk with. And and take the whole day to do this country shed so much blood for other countries. And there's countries are having eighty ninety percent turnout and our turnout is like fifty percent for that. Yeah. In being a blue collar worker you and now I work for a company that was able to take some time. But I still didn't get there till seven thirty at night by the time, you get home, and you got the kids and single mom a single mom working a job that she can't afford time off and probably doesn't have the power to demand time in the day to go vote. Although in some states about worried getting your job or being fired. Yeah. No. I I I don't see why there's a push back on all. And if everybody gets upset, let's get rid of president's day. Let's do this one of the president's wouldn't mind. Yeah. Mcconnell said too. He can talk to him, right? He had to you. Hey, my boss. He liked it. When I walked with my vote. Yeah. I voted. Good job. Go get yourself a bagel. You know, the next day. I wore I add my sticker on. I my shirt, don't worry. But he's like, hey, we're celebrating you voted go. Get a bagel breakfast. Me. It's a great day. Yeah. It's tough when you live in a paycheck to paycheck, and you are worried at a if I go vote, I not be here next week. Great call Mike. Thank you so much. Let's check in with rocky high. Rocky you're on with Chipper. Nikki what's up. Hey, guys. Are you doing great show? I I'm a I'm a Republican and I'm in favor of giving people. Because I like Nikki said he would really tell people how important it is for them to vote. I give them a whole day off. But also, some states and California's one of them employers are required. You've two hours off at the beginning of the shift or at the end of their shift to go vote. What's pay? Yeah. That's a state. That's not a federal law. And fortunately. But it's a California state law. So I mean like your guy just before he just was talking. I'm not sure if he's aware of that and his employer has to give two hours lift pay to go and vote. Yeah. But if you're like a ten ninety nine subcontractor like a lot of people are these days. You don't get that. I mean because it's your you're getting paid by the hour. And so they can he gives you the time off great. But you're not getting paid. And now it's a bit of a rare thing. But no, no, no, no, ten ninety nine subcontractors are huge. Now that that that hustle economy is is is coming back with a vengeance. Just because of lay offs and companies leaving California, especially, but no, I mean, I know I think you have a good point is that there's a way that we could do this without having a national holiday. But until I started seeing that I favor the national holiday. That's I mean, I just think that makes more sense. Let's go to rich and Petaluma rich. How you're on Keijo where do you land on this actually kind of a office? My personal feeling with you know, like a whole week of voting. That's interesting. The main reason I called because make another holiday doesn't help out the people that work like the service industry, and the people don't get the time off to vote. Big dog at work all day. That's a fair point. I write I'm so making it a holiday you're not doing that favors other than maybe they'll get eight extra money for working at. There's some holidays, obviously, the, you know, the the fourth of July, Christmas and thanksgiving and January first not all, you know. I hope that it'd be inverse. Somebody gotta work it. Yeah. That is true. I mean that is true. But I think that if most of the nation gets it off as a holiday, then again, it would reinforce the idea that that's what you're supposed to do today. And we could Shane those those those businesses that that didn't do it. I mean or offer something to that. All right, more your phone calls coming up. We're gonna stay in Kentucky for the whole hour. We got to Kentucky the bluegrass state. I dunno. It's actually the grass does look blue there. It's a beautiful state except for the people. It's amazing kidding. For mcconnell. I'm asking on that your phone calls right after this eighty eight ten and you can also do if you can't get on the line sent me a note on Twitter if you're not get on their family. I'm chip Franklin. That's sticky. Madore Franklin.

