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"mister barber" Discussed on Daily Pop

"You guys. Bridgerton is streaming now on Netflix and don't forget to catch the E special Justin in love, the Bailey wedding. Coming next summer. You guys, we'll be right back. I'm getting married at the budget account. Over the weekend, Britney Spears and her fiance, Sam asghari announced they have lost their miracle baby. The couple said it's a devastating time and they thanked everyone for their support. They added our love for each other is our strength and we will continue trying to expand our beautiful family, our thoughts are with you, Britt. Shifting gears now to the stars of Downton Abbey, they are back on the big screen, and they told us about all the fun. The fashion and why things got really stinky when Lonnie came to set. Sit down. I've come into possession of a villa in the South of France. You never thought to turn it down. Do I look as if I turned down a villa in the South of France? I feel so proud because I think the hardest thing to do is to keep an idea like this going and make it fresh and still preserve all the things that people like about it. And I never thought it would be possible to go as far as we've gone, but I do feel that this movie, it's sort of brought the whole thing back to life. It's really fresh again. It's funny. It's, it has a sort of feeling of being really alive. We just have a ridiculous amount of fun. None of us would have dared imagine that we'd be still here after 12 years of working together. It's just the absolute dream. We've had three goodbyes, and we're like, is this the last goodbye? Will there be another goodbye? I think I speak on behalf of all of us that we'd all. We don't love to come back and do another one. Mister barber is a producer and director. There is something about him. Like a wild animal ready to spring. Ready to spring on you? You mean? I enjoyed it a lot. I didn't know what to expect. Because I didn't know how you don't ever know how it's gonna be like jumping in, right and joining in something that's so established, but they were delightful. I mean, throughout the show, you know, they were costumes that I am involved corsets, which weren't very comfortable in the first series. So I'm glad we're not wearing those anymore. It's in the early days it would have been the corsets. But now they're a bit better. Now it's probably the shoes. Just nothing practical, really, but they're closer to the Israeli square. All of this stuff from the South of France is super cute that I had like some kimono dresses in white pants. I love the bathing suits. I thought they pulled them up and looked great. With vintage pieces. They put some have to work very hard to keep everything fresh. We were filming outside these sort of lunchtime scenes that look very casual and relaxed, but actually we're all trying to hold our noses between takes because things go off in the heat as we know. You.

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