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"miss world america" Discussed on Nightly Pop

"Tonight on nightly pop? I won't believe me if you want bitch. I wanna be big. I got to eat in the mother. She and the iga Ho call me. They've tried to tell me not to say certain things on this show. We know we've been in the position right now. You're gonna kiss her? That is her ex. Oh. Oh, you wanna tell me that? It's looking program listen to my TV. By the way, this is delicious. We have a we've been a slide into bed with us starting right now. Welcome to nightly pop. It's the end of our second to last week in our spirits, have never been higher. Great, intro. It's really the energy is just palpable. We're getting in here every day, ready to work excited to talk about 90 day fiance again. Yeah. All of it. How you guys feeling? I have to say, this is a little bit feeling like you're living with your ex after a breakup. Yes. You do your ex every once in a while. And that situation. It's very, you do. No, we all. No, no, no curly. What we're excited to keep sleeping with you guys. I don't know. The fans have been so kind. So we are doing this for them. I will any of you. You already are. A few of them. Yeah. I will say when you guys told everyone to send me nudes. They did. Not everybody. Only women in their late 50s. Did they actually send you? Yeah, I've probably got like, are you serious? You have social dozen to a dozen. What? I probably got half a dozen older women send me some like, I think they were waiting for an opportunity to send a nude. Like this lady should be ashamed. You ladies should be embracing your beauty. The doctor had my post-op with the doctor and the doctor said you're recovering so much faster than most people and she goes, did you do anything different? I go, I've been looking at a lot of boobies on my DMs because of my two favorite people in the world more than you know. Oh my God. And she goes, that is what is doing it. Thanks, guys. Yeah. All right, we're going to talk about our favorite girl, Kim Kardashian went on court in last night and gave an update on her love life. She's taking things slow, but considering making a change. How does Kim K get a date? I haven't really thought about it because I just am not looking. I just want to chill for a minute, but I think my next route will, I feel like I have to do something like go to different places. Clearly it's not working, whatever I'm doing. Right. So I don't know, maybe like a hospital and meet a doctor. What? A law firm. I think it's going to be like scientists, neuroscientists, biochemists. Doctor attorney, that's right. Maybe what I envisioned. I like where your mind's at here. But it sounds like she's saying that she's not meeting guys who are like emotionally or she wants someone smarter. Yeah. She dated a 28 year old guy. Like, what did she like, of course? I mean, she had her fun with him. And that's clearly what it was, and I think it's perfect that they broke up when they did. I can't get over how tiny she is. Yeah. Tiny. Yeah, I mean, ever since this ever since Met Gala, which you had to lose the weight for the Marilyn Monroe. But we don't know if she got smaller or her head just got bigger. So I feel like if she wants to be in a serious long-term relationship, it needs to be somebody like in his mid to late 40s who is divorced, also has two kids. Oh my God. Works in private equity, you know. You're planning number three. All right, Lisa was just like us after getting network notes. Somebody directions we could get. She was asked to tone it down after the Emmys. But you can't contain lizzo. TikTok told us to try and not curse during the live, but lizzo had other ideas. I won't believe me if you want bitch. I wanna be bitch. I got the end of the she and the iga Ho. Call me. I mean, are we really in the era now where we're telling people not to cuss? I mean, I feel like it's not a big deal anymore. That was a lot, but still. That was a lot. That was a lot. She was being extra on purpose just because they told, that's the thing you can't tell people, because once they know what the Achilles healer is, they go for it. A 100%. They've tried to tell me not to say certain things on this show. We know we've been in the position we're in now. Yeah. Big time. It does that. And you took us down with you. Not my fault. Hey. Oh my God, okay, we're moving on because hunter isn't the only one nursing a back injury. I don't feel like you're nursing. I feel like we can't say that anymore. I feel like you're thriving. I think he may have been honest with us about this recovery. Remember when it was going to be the biggest deal? Yeah. It was, it was going to be like, oh, I don't know if I can ejaculate correctly. Remember all that stuff you told us? It was so much. Did you say that on set, right? No, I said that. Oh, he told us privately. No, I said it on set. I said, okay. I said on set because I got told specifically afterwards to stop talking about it. Okay. You know what? But you're just you're thriving. So what was the point of that intro? Josh Duhamel, that's what it was. Got rushed to the hospital just hours before his wedding and throwing out his back on a park. Oh, God. Oh my God. He looks a little stiff there. He married former miss world America, audra Mary, who told Vogue Australia. He slipped a dog. But managed to push through the pain with a cortisone. Oh, I'd be pissed. Pissed at who? The world. What was he doing? Twerking or something dumb at his age. You know, you're not right before weddings, men do them. They get way too excited. You know he did something. You know, he was doing too much. I'm happy to bring those. I've seen him at sushi randomly after work like a few times in the valley. Okay. I was very random. I was not with him. Handsome? Offensively so. Like so gorgeous, like I am hideous compared to that. There are some people who are very attractive on TV, but when you see them in person, you're like, holy. What do you think we are? Do you think we look the same? Oh. I always wonder about that. I think we look the same. Don't you? Oh, I think we're much more beautiful in person. Oh. I would say, I prefer that compliment. I prefer that you look better in person. Of course. Could you imagine? I'd be in so much more therapy already. Anyway, whatever. Oh, my favorite boy. Timothée Chalamet just revealed the career advice Leonardo DiCaprio gave him. Timothy told British Vogue Leo said no hard drugs and no superhero movies. Full. No superhero movies? Damn. We haven't seen Leo in a superhero movie. Oh, 'cause he wants to be a certain type of actor. Yeah. Yeah, I also think he's giving the advice to Timothée Chalamet because dosing is, you have to be really careful and with Timothée Chalamet even a whiff of Coca-Cola. It's pretty small man. Also what superhero is he going to play. Baby groot. Baby groot. Hunter, you act like you and him ain't the same size. We're not the same size. I guarantee you. Oh no, you didn't use we met his trikes yesterday. Yeah, you met my witch. Would you guys are in the same weight class? No, I guarantee you. Like, if you're boxing in the box and he's a Lima bean, hunter's a puffy bean. I'm like a snap pea. It's nothing wrong with it. He looks good. He's giving Olsen. Oh, love it. I'm like, I'm like a but you look, you look healthy. You look I'm healthy. I'm like a chickpea, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Do you guys know what the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpeas? No. I wouldn't pay a $100 to let a garbanzo bean on my face. That's a classic joke. If you guys want to use that. It's a fun family thing. Holidays are coming up. I love it. All right, we have to take a break, but coming up a reality Saturdays is a limb and a fine. I have something

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