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"milo grogan northland glen" Discussed on WTVN

"In chillicothe e we got like over an inch of snow. So I had to scrape off the car today you brought it in with you. Look, thank you. You got the him the Eminem kinda hoodie. I'll call it hem 'em. Look how about this. Do you smell bacon? I don't smell it right now. But are you cooking some no, but you can smell it at the Ohio State University. Okay. But I they unveiled expanded plans today for the future of mafia stadium. If Columbus Crew will get their own brand new downtown stadium community sports park will provide much-needed fields facilities in Greenspace is easily accessible for our neighbors wine park, Milo Grogan Northland Glen echo, India. A trace Linden. And the university district Columbus, Mary Andrew ginther, the plans, they call for additional soccer fields to be constructed in areas that are currently parking lots surrounding the stadium essentially making the facility get destination for youth sports and regional tournaments four says the New York Rangers they're the most valuable franchise in the National Hockey League for the fourth consecutive year. The Rangers are on top of the list valued at one point fifty five billion dollars. That's more than double the league average. Meanwhile, the USA gymnastics they filed for bankruptcy protection today as they try to recover from a sexual abuse scandal. The organization has been dealing with the fallout after Dr Larry Nassar was convicted of sexual misconduct and sentenced to one hundred and seventy five years in prison back in January and the college of food agricultural and environmental sciences at Ohio State now has a vending machine filled with chewy, yummy, crispy bacon. Then the proceeds from that vending machine will go to the Ohio states meat science program for your ABC, six first warning weather flurries early tonight, lows drop down to twenty six I'm Alison Wyant..

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