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"millman w t. o p. niu" Discussed on WTOP

"There will be a new name for Washington's NFL squad. I'm John Doe. California shuts down indoor activities Is the state grapples with rising corona virus cases got a special report on the way What has Corona virus spending done to the budget deficit? The anxiety working moms are feeling with back to school choice is looming. I'm John Dome and Asian markets all lower after a Wall Street rally completely collapsed. Tech stocks were hit hard. It's 10 31 Top local story tonight. The historic Sea change in the culture of Washington sports Seven years ago, Daniel Snyder said he would never change the name of his pro football team. But outside business, pressured, in fact, pressured him and also inspired by the racial justice movement has pushed him to change his mind. Tonight. He's retiring the nickname and the logo. Our team coverage begins with w T O p. John Doman, who says the process will take time before we know with the new name is so now they're still the Redskins. But the team says once a new name is chosen, the Redskins name and logo will be retired. There wasn't much, said in a brief statement issued this morning just that they're working on a new name. Multiple reports say the team's working through trademark issues that prevent them from announcing a new name yet, But it's unclear what new name they might be zeroing in on whatever it is, the franchise says this new name will inspire. Our sponsors, fans and the community for the next century. John Doe manned. W GOP knows I'm Brenna Millman, the National Congress of American Indians, has made the Washington Redskins a special case. For more than 1/2 century. The group has worked to get the team to change its name, calling it a dictionary defined racial slur. Team owner George Preston Marshall chose the name in 1932 and has had the logo on their helmets with the head of an Indian chief since 1972. Since 1968. The has worked to bring an end to negative and harmful stereotype. Pipes in media and sports. In that time, the group has effort had to change of more than 2000 Indian references in sports, but more than 1000 remain brainy Millman w T. O P. NIU. He is an actuary living in Alexandria on the side. He's also a rights holder to some of the potential new names for Washington's NFL team. If the team wants to become the red Tails Red Hawks are Americans, they'll find out. One man has already trademarked the name's doing so back in 2015 earlier this year, he realized I have a lot of names on the odds board, Martin McCauley tells O ut O p. He's not trying to make money here. Instead, I could probably facilitate the name change by giving them one of mining. He says. He turned the names over for free and admitted probably lose a court battle over keeping them. But he hopes the team will take him up on his offer. And he could be part of the name change, which he supports. I think that's something the native Americans who have been trying to get this done for decades, would would think was a nice thing to do. Mike Murillo w T. O p new 10 34 and authorities tonight confirmed they have found the body of Glee star now. Vera in the southern California lake after she disappeared from a pontoon boat she'd rented with her four year old son, Rivera was 33 Ventura County Sheriff Bill A. Yob says Naya Rivera is four year old son said his mother had boosted him back out into the boat. After they had been swimming in Lake Piru. He turned around and saw her disappear under the water. The rental operator noticed the boat was overdue for return and found the boy in a life jacket on board asleep under a towel. An adult life jacket was found on the boat. Ayoub says Rivera may have gotten stuck and thick vegetation under the water that kept divers from searching the area thoroughly. We believe she was concealed within some of the The shrubbery.

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