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"mira lena" Discussed on KFQD News Talk

"The minutes she did that they literally lined up he ruled a rudimentary magnum bay was one of those women who stepped forward song she wrote for this somber prison album is called i am maloney needed guarantee what does that mean new boy monument intifada was it it i have not parents i have no husband got somebody in immune prison so i realize there is no one who can help me woman who asked go to help me 10 busy if our buddy member longtime and she's the only one who can guide me across this huge river ruler is serving a life sentence here in zomba she's in for murder do you feel like you're glorifying criminals knaw no no no it's humanizing on fluent organizing them at all right they've committed crimes many of them have learn from their experiences this is about humanizing individuals and that's for the benefit not of them that's for the benefit of the listener the album ian brady and recorded ijambo did not end up winning the grimmie and it hasn't turned a profit either britain has paid the musicians and they have a contract to receive more money if their future earnings when he showed up at zomba with his wife mira lena to present the prisoners with some gifts and their grammy nominations certificate it was cause enough for celebration yeah some of the singer's likes to follow and render still had questions about what a grammy award really was chaos kelly question course more this trophy does it have any money insee defeat guy equal boise just s mold price is just a token there's no money inside the inside there for your word being nominated for grammy has not changed life the inmates inside zomba.

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