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"mike weber alfred morris" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"This is the odd couple with Chris Broussard and rob Parker I don't think it's in a threat I think it's real deal and I think what he understands is the cowboys are trying to win a championship he is the key piece you could talk about that and you could talk about all that he knows deep down in his heart did not win in the Superbowl without children he's going to make the cowboys and they're going to play could you hear that ticket that's Jerry Jones Superbowl clock if they can always struggle you know then yeah but if the promise is only Mike Weber Alfred Morris no more older but those two young running backs leverages with Chris Russo and rob Parker weekdays at seven PM eastern four PM Pacific box more yes with the voice of his arch how yeah I I know I say the good bits with the raiders and the love for the raiders in this city I think it's going to surprise a lot of people I mean this is a transient task people calm people go and the sense of community it just hasn't always been there and this town around that shooting around the hockey team it's been amazing I mean says you've been here almost as long as me it was the effort with the hockey team and I think if anything that's a minor version of the infamous Adam over to have for the right absolutely RG I was shocked the Vegas all night the whole community just adopted them and it feels like they've been here like fifteen.

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