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"It right back to the garage. I don't know. I just know I didn't use it, and I know my brother didn't either. He doesn't hold up a candy store or shoot anybody, my brother wouldn't do anything like that. What time did you get home? I have to keep telling you. You have to keep telling me. Around 12 o'clock, so maybe a little after. There was a cop waiting for me. He'll remember what time better than I do. You went to the movie? Yeah. What time did you get to the movie? After 8 sometime. What was playing? Two pictures, mister lucky and lady takes a chance. They're reissues, aren't they? I saw them before a long time ago. The good ones, I wanted to see them again. Your brother runs a gas station, didn't he? Yeah. I like does he work? He knew his ladle around 7. How did your brother do in his gas station? He does all right. Makes pretty good money. You don't work. No, no, I've been looking for a job. How old are you, George? 22. John's 28th. Yeah. When's your mother and father die? Mom died when we were kids. They had about 5 years ago. And John's been supporting. I told you, I was trying to get a job. It's not easy. But I want to talk to you again. You can stick around home. Sure. My brother didn't do it, lieutenant. Awful lot of evidence, George. But he didn't. We will talk about it later. Bye, George. And I listen. Hard. Yes, lieutenant. George walker's coming out, put a man on him. Right. What's the matter, Ben, you look unhappy. I'm tired. Once a coffee. He got it made. No, but the lonely take a second. Well, you won't have time hospital call. It's all right to see misses out. Oh, okay. Here's the report on John walker. On good months, he averages about 300 clear pays 85 hours a month on the mortgage. A lot of people doing a whole lot worse. Let's get World Cup and taking down to the hospital with us. This is Albert. Misses elbert. Yes. What is this? This is lieutenant Guthrie and sergeant Griffin. They want to talk to him. We won't take long. All right. We want you to tell us if you've ever seen this man before. Move up John. This is Albert. I don't know. I'm not sure. Could he be one of the men who held up your store? I don't know. He looked. I don't know. He isn't the one in the shot of one of the guns. He isn't? No. He's not sad one. Are you sure? Yes. I'm sure. Well, misses Albert several people say they saw this man run away from your store. I don't remember the other one too well. The one good person door. Real quick. And then what are they doing? Easy. One I remember. He was in the middle of the room. So happy. Too quick. The other one I didn't really know this. I think that's about enough when I looked at it. My husband did. And we'll do everything we can, misses Elmer. Boys can you do? That's all. Hope you didn't have anything to do with it, young man. All right, hold for your sake, you didn't. Is it terrible thing? Thanks, man. Yeah. Yeah, here's lieutenant. More right, send him mister dill for. While as a coffee all right. Come in, mister dill. You met sergeant Graham. Have a seat. Thank you. Mister Dell, we know definitely the man you identified this morning wasn't the one who actually did the killing. He was one of the men who ran away his next door. Well, we're interested in the other man now. What does he look like? I could tell gal just walking by when I heard the shot and then the screen, the door of the store flew over and came in, came out of a running. The first one, went in front with the one I pointed out to line up. You didn't notice the other man, you know, exactly. I got the kind of look at him, but all happens fast, I guess I was more interested in the other one. The one I recognized. You don't think you could identify the other one? Well, they separated like a soldier. They started running in different directions. I would have to the one who kind of station wagon. I got his license number. You went right after him? Well, I took a look and Stewart first, I wanted to see what was going on. Then you went after him. When I went after the one with the station wagon, yes, I saw the two people lying on the floor and blood and I just went after him. How far did you chase him before he got in the station way? Oh, about your block, I guess. How far away from him were you when he drove the station wagon on? Oh, I don't know who gets about to pee. We were across from the station wagon or behind it. It was behind it. I was chasing you. Yes, I know, but he didn't cut across the street, the station wagon wasn't parked on the other side of the station. No, he just ran up the black station, man was parked on the same side of the street. Well, did he turn around and look back at him? Well, I told him that I don't think so. He just ran up the car and drove off before I could catch him. But you recognize. I'm sure the man this morning the lineup. You don't remember anything about the other one. Oh, no, no, no, I'm sorry. All right, mister Dillon. Is that all? That's all, and thank you. Oh, sure, you anytime. Yes. If this man was running away from you, you were behind him the whole time. You were about 50 feet away behind the wagon when he drove off. I should think it would be a little hard to tell much about a man under those circumstances. When I got a good look, oh, a darn good luck. You said he didn't turn around. Well, no. I don't think that. I don't remember that well. I got to look at him when he ran out that door. We have right past me. Oh, I got a look at him there. All right, mister Dillon. Yo, he was a guy. I got a good look. Yeah. You think you're welcome again? We'll call you if we do. What are you doing then? Trying to get a description of a man who used the gun. Yeah. And while you're doing it, you practically made Bill a liar. The way he tells it or I should say the way you got it out of him, he couldn't have made a positive identification of a man who ran past him through a doorway, then showed him his back for the rest of the time. The lineup this morning dealing with others didn't say a word till they heard you read off the charges. But before they went in, they knew whoever we had was the winner won't the station wagon. The station wagon. Dale got the license number. The car was still warm. I know I know. But then what are you trying to do? I'm trying to find out who killed a man in the candy store. By making a liar out of the best witness, you've got who's making a liar. Well, you're trying to put your mind if we find out what the other three witnesses have got to say. Well, you don't have to be jumpy. I don't. Well. Here's lieutenant. Senator misses Evans. I'm sorry, Ben. Maybe you better put some more sugar in your coffee, huh?

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