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"mitch mcconnell bannon" Discussed on The New Washington

"The map in the senate is is that were laid out this year there are just fewer republicans who are in competitive race so in that sense the risk of electing a democrat because you nominate a republican who's really far to the right to isn't israel as it has been in years past that said what bannon's ultimate goal is and he's been very upfront about this is to require the republican party leadership to spend money they otherwise would have to spend defending seats in places like mississippi where there are incumbent republicans with leadership ties and men and wants to take out so yes because they're they're spending money in these states that they shouldn't have to be spending money in republicans could find themselves in in in in a compromised situation but you know at at at the end of the day i don't think steve bannon really cares if the republican party ends up spending more money and as a result loses republican suits because he's been very upfront about the fact that if a democrat replaces a republican he loathes like mitch mcconnell bannon's okay with that he so it's really about displacing who he sees as a deeply flawed republican it's not even necessarily about making sure that the person who replaces that is a republican absolutely there are many cases i believe in which steve bannon would be perfectly happy having a democrat there instead of an establishment republican his goal is just to defeat these establishment republicans what comes next can almost at times seemed like an afterthought to steve this woman had been building over time right in fact the famously jeff sessions at the embassy where tried to torch jeff sessions and january two thousand thirteen you know i had a dinner with his young aidedecamp stephen miller and jeff sessions why try to convince session.

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