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"mister william love" Discussed on Building Characters

"Where back and I'm bringing my two tweets from the top of the episode? Starting with Mister William Love. Hello William I love your last name thank you you can think my mother for letting me she per maiden name she. She fought hard for that one. So what do you do here to him. I work on our HR team. I handle a benefits and wellness for twitter so keeping people mentally we physically well. When I was in college I was a history? Major that does not translate into working in the tech industry in any way whatsoever. And when I got out I I sort of jumped into. They have sort of those entry level you know market development reps and sales development where you do a lot of cold calling very unglamorous which which is not a word and it's just not really fun engaging work and honestly my twitter story kind of by accident. I was sort of mindlessly looking for jobs at my house and I get a phone call actually from a staffing agency and they need someone to come in here and do various sort of you know. Menial filing paperwork paperwork me. My job was to sit in a closet for six seven hours a day. Just file thing. I know that closet big closet. You're used to always be in. Ah Yes love literally and metaphors so I spent a lot of time in there. I do want to let a lot of our listeners audience now that hey twitter is not only tech. We have other roles. A lot of people think that they have to have a software engineer. A coding background to work at twitter. And you really don't about a half a rolls or non integral all you have to do is determination and show that you care about this platform and then you know overtime. It's sort of evolved and I started learning a lot of things and I was rewarded for the year and a half of hard work that I put in actually being converted into a full time employee so it was very very unexpected. I've been here. Gosh three and a half years now and like if you had told me in two thousand fifteen that would be working at twitter. I honestly wouldn't have lead you as you can see. See you can come to twitter from any type of background even as a history major. Just like William did and now let's bring back Jordan Jackson and hear his story when I know. What do you do here at twitter? Most offer engineer on health and reporting team before I came in I was active duty and US Air Force served Abou- how almost six years I always wanted to make my own company like of course beyond the bay area. Everyone is obsessed with tech so I wanted to have my own company. One day Tom Kept run into this problem where I didn't have a technical co founder. I didn't have anyone to a code. And then our money to pay anyone Didn't have anyone who's like ability for you. so My solution for that was to teach myself how to cope. So that's how I landed into coding in It was something I picked up a couple of times actually I. I probably started learning how to cope. Maybe two or three times then. I like we'll come back to it And so One day hours on base and I was Speaking with one of the pilots Because that's my job in here. I helped pilots before they took off on missions and I was just talking about like I think I'll blackbirds actually. And then he he randomly just say like go on no one to buy groceries and I was like Oh really. Can you introduce me to this person. So it was really like Randall. which is how I met John Longtime ago and over? The course of I want to say Maybe a year to eighteen months like we just like a really great relationship. While I was still active duty still learn how to code and by the end of my list. Many constantly like on her like getting out Air Force Like.

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