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"mike ziyuan" Discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

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"mike ziyuan" Discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

"It's time for Kevin's pump quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of the three questions once the final scores tabulated we post on our website along the current standing among the top one hundred are you ready? Yes, question number one keeps David or David Keith Keith, David, correct? He's got a better voice. Oh, okay. Okay question. Number two, Carl weathers or the weather in Carlsbad, Carl weathers, correct? Last question, Steve. Xiaomi? Right away. Engineered through the window is so excited. Panting. Congratulated nicely done. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you so much for spending an hour and a half with me today on the microphone. I hope. It was fairly painless knows. It was it was it was a little painful. Let's let's call it part one. You'll come back, please. I would love to Mike Ziyuan, ladies and Jews. The marvelous business Mazel season two available to you now on the Amazon prime do you? Enjoy today's shipping. Get yourself all this wonderful programming for free. Once you have Amazon prime. Thanks, buddy. I'll see you at the critics choice awards. Yes. Can't wait and possible dinner. We can pull our heads out of morass. All right. Thank you Sam the engineer the stars. Oh, as my pleasure Keefer, by the way, those if you want to write in it Sam Keefer care of ear wolf the address available online. And Corey Levin and post and HANA Hannah. Crichton the greatest booking person I've ever met. And I've met far too many who else can I thank my mother who no longer listens to the show. She gave up. I don't think she served one. Yeah. This is episode like three eighty. All right joke. Do you know how to pronounce Joe's last name Manton ELO man to show? You know what I'm talking about? Oh from troop blood. The an NGO, man. Yeah. Go with that. You're not to pronounce it. He's going to be in her next. And I can't wait to have him Nangi. No mangle. Thank you. Sam all ask quarter cut out that Parker's. Why do I need to mispronounce guy's name on a show? That's going to be a guest he might cancel again. Assuming anyone listens? That's our show for today until next time and has always get outta my face. Hi, I'm Paul f Tompkins my podcast. Bon -taining Asian is wrapping up at two hundred and that final show will drop on Monday.

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