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"mischer malone" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

"Something. School board meeting. Can you imagine market a school board? Lord order. Curriculum is too hard. Let me finish for be understand. I can see him in the snack table, you call this a red bang. All right, everybody. Sure, the great Trish, sir. A bummer because when it's she gets a fill in. I don't get to enjoy her, but ISIS or. Did you feel did you listen to the episode though, give me a review of it? What was your favorite part of the absurd last week when you weren't there since you listened to it like what just specifically give me your top five favorite moment. Apart? We're like she was like, y'all. Note those are both like. And then and then when he was like what? And then you know, what my favorite part was the part where Nikki. Like when Mickey was like. I loved that part. I loved that part. Yeah. Snacks galore things going on. I have to tell you. I'm so happy with my grit because all day today. I have been Sheesh team Mischer Malone. Yes. In getting his life. No story. Yeah. You know? Rain startling. Yeah. Okay. I've been at the hotel over here in Burbank since. Playing with the trolley. I have these like stainless coasters that it was stuck to the bottom. They should invent coasters that don't stick. Okay. Sure. Sure. Oh, sure shirt. I been at the hotel over here in Burbank, and let me just say I've been I've been invited. Ross. He has like an open. What'd you say? That can open invitation I go I've gone to mornings in a row to his the continental breakfast. I call it something else, which I don't even think it's called the continental breakfast. I just like saying dental, Brian I say, I go can I come to your continental breakfast. Okay. So welcome to the continental welcome to the continental. So I said Ross it's really not like it's not like a buffet. It's not like they have chefs there. What would you like an omelette? How would you like it made its like roadhouse? It's like you make your waffle granola and fruit. Lou, I tell you. I wouldn't want to go, and I was at seven thirty AM right there brick. Welcome to the continental. Let's go. Yeah. And I am all I would like seeing I like seeing the visitors who are all here to go to Disneyland or Universal Studios or something. I like that. There's scrambled aches and different types of sausage. You never know with the Baker is going to be there's a beautiful fruit array. And then there's a waffle maker you make your own little silver dollar waffles fan. Oh my God. And then they have a sugar free syrup. I've never been in this waffle maker. And I we went toe to toe. They were not good. And he did not know how to cook. The waffle. There was a spray, but McQueen is this after days now, I'm an expert in the continental. Yeah. No, really. Well, you know, I said to him Ross. I don't think you're this. This is what it is. And he's like I love those those continental breakfast is I not only love them. I respect I respect I do respect them because you walk in there. And you can you can get a scrambled eggs sepsis too. You can get some sort of sausage. You could get a boiled egg. If you want you get fruit. Loops dry granola. There's milk. You can get a toast. You can get and it's all free. It really. I I'm gonna miss the continental. I'm gonna miss the continental and you're all invited to the time. I'm there you can always to go tomorrow. I will go tomorrow. If you want to go on your I'm gonna drive twenty five dollars to get the free bread for me. It's more minutes down the hill. He originally thought I was at the Holiday Inn across the street there. And the only thing here remembers about the Holiday Inn is that they offer karaoke Friday night casting call. Lounge and if you guys want to casting call lounge Friday night, I will be there. So anyway, so then so to Mr. Malone's at this hotel, like four minutes down the hill from me, and it's become very convenient to just roll eat out his continental. And then we go we run errands, and we do all sorts of I went up. There was a I talked to Steve there's news on it was and I'm like I could get used to Mr. Malone linen around here. So yeah. Well, I decided to live in Burbank. We talked about it on the last show. So it's really cute because Ross is always like, welcome home. You know, this is your new home. It's very sweet. And the the Monday you came over for the continental. He said I have two hours to give to you to look for an apartment. I'm like. Okay. Great. We're going to do this really fast. I actually had to gear up for it. Like the night. I had to really go to bed early. I guess fast. I think CJ, you know, me, right. I get things done if I don't care what how herculean task if I want to get it done. I