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"mild gore" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Com we got a lot going on here today a lot going on here today okay so we have the gear coal signing this sign gate which is really taken off right there is all over the internet Yankee fans who do not believe that Gerrit Cole was being genuine about bringing the sign from the World Series in two thousand and one we got people debating whether or not Aaron Boone should still be the manager of the Yankees I did not think that's were going today I should clean something up I said before because I don't have a great memory most that's you I'm so jealous of your like photographic memory game four CC sabbats via honor and Ron when he came in to replace Adam on aveeno ends up leaving two batters later with a shoulder injury and I don't know how I forgot that but I did and I'm sorry that I did one more thing at some point is our most I are going to be an model in a model are going to be taste testing different brands of pork roll here tell him import rules to different rates to different brands yeah we got a tangy in originally we're gonna be doing that mild a mild gore is my old anything live a little people what year were you afraid of I've never had microwave pork roll okay wait this is going to be dynamite no one no one has and then finally we should let you know about this Daniel Jones taking reps with the first team this is a total left turn asked if he is wearing a brace most the answer was no just tape on the ankle so I think we can go ahead and we can pencil Daniel Jones into start this weekend and then X. before him back to call next made a hiring David black brought in as basketball operations consultant he was diagnosed with MS a number of months ago left the team that was coaching over in Europe was so black was brought in and hired by the next battle of mills and Parry hiring the replacement yes thanks for bringing in the real the real guns a real muscle jurors in Belmar hi Joe how are you Hey first on call your and then the main reason why is because that guy that called in for boon being fired which is lovely ridiculous because if anybody watches that any of the game pretty much start a whole bunch of things now the person who should be fired is a conditioning coach route that's absolutely ridiculous how many people got hurt and they said that we have a different person put in for their with the medical staff you know Brian Cashman actually he he he mentioned that in the post season press conference that he held he said they've already started discussions about trying to do I think they call it like CSI Tampa or whatever he had a cute name for but they're doing investigations as to why guys were getting hurt so much last year wasn't a fluke was it something about how they're responding to measuring right it absolutely simple there are two big looking looking people who weren't DJ skinny lanky stand mobile yes what baseball different of football you can't be like big and bulky like that right one I mean one of the state I mean with the the stand injury one of whom was him sliding into third base I mean that there's nothing to do with lemay Hughes lanky miss or you know how we feel or how we you know stretches or anything like that that's just kind of like kind of when those freaky type of injuries when you look at Giancarlo Stanton yeah and also DD what I would call kinda lanky and he got injured because he is leading all plate right so I I mean I I look it I look at all those scenarios if if you're telling me everyone's going out with a hamstring injury and it's the same injury that and then there's a concern or problem when you look at there's a rash of injuries and they're all a little bit different than all of it's actually just the conditioning or what you're doing yeah I tell guys get ready to play a game you know I think the biggest red flag if you will was kind of the set backs you know the set backs were the ones I like I said bill Tatian yeah the Severino set back it just you know and even the stand set back it was like all right what what first you get injured however it happens but then why the setbacks why did you know one you know while one injury kinda like lead to another is it over compensation and sometimes you just have one of those years I don't mean that sometimes it just you okay rash of injuries you see in the National Football League I know it's a physical violence sport you see the Major League Baseball at times as well as the overhead yeah and and the Yankees has had got hit with a rash of injuries you don't want to over you know you don't want to over compensate for kind of an out liar for year two and then redo everything that you're doing just based on one year to if it becomes a climate of injuries where it's two or three consecutive years of that that I could understand it but sometimes you can just have one of those years were guys do break down yeah I wonder you know after the Mets went through as in a season of bad injuries there all soft tissue injuries I remember the fan base brewing the medical staff on opening day the next year I wonder if that happens this year Sonny now over New York City how are you bush should be fired you today really I'm kidding you know me better than almost we call first signed I heard a lot of fans going up saying you know you know they don't care about the money nor the years that you know he won one World Series to be worth it I totally disagree number one I think that number of years is insane and if you don't find somebody for that much money for that length of time you guy when more than one World Series so my question is guys is it is there a price that you can put on one World Series like when Alex Rodriguez was here any they paid all that money all those big contracts the only one one World Series with that worth it you know as Sonny I bet that there are no how many people are the Yankees analytics apartment thirty something like that I bet they have done some kind of cost benefit like I bet there's a whole dollar that you can a dollar amount about how much a World Series brings you a financial impact on your organization think about this right we sell we found out from hell Steinbrenner today had to go to the ninth year like if it was between sticking it eight and not getting Gerrit Cole like you would a skewer in the Yankees organization if they had done that if they said listen eight years we just couldn't go to the night our phone call bank would be laid up with people calling the Yankees everything one eight eight it leads you to believe that they're offering the angels final offer was basically one and the same because the reports by by those you know I think was Hayman who added I think Bob Nightengale had it that the angels final offer was just short of three hundred million dollars now you know you would have to believe in that it was it was at the thirty six billion a year number Strasbourg a thirty five year and here I ate that means you're at two hundred eighty eight million so that means that if the Yankees angels work similar numbers and call once that and it's always important for for Boris stood to pass the certain threshold I make history there's no doubt about it so to get above and give them that ninety year to basically not go back to anybody else to try to get a little bit more if that's what the Yankees needed do and that's what the refreshing aspect was is I wasn't sure the anchors are willing to do that and they did that with coal yeah I mean they would have broken a record with the average annual value but I'm getting over that three hundred threshold was important to Boris and important maybe daycare coal Sally is in hotel hi Sally Hey guys I don't thanks taken the call listed should go forward this way best luck with both the thank you so and I'd like to get trade logs that baka brand that that you you got a foot out there to challenge grey goose what is that close I I close solely that I'm not as much since that I'd like that this is the time where you make all in investment because you've already done it and it won't cost anything they're looking at maybe bringing back to add this to my court seven eight nine million dollars for one year and make good I'd rather invest that and a bunch of prospect and try and bowling both ada and Schwab one guy's twenty five the other guys twenty seven between them they make an eleven million dollars this year it would cost quite a bit and and yeah but the Yankees have ten kids I'm not I'm not kidding they have ten kids that are eighteen through twenty one and the one kid that's twenty three is clock Schmidt their number one pick from a few years ago yeah I think about this though your Milwaukee right you're ready now you you're trying to get hater because yeah maybe you're trying to restock the farm system you're gonna have to give them guys now and whether that might be Frasier member there might be and do our I don't know what it is but they're they're not going to be looking for guys who are you know three years away no I know I would do the clutch was ready now Mike Chang I go Debbie Garcia I'm your talk about guys who are proven at them at the major league level yeah they might be close there's a lot of people we thought of in close and haven't panned out but I don't know I mean if you look at it to replace hater in apple pan I don't know if they're they're looking at any of the high price guys the Yankees have I mean they're not looking for breaking they're not looking for out of you know they're not looking for anything of as as an available and so it would be great I mean it if it's a play I would so it was mentioned a go get hater and go get it because if you get just hater who cares about telling the taxes are but it's going to cost you an prospects to go get him but you do have control these twenty five years of age he's been used a lot by the brewers the past couple years yeah I've always been a former fan now I thought swore Burke obviously would.

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