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"mister jon cryer" Discussed on The Daily Beans

"And I'm pretty optimistic as as a person but this seems highly problematic politically for Democrats. I'm not sure how they get around it. I'm not either it's I it does feel like people because they're stuck at home At least on social media they seem to be paying attention so that's that's nice and And and there's been interesting of pulling effects to like Usually the rally round the flag aspect of pulling is incredibly powerful. When there's something when there's a national crisis like this and this is by the way national crisis that is unparalleled in you know in in my life I have not been a you know. I'm trying to think of a national crisis that that came as close and had this much effect on my day to day living. And I I can't think of one right away you know and you know so. I I but interestingly trump got he got a rally rally around the flag bump for a very short period of time and it appears to almost completely dissipated at this point which is which is fascinates me. 'cause that's you know. America when we feel we're in crisis tends to rally around its leader very powerfully and that is not occurring. Yeah I think Bush's popularity rating or approval rating. Went up to like eighty percent or something after after nine eleven and and I mean just unprecedented numbers. I think he peaked at fifty or fifty five and now he's back down in the forties. Yeah so yeah So it does seem like people are paying attention to some degree And you know I it's a you know. And the fact that the administration seems to have no plan for going forward. I mean this has been driving me crazy. It's like even if even if you say you're GONNA claim you know. We weren't flat-footed we we. We had a travel ban on China. Even that's now appearing to have been a largely ineffective he. Can you know you can always argue that? In hindsight we screwed up. But you know we. We given the information we had. We did the best we could. You can always make that but not having a plan. Going forward is inexcusable. Or or saying. Oh Ivanka's GonNa come up with something. No Ivanka I for some reason. The the knockoff handbag lady You know as God lover for a for making a living doing that. I don't believe is going to be doing a great job with it. I don't think her or her husband. Have the answers that we need? So it'll be interesting to see what happens there but yeah this is. This is a crisis of proportions that I think a lot of us can even fathom right now because we're in it but you know I am. I'm very concerned about about how we're going to vote how we're going to vote in this election and I'm interested to see With a little bit of worry and a sort of a you know a dash of anxiety In their how how it all plays out. Yeah it'll be very interesting to see how further primaries happen. How what what's the next one. Do you know what the next primary no I think. They all got pushed back to June nine. June twenty third I. New York's June twenty third We had you know Wisconsin. Obviously and we're waiting for results. Were supposed to get those tomorrow in an Alaska. The results came in today and that was but they were all vote by mail. And that was I think. Fifty five to forty four something like that. And I haven't seen any returns on the Wisconsin Debacle have we heard how to what extent a voter voting went down. The I haven't even seen any exit. Polls or turn outnumbers for Wisconsin. I haven't seen any results and I you know I keep paying the page but everything seems to like. It's going to be coming out tomorrow but I. I'm assuming that there weren't any exit polls done because people didn't want to risk contracting the virus who's going to answer them. I mean you're GONNA have to yell. Your answers in Fronton. I don't know how you were. I don't know how you do that. As a pollster. Yeah no one's going to be wanting to yell out. I voted for Marianne Williamson. Well thank you so much for helping parse this issue today tell everyone we went over this a little bit before we started recording where they can find supergirl right now. It's it's there's a couple of different places most complicated as a voting time It is the CW APP which is free an awesome. You can watch the last five episodes of supergirl But if you want anything further back than that you streaming on Netflix and but that will only be for the next few months because then it's all going to go over to HBO. Max So all right so get it while it's hot You mentioned while you can And you can also follow John at At Mister Jon Cryer. No agent John on twitter. Thank you again for for speaking me today. I really appreciate it. You always a pleasure. All right stick around. We'll be right back with the good news right after this everybody would say gee this portion brought to you by human right. Now we're all living quarantine life. It can be hard to stay focused and productive not curl up into a ball and just snack the pandemic away which I can't have been doing. We've all got to keep fighting. We have.

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