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"mister gale" Discussed on TuneInPOC

"I the Whistler, no many things, for I walk by night. I know many strange tales, many secrets hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. And so I tell you tonight the incredible tale of the letter. Hans minkler, the young biologist only half heard the speech of the leader of the 7 scientists, for Hans was dreaming of his beloved experiments. His experiments and the pretty niece of M galet, the lovely vielle, who had been living in Vienna these past four years. Kindly, Monsieur galette was interested in Hans minkowski theories, and Hans was hoping galet might finance them. Well, doctor minkler, I studied the outline of your proposed experiments, and I've come to the conclusion that you can accomplish great things. Well, that makes me very happy, mister Gale. How much do you think you need to carry on? I feel quite sure that I could get along for a couple of years on 5000. If my cell experiments proved successful, human life may be prolonged considerably. I have all the faith in the world in her hands and go. My niece is certainly sold on your ability, doctor England. So are you uncle you may as well admit it. Young men with your principles are all too scarcity. Europe seems to be saturated with men who claim they want to save mankind. They all seem to want to arrive at it through a destructive method. Well, it's only a temporary condition. Who do you plan to have a system could last, court? Well, I haven't decided yet. Good as a fine young man. Yeah, as he was a good student, but he's drifted away from his studies, he's become absorbed in politics. I have thought you out with 5000. Is that the way you want to be? Yes, you're a darling. I hope someday I may be able to repay you. See what that is for you. Come into the library, hunts. I'll give you a check. Yes, that's correct. Oh, good evening court. Hello, Bill. Well, how are you? I'm very well tourist. You're very lovely this evening. Thank you. Yes, indeed, the prettiest girl in Vienna is Hans here, I said I'd pick him up on my way down down. Yes, he's talking to one girl. I was talking business. Oh, I have had a busy day. Not in the powers to go around. Sit down, good. Thanks. Good. Why are you giving up your career? Biology? No, I don't know. But you could do so much good. It was a well equipped to carry on in science. Think of the things you have to be done. I'm going to do things great thing. I mean things that were really benefit mankind. Well, that's what I mean, too. You know, you sound like Hans. I'm just very sad about your dropping your work. You got it on your helping him and his experiment. Well, he'll get over it. Besides those experiments can wait a while. Hunt is going ahead. Who's going to help him? I am if no one else. You. How can you help him? I can learn biology. But it'll take a lot of money to do what he plans. He has the money. It's all arranged. My uncle has been announced him. Your uncle? Yes. Well, I wish Han's luck. And I'm going to marry him. What? You enhance. Well, what a surprise. Yes, I have made up my mind. I see. Well, I guess. Good evening good. Glad to see you. Good evening. Hello court. Oh, have you heard the good news? Yes, we have just told me. And I wish you both good luck. I hope you'll be very happy. It wins the wedding. Wedding? What wedding? Oh, yes. To me, of course. Typical abs in mind and professor. See, look, I have the money for my experiments. We better run along. We have an appointment at 8. Oh, yes, done meeting. I forgot to be right with you. Goodbye, misses. Darling. Good night. I'll

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