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Mike Seiman- CEO @ Digital Remedy- Hustle, Loyalty, & Chutzpah a formula for success!


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Mike Seiman- CEO @ Digital Remedy- Hustle, Loyalty, & Chutzpah a formula for success!

"This podcast is part of the C.. Suite Radio Network turning the volume off on business the hello and welcome to the plugged in todd cast where we talk with founders and CEO's in order to bring you the real stories of failures and triumphs highs and lows. They've experienced on their your journey toward success. We will go in-depth with our guests to give you insights into how they have taken an idea from concept to realization. Making those first key hires to building building the right team scaling revenues how they overcame obstacles and much more as we learn how they achieved success. This podcast you want to subscribe to you if you want to learn and how to succeed. Consider other episode of plugged in. I'm Elliott Obama. An industry veteran who decided more than just listen to podcasts. But actually starting which I interview people much smarter than me in this episode speed with Mike Sugerman the CEO and chairman of Digital Remedy Digital Media Solutions Company leading the Technical Marketing Spacey co-founded while a college student in after university and this is going back to the early two thousands. The company is growing quickly and is now a major player. Within the credit digital advertising landscape there had growth of digital revenue formerly CPS I which will get into the. Pike cast lead to the inclusion on INC magazine's scenes list of fastest growing privately held advertising marketing companies. For a number of years. I'll skip all the exact years. There's so many this time Mike serves on the board of trustees. He's at Hofstra. University also focuses on numerous philanthropic initiatives including sitting on the boards of Education Society and the Children International the National Mike. Welcome to the show and I hope it covered everything but just to start to talk a little bit more about your phone initiatives short you you know since very early age since I was lucky To start being successful and I was instilled with some Let's say Jewish commits protect value. Ultimately I felt when I give a little bit back. You start making money when I was probably seventeen years old Jan while. That's very common plate for most entrepreneurs in this generation. Post two thousand talking late nineties so like ninety six Listen very commonplace for seventeen year olds who making four hundred thousand dollars a month Selling marketing so. Because I was able to do that I just I felt compelled to start giving back and I started by sponsoring some children through children. International that's how I got involved with them before I was twenty twenty one years old. I think I had a dozen sponsoring children. Make to see me I talked to them more receptive so many seventeen years old. What made you want to do sponsored children? I mean that's not like normal and not even apparently right so seventeen year old. Usually people seventeen. Don't really think about spending money from the other brand. Not even thinking about like okay. I'm GonNa give them money somewhere. But it's not thinking of other children per se. No I mean I remember when I was. I got my first check from selling ads on. Oh my websites seventeen seventeen and a half something like that. I remember check came in the mail who had parents still opened my now like still living at home in high school. I remember mom waiting for me. One day after school with a check for four thousand dollars and she was like the fucking obstacle the cross selling ads on my website and injured and she was like what are you talking like today talking to your grandma in what. She doesn't know what you're talking about. You're talking just like what are you talking about. And I literally had to explain thing. Of course. She's still didn't lose the money was it's coming and she said look as long as it's legal it's accident. This is great while fantastic. Okay so so. That's starting right to seventeen year old high school. So what made you even think about like Internet. Okay this is just a playfield did yeah just seemed interesting. I mean you know since I was fourteen. I worked at a pharmacy around the block. From in my house the Internet started my boss used to make like custom pharmaceuticals children like pills. They couldn't swallow. Turn Eh light you know. Minutes or medication you could take. Orly things like that and I said Oh this is great to all pharmacies do said no no. I just do a customer. I said you should be on the Internet. What the hell are you talking about the Internet and I was like Oh we can get you listed in the yellow pages like the yellowing of the Internet? That was literally a book. You'd have to go to such a a search engine divide so I listed errands pharmacy. I built him this little website and I made a deal with him then. If we sold anything I get a piece of it. You're talking like a sixteen year old kid. Yeah who convinced him. And this has always hustling like sure. Great we nothing. No one ever went to the website. There was hardly anybody even on the Internet. At that time I mean most of us were going from. All Browse and we're in our this AOL before you know the broadband modem so for a lot. The people are listening. Go Away back way back. And that's basically kept going and I was like oh I'm going to start a blog back then. It was really a blog. I was just going to start a website. Talk about going hanging out with your friends. Whatever getting into drugs no games stupid crap like place for teenagers to just chat in like a you know message board that became really popular? I ended up getting really involved into like emulators and like Classic Video Games. I built a review site before you knew that blew up. Everybody has broadband started coming out. People were downloading intendo emulators and stuff like that I I had one of the biggest ones I just learned. Lincoln Change. It was just all about it was always into building the not building like website so much. That was the fun part but building traffic like it was just like wow I can get more. People just wanted learning more and more and then eventually there was an ad network opened up an coming to join but some of the ads on the site. And I'm like seventy five dollars. This this is insane insane. I'm GonNa go with another site. Built the celebrity site about you know just slenderest every single celebrity. And you know there's got to be a place where people can find this information so I looked up all the Info if you wanna look how old Cindy Crawford. And what's her buydell Miss. I put all that together and I started building traffic. The era had this to websites like scaling scaling. It law is in college. I was making like forty fifty thousand dollars a year in college and the and then slowly I was just like I don't know how I'm going to scale the same. WanNa turn into a business getting played junior year graduating. Now there's Microsoft maybe all my friends are going to get a job Microsoft and they heard of this thing called Google. And what are we you know. It's like right up these websites I really want to do something and I realized that. That point It wasn't really about scaling your website. There's only so much you can do this. Pre Free Every magazine going digital and still reading relent reduced male right. There were still doing that. There's only so much scaled but there's all these websites websites that have unused space all over the place. No one was selling maximizing anything. There's only a couple networks. I mean none of them exist anymore. We're talking burst media and how you click all the the guys who sold or really went under at one point now is like I got talked about these web logs. They all want traffic so I would reach out and say listen. I'm from these sites and I WANNA buy your hands. Great what do you pay you pay them. Any fifty bucks announced dollars. They just wanted more money. You're like wait. I can get worn. I I was like yeah. I'll take this little spot like nobody wants that spot I'll take and I ran some performance marketing stuff I was signing up with affiliate networks and I would just arbitrage it and figure out a way to do it back then and Lo and behold it it worked and all of a sudden. I was making margin doing that and I said this could scale met some people in College College that were interested in Web design and stuff and we kept building ad servers and figuring out how to do it and slowly but surely it kept evolving into the space. We we know today's editor so perfect. So before we get to see Pixar in hell you took your your hobby as a seventeen year old through college college etc.. You know when you do all this. Is there some like an. Oh Shit moment that you had when you were like Oh crap I just fucked up or something really bad. Why something that you feel that in that time and you said to yourself okay? I can't do it again in combat I guess I'm going to think that there's a lot of worship throughout it but I would say the first the first real. Oh Shit moment I think was Remember exactly the years early on news. Probably I WANNA say two to three and we were really trying to scale heart. I mean when I say we there was four of us a AH back then. We're really trying to Harwich. We're buying networks because now networks existed at Dot Com. Just open that until they had volume and we were like. They didn't didn't know what they were doing. And performance marketing so we would sign up affiliate networks. We'd get money from affiliate networks and just arbitrage the space because nobody understood that there wasn't a lot of performance marketing back then like now So what so. We got into some area where we ended up owing a lot of money for all the media we bought and and we weren't getting paid on time right the typical GPO struggles of business. But now this was the business of four twenty two year olds. Who are running on credit cards? Wanted to credit back in this wasn't like in the start up as of today where you can raise a million bucks in five minutes so we got the place where we literally me and my partner. At the time I had to borrow either twenty five and fifty grand from my parents begged them and they're like get out of here and so he borrowed from his mom and Dad. I borrowed from my mom and dad and we paid our publishers and we got done we finally got the money back could literally probably shit actually paid us back. Ah A week. But in the eighty two afloat right and then we were like obviously we could raise money making bank line then but we said no now what we really need to do. Is We need to manage this process. Better we need to negotiate better a depot she. DSL need to not get caught up in and scaling so fast beyond what was smart right so it was like yeah. We can buy a million dollars worth of ads this month but if we only have one hundred fifty thousand thousand bank. It's not gonNA work so we had to scale slower but more conservatively. So we built up and learn how to really build a business based on profits offers of cash flow as opposed to a lot of these guys who later on came out. And you don't raise five million bucks. And then before they know they're in the whole. Boxing went backwards. I mean there was no way to deal so you know it's funny. You say that and that is a valuable lesson because you've been around I mean you've seen companies I mean there's companies in the space have come and gone and you guys as have stayed. The course you've been around since two thousand one so I mean if you're talking about eighteen years and you are growing we'll get to so let's get so. CPA had you come up with the sixers after college. You sites you know taking initiative saying okay. There's nothing here. Let's get traffic pads on it get paid and when did that say okay. Let's build into a real like sustainable business. So we're we're we're running a business. We were running an LLC guys that only three of us. We're bringing more people we can do about thirteen folks He moved out of our first office in Rockville Centre. Enter I grew up in island started in valley stream share finally could afford an office tobacco center and then we moved presents. A Long Beach is about thirteen of us. And I don't know when it was just you know running the business. No nothing specific colours buds inc or something friends making money and one night. I just I don't know woke up. When warriors thinking about when I was like everybody was value? Click fast clay clay that click and I was like this is other metrics that make sense and then I said CPI six. We'll do anything we'll be. CNBC PM will cost per install cost per lead. Whatever it was? I said we'll call ourselves. CPI came down. That's a great name do that. So we call ourselves. CPI Interactive and then later on as we grew in eventually wanted to rebrand brand added that thirteen fourteen twenty five people were Real Company in Manhattan hundred folks. That's when we finally brought him my first real you know. CMO level type person said CPI. We're going to drop the interactive and that's when we rebound into CPI seven years ago. I got it so so with that right. So when did you start seeing tram. You seen traction early on but when did you start to say okay. The tipping point happen like you. You know we're we're we're no longer. You know you know fly where they see we have a roster of clients were really established. We're getting established in the company. Yeah I don't know if it was a money thing I think it was more people. Think people when it got to the point where I mean you can find it at any probably Harvard Business Review magazine in writing. This book should read but once you get past that fifty fifty employees. I think that's like the number and it's probably there's probably a revenue number two. Probably five million. Yeah something like that but we were going so fast beyond that but when I finally got and you know who we were making like a million bucks play at one point so we were crazy in those it was internet days. It's not the same today but when we were doing that so I think it's when we hit that fifty when you couldn't be like Oh who close someone we can get in here to to run more council Russell by media and it's like oh I got a friend. That's dying to get into this poker with his buddy bring him in higher all my friends and then they started hiring their friends. And eventually you got to that fifty point where you were like you know. Yeah I guess you do have a friend might play cards with on the weekends. But I don't WanNa hire that guy anymore. I actually want to like find. Find the real people who not. They're not real people but who have experienced because we don't have time to just Wearing a place where we can hire people from other companies. So it's Kinda kind of like when you get that first. Recruiter you start trying to actually recruit from outside the inner circle which is that core fifty where you're finding that all right? I'm starting starting to hire people. I don't really have any. You know first degree of separation to now this is. This is the real deal. I'm actually. I'm actually responsible for people with the job people with lives. Who are families of kids? I may still be twenty six twenty something. There's a fire your first thirty five year old sales guy because he's not pushing numbers starting to tear cheer up because he's got a wife and kids at home. You're like Holy Shit. This is like I'm really responsible for some serious shit like this guy. His life is counting on. Let me to continue steps coming out counting on him to sell again. You start to realize like yeah making breaking like people's live their income their bonuses like they're living their lives off the success of this company and that's my responsibility and you start to feel that I think beyond fifty people got a big group group of people you don't know anymore I hear that and so you know it's funny you know what if you know people talk about okay when you're growing especially back. They're growing that fast. You just like hiring people. Do you find that the people that you heard earlier on with the state couple of all time. Let's get you invest time in them. He taught them how to do things Utah. Today he stay with you or did you find them. Okay when you grew just number they were just like I got to get the REP was not. I'm trying to think of sort of like realistic numbers. I can put towards it but I'd have to say that I at least I was GonNa say twenty five percent but I'll say at least twenty percent of the people that work for this company probably been here close to a decade. I mean we have some of the longest tenure in this space at all but that's a testament to the culture. We run the people we have how we treat them how we organize how we live like a family. But I've got you know I can look back on those these long beaches even before I major office in Westbury and I can say you know what out of those thirteen fourteen people. I can definitely count I can. I can definitely always be out out of the five fingers on my one hand going here. Five still here and I can go back to that office in Rockville Centre and go. You know what there's still three of us here from that office of sex and obviously some parts of in like that but yeah they're still half of us are still here from when we started that business and I would say a handful from when we were thirteen when you go back to the fifty albeit after we you know sold off through one of our divisions that show. We'll get to talk about many of them. Went with that transaction who were then but when you look at that Westbury office where we were fifty sixty people. Yeah there's a good a good fifty percents that are still with us. You're talking six is on a long time so is so just perspective wise. So how many people do you have. Now depends where it locations talk about so in New York City and our headquarters. We have over over one hundred zero to one hundred ten. We've got about thirty or so New Orleans a couple on the west coast and scattered and then we have separate operations in Asia Like like completely separate separate finance every charge separate like David we have nothing to do with them they have with us other than we only and we've built. It has a brand name to us. We've got about another hundred twenty there about two hundred and fifty people or so between both. But it's separate subsidiary that we just crea- create some but this or the organization known as digital remedy that operates for our current client base. Here I would say it's the hundred and fifty hundred and sixty rangers interesting and any funding will disappear because we're here's all the company culture so that's unique. It's important when you grown comes after the fifty mark you're like okay. You know. People are picking picking up on vibes. The atmosphere makes it different right. So how do you keep the company called TRAE. How'd you create it? I mean you know. It's Sorta like anything you know. If you read you read good comes sapiens. If you read about sort of humans and the human sapient species all about stories and growing beyond that fifty number you know certain animals and certain species of monkeys and other species they they can work in groups of up to fifty because it makes sense you know everyone in a group of fifty when you get beyond that fifty number there has to be a common story that you couldn't believe we're you know we're both Jews news for both Muslims. We both come from New York people here. So I can somehow relate to the fact that this made up border called New York. I live in that circle. You live in that circle that must mean we have a common interest right so it's the same building the story of the history. That's here why we exist. What our values are what we believe in what we believe before accomplishing that family? Culture of Yeah. You may be my my fourteenth cousin once removed. But somehow you're part of this digital remedy comedy family because you're here because it provides you with what it provides you. It's that culture. We have common friends in common links and so you you build that culture in that way and you have to to believe in it and then everyone believes in that story and everyone wants to create that success for everyone gotten so. How'd you after you cheap? You're excited for a long time. Why why'd you rebrand and there's a lot more to the store which you know you re branded digital remedy it? During that time I think you also created uh well. Let's I really raise any outside funding right so this bootstrapped or certain point which was released recently. What five hundred fifty? Five six years ago raised around the capital We got to the point where look at you know. You're running a business for well over a decade and didn't you know some some co-founders coming. Wed what people out things happened now. You're going all right. I'm coming adult now in my mid thirties. Like to take some ships off the team and really the only do especially when you're cash flowing of business bootstrap is to raise your as some debt. Raised a little equity. You do that so we did raise around around the the twenty five million plus range of debt and equity And we went down that path. We did everything right. We continue to run the business with the normal ups and downs. And hiccups are lender ran into some troubles in what they were doing it and doing some stuff and they wanted to us to recap the debt and we missed a couple of covenants. It happens nothing major. But everything's running smoothly. We're paying our bills on time. But you know sometimes things happen. They want so we went around to raise recap at the debt and go that process and we found an opportunity to sell off one of our divisions at that time we had you know a a demand focused division and the supply focused division Eh. Direct response focused division. The found a buyer for our supply focused division. That would be more than enough to pay that debt. Bad Pay all the taxes. Is that who needed in that transaction and take a few more chips off the table which was great for everyone involved because there was a couple of years past the last round up to do and we were able to clean the table. Get the debt out one hundred percent completely so we negotiated all of that We sold off realtime which was our assets P two engine media and post that transaction took a couple chips off the table who paid off the debt recapped everything and now we're back to three owners that's it and no one else on the table visits completely again. We grew it back To previous levels in terms of even prophet and we felt like all right why are we gonNA see PX. I was known for having supply side platform and form a direct response division and said. Look we're all on the demand side side. Now's a great time to rebrand them. So that asset off so people can understand that we're a different company now so that went through the whole process. We came up with a couple ideas ideas of different names. Nine someone new in marketing and we ran it by the company and everyone agreed that you know that was the right name made sense and here we are also you know talking about real time for a few minutes right. So that was a header bidding company on by right. When did you realize like again again? It was back in two thousand ten. It started right so that and that's an early somewhat early on. When did you see the win? You know old changing direction. I mean it was back again. Editing wasn't really huge. It's been a lot more proven matic but do those dead. Problematic really wasn't around so much correct. We're in the network space right. We we manage the publishers. Imagine of advertisers. We've bought and sold that media. We saw what was changing and shifting the programmatic space it really embrace the programmatic space from the band side revived on a lot of exchanges. Were using exchanges to monetize. A lot of the publishers are network and we decided. Look you know this. This is splitting apart. There's going to be separate supply. There's going to be suffered demand than how that's GonNa operates big enough that it's GonNa you know do center. Mediate that network effect. So we started the demand side business we started supply-side business called. realtime originally were just necessarily ragging tags. Were managing after publishers. That structure what happened and and then as we started seeing it flow pro grammatically through our TB and we saw that opportunity for header bidding. He said look this is this is the direction things are shifting and we need to jump on a quick quick so we started linking up with published in the last two scale very quickly because it allowed us to compete within the Rubicon pubmed or open who had a stronghold and building 'cause of raising venture capital people. They got in that up space harder than us and now had bidding it sort of embracing equal footing to anyone can now get their Ed. no-one no-one could lack of inventory. So embrace it well we jumped into it. We grew really fastened. That's what ultimately the latest take exit on your uh-huh so you sort of real time and then you also made some acquisitions during that during that process right I think two thousand thirteen thirteen was already been media and crowd here. I mean had they have that. Oh blend into where you are today. learnings and mistakes ready was just one of those things liver was terrence Quad Luma Who at some point? I was talking to him wherever we were just catching up on industry stuff. And he's like you should look data so I started looking in. They were looking for a lot at that point. They were still thinking something in great. What's going to happen with the business? That weren't sure but they sell it. They didn't want to do it for the numbers I wanted. An year went by and they were still on the block and conversations happen in. You know the investors astor's were just looking to get out and I said great. Here's an opportunity at the team. It made sense. We took it on because it was just seemed like a no brainer. And you know many years later rebrand not rebranding it but using that name but rebuilding how it operated what did putting new teams in place and stuff we were able to use that as our platform and who vaulted into the platform we have today and really take a hold of it and value on the Spin Xiv. And you know we're still trying to play in the contents space. We acquired a couple of properties. We only have one still today that we acquired which is still doing fairly well I would say it was gonNA acquisition of what it kind of fell in laps. Which one was at other celebs syllables? Yeah so you know. They were spin with selling to permit theus at the time. Lewis Bill Boyd And they didn't want three assets celebres being one of them but we were able to take all three because they needed to close to two weeks before Christmas. Obviously you can take it. But here's my knee. And we were a partner of those so they had owed us some money for buying nor had gotten a bad way and he was like look. If you can just forgive this elite closed our deal and walk away and not have to pay we get to keep a little bit. Could forget that it's a couple of hundred K.. And whatever else will work out and earn out whenever he was like great. You can take the profit so we transfer them before Christmas. We took them but it was good. It was beneficial transaction for us. At this point can have made our money back. You know hold on that But yeah only only one of the properties stockman sloppy today. It's still I mean it's funny. I remember you know early on in the conversations like you know. You started eating agr-agree celebrity site and it's got back into it. It's funny and then crowder as well right so crowd here you know talk about that and Out where that fits in your ecosystem. We actually parted ways with that was part of a higher end. Sort of an acquire thing. Okay we weren't able to you know take that entity and bring it to the right area and there wasn't a huge fit it in with management and how we're going to run that so we you know it's not like other companies but because of how things in our bootstrapped way of doing things you you know what you take the back. It's all good. There's not on done. It makes more sense that way so we worked out an exit strategy in that regarded. That still exists which original found learn. How Awkward Conversation was like few awkward or just like you know? I'm just not worth the trouble on this. You know if you if you're open to the realities of business and it's just a conversation you know we're not going to invest more more more energy into this. You're focused on on part of this is one of your core things. You should continue on that. It makes more sense. And you know that's how it went and it was a pretty simple simple transaction things compatible for mistakenly acquired things not that that was mistake but other things that I've mistakenly why they went bankrupt or we've parted ways because it didn't make cents. I mean but you know you talk about me talk about trials and tribulations and you talk about success and you know the reality is when you talk business now you so real time for almost fifty million dollars is unanimous business. And you've got this one hundred million dollar empire. Yeah and I can probably point half a dozen mistakes of failed divisions in failed venture ensure executives. We thought were going to be the Homerun effluence or marketing or this and we spent four hundred thousand dollars building this machine and that machine in this a male and they all went nowhere so it happens agreed to reality agreed which is always ask you know in terms of failures was again. It's not enough for every couple of hits you happy ever more misses out there and as an entrepreneur. I mean that's your life I mean you. Oh you don't take a big swing and sometimes you hit it and sometimes you don't then calculate with exit exits in and when you don't do the question then is up about it. You don't Mike you know some people really like hold onto the loss like the can't let it go and the keys okay. Doesn't accept it. That's the way it. It's never your first idea. When we around these entrepreneurship competitions at Hofstra? I always say every time before it starts. I always tell them I said well. This is your first first. Pitcher twenty-seventh pitch. It's not last and it's not going to be the one that you're gonNA remember for the rest of your life dreaming about you'll remember it because it was an experience but whatever the you have right now ninety nine percent chance it's not going to be something you're gonNA turn into a business but it's the experience it's the learning that's going to take you to the next stabbed as long as you keep persevering and keep going because you want to be an entrepreneur you will find that right product that right business and you will be successful but you can't feel and it's a failure failure because every time you step up and make a presentation and put your life on the line to try to build a business that's taking one step closer to being your Dream Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Goddess and. So you know we're going to move on a little bit. More in terms of is the current model so digital remedy. Now is on Moore more and say you know it's at nexus right. Yeah Media Math. You'll you not is you. Don't want people talk ethic digital revenue. Not really is like the the quite monster right. You know people don't realize how big you are right so give a little bit of context to to like your we sit on ecosystem. Yeah I would say look you know. We're we're typically not. We're not typically running in running a business and it's not what we do. We're not went up banging on the doors of advertisers agencies asking for one hundred thousand thousand dollars P or this on what we're doing is we create partnerships with other media companies in other advertisers whether it be direct advertisers correct brands mid tier agencies. Sell side players. You know. Local cable operators Esso's guys like that and what we do is we provide provide a full digital solution across every channel so an average animal. I mean every check digital at home audio. Ott obviously display mobile search social native every solution. You can possibly imagine and what we do. We aggregate that data. We run it through our platform in terms of execution execution so where we sit is everything from RFP two envoys as a solution white labeled in almost seventy percent of the cases for our end client who needs to do that right so so clients who have unique proprietary. I took data who need audience extension Who are mid tier agencies? That don't have an executable platform and need a trading desk solution because they're not part of a WPN and has access or something of that like And they come to us for that fully managed service trading platform former even self service in some cases to use that solution. It can come in. They can build Lara p they can figure out what the best traction hey. I'm looking for in store sore foot traffic. This is my budget. What am I looking for? Well she spend this on social unsearched this onto thi this on okay. Here's the CPN's here's the budget. How works yes you prove move will create until our teams take XQ? Where does that need to go on facebook instagram? Google for search needs to go to you now three different. DSP's to test out each algorithm to see which one performs better. Here's five different data vendors we're contracted with all of them to execute that we'll push push that everywhere will roll in all that data via API will move that back and we'll put that into a platform where they can easily see what's happening. See the results of that as well as our teams managing are we hitting budget is a thing daily budgets need to ramp up ramp down hitting. KPI's our allies you ability CBC. Whatever their goals are we're making sure that met through our when all proprietary data and the misnomer why most may not know us is because what we think of as that what we'll call that proprietary data right and most looking proprietary data as can you pinpoint Joe uh-huh and Susan and I'll say no? I can't pinpoint Joe and suzy but I know who can pinpoint Joe and suzy who can't pinpoint Joe and suzy. I know which websites. What's that Joe and suzy likely go to? That will have the conversion rates the view ability and I know which place limits on those sites. They're most likely to see. See The ads that because we've been buying on them for eighteen years so when I say proprietary data I mean the proprietary data that helps you decide how you're GonNa hit these campaign tactics tactics and make them. I actually to use blue cut us. This is that Jews Cross. Jeez loading right and which one of those vendors has has the best data for this specific demo because we used it before which white-list of websites to us to make sure you're not hitting NHTSA traffic to make sure you're only buying placements that are either above the fold or middle the full where you're going to get the metrics that you need to succeed. People don't have that's proprietary to us that we live in our next is trade desk moby and simplify accounts in terms of how we set up. But they're not owned by them. They're owned by us. And those algorithms in how we make those decisions and make things is what makes us the best at what we do and why our clients stay with us over and over and over again for us to execute hit those. KPI's got You know so we're going to have another five or so minutes here. And what management skills and while you are an effective effective CEO. I mean what do you think keeps you in. You know the top where you're six essential being in the you grow nicely. You're keep hitting the numbers right so that has to be something you do right and so what do you attribute to it. I mean do you have Sharon tactics. Do you have certain methodology that use Abbot. Honestly I would say I attributed to not doing anything right As funny as that sounds What I've always prided myself on since I was young I started? ERECTS ABSORBS THE KID. I always need to learn right from everyone and I always uh-huh pride myself on you know I don't really know Shit. You know in studied business in school. I studied computer science. I never really coated much when I got hired other. People do the coding A really just pride myself on building a circle of people that were willing to teach me and I was willing to learn from I can probably be a CFO right now. But the only reason I can be A. CFO is because higher great. CFO's my entire career. Who would teach me and not just you know? Run me through shit really. Explain things to me of how things work so I can learn a COO CFO grid cmo good head of sales really and help me understand. What's the power our crm? How do you train sales people? What's the best way to self and I've turned myself into a great seller? Great financed president. Great Marketing Person. Great Operator By doing that and I continue to do that. Continue to put the right people in the right seats and let them do their job. And I think that's what makes me. A great leader is building trust in people and ultimately only being able to read people. I mean I've always been a pretty avid poker player and a good reader for people and I think going with my gut you know reading in the room and understanding people and making sure it's the right person to hire for the right role and giving them the time to build and learn from them and let them run. I think that's what I'm that's my skill set. But I think that's a skill set that could crack until you find the right people especially when it comes to your inner circle finally come by finding the wrong people along people unfortunately like oh the wrong people and you need to eventually find the right people but I think I think it's less about. I think the words finding the right people are somewhat inaccurate. If you don't add finding the right people for the right time because I think different people fit for different period and I think as a leader as the CEO some CEO's have to accept that they only fit for a time period unless they continue to progress in row. For me I've been lucky enough to fit all the time because I've been able to sustain the business running the way it has as its leader leader but I've always had to cycle through different sea level different executive levels and I wouldn't say I would say way over. Fifty percent have been successful successful way more than failures when you put that end statement at the right time because obviously the only people that have been successful in the senior he loved ones. That are still here today. If you'RE GONNA look at that way but that doesn't mean all the previous ones weren't successful in that tongue and you grow with people. Are People understand the finances of running a fifty million dollars company. There's people who understand how to operate a fifty person company but then you have to know when you know what I now know as much as you and I need someone who knows. Take this from fifty people to one hundred fifty million to one hundred million beyond as long as you can keep pinpointing that understanding is right for the right time and treat those people right and let them exit gracefully and right when that time comes then you will have that sort of understanding of whom you are as a leader in the market and those people at that next level will want to come work for you to help you grow because they know you treat people right and you believe rape culture so so we're GonNa you know a few more questions and we're GONNA go back to the personal side now so we know it's seventeen what you were doing. What did you WANNA be when you're fifteen? Did you know you want to be in business or did you have some other. Aw idea some you know I always knew I wanted. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Always wanted to build my own business and be the boss. I just always wanted to run things I always wanted to be the end. The top of the mark and build people grow and just it was a in a negative away was a power thing always wanted the power of controlling but in the positive way I wanted to use. What my skillset was to help people and take care of people do thanks? What would what you do with your charitable endeavors and so your habit that you do on a daily basis that keeps you focused? I mean there's a lot of them. I would take the main thing that he can ask my fiance is. I literally get up every morning workout every morning at six o'clock I'm going to get up every morning at six. I Walk my dog. Drink my coffee and I go to the gym or ibox take. Maybe I take off one day a week and that's like every day of the week it's the same through Friday and it's just not the same day you know if I don't get that in in clear my head No. This is what I'm GonNa do today. This is what's happening today. And I get that time to sort of wake up and the productivity side right is there some that you should just two founders to be more productive one thing. I always do that. Learned it like I think it was the life. KALANICK's book was separate my inbox into have two folders off my inbox. Have lots of folders of Maine Bud. Two main folders Have have one to do in two and so every every time I just sit kyle dwell on answering emails and move them. If it's a one to do it means I gotta gotTa answer it. If it's something I gotta follow up on and then you know I say is scheduled time schedule time but then when I have some time and I can pay attention go to my ones and I answer them all in succession and I just focus on that and then later off all up on my choose but this way always see what's coming in l.. On employees ought to people always like inbox Mike. It's terrible at one hundred fifty miles. My inbox would never pay attention to anything. Always stressed trying to get through so I move it so I can look at my inbox and no. There's nothing in it and that way. If something urgent comes in that's one of four emails potentially in my inbox anytime I see I see go in. Is there anything. Oh my God I got response and I know otherwise I move into one move is to keep them in extra. I think that's keeps me on my toes and keeps me responding and so last one beside the plugged in podcasts and for my listeners out there which is growing make sure you rate a On arenas on itunes and on Google spotify ratings definitely help us get noticed Do you listen to podcasts. And if so which Asti listen to I listen to you. I don't I I read a lot more from a business standpoint. The podcast re to more like the true crime. Yeah whether it's like Serio or are some of these crazy murder mystery type stuff. That's what I generally will listen to Superman podcast But other than that on the on the business side of generally more of a reader But I definitely want to catch up on a lot of what you've been into. A lot of the guys is interviewing interesting guys that I know in the space. I have admiration for as well and I'd love to hear a now that I know of the questions do yea trials and tribulations on health. Well I I will say. There's a ton of similarities. I mean the ones that realize is seal entrepreneurs as a whole it just perseverance. You know it's one of the meetings you just gotTa persevere you know it's like come through a tough time and shit happens just you know no push it aside. I move on so anyways. Thank you so much. It's great. It's great great to have you love this episode of the plugged in podcast head over to I tunes to subscribe rate and leave a review. It's very much appreciated. Thank you thank you for listening to C. Suite Radio turning the volume of on business.

