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"miller sarah jane smith" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

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"miller sarah jane smith" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

"The road fingers crossed so just Especially now that they've also recast carry. It certainly certainly opens the door. Possibly as long as tom baker health holds up. That's the big thing right there. So that's that's our main concern right now. I think all right jimmy things. Yeah this is a few stories that nicholas berg's actually asked for more time to work on the music because apparently is a. He is a complete lover of revenge cyberman. He wanted to get the same kind of kind of upbeat tempos had and just working in like the stuff that he's got. Now bring it into bring it into the into this story along with some of the old cattle catchy little poppy theme tunes and everything you that are kind of synonymous with revenge cyberman and you can hear your year elvin of revenge but then you also hear other elements like say like sort of a ryan. Oh yeah yeah the kind of merge sort of ryan's one of my favorites. Yeah you know. That's another one we talked about. But you know it's paul mcgann's second audio doctor for big finish. So good so yeah. I never thought of that until you mentioned. But i think you're absolutely right about that connection there john. Yeah i'm not sure who do who the composer was for this. But i thought they did a really great job nailing the era so. I definitely feels like that first. Tom baker season. You know the series. He's in twelve music so Points nicholas breaks for being kind of a fan boy about that and trying to you know get that a little more on target right nothing else. You got some home right now see. It was nice to see them. Bring back The fact that radiation is harmful to the siren that we i saw way back in planet right. Yes those are the original script and not to mention. We also get the five hundred year diary in the story as well when you which actually factors in pretty heavily. I think yeah the yeah. They talked about that. Yeah all right so three topics today so very simple. I think to break this down the topic number one. Let's talk of course are tartus team. So we're talking the fourth doctor and we also wanna talk. Obviously say miller sarah jane smith and christopher naylor harry sullivan and really curious to get your thoughts since i know. You're a old school tom baker fan. What you thought of.

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