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"miss portwood second grade class valley" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"Good morning everybody. Good Morning Amy. How are you good how are you? I'm real good. I was watching the news this morning. I wake up and I flip over my computer and I turn on the TV. And I flip the channels and flip honesty if anything kinda grabs me and the story. The grabbed me today was they. Were talking about Dr in concerts. Is that that might be a thing where you put the people that are in your close little quarantine circle and you get in the car and you drive to a stage much like a movie theater and they do a concert there with the in their cars and at first. I was like well. That seems ridiculous but it really doesn't seem ridiculous does to you I I. It seems I don't know if I would enjoy because nine thing I've ever done but it could be cool. So does this sound. Come through your speakers and you're the Saturday is so loud from the stage down. I didn't know because I think with drive ins. Don't you tune your your radio to some station and then you hear the movie through your car speakers to know that I remember what you would take them as a young kid you would take the speaker from the like the like sonic has a drive up thing it's not signing but you pull the speaker from that but differ because those movie screens don't have the capability to put out sound that loud. We're concerts they do and yeah. I agree but think about that because I think that will be pretty interesting to do. It's other no concerts or that for a while man depending on where you're parked telling to take you to get out you. WanNa leave early king. That's true I think I felt like you did though when they first said it. I was like there's no way but then I started to think man that would be. I mean it's either no concerts or parking there Here's a story. There is a newly constructed venue just outside of Los Angeles with six days notice. The event sold five hundred tickets and went off without a hitch. Quote play mini concerts in my life. But this is the first though an audio feed broadcast also over FM frequency into the car so it was both. Wow I think that's they're trying to have the new there because it's going to be a while before you can have big festivals and you may have people that. WanNa go but you're not going to people that want to throw them quite yet. You know that that was a story that grabbed this morning so And then grab you today anything on the tip of your mind that you're sitting on vomiting sitting here. I don't I'm looking at my nikes not a commercial but I did see a headline that they're donating like thirty thousand shoes to healthcare workers so shout out to Nike Okay Okay Okay here is Hannah from Pennsylvania. Left us a message. Hey Bobby Boucher. Amy and everybody on the show. This is actually my first year as a teacher. And then you know. Corona virus hit so. I'm currently teaching from home and I didn't get to finish out year with my Kiddos so I just wanted to call the show and Give them a shout out so shout out to Miss Portwood Second Grade Class Valley I miss you so much a four and you and We're GONNA finish out this year strong even though we can't be together. Thanks guys. I love the show. Thank you Hannah in. Here's Morgan from Alabama. I was calling to you know have a seven year old daughter named Sarah and she does not believe that you are real. She hears you on the radio she. She's senior pictures and no matter. How many times? I've held her. That you are a real person. She does not believe me. Can you play shout her out until hard that you are real? I am real. I mean when you poke me when you thought me I. It hurts so Sarah I'm a real person hopefully one day. I'll get to meet you I think. One of the best parts about me touring. Obviously I've got to meet so many listeners. Sarah hopefully because I come Alabama lot. I'll get to meet you one day. Basically I'm her Latrell. Sprewell remember yesterday. Yeah Yeah I texted him back and I was like Latrell and he was like yeah and then nothing else happened for. I was like Oh wait for the video shot by the way I'm getting catfish by an NBA player by a former NBA player. They are what if it's really Latrell Sprewell? Though I know I don't know that's real. But thank you guys for your voicemails. You can always leave him at eight. Seven seven seventy seven bodies voicemails from you guys. We Love Them. That's how we know what you guys are thinking in. Call us any day anytime. Eight seven seven. Seventy seven bobby. Here's one of them. Good Morning Bobbie. Good Morning Studios. Bonnie just wanted to say that he was supposed update everybody on the living situation and teens. We missed that update and if you could please let us know. Have a wonderful day. I was Friday of last week saying that Caitlyn and girlfriend and I have decided what's going to happen whenever we stopped quarantining together and I gave you three options option. One she moved back to California option to was she moves to Nashville and doesn't live with me off three. She lives with me. I haven't given you