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"milly dickerson" Discussed on The City

"After Henry Henderson, the city lawyer failed to get an injunction. He realized that if he was going to sway the judge, he'd have to change his tactics. So rather than argue that John Christopher was breaking the law on technical grounds, like not having the right permits or debating what even his waist Henderson and his team would hammer home the actual harm being done to the community. But John Christopher pivoted to instead of just tagging people. He also began waging a hearts and minds campaign to try to sway people from north Lonsdale to his side. He hired someone from the neighborhood to act as a community lease on and paradoxically. He offered to help clean up other vacant, lots in the area by giving people dirt. He'd screamed at the dumps. And some people took John Christopher his word. I found this petition signed by thirty north Lauderdale residents. It reads the following persons welcome Christiane. That's his company Christiane into the community and are grateful that the company is involved in a beautification project that will benefit the community and its residents. John Christoper took this petition and submitted into evidence during the court case to try to convince the judge of his good works north Lonsdale. He also started handing out money, small amounts, fifteen dollars here, ten dollars there sensibly to pay for cleaning supplies. MS Ashford brought this up. When we started talking about her neighbors, the Dickerson's. Mattel, yell, something shale. Let's be straight about deal. Millie got money from John Milly, Milly Dickerson. Whose apartment was right on the same lot as the larger of the two dumps and whose son had asthma as we were talking MS Ashford's daughter called Millie Dickerson deceives around that day leader in the conversation. MS Dickerson actually walked into the interview and told us she had taken money from John Christopher game day, talked to me and he's washing hanging clothes on beg poet. Any told me see that. You don't man about that. We overhand dumping this dump and then how he's Monnet to by using detergent and wash tone Wednesday month acid..

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