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"miri mas dul" Discussed on The Topic of Choice Podcast

"I think there's a lot of I think it's going to be more subtle in the books than it was clearly than it wasn't a TV show. But she's had some moments of descent into madness. First of all, you know, the Miri mas- dul is. Is the name of a she was in the TV show? I believe, well, where she where after called Rogo dies. She tells her, you're going to be barren you're never gonna have any more kids. Okay. And then there's also Pyatt pre who's this high priests who basically gives us some fortunes and is putting some, some source react, there that in the way she responds to you. Kinda see you kind of see, hints of what she may end up becoming and she clearly has the monster in there. It's just a matter if she can contain it. I think that, that's a lot of what the ours are trying to deal with their own inner demons, the entire time. And you know Ray goal is Reagan is, you know, that, that's part of his thing is he's, he's found Chee in his in his in his in being a target. He's the poet, king essentially to be. And then he dies now this is the one that gets dies by cow drug targeting. Yeah. He's Brigham second. He. Yeah. He, he gets killed by king, Robert, and that's that Robert's rebellion against his family. And Reagan was probably going to be one of the best kings of all time, and as we know now major spoiler alert. He's the father of John snow. And so that's, that's kind of where you get the he was the true king, he was supposed to be the true king, and his son is every bit. The true King, John is the pit ame- of who you'd want a ruler a person who doesn't wanna be a ruler. So catch me up quickly. Who Jamie Lancaster is the king slayer. What king did he kill who mad king? Heiress is the king. So that would be radars. Father other. Yes. So he was the king at the time when, when Robert's rebellion started so Roberts million started, because you get a piece of this in the show, is that brand Brandon stark, and his father went from winner fell who Brandon start being the older brother of Edward Ned went south because they had some grievances with the crown. And so they went south to go talk to the to mad ks about their grievances and instead of listening to the very reasonable grievances. He instead burn them alive in their armor, by hoisting them up, in, in one of those birdcage is kind of thing and literally burning them alive in it, and so they roasted well, actually, the father choked himself to death trying to get to his son who was roasting alive in the armor. It's one of the most tragic things you have read. But basically that starts Robert's rebellion. Because MAG heiress tells. John heiress. Aaron he tells John Aaron who is tutoring. Ed stark and Robert Baratheon time says give me those children. Give me them because they are children of, of rebel rebellion. Right. And so I want to kill them and John Aaron says, no chance zero chance that's going to happen. You're not going to exterminate to our most powerful families so that starts the John Aaron king, Robert breath, Ian and Edward start start Robert's rebellion. And it's an enormous war that lasts, you know, somewhere around seven to ten years, and, and that's where you see all these events from like the, like the battle to try. And when regards killed to you got to see, you know, the, the battle up at the tower joy, where John is born. You You know. know that all part of it, it's all part of Robert's rebellion. Okay so good history lesson there. Yeah. Yeah. So, so let me ask you this. Season. Eight favorite character throughout season. I'm sorry. See, but season one through season, eight who'd you say one of your favorite character builds are I, I don't know there's a lot that I like so it's really difficult to narrow it down. I think that in terms of accuracy, we talked about the hound earlier and grammar and show. I think the hound is one of those spot on characters ever ROY McCann the actor for that he kills it. He must have read the books. It's too accurate to not have read the book, Sander is so close torn giant Spain is another one that is really close to the character in the books that is exactly how is so I like both of those characters lot, I thought bear dairy and was kind of a wish he'd had better, you know, death and outgoing I love Eric dairy, and he's one of my favorite characters. He's the one that saves aria in the win about a winner fell, he gets stabbed much time and get up down. You know, there's a lot of characters in there that I like that, probably aren't mostly my favorite characters are not main characters. Yeah. Supporting characters. Yes. Yeah. I would say that my Tyrian. Oh man. Yeah. Not and killed it. I think he got a couple of Emmys. He deserves them. Yeah. George said when he wrote the books, he was thinking Peter in that role and then Peter damage later played the role, which is just amazing dream come true for him. And then he played it just to a point to a degree that you just. Yeah. User of the you deserve every EMMY they ever made. It's just so good. It's so perfect to the character. And you feel for me empathize it for him and Georgia Martin has always said, I wrote, I wrote teary Lancaster as me he is George Martin personified into character in the way he wants to see him so. Okay. And so, you know, there's a little bit of sarcasm, but a wit a lot of drinking cetera et cetera. I think that's kind of how George sees himself. He's that's kind of like the early late. Twenties early thirties version of