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"ming sola" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"And welcome to watch a crap ends a podcast about all that crap on Bravo that we just love talk about. I'm Ben Metal core of the real housewares of kitchen island which is a spoof of Rony. That's available on Youtube. Go check it out and joining me. Is One of the hosts of the HILARIOUS hilarious. podcast Rose Bachelor's podcast. It's Ron Karen what's going on. Well hello been. How are you doing today good? I love Monday. Who doesn't doesn't who does not love a Monday? I mean seriously this actually do really really well yeah. Sometimes I do love Monday because my days are really busy when I get to do this like all day and this is really fun K.. Random things so what. What a great what? A great spin have have so many endless hours to feel on real life. I know as a worker. Yeah yeah well. This has been very Monday for me because I heard can't touch this on the radio. Who would've thought but also eminem comes back for the Oscars? Just everybody's he's going to raise. Just let's just shoot eminem out to floor. Why not? Yeah so anyway you guys. We are taking our show on the road next next week to Kansas City. Actually it's really Lawrence fucking Kansas which is just a little bit outside of Kansas City and also Omaha here is our announcement. We will be doing real housewives of New Jersey in Lawrence fucking Kansas and we will be doing summer house in Omaha. So that's a a New Jersey and summer house in Kansas City in Kansas and Nebraska basically so ago Dot Com. Get your tickets. They're going to be superfund shows. They always are. Also these are two shows. That are absolutely a blast for us to recap so I think we're all GonNa have a great time. Come join us. Don't worry about coming Ming Sola. Don't worry about it. We had a bunch of people just past weekend in New Orleans and hoover. Who told us that they came alone and they made friends happens all the time? It'll be great so watch CRAP.

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