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"mita kyle" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

WBBM Newsradio

02:05 min | 1 year ago

"mita kyle" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Loyola the successful basketball. Coach turn again. Eight year deal worth a reported seventeen eighteen million dollars from Saint John's he wants to stay with the ramblers where they went back to back very badly titles and went to the final four and twenty eighteen athletic director, Steve Watson calling him a perfect fit for Lola and the building program something he's put a lot of effort into over the years northwestern extending their deal to play through the twenty twenty four twenty five seasons and Virginia scoring Mita. Kyle guy entering the NBA draft. Zach Miller really wanted to keep playing football that serious injury. He suffered in New Orleans two years ago as forced him to put the game side. He says he would love more than anything to be back in physically cannot give the game. And the fans what they deserve officially made that announcement on his Instagram and social media accounts game tickets for bears games go on sale tomorrow. Eight thirty pm ninety minutes after the scheduled release. You're gonna see a lot of different reports out of who's playing where when some of it is accurate and some of it won't be but you'll find out for sure by seven o'clock tomorrow night when the late makes the final decision on the twenty nineteen schedule White Sox home tonight. The hey kind Kansas City latest now from VM's Dave Kerner at the ballpark. Dave. Season's outset. Went Tim Anderson talk in terms of forgetting about how the White Sox didn't sign. Manny Machado how they're ready to go on regardless. So far Anderson is lived up to that. By example, of four fifty average ten RBI. I'm ready to play every day for those guys off my energy, whatever you guys on some of Anderson's. Teammates fed off that energy signs at turning into better baseball around when although Lopez on the mount against the royals hor. Hey Lopez who the White Sox beat back on March thirty first live guaranteed rate field. Eight Kerner News Radio one zero five point nine FM. Throwing the cubs in Miami. Coming up shortly. You can hear the six seventy score Marlins of drafting eleven of thirteen boogie cousins out for the season Golden State after tearing his left quad last night in the loss to the clippers.

White Sox Tim Anderson Zach Miller Dave Kerner Kerner Steve Watson Loyola Manny Machado Saint John Lopez basketball Virginia Marlins Lola NBA director clippers Kyle New Orleans
"mita kyle" Discussed on Dr. Death