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Russias Mystery Missile

The Daily

27:13 min | 1 year ago

Russias Mystery Missile

"From the new york times i'm michael barr. This is the today the mysterious explosion of a russian missile has left an entire team of scientists dead david sankara on what that means games for an arms race between the united states and russia that both sides seem to walk. It's friday august sixteenth david. Tell me what happened last thursday in russia well if you're in moscow michael and you were watching t._v. All of a sudden your screen went blue and there was a big star that appeared on a blue background around there was wording up. They're basically telling people to take cover. It said you what union even shocking in a strong wind is expected. Take cover in a capitol building. Do not shelter or park under trees or rickety structures be be careful so this is a storm warning yeah. It's a storm warning. The oddity is there was no storm meanwhile. If you were up in northern russia up near the white sea this is the part of russia that sort of closest to finland and you were looking on the website of one of the local cities cities you saw an indication of a big surge a brief surge in the afternoon in radiation levels this this obviously what a lotta people be concerned and there were announcements and there was actually a rush to buy i a- dine because if you remember back to the old cold war days people used to stockpile iodine to keep their thyroid from absorbing radiation causing thyroid cancer then a few hours later that warning just disappeared from the city website so this is sounding kind mysterious it sounding kind of serious and really really ominous and all of a sudden there was pressure underway for either local officials officials or the russian government to begin to offer some answers about what was going on now what everybody knew new near this northern russian town was that there's a big missile test site nearby and the first explanation that the russians gave was does that there had been an accident with a liquid fueled missile. The problem with that explanation is most liquid fuel. Oh missiles don't produce any radiation <hes> so that didn't make sense and then another statement came out that said that actually what happened was is an explosion of an isotope power source for a liquid fueled rocket well that was the first admission by by the russian government that something involving a radiological event had taken place because isotope suggest radiation but of course the russians weren't coming clean about exactly what it was. They didn't say nuclear. They didn't say atomic. They didn't say accident. They simply said something went wrong with an isotope power supply and that really got people nervous yeah so what actually happened well as we try to piece it together. We got a picture of the russians testing an entirely a new kind of nuclear missile one that uses a small nuclear reactor to propel it and that in the course of the testing testing something went wrong with the nuclear reactor and over the course of a day or so we learned that seven people died the the reactor it actually exploded after it was recovered from the sea and that this had turned into a much larger disaster than the russians had ever publicly admitted but even i thought that russia and the u._s. don't test nuclear weapons haven't tested them for years. So how how do you explain that well. You're exactly right michael the u._s. In russia haven't tested any nuclear weapons for more than twenty years but understand what's happening happening here. You have to go back to twenty eighteen but she was a witness to the word in you know yet digital when vladimir putin gave his his state of the union address but he did this one with lots of animation had big screen behind him and he showed images of three new nuclear delivery systems that russia was developing. Maybe speech should premium down really was up son of autocorrect specials and when you watch the animation it was incredible and scary and maybe part fantasy but here's what he showed consume media missed field witnesses. During one of the weapons was an undersea autonomous it drawn basically imagine an autonomous torpedo with a nuclear weapon screwed into the nose cone comb and it was quickly dubbed the poseidon and the idea was that russia could have it cruising around in the the ocean and if there was ever a nuclear exchange and even if moscow was destroyed and all the nuclear commanders were knocked out out or killed this drone would have built in instructions to head to the west coast of the united states undersea where american missile defenses could never get at it so that was one that was the real doomsday machine was more than a steady get. The settlement is an educated novitiate but he really did the to the second one that you need cuddled kick. You just like polluters to renew your pretty serious to me was a missile that would move at mach mach five. That's five times the speed of sound and would never really manage to go very high up into outer space so so that the missile itself again would avoid missile defenses which usually are designed to find predictable ark for an incoming intercontinental title ballistic missile and destroy outer space and then the third missile over the kitchen corrosion qatari web she needs these points with three three unix was basically a cruise missile which nato called sky fall and ah yes before you ask me michael that is the title of a james bond movie but a cruise missile goes in a zigzag direction direction they can reverse itself it can go around mountains can hug will land and again it defeats missile defenses because the missile defenses can't even see see it in fact radar may not pick up cruise missile if it's down low enough but was really strange about this last missile was that it was supposed host to be powered by a small nuclear reactor the nuclear reactor at the back the missile meant that it could reach any corner of the world because a nuclear reactor actor can run four weeks months. Maybe even years so basically the fuel is limitless and the range of the missile was limitless the science fiction. You know what it's like. It's like doctor. After strangelove goodell nigger engineer olga the so is that the weapon that we think might have exploded on thursday night that third kinda a weapon that putin outlined during the speech in two thousand eighteen exactly and clearly david letterman putin is not trying to hide the fact that russia is working on these pretty stunning weapons. I mean in this speech. He's actively broadcasting to the world that he is is working on developing these oh he's not hiding thing. I mean quite the opposite. It really does show you what the nature of the new arms race is and how how it's different from what went before back in the sixties and seventies the americans and the russians would try to hide their developments from each other eventually of course some of them came out but what putin wanted to do was announced to the public. We're back and in fact remember. He announced this in two thousand eighteen just before a major ager russian election and he was basically saying you know we are going to restore the power of the old soviet union. You respected the old soviet the union because it had nuclear weapons and now having revised conventional military putin saying i'm reviving our nuclear force and finding a way to evade all of those anti missile systems at the americans have spent three hundred billion dollars building over the past thirty years so how does the united states react to that disclosure of these new weapons plans by russia are longtime adversary well. The reactions were mixed michael. There was obviously a group. It was pretty freaked out because you know not a whole lot has changed nuclear technology since the fall of the berlin wall all and suddenly here with the russians announcing a whole new set of weapons then there was a group saying in good luck with that reactor thing from then there was a third group that was actually pretty gleeful about the entire thing gleeful gleeful michael because there's a group inside the pentagon certainly among many conservatives in the arms world who believe the united states has underinvested in its nuclear weapons over the past ten to fifteen years and here all the sudden was the justification for what they've long argued for which is a renewal of the american can nuclear arsenal so they actually see this some of them in the united states as an opportunity to do something that they've wanted to do for a long time but but have felt that they couldn't michael there are two arguments for building up a nuclear arsenal one. Is you go to congress and you say his new technology around. We should really do this that may not convince very many people and certainly isn't going to convince many of the democrats the other way to go at it is is to say we're falling behind and if we don't invest to were really going to find that we've got an old system that can't defend end against a new class of nuclear weapons and with putin speech they have what looks like a very legitimate argument that the u._s. could be falling behind absolutely and that's the argument that was working buried in that more than seven hundred billion dollar defense budget that president trump is push pushed through is a lot of new money for new nuclear weapons hypersonic missiles all kinds of weaponry that many the in the pentagon and many defense contractors have been dreaming about for a decade or two but now they're getting to experiment with <music> <music> <music>. Uh at delta we fly to three hundred cities around the world. That's three hundred city. City is where everyone does the same things you do. That's three hundred cities where the people in those three hundred cities think. They're the only ones who know about that. One place three hundred cities where people miss someone in one other two hundred nine thousand nine hundred eighty three hundred cities where people sing in the car or in the shower or both poorly delta isn't flying three hundred cities merely to bring us together but to show us. We're not that far apart in the first place. Delta keep climbing. I'm john pappas. I'm the director of this week's episode episode of the weekly a new t._v. Show from the new york times this week's episode looks at the opioid crisis told from the perspective of berry meyer veteran new york times reporter. He got this confidential document from the justice department what berry discovered when he got this document. Was that the executives at purdue pharma. The company company that makes oxycontin could've face prison time but they didn't because prosecutors essentially cut a deal it was a joke when a company saying i committed a felony the only act by lying to doctors about the abuse potential and people are dying because of my lies there is no justification for which shouldn't prosecute those individuals none so if you want to hear a story about the opioid crisis that you haven't heard before check out this week's episode of of the weekly it's on sunday night on facts and streaming on hulu the next day with this david you're describing two adversaries who are seeing opportunities to build up their nuclear program but my sense is that both countries operate under this massive massive structure of nuclear trees that mean that neither can do any of the things that you're describing so how does that work well michael the treaties that were signed over the course of decades between russia and the united states have begun fritter away some of expired president president trump since he came in made it clear he wanted to get out of at least one intermediate nuclear forces treaty you have to have everybody adhere to it and you have a certain side that almost pretend that doesn't exist which he said the russians were violating and they were we can't be put at the disadvantage of going going by a treaty limiting what we do when somebody else doesn't go by that treaty and that happened just a few weeks ago. The united states taking a stand hand against russia with the u._s. Ended it. The u._s. is pulling out of a decades long nuclear treaty with russia sparking fears of a new arms race. We thought was confined. Find to the cold war and now there's a question about whether the one remaining treaty between the united states and russia's called new start and and which limits the number of intercontinental nuclear weapons leave and be renewed when it expires in february twenty twenty one just a month after the next presidential actual inauguration so this whole structure that's been built up over the past twenty or thirty years to limit both sides and what they can build that is all crumbling and meanwhile new technologies are coming up with new kinds of weapons that aren't even covered by the treaties anyway and that's exactly ackley what both putin and president trump or experimenting with david from everything you're saying both the u._s. and russia are simultaneously casting costing off this history of denuclearization treaties that limited the size of our arsenals and we're focused on having less not more so why are we both seeming to reverse course here. Let's exactly right because the old thing was that these nuclear arms limitation treaties treaties actually created security by reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the world. The new thing is that these treaties are actually constraining the united states and russia from adopting new technologies each one of them watts <hes> putin wants them because he wants to avoid american missile defenses and he thinks his old old weapons won't do that. Donald trump wants them because he believes that there are a whole new group of nuclear actors coming in led by china and he he doesn't want to be limited by his old outdated treaties with russia that prohibited from building weapons that might counter new competitors so without anyone really announcing it the u._s. has entered a new nuclear arms race primarily with russia but also with china and and a host of other growing nuclear powers that's exactly right but it's different than the old arms race. The old arms race was mostly about sheer numbers numbers. It was about overwhelming the enemy. The new arms race is all about high technology but david this russian test on thursday night over the white see it sounds like a spectacular failure for putin and for russia so what does that mean for the state of the nuclear arms race between the u._s. and russia. It's a really good question michael because we really don't know in one way to think about it is that the russians aren't succeeding at their grandiose dreams and everybody can breathe a sigh of relief and we can slow down on this arms race i. I don't think that's where the trump administration is going to come out. I think that what you're already beginning to here. Is this public embarrassment. The explosion that killed the scientists and leaked out is only going to drive president putin to invest more and even if his his dreams of a nuclear propelled missile fail he will find other ways to come up with weapons that evade american defenses and that have new ways of reaching the u._s. just to establish did he's a power to be reckoned with and so if anything i think this this sky fall incident could end up speeding up the arms race on both sides the russians will want to show that they're not going to be defeated that they're they're gonna pick themselves up and build something better and the americans are going to say see the russians are experimenting with all this new technology even if they fail getting the chinese will get there so we better speed up to <hes> to both sides have real incentives to be in his arms race to stay in this the arms race and would look and feel like major setbacks aren't really setbacks at all. They just keep everybody invested in the arms race. I i think that's right now. If you listen to president trump and sometimes if you listened to president putin why you here is you know this. This is a reason that we need a whole new type of comprehensive arms control and president trump is said even in the past few weeks. I want new agreements that encompass all nuclear weapons intercontinental intermediate range these new technologies and i wanna wrap it all altogether and putin various moments is indicated. He might be interested in doing the same thing but the fact the matter is we are nearly three three years into the trump administration and they have not sat down once over negotiating a new arms control regime so it's hard imagine between now and the american presidential election that donald trump is going to try to sit down and work out with putin an entirely a new arms control agreement and frankly given what's in the air about the odd relationship between president trump and putin. I'm not sure that you could even get. It's such a treaty through even if they negotiated one. It sounds like there's a greater likelihood of both countries ramping up nuclear arsenals else than there is of both countries sitting down and signing a nuclear treaty and i wonder if that means we're going to be seeing more incidents -tendance like what just happened in northern russia with this exploding this all i think that's entirely possible michael that the history the <hes> of nuclear arms races is that if both sides aren't talking to each other than each side builds up in part so that they have them and and in part so they have something to trade away if they do get into a negotiation and that may be exactly what's going on here of course at a moment when we're seeing nuclear clear proliferation that we're worrying about around the world that the north koreans are building up their nuclear arsenal the iranians building up their nuclear arsenal. It doesn't set a really great example example to have the two largest nuclear powers to countries that together have more than ninety percent of all the nuclear weapons in the world build build even more and of course that could mean more russian community is suddenly exposed to radiation spikes and government attempts to hide that so i wonder how people in russia are feeling in the days since this accident or michael. We've been trying to figure it out. To of course the russians aren't exactly eager to let western reporters into some of these towns but from what we can pick up people are anxious. They're angry and they feel lied to. There's a reason they should feel you lied to because the russian government to this day has not said this was a missile test involving a nuclear reactor that went wrong than sort of laid all the little elements out. There're not put it all together and for russians who really wanted to try to get an understanding of what went on they had to be reading western news reports and you know this is sort of created a post traumatic stress syndrome for russians who remember this from their past there were past accidents missile missile accidents and of course nuclear accidents up to and including chernobyl which was on a far larger scale than what we're seeing in recent days where the government lied to people and they were exposed and of course many thousands died so there is a sort of the old cold war is back and so are the anxieties that came with it speaking of distrust whatever ever happened to that emergency weather report that played across so many television screens on the night of this accident did the government ever acknowledge acknowledge what that was you know michael. We still don't know i mean they said it was a malfunction but i'm not sure any russians really believed up even if they're right even if it wasn't malfunction even the weather report was really about the weather and not about a nuclear accident and it tells you something about the depth of distrust in russia and around the world for governments say about their nuclear tests and their nuclear arsenals. Thank you thank you in order back at delta. We fly to three hundred cities. That's three hundred cities where people singing in the car poorly three hundred cities where people miss someone in one of our other two hundred ninety nine cities. We don't fly to three hundred cities merely to bring us together but to show us. We're not that far apart delta. Keep climbing <music> yours what else you need. Ten on thursday israel israel barred to democratic congresswoman were she to leave of michigan and ilhan omar of minnesota who had planned to visit the country this week and hours after president trump had urged israel to block it was an extraordinary effort by the president to use a foreign allied to to punish his domestic opponents. Booth congresswoman are vocal critics of trump advocates for palestinians and supporters of a campaign gene to boycott israel over its treatment of palestinians in a stephen representative. Omar called the ban a quote insult to to democratic values. The daily is made by feel welcome. Andy mills lease the tobin way joke wester mr lindsey garrison any brennan claire tennis scatter page count michael simon johns brad fischer larussa andrew wendy door chris would jessica chump alexandra jonathan wolf lisa champ eric kripke more george luke vanderloop a diese iga kelly prom julia longoria sindhu miana someone jasmine aguilera nj davis slim and dan powell our theme music is by jim bloomberg and ben landscape of wonderful special thanks to send old michaela gusau dr stella julia simon and jim chow. Oh and that's the daily. I'm mike sugerman at delta. We fly to three hundred cities. That's three hundred cities where people singing in the car poorly three hundred cities where people miss someone in one of our other two hundred ninety nine cities. We don't fly to three hundred cities merely to bring us together but to show us. We're not that far apart. Delta keep climbing.

