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"miss jackie pin" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Is the Mo Kelly Show Jackie Pin Yola is back as a real morale is the mother of Miles Morales in Marvel Spider Man Miles Morales Video game. The budding superhero is still developing his spider like skills and hopes to help New York City. Like his mentor, Peter Parker. That's in addition to where you may have seen Jackie Pin, you'll as part of Bosch Amazons original Syriza where she plays Detective Julie Espinosa. I am so pleased to be joined by a zoom right now on the program By Miss Jackie Pin. You'll Jackie, How are you doing today? Hi. I'm doing very well. Thank you. Well, how familiar were you with the character of Miles Morales prior to birthing him. If you will, in a video game sense E love that. That's a very well pick question. I was not familiar with him at all. I have to be honest. And you know, I'm I'm was busy becoming a mom for the first time when this opportunity came to audition for the role So I didn't even have the time. To research the character of miles. But the script itself was also given to me is such a secretive manner that I didn't even know that it was the miles. Morale is for The game. Spider Man? Yeah, they're pretty secretive about stuff like that. Yes. So everything was just on a need to know basis Step at a time. So when I got the script to me, it was just a rich and as as powerful as any other movie or are, you know TV script that you get with a wonderful character. This Ark. And I was just Excited to give it my best to bring real to life when you looked into real and you looked into miles, and you learned about both their characters did you find anything in common? What I mean by that is Miles Morales is multi ethnic. He's multi lingual. He is living in a world which is very different, arguably from the Peter Parker tradition of Spider Man, and I know you speak multiple languages and you move in and out of worlds. As they say. Did you find any commonality between your world and Miles? Morales is world Yeah, I think in my real life because I think that there was I didn't feel like I had to stretch the imagination. I felt more like I had to open up and let my true self be seen and be vulnerable to the part of me. That was a mom that would protect her son against anything, no matter what, Even if I couldn't beat some bad guys or obstacles I would try or die trying So when it came to that, I feel like it's so universal and that it didn't matter. Uh, you know that I am life. Also being multi lingual and multi like ethnic being Latina. Um, I just felt like It was a part of me to be Rio. You know, she was written just so grounded. So real, like just a struggling mom also overcoming loss from her husband there. There's so many moms and women in her shoes today that that's what I really loved about the weight she was written. Think insomnia games in the writing team really put a lot of time and effort into writing real people that are still heroes, you know, and I love that. I just love how it Connected with me on a personal level, and I didn't have to imagine myself in a fantasy world. So tell me how cool are you according to your kids. Seeing as how you were in a video game and video games are pretty a popular amongst the younger generation. Do they find you a school right about now? Well, okay, So I have one son who's 4.5. And at first, I thought, Oh, he's not even gonna know the difference. So When this game came out, you know that the video also he watches a lot of music videos. He loves music, and I'll tell you I was in the kitchen and I hear the song by Jaden Smith, which is the title song. You know, I'm ready for the game and I turn around and my husband goes. Oh my gosh, It's U S. So I run to the living room and I see my image. My son goes and no, my husband said Look, it's money and he goes. It's spite around. Yeah, and it was just like Mommy, like, did not matter. It was just an any time The game is on or even if we want to show Look, it's mom. He's like, Yeah. Money. Look, it's Spider man. Mommy doesn't count. Okay, so that makes your name quite cool yet. I'm not quite sure yet. You know he's all that Spider man any time he wants to watch the music video, he says. That's what Spider Man much better. It's never lets Watch Mommy in the big Now. Now he is just you know such a boy, but it's very cute. And I love it because, you know, excuse me grounded in it. I am just for me. E wanted use that as an opening because I know that they're such different disciplines being an on camera on screen actor in a conventional, in traditional sense, as you are with as Detective Julie Espinosa on the Amazon original Serious Bosch. As opposed to doing a voice or character actor for a video game or an animation character. How would you compare and contrast the responsibilities in both? I think from my experience when I have done live action video games where its motion capture and then you're recording the voice off, there were audio gets recorded. When we're filming the scenes on stage. They still have to bring us into a studio and record it clean, you know, just to cover basis and have every aspect of it separately. So they have control over the character as they're building it. And it's really hard. Not impossible, obviously, but it was so hard to do. One day I'm on stage living the scene full on and in in my all the cameras are on me like on my body, each one each one of the actresses doing Our own scene, And then two weeks later, too, are a month later, you might be going to the studio to record the dialogue again. So now you have to recall where you were emotionally..

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