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"mila noyon" Discussed on WCTC

"Game going on and they played at the baseball game at the old rfk stadium in washington the maybe now they played at the nationals park maybe now they moved into the new stadium in play it there but to the game will go on as scheduled despite the shooting that happened yesterday saw was an early morning practice some of the republican players got together a little batting practice getting ready for the game tomorrow they had a traditional of kickoff dinner that did happen last night went on as scheduled and the game will be played as scheduled and it's kennedy because it's almost like watching an allstar game because if you're if you're a representative of a state or an area that has a major league team you'll wear the uniform of the colors of the major league team that you work with or if you're you know from montana idaho or something you'll on a times you'll have a collegiate our local team uniform mitchell wear just the kind of represent the district that you know stay informed washington dc but the game will go on as scheduled and it probably will get some extra attention this year due to the unfortunate incident of yesterday but yesterday in a shooting near that happened in alexandria virginia then in the afternoon there was a shooting at a ups a depot there in california and it's like manonman now it's like what happened now it's like engine aegis never know what's going to happen it just a matter of just keeping your eyes open an unknown which going on around you and in the case that yesterday with the the shooter there in in alec gene gery of virginia clues on social media if somebody that apparently had been a bernie sanders sympathizer in and even volunteered for his campaign the guy was for mila noyon and volunteered for bernie sanders campaign there and even had put out some time to the exact wording was something along the lines of drive time to exterminate trump and company and when you see something like that but boy loyd that doesn't raise red flag don't know what does anaconda.

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