McConnell McConnell Trump California Nikki Mike Senate Madore Franklin Kentucky Mcauliffe Anthony weiner San Gabriel president Santa Ann Coulter Rush Limbaugh Twitter Petaluma Keijo Washington
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"Fact that Donald Trump has now thanked robot moolah full full taking action on this poll full pointing out the buzzfeed's reporting may have not been quite up to scratch, although we don't even show that that might be true. As you've explained Jacob out. Will we now see Donald Trump continuing to attack the Millar inquiry as a witch hunt as he has done in the past because things have really changed not arena. Now, haven't they? Yes. He will continue to talk mowers which I mean there. There's just no question about that. He this bought them a temporary public respite. But I mean, Trump is Trump is set in his ways and one of his ways attacking any perceived source of criticism or weakness and. Muller inquiry is not going away. They're going to continue to push Paul Manafort, they're going to continue to produce headlines, which are at best deeply inconvenient and at worst fatally threatening to Trump's legitimacy. So I think if we don't see a tweet before Friday with which hunt in capital letters. I would be I would be shocked. It's always a bit frightening to us someone to hazard, a guess on this sort of story, but a given the freeze in the United States government shutdown is continuing what would be you'll guess on who's going to make the next move to try and find a solution will Trump be trying to come up with another way of negotiating or is it now up to the Democrats to to have a good thing. I think it's actually up to Mitch McConnell McConnell, actually, despite the fact that he's been extremely quiet leading to various Democrats trying to get the hashtag, where's Mitch trending. I think it really is down. Onto him to present something, which the Democrats who control the house can agree to and which the president can sign wall, saving some minimal degree of face McConnell has not demonstrated that he really wants to do this. I think but I think he's the he's the sort of quiet partner and all this who's sent will be necessary. He already has five or six members of his caucus who have focal said this is stupid. Let's reopen the government and negotiate about a wall with you know, members of the coast guard getting paid and food inspectors on the job, and you know, the various important things that the federal government does on a day to day basis happening. So I think it's just a question of the adequate leverage being brought to bear on the Connell rather than Trump or Pelosi because they're both for different reasons. I think pretty sad on their courses..

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"Calling from San Bruno, California. Tom. Yes. I think it was on Lawrence of Donaldson. MSNBC Oleg Alexandria Cortes run on the hunt for Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell. You know, the turtle and she was going. She wonder on the subway. She hit every door off Billy looking for the turtle, man. I mean. He's missing in action. And I jumped every go and say, go Alexandria jumped up and and hollered at the TV go girl. Go anything. She's my favorite. I if she could have got ahold of Katie, you know, the two of them data flush team out. I mean, I think she's still trying to go flushing out. I mean, girls worse. She like a bloodhound. She's irrepressible had the best words ever. Good words. He's irrepressible, right. The best words I swear to God. You know, I I go polar up on the computer because I do all my internet my public library, and I pulled her up, and boy, she's a cheese scaring, FOX boobs and make them, you know, like they have to rush to the bathroom real quick. They're afraid of her this. Oh, good. I'm glad they're afraid of her because I'm one hundred percent behind her and Katie and and all them gals. I just took command of the one hundred sixty th congress, and I've just I've just having a I just felt so good last night of jumping up and down terrific. Oh my God. You couldn't believe your show sought last night. I mean bloodhound. It's terrific. Well, tom. Yes, she's on. And there's a hashtag now because she's twenty nine so they they do the hashtags these kids today. Where's mitch? And that hashtag is going crazy..

Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnel Katie Billy Tom Oleg Alexandria Cortes Lawrence of Donaldson San Bruno Alexandria MSNBC California one hundred percent
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"And did not score a Gat Rutgers finish the game on an eleven. Oh, rod people. Wildcats sixty two fifty fiftieth. That was of course, only about a third of that thirty one the run at the Cavs hit that with the year before the big ten tournament. Yeah. That that Rudd was you know, kind of unbelievable. He kind of will watch it. They could it's going to end. Right. It people don't usually know how long runs are. But that was so he could keep track of it. Nice failed. One of those runs. Right. They could use one nine three. Rutgers capsule have followed George Baker the first Rutgers pal. Pete Nance freshmen in for the Wildcats. Replaces Barrett Benson and a freshman. Caleb McConnell checks in poor Beck law has a works off apart and scraped up top dancer straight on three. The three, and it's a three point game nine two six to get loose peak before you let it fly for three seconds. He hit that thing. Strong gibney. There's Baker backward. Wasn't there? Still be going harder. They doubled out on the dance and pardon gets rid of it to Baker on extended right now macabre has a right point gets