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"miley kratzer" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"It'll suck the air out of your lungs and knock you back in your seat. Like, you're an astronaut in a rocket ship hurtling through the stratosphere. But then again, we're not most people. We're the brotherhood of muscle dodge, domestic not domesticated dodge is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC. Listen to the National League championship series on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Top of the sixth inning here at Miller park and Bill walkie you with Chris singleton. I'm Dan Schulman. The brewers lead the dodgers two to nothing to game two of the National League championship series. Wade majlis back to the mound for the brewers. Austin Barnes is going to lead it off in Sydney. We've got a pinch hitter. The on deck circle and reuse spot. Brian dosier has come out of the dodgers. Third base dugout so loose lagged. That'll be all for review with his spot do up at the dodgers trailing here in the sixth and Miley. Mrs data on to ASTA Barnes. For match. Choose me now for you bats, it's already taken over for you. Activity and the dodgers pen right now. What? Oh and swing and a foul back by Barnes wanted. One granted out his first time up. This Austin Barnes. He reminds me of. Tony takeover, Tony. Walter sister. Very athletic catcher. That is of flobert a left centerfield broadened. Kane could hurt and broad makes the bars retired one down, but you have a guy that can play the infield. Just played second base could move morale. But very behind the dish. Not much there. Wade Miley as I was wondering with him being on the base paths and then after scoring on that fielder's choice. They showed him in the dugout, man. You could see his chest expanding and coming back down this kind of breathing hard trying to recover and you always want to keep an eye on that. When a guy goes back out to the mound. But he got a little help their Barnes being aggressive early in the count Corbin. Burns is now up in the Milwaukee bullpen the rookie right hander virtue. Great outings in the National League division series against Colorado. He looks ready if needed and correct council will decide how much longer he wants to go with Miley Kratzer by just talked about dosier the pinch hitter. Now does your steps in it. He looks at his stride veteran. Second basement thirty one years of age acquired in a deal from Minnesota at the trade deadline didn't hit much for the dodgers. Just one eighty two five home runs and forty seven games swings and thousand back or. B after dosier with Taylor Turner freeze. At some point councils go to the panel bringing in writings. That'd be with Taylor's up. Peterson could come into pitch him as the O to swan popped up on the left side of the infield arsia shortstop right of the edge of the outfield. Grass makes the easy patch for the second down. That was a real chance shot. They're being tested. Looks like the picture was still hitting. He's talking the way the exit veal low off the bat, Danny Bryant dosier. Great guys had a good run in Minnesota as he heads towards free agency. But just not the second half player that he had always been over the course of his career and the dodgers hoped that they were getting. So Chris Taylor will bat Miley will stay to databases empty two to nothing Milwaukee. And the pitch down at away for ball. One. Get a crack Hansel made the move here to burns you likely get jock Peterson for Chris Taylor. Peterson is still on the bench. Max Muncie is still on the bench. Swing in advance wanted one. Once he likely to pitch it at some point for David freeze, and you know, the basis empty, I think you're in a good position. Let Miley try to get this last then go to the seventh inning looking at covering nine outs. I think he's got feel really good about how fresh bullpen as one one purple down in a way. That's just the seventy second pitch thrown to buy. We know or we think we know Josh is not going to pitch today. Three innings of forty six pitches. Last night. Everybody else should be available for a little bit of work in corporate. Birch didn't pitch last night. The two on is a strike to as we saw the Colorado series birds. Could it be a six out guy? And what we saw the Colorado series burns wants to pitch. This is a rookie. That was out there. Owning this space. Definitely looking like he belongs. Miley with a two two and a swing at a lighter. That drops it to center field for a base hit in front of a hard charging, Lorenzo Cain and Taylor is aboard with a two out single that will bring the tying run to the plate. And it will be Justin Turner who was one for two today. Miley. As of Taylor is now working his way through the lineup for the third time. But still no side of council. He is going to let my Miley face Turner. Turner's obviously good against right handers as well. But here comes council looks like he's got a double switch. And that's going to be all for by soon. As ios to the council to actually get a double switch and the crowd understands. What's going on? Appreciating? What's going on there standing there? Having a great time to them. Got their cheese skirts. They got their beer, they got their rats. Wade Miley having a heck of an afternoon, both on the mound and add the plate. As Gregg council is now told Alan portable the move is. Now, he's on his way out to the.

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