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"mikhail juston" Discussed on KQED Radio

"With Keith Walker hello busy show coming up I lots going on northern Ireland's devolved government has been revived after a three year hiatus all the laws and politicians I put aside their differences and shown leadership and that is a fine thing and the right also on the show the Russian government resigns and president Vladimir Putin reshuffles his inner circle plus Germany Britain and France lose their patience with around and launch appeal is a process that will either save or kill the Iran nuclear deal the J. C. P. O. a pressure on Iran will be to walk away more for just a few and the pressure on some Europeans may be to take this to the way these stories and more coming up Russian lawmakers approved me high L. me shoes TN as prime minister on Thursday the confirmation took place less than twenty four hours after president Vladimir Putin nominated him for the position haven't seen the house the details on this roundup of European news Russian MPs overwhelmingly backed president Putin's choice for the country's new prime minister until now Mikhail Juston has stayed away from politics for the past ten years he's been in charge of Russia's tax service his appointment as part of a big shakeup of Russia's political system on Wednesday president Putin proposed constitutional changes that could enable him to increase his powers after he leaves the presidency in twenty twenty four Putin was reelected with a sweeping majority in twenty eighteen but his approval ratings dropped following an unpopular reform of the pension system incomes have also been falling as the economy stagnates.

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