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"miller mcmanus" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"That least we've been using a little more on this show, which is More investing in the rest of the team for more investing and taking your shots a quarterback? Sure, absolutely. But again, using all of your top in draft capital for this one position. If you miss it zig difficult, right? And the other part of this is you know you are staring a defensive reload and rebuild right in the face. Yes, of course. How much longer Gonna have von Miller que Jack's 32 33 years old. Are you sure that you're getting Justine Simons back? We think we are and that's fine. But you're not 1% sure yet. You probably need to put the tag on his negotiating ploy. Alexander Johnson's 30 years old. Shelby Harris is like 28. Micro cell. He was 2027 28. The real KC Nejedly a. Probably not gonna be back and looked at Buck's team last night. I mean, they had some vets upfront, but their secondary pretty young. Yeah, The second is very young. It's a front seven. It's was where all the even the front seven. I mean Labonte, David's long tooth, But white isn't you know she's young, but they have some guys they can build around right and say, even including shack buried in there, But they have some guys they could build around The point is the Broncos pre much every single level. All three levels might be having to make some major decisions here very soon, and they need to be younger, right? Several of us quite a two thirds of each levels got age, you know, because once they do find their window You like like the table? Buccaneers? Did. They just kind of found their window right with when Tom Brady got there. They found the window. Well, they can sustain that. For a while. Is the defense largely young? The biggest decision you have to make his own shack. Barrett. Well, right, but mostly shock, Perry. On the offense. They're gonna make a decision on Chris got one. But the point is, that team can largely stay intact based on the fact that they've done a good job drafting, especially in the secondary on the defensive side. The Broncos like you said. They kind of been with the final remnants of that Super Bowl 50 team, which really is just Von Miller. At this point, Miller McManus e. That's got it, And so they kind of been, but they've been sort of patch working it together. Some vets now is time to actually invest on the defensive side. Why does this say that's why you got the money? You need to roll the cap forward. Now is the time to invest and you need to go go out there and get younger to couple positions two and you can't get younger if you don't draft picks. Real 3713 85 80 five's or phone number. 56690 Broncos country tonight, Okay, away news ready went everywhere on the I. Heart radio.

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