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"mikko rantanen hill" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Graves thought about a shot holds now over for Mikko Rantanen, just off the bench, ranting and stick handling. Baba's own Branson and download the message gets to it first forced up the wall by the Stars and Jamie Benn, trying to get it out, does back his same deride icing is waived off. Both teams will make changes have been a better team so far in this in this overtime. Running in the right direction. 14 22 go innit Pass I had for Nathan MacKinnon McKinnon keeps himself there. Side circle peels away. McKinnon folds, passing the space from a car since it towards the net. Now trying to get it up. The boards form a car. He's there. McAra waits knocked away from him. But Nathan MacKinnon is able one handed free as he spins lucid center mechanic passed near sideboards Mikko Rantanen Hill backhanded deep trying to get their first s Lendell. Banks it off the far boards, not the center of a car. It's a pass for Nikita's the door off the redline dumps a deep Khudobin will stop it behind the cage, 13.5 to go in the overtime. Stars trying to get it out. Stop there by J. T. Compher Working loose is Pierre Edouard Belmar. Another hit put on but comes free. Belmar was inspecting the pass, and it's out for Kevin cannot. Hands it off the ads try and dump it in. It's deflected and it goes over the glass. As the ABS applying pressure with 13 24 beg your pardon 22 to go in the over time Still for four. You know, it was interesting talking way, way, Way, way way back when I played. Overtimes didn't go very long because the conditioning level wasn't good enough and they were mistakes. Goaltenders equipment was heavy so you could see goes now remember talking to some of the players after these double overtime. Exhausting part is mentally. Yeah. You just don't know when this thing is going to end. Insensitive up, taken back find stolen back by rope agents across the avalanche by Hutchins in three bounds, hitting their Colorado trying to get passed near side holding still hand made Hutchinson Free Pound is denied. And now it's behind the neck. Doriana about the wall, Jamie Alexia. You come. Second passport side. Elect Jack down low below the surface. Jamie Alexia behind the next election. Working free hands it up. For second. He goes around San Drawers Speck Road behind the Avalanche. Net. Sekera holding, looking for centering past a school. It's a trick. And the ABS. For the second year in a row. Their season ends in Game seven of the second round. Just inserted into the lineup. Tonight. No Landeskog. No Johnson. No grubauer. No friends. So's no Calvert. No Donskoy. Did they did? They did everything they could do it, Wass. An extraordinarily Interesting. See Siri's They had. Some moments when they They were disappointed with how they play, but they fought back from down. Three games to one. And That'll be. That'll be a top night tonight. I'm sure they won't leave until tomorrow, but A season that they had In the playoffs started they were healthy. You look that you said boy, if this is gonna be a tough team to beat Then they kept chipping away group Our Johnson Calvert. You know, and it just kept Mounting, and it was Obviously strange, strange season. With the paws four months whatever, and then come back and then the bubble. They've been in there 41 days in the bubble 41 days today, that's uh So the Avalanche season will end in Game seven of round two again. And we head into more uncertainty because we do not know when. Next season. We'll start yet that is yet to be determined by the National Hockey League. You can be assured that We will have it for you here on the altitude Radio Network..

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