pick moving. Less. Outside drive against spitting Mathis gets shop. I'd have been deflected by dance. Came off the backboard games ahead to Taylor on the right wing inside part bottles, but the dribble live works his way inside back out to Nance repeats partner. The low block left pants shot is good by Derek part of the Wildcats are within one nine eight miles jobs at six freshmen. Guarding hard. Now, he gave it all the time now bears. A turnover by Rutgers cats have numbers three against two bit lost dreadfully gains on the luck after Taylor for three. No good. And the rebound tipped by heads caught by law. Nance hands it back to Vic the caps reset look for their first lead of the gate. Here's law. Stick pass Taylor. Luck wish rate that one banks around. No good rebound pulled out by the freshman. Johnson. Good looks there for riot Taylor. Couldn't get it to go. Here's McConnell prospered feed for Mathis freshman freshman there McConnell out of Jacksonville, Florida at six six partner will try of three barter with the first three point shot of his career at Rutgers is Jason transfer at its twelve eight then he'd come out of the lane to guard. They're not fake and Adam. Taylor up top to Nance Rutgers four point lead. Now, here's games the circle up. Top part has packed gains gates drive to go pay curtailed stop at the lane little jeopardy. Oh, good. Rebound control, pod McConnell for Rutgers outlets for Baker down the left side. Baker met finance Santa packs of McConnell McConnell play by Taylor. Toxic part or three point line shoot. This time. Gives it off the Baker. He will try a three over dance, Mr. wide rebound law law right down the middle right to left law stops kicks it out Taylor reaping law. Black boy play. Bhakta tailored twelve eight Rutgers twelve forty ago. I tap Nance has it right wing Tate. The freshman wants to go to law does turns on the face baseline taxes way on on my tunnel. Tries to shoot over the katelyn butts up a teardrop stores twelve to ten right hand jumper by law. His first points to point Rutgers lead, what should have done the first time. He had him. So depicted just raise up off. Nap. This hop pick partner open at the three point line thought about it doesn't you buy coddled moving left doubts. His johnson. Shot clock. Gabby tatters Mathis a step back three. That's no good rebound pulled out by park off a law jocks down the left Todd with it hops right loss, spitting in the lane. Dumps it off part at throws a calico. Off the dribble penetration for Vic law he alertly spotted part. They left him and part and had a g easy to hand slammed. The game has taught at twelve northwestern really pushing the basketball border to make. Baker of the right wing against games spots Baptist law gets picked partner in the ball away. Trump Carter which way one reps got one call one the other. I don't know. We do have a out while they sort this out. And they're going to go to the monitor. I believe rose pest solutions as part of the books for buckets will donate or set a twelve books through.

Rutgers George Baker Pete Nance Taylor Wildcats partner McConnell Cavs Mathis Nance Rutgers Rudd Caleb McConnell McConnell McConnell Johnson basketball Barrett Benson Vic gibney Trump Carter
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"Democrats want to talk about home ownership equality, but not everybody should own a million dollar home. Doesn't work that way. Bottom line is everybody gets to what they want. And he worked for it. But the left wants people to believe that you know, the governments there for them. It's going to help them get whatever it is they want, and I don't see that. I haven't seen it. Bottom line is that the government a government involvement is cost America's Americans lots of money from healthcare across the board. And I'm gonna tell you right now before I go into this deeply the CVS. Walmart split is a big deal economically over over former Ceuta calls, the Atma CBS merger is going to impact you and I at great deal bottom line. My name is package Sal to five seven five three hundred sixty the number. We go to Joel Joel good morning. And thank you for going back. Thank you. I appreciate you taking my call. You had made a comment earlier about politicians that when they get elected. They're not just. Shouldn't be self-centered anymore, but are working for all of us. Correct. And I completely agree with you. But the one person the one of the most powerful people in the country is Mitch McConnell McConnell has refused to bring any piece of legislation that the house has passed the Senate for. And his own words were. President will sign it. Don't tell me who is Mitch McConnell representing people of his state and the United States or is he fronting for for the president of the United States. You know, I I to sit here and tell you I don't believe he's fronting for the president Joel being funny. I'm being serious. I don't think in honesty that McConnell supports the president down deep. I think McConnell is looking at this like I haven't we have no choice. But I think the Republicans are realizing, you know, what we have a voice we can we can we can speak out. I don't necessarily know if McConnell is a great leader for the party. I'm not necessarily a strong staunch supporter, and I will sit here and tell you look at McConnell, and I look at all these elected officials that have been in Washington for so many years and to me, they're just stale. It's time for them to move on. All I I agree that it is time to move on. Which is why I support the idea of term limit. I agree with that one hundred percent. But here's the problem in your in your beginning monologue. You basically