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DPS-BEST OF- Sep 15, 2020

The Dan Patrick Show

35:10 min | Last week

DPS-BEST OF- Sep 15, 2020

"You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox sports. Radio. Ben Rothlisberger came back last night after missing most of last season with that elbow injury and he looked pretty good. Three touchdown passes. Pittsburgh. Picked up the win over the giants twenty, six, sixteen, just two seasons ago Ben led the NFL and passing. He's got the armed strength. I. Don't know about his weapons he's not mobile. So we don't have to worry about him slowing down. There's no Antonio. Brown. No. Lay beyond bell this rookie out of Notre. Dame. Chase Klay Pool. Look pretty good last night. And you start to look at the expectations for Tom Brady drew brees. They're pretty high super bowl or bust doesn't have that they're not even the best team in their own division. I don't know what to expect out of them. I did find them the most fascinating team going into this season, believe it or not because Ben I don't know what to expect out of him. But if he does play well, that defense is elite and it could be a surprise playoff appearance and maybe they could be dangerous come. January. Pittsburgh is an interesting team Ben plays like the old Ben Rothlisberger. Then they're going to be interesting team to watch the entire season as for the giants their the losing team over the last three years. I don't know if there are any closer to being a good team average team, Daniel Jones show signs, Saquon Barkley I feel for him because offensive line is not very good and it almost reminded me a Barry Sanders when Barry Sanders got to the Detroit Lions Berry would always get stopped for minus two minus three, and then he would break one for sixty yards. That's probably what you're going to get with saquon Barkley but the giants at home. And they left some points out there on the field. They could have made this a far more interesting gain. That Pittsburgh defense is real. It help if you blocked. Budde. Do. Pre. That that was. And some of his friends, but just block a couple of guys there. But Pittsburgh, I love watching that defense and. Skill. Position Players. Feels like Pittsburgh always finds a wide receiver to but last night picking up the win, and then in the NIGHTCAP, it was typical titans victory sixteen to fourteen almost feels like every game first team to twenty one wins with Tennessee sixteen fourteen, the final last night, and it was not pretty Stephen Gostkowski became the first kicker to miss four kicks if you include. Point, after Anfield goals in his first game with the team since one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty eight is also the first kicker to miss four kicks game yet make the game winning field goal last time that happened December of Nineteen ninety-one Buffalo's Scott Norwood did the honours stat of the day stat of the day pass. Dad of the day stat of the day. Here comes that what stat of the Denver's got some promise there drew lock I know that he shows some glimpses their. Jerry. Judy looks good. You got some running backs there, but you're still looking at this Denver team where I'm not sure if an and maybe they are playoff team but without von Miller in there. You Ch- These are games that you should win. If YOU'RE A playoff team, you should win these games at home. You should win those games and you had your opportunities there Vic Fangio the ad time outs didn't use the timeouts late in the game and he explained it after the game. Well, it was. There one their field goal kicker and obviously been having problems. So I didn't want to extend the drive to where they could get closer number one and number two. We would have used the time out but we got the running back out of bounds. We would've used the second time out that they threw an incompletion. You know which would have given us one last one we got wall. Okay I at least use the time out to freeze the kicker. I, you don't get to carry them over to week too. So why don't you use them and could use them earlier didn't but it is week one trying to figure all of this out and You know the fact that you don't have preseason and very little in-person practices I get it. We're GONNA have and we did have some sluggish football there but this is the kind of game that Tennessee loves keep it close and You don't want it to come down to a kicker who has missed three previous kicks but here's my grail. The Titans head coach though Fagor Day did obviously aren't using your time outs. They were banking on them and we all got to do her job and again it's not on just player. You know we'll get stuff fixed. We allow street our players excited to get out of your wins. Spray. That's coach Bramble asking if he had any doubts of the game winning field goal, I wonder if Stephen Gostkowski would be employed. If he missed that kick because I'm I saw the Cleveland browns they fired their kicker. After. Week. Everything. that. HAPPENED WITH CLEVELAND. We're GONNA fix. This thing we're going to fire are kick her that's does that send a message into the locker room? Hey, nobody safe in here we just fired or kicker. Because three more points would have really helped us going into this game on Thursday night. And this Thursday night game, the browns and Bengals I find fascinating. I think it's I. Know You don't WanNa use must win but for Cleveland Sake they better win this game. Because if you don't have an impressive performance and then all of a sudden more doubt creeps in Bakersfield doesn't have a good game. Now, there's enough talent on that team that they should be able to overcome some. Shortcomings with may feel and you got Joe Borough L. Cincinnati is going to be playing with house money. It's like nobody expects us to do anything in the fact that they almost pulled off a win against a pretty good sandy earth La Charger defense. That, you know an impressive debut by him, but this game on Thursday night is really really spicy in my opinion. Ben Rothlisberger said he felt great out there. This is what he had to say after last with probably just grab my knee because I was moving so fast. But no I feel I feel right now obviously, adrenaline is still pumping in won the game. I'M GONNA be sore tomorrow there's no doubt I got some bumps and bruises but. In terms of elbow and everything else. I feel really good right now. All right. So steelers over the giants titans over the broncos. Padres have one eight in a row by the way and creeping up on my dodgers here, and when you talk about scoring runs, it's the dodgers padres right now how many games are left in the regular season? Make Lebanon we close to like ten games, lift? Yeah. Like a dozen. Yeah something like. I'm looking forward to the playoffs. I haven't really followed the regular seat like just periodically all find a game, watch a game but I'm waiting for the postseason. Yes mclovin. Now, this doesn't cat none of counts. It does count it doesn't matter technically it counts phillies a fallen out of. The. Phillies were in the playoff all at a week ago. Then the teams like the Marlins and the Orioles and the Blue Jays all these teams with a bunch. A twenty two year olds are rolling right now. The phillies are still in the playoff chicks. During the chase. They fell below five hundred and they have like three, hundred, million dollar payroll. All I know and part of that is your guy. Bryce Harper Great. bullpens bad. But the Yankees aren't good like the whole season is so wonky it's know well, the Yankees have injuries. Mean Aaron, Judge Jean, Carlos Stanton, can't stay healthy Gary Sanchez can't play. And their pitching staff is just okay. Other than that everything's great. So weird though the whole thing. Yes I looked at the baseball standings according to the percentages. Nineteen teams are still alive for the sixteen playoff spots for we're midway through September nineteen teams alive for the postseason used to be at this time of year. Before. While Carter's sixteens alive tops. Yeah expanding the playoffs in the fact that it's a sixty game sprint, how many teams are not gonNA play Sixty Games? That's what I'm curious about is everybody going to get in every game before they start the postseason because I think it's only fair to the teams who have been able to play all of their games because I want your pitching staff taxed because you know we're we're pitching sixty games you should be following everybody else in in playing sixty games I don't know if you can get all those. They're going to have a tripleheader of these days in baseball like five inning games. The cardinals have played I. Think the fewest they played forty two games there about six five or six games behind the average team. Right now, thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. Sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine. Pacific on Fox Sports Radio Find Your local station for the Dan Patrick Show at Fox sports radio, DOT COM, or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio. APP, by searching F s are or stream it live on the peacock. Steve Levy. Mister Monday night. He had the call last night in Denver with the broncos in the titans made his debut as the main play-by-play voice with Brian Greasy and Louis Riddick, he'll be on the call for drew brees the saints at the Las Vegas Raiders next Monday night. So how did it feel Eve's? Classic Game Dan, they're gonNA, replay game for years to come. That's seven seven wildfires. Yeah. So that was something that it was fun. It was fun the boots. We had a good time I. Think I think it was a good jumping off point for us. You know we'll be much better next week and hoped to be much better every single, but it's so great to finally get it going. You know there's been so much talk about. Football boots really, and it was just call some football. Did you read twitter at all? I have not. You know I can't get your text messages. So I'll tell you what it does. It it does make you feel about pretty good about yourself. Dan. It makes you feel like you know maybe I'm a decent human being I can't tell you how many people yourself included have reached out with. You know with kind tweets kind tax throughout the some tweets but most taxed throughout the process leading up to get in the GIG and then you know when she good luck and relax and have a good time and all those kind of important reminders. But it's really been great for my my friends and my family and I truly appreciate it. But has it set in I mean you're calling Monday night football. So, that's a great question. So not really like you know last night I did last night what I did one year ago we had that same back end of the double header the opening night weekend it was the broncos again So not really there wasn't a massive pre-game show, the massive high it, but we know we were on late. So with lose some part of the country and like that so I think it really kicks in this coming Monday night we'll have the stage to ourselves and beyond the normal time that'd be the full pre-game. Also cystic the actual fiftieth anniversary of the first ever Monday night football game and then I think you know listen quite frankly we want to ramp up here Dan we wanna be at our best a week three We know you ball on that one and I think you know honestly that's probably the best regular season game on the schedule on paper you know things can change throughout the season but for the season starts if you could only watch one NFL game I'm guessing Kansas City at Baltimore, and then we're fortunate to have that on the schedule. How nervous were you? Yeah, not really and I think that's part of being over prepared. You know people talk about that. If if you're probably bad, you shouldn't be nervous and again having the experience to win the game a year ago really went a long way towards that can't tell you and you get this but hope everybody does We have so much helped and we get. We get so much shell from so many different from people from the people who are working in the booth they they they were like it was a home depot store last night trying to make adjustments in the booth. So it's our first time with the crew and you know greasy wants telestrator here and and ridicule this over there and I need a shelf. You know and it's too cold for for Riddick it's too hot for me and the. Like there's so many people running around and even even when it's it's it's part pared down because of the pandemic will probably traveling half the people and then the influx of emails I've never seen anything like it the amount of information but again, it's it's just people trying to be helpful and it's not just ESPN information people really is the NFL it's It's the two clubs their public relations people everybody's trying to be helpful. Give you everything you need to put the best product on the air so it's it's been a lot of fun man what about? No fans in the stands. So you know I found one point said listen to the crowd. Here you know and in the headset. The mix were getting I think is very different than what is being played in the stadium. If you've if you get lost in the moment and I hope this is the case at home but it to get lost in the moment like I was broadcast in the game you hear the crowd roar and they seem to roar at the right time and I'll go back and watch the tape and see how it sounded on television. But you know I'm looking forward to to crowds sort of building they. We just at funny report they had five hundred people in the stadium last night and we were told it was kind of a a test to test the protocols sort of a dry run have fifty seven, hundred Denver for their next home game a couple of weeks when Brady and the box come to town but you know so and that's testing testing it out on the friends of the Family of the players and the and the employees of the team but concession stands were opened and those kinds of things couldn't really hear that crowd but the crowd, the the enhanced audio that was piped in certainly in my headset made it sound good and I think you could get lost in the moment which was nice. He Steve Levy, the Mister Monday night, you're no longer sportscenter anchor, right? Now I'm still I'm still not used. My twitter bio is gonNA. Stay the unofficial voice of the Bahamas Ball. But but you don't do sportscenter anymore. Not during not during the NFL season, I would think so you know I'll see. I'll see a January seven. The eleven o'clock show. I'll come back and do a sports center with lease. Laid Dan I. Don't know sometimes you don't go after Van Pelt. The mariners game goes a little late. Experience that used to drive me crazy when you go okay just close this out come on and let's go. Then somebody would give up a three run Jack and you go oh God it goes sixteen innings. I remember back in the day, we'd like, let's just put voice down on a track and say let final school. Not. Picking for the poor people who have to stay behind and put the video to the audio. At All I. Remember there was a Sunday night and Mike Sugerman Mike Keenan got fired I think in Saint Louis? Does that sound right and? got fired a lot of places to did but Keith over minute already gone home. And so I was I was there and then I was getting ready to leave and all of a sudden it came over the wire. Hey, Mike. Keenan just got fired. We had to Redo like the first block of Sports Center. and. The joke was that we sent Judd Birch. To Obermann House and that was in the hot tub which. Wasn't true. But we created this story that you gotta go get Olbermann and bringing back and we had to go and Redo. The first fifteen minutes is sportscenter that night. The Great Memories. Damn. Shame that we'd have zoom back then because he could keep in the hot tub. I I? Are you following me Stanley Cup final here You know a little bit very, very surprised at the Dallas Stars I mean did not see that coming for them and you know kind of feel bad for whoever you know whether it looks like Tampa. As you know, the class I think of the teams remaining but you know what was going to win the Stanley Cup is. You know there's no asterisk or anything as far as because but I feel for the for the players, the organization that fans that they won't have that. That traditional celebration, and I'm sure there are fans allowed back in the building You know they'll reenact it off the guys carousing around with the Stanley Cup and it won't be the same thing but the great job in television product like I said the NBA too by the way Wnba like you can get lost in the game if you're sitting at. Home I find. If you're interested in the game, you can get lost in it and you don't then realize they're no fans there and the enhanced crowd and all that. So I really think no TV folks just done a really good job of bringing that product home as best they can under extraordinary circumstances really tough doing tougher doing an NFL game or a hockey. That's a good question Twenty. I think there's so much more that goes into the NFL game. There's so many you know in terms of the cameras and the amount of people that had set. Certainly amount of the eyeballs that are watching the viewers but don't you're GonNa ask me tougher college or pro and There's no, there's no question to me. The NFL is an easier game to broadcast by virtue. They're just half the players I mean start right there and it's You know college players like extra quarter the games like an extra forty minutes. NFL game flew pretty quickly to really fast first half and you do look up and you see, hey, there's a minute left in the first quarter The NFL is is so is packaged. So well, the television you know to try to fit in that three hour window. So okay. Say Hockey's a little easier for me but the pressure's kind off you know there's no spot or you're not relying on anyone else in hockey. 'cause there's no time to look down and get help sort of on your own that way and and the game just flies and it seemed to be hockey's a little under the radar the whole world not watching It's really you know hockey fans I think and as passionate as they are, they're good bunch to maybe a little less critical I almost texture last night when you said Stephen Gostkowski a future hall of Famer. Let's talk about that. Think that's all was that he was a hall of fame before last night and he's a very good. Oh Dan. I think, I mean you know slots statistically based. He, he's got every number I think he's a hall of fame kicker. How many kickers we have a goal by the standard Is. been a Terry's going in morten Andersen's in. Yeah. Yes. That's right. Yup Ray geise punter but I I, it's really tough to man. It's no you're right. You're right but but if anybody you know. Scouts keys numbers are off the charts You know he has more point accuracy level might be more than Terry. Get his career percentage. What Wade out last. Night. I Gus Ski is going to have you induct him. I think if he makes it into the hall of fame. I. AM At. The game winning kick he wins another. Yeah. So. That's that's a rough night and you know we hoped on it a little bit but. Titans kick eight field goals all of last season eight field goals the entire season, and still made it to the conference championship game. They were a half away from the Super Bowl you know so they gotta figure that out Mike Able should never been in that spot last night you know forty seven in the NFL altitude is a chippy and that you know that was his longest kick last night. That game shouldn't have been closed. That was ten points you know off the Board for Tennessee that should have been there. So I think they were fortunate with that post-game Beers last night. to to Bud Light. That's my thing to bud lights knows it gotta be called by yourself. some of the Fella social distance, of course, course drinking through the mask. Yes. which is not an easy trick you know. The loop back on your ear. Very enjoyable. You don't get cheated do a safe travels and we'll be watching next and I didn't want I I knew it was your first game and I didn't want to text you anything I just thought you know what? Let me but when you said that I go, I was just going to go hall of H. O. F. Question Mark but I thought now I didn't I didn't want confusion and I would have been unprofessional and doing something like that. You can't be a professional I take I'll take your text anytime. Now. Safe travels. Thank you leaves. Steve. Leafy. Mister Monday night. Short a catch the live edition of the Dan Patrick Show weekdays at nine am eastern six. Am Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. Washington football team had the win against the Philadelphia Eagles. Didn't look good in the first half but came back scored twenty seven unanswered points beating the Eagles Twenty, seven, seven, their head coach Ron Rivera kind enough to join US coach. How's it feel to be in first place? Feels good. It does have you know. It's been a long off season really has, but I was just real happy for our players. You know they're very resilient. The things that they needed to do and took care of business. It's exciting. It is. How's your health I feel? Good. You know it's Trying just trying to kind of get in the swing of things get the feel for understand what's happening what's happening with me what's happening with my health was happening with my body. But you know I'm very fortunate I got a great team doctors a specialist and I got a good prognosis. So again, it's matter of taking care of business. Now now when you got an IV at halftime, is that planned? Yes, it was planned. It was more by hydration making sure that I was going to be okay in terms of of my energy level and all that you know it was a warm day and and talking with our team doctor and our head trainer you know we had mapped it out. You know as soon as we were coming in, I was going straight into the training room and I was GonNa take care of my business a duck. Let. Let it go from there. Now you're cell cancer. Well. What is it? It's a is a squamish squamous former cancer that's gotten into my lymph nodes and is not lymphomas appeal have misreported it but it's a is a form of cancer that got into a lymph node is a very treatable very curable type cancer on very fortunate we caught it early. and. What happened at halftime you're getting IV, and then all of a sudden you have to over here a voice that standing out among all of the voices they're in the locker room What was going on? Were you happy with I was going in I talked to Malcolm Black, director of a player development is, hey, we gotta make somebody step up to the Mike you know and and give a half be tapped species. Done. So I go in I'm getting the IV and all of a sudden you know I I hear that the two minute warning and then also I, hear this high pitched voice you know at the top of his lungs screaming at everybody come bring it up. Bring up Scott bringing tight. You know hey and he started talking about what happened last year last year the t the Washington team had the lead and gave it up lost well. That's pretty much what Dwayne Haskins did was he talked about what happened last year and say, hey, why didn't why can't happen for us this year and and and there was a was a very good speech from what I hear I didn't hear it all on her bits and pieces but but I was told the guys went out and obviously based on the way they play date and he he he he had a chord with them. What have you seen the different about Dwayne Haskins this year as opposed to last year You know. First of all his detail in his work, you know getting to watch some of the practice tape from last year and watching some of the games that he played. In, the conversation she and I had January where I basically challenged him about developing and changing and learning how to do things the right way he took it to heart. You know he had a really good off season all the way through all the zoom meetings that we had the way he kinda led his teammates through some of their own personal work that they had together as groups. To the way he handled himself during training camp. It's been tremendous. It really has seen a transformation of young that trying to learn how to focus and learn how to do it the right way. What do you think your your defense? I liked the beginning I I really do. I told I basically told the team you know halfway through the. Through the the the the the second quarter is I'm not sure who showed up in the first quarter wearing burgundy guys, but guys that are playing right now. And they got the message it was it was a hell of a hell of a deal that you know the way they just really kind of put it together. Because we really have anything to it. On Daniel, we know preseason games. We did most of our hurt hitting was early it because of way practice were set up and then from that point is really about you know installations and learning. So we didn't know what we had and I thought we play tentatively I mean if you look at what happened on special teams, you know we didn't play well early we missed a kick defense we gave a movie we gave up seventy points quickly. Defense on offensively, we want a couple of three announce right away. So we really didn't put it together. All of a sudden. We take away Fabien Moreau intercepts the ball around score touchdown we pin them inside you inside the ten a couple times, and then we're off to the racist. So it was almost like all of a sudden the realization that man, you know what we have a chance we can be pretty good. You got. Arizona. Coming up and Cuyler Mary. have. You looked at the the game film from their game against the niners. Yes. I did I mean he's a dynamic that we played them last year you know his I think our third game of the year last year and Carolina I had an opportunity to watch him out we won but you could see what the young man means to their offense. And then you throw hop on top of it. You know and now he has he has not. You know now he has another weapon they're very well rounded offense. Good offense align stout good running backs I I love their backs. Like, drank a lot. And then you look at the defense and and and you think that they've done a good job putting a team together down in Arizona did you catch any of Cam Newton silence decide to would you? Would you think he's he? It's only gonNA get better. It really is you know Again he had played a lot of football last two years You know I followed him during the off season just to see where he was keep tabs on him just in case something happened here but he ended up in a good place and and really just kind of watching him watch way played he was having fun and and that's probably the biggest thing that he probably had had in the last two years because the injuries is he hasn't had any fun so. You know I'll tell you what he's I. Think he's GonNa get better better and stronger stronger. Which I think of the yellow outfit that he ordered the game. Did you did you see the? Do you have a favorite cam outfit? You know anyone that he wears a hat I think the one where he dressed up like hugh hefner with with the row. One time I thought that was one of my favorites but. You know. I texted Derek. Before the game and I said, Hey, do you know what your guys wearing and he texted me back he's no. I'm going to have to get a picture. Then when he got, he finally saw the picture he said to me and all I just we started chuckling but he wore the scarf that one time. Whatever that was I don't like. Do you ever? Did you ever say anything to him like CAM? You know maybe maybe not after this. You, know what happened was twenty thirteen when we start enrolling. I had little MoD about guys. Hey, man you know Makes you do things the right way. Okay. Live your life by these sets of rules. Keep your personality. So he took it to the extreme. Personality and so every time I would say he's a coach told me to be myself up personality. That's one thing can will do is he'll use your words against you now. I. Loved it did check reach out to you to ask you about Cam before he signed. No. Coach and we have great relations. We talk every now and then but now he did but again, I did that's one of the places when people ask me where do I think he'd ended up I I would be surprised if he ended up knowing that because of the way coach and he said at the other day, you find out what your guy does best and you do and that's what he did with Tom Brady for all those years and that's what he's GonNa do with Cam. I mean he's he's going to do things that CAM does best. What's your t shirts signify? Oh this is this is my hometown area Monterey California and the that's the logo for for the monarch the country. Club. Did you do you play pebble? Obviously yes. I I grew up there and then had a couple of chances. Yes. Are you any good? I'm good enough to get beat I beat by my wife. She's a she's my wife's a five handicap. Okay. So she didn't give me Stroz. Do your players have any idea that kind of player you were do they does anybody bring up old footage or pictures of a few of them do especially Thomas Davis? He he never lets me forget it. You know he knew I was kind of the the dirty work guy in I wasn't spectacular. I wasn't one of those great players I was just that guy that I played my new my role I did my role I, played it to the best of my ability. I think that's that Thomas we know that all the time. Oh, you need to bring out that super bowl ring from eighty five to like that really Mavin done it yet I'm to do it but. But but yeah, you're right. I mean that that carries a lot of weight. It really does especially with the pliers and that's one of the things that we're trying to get across. If these guys that we've got a lot of people that have been there the know it takes. So you've got to trust US and did you keep anything from that Super Bowl? Super Bowl. Twenty. With yeah with us. Oh Yeah. Absolutely I pick. You know what I found. When you pack up and you move you know you have it somewhere I found Buddy Ryan's game notes for us for Super Bowl twenty. And the game plan. So I have all that Stephanie put a nice little file we we sealed it up but it away. I went back and looked at and there's some really cool stuff that coach Reid had on that was. That was amazing to find. It really wasn't. We'll see again, but you had both defensive coordinator and the head coach carried off the field like. was. It really split like that that the defense was with buddy and the everybody else who's ditka Buddy have this way of of of of really painting us against the world he really did and and that was the thing that that's why the guys love Buddy on defensive side so much because we were his guys and this is something I believe that buddy learned from when he was in Korea when he was when he was a sergeant and he told me a couple of stories about you know having to lead men and eight I mean some. Of these have buddy I had talked about was really cool and just to know who he was that that it was about making sure that we us as a group as a a unit or tight. That's what he did and he really knew how how to make a group of guys come together and we really did and leave me a lot of the things that I do today as a coach to coach ticket but I also to buddy. Ryan. Great stuff. It's great to talk to you and congrats on the win and good luck trying to corral Kylo Murray that'll keep you up at night their coach. Yes it does. It does and back we know the defense is still beat right now and I was actually talking to a few of those guys earlier about a couple ideas. So we'll see what happens and. He's a heck of a football player though we got our work cut out for us. Thank you coach. Great to talk to you. Thank you. Sir. That's Ron Rivera Washington football team head coach I liked the unity. So I like the helmet. So like the numbers on the side there and Daniel Snyder talked about maybe they just keep that is the nickname not sure. They got Arizona in Arizona coming up next weekend. It always helps when you win your uniforms. Look a whole lot better when you win. I remember the old Padre uniforms in the seventies and good looking at all but the padres weren't very good. when the Astros had that rainbow whatever it was, they looked a whole lot better when they started winning. Nolan Ryan, held that as well. But I think we talked about this before. A team that wins who has bad uniforms or team that doesn't win. That has good uniforms. Because? People would say when the Bengals were winning then they like the tiger stripes but when they weren't winning then they didn't like them. I don't know if there's another team that you think of that. They. Didn't win but we like their uniforms. Because usually they go hand in hand. Or you give the team the benefit of the doubt where you go. You. Know those uniforms look. Okay. And if you go back when the chargers kind of blew up again in the early eighties at Dan fouts and joyner and those guys and those uniforms came back and vogue. They always kept the lightning bolt which was kind of their calling card. That's still it's a wonderful looking uniform. That just something about it when every saw and that's it might have been the first. Football Game I. saw in person was the chargers against the Bengals in Cincinnati. And that's when John Hayden was the quarterback. Atlanta Allworth. Gary Garrison Dickie Post. And I just remember when they came out on the field and the bengals uniform back then we're so bland. So Bland. and. Watching those chargers they came out on the field and I loved AFL football because they threw it wide open had fun. In the chargers came out and that image never left me of boy that is a gorgeous look in uniform. Yeah. pull the other day I sent my daughter Molly she's nine and I asked her just from looks which is your favorite uniform and went through all the teams we have pictures guess which team she picked a nine year old favourite uniforms. She did like the chargers a lot but that was not her overall favourite the Cleveland browns the Detroit lions she's loved blue she thought is fun and loud and she loved Detroit. Well that's maybe their target audience they're looking for nine year olds will have no idea what the lions have done the previous you know six decades she thinks pretty good for three quarters. Yeah. They're not good in the fourth quarter holding leads. Thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. Be sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine Pacific on Fox sports radio, and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at Fsr or stream it live on the peacock out.

