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"miss wilton" Discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

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"miss wilton" Discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

"Understand totally what it feels like. To be overlooked in neglected. Just, not neglected in silence. I should tell you that these allegations from this whistleblower are not isolated complaints. NBC News is spoken to four different lawyers who represent women who were detained in that federal facility in Georgia who are making similar claims according to NBC's reporting. One of the lawyers represents two women who were detained at the facility. Who say they received hysterectomies that they believe may have been unnecessary. Another lawyer represents says she went to the doctor's office furnace exam the exam left her with bruising. An attorney for the doctor against whom these allegations have been made. says. His client quote vigorously denies these allegations will be cleared of any wrongdoing when the facts come out for its part ice immigration and customs enforcement refused to comment on the allegations from those lawyers who spoke to NBC News. But they have released a statement tonight in response to the allegations and the whistleblower complaint it says in part, these accusations will be fully investigated by an independent office. However, ice vehemently disputes the implication that detainees are used for experimental medical procedures. The health welfare and safety of ice detainees is one of the agency's highest priorities. Any assertion or claim to the contrary is false and intentionally misleading. Statement goes on to say quote, a coordinated ice data since two thousand, eighteen, only two individuals at Irwin County detention center. Referred to certified, credentialed medical professionals at gynecological and obstetrical health care facilities for hysterectomies. Referred for historic hysterectomies or not more than two women are saying they got them and more than two women are telling lawyers as part of this complaint that they don't know why they got them and that they don't think they needed. It's now is JACOB SOBER OFF EMERSON MSNBC correspondent and the author of course of separated inside an American tragedy, which is the seminal book on the Child Separation Policy that I think is relevant context here, Jacob thanks for making time to talk about this reporting that you've done today I know it's been a really busy day. Thank you so much racial have here. So you have this remarkable interview with this whistle blower this nurse who has worked at this facility in Georgia Chris. Hayes was also able to talk with her live along with her lawyer in the last hour, but due to be clear as compelling as her story is first person story is the allegations aren't coming solely from her right. There are things that are that other people in that other lawyers for other people have declared as part of this complaint that would seem to backup what she's saying. I'm glad you brought that up for us. It was important to corroborate the allegations in this whistle blower complaint from MS wound I wanted to speak with her myself which obviously. I did but also to corroborate the allegations of the migrants who were detailed whistle blower complaints. With Julian, I spoke to a four different lawyers today and everyone of them has said that they had a client who had contact with this doctor where they were told. One thing and ultimately they were they came out of either having a procedure or being recommended to have a procedure that was deeply invasive, and of course, at least in two of those cases, the hysterectomies took place and one of those layers. Until this, they went to the detention facility complained about the treatment of from this Dr but no change was ever made. Clear that the complaints here from these women and their lawyers who are speaking on their behalf is. Essentially, that they not that they never should have been sent out to sea gynecologist but rather that whatever was going on with them, they did not understand that the treatment was going to be a hysterectomy, and then in some cases, the allegation here is that the hysterectomies whether or not the women consented with them in the first place that were not medically necessary. Right and there are other allegations of other procedures pap smears where women were told, you've got ovarian cysts or you've got over in cancer and that turned out not to be the case of those procedures. Happened Anyway and I do want to say, Rachel. At the time we publish article and went to the facility itself Lucille Lasalle Corrections Corporation, which owns. And operates heroin facility operates here facility for ice and they didn't have anything to say to us but we did get a comment before we care, and I'd like to read that to you if that's okay as well as they wanted us to let everyone know that they say they adhere to performance based standards and Lasalle corrections has a strict zero tolerance policy for any kind of inappropriate behavior in our facilities and takes allegations of such mistreatment seriously our. Company strongly refused these allegations and any implications of misconduct at the I C DC C.. But you know that goes against what we heard from at least one of the attorneys today, which was when these allegations came up from their clients she went to the correctional facility she told them she didn't want a patient's doctor and patients continue to see that doctor as wooten a details graphically and I think you know this this statement that they consider them the uterus collector. Is Graphic is hard to listen to, but that's what they're talking about according to Miss. Wilton inside this facility and and she's not the only one thing. So. Jacob. What should happen here? Legally in terms of this complaint obviously, she's casting herself as a whistle blower. There is significant corroboration for the worst of the allegations that she's making Isis saying that this will be investigated. The facility is saying that whether or not it's investigated. They deny that any of this happened the doctor is saying essentially the same thing what do you expect to happen in terms of this being looked into in terms of these women's claims being investigated and potentially they're being accountability here. So the opposite Inspector General the Department of Homeland Security will open an investigation, the office of Civil Rights Civil Liberties within the Department of Homeland? Security. Look at this as well and they were copied essentially on the complete and what I think that this gets to one of the lawyers said to me. which really want to underscore here is that while while she didn't think that this is a conspiracy, a large conspiracy by the government necessarily to have these procedures on these women, it is emblematic of systematic lack of.

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