place all the blame on Democrats for this shutdown. No, no, no, no. I tell you what I said when I said is that they're now going to own it initially was President Trump's call. But because they're refusing to make any kind of negotiating. Offer. It's not working. Here's the point. There are pieces of legislation that both houses of congress approved and voted on prior to the shutdown and rather than them going to the president's desk after he was threatened, and I call it a threat, by Limbaugh and Coulter. Basically, you know, backed down and said I won't sign this legislation. So you believe Coulter Limbaugh and even Hannity have more power over the president, McConnell and Schumer and company here. No question in my mind, because he thinks they represent his base and without his base. He has nothing. I think that is is an over an overreach. How's that? But. Well. I'm not saying, you're right or wrong. I'm just in my opinion. Lynch. But then how do you? How do you? Explain him just backing away from a deal, and that was a compromise deal that both sides of the aisle and retail and voted on almost unanimously if not unanimously Howdy, how do you? How do you handle explain him backing away from that? I'm gonna throw one at you. How do you explain the one point six billion initially on the table, and they took it off the table one hundred percent. But that was that was the amount of money that was originally offered before the shutdown before the shutdown, they withdrew it. I didn't he was not going to. He wanted more money. He wanted five billion. And why why would the Democrats billion did not come up until after he got pressured by Limbaugh, and and ochre? So you're thinking that you're trying to say you're telling me that the president was not motivated by fellow Republicans in office. He was motivated by radio announcer and radio prognosticators while. It seems that way given his actions. The only way I can. I hope you're I have to say this. I hope you're wrong, I do too. But I mean at the same time you make a valid point. I mean, let let's just put it this way. My biggest issue regarding everything first of all liking, the president is one thing disliking was another. But to try to impeach somebody. You dislike in all. And all again, there was a news report that just came out that ninety percent of all news media outlets reported negatively about the president the other thing that came out that was really apparent is that the number one story was always the Russian hoax. I don't believe the president will conspired with the Russians to get himself elected. I really really don't. I I swear to God. I don't that's the mother can argue about that. I don't see that. But what I can stay here and say without question is that I think he is pissing people off financially when I look at billionaires trying to make a case to get rid of him. I'm like why because they're they're lining their pockets at the expense of American people. I think the American people. On as a whole are getting ripped off from top to bottom by people that we've elected into office simply on a daily basis. The fact that I get it. I get what she tried to do saying there's a lack of security she got over overrode, and she was told that's not true. And then she decides she wants to fly out and he takes her in a behind. But the thing that he did. That was interesting. I wasn't a knee jerk reaction by her to create this trip. It's not like, no, I agree with that three days ago. That trip was in the making for months, but he didn't know about it. How how does that? How does that happen? He didn't find out as soon as he found out about it. What did he do? He stifled that he put us equal. Right. But did he wait a minute now? Now, let me ask you this back in around Christmastime did it and when the shutdown was young five six seven days wasn't it who went to Iraq to visit with troops for Christmas. He went to for Christmas break when everybody was gone. He went there during the Christmas holiday, and then he came back, by the way. He did you know, he was going to take vacation not a news. Media outlets were reporting his vacation in Florida. He didn't go to far he stayed in DC other than other than go. See the troops. I don't believe that shift and Nancy. We're going there to honor our troops. I think they're going. They're trying to set up a deal for themselves. I don't know that for sure that's my neck. Now. That's speculation. Joel no, kidding joy. Appreciate your time. Thank you got a guy got other calls. I enjoyed the call JD. How you doing my friend? I'm doing fine. What he did to Pelosi made the month through all this shenanigans were however, they may play out for a couple of days we have before he knocked her on pants. Manatee Bela Lugosi, I would ask Mr. Joel one thing does he have a short memory mcgonagall is no friend of mine. I we call them mechanical about. I think he learned everything he he he does from our retired majority leader who house Harry Reid who who never brought any Republican bills practically never onto the floor. He just threw them on the floor of the Senate. So. Grow loggers. What's that saying prologue is something or other? So he could have learned all all the tricks for Barry. I think what he did yesterday garnered a lot more support than even imagine. JD? I thought what he digest that? It was brilliant. You know last night on the on the media. The national media was such a sob story event. They they drug out a woman who works for the federal government who is in such desperate straits. She got her lives paycheck, December the twenty eighth. This is the eighteen. He was selling plasma for fifty dollars to survive..