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Dahl Part 2 (The Spicy Bit)   PDP017

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Dahl Part 2 (The Spicy Bit) PDP017

"Patchy seen quite a few cases have been posted online one or two was written in the papers at all. It's not gonNA it's not GonNa work is if someone school and in Standing Primo A- and they needed dull because why not just have a few few talk Not Rookie size to make that tape. That's the point if you've got little. But if Dole is effectively doing also doing some old side but we talk about biplane. Welcome to the protrude dental podcast. The forward thinking podcast for dental professionals. Join US as we discuss hot topics in dentistry clinical tips continuing education and adding value to in your life and career with your host Jazz Gulag. Hello everyone and welcome to episode. Seventeen the one that so many of you have been pestering me about sort of teased you with the first episode operative Crunchy Doll Pot. One and then I threw in the twelve twelve rows of dentistry which was please say greatly received and then a lot of people don't value from that and now to continue one from that cliffhanger. I left you on with Dr Tip. SCRUSHY I've got Dr Part Two for you today. So this'll be despic- part now before we get into an exit conversation with the top man that is Dr crushing some important things firstly very happy new year to all my listeners. Thank you so much for tuning in in my first per year. Two thousand nine hundred ninety three. The first year I started podcasting interesting and honestly I really really appreciate you taking your time to listen to it. I struggle to listen to myself myself. Cringe the other people. Listening to me is It blows my mind so thank you so much a massive shoutout to one of my listeners. I'm not barris him but he he. He messes me to say thank you. Because somehow the episode road with Drew Shaw and myself three transition to private had such an influence on him that he decided to change his environment changes mindset and he thinks that good things have happened happened because of it so now he's in his goal was to be in full time practice and now looks like in the coming months he'll be able to achieve that so if I've had that sort of influence on him that his literary made it completely worth my while and that's exactly why I like to do for as many people as I can. I I love sharing my enthusiasm and my love for dentistry. And it's so you great to hear stories like that. So thanks so much for reaching out to me and thank you drew Shans Fervor Great Episode Episode Three secondly. I'm really sorry that I didn't didn't give you a protrusion dental with the last episode to make up for I'm GonNa give you today a really really awesome produced under Powell which save you hundreds words of pounds potentially okay so him this puhl or this hack will save you money on buying a compensate heater so the first question that some people ask when we we talk about key to compensate or a competent heater is why would you heat the comfort in the first place so from my understanding from in Bijou studies suggested that there are improved improved physical properties Hype Center Secure Micro Mechanical details of that so apparently he comes. It is a good thing to use however I like it because of the physical changes that happens when he he'd come sit. It becomes much less viscous the wet ability significantly improves. So people use it for bonding Imax. Amax only as for example posterity. Use It also for injection. Molding Ella David Clarke on either the biweekly technique which I love him huge founded by Klay so oh to use heated come sit in shores all flow into all the nooks and crannies of the by Clay Matrix and prevent any air gaps avoids. So it's a great thing to us. So that's why you would essentially use heated it so what is a less expensive way to you. Hit KOMSIC concert heat is can cost a significant amount. I've I've tried the following methods before over the last six years. I've tried a cheap three pounds Chinese. Make Coffee Mug Kita like a USB one and that that word well she did work and it broke few times. He's won re cheap. You know buy cheap by twice and all that sort of stuff so it would work well but the only issue is that I had no control over what temperature I was achieving and the patent literature suggests and when I mean the lecture. I mean Jason's miss and wrote on Facebook so as Gospel is it should be about fifty five degrees so I didn't. Yeah no if I was hitting that thirty five degrees on another thing I've tried is by putting the Compul- up by the operating light. So you know you're operating a low these lights have like a little gap like when you can almost get your finger inside. This little gap is difficult. Explain so you can put your Compul- inside this little gap and our light gets really hot. So the KOMSIC compus can get really hot through with that method and that work really well. The problem with that is what happened to one of my patients. Once moving the light around and the KOMSIC Compul- or fell on his head which was funny at the time. My guess but in the patient is cool about it so that can happen also again. There's no control of what temperature I'm actually hitting my using the Compu- up in the light. The hacker happy to pull a half. You is to buy a really posh coffee. Makita says really posh one is by company called Cossery as on available Amazon upper linked to a on my facebook page and blog www dot dental under this episode seventeen sake and click through and it is phenomenal. If Tesla made coffee Mug heat he does. That's what it would look like. It just looks really swish. It connects to your Maine's and you can actually control the temperature. It's on ongoing fifty five six degrees and I can be confident confident that we're hitting that so it looks really nice in front of patients it looks professional and it doesn't look how coffee monkey territory. You can make it what he wanted to be. So it's that using VAT which is just thirty pounds is fantastic. So that's my major producers under powerful to make up for lack of Appel last time I think if you haven't got a competent you to any like to use heat pumps it get it is just fantastic. The gold standard obviously is to buy a proprietary heater but these can cost upwards of four hundred pounds support for NPR. Twelve hundred pounds against buying it. I just you know if e- please by the best you can afford but here a few reasons are. I am not in a position to to buy a six hundred pound. Comes the heater number one. I'm an associate nuts. It's pretty self explanatory. I'm taking my gear to different practices. I don't be moving around such expensive gate all the time and the money that I don't spend on equipment I spent on courses and you'll know how much I love going on different causes. You know for me. I value causes way more more than paying apologized saying over the odds for some materials. So I mentioned about this company heater in a facebook group and Steve Walked in from opposite. End Big Shutout Steve Awesome Awesome Company. which is he actually made a counter argument and said Hey if your undercutting the UK dental supplies? And you're going to Amazon to buy this tool to hit Komsic instead of buying a proper car heater than I might as well go to Turkey and yet my implants done wo. I respectfully disagreed with him. It's very different to that. Well I'm not recommending here is to go on Ebay in by counterfeit had pieces. I'm not saying that what I'm saying is where you can save money on things that you know. You don't actually actually have to put in the patient's mouth do it. Why should we pay over the odds for something that we can achieve in simpler and cheaper means? I know plenty of people that use a baby bottle to heat their local anesthetic or hypoc low right so simple instable really so. I'm totally cool that if you think it's immoral then go ahead by the expensive comes heater can afford it. Do it totally the best thing to do. Hope that Paul was useful to you and now we can jump in and join Dr Tiv- crush what you've been waiting for me. One of the questions that we were sort of thinking about. Hey was why do people old null appreciates him one of the biggest problems a lot. I think a lot of people use dawn on the wrong patients when it's too light and DA is really for patients to use. You've had a relationship with you. They understand what's going on and decide to imagine to brand new patient he's got to wear on the lamentable state imagined trying to sign them right I need to build your anterior teeth in progress. Syria guidance and district Proper data going talking about. I've been there. I've done that so you must teach me and my listeners. Hopefully I'm better now than I was but to tell me about how how you would approach that and then how to actually communicate patients. Oh you've lost your guidance into separate you'd benefit from a intercepted Dr Techniques. How do you approach them? It's all part ult a Me Much more everyday. COMPREHENSIVE CHECKOUT COMPREHENSIVE CHECK-UP VISIT OXFORD COMPREHENSIVE exam. I mean you have your comprehensive exam which day with a new the patient but actually if we check up lots of little things that we can also be looking for told patients about explained to them that helps them understand the dynamic picture. What's going on onsite? Everybody mentioned to set this locks in looking very carefully. Denting making the understand that you know this doctor. Six Times to the not stuff. People don't understand that. I actually actually give electrons dentists and I took about Dentin. Enamel say what you tell patients about. How soft that? It's competitive Which one hand will go in the room? So it's something dentist. Potentially she confident in saying but actually patient to know that that stuff is a lot softer and as a result it wet roads and whatever quicker. That's one thing I tell my patients but only because I went on your course in Sydney so I do Tara patients I showed because I take my photos and a comprehensive new patient examination and I showed him that you know what that is in the know. Is it well. That's that it's seven times software as well. I'd say just leave him without source code diagnosis. Exactly the key thing is that on a a checkup. You reshaped that Six months a year down the line also to the patient is a K- is three somewhere. I said it's it's not. That's not how it should be but doug panic. toothed isn't gonNA fall out some being like this but we want to do is to see okay how it looks in a few months time if you'll buy changed if you needed anterior context and critically also of course so you can move because if if you have a combination of anterior crowding and then you have this whole concept of potentially constricting blood not an every patient. But it somehow found a really easy concept for people to understand condemn it if they see a Lotta sticking forward in at an upper subsequently sticking forward as well. I'm one up once sticking backing allowance to come back to the very symbolises symbol. Mrs checkup. Doing very simple feminists check on every single check every time to make patients aware of the tooth position and the very simple web doing. It's literally put my fingers on the Lena Netease frontal fingers on the front of and I'm literally screaming ligament and I say it's GonNa Complain Piano when you taste. I said now what you to bite video on your body and actually what often happens is a tooth out of position. The one to two at position they started more heavily against one lower tape. Can you feel bad. And they'll say yeah so we'll that's totally happening. No one hundred percent probably happening because that low ones drifting a little bit and is the key point is continuing doing to slowly drift. But it's slow so we'll look at again in six months or year. We'll take a photo analogous scouts tenable scanning and and I said you know you'd Uh what we'll do is we'll look to see whether it's to change. It usually happens one year two years I. It's happened five years later. Patients come in and said you know that you tend to me about that wearing. I think that take moving and I'm sure he's talking a little bit as well. Then we say okay. This is what we can do as discussed guy from that and that an in a nutshell help a lot of those cases described in that way you know even to position but just to come back a little bit later becoming a bit more aware of the color the edges Jeez the sharpness and then they say let's get fixed so hats off to you tip because no one actually talks about it. I mean no one ever talks about five years later. I'm GonNa give them the treatment plan. No one talks about so ultimately respect for you for for how long term you with that and also that's that's a great clinical tip to use your hands. Forefingers frontier pushed down ligament squeezed. wiz Bite together and that really makes it tangible for the patient. The key thing is not you know is it. You mustn't panic or it's about I would say is racial this. This is normal. This happened to the Lord of Papal Movement. And where it's a normal thing. Some people might cool to aging breath but actually is preventable so the key thing is the problem. Hope as we go back to what we said earlier. There's this whole kind of selling pressure. People have and leaguers at teach you how to seven. Some have done might decide on the day. You outset the Y.. Is Describing is what we should actually tell. Don't sell if tell people what's going on with a lot of dentists. Don't talk about Kerry's but look collusion. slow occlusive changes at the slow to positional changes. Veto people about that patients are not cheap. It'd be think patients do understand. I talk about in Eh function. Every dime on practice in in Kent and everything would I one patient walks back in through the door and allstate how invalid function is I am I'm not. I'm not joking okay. And that lack confidence that comes from yeah literally a two minute demonstration how they should be moving and then how they are actually likely moving and and how much over j let go out there and that is a normal patient. I feel sorry for these patients. Who when they geographically relocate and they find a new dentist and the dentist house my function and the House of the thing? Is You get interesting when it should. Because it's theorized pick doors is welcome. Thanks pairs where. There's not a Bush. Needs to be denise Lee real good clinical data on it because I found quite amazing thing is the profession. Some people don't even heard of it in orthodontics. Several son was don't issue never even heard of never it's true. I've just finished my author a diploma and that was not mentioned. I mean this is a comprehensive diploma and there was not mentioned once about envelope function at all. Nothing is a key concept but you know we have to be honest and you no this more than anyone that there are some camps who believe that actually there is no impact and they believe it's purely power function whereas other camps. Believe that yes. There is an element of that constriction. The teeth knocking the more so technically we will never know when they can never make the study but it just makes sense into in terms of clinical observations. We all make we can see this as acceptable and you know what the way I would do. I always say closing down. Please show me. You'll todd watts ten fifteen twenty years later please. You know what I haven't gone. There's a lot of people that love to talk the talk but I did. I never see that patients get and this is the thing if you don't see your patients again but you think you'll you'll hook show goodnight position to fan. That's the problem. Many guys goes back to that. What's the cool program in our profession? I think actually out the fictional curriculum has been created for convenience not for the patients. So people you will vote through your career. You get all these labels but you don't necessarily actually doing anything better for the patient will be best for the patient is it. You look talked about person if you carry out a complex treatment and even if you can you make sure the work I it can be now gets looked after and let me tell me any way in unprofessional that occurs. I think the only area does I believe is Perio- period has just bat longterm mentality to it but and the studies in Perreault axelsson paper thirty years and stuff and they really into that so agree. That's probably the area has such uniform response but for different basically. Yeah that's a good thing and I think view on everything is a good the thing because it teaches us if it works and that stuff changes. I talked side now and it's GDP is always going to be the person that's going to be true next question. I'm going to ask you is do you. Routinely only deprogrammed your patients before starting a doll case after. Say My dull buildups Almighty program so once once upon a time I never did then. Once upon a time I started learning about splints to d program is and then actually toned up on me. What am I doing this one? Actually the thing that I'm bumbling in their mouth is a department agai and I end set actually. Now if it's appropriate dull case go onto that Wilson a pipe Adele case because he thinks on a pipe but if it's an appropriate doll case actually the doll. Paul buildouts already program at so what I tend to do if I tend to just just build. Emma says it might. Initial point of contact is just slightly posted to maximum into custody and you could say guessing and actually years and years I guess and then starts to try to to take records and then start to set my daughter up tonight. Supposed- CR CR records and it doesn't notice whatsoever so keeping is you put the doll you put the buildups in but then is critical. You get the patient back. Two weeks slater. Because at that point you may will find that pages now deprogrammed and suddenly you develop. Doesn't interference pipes day ready. Have Fantastic and I'm glad you said that's how many times has what happened to you because you've done donald anyone probably how many times have happened to you. Well said is quite red because it's properly warning twenty five cases maybe some of that and the reason. Why is that what you think about got it? You actually separated in the back teeth and so therefore yes. Of course the job can rec- and can find a new position but because you the battery also rated effectively then happens is a process of Vertical Miss Natural Accreditation. So it's quite rare. I have had to. Yeah there's been no change your defined in our customer low seven up six or something. He's knocking where it wasn't before but it's not that common and now it's happened to me in my fifth. Probably the fifth and the patient deprogramming I was like. Oh okay. This is interesting so to follow up and and treat it and really good dental update paper actually put on as well where these conditions. I think leads dental hospital had a case where they just went ahead backs it up. Did it did a dog. And and then. The patient deprogrammed a significant horizontal. So recon repositioning. So that now they were extremely lawsuit if one they've lost all their anterior guidance yet. So it's rather I agree with. I wasn't a postulate three percent. You said one in two thousand five so we don't have any data on this but that's coming from you. I told you respect in fact so this is why personally is I do deprogrammed but I'll tell you about the okay. How about you tell me if there's anything but also tell me that? Okay once your patients have dialed in what are you. How are you managing them with splints or not? Wissmann okay just come come and second but basically nothing just to say in. The pipe is written on days. If you look at instead of being treated a little bit trainwreck. So riddick this is the case. The cases ended up in universities and hospitals cases dentists left faulting all and so a lot of the patients. Aw Aw now that you've had Veracruz delicious if I showed him. Most of those patients shouldn't have been treated in Detroit. But if you look at a lot of cases that I've traded that patients that are early early phase. You sort of get my point to what I am. That's the thing it's quite. It's quite difficult thing to kind of explain and I'm not saying that you from the point being is that the patient was treated lead to liver should never probably go that far. That's the point and that and that has ended up at because the dentist condoning thing about it as a treatment for almost your everyday patient. It's a treatment that actually believe virtually every single person now you put a high percentage of people at at some point in their life who benefit from. If it's only used to treat a train wreck of his used to treat a train wreck it will be unpredictable. It went always work for it. Should be full preventing gonNA try and bite. That's kind of the white think about it. It's it's preventative treatment. It should not be a severe. I have used it in case where I you know there were already but just asked about the patients that are just starting poster where you can see the really heavy blocks snake quite young going through the T. quickly and that's exactly the patient that had the condo repositioning quite significant in my case. Actually so that's why I now since then I've started the program but I take your point. Actually maybe when we're using it appropriately in deceptively the need for that may not be as significant as those sort of train wreck patients agents who have had severe issues to brock's them that sort of stuff and actually when I when I teach Mike Sugerman sheets don appreciate a low table coming under Kind of looking. It is when I actually tell. Patients have you cannot identify In Day on some of the massive shift On that case I do a useful case but I wouldn't start with. Patient is restricted. Opening a huge clicks SORTA stuff massive amount to service raises for somebody. You build a discussion up with time that losing that guidance you're trying to prevent them through combination of doll and potential. You've kind of present. Canine with collapse losses. V Day earlier rather than later. That's tweeted K.. Now I guess I do patients who do have a more severe to win more into any types. Just go post area. Where and I'm just about to doc? Heavy promptest that in my strategy. Is this doll them. The same way we go through a period where there's a little bit of of Warrior Race Glenn Waiting Getting because obviously actually one issue is when you're waiting doll to occur. Really wear full mapping or anything to protect because you could be trying to wait for that compensation to actually occur. I'm GONNA come onto that because I want to be a splinter so at the moment when you're dealing your leading them news no splint nothing I do sometimes like an anterior only spent. Maybe but that has to be given to a patient that you you trust. What about is patient that you trust to follow the instructions instructions off course to assume as bad taste onto touch when they are eating teaching and removed they must remove it quickly? And that's what also means that you follow them out quite quickly the last leader there and an end up with anti-riot by touching which is possible difficulty. It is possible so sometimes if I'm worried about I will protect them but actually two years I'm been tripled years and years ago I Talbot Okay and then if dried about teaching. We're back in those days. We gave them a A Rub a bodyguard which we were well. Some people actually don't blame him but I think the rabbi getting into SPLAINE's started learning. Spain's let US planes. I can't do these face but actually after site the volt majority of my more severe cases treated dumb on now doll at an ethics for China. And that's it and I found that that in most patients is not a kind of think of the last five years. There's only one patient whose tastes who kept going through the exit on an end about giving them a splint and I think part of the reason being is actually having the Don buildouts blended in your mouth is it's netted it. Would we number really understands how to why people brock's loads of reasons for it. We know this but but actually ah opening the by tears. It's as I do. I describe as having a deep anterior spent bonded in your job that you compromise and and actually I found patients. I've got examples of patients who did treatment on severe proxies and adult them. And actually somebody could bring come for five obvious and I came back I would have spent six competition and you think well you know what I mean as a lot of examples not one or two the loss so actually of course let not circumstances might change stress levels might reduce Maybe sleeping veteran night. They might you know. But if you think of the mechanics of situation you build someone you rebuilt the anterior guidance so I think the fact that is anterior contacts muscle contractions are less and that's part of the theory exactly and this is the point even if you bit negative Dr you think well what are you actually actually doing you. Just having somebody to take spending four and actually is quite simple to isn't tight very long and we talk about as well about how to do it but because I think some people some of the techniques leaks seen become so complicated that actually puts people from doing it but but actually it's not identical. Nova simple will solicit can happen. It's night preparation. I am repetitive. The toll oh so even if after three little ways back down to nothing why you look at. You've got three years. What none of you be nice for the to serve his loss? And am I take of you really the if I can get anything five to eight years out of it even if not all