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"mindy reggie thomas fingerling" Discussed on Wow In the World

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"mindy reggie thomas fingerling" Discussed on Wow In the World

"We invite you here today because humans over one hundred years old getting free. This is the first day of the museums. Exciting new amphibian exhibit amphibian is the scientific name for a group of animals that begin their lives gills and tails in the water, but later grow legs and lungs for a new life on land. In fact, the word amphibian means life like the double life of turning from a tadpole into a fraud. Yes, process known as that amorphous. Are you are you sleeping? No. I wasn't sleeping allergies. New. This is sure to be an. Yet day the museum promises some of the most wow worthy in riveting new scientific discoveries on all sorts of cold blooded, vertebrates, toads, newts and salamanders but day, we're going to focus on my personal favorite eggs. I never said that frogs or my favorite favorite now before we begin our day. I just want to take a quick roll call to make sure we're all here. So please wake up and just say present when I call your name. Okay. Mindy? Reggie Thomas, fingerling. Grandma, g force. Can't you hear nothing? Okay. Okay. Before we go in I should probably lay down some ground rules. No ground pools. I'm talking about Bruce museum ever five. Say Hon rule. Number one. We are operating on a buddy system today. Everybody must stick with their partner. At all times. I go that guy. Indie that is a concrete statue of a bald eagle. I'll be your buddy. Okay. Hamas fingerling, grandma G force. I'm going to pair the two of you up as well. I see the good looking athletes together. So what are we play badminton? Reggie Reggie skin Biard chaperone for today. He's most mature member of our group and the only one with a childcare degree. So if anyone gets lost or hurt or needs to take a bathroom break UB. Sure. Let Reggie no, okay. Go to the bathroom. We haven't even gotten into the museum yet. Sorry. Even more wearing a diaper anyway. So no one is going to appeal their pants, just go to the restroom Mimi at the ticket booth and five minutes. Okay. I would hope. Welcome to senior citizen museum of how anyone over the age of a hundred gets free admissions looks like today's your lucky day, sir. Me. You can't hear. Yes. You my friend old crooks get in free two day..

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