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Arsene Wenger in advanced talks to become AC Milan's new manager


03:38 min | 3 years ago

Arsene Wenger in advanced talks to become AC Milan's new manager

"Awesome Venga to Milan any truth in famous story. What's the story that comes from France from the magazine France Football hasn't really been picked up in the media. So France Football writing very hard that they're in advanced talks. I would find this rather surprising given the chief chief executive of meeting. I've in Gazeta who I believe officially takes over on December. I of course, was Vancouver's old boss at arsenal. And the two didn't exactly part ways. In. Very amicable manner. So we've got a bind IB I'd be really shocked if the story were true way from the Zita sling. God just the general premise of got me over and taking Milan in general. What's your sense of that? Do you like the idea? I don't think he's what meat on re- need right now, frankly because. Vangere is somebody who who requires a project and requires time and simply put me and don't have much time to work with. They're they're gonna face financial fair play sanction. And then they're going to have to try to hope for some sort of settlement agreement. You know, they're going to have to summers of breaches. They need to get in the top four now play in the Champions League next year. So they're gonna have a whole bunch of restrictions. So why why this would make sense for vendor? I'm not really clear it's been head scratching so headache. It's a headache. Venga does not need guard mentioned this is a big job. This is I mean, they might make a push for the talk full of this year, depending of tissue and one or two of the players the nurse islands and how he performs. This is going from the frying pan to the fire from obstacle and they pressure TAC Milan. And all the pressure with a team that might say might be dragged into the four best. But I just don't I just don't see the for either club or coach. Plus it's up since I can the trip. Joe? So worry see Milan Luton full, then, you know, the the I'll get good enough to get the four, but the don't want not the not wanting to project they wouldn't somebody through the door. Turn a bunch of players who struggle in the end the top forward into a team that definitely go get in the top four. What did you number one? That's available. What is going unless it's young monitored is gonna take job. Do you think is a good fan? I think I was complaining Venga didn't Real Madrid. Because I'm thinking right now Real Madrid need some organiz ation Vegas mon- for me. I think each of Milan on the other hand, you know, what was done is organized them. Maybe they need to put up a little bit more to do wanna get in the toll for maybe. That's why angles. You look at van good doesn't normally need a lot of money to to make fill out. His team. AC Malone has a decent amount of money to spend. You could see to Steve's point. Him doing a good job in in sort of setting a new standard in that standard. But setting getting AC Millan back into some prominence with some attacking style. Soccer. I could see it happening. But if I'm vendor, I wouldn't be doing this. I just don't think it's the right thing for him as this next step

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