patients you know the way you think about. It is the five to eight years. You'll not going to be the same. There'll be no theoretical aging of those particular tate. And when it comes back I loved the aging of your teeth. That's a communication gem because patients need to be you know here in a way that they understand Tom Ryan that one down aging that's really good 'cause to eighteen years it's loss. It's taking color. It's chipping is movement and and other people don't appreciate us is how particularly when you say over the years you see a patient years united to the has gene exposure. If you look at just watch her dealt by it got the number Chino kind of view it but tico dog and it because denting absorb Stein massively in particular Coffee smokes you just. It's not someone with an open unites denting of Could identing lesion finished with openness fights they can get critique in that contributes to aging the point being is now I like that very much and the reason I asked about the splints and basically. When you're when you're talking I wish you a video actually 'cause I was smiling ear because this is a huge part of my I mean I'm massively into splint do all type lint but my go-to splint for someone and I'm glad you mentioned it? WHO has no temperamental issues at all healthy? Who has no muscle issues? Okay I am totally happy with a passive fitting and for me has you passive fitting allowed to block out the undercuts Essex retains so they're really comfortable and easy 'cause you don't WanNa give someone Arena Essex Tena to put them compliance. I'm so glad you mentioned that. And that's I use it as a protective appliance so not really. -PEUTIC or diagnostic is a protective protective Goto. Apply to me because it's cheap and cheerful. It works and it's candy comfortable when it's made the right way so I'm so glad you mentioned that no one talks about exactly. I mean I'm just I'm just it's kind of what I'm using. I've gone gone to spectrum of usage of various devices and Experimenting Michigan tennis-style Spins in a wall. A A great results from various things. But what I do find now is Voss George. Tights is if they can be a member. These are those appropriate style. Taste is nose most cases on trees. I don't treat massive train wrecks because I'm trying to prevent it. That's the point. Patient comes in who needs dot done deal with with as I need to deal with with it but most of them end up with build up which I know. Have an effect and those majority would that saves the ones breakthrough or keep pathogen Who knows begin function light for another pretend potential reason those on more than happy to go with some tomato Thomas splint for them? They need to take but they're quite but it's quite rare and you the thing is I think you can only really really judges if you've been saying people enough to know it's very difficult to make an assumption of what how someone sitting on the change. Five ten fifteen in years later unless you see them again all you have the intention to say them again. That's the Kate Have you heard of a Flexi hotic. Splint have you heard of this fos appliance. John I have actually Ashley Greta Note a master match but I had heard a little bit about so I use this in my protocol and I use my dog Proton. Well we'll go ahead and do all share a full protocol okay on facebook okay. I absolutely love this splint for dark as basically the acrylic that you mixed actually bonds to the polyester copello cocoa a copolymer of discipline itself. So I actually use it as anterior only deep replies first and then once I've done the buildups the patient doesn't need a new spin. I just gouge out the old acrylic and and I realized that sounds which is amazing which is so good. And then when the posterior contacts with reestablished I then will convert them to an Essex or if they're really heavy boxes assists because one thing you can do with this spinach color in black with a sharpie pen and then you can see their power functional patterns and when they come back. Oh my gosh yes. I'm grinding so I think you realize at this point I'll show you. I've got quite a few cases with it now with darts are put one on. See what you think. I'd love to hear what you think about that sauce tad you as part of this episode. So I'll be short note to do that now. Sure show you please. Do that. Sounds really interesting actually so I think we'll have to wrap up soon but there are some brilliant so I just WanNa say Have you seen any dog cases. Let's talk instead about okay. So in those cases where doll may not be successfully. No it's incredibly successful especially in the case as you're doing case because you're doing because you're case election would be quite good and so in those cases where it might not go to plant. I tend to have that discussion beforehand. It's part of my consent process. This I might say okay. In a small very small number of cases it may not work what this means for you is more time a bit more money and that sort of thing. So how'd you have that conversation with patients upfront. And and how many times have you had to solve ad coms or possibly or other restorations posterity. To actually do more like a full mouth Rehab after say honestly genuinely Doug Matt's ever happened and I'm not kidding. It's 'cause your case election is really good. I'd say it I mean that must have been your case. Maybe built a two top to get into contact with something but I think audited case election is really important and I think it's probably important. I'll I'll run a couple of things cases not to do. That's important because this is where I say and I have seen some people who very very well known in the industry and I talk about doll doesn't work can actually even showed some case presentations And I'm looking at the case seeking those cases that purpose who much cited Iran cases problem is. There is a little doll stay route. That does a lot of evidence may be but there's nothing really that talks about case election. There's nothing about particularly about protocols and now I don't think anyone's ever done the studies on it so what I would say is not fundamentally number one over. Everybody talks the patients with warm place. Jerry is not patient for won't won't Jerry's are also said any patient with Periyar issues is just a now an answer. Any any patients D- significant bottles or anything is out the question but tip you find that your breakfast patients or you're extremely punctual patients. They saw select themselves. Because because those who have parallels acceptability would have experienced in a big way. I think there's obviously there's no evidence to support perreault collusion power function stuff. But the you know the kind that like like massive excess doses and stuff that might be a major commodities are those cases to avoid darling because maybe not necessarily I mean what I would say. Okay one of the most reportings As to avoid heavy missile anti-state Iraj will off on the all heavily tilted. This is really important because I fakty me like a Catholic like a maximum recount a potentially Oprah Steer Arches where just heavy misaligned. We've Colorado Crossover on the motives you've got an ending promoter. Okay not seen patchy touchy seen. Quite a few cases have been posted online one or two was written in the papers at all. It's not it's GonNa it's not GonNa work view is if someone's goal and in standing promoter and and they needed dull because why not just have a few bucks feel comfortable fight. Not Rookie is to make that tape. That's the point if you've got this. But if Dole is effectively like demean salsa doing some all side but we talk about biplane and I think anyone that's misaligned arches. It the waiver think about is you're you're expecting this segment to move now in the study cites eruption. I think there's a degree of compensation and potentially touch option. But but the wife you is that if you've got a and maybe some joint repositioning maybe yeah definitely definitely. I mean the commissions being shot and it's benefit anyway but no you're right but if you think about how the it actually may have looked at teeth slowly over the months that they moved. Actually you know they they kind of if you think about to t- touching each other to motors touch that I've seen with tiny the museum district rotation Almost it's much more predictable. If a patient's go a wet line that's simply quite simply so the patients got really bad off so huge dining promoters quesnoy ticked up the side than adults. And that's really important and I don't think enough people say that and I've seen now if you inclusion googlers do case. His life and then think complaint is unpredictable and annotate doesn't work another classic one is the sort of example Wave got someone who's already had basically a hugely already Compensated to three region and not saying trump people like a massive covers spanked. Yeah again that was. That's ten is too late by case needs to basically intrigued level the in You might then might end. Do some bonding affiliates By cases well this point as well. Yeah cases that I went to don and and what I would say. Is it really really important to think about doll at this kind of this. Is Poking help people. Do you start to think of as as intentive treatment and if you seem The cases of our show that Donald Crazy cases these patients he will staunton to get tooth. Wear anterior guide. It's just some of them. Combined with scientific crowding and stuff is well thought what I dated is treated them. You hold it in a better more functional position critically overtime position in anterior guide. It's in five. Ten empathy is lights that you look at the taste and you say what we haven't done with those Now you SORTA may find if that's the case it's K.. is to try and use the incident. Take basically it's not. It should not be treatment that when you see a traditional I heavy church wet case. Oh my God patient. I'm not thinking doll is A. Ah Yes I really dolls. You'll turn to occasion. It's not it's not. Actually it's it's an adjunct and I know Ian Buckle really well and Rica very good friend of mine and I'm I'm doing the Dourson modules with him memorial three in January. So yes I in tot mom exactly and he ah told Time and we're doing with Basis with us but he came in inside the Chinese basically said to me this is the Is Missing thing from a lot of traditional approaches. Because what we what we end up doing is fixing appropriate which could be could have been prevented or law. Now what you're doing what you're doing then you need to them. Because there's always gonNA be. I should sit. Never goes unite. There's always going to be patients. Hate never go that teach where they get to that point with what. You're learning from me and you'll be able to offer the patient very viable treatment. The point being is as good a patient who go through the whole life saying dentist every six months that take the gradually wearing anterior guard by potentially could be Tapeni that may be getting more anterior loss of canine with and then just says nothing and nothing and dentists don't diagnose and I can say this because I didn't use to my my story is and I've said it in a podcast episode for when I was a first year after one associate part time I read. The president is notes and the patients that in front of me because the previous practice practice owner was unprecedented. And there's a line where sets upper five upper left lower left six and I'd look at. I don't see anything. Oh my goodness goodness and when you when you start seeing them you start seeing them and so now on my exact coding. There's a code we make A. TWA is an orange to me and my system. And maybe you have a better system. If if I'd love to know each other than photos your system photos very comprehensive each individual to pass as comprehensive as it gets but my charting system is put one tooth where if there's been any degree of tooth wear from attrition if you'd like all erosion if denting expose I put tooth way times two it'd be two T. W. on that tooth code so but I'm the only one I know especially in my circle of friends dentist's other associates principles. I work with no one does well. I think the problem is actually getting into political territory. Another to do that but I think the problem is is. Our system has kind of encourages System the way is now particularly with. Udi's case to the point where if a dentist identifies this program. You have to tell the patient and then solution gun abate On I don't understand how you were but I do understand each month. Sending dentist identifies a problem officer Patient public and have to spend a lot of time on it and they don't WanNa get the feet to justify the time is that correct or incorrect is correct so actually assistant suit of decent discouraging people to actually even talk about it and anything we had a guy is just astounding. I find particularly in private entities a lot and I think you think about what the NHL Office in my head if then it just was fee Brighton and actually was cool. SERVICE TO HAUNT I. Would you know I actually believe in it. I think the biggest problem. We've got a system which has been created by people and I point the finger and individuals hip it's been create people. Don't understand dentistry. They don't understand the long term dentistry. It's all about fixing it's all about politics and I think the problem is the reality is Roy. Moore's lawyer usage to doll was a low temp dot com came from a very kind of privileged era. Actually we had fever item. We just patients we could talk about the difference between private dense streaming could offer them different things. Uda's meant that became very difficult and actually elite pushed into a corner and the only thing about it is those people thought that was a good idea. I think they need to be made accountable for the damage that identity recognize the ages. He's actually spectacular. Because it's made it very very very distracting to on its feet with their patients and actually it's created this whole among the private one minute chest and this is kind of one scientists. It's harder for young dentists to be able to convert that patients. It can't be done but the problem is is a scenario that makes it hard and I'm donald subject slightly but the know all this is important. This is this is the the real world issues that we face. This is why I think the Dole is something different it Colmey copy of it now. The what what to dentists actually cases that have dull. Sometimes the best thing I have is if you're not you don't have any so so actually sleep is a conversation Easier so you can. Decide is the whole Treatment Plan and you could potentially tell you compensation that direction. Ah I mean. Fundamentally adult is should be an interpenetrate based on people. You've been speaking to new identifying sort of slow changes and as I said you're trying to prevent the day. Dawns is for major trauma. Preventable month. Rehab I'm actually. I actually take that if I if I see full math rehab. It's not something to celebrate is actually abhorrent reflection of the fact that our profession patients un-filed prevent patients from getting that and I'll go all Japan to stop it in my practice. I didn't recite any patient. This come to see me and stayed with me has never ever gone onto the Nita. AH THREE AD tweeted some Costa treat some because I walk through the door but no patient. He's going to go Patient yesterday nowadays eighty six and she's on her full doll recycle. Maybe twenty six years later a guy I wanna say I said I'd take material to decide. Michio back but I made is a stupid question. I said the Timorese but have getty ought to be able to recycle but basically it's with patients way down took to look at MCI filing Guiding anymore illiterate stripped of star again and the the point without evidence. There's nothing to say how many times you can do it. What's actually happening? But I'm on my fourth MEFISSA but will say that's interesting actually so when we're doing repeat will solve mechanics of doll continue to work. And obviously they do. Because we've been doing it so that actually works. I think it's a great. Philosophy is a great way. You run your passing housing life and a massive inspiration to young dentist if I want to leave with three little reflections and we're here your views on this and walk in interest of time caller day so I think you mentioned about the standing premolar scenario so in that scenario I'm thinking okay. This patient would benefit or quote unquote benefit from orthodontics will be an alternative plan. So in that orthodontic plan. Would you then be intruding potential interiors to then create the space to then Ruben. The guy that's away we're getting to instead of doing adult Yup definitely Eh. Because actually you know one of the best ways of fixing electoral terrorists by all those appropriateness series and if there is actually anterior crabbing all week movements in need that needs to be off to the patient the patient choose it and I say some patients don't even go to standing premed in it very simply. Sometimes they say just. It's that we'll do the rest of it. The buildouts Too but you'll chain has to title every option has to be comprehensive has to be on every cops to realize it. It's nice to decision detailing Saturday but yeah you may be and it's it's happened. It's happened in many many cases about chemicals from the cost done exile. We've done that or actually many cases the also I don't serve thirtieth brilliant and the next thing loss of the to talk about is now with the advent of an accessible to detention. You mentioned scanners. Are you doing this thing. Whereby your your Dark Ages? You're seeing him every couple of months and scanning him and doing like a little time lapse because if that study needs to be done we would learn so much from that I am. I am and actually a quiet. According to the medical Had Scan it for about eighteen months online which is wonderful having And I I did quite a scandal in this case it we're trying to do now is actually marry Out those original scandal with the same patients but anyway we had a new stand up for about six weeks will say now. I'm scanning sign many patients now for the by Cetacean monitoring but yes all side Doing a couple of cases rough scandals and now I'm actually go into. The plan is to then see the patient amount than rescan than see the patient three months. We could learn Ed so much as a profession from that about the mechanics of it. which is you know a little bit? Disputed I guess. Oh that's amazing that you're you're doing that anyone who's who's doing good to get a call at two one. Oh my friends Andy. Wallace says he's been even further ahead on on on the curve. The me on that one. Because he's got a couple of cases the Mid Scanning so it'd be interesting. They just say Israel's Andy's Atop Guy Papa of the tubular sort of crew and I went to his Inman course actually shot Andy. Thanks so much for the work you do the last reflection. It is my theory on why some dentists are against dull is means that they're big. Tickets will not come through so basically you have to charge the patient way less you being way more minimal. And he's going to do the posterior and that could be a reason why maybe doll is not favored. I think it is one reason. I am stiff. January's covered some of the reasons. In and perhaps a lot of the Gurus Guru is the same as patients. White to light and GOREY'S PATHOS I don't have regular patients. Perhaps you know they're acting like pseudo specialists specialist niche area where they wouldn't see the antiseptic exactly and they're seeing patients who already to fall. And that's completely understandable But I do. Debbie's definitely an element. I think much in this country I really do believe in this country and most of Europe I think that really are health professionals thirst business people. Second I appreciate or other areas of the world might be different but I think ultimately we do hopefully think Ryan for patients is best but yet there is definitely definitely I mean. I have given lectures on Dr in various countries around the world. Tupper site to me. This is a win. Good quarterback About a mini machine. I just bought. And what about this. And what about that. And I'm thinking what about the bottom line and I know that's fair enough. I kind of crazy to get angry about landing all your pension but ultimately I can understand and why they're thinking that but I think that's a very short kind of narrow minded impact short term. Because as I said if you know if we will less focus on this big ticket new patient will to the the Dole. I'M GONNA charge in five or ten. Granting and you thought about a patient about keeping that patient for for life you thought about all the people can refer to. You don't have to fight with mentally city enjoyed worried about getting sued by the middle of that sort of stuff at me. Think about that sort of enjoyment you get out of saying. You're were five ten years later and I think past appropriate appropriate. I don't think enough dentist do because I don't think that's the thing to actually. I think there is a much this sort of long term view and I call it a malicious now with lifetime patient. That's a term that I used and I think that the more we think about that in the mall that would not practice gets put out the more hopefully people will realize dentistry. He's not just about united not just about beat ticket. It's not just about. INSTAGRAM is about his multiple in office. It's about actually about his before. Not Five years later here. It is ten in years later. Failing and this is why it's failing and he's fighting the pensions. Don't I still love today. And you know that. And that's just a different view. And so I think that I've kind of come wife help being a cosmetic dentist. It helped me being the sort of person the thule obviously is hawk. Show will command white suit with my name written on the All Star but I've actually learned a huge amount from. I'm going to belittle anyone that does that. Of course a massive amounts from small design impression Daikin but actually I did love was ethics. And I'm not saying that. They need to learn that. But I think being a general practitioner and saying the word you did that you probably realize you shouldn't have done. Aw Come back to actually hone you and you haven't to fix it and you haven't to a case is sold is small design technology. You know twenty years ago we had a version of digital Zyppah Zyppah setting cases like that and I kind of looked at five ten years thinking. Why do that and actually? I think it's probably the what for my generation interest is probably the one is always total integration. One volunteer wife learning today. I think this rating divided. But as well so honest to to talk about about these matters and honestly just out highlights your ethos and everything you're about and you know with this episode so many gems in there and even though it's been I think two three years since I did your cost so it was good to see I retain information but again there are some few things if you gems that you gave me that. I can implement Monday morning change. Abyss that actually say comeback comeback is restructured brilliant. Okay we'll have to. I'm looking forward to sharing that case that I told you about with the Faucet a really want your input on more than anyone you want so I'll put that on as well so that come from who created so Gary Unterberg Switzerland Jerry. That's an idea that was missing. Berkshire Place I think he'd Damn I wish pushed because everyone was talking about and also it might be a city or somewhere that I missed him. Anyway thank you for that. No no I'll tell you in that when I can but tiff thank you so much for coming on and inspiring. Everyone as always keep doing your thing. You know what you're doing proper freshers amazing. I'm so glad that you're gang this prize which obviously means so much to you. And I'm so I'm so glad that your a dentist from the UK and we have we have someone to look up. I look a look up to so thank you so much. Thank you very much. Take big later on. Thank huges so then we have folks as a dental geek. I absolutely loved having tip Christian. Show I hope you gain a lot from his two episodes that case that I mentioned to tip tiff the the one that I would tag it of me using the false appliance and my doll protocol. I did actually post that on facebook with about sixty photos step by step. Yep I'm a huge fan of doing step-by-step photos because I I've done it before but I don't like the whole thing. Here's a before and after look awesome I am. I like to teach and share. And I'm open to getting criticized and scrutinized. I feel like if someone can criticize me in scrutinize me. I'll gain. I'll become a better dentist from it so I've actually posted my entire protocol of a doll case on my facebook so the way you can easily access it instead of me giving you a long of URL is if you just go to w jazz dot dental forceless doll as DHL pitch l. than it will redirect you to my facebook page to the album. That has all the sixty photos. Let me know what you think. And you'll see the false appliance in action. which has been fantastic hostak for my dog cases and learn more about this type of splint? There is a hands on course in February. If you want more information please message me me me teaching on it but it's mostly Oh see being mocked it internally to the people who use this lab but it might be a few places available and if you're interested in touch him near reading away so please message me too interested in the hit me up on instagram. So thank you so much for listening all the way to the end and are willing for the next one. Thanks so much

