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"mission accomplishment institute" Discussed on Veteran On the Move

"In a little bit with some of the skill sets. You learned with deal with people in the Marine Corps. Mission Accomplishment Institute of this and those kinds of things, and how your experience as a veteran has helped her hindered you. Making making your way into the music industry. Yeah, that's a great question. I think first of all the biggest takeaway from the military for made Marine Corps specifically was just being tenacious, being self discipline and being I. Call Myself Stubborn Hope I'm still hopeful. It sounds almost impossible to make it in the music industry, but it's not It requires building the right team. preparation communication these things. Things have implemented within the studio. Aspects studios are expensive. You know unless you're doing in your basement, which which I'm not doing it with a group of highly skilled individuals, and so I kind of take command of the situation, I make sure that everybody knows they're part. Make sure that we communicate effectively. I went to school for Audio Engineering and music production. So that was a beautiful of. Opportunity to learn the language. Recording artists and the engineer are usually speaking two different languages so being able to have effective communication in the studio and get your point across when the you know, the Mike is is recording, or you're doing another take and having that communication is really really beautiful, and that's something that I developed the Marine Corps that's. For, sure of another thing for that, that was a huge victory for me. I've just started Jim quits. Book called limitless, and he talks about getting rid of negative self-talk, and that's something that I've struggled with a lot of my life, and I think that's something for whatever reason the military, because a pure accountability. Maybe we're sometimes too hard on herself. Learning to love yourself, learn to give yourself grace, compassion empathy, and just continuing grinded out of knowing that. If you're not comparing yourself to anybody else BA throwing, comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, then you can know how to how to evolve in how to progress. Think that's been some of the biggest victories for me. It's great so like some of the people you're currently working with or or may have worked with in the recent past has has have any of them, said Because when you started talking about I I come in I take control of the situation and. He's like Oh. He's a fire team leader here here. He Goes I. Have you had any of the guys? You know women to get people you're working with. In the in the music. Industry. Like key in on the fact that I can tell you a marine I can tell your military guy in like in a positive way. Definitely. Yeah I've had a lot of people. Don't like wow, man. You're very like consistent and concise. Communicator, which is something I value which is something that you learned in the military like? Everywhere counts every direction matters timeliness, clear and concise communication is absolutely effective. Remedy exactly and I think I think also being confident enough to take charge. There's something weird. I don't want to diss musicians or something weird about some musicians that are kind of. Take a step back I. Don't know how to authoritative I'm not saying that that's always the case for the Camby. I I also went to school when I was twenty eight. Most of the kids were twenty, one, twenty, two there still getting their. Feet underneath them in the continent up speed authoritative with love and respect always at building that team of people who know how to listen to know how to communicate effectively. people have definitely noticed and they've appreciated I think it surprised a lot of people I look a lot younger than I have and nobody really thinks. RECON SCOUT SNIPER BECAUSE I don't really care myself that way, but yeah, it's been. It's been highly effective to have. All of these skill sets that I learned in nineteen year old ban and bring that into the into the music industry. Absolutely all right cool so What are some of? The. Breakthrough moments you've had since since she started with be since you came to Nashville or when you finally when he moved to. New York like some of this break, free moments like. Oh, we we! We landed a big IG or Ended a big record contract, or those kinds of things short short, so I would say some I small victories. I would get worse in in new. York I was This goes back to maybe the the tenacity of marine I would just walk door to door in Manhattan and and go businesses in bars like. Do you guys have music if you do? How do I get books? If you don't why not, and can I can I bring something in bringing the whole? PA SYSTEM SET UP. Bring in a bunch of people that WANNA drink beers. And spend some money and so. With my ability to do that wound up. Booking gigs regularly throughout Manhattan which is a really busy competitive marketplace. That led up to started I started performing in a Hyatt's in square, which is just pure chaos and they were doing this was did a bunch of soft openings for them when they finally WanNa do their grand opening. They invited Jason Derulo. WHO's really famous hip hop, artists, millions and millions of dollars, followers strengths, and they asked me to open up for so that was a huge victory for me, and that was strictly be intonation is going door to door and ask in companies. Do you want like Buzek? Can I provide that I'll do a damn good job and. Your you know your prophets will will if of. You. When you moved to New York or read deployed different kinds of music. Yeah I mean it's so hard to find my, or I would consider myself like folk pop, Indie things like Jack Johnson, or luminaires or buffeted sons kind of down home stuff. pop focused, but very much storytelling lot of wide open spaces. They might production I like I like to be moved by one instrument one one voice. You know obviously not limited to that, but I think that's the mark of a true musician. If you can move somebody with the simplicity of all that At least that's by Bob So, yeah, never really been country. Some people might consider me country. It's funny. These lines get so blurred with within genres. I think we're all borrowed from each other now. Coming out, it's like. reggae s with Banjo and it's been. It's been fun being creative It's hard to to cut through the noise in this in this industry, but I think we're having some success at it. You see there's a lot of country music. That's not even very country anymore. Some people. That's I think that's has attributed to the popularity of country. Music is because it's gone more mainstream has of pop mixed. That kind of thing a lot of. The original country people don't like it. 'cause sounds too much like pop. That kind of thing, so yeah, that's excellent, Mexican restaurant yesterday and I heard Mexican wrap it was. It was it was in Spanish and it was had the Mexican kind of music theme to it, but it was like rap and. Although like I wonder if the songs popular I heard a couple of the waitresses. Singing along with it. You know as they walked. This must be a popular Mexican racks. Ever heard Mexican wrap so. so just a little bit about what's going on with you. These days in Nashville sure. Yeah, so I moved to Nashville and somebody hits the about instagram. Two months after I moved here. They said Hey. We're doing the TV show national TV show about a musician's single musicians who are trying to find love and trying to sign maybe musical partners. Wound up. Being a bachelor franchise wasn't aware of it. I went through a few interviews with them. I got You know what I jokingly say. It's oaken veteran spot on the show. Came in had a really good time with everybody. learned a lot less than some the hard way, but I got to perform in front of people, Jason Razz Katcha. Toni. Braxton Andy Grammer. It was just a dream come. And I got to meet some of the coolest people in my.

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