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"milan marriott" Discussed on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

"Know the relationship it just seems like a business less of this point as they're just i also think he now jackie ahl married into a family a politician as she knew he was being ground i mean milan marriott a rich i routes my mom this you know it just took all business man but it was a businessman yeah so you know who can be first lady down the right yeah i don't think he really had a right ever be like no donald you know so now i think yeah i don't think you know i and there's ben first lady throughout history that have not embrace the roller and there were so many also were like a nice or to took the roland like you know obviously i vontaze going to have the dead puck yeah it's not for her like she so shilo twenty he was like it's a something honey in our line you know it's and mad we're speaking in another line which you know people are going to make fun and you get the wrong word ranges this like you know thank you to the armed forces like it just you know jim could bring so much collapse i mean you look at it like wow this she could really teaches all lesson on class i just wish you could teach it to her husband because that's exactly how it's like great i mean awesome i hope reason this amazing business man is going great deals this country great but i also also president that opens the car door for is wife and lets them and first in touches are back and looks header when he's dancing whether like yeah i want are ready to teach my future you know we'll hear romo to be inning have every and i mean aplomb the obama's dancing that last they're about to fuck right there we all day we all love they had a nice where he relationship it's not the same right it's like no no no.

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