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"mike tyson roy jones jr" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"On our WTMJ Nights program 69 when there's no sports, we We took nominations for the nickname for the Washington football team. Then we have people vote and for the life of me, I can't recall exactly which nickname one I want to say it was the swamp monsters. Trying to remember. I think I think the people voted and the official wtmj Nights nickname would be the Washington Swamp monsters. Yeah. What I feel like red tails was like the biggest one that seemed to be right the possibility and then because of the connotation there with the fighters and the fighter, a fighter jets jets back I feel like that was like the leading candidate for a long time, and then Someone said, like maybe senators, and then Yeah, once once. I'll like political sort of positions got into it. People started thinking about that. Well, what would be considered political presidents? Obviously, commanders Brigade Armada, little bit military. I guess if I had to pick one Got to be the hogs, right? The red Hogs. I mean, like you, can you as a fan base can take yourselves very seriously. But you don't have to take yourselves seriously, that kind of thing. If you become the president's that kind of opened yourself up for Range of jokes and the fans are going to wear those white curly wigs all the time. Is that what you think of? Yeah, just the the attack the wig clip on like like it's a lego hats or something like that. Like I said, What would the logo B? Is it just kind of like A, uh it's a hodgepodge of all the presidential images or something like that. All right, Maybe you're kind of convincing me here for red hogs. Um, commanders isn't bad, though. The commanders that's kind of a that's not bad. I don't mind that at all. And like I said before about the Washington machine I don't know. Um, Like I said, the last commander in chief is going to be, uh, doing a boxing match on Saturday. Now, this promoter, incidentally, has dabbled with celebrity commentators before. So Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of Snoop Dog. Who was part of November's Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr telecast. As also a fight back in April. Ah, great celebrities like Pete Davidson from Saturday Night Live was a part of April's telecast as well and like I said he'll be joined by junior Was the father son bonding type situation, which is great. It's very emotional that way. Yeah. Yeah, I know. Somebody texted and Scott, he could very well. Attend some sort of a 9 11 ceremony in the morning or earlier in the day and then go on and and do his boxing thing. But I I have a hard time believing that he's going to be jet setting. From Florida to Washington. From Florida to New York and back to Florida. In the course of just a couple of hours has, is he is he using the Trump jet again? Is that I have not seen. Has he gone anywhere? Well, yeah, He's had his rallies and things like that. But I'm trying to remember and turned. Recall. If if, uh If I've seen Trump Force one out, and about since he left the presidency, I don't I don't think so. But I also can't Think of when his latest rally even was if it wasn't more than three weeks ago. Yeah, I don't know. I have a friend, a couple of friends who live down in that area right near March a Lago and they'll say all right, they say that they have seen The Trump jet, which was made famous, of course from the reality show The Apprentice because it's part of the open. He's walking down or walking up into the plane. Whatever it was, anyway, um They've seen it there, and it looks like it's going under, uh, some sort of maintenance, and it's been kind of in the hangar for a while. I don't know that's probably more than any of you care about. None of you care about the status of President Trump's plane right now, that is the least most important thing in your mind. I understand, But these are the random thoughts that go through my mind. Which means it's a good time to segue to Wisconsin's afternoon news. We'll get a preview with John Gregg and Melissa coming up next. Don't look.

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