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"mike suo sula" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Dow is up 436 points. NASDAQ Up 161 points in the S and P 500 up 44 points. I'm Lauren Latka on Chicago's very own 7 20 w G. N Just looking at this thing. Hi Horia. John Williams 10 33 doing a radio show. A couple of you have texted and said all of the attention given to Eddie Van Halen for all good reason He died too young. He died of cancer. I'll tell you more about his life and his passing little late Iran. It's It's a fascinating story, and it's Sad to see someone go so young Johnny Nash, who brought you I can see clearly now another songs also passed away. And it's one of those instances, though, I was just looking something up about this where If one person of note dies, and then an even bigger star, dies on the same day and Van Halen za bigger name and in in America and the world in music than Johnny Nash, then Johnny Nash doesn't get the attention. He was quote unquote due in a couple of you said, Hey, what about Johnny Nash? You've got to talk about that guy in that story more. It's not gonna happen today, and I was thinking about Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson. And I'm pretty sure that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died on the same day, Farrah Fawcett's passing would have brought days of people reflecting on the pop culture icon. She was But when you die in Michael Jackson's shadow, then you sort of miss. You know, your name does anyway, that that limelight and so now I'm just looking up and it said three who died. Michael Jackson. Fair faucet Ed McMahon. Did Ed McMahon die on the same day, producer Alan Will you look at up? I was going to say, John. I remember that year just so many people so many celebrities specifically died. You know, we talked earlier today about how people are noting what a terrible year 2020 was and then piling on or these celebrity deaths starting with, say, Kobe Bryant, pre pandemic and then all the way through. And so and that just feels like forever ago, doesn't it, though I mean Lordy, And yet my view on that is every year feels like a terrible year. I think it's just the fact that 2020 so bad that every celebrity death does seem to be another. No pun intended here, nail in the coffin. So maybe what we're going through with celebrity deaths in 2020 is not unlike previous years. It's this year that makes it worse. But LF would you just double check for me? I think Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died on the same day and this headline. I don't have time to click through, says Ed McMahon is well. Look that up and give us that date, please, just to sort of scratch That little itch for me. Fill the tell is the restaurant critic of the Chicago Tribune and he joins us on Wednesdays at this time to talk about food. Hey, Phil, how are you? I'm fine. Here's a fun fact. Eddie Van Halen and I were born the same day say that again. Eddie Van Halen and I were born on the same day, very same day, same year and justice that underscores how Untimely his passing is he and you are young men of middle aged men. You have a lot of life left to live. Not God would. Yeah, Well, you've been really careful about yesterday reminded me that maybe I don't. Why do you say that? Because of his death, the exact myself same age night And as you mentioned, another famous person died yesterday and ah, third Going to my rock and roll. Ginger Baker, home founding member of Cream, died yesterday. No kidding. And I think cream was a band that Van Halen liked and appreciated as you imagine, with Eric Clapton on guitar, seeing that pop up in the sort of obituary stories, I believe one of the reasons that he and Valerie Burton Ellie eventually separated and divorce was because he just could not stop smoking. He Said he quit drugs and alcohol. He was sober for the last few years of his life, but couldn't stop the smoking and she couldn't tolerate. That goes part of that story anyway, filled. It tells the restaurant critic at the Chicago Tribune. He joins us Wednesdays at this time. Remember now Phil doesn't go to all of the restaurants. We do have big news. He did go to a restaurant. But I want you to tell us where you went. Where was the good food? The good service. They could experience the bad food. The bad experience the bad service. Let's just talk about what dining in or out is like 3129817 200. Please call us right now and let us know how are bigger. Small if it's going well for you. What do you even tipping these days? Phil? Where did you go? I went to publican quality meats, which is at the The southeast corner of Green and Fulton Market and on Ah, occasional Tuesdays on months a month they have the what they call Burger battles. They've been doing it for years. And what they usually do is invite a couple of chefs to come in and do a friendly competition where they make their their kind of signature burgers and people come in. Try them both and vote for one or whatever. And Ah And some of the money goes to charity. And crowding into kitchens is not necessarily the best idea right now, so they so they. Instead they went with a Order battle with celebrity guests, and I was one of them. So it was my burger versus the Burger by Mike Suo Sula of the Chicago reader. Ah, And can you describe yours for us? Yes, Mine was mine. Had my was topped.

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