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"ministry electronics" Discussed on The Big Story

"Largest market in her testimony. You can also recommended creating an outside regulatory agency that would have power to invest data from facebook though. The company does have an independent oversight board which provides guidance on facebook's advertisement policy in post. You can argue that. The board does not have any real legal power over facebook and believes that it is couldn't unquote blind to the inner workings of the company. Apart from regulation you can also suggested design changes that the company can take such as chewing portion chronological order which was present in all versions of facebook. Instagram about gupta believes that companies like facebook whose profits depend on maximizing its advertising potential requires an independent director on the board for the human rights background who can signal red flag if the company's heading towards the wrong direction. According to me the the platform is is a deployment which is which is structured within a corporate entity which facebook inc smoking is essentially a corporate entity into maximizing shareholder value and the largest shareholder. Happen sweet box right. And the way you can implement a higher degree of respect for human rights as well as risks of this information is within this structure of the board of directors is have an independent director with a human rights right and this is the kind of proposal which has been made repeatedly by independent shareholders before the facebook bought but the facebook board has voted down repeatedly and this is not only faced. This will most silicon valley companies where activist shareholders are repeatedly saying that there is a need very top of the company to decide and determine the part company will take in terms of matching. Its need for corporate profit alongside. It's social responsibility given the scale of the platform. You're much more direct question. With respect to what changes the platform should stay again will go towards the kind of suggestions made by you but i think facebook and transport agree on one thing and they're said the us congress needs to step in and create rules. Okay but at the same time. That doesn't take away a responsibility given that it is generating products everyday on the basis off lack phone which doesn't result in social harm individual injury quite often so i do think that one lead needs to look at this proposal closely. But here's my sense as well that when you do make any kind of technical and platform changes and even those whistle bro complaints. Reveal them iterative in nature. You make a change and then you. Ab tested whether that change is actually resulting in the kind of out comeback ward right and this is what needs to be done at a consistent and a systemic level so it needs to be impact gauged resulting in the kind of outcomes which you want without hurting three expression the values of inter-connectivity the promotion of small and local businesses which is quite often facility provided by these lack from. So we have to do this kind of balancing in a way. When these suggestions aren't right out. I think so. It would be terribly ambitious as well as you know. Just it would display. Utter lack of modesty. And i would be assuming expertise if i could say that these are the five things is spoke should should do an all. The problems would be fixed and one final thing. I'd just like to add given the scale. And vitality of the problem is by itself up lanky and numerous as the individual which competes it said shows so there won't be five changes deli possibly five hundred or even five thousand changes which will be less. He adds that dough. These revelations do highlight how social media giants treating its customers. No action will likely be taken since most countries to not have an existing framework which can place penalties on facebook. Once didn't op-ed where. I looked at all controversy surrounding facebook in indiana. I said these are controversies. Because we pollen controversies quote unquote controversies. Because you don't have any kind of regulatory action so be despite cambridge analytica despite leak of Information of facebook users despite misinformation being spread to it despite improper downs not not being affected improper take downs being affected also allegations or political bias and bully around of the wall street journal disclosures also showing the debt does in fact exist of a political bias in content moderation in india. There's been no action. That's because we lack a larger rule of law with respect to the existing intrusive framework which can play spinner on facebook for instance. It can be the competition commission of india which can look at it. But it's big whether it's having anti competitive effects right so it's even though there's one action right now proceeding what's up. I'm not sure if it's repacked. Facebook by itself instagram. And how it's behaving you also have not seen to a certain degree of a kind of space which is needed with the data protection so the data protection bill has been on decision for close to a decade now with earliest versions which are mooted. In fact it's even predating that fifteen years if you look at it easily right and we knew that from a very long time back that we either these governments st louis so deal examples are now. The thing is the existing institutions. Option the instutions which need to be that don't exist and also the conversations that need to take place. I need to be shepherd through the list. You'll electronics and idea nor take place in a public arena. Where digital rights experts scale despite being the largest market a lot of the silicon valley. So right now. The ministry electronics ninety as reports is looking to amend the information technology act which is the mother agitation respect electronic commerce transactions. All at the same point in time this literally information besides an official sources confirming that this process is right now ongoing. There's a white paper which has been published in terms of approach is being taken. We don't have a clear time. Line of to progress in terms of the legislation being introduced in parliament on what will be the ambig- of this legislation bites hence. I'm a little skeptical at present that any action will be done which also somewhat goes towards building public cynicism with each controversy around facebook resulting in a complete lack of even being visited towards facebook. Ceo mark zuckerberg has said that claims made misrepresent the company and some tensions. The us congress falls debating how to effectively liquidate facebook and reportedly. It'll take a lot of time since it will require a lot of cross body coordination however what revelation made by franz yoga and hewing shown that facebook needs to.

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