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"mister alexander vivement" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Get your monthly the big show here today does a foothold in the eight o'clock hour and then former New York hockey ranger great runny do gay in the man that coach the Rangers to that unbelievable Stanley Cup win back in nineteen ninety four Mike Keenan both live in studio with Bernie and I'm gonna make a run with those two guys to a very big charity kids charity for the I think it's the kind of the Columbia bank and it's an unbelievable story started go case you saw that very impressive so three of us army runny and Michael go together to that and then I'll do some lunch later on today with Cory's only to a board and my wife and then I'll go to the Christmas tree lighting so I got a big day ahead of me but not nearly as big as Jerry Nadler because all fat so was back in charge after Adam Schiff has been controlled the last couple of weeks and burn on what can we expect later on today all right Sir not a lot better going to have they have four witnesses scheduled I mean I listen you better to have some coffee and some red were already up sweaty got they got for a constitutional scholars a college professor like that I do like Jonathan try like Jonathan Turley as well yeah if you want to be if you want to take you feel like you're in school again watch this the impeachment hearing today I you know I don't even know if they're pre empting the you the the usual Dr Phil and all that stuff I don't delay on this time I don't think they are at this time we'll find out to result they got four of professors three of them are pro impeachment and one of them is anti impeachment and that one is the main the main you just mentioned Jonathan Turley who is a Democrat a lit he's a lefty but he's one of these like Alan Dershowitz you know he's he called balls and strikes and he says he doesn't think anything warrants impeachment and that's gonna be the Republicans witness today so it's three against one N. done the report came out yesterday from a pencil that cash out of bullshit if it isn't it all mid is a whole bunch of stuff for example love well let's take would take this guy yeah Radcliffe asking a Jennifer Williams and Mister Alexander Vivement oaks use me lieutenant colonel yes you them that if they ever used or heard of bribery take on hold democratic members of this committee gave TV and radio interviews.

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