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"minnesota court appeals" Discussed on Democracy Now! Audio

"Findings. Tuesday chemo's his team gets us. There are several tipping points in the climate system launch lead to reverse sudden changes which are triggered when the planet and reaches a certain temperature. We have seen that. We are on the verge of that that might lead to the disappearance of the ice. The of back in the united states water and land defenders and minnesota or continuing resistance actions against nba just line three pipeline on tuesday activists blockaded a semi truck loaded with drilling equipment lying on the ground and attaching themselves to the vehicle. At least thirty people were arrested. Tuesday this came a day. After a minnesota court appeal the state approval of the pipelines expansion. The native led group honor. The earth said quote line. Three is a clear violation of human rights and cultural rights to live as nash. Nabi people promised in the eighteen fifty five treaty president biden. Stop lying three. They said to see our interview with indigenous leader. Winona luke go to democracy now dot. Org president biden named lena con as chair of the federal trade commission after the senate confirmed her earlier in the day khan a prominent critic of big tech. She wrote a widely held paper on the failure of antitrust laws terrain amazon while she was a law student at yale senator elizabeth warren celebrated the news tweeting quote with charleena con at the helm. We have a huge to make big structural change by reviving antitrust enforcement and fighting monopolies that threaten our economy our society and our democracy. Warren said the biden administration announced new measures tuesday to combat domestic terrorism following a review of extremist threats and in light of the january. Six insurrection at the us capitol. The new approach includes hiring more analysts and prosecutors at the justice department and fbi improving communications possible threats between the federal government and local authorities as well as with social media companies attorney. General merrick garland spoke tuesday after the white house plan was released. The two most. We've oh elements of the domestic violence. Extremist threat are racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists and militia. Violent extremists in the fbi's view the top domestic violent extremist threat. Comes from racially or ethnically motivated. Violent extremists specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the white race newly revealed emails show former president. Trump has chief of staff and other aids pushed the justice department to back his false claims of voter fraud and the twenty twenty presidential election. The house oversight committee released the documents. Tuesday which show trump and others began pressuring incoming acting attorney general. Jeffrey rosen just an hour. Before trump announced that william bar would be stepping down as attorney general in immigration news the los angeles times reports the biden administration is planning to expand the program that allows some central american children to reunite with their parents living in the united states under the program i enacted by the obama administration parents from guatemala el salvador and honduras who have legal residency or temporary protected status in the united states can apply for their children to be allowed into the country. This comes as the biden administration continues to detain thousands of unaccompanied refugee children last week. During a visit to guatemala vice-president comma harris warned asylum seekers not to come to the united states janitors maintenance and security workers around the us in the world mark justice for janitors day tuesday and are holding actions all week to demand safety fair pay healthcare immigration reform and respect in the workplace. In miami unionized workers have been on strike since last thursday over low wages pay discrimination and unfair labor practices. This is miami. Janitor walter assuras. We need to work two or three jobs right now. I'm always sleeping four or five hours to be able to support my family. Who fair we want a better quality of life and for them to invest in us in essential workers william vanden heuvel a former diplomat lawyer and advisor to robert f. Kennedy died tuesday in new york city from complications of dementia. At the age of ninety one van and who fought for civil rights include endures time at the justice department from nineteen sixty two to sixty four. He also advocated for better conditions for incarcerated people calling on the media to help shine a light on the failures of the criminal justice system. In one thousand nine hundred seventy two vanden who've wrote quote the right to know in a democracy frequently depends on the demand to know by the media. He is survived by his wife. Has two daughters including katrina vanden who've oh publisher and former editor of the nation magazine and the goldman prize announced. It's twenty twenty one winners recognizing grassroots climate justice activism across the world. The names time on when combating illegal wildlife trade and poaching can mieko harada is climate activists working to halt japan's use of coal beloved. Let a blockade to cancel to propose dams and protected areas of bosnia and herzegovina here in the united states sharon levin activated her community in louisiana to stop a hazardous plastics plant from being built in peru liz. Jk try helped found the jaguars national park which protects more than two million acres of amazon rainforest. And gloria machiko commotto spearheaded a campaign which led the government of allowing to impose a ban on thin plastic subtype of single use plastic. She at tuesday's virtual awards ceremony. Many around the world i- regulating quantities and types of plastics. Could use and us. But we'll still trying in plastic. You mean knit that making policy. Can we need to start making.

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