will square peg round hole life, right CJ. Nikki you can put your square peg in my Brown. Yes. Wait, wait. Oh, sorry. I'm sorry. But I'm stuffed from the continental CJ plea continue. Okay. So I've been I downloaded all these absolute apartment dot com. Yeah. I did. I did download that. In the meantime, okay. And. You know, Rosner kind of on we're on the same absent, I'm going these these apartments are repeating themselves. You gotta fill ten then he goes like, well, what about this one? This one's cute. He came up with like three cute one never saw. So that I never saw. I don't know how he did it. I didn't want Mr. Malone in an apartment with people above him and below him. I wanted him in a bungalow situation a cottage if you will attached walls, but I wanna front door to a to earth. Look what you found in how long did you find that? It was the second one the first one I found there was a second one. It's the one. And so we went by the first one, right? And then drove to the second one. And we looked in. It was like this is it. Yeah. Well, the number was outside of called the manager gave us the code to go in. And we went in I immediately loved it. It was it's my dream apartment. Like, this is the apartment I've always dreamed of having an everything in it is brand new. So I'll be the first to use it just cut it. It's a brand new hardwood floors, like marble back splash real stainless appliances. I mean, really gorgeous, right. Yeah. And I feel like I deserve it. I I do and you can afford it. I can afford it and fears trying to bump it's like, you know, how you gonna make the rand that kind of stuff. But then I just cancelled out. I'm like like we talked about. And I have to say there are so many people who have studios in Los Angeles for like two thousand twenty five hundred right? We can I say how much it is. Yeah. It's eighteen hundred dollars a one bedroom at the beautiful. I mean, this is not living. Outside your means. This is great. You know, this is you can do this argument that is the going rate for an apartment that's a really good. That's actually a great yet from apartment in. I don't know what is the rest of the country, but it's it's expensive out here. But you know, and I do have to say we referenced the straight talkers who were so supportive to you after the who were in anybody that donated to that Kickstarter started by the great listener, Chris Barker to help you you this is the money that you're you're back on your feet. This is not a frivolous thing. I am always grateful. That's always in my head, and my heart is the help that I received, and I wouldn't be able to do this. If it wasn't for that. Yeah. For the help I received. So thank you so much everyone. I'm so grateful can you talk just quickly. What would have been like working with me as your realtor? Okay. Well, we've already covered the fact that he's really fast he also decorates and like one minute the whole place was decorated before I even signed the lease. And he's just so fast, and he actually grabbed my phone and like texted for me, we're gonna get you this apartment in the guy was like, oh, no inside. You'll give me the phone. So I handled it I handled thing. Really good. I it's competitive you have to be on these apartment. Oh, yes. You know? You know that you have to do the whole thing circuit team. So the point is is Mr. Malone lives just on the hill from Pristina, darling. Annand do you want to share the name? Okay. Well, the name of what he's his cottage the cottage. Do are. We calling it a cottage our bungalow cottage cottage. Okay. Well, there's a movie that's called the girl most likely to with Stockard Channing. Have you ever seen that Joan rivers wrote it it's about a girl who's homely and kind of like frumpy, and then she gets in an accident, and she has to have plastic surgery. And then she turns beautiful gets revenge on all the people that treated or horrible when she was ugly. So people remade this seven hundred times they did this. This is the original with Stockard Channing, maybe the girl most life. Okay. So she the character her name her character name is Miriam. So Ross suggests suggested that we name it Mariam Darlie. Miriam darling. She's the daughter Christine. Some darling. If she's telling the hill, very, darling. Nikki can you go to his house just two seconds after the podcast. You can see it today. Now that I know it's called Miriam Darlie. Of course. So that's an update it was a big deal. Lots going on. It's been very few days. Get together, but your neighbors. Now, we're neighbors Ross gayborhood gave an gayborhood. I can't thank you enough for helping me I really can't so much for everything pleasure and my privilege, and in many ways, my obligation, but real. No.

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