Georgia Martin, I heard that there is a petition going around to have them re-shoot season eight if ever there was a time to do it. This might be it. I when I hear that I'm just thinking millions of dollars hundred million dollars on this last days and maybe three hundred for the last three they won't do it, okay chance. No chan-. No, there's no chance of that. But if there was going to be a show to reshoot it is clearly, this one, and I wish they would wait until George, you think about the money if George finished all the books, and then they went back and I wouldn't even care if they got a new cast, just reshoot from season five on. Right. Or I mean, well, I guess five six seven eight but, but to that, even if they did that, that would just discredit the producers, I think of, of saying you guys, you know, you blew it. It's almost like asking George Lucas. Hey, can we have Jj Abrams go back and do one two and three? Good. He he absolutely should to certain degree. I don't care how. Credited? They get gave up on the show to go direct stalwarts as far as I can tell. Well, that kind of worries me. I mean I don't know if. I like let me say this. I like Dan Weiss a lot. He wrote the original manuscript for halo, which was supposed to be made into the movie, and then got cancelled. And everybody says that, that manuscript was really good. You know the way I'm a fan of Spartan one one seven and it would have been an incredible journey. I think with him on it. David binney off, as I've told you I think, before, is the guy that brought us x men, origins wolverine. Yeah. He's the guy who brought us that version of deadpool. The man has no, like no credibility with me whatsoever. I read his only written book, which is called like city of thieves or something like that. It's terrible. It's just terrible. So you got to wonder how does a guy like that get the rains, I don't know something this epic in this, this lard, I don't know. I think they just went in pitched it. I think they said, we can write this. We're, we're Hollywood writers, and we can pitch, also Amanda Peet is, is they've been off wife, okay? She's easily more popular than him and more famous than sure. So me she may have had some influence on that. I'm surprised. They didn't put her in the show. Yeah. Now that you didn't even know that sickly had her as on standby. She's one of the best actresses I know of and she didn't get a role. So get it. So if I if I compare this again, I'm going back to an epic book series Tolkien, okay? Made into film, Peter Jackson, right? This is this is an individual infinitely respect to the similar to you. George R Martin's history in these books who who live? Literally new them inside. Now going back to the Soma really and understanding history of the, of the deep dive, and this is a guy who, who would say, I can take this and you can trust me with it. Yeah. Right. So I love it down appropriately. He got rid of I mean I was discouraged. I've said brought this up so many times now. But he got rid of Tom ado. I love Tom Bomba dill. He's a very, very minor character. But I think it important one in terms of the progression of the hobbits, and in terms of them accepting the role in what they're supposed to do. And, you know, cuts had to be made sat big vices had two more aid, and he made in my opinion all the appropriate ones. Yeah. He'd no, no. He he translated those books to film beautifully, and anyone an Oscar for best picture, return to the king. Yeah. Deserved it, it was amazing. So, so here's my question, which which kind of circles this common around. Were the two producers of game of thrones as vested in the books and the history as Jackson was to token or you to George Martin are these two individuals said, look, you can trust us with these, we not to do it or did they mess up because they thought they could continue on with the writing after they ran out of books. I. Have reluctant to say this a little bit. But I, I don't think so. I think that they I think they all Goldman when they when they had it they realized they had a gold mine. I don't I don't know that they've been off even read the books. I really don't. I assume he has just because he has to has probably, but I don't know how much attention he really paid. I think he kinda just skim read. I believe in wise, probably read the entire thing and probably got into some theories, and they got into some hashing out some fan theories. I mean they had to give George George Martin infant infamously said that he gave them the job when he he had him explain who is John's parents at a dinner table meeting with them, and they explained it. They got it. But then again, they could have gotten on any message board forum, right? Only internet and discovered that in twenty minutes that that's too easy of the question is, it's just too easy. Like tell me who your favorite minor character is and explain why. And give me a house that nobody knows about. And what's important, and that's the question that would have been. Right. I would ask the appropriate to say are you, are you trustworthy to take these books as the sewer Kranich men and translate it? That's right. That's just work tough questions like that. As far as I can tell. And so, I just think they realized that they had a gold mine, and then, you know, and that was it. They just said, oh, my gosh. People don't realize what this is and we've got a jump on it right now. What if we get George on the phone, and we say, hey, will make this and we option HBO..

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