Mitch McConnell McConnell President Joel Joel Coulter Limbaugh Senate President Trump president Walmart America Sal CBS United States Ceuta Joel Washington Bela Lugosi Mr. Joel Iraq
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"Hey, tom. Thanks going from San Bruno, California. Hi, tom. Yesterday. I think it was on Lawrence Donald's on MSNBC Ola galaxies. Andrea cortez. She went to a run on a hunt for Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell. You know, the turtle and she was going. She wonder on the subway. She hit every door Senate office. Billy looking for the turtle, man. I mean. Where's where's your? Action. He's missing in action. And I jumped up go and say, go, Alexandria, I jumped up and and hollered at the TV go girl, go in everything. A boy, she's my favorite. I if she could have got a of Katie, you know, the two of them dated flush team out. I mean, I think she's still trying to flush him out. I mean, girls worse. She like a bloodhound on. She's irrepressible had. The best words has ever. Good words. He's irrepressible, right. The best words I swear to God. You know, I go polar up on the computer where it I do all my internet my public library, and I pulled her up, and boy, she's she's scaring, FOX boobs and making them, you know, like they have to rush to the bathroom real quick. They're afraid of this out. Good. I'm glad they're afraid of her because I'm one hundred percent behind her and Katie, and and all them gals just took command of the hundred sixty congress, and I've just I'm just having a I just felt so good last night of jumping up and down terrific. Oh my God. You believe your show thought last night. I mean, it's like a bloodhound. Tom. Yes, she's on. And there's a hashtag now because she's twenty nine so they they do the hashtags these kids today. I where's Mitch? And that hashtag is going crazy. So I added a he's hashtag mixing in action. Hello, tom. Thanks..

Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnel tom Katie Andrea cortez Billy San Bruno Senate Lawrence Donald California Alexandria one hundred percent
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"He's got to defend a lot of seats. It's a bad map for him. And he has members who are in states that are going to feel much more blue in a presidential election year than they did in the midterm when these people were last elected in two thousand fourteen and so and he wants to he wants to be the Senate majority leader is I'm gonna be the Senate minority leader, and so many skins people liked it. But the other problem is is McConnell himself is up for re election, it a very conservative in a state that has had a democratic governor in recent time, but also has a very conservative tea party esque Republican base in. So he is trying very hard to not be the person who undermines Trump on the wall. And he's been very good about this. He always when it was bainer and McConnell McConnell was either in the majority of the minority, and we were in some sort of standoff with the Republicans. He. He always made sure that sort of bainer had to be the one who took the fall, right? He would wait back to the last minute. Let banner step on seven hundred rakes in a sideshow, Bob fashion, and then come into the end in fix it. And here he's in this position where now that Nancy Pelosi is in charge. If he puts something like there is a well he could easily solve this problem. But in doing so he would have to commit will be considered treason for maga- nation, and he's he doesn't want that on his on his resume heading into a reelection. But in do in taking that stance it by putting himself over the country. People are getting hurt. And it does not it really does not feel like there is any the possible solutions for this are McConnell does the right thing, which is not actually a possible solution because that require him to do something. He has done before or Trump has two fold which were required. Trump to do something. He doesn't not naturally do. Which is why we've been in the stalemate for a very long time. How do you think this ends? I don't know. I mean, I don't need. I this is this is I I thought I made them all -mergency thing was going to get us out of it at some point. But I mean, I still think that that is like the one thing is Trump is not encumbered by his previous statements. So he can. And he can still do the national emergency thing that is that is still as authoritarian and dangerous as it is. It is still seems like the only the most. Palatable solution for Trump, which is he can get out of it. He can say he fought for the wall. He can still lie in claim that he's trying to build the wall. And then liberal courts can stop him from doing it. And then he can complain about liberal courts. And then use the judiciary's argument for his reelection to the people who may be mad about the lack of a wall. But I mean, there's I think there was a real world where we could be in this for. Many more months. Oh god. I I don't know how that happens. I mean, the people are sort of like hanging on by a thread right now, these federal workers who aren't getting paid like I don't know what happens to folks in another couple of weeks when they've missed two paychecks three paychecks. I mean, I don't in the ripple effect. Now, you know businesses in the DC area businesses in places where there are a lot of workers and a lot of other states around the country. You know, are really starting to feel the effects of this. So I don't know. Here's a question for you. Where the fuck is the business community. Yeah. Yeah. We're the old the old economic council that Trump convened, you know. We're all those playful like like so imagine this like we're not inspecting lettuce right now at the at the normal levels. Right. Like our food has patrons are down if you own a restaurant chain or a food company. And then you are and there is some sort of food borne illness that happens on your watch that is devastating to your business..

Trump McConnell McConnell Bob fashion Senate Nancy Pelosi