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What Have the Media Gotten Wrong (and Right) During Coronavirus?

Reason Podcast

1:00:50 hr | 5 months ago

What Have the Media Gotten Wrong (and Right) During Coronavirus?

"South Korea and the US announced their first confirmed corona virus cases at virtually the same time in late January. If you take a look at where we are right now in the US the US now has fifty times more cases almost one hundred times more fatalities than South Korea. Meanwhile while the US makes up only about four point two five percent of the world's population the US has thirty percent of the world's reported for Enviros cases and almost twenty percent of the reported corona debts. Sanjay Gupta said. That's this is all because we got started too late in the. Us is that right. You agree he no. It isn't as simple as that Jake. I'm sorry did you say this is all happening because we got started too late. Obviously if you look. Could you have done something? A little bit earlier would have had an impact. Obviously but where we are right now is the result of a number of factors that was Dr Anthony. Bouchier with CNN's Jake Tapper on CNN's state of the Union on Sunday in an exchange. That was widely reported. I would even say misreported as vow. She says President Trump's failure to act sooner obviously cost lives Hi everyone welcome the reason roundtable. I met well to join remotely in the beginning of our second month of quarantine broadcasting By Nicholas Peterson. And Catherine make you ward hello gang. Howdy hey man. Can you even imagine what a happy Monday with look like? Does anyone think will ever have a happy Monday again? Yes I'm happy bright now because I'm talking to my colleagues nickel you alive. Yes set a little bits qualified little qualified immunity of you know it did before Corona Virus We we started that with that clip for a reason. Which is that. We're GONNA have an extended conversation in the second half of this episode about the highs and lows of media coverage and also government dissemination of information about the evil covert nineteen as usual. Start with the grizzly. A bullet points estimated deaths in the US and the virus or now north of twenty two thousand. That's up from around ten thousand last time. The four of US convened overall. Number of cases is getting close to six hundred thousand which is up from three hundred thirty seven thousand week ago. Crowbars now the number one killer in the country leading to totals of excess deaths in New York in particular that are just amazing to comprehend much greater than in September two thousand and one for example the same time the curve of new cases and strains on hospital capacity in New York particular continues to flatten and most projection models are foreseeing. The apex could happen in this country. In a matter of days with the final body count closer to sixty thousand than some of the more horrendous numbers that we were saying before In much of the political and policy conversation shifted to win. And how are we going to reopen? Which is a cheerier thing than ventilator shortages and a lot of Lia compensation fact without she and Jake Tapper was precisely on that what's where people are transitioning to but in the meantime as transition from kind of locked down to whatever it is and whenever it is that comes next. They've been a lot of tales of overaggressive enforcements of distancing orders and designations of non-essential nece. And so on. So we're GONNA start with kind of a round up of a few of those that are making news or should be making news. Catherine Euro religiously observance type tell us about how Cops in Mississippi observed the holy week so I do want to say though I am not a religiously observant type. I did do to Sater's and celebrate Easter this week because you are. There's nothing else to do. So I guess I am now but yeah In GREENVILLE MISSISSIPPI CHURCHGOERS. Who attended a drive in service? Were fined five hundred dollars per person for violating a curfew order. This is the kind of thing I think we're GONNA see come up In subsequent weeks and months as a good test cases for the limits of these curfews and also test cases on the kind of common sense limits of how social distancing orders and lockdowns at curfews are interpreted because in this case we had devout churchgoers of the King James Bible Baptist Church who sat in their cars with the windows rolled up circled around a church and tuned their radios to the station where their pastor was delivering the Easter Service? This was not unsafe. It just wasn't and so the fact that police showed up to not this just this church but a couple of other churches in the area issued five hundred dollar tickets per person again There's a man quoted in local news articles saying that both he and his wife got separate tickets. Presumably the police had to interact with the individuals to issue these tickets thereby initiating exposure that had previously not been a risk. We saw something similar Reason story last week about a woman in Pennsylvania who was driving alone in her car and got pulled over and hit with a fine for social distancing. Her fine was eventually dropped. I actually so far have been impressed that when an individual officer an individual city oversteps. They've been backing down. And I hope that that continues. There is kind of a rain of common sense and peace but I think the longer this goes on the harder it will be to let that wiggle room exist and the more tempted people will be by black and white rules. That are rules for the sake rules rather than rules for the sake of health nick. The GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN THAT LADY. has come in for all kinds of criticism. You're writing about that. What's what the going on there. Choose also come in for praise The New York Times and other Outlets have recently talked about. You know how she's a A stalwart defender of public health and whatnot. But I'm Michigan they've issued a bunch of increasingly restrictive Shelter in place oriented rules and of most Kind of Outrage inducing lately have been you know that You can't buy seeds for gardens and things like that vegetable seeds at stores at gardening centers and things like that and that Home Depot can be open for certain things. You can't buy things like paint and you know this is the type of stuff where I think a lot of kind of picking up with Catherine's talking about this is where these orders are going to go to it if not die. 'cause a lot of conflict because people are you know the longer they're at home and the longer they have less things to do you know they're Gonna. WanNa do more things than Michigan? The most recent order also bans landscaping services from working Which seems particularly bizarre since a landslide. I don't know if you guys have ever had your lawns cut or something like that. But it's like you know I saw a lot of the times. There's only one or two people on a crew and they're going to be doing it. You know distant from people so You know this. This is where we are now. You know and and I think we're gonNA see increasingly a increasing friction over. What are we allowed to do? And what are we not allowed to do? What are we allowed to buy? I mean Vermont also was closing off files Walmart's that were deemed non-essential big problem I Two brothers if they had lived in Michigan might have already committed homicides because one of one of them has been planting a victory garden and Intending to it and the other one has been Feverishly building doll houses and bunk beds. And who who will be the great? What's The greater failure? Rate Sour Dough. Bread bakers or victory gardeners. Like who's GonNa more regret their investment in that thing? It's a good question because like sour dough it's not the investment is time and then just looking back and saying what the hell did I do and say the caring? That's like so. I made sour dough bread this weekend. Few dead using the star kids using the starter that my wife had made before she left town to go care for her sick father And it's like a three day process in which you have to feed it on Friday and then you have to spend. You have to come in on on Saturday and once every hour for like three or four hours. You've got a flower it and fold it and sort of like talk to it and say like like read it a poem or something and then you put it in the fridge overnight and then you take it out again and you have to take it out and you have to read it another poem and flowered and folded one more time. Cover it with like a special piece of cloth or something and then like eventually like an hour before it's ready to have to start talking to the oven and get the oven heated up and then and then and only then after like seventy two hours of kind of just you know occasional management rate. It's like a. It's like playing animal crossing. It's one of these video games that exists in real time and sort of expect you to do things on a schedule for this rain for whatever. Why would anyone do any of you at the end of it? You get the most amazing delicious bread and it is so good and it means that. I've got by bread but I still by Brad so grocery deliveries very difficult. We're not going to grocery stores and this is just much much better than any bread that I've that That I've ever been able to get delivered. I just want the listeners. To understand that when we first met young sugerman before he would successfully coupled the dudes entire like food palate was like Stover's pizzas in the microwave. Like I'm not even joking in the toaster oven in a toaster oven. I never microwaved anybody. That's what hot pockets were format. I do. There's it's much much darker to make your stouffer pizza in a microwave. Then it isn't a test drive and like that's an important distinction about the level of depravity. That he was working with so i. I don't slander the man. We're talking about a pointless restrictions not self-imposed superman but Usually though probably not always a government imposed. Can't you tell us woman has to do with booze? Yeah so Pennsylvania Closed down its state run liquor stores in the middle of March. Pennsylvania runs all of the liquor stores in the state is a is a control state with possibly arguably the most onerous liquor rules in the country to begin with It's not the only control state in the country but it's But it is probably the one that is The most restrictive in terms of buying booze even when we are not in the middle of a pandemic But what happened was they closed down all of their liquor stores And that meant that. The only way that you could legally by spirits inside the state was to buy from one of the states craft producers so if they have a craft distillery that has a licensed to sell direct to consumers In the state you could buy some of you could buy from them. That was legal. But you couldn't buy a national brand of any kind if you want to Jack Daniels if you wanted buffalo trace if you wanted Something like that. There is no way to legally buy it within the State. And so what did people do? They went to New Jersey and to West Virginia and they went to the stores that were nearby in New Jersey and West Virginia and they went to them in such large numbers that there was a huge crush of customers and at least one store New Jersey had to close down because people were too close to each other now the reason that they closed the liquor stores in the first place according to the governor was because they wanted to help enforce social distancing reduced travel right keep people away from each other and instead what they did was they sent people to an even smaller more packed place so they didn't just make it difficult to buy liquor. They made it dangerous. It actually got to the point. Where one county in West Virginia started saying that When we card you and we're GONNA card you if you present a Pennsylvania. Id We will not sell you liquor at all. Because we don't want people from Pennsylvania coming over and crowding our stores and so this was an incredibly dumb decision on their part now they tried to make up for it at the end of March or maybe it was the very beginning of April by openings and online sales portal that had a limited number limited stock and in and then also you were limited you to one order per day and like a certain number of bottles I forget exactly what the limitations there were but it was like. There's a smaller amount of stuff only one order per day. And you can't just by as much as you want but we will ship at your house if you order online except the problem was the online sales portal. Didn't work didn't work at all and it. Just let that so weird. A government website. That was spun up quickly. Didn't work. Well that's so surprising. So then they and they started. Yeah it's it's very very surprising. And they had a notice up that said well. You do too overwhelming demand we're experiencing problems we're GONNA put a plan into place to fix. This and their plan was that they would open it randomly throughout the day. Without letting anyone know so that you would just have to check it all the time but what does a what does that do to a server load? This was actually a point made by our Great Tech Guy. Just Maher who we owe so much to at reason That puts a huge extra load on the server and makes it even more difficult to buy stuff that you WANNA buy. It's really ridiculous. It is bad as business. It is bad for people who want to buy booze when they are locked in their houses. It is bad for public health. It is it's a stupid stupid plan on nearly every level so I am no epidemiologist but from what I understood. Come out so you're sure. Add that to our. I didn't vote for Donald Trump but we epidemiologists these days. I think we all just got honorary degrees. Had just finished my Khan Academy course structural engineering and had finally figured out nine eleven. So I'm ready for a new education challenge. Jet Fuel Melt Steel. Like you know what? It's good though. I use it for sour dough bread and in a couple of drinks. He's at Chatfield Tizzano. Genius who can solve the world's without even trying back genius one of the great classic tiki drinks that everybody should try making is in fact a jet pilot three different types of rum fa- learning every tiki drake has three different kinds of. Should have to to and vodka or something but I can only hope Having you mentioned the word. Tiki that the world's greatest bar which is the tiki Ti on Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake California which is smaller than the tiny room. That I'm broadcasting. A podcasting from right now has been allowed to do to go drinks during these difficult times. Because there's no way physically. They cannot violate all the social distancing rules. There were always to go drinks. Takes you to another place land. I know From what I understand about the transmission of viruses and the and the way that it's best to get healthy is that generally speaking sunshine and fresh air is is is helpful in getting better or whether you're viruses and so I have a point. Mike category of ridiculous government crackdowns is all throughout southern California. There are cops on beaches arresting paddle borders in Malibu. There's an entire like Manhattan. Beach would otherwise known as Manhattan beach. Obviously they've got like a cops parked on the peer issuing citation after citations like fat cops jogging after joggers who are like running right along. The ocean like completely empty beaches. It's absolutely ridiculous. Come if you treat people especially people in places where it's nice to go outside if you treat them like hamsters in those little tubes. They'RE GONNA START. A spritzing out. There is broader policy questions. But they're gonNA START SPRITZ and how I was like fuck listen. The language neck is a very malleable. Now it is true. It's devolving as we speak. The broader stuff pointed out in the slack channel. So maybe he can sort of T- up because I don't obviously understand any of it but in addition to worldwide government's taking various Or one of the ways which world governments worldwide are taking kind of intrusive power accumulating measures in the face of this one of them is As using your cell phone the technological surveillance Google and apple and whatnot. Peter can you walk us just or hint us in a direction what that means why it's bad or good yeah So we you mentioned upfront. That one of the things we're GONNA BE TALKING ABOUT. Today are plans to reopen and right now there is no single unified clear plan. That's coming out of the White House but there are a bunch of plans that have been put forth as proposals as potential ideas from a variety of think tanks economists etcetera from all parts of the political spectrum. And if you look at them what they basically all say is that in order to start the reopening process in earnest not just relaxing a few of the more modest restrictions. We're going to need pretty significant either. Technological surveillance tools or mass testing on a scale that it's really not clear wherever going to be able to get to At least until we have a vaccine and the surveillance proposals on particularly the one coming out of the Center for American progress are pretty scary in a lot ways because they basically suggest that somehow or another we would need to use phones to track pretty much every single person's movement constantly and all their connections and all of the ways in which they get near to any other person and that would need to be done in a way that is completely unprecedented. That it's not clear how you would enforce it any enforcement mechanism you could come up with. It's not clear whether it would be constitutional so one proposal is that you would combine that with a a a mass testing regime and you would say that people couldn't get tested unless they had the APP installed on their phone that would that would upload their location information Should they get? Should they end up? Prove you know being testing positive for covert nineteen. You know there. There are other methods that people have suggested for requiring people to do this or strongly encouraging them And it's really kind of worrying You know in in a way that this could end up. Really empowering government to do some pretty unique pretty unprecedented tracking of movement and of connection and the idea is that you would be free to move about but not free to move about anonymously not free to move move. Move about without people knowing where you were because the idea is and this is you know. There is in fact. Some public some reasons in terms of public health to think that this is true. Movement is the threat right now. Proximity is the threat. And so that's what needs that. The the idea is that is what needs to be controlled. And that's the idea is that that is what governments are going to have to step in and manage now. I think there are some less worrisome alternatives in particular Apple and have released some technical specifications that might allow for less onerous more private More kind of opt in systems in which people simply decide they want to be part of this because it will be helpful to them and it might be helpful to others and so I don't think it is necessarily A that we are necessarily heading for a world in which the government controls all movement or at least monitors all movement. But that's something that people are kind of talking about right now. They're talking about it in a way. That serious where. They think that over the next several months or a year. Maybe that's what we need to spin up and I think even the people who are talking about the strongest forms of this they will say look. We want him. Try to maintain privacy. We want to try to do this in a way that's constitutional we want to try and do this in a way that there's that it's all at least quasi anonymous except for people who are in you know who ended up testing positive but this is a very bizarre world that we are potentially stepping into that. We are talking about building here and I think that we are at least gonNA see. I mean I know we are going to see. We are already seeing tech companies and governments. Start trying to work together to try and figure out how to do some of this and in fact in other countries there are already pushing much further than than has happened in the United States. There are already apps where you can see. Who's got it in your neighborhood where you can see. How many people have it In proximity to you where all of this stuff is public. And that's coming. That's coming to the Western world. That is coming to It it people are going to try to try to bring into United States and it is something that I think anybody who is concerned about privacy should be very worried about we are a. I think right now. One hundred percent of the country is in under some kind of emergency order by their states of so various levels of quarantine. Stay at home orders and whatnot and I would. I don't know but I'm sure. Some percentage are in papers. Please mode I mean Rhode Island's near where Nick and I live here in New York was trying to Ticket or a stop flagged down a passengers New York plates to say you know. Get the hell out of of our pristine state of Rhode Island and I know a guy who's listening to this podcast. Who has to show his papers in order to travel back and forth which in Oregon California It's It's it's terrifying. All right unless anyone has more dystopia things to say about that. We can go straight into our media coverage highs and lows during this time. Let's start with a low. It's more fun and let's start I with the president's over the weekend tweeting. I'm working hard to expose the corruption and dishonesty in the lame stream media. That part is easy. The hard part is wide. The New York Times story is a fake. This is a low one of these long tick talks of a why it didn't work out the federal response. It's actually not that. Great of a written story had abandoned halfway through. But whatever the near time stories have fake just like the paper itself Blah Blah Blah Blah. This is a perennial every single day. When the president comes out and gets a badgered by the Mukasi's of the world It's just sort of this low level tension here so wanted to get into what we think that the media has done well and poorly neck. Want it you start since you love the media more than you love life itself What do you think the media has done particularly not so boy no Over this past month You know I'll start with this And I guess I wrote about this last week but you know. Trump's daily briefings are pretty amazing. And I recommend I don't recommend anybody watch all of them all the time but they're worth dipping into because between him and his team. It is a completely naked and unvarnished interaction interface with the medium with the press and what comes through less than trump being kind of troll ish and childish and whatnot and he's got his team foul choose their Mike Pence Deborah burks Dr Burks You know who are all to varying degrees responsive and interesting? It's the level of questions from the press are so moronic. I mean where they're actually asking questions about whether or not trump is going to pardon joe exotic from tiger. Is He as anything stop it? You know he's going to look into it. He thought that you know. Donald Junior is is building the case for it. But it's what the Hell is wrong with people like they. They complained all of the time. That trump didn't have traditional press conferences etc. And then they've got him and they're asking questions like that and most of the other questions are like. Why didn't you do something earlier? Why didn't you do this like it's it's it's revealing and it's You know what it's revealing is that the media in many cases and at least the people who get into the quarantine press office in a press room above the old swimming pool in the White House. They're they're just not asking questions that anybody really cares about So I would say that's a low point but it's also it is something to watch and to dip into you know every day between whatever it is like four thirty and five thirty You know and then you also have even more bizarrely Various people including A supposedly good media groups You know suing or trying to get the FCC to ban news to have networks not take them to lobby MSNBC to cut away and show you know whatever You know I mean it's they this we are. We are weren't insane country before the lockdown. And we're getting close to you. Know Word Morphing into You know a kind of wide version of the saw franchise where you know. We're all we're all chained to the radiator and it's just a question of what you know. What limbs are? We going to be chewing off to get out of this room. The the clip that we played at the top the broader interview which I recommend people listen to one of the reasons why I think she is given more of a rock star status than most people in this is actually that. He's pretty good at saying what he doesn't know and equivocating beyond You know it. He's being baited constantly by the media to try to get into a fight with Donald trump which is not Harka zone trump's crazy and says crazy things all the time or contradictory. Things were things that Dr Raji himself doesn't believe whatever and he's really good about sort of basically saying look. I give advice doing what I can present. Does he can. Something's political. Some things are medical. Sometimes you know the medical people don't have all the answers themselves that those things have to be decided by governors and other things and like everyone will look for the five words in Matt Exchange that will then cause the fight between patchy and trump. Because They WanNa have a good guy and they want to have a bad guy and it's very frustrating Catherine. What is a low bit of a media media behavior reportage that you have witnessed so far over this past month? Plus so I think we did a pretty decent job just now and by we. I mean Peter explaining some of the technical aspects of of what might be coming in terms of tracking but I've been astonished. How bad in general the coverage has been of what might be coming next and I think that's understandable for lots of reasons. We don't really know what might be coming next. We don't know what the future holds. Everything feels sort of unpredictable. Even more so than usual but just happened to watch just a clip of like random afternoon. Cnn over the weekend and they were describing this this contact tracing thing and they you repeatedly referred to it as relying on GPS as being likely to rely on GPS as being being location tracking while there are variants of it that use that the version that is most that is being talked up by apple and Google and this was specifically about the apple and Google tool relies on Bluetooth. And that's dumb like it's a small thing but it's it's a it means something different means it's a very different technology. It means that the the privacy implications are very different and I am. I am always and forever struck by how bad the media in general are at explaining technical details particularly if explaining those details a nuanced way would mean. They can't say big TECH IS BAD. But the the resurgence of the big tech is bad narrative After a brief break has been kind of disappointing to