guys the but it's only been three days but I don't think she's ready for me to say it out loud. Yeah because I don't think she's told folks what she's doing yet. Eddie knows adding hung out. I told him I don't think I know for sure but I'm close. You haven't told me one thank. You didn't tell you danced around it. You danced around it but never told me come on But I'll let everybody know if not by the end of week early next week. So but yeah. That's that's the update there? The update is. I'll give it to you soon. Raymond's fiance's been tested on a little bit. Hopefully they'll hopefully. They'll be friends warn. They've never even met in person so I don't even know if they get along but apparently via text. They're great friends. Yeah nobody's in person really because of Corona. They definitely would've obviously if it wasn't a thing. Here's Tammy from Virginia. Hi Bobby Kamaruddin Studio Update on this. You and Kaelin won't Doggies Stroller or not. Also everybody is just doing a fantastic job. Everyone stay healthy love you. I'll keep doing your great Tom. Thank you the Doggie stroller. I Talk Ceylan. I did not have a problem with it if she wanted to get it fine. I'm fine with it. I don't care if she wants to roll the if she wants the dog around. Who is really getting to big now. He's like almost sixty pounds and if she wants to roll around at least he's out of the house. It's not you know. Here's what I'm finding out. You really have to pick the things you care about and the ones you don't just don't care and they don't really care enough to go. Don't get a stroller for the dog. You know what? Get a stroller for the dog. Give it makes you feel good. You know that so I am going to be paying for it but she pays for all around stuff anyway. She doesn't need me for any sort of financial. Sabar could use her for some of the financial support but yeah as she. I think she'll end up getting one whenever we can get out a little more. I think she'll end up getting one you for your questions. If you have a question or you wanna come comment eight seven seven. Seventy seven bobby. There's a new challenge that tick tock users are doing. It's Hashtag pee. Your pants challenge or they just I know I know they just get the phone. Put a mirror and they record themselves peeing their pants. Okay I do not want any part of this challenge. Have you done weird? I don't understand that is so weird but we're laughing about it. That's the thing when I said it out loud and you get this weird little smile on your face. It is so dumb but at least they're not hurting themselves or anybody. I can't take enough for the pee pants challenge. I didn't come into the segment and was going. Stick out for it. I'm just GONNA talking about dumb. It was but yeah Hashtag. Peer Challenge although I participate in that challenge without even really knowing that I can't ever make it to the vacuum anymore. There have been other challenges. That are worse like the tide pods. Challenge remember that. Yeah when they were. The cinnamon challenge is always tough. Because isn't it you. Swallow a whole spoonful of sentiment. That's right yeah this impossible. There was the hot pepper challenge. What the Kylie Lip Kit Challenge when you had put like a bottle or something over your lips and have it like suck plump up your lists. Yeah Amy did you see the story? I think one of the New York Post or times. I don't know the difference. They talked about the girl who had the biggest lips. Her name's like Barbie Lips and that she's looking for the world record for biggest lips. It looks like she got stung by a bunch of bees all over her mouth but she continues to pumper Collagen. Oh Wow unbelievable. It looks like there's some sort of illness happening there. But she's into it real life. Barbie shows off great lips after twentieth filter injection. I'm tell you lists aren't great. What doctor is great question? Okay with that obviously there. They have no limits. Well I just googled it. Oh my goodness right. Doesn't it look like something's wrong? I she had a medical issue. Why why is she doing that? See the more we get ridiculous with people the more we appreciate the peer Pants Challenge. Nobody gets hurt right. I think I'M GONNA DO. I'm GONNA during the next break. I'm so into it now. We're going to play Blake and Gwen here. Nobody but you by the way Blake we playing the Grand Ole opry this Saturday show that I produce. You can check it out on the opry. Facebook page or on the circle network show up to this story comes from Vermont. Police got a call that a woman was out walking. Her dog got hit by a car when they arrive. They find the woman the dog but the car fled the scene right. How are we going to solve this crime and they look little few feet down the road? There's the bumper with license playing on. It fell off the car. That's crazy I mean and unfortunate unfortunate good way all right there you go much boneheads story today. It's time for the good news Thanks to a nonprofit and a of volunteers the homeless in New York City or getting supplies. They need during Corona virus.

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