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"mister colin quinn" Discussed on The Jimmy Tingle Show

"Hey everybody, this is Jimmy tingle. Welcome to the Jimmy tingle show appropriately named, I think. This is our first episode of our video show in podcast and I couldn't be happy today to introduce my first guest. My friend Colin Quinn and I go way back. We go back to the 1980s in the comedy clubs in Boston and in New York. I got to meet him way back in the day. He was a big influence to me. A good friend and we've been friends ever since going back, whatever that is. 35 years, 40 years, whatever it is. But he's done a lot of great things you may know him from weekend update on Saturday Night Live. He's been in a ton of movies and he's been pursuing the one person show format for the last, I don't know, 20, 25 years or so, and he's done a ton of them, and they're all great. And I want to talk to him about that because he's in Boston. This Thursday night, doing his show at the Wilbur theater. So please welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen, the one the only from New York City, mister Colin Quinn. Yes. Hi, Jimmy. We first met, I saw Jimmy tingle. They go, you gotta watch this guy, Jimmy tingle. And I was up here at Boston in one of these clubs. And he goes on stage and he goes, folks. I'm the pink wonder. One minute later, he goes, the czar of one of town. Look at him, he has like ten nicknames that he gave himself. He kept his head, and he goes, folks. Spike tingle. It was a hilarious act, but it was she was very unique. I knew from the beginning I said, this guy's really great. He's really great. A man of many nicknames. Yes, he gave himself like 8 big names during that. Well, Colin, you know, when I was trying to get booked at the ding Ho. Barry Clemens. I was about daytime bartender and open mic perform. I said, Barry, why don't you book me? He goes, Jimmy. I can't tell Steven Wright and Lenny Clark and Paula pound so not to come in on Saturday night because we're going to book tingle. He goes, you got to start your own room, start your own room, you can book it, you can host it, you'll get all sorts of practice. So I found that room in Watertown mocks pub and Watertown. I think it was Barry nicknamed me the czar of Watertown because you didn't get into Watertown Massachusetts unless you went through me.

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