me since of course it seems clear. That big tech is one of the only things functioning in our society. We talked about this a little bit last week. I think with zoom investigation. The fact that the congress is like we need to really look into the zoom thing. It seems like it's dangerous. It's like dudes of all the things that are dangerous. Like Zoom bombing is not your priority police fucking. Stop and so yeah. Doesn't General I was tech coverage is typically bad. It's been even more bad than usual because it. It has a lot more uncertainty in it now and when you talk about that pool of people in those White House briefings like I. I've always thought it might be a good practice to rotate in journalists. Who are on other beats who are not just political journalists people who are recovering technology for king people who cover healthcare policy people in you find like do a day where you rotate in the entertainment reporters and have them ask about tiger king. But like let's let's not you know. Let's not pretend we're doing one thing that we're doing the other so I I wish everyone could do a little better on tech journalism and I commend to You. Andrea O'Sullivan and Other reason writers who are technologically literate and trying their best to actually explain things. Just add that these zoom panic about privacy and so on has led the New York City Department of Education to Phase away and stop doing their zoom meetings and replace it with something else. And it's kind of UNCLEAR WATSON. It's going to be onerous but the best side effect of all of that. Is that finally for a week or so. We're not having zoom all the time on in my head. Pretty why does it bother? You have to be on it. Or what bothered me? Zoom stuff you know at your kids doing it. Have you. Met a five year old okay. They're not that good at video chatting. Imagine a five year old. Who has my jeans as well So now have you. Did your children inherit year? Like tech poison. No no and in fact like They both do work arounds of problems that I create So they can make you teach Mike. Sugerman Stop Chuckling at me. Start telling me about a way in which the journalists meeting industry has not covered itself in glory over the past mob. Just going to take some real low hanging fruit here and I think my favorite like I. I almost appreciated. It's so bad. My favourite journalism fail of the past month or so was when one America News. Which is this alike. It's it's what it's like. Fox's ID unleashed or something. It's like take take the the most crazily pro-trump sort of Parts of Fox News. And then you know. And then like Expose them to like an even more pro-trump virus and let it be like exponentially grow for a lower like it's you know. The fight took like a little chunk of Fox News and turned it into sour dough starter and then created network out of only that and they reported that you know maybe maybe the virus actually came from North Carolina and they they cited a citizen investigator. Who TURNS OUT TO BE ACCUA? Non Conspiracy theorist and then in when they were showing the photo of the citizen investigator. They didn't show a photo. They said they were showing a photo of him but they weren't showing a photo of him. There were showing a photo of his twitter Avatar. Which is Dave Bowman thousand one a space odyssey and so dave bogey two thousand one space odyssey figured out that actually the virus was produced in North Carolina. And that's going on here guys. I like I said it's it's completely terrible on the other hand. It's almost worth having a network around like that just for for the ridiculousness for the enjoyable awfulness of it. My both my low points Emma. High points will be in the same anecdotes we'll We'll use that hinge moment guy when you do the The drinking game where everyone drinks really fast. And then there's the anchor on the end to drink the two cups before it goes back down. That's very much so in fact we should my new idea for the reason roundtable. Maybe a fourth. Let's in order to deal with the the whole left in our hearts by the so forum. Having to social distance we should do a reason century club. Yeah no knows this guy like bill blaze jazz ski. I give me the UH. The tape recorder view are the ideas that you know the So there's a a great piece which was the one thing. I will commend about a not. So Great Dude and the great pieces in The bulwark that never trump outlet Startup a crystal two other people and is a guy. Jamila wrote the stories of his name right Anyways it was about a podcast or kind a sports bro by China who are Jeb Bush Communications Guy and kind of GOP consultant. Who's who has done some pretty good writing Over there I don't I don't know his whole career but he's he's pretty good at at stuff but anyways he wrote this A. A profile of Clay Travis. Who is kind of an? Avatar a category that has particularly irritated. Me which probably says more about me than anything else which is super confident contrary in corona virus contrary in Bro who has lead into it and this is the gift of the piece is leaned into it as a as a great marketing opportunity and his podcast is absolutely taken off ever since about five weeks ago or six weeks ago He did a whole bit about how you know. We are right now. The infection rates and death rates do not appear to be an inordinately higher than the flu. If you're dumb enough to not understand what exactly is going on here then. Frankly that's an indictment of your own intelligence You deserve to be able to analyze anything or comment on anything. It's my it's unlikely. In my opinion that more than a few hundred at most will die from the corona virus in the United States and so on and he took that as a hinge moment not to like say. Oh I got out over my skis here. And maybe I made a prediction that didn't turn out to be true but to become a center of Corona Virus Skepticism. Which is not to say that there is a whole lot of skepticism to be had about the way things are covered in but the claims that are made about people who prematurely think that they are endorsing science when There's a lot of fluidity out there. But he's this type of just incredibly irritating but also he has found a market niche and there has just been this mushroom cloud of People Cherry picking stats filling up my My inbox with forwarded emails. That make me. WanNa throw my computer through a window He's the Avatar that but the four piece called the ballot of Clay Travis is an example of Of Pretty Interesting Journalism. Done a right now during the midst of all this. So let's go to positive miss. What has been positive neck? Besides radical acts of transparency from Donald Trump. For your point of view that the media has been involved with I've really been enjoying the twitter. Feed of nate silver of five thirty eight DOT COM. He seems to me to be striking And also the articles at five hundred eighty. It seems to me to be striking the right balance between thought. Foale kind of consultation on things that are coming out. particularly as they relate to statistical models and whatnot and kind of poking at places where things don't seem to be adding up. There's a really fascinating kind of Divergence Matt getting between the predicted models. of you know what a how many hospital beds where we're going to need a New York cry How many ICU beds? We're going to be used How many deaths we're going to be and there's a massive divergence a couple days ago the New York. Times reported you know that the the models had a need for one hundred forty thousand hospital beds in New York City Turned out that there were like eighteen. Thousand five hundred beds Being used and you know this. There's you know nobody really knows what's going on. It's clear the models are not accurate In talking to Matt Ridley and Ron Bailey to science journalists of real stature. They've been saying for a long time. Now that as data becomes available you have to feed specific data into models to correct the models. That really hasn't been happening. And I think somebody like nate. Silver has been doing really interesting work to you know and again and he's not a dozen seemed to have an axe to grind or anything but to kind of try and figure out. How do we get a closer approximation? To what is actually going on as opposed to what we think was going to be going on. And that's that's important because that leads to you. Wendy we start to reopen things. How do we reopen things all kinds of questions? So Catherine Throw a Laurel do we. Is that what we do at laurels? We throw them put them in them. End Marts we'll put them in your cherry picked mushroom cloud of boxes earlier. I I WANNA give a shout out to the hardworking lifestyle. Journalists out there who frankly have Have done some pretty good some pretty good stuff. Like I'm I am in general consuming a fair bit of What I might have dismissively referred to as mommy blogging. Back in the day These days looking for help with my parenting and homeschooling challenges and I think people have kind of risen to it up to and including I think the New York Times this weekend had a quite good piece that basically did a full mea culpa on the vilifying of screen time just like a one eighty on that which I appreciated in just in general. I think the often disrespected or disregarded work that those journalist do to actually make people's lives better has been very apparent to me as I have been suddenly looking for ways to fix a bunch of things in my life that feel like they're not going very well In my in my household so challenged lifestyle journalists. Who are like trying to help us. Get through this. Can I suggest you read Walden too but bef skinner Catherine and that will alleviate the last shreds of actual human interaction? You have with your kid. Thank thank you for that helpful helpful. Tap NICHOLAS BE. Who's really who's really given the resources we all need my My strong belief is that anything that references Walden is terrible just very quickly It's a my lifestyle journalism that I that I resort to when I need help is Video game websites and I read video game websites because they are so reliably consistently focused on video games and not on anything else and so they have of course been reporting. That Games are being delayed and game. Conferences are are being pushed off. And like I mean. The dependent is affecting the world of video games as well but also also new video games are still coming out. People are still playing video games and what I have really appreciated about the world of video game coverage right now is how I can go to it and it feels almost normal. It feels like maybe people are just sitting in their basements on their couch is playing do maternal and trying to figure out how to get through this one really hard jump puzzle where On nightmare mode because in fact if you're playing video games that's like it. There is a sort of a sense of normalcy. Ray like not much has changed playing maternal in the in the last month or so Relative to the rest of the world the other the other piece of journalism that would actually single out. is just a really excellent. A bit of investigative work from Eric. Beim our colleague. Why it's titled. Why you shouldn't trust anyone who claims eighty percent of America's drugs come from China and this is a stat that has been going around in high level publications and And amongst expert to have testified in front of Congress People saying well look all of these drugs definitely come from China. And therefore we're going to have to completely rework our trade lines in our supply lines and nationalize the drug industry and all of this and it all comes from apparently like Eric Did. Did the kind of he read the footnotes and he kept reading the footnotes until he got back to the original statistic. An all comes from Government Accountability Office report a couple of years ago. That doesn't in any way. Say The thing that people have been saying it says it is classic stat debunking in in the mold of Of great old school reason I was really really pleased with how the piece came out. lucky to get to to read it and edit a little bit before it went live and just truly excellent work by By our colleague has anybody in Minecraft Co Gotten Karenna. Vire shed like his tennis. Steve still walking around. Okay or what's going on Peter? The like has the virus actually period and video. Is THAT IF YOU DRILL DOWN? Far enough into the ether into the or of minecraft you're gonNA find That's where you'll eventually find the the vaccine. That's where we're going to get the treatment from his. We'RE GONNA model it in minecraft somebody not somebody like a large group of people who we don't know about a a consortium of mine crafters are just going to build a virtual model of it and then some big drug companies can be like. Hey maybe that'll work and they'll make like you're sort of joking but also that keeps happening. Mostly MOSTLY JOE. But that kind of thing actually does remember. There was that protein folding game that people were using like a joke. But it's also not a joke at all I would Tack onto the end of this conversation to observations. One is that you will see. I think there's a new report out today. That in the New York Times at Twenty eight thousand journalists have lost their jobs terrible for those journalists hearts out to them. It's also terrible for the many many many many many millions of other Americans who've lost their jobs as well. They're going to be calls. There already have been some by people who are inclined to go this way. This happened ten years ago as well. During the financial crisis to have the government federal government bailout newspapers the journalism industry in some way at a terrible terrible terrible idea. Please don't do these days. Just don't do that. It's the don't get your government in my journalism of that is the general rule. It's one of the reasons why in addition to everything else. America has more robust journalism than a lot of places where the government has more of a role. Seems Paradoxical. Unless you think about it. That's one thing the other thing that Actually is more worthy of of criticism. Because it's something that we experience on a daily basis whether out the Center for Disease Centers for Disease Control Or various mayors and governors and presidents is at the CDC in two thousand six issued a pretty comprehensive. This is our guideline for pandemics. And in it they underlined over and over and over again the necessity to be forthright with the public about relevant information and to not like You know pull their chains about things in order just to get to the desired response like just be honest with stop. That's how things work best because if they get the sense that you're being dishonest in a way to try to engender certain results that you are are seeking then you lose credibility and they're not gonNA listen to you the next time. We have seen that in this crisis so many time the CDC with masks for crying out loud individual mayors and governors and presidents saying things that are just wrong about the way that the diseases spread constantly treating us like little sheep blitz who need to be Sort of put in this direction or that direction. That's wrong listened to your advice which is tells the truth including about the stuff that you don't know and stop lying lying's bad in general but it's Super Bad During Times of pandemic also erosion credibility and leads to a lot about other things the at. Let's go to our end of podcast. What have you been consuming during the long never ending movie nights of the soul that we've been having Catherine you probably had some movie nights unlike Sugerman. Who's just has you know minecraft nights What have you been consuming? No no movies. My children are watching a lot of movies But those are the times when I am actually being productive so I am not watching a lot of movies I am reading just started last night A Peterman recommendation of a twenty fourteen novel called station. Eleven by Emily. St. John Mandell and it is about a devastating flu pandemic that kills most of the world's population and it's really good and not Would be the opposite of escapism. I would say because why get because I'm already thinking about those things so I might have all read about them too. I did buy one woman. Jane Austen Gust of all. I made my way through most of the Jane Austen in the last couple of weeks and it was time for me to reengage a little. So this is how I am doing that. I'm sorry I've been so profane on this podcast. I know it hurts your Heart Matt. It's I'm just protecting the brand neck. Protect our brand further. What have you been consuming? Besides the all of the B of Skinner's oeuvre. Now I live that at you. Don't you don't get away from that at the march for life. I've had the I don't know if you guys have had this experience. It's been really hard to read Like fiction or even nonfiction. I other than journalism like. I'll read stuff on screens but I had been hoping to go through. You know older novels or longer things That hasn't been happening As much as I would have liked but I ben rewatching the Americans Which ran from two thousand thirteen to two thousand eighteen in? It's about Soviet sleeper spies in Washington during the eighties and It kind of marks. The art from Reagan's election to to Kind of the beginning of Glasnost Perestroika in the end of the Soviet Union. It's fantastic. It has a lot of resonance right now. Because they go through things where the. Soviet sleeper agents are securing bio weapons from fourteen track You know so there's kind of a pandemic overlay as well as I was just watching an episode. Where the The the day after aired. I think that was a nine hundred. Eighty three eighty four talking about that. But there's a lot of scenarios there Throughout the eighties. Which is kind of you know. It's supposed comforting and also disturbing that we're constantly living on the edge of the end of the world and whatnot So I've been watching that and it's a it's a remarkable show because it You know it reminds us that the end times are kind of always with us And at the same time it provides a bit of escapism because it's about the Cold War and about the through the risk of nuclear annihilation which has more or less past. I mean there are still more than enough nuclear weapons to blow up the planet and all of that. But it's just not the same kind of concern I would just point out that It's all shot in my neighborhood where I live there Production offices around the corner. I'll I can go on. The the drops are all like little like my neighborhood park or the other park around the corner and they end the little bridges are all over the Guadalcanal. So it's very wanNA see Zurmat lives. That's watch the watch the Americans and it's also a phenomenon that's why watch because we are in shelter in place so I can. I can observe you ser value from the street like I normally do but You know the the one thing that also say about it which again. The summer seems quaint now but it is We interviewed Joe Weisberg in the show runner about it. Weisberg had been a CIA agent in in the nineties and it is one of the most kind of sophisticated nuanced engagement. With what did the Cold War mean? And how do individuals in two systems that are very different than it very different values How do they kind of engage in and what is what can you say about people under the Soviet system as individuals acting in what they thought were their best interest? It's really a phenomenal commentary on the Cold War and a much more balanced and important view. That could only take place twenty years after the warranty is it and I didn't quite make it to the ends due to technical capabilities but the way that individuals are mangled By the necessity of the of the Cold War is Is a marvellous thing to reflect on. And they don't do it. It's not like they're not the flashing it neon lights that that's what you're supposed to take away from it but it is something that is just right there. The background Constantly and very fast sooner. And what have you been consuming like nick? I've had a little bit of trouble reading over the past couple of weeks. It's just been sort of a slow process but this weekend I had a breakthrough I went and read a normal people by Sally Rooney and so I don't know if you guys remember. I recommended this T- Two thousand eighteen novel. It's it is her second novel. She's an Irish author Quite young I think she's a twenty nine now probably wrote this when she was twenty six or twenty seven. May We all be so productive. But I- I recommended her first novel conversations with friends awhile ago on the podcast and in fact I was looking. I finished this book yesterday evening and I texted Katherine about it because I wondered if she had read it since we had talked about con conversations with friends previously and went back in our our text messages and I apparently read the first Sally Rooney Novel and Texted Katherine about it in January which feels like ten million years ago like I have lived so many lives. The entire world is completely different at this point. It's just a a sort of it really kind of brought home to me how How time just feels like. It has both stopped and sped up all at the same time in some really bizarre and strange way but I would just Strongly recommend normal people to anyone who likes contemporary fiction at all. It is a literary page Turner. That is Very psychologically smart about relationships and about Class differences Rooney is Is really a kind of surveyor of the world of of not class conflict so much but class separation and what it does to individuals into relate to relationships. Her fiction has often been kind of tagged as political and even she will describe it sometimes that way. She's a somewhere in the communist Socialist Realm politically herself but she is also like all greater. She's an individualist. She is someone who refuses to treat people as just sort of as members of a tribe as kind of a group as sort of avatars of a group because which she wants to do is see Indus inside people's heads And what she finds. They're inside inside people inside people's heads and minds and feelings Is that people are weird and unique and messed up and and so even though I think she and I would have very very strong differences of opinion about politics and about economic policy in about who makes a good leader. I just find her so fascinating as a writer because she's so smart and so Perceptive about how individuals work in the context of themselves in the context of each other. How their social circumstances change how they work and how those social circumstances can come together in ways that clash and conflict and and make life on the one hand much more interesting for example when you find somebody who you are just attracted to it away that you can't help and also can make can make problems in trouble for you and can can create difficult situations and so she is She is really I. Think my favorite young novelist at this point And I would. I would strongly recommend like I said anybody who likes fiction about contemporary relationship censored people who live in maybe not quite the world of April twenty twenty but anytime pre pandemic the modern world She is she is one of our foremost chroniclers of it. So I would Be Interested Peter in what you think about Draw connections between her kind of class analysis. And that you see in movies like parasite I think there's something really interesting going on. Mostly from the left of a kind of an awareness of as you're saying individualism and class in the way that intersects unpredictable ways. And I think it's something that Libertarians should be more conscious of or engaging more Because it it helps to explain the the messy -ness of the world and also kind of the beauty of it and that kind of mixing. There's a lot of both in normal people. I will use as my podcast topping. Examples So we've been trying with scraping perhaps near the bottom of the barrel of what can work on family movie night for A international couple and eleven year old and a five year old and so this movie was not I was not aware of it Maybe you guys are more sophisticated than I am. I mean definitely but that maybe you've been more of it but let's say thirteen fourteen years ago. there was a Harvey Weinstein Produced movie starring Mia Farrow. Which already like this starting to crack. Oh my God it's it's it's half animated so therefore can appeal. The various people and among the main stars are Madonna. David Bowie Snoop Dogg. Harvey Keitel Jimmy Fallon and Jason Bateman. God I really hope. This is one of the bad lieutenant move. Ah It's called Arthur and the invisibles And I and it's directed by Luc based on just to like Completely throw it all into total chaos. you have to see it based on that description? I wish that it was better The eleven year old aggressively right. Think I laughed after the two thirds of the way the five-year-old pronounce it her favorite movie of all time. The French wife that simply because it's the most recent movie she say. Did we try to watch the prisoner the other day? Did you guys get into interesting prisoner? Joan Crawford and whatever happened to baby Jane like they're just like Madonna is a thousand years old right. Yeah it actually. She plays someone who's about ready to get the two thousand th birthday in the movie. I I don't know if you realize what you said I did. Not I mean. I know that she's about to turn a thousand this house in a in a similar Genre simply because it is also partially animated and partially not I suppose My children told me that they prefer Mary poppins returns to the original. Mary poppins so I'm dead now. I'm sorry to report my own original nineteen sixties Patrick McGowan the prisoner like from the BBC with a giant beach ball that attacks you as Emmanuel favorites show. That's show and my party do rolled. I'm not sure that worked out well for anyone or maybe maybe I don't know but like I just mistakes the That experiment too late. The the five year old is not dippy back She doesn't like other over the overs. Too Scary for her and I get. It's kind of scary for all of us at area. Visibles is not that great. It's better on paper. David BOWIE'S PHENOMENAL AND SNOOP. Dogg is fine and some other people but And does mentioned Robert Deniro is make sure went out But it's it's all a bit too simplistic the animations kind of interesting to look at mad have. You tried the incredible Mr Limpet with them. I out with a starring Don knotts. It's a certain World War Two and DOT says He falls into the water and becomes a fish with a sonar capabilities who can detect Nazi U boat off the coast of new. York's you wearing glasses fish fish and in real life. It's a it's a delight that will combine my current interests which are to survive family. Movie night without bloodshed and to basically watch nothing except World War. Two related things So that sounds perfect. All right That's all the time that we have here. Thank you for checking in with us on the Monday. Reason Roundtable Stay tuned to all other podcast. Reason.com podcasts especially the reason interview with Nicholas be cranking out material in overtime and And thanks again. Hope you're all doing as well as can be under the circumstances and that we all get back to normal life sometime soon goodbye.

