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"mitch keller brubaker" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Baseball

"About there. Yeah i was ready to be there even coming into the season. I i mean it's difficult to say he's going to match the numbers because that production was mvp caliber. And i think the reason that he wouldn't have gotten a a huge number of mvp votes is the d. h. situation but maybe the game video situation does matter more than we think. I think the the problem with that discussion is that people assume it has to do with stuff like the astros cheating scandal that they're trying to actually tell what pitch is coming from. I i have no idea what the advantages for these players. I'm not in that room watching the video with them. But maybe there's something to martinez recognition of fastballs. That was really the issue had last year. Maybe there really was something to being able to get in the video room. During the game analyze. How a fastball is working in that game and he comes out and he's performing better. I have no. I don't really know. I'm prepared to say that. Jd martinez nelson cruz could end up. Being two of the top twenty hitters fantasy without stolen bases. I think they can for average and a ton of power and i mean i know. That's that's kind of bold. Maybe dumb but they look great we martinez number one in the reiter. Nelson cruz is number. Seven on the raider. Another d. h. Shohei ohtani number eleven It's the year the d. h. may be i just. I'm convinced about these guys and obviously cruises seven years older martinez but they look fantastic. It's not orioles. Pitching i jd. Martinez is going to do this all year long so if we look at him great by weight boulder would be to say that counting the stolen base is. They're in the top twenty and i did. I think you've got a strong case there. Nobody through the base qualifier. I think you're right. I there is a definite path to their top twenty finish. I said even if they don't steal even without the story. I believe like i'm trying to think of like. Can they be more valuable than whitmire. Field for a full season. If mary fields steal twenty bases i think they can although average to field steals twenty. Then yeah i mean of murphy steals thirty thirty five. That's going to be looking at the rest of the raiders. A kunas number two byron. Buxton is unbelievable. I can't believe what has happened to byron. Buxton the power. They're betting a clean up after cruise. It's unbelievable how how much power he has all of a sudden tyler naked. Can't stop playing tyler naked. They gotta keep playing while he's doing this. I didn't know. I have not added him in. Any leagues have you. I haven't been able to adamant any leagues. If i recall at believe he was in the first round pick ups and that was because of the jesse winker injury so he's capitalizing upon an opportunity but he's got a lockdown that job if he keeps performing this must grove is number five on the radovan ryan mcmahon. Who had the first three homer game. Crews jake mcgee and mark malawi's piling up the saves on the west coast. And you know we can be skeptical that they'll continue to do this but why why would we. We'll get more of the closers in the closer carousel. But jake mcgee does look right. He does he looked like he last year. For the dodgers and melanson is clearly not sharing with anybody. Gone or pomeranz or any by. So why should we assume the mcgee milan-san won't get more than thirty saves each unless injury and we can't predict that yeah. I think it's fair to throw that projected number at this point the way race mon- miranda ellen the i also was a threat mean rogers really been the set manda mcgee's he was a threat three weeks ago. We thought murata would be a threat three weeks ago. He was a threat. At the onset of spring. Training march went very badly for him. And you know what think about martinez. I missed him in daily league on sunday. I wanna get to this. And i want to be careful how i say because obviously the pandemic is far more important than fantasy baseball but jd. Martinez one on the list. I think either. Friday night or saturday morning with a cold. They weren't sure if he had the kobe and then sunday while i was out doing something else they activated him put him in the lineup and he had three home runs and i miss it. A daily league and i wasn't too happy about this. But what can you do about this like Laura's korea was on the kobe list yesterday and now today he's not. This is not the ten day injured list. We shouldn't complain but anybody who goes undercover list. Be prepared to not sit them in a fantasy league the season because they could come off that covert list hours later it. Well then we gotta dive a little deeper into gio. Shallow is the one. I'm watching for the yankees. It's for a lot of these guys. It's reactions to the vaccine and that ends up being a twenty four hour thing. They can place players onto the. I also be very careful as to finding what the rationales is for this. End the tough call for people. This week is going to be a hernandez. I've got one of those. Nfc style leads. Were you lock in your monday to thursday hitters. And they're suggesting he will miss a good chunk of the early part of the week. So i i am benching guessing a lot of this. I mean i can't. I sat jd. Martinez i don't remember for who. And and then he hits home run. I'm like oh no. I benched him. Didn't i and then he has another another. I'm like oh my god really three home runs. You gotta do that on a day. Where i say you were on the covid list this morning. And he didn't he was not a vaccine example eater mold. That's what i thought so. They put him on kind of as a precautionary thing. I i understand it. It's gonna it's going to happen. It means more homework people this year unfortunately by the way the cubs 'affair bias. I mean as the only carpet doing anything at the plate batting like one seventy a team bryant and rizzo looks terrible. And contraire us. They just had a weekend with pittsburgh where we were like. Okay they're gonna hit this pitch. And mitch keller brubaker. They didn't do anything against us. Pitching cubs look terrible. They're going to dismantle that offense. I mean during you know and trades i. Maybe that's what chris bryan needs is to be you know in cleveland or something but i just. I can't believe.

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