Dr. Death

09:28 min | 1 year ago

"mita kyle" Discussed on Dr. Death

"Telephone. It was a Toronto police poster in the picture I made is wearing a crisp navy suit with maroon pocket square in a matching tie his smile's crooked and his left eyebrow cocked upwards his full beard is almost entirely gray. But it wasn't just Hammad's picture on the telephone pole. Next to him is another Afghan national emigrated to Canada Abdul Basser feisty. He was known to his friends as just bass here. He was also a regular in the church street bars, which was a shock to his wife and children. That's who reported him missing. He didn't come home from work one day. He went missing in December of two thousand ten just three months after scandal disappeared. In the picture Bassey wearing traditional Afghan dress, his salt-and-pepper goatee matches his black and white tunic. He has a big grin on his face. The third photo was scandal. Scandal is smirking from underneath a tightly trimmed goatee he has a gold earring in one ear and his shirt is open at the top button. The similarities aren't possible to ignore three middle aged men all with Brown skin. All with facial hair. Above each of their faces in red block letters is the word missing. I saw the poster in I called my good friend Christian Annely what the fuck man. Why wouldn't you tell me where it was all over TV in the news? And I was living in a tent in Nova Scotia when I was there. So psyche is in some other guys, and I go serial killer. He probably. Please from fifty one division. Where can missing today hoping these posters will jog someone's memory in a strange case of three missing men, whose only connection seems to be this neighbor. Did not know each other, but they have similar appearances. And they were not. News vans, lined church street and reporters set up on the sidewalks interviewing anyone who walked by about the disappearances. It's hard to think that they're not connected somehow by something. Plenty of people saw the connection. Mita hands is one of them. She's a longtime activist and is well connected in the queer community. Mita invited me to her home. Just south of the village. She's got a wide smile, and she's impossibly friendly. Are you? We're on meet is back patio. It is so hot. I have to keep wiping sweat from my forehead. Sure. Thank you. Indian drink it cools you down like nothing else in summertime. Mita has this wonderful habit. She'll go out of her way to introduce herself to other queer people of color. She sees on the street. That's how she Mets Gandak. A friend of mine was also, oh, we were outside exchanging dog stories shopping at the market and scan the happen to be by. And when you see another Brown queer person as Brown queer person, you get really excited. My god. Look, there's one more 'cause we all know each other and recognize each other and watch out for each other. That that level of connection that's instantaneous of knowing each other's struggles. And he was luckily really like dogs. And then we started talking I had a German shepherd at the time and she really liked him. He was very good with her. He had connections to the community. He had roots here. But that's not somebody would leave. He had given up a lot to become a part of this community. Number red flag when we didn't show up. Red flags everywhere. You know, I know people I was checking in on when the third person the second person had gone missing going. This is similarity and you kind of look like that you're Brown person with the goatee and be careful be careful. And people don't just they don't get up in their apartment. They don't get up and leave their their friends. They don't get up and leave their community that they worked so hard and lost so much to form that when people go into the village it's to seek out something that is not available to them anywhere else. People don't get up in and leave all of that. Without saying goodbye is Mita. Mita Kyle so many others. They all came around to the same conclusion that something was very wrong here. Everybody who saw the posters brought up specifically the word serial killer. I remember hearing it poster serial killer poster serial killer that this is not chance. This is not a lover's quarrel gonna ride this is a pattern. This is a definitive pattern. But as the community came around to the idea that someone was targeting Brown, gay men police were still reticent initially. I think the tones were very civil asking for help asking for knowledge -ment asking for spotlight to Sean on this. Because obviously there's something going on. And when that didn't happen. I think the tone became more urgent and more animated and finally the tone became very angry of wire you not listening. If we see this is happening if everybody we know sees that this is happening. How can you not see this? Why are you not seeing this? How can you not see? This is exactly how most of the community felt it's exactly how I felt. But the police weren't seeing it or if they were they weren't saying so publicly this is officer Tony Vela speaking to queer newspaper extra in two thousand thirteen those are just the similarities between all three men. This mean, anything it's still unclear at this point. It could mean something, but at this point is still unclear the theory that's to be driving the police investigation. And the media coverage is that these men just took off maybe how meat and Basser went back to Afghanistan, even without their passports, maybe scandal skip town. Maybe nothing bad happened at all what we're looking at right now as a missing person investigation. That's what we have is foul play suspect. It's still unclear so right now a task force of officers have been assigned to the investigation the following on all different leads trying to turn exactly what's happened to the three men, and they don't even know each other. There's no evidence. This is just a even knew. So that's what's concerning here. But the key thing is urging anyone that we know who three men are if you haven't contacts police police give us a call, regardless of if you think formations relevant or not call us. Kyle did call he sat down with police to try to help solve his friend's disappearance. The first investigators did an amazing job like they didn't make me feel intimidated like I talked about sex and marijuana and booze in gay village. And they didn't bad ni- or anything you want a coffee, you they were very professional about it. And so, you know, how do you know, how well did, you know? I mean, do you know in of his family you wear you seem last what was he wearing? What did he do for work? Where do you come from? Where do you go? Where did you mean where did you spend time like a lot of questions? It was about four and a half five hours spent with them. Did you mention versus neighbor? Did you say, you know, I said that the Lhasa my talking, and then I gave a physical description I tried to look them up on the internet. And that his name was Bruce, and I didn't know. Oh, surname. I gave them not really enough details to track them down. But they had said that they had other people mention, and they even tried to leave me on like, do, you know, kind of work. Do you do like side with flowers or lawns was Arborist? So they somebody else had talked about, Bruce, but they didn't have enough juice to go. So what are the first interviews? You did they had said, oh, we know that this person's another friend of one of the other guys had mentioned, Bruce. And they didn't give me enough details. I mean, one of the other men had dated Bruce the last time I saw that's what happened with BRUCE'S there.

Mita Kyle Brown BRUCE'S Abdul Basser Canada Hammad Bassey Toronto Mets facial hair Lhasa Christian Annely Nova Scotia Arborist marijuana officer Sean Tony Vela Afghanistan