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Kirk Minihane Has A New Enemy But Loves Her Radio Bits

The Kirk Minihane Show

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Kirk Minihane Has A New Enemy But Loves Her Radio Bits

"Going to hear more seven seven Monday morning than Dave calling the sound of cars driving by well Kirk. It's not it's just that it sounds loud today. It sounds louder and I wonder like what would we do about that. That's a good question. Gave what would you like. Why did you seem nervous or something? You're talking about this last week. He's got senior. No the couldn't hear the boy. It's loud routes. I'm just saying things that I'm letting you know. It seem like a cause for concern last week it for you. I'm why did I mention it after that. No you did not okay during the show. Let's say let's so loud and let's let's the cars in the studio and let and we can ask our. It's something again that really is not preventable now like it would just run it by the way thanks for announcing with the interviews. Oh start again it out. <hes> sure yes yes you. Can you deep without fucking. Come on. Let's go. Let's do the show what's can't hear you what Dave are you. Here's my ears are all I've got I mean I've heard these guys talk about. Being space shuttle before takes off can only imagine with Colonie. We'll be like the guy like a Gypsy Apollo thirteen question yeah he'd be like the guy who couldn't go walk on the moon but he'd be like the third guys and stuff like that boys allowed. Isn't it right yeah. We could float around here. I don't even know that folks. We apologize the Earth Earth promote anyway plenty to get to today <hes> couple of stories. I'm interested in talking about Anna do something I haven't done in the wild which is fun. I was about to say criticize other other morning host but I'm on the morning host anymore right the podcast host anytime of the day you can get this podcast. You know anytime day whenever you wherever you want you can download it and listen to this podcast here because of all the nor is also that yes it's weird to do. I think doing doing a podcast from from a runway on airport strange but we want to try. It's just it's so just been quiet for everyone by one second. Listen that cards right by unbelievable. It's weird when you do a show. That's that's in a room behind. The room is a road ricard's travel occasionally. You'll hear the car travel. The thing was I didn't say anything and he turns to me like my right. Can you hear this noise then you gave him the <hes> yeah you know. I never thought it just say no. Yeah love visit nothing. They send you any louder than usual modestly. I mean what led you would lead to this observation. I was working on material. I just noticed day. Maybe people aren't on vacation this week. I saw Eddie Murphy noticed you drive on Parkway and it's not a subway sandwich there. Why why is it there Burger Queen? It's twenty nine hundred twenty nine. That's not right speaking of which I watched Eddie Murphy on <hes> Comedians cars getting coffee. Oh really and I'm pleased to say. I don't know if he's worth seventy million dollars. I stand up comedy for an I have no idea the <music> the I find many people probably don't I find the and we'll do we get. What do we have? Roman the second. Okay I find the economics of Netflix actually fascinating so they said I think they said they were expecting six or seven million new subscribers drivers they were way off they they were off by sixty or seventy percent right doesn't surprise me but so Eddie Murphy gets seventy million for net flicks right. It sounds like that's going to happen that read this morning. It's pretty close seems like Netflix. Is what a month I have. I don't even know thirty dollars now. Twelve are they is is the argument internally that they're not going to bring that much in in terms of new subscribers to pay it off but rather we're giving you this amount of quality so you're gonNA stick around. I don't know I've always wondered that because like with the money Chapelle and Chris rock got I never get there's the people already have netflix right not turn it off. Chapelle doesn't do a special you guys both have Netflix are there aren't there as though where you searching Netflix and find nothing I fuck this might why am I still looking at. I don't typically search I usually use what they recommend. So whatever kind of on the featured most watch yeah robot so if Eddie Murphy's on they're gonNA click that well but that's that's a huge event like that's a you know but that was happy to note. It's about forty minutes. Did you watch a Mike. What's up the Eddie Murphy on communes? I've seen Geneina Great Comedy Fan. You are listed fucking Comedians cars thirty Comedians Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld talking comedy is not that's part of your your Chicago. I get raw raw dying to be part of me okay. I hope that fucking Comedians I see everything the Comedians on that list of my Jesus three thousand comedians. This is the exclusive list of men than shooting Eddie. Murphy is still like is still funny. There's a couple of moments he's he's never good because he was he was terrible on us. Yes yes but that was that was weird. Anyway brought him. He's a King or something strange rock introduce them Yeah Ladies and gentlemen a couple of moments that are funny. He's not that funny all the time and I don't think he wants to be that funny on the anymore. You could tell well. It's GonNa be weird if he does a special because like you do with us to do away. God the I can't even say the word that the first track of his old specials called right well. You know what I mean. I mean you know you talked what Richard Pryor's album album that meant the most of them and one of the the word right so I mean you know the but like I also wonder in this Pussy Society which will talk a little bit today like is you're going to be this sort of backlash against him. If this stay in the paper I go back. Examine him and you believe yeah. He's used the use the F. Word. I mean you know the derogatory term for homosexuals and you know all the N. Word and all that I don't know yeah but A._O.. So that was pretty good and I watched I watched a couple of others Martin Short. which wasn't that great? I I like Martin Short because Martin Lawrence Steve Martin. Do I mean it's tough watching old guys still trying to comedy because it's just not. They're not what they were twenty years ago thirty yeah. It's hard you know in Seinfeld seems a Catholic half grump now. Although he was good with Eddie Murphy it was good. I think you'd like to watch aren't no but the Netflix thing is interesting to me. I don't know like our anybody who bails though that's the thing yeah right which is why I don't understand the amount of money to seventy million. No one's going to cancel Netflix if they don't like it's just weird. Sandler contract is what like two hundred million under some crazy for movies stats around San Crazy but yeah but they released that nobody is never any they just random release stuff like they said the one which I never watched with Christina applegate and when the cardinal did some Sitcom or some show and they said thirty five million people watch that I mean we know that <hes> Sandra bullock movie that was like Oh walked which I try watching it was fucking off man. I watched two minutes of terrible terrible yeah. They said they say doc now him doing special dice dice. Make the list yes. Oh did give me the list Mike the Blind Michael No yes you do. I never learned this road trip. There are a lot of people Meena Buddy that you're driving arrive in Chicago. We've talked about it. That's not a road trip. If you don't drive the Chicago yes it would be Dr. WHO's the buddy my buddy Chris from? Why did you get quieter? What you say things like that because you don't care I don't know jailer? No no Chris. He's a freeman for his real real name which would be in our world like creek or something right one letter. You GotTa Mike Keeping up so that it's awfully big list of the appearing in Chicago at the same time. No the idea was that I've made it longer just because it'll be it'd be like next summer so I don't know you know I don't Wanna I WANNA go to Chicago but I wanted. They're all out there. They're playing in Chicago right. If any of these people are there or you know see <hes> maybe go to Wrigley See Yankees game. My thanks in Chicago next year. They should be yes. Oh Wow what are the ask some babies trip unbelievable now all right. We'll get to the other stuff in the second I roam and get Roman dot com slash kirk bowman dot com slash kirk get Roman dot com slash Kirk. It's the best deal out there. We know that five dollars for the first month ago a bunch of tweets again this weekend <hes> no voicemails lately. I don't care if the lady listeners that's fine the male listeners as well on here from you guys you enjoying the experiences helping you last longer sexual and believe it is taking longer to Jackie. I hope so is the process better for young lady in your life or older leading your lifer young man in your life for older manning your life all legal. I hope so get Roman dot com get trauman. Dot coms ended the very discreetly the packaging swipes at great use them done in out perfecto. Did you use it this weekend. Mike no we'll all what's going. I like to save him. You know you only have so much money that I was your girlfriend around this week. Yes okay how she she'd been by your side. During this whole deal she stood by thick and thin. This is really if you think about in the weird the new Kennedy assassination it also has loads of conspiracy theories as much intrigue and mystery or I think so get Roman dot com slash Kirk detro- man dot com slash kirk go there too they get Roman dot com slash five dollars for first month month on your <hes> Roman wipes the best way to enjoy a healthy and productive and wonderful in loving or aggressive all within boundaries. Everybody likes her thing. I Know Blind Mike so what's your little fetish. Do Your thing I like like addiction. My answers that you're looking at what she does. All Boats Alba she straps on of course never takes fine. She use Roman for that. Don't need to know not for a not for scrap constrain. Okay get Roman dot com slash kirk five dollars for your first month on listening to Cookman has a podcast Kurt Minna Hain who is apparently derelict of some kind Kirkman hand no one more controversial controversial right now on the sports talk world trump talking about Kirk yes well. He is white hot right now as I say something about Kirkman hand because I like him. Kruger's like sports genius to everyone hates fuck it so we have a couple of things we need to get to hear three things particularly matched and we have a big show and that's when we're going to do that Dave why did it. I understand that one that you later. We'll do it <hes>. Let's get into this because I thought about this over the weekend and I'm going to apologize to Mike to blame like you'll mind no need but it. Why do you know this I didn't I was not angry enough? I miss it on Friday. I misinterpreted who he was talking about. Clear about getting fire which understandable but you can do a good job of Oh yeah. I should probably apologize to me now accepted thank so you think this woman Kennedy Kennedy buried you yes okay. Why don't you just say that? If I said at that directly at the time it would've been obvious told me but I didn't want to give away who told me well. Who told you you have specific? I'm saying what world where where where did you hear it from someone that works with that with outside like mixing stuff like that okay so there you go so Kennedy. If we're going to go back in the way back she and this is where I miss having Steve Steve would then do like the music because he's kind of producer. It'd be nice to have him. It will be well thing I like about. Steve is like a car will go by doesn't like Kevin excited. They tried jump through the window. Dog Barking very excited things like that. What's the best is the best coney moment things take time without things? Take Time t-shirts yes barstool by the way almost two active and putting the shirts together. I know every some event happens. It's nine spent so much money. See Ninety shirts for everything. I'm like again. I'm staying out of the way I don't. I don't really care but like I said somebody tweet a bunch of t-shirts. This weekend was blue globe when I for design. He has <hes> anyway so last this week. We talked about my whatever my the fact that I'm weary around people. It's just obviously recurring theme show <hes> show that self again yesterday by the way amazingly so my daughter Kate was a tanglewood that is no thanks Dave you don't know what Tanglewood his stupid stupid to be a so poised every now and then place out in Western mass pay out by New York years so they have concerts there my daughter's part of them kind of the Boston Children's choir so she sang children sing and they'll problem. She's part of their questions she saying there. She's staying there for a bunch of nights and she's saying that yesterday so I drove down as my my day to go down there yesterday and when it ended like all the parents waited for their kids and it was me a bunch of parents for like ten minutes and it's the most I am so unclear. I'm so awkward I do nothing but I could see how people are always not talking to anybody yeah because they were talking about the name tags. Put It on and it just as I don't. I don't want to interact with that. I think it's more your when you do talk your yeah like you make it very clear Ramonica. I'm GonNa give you an answer but right. It's not I have no passion behind this answer so long way of saying. I think that's probably with these folks at mixed that whatever last week so when Mike reveal that this woman Kennedy told him right yes that was quote the biggest douchebag beg biggest do show. I'm the biggest but taking literally that means I'm I- Douche most yes okay. I've never douched as far as I know some of the biggest duscher she's ever met. Yes okay. I'll I think I've ever met her but okay. No big deal. God knows I didn't take it personally. I move on so I talked with on the air and a couple of days later. Mike finds out he's been ultimatum has been put. Put your feet yeah still. I'm supposed to call them today. Okay definitely should definitely do that. Get Rid <hes> and so is your belief that Kennedy heard this or heard from somebody complained and then they went to you yeah well so when Dave asks when Dave said that she hadn't gotten back to us us about coming on what's going to happen but then I thought well she obviously knows and she knows that Oh good that's yeah that's kind of how I deduced that it was definitely her. I think it's by you went up to corporate. Okay <hes> this is this is by away just a terrible human being like I don't even know her but God with a sensitive. What a sensitive loser yeah? I mean you call. I've never met you. I don't think I just went in there. Kept my head down like I said last week was the worst professional moments of my life. I go in this Shitty shitty producer studio. Dave saw you saw this fucking Shit Hole. Do these interviews at satellite shit. I was humiliated. I did thirty times a ratings people. They'll tell you the guy who host the show. What's his name Carson? He gave me looks he seems like a fucking asshole. A Guy who has never drawn number in his life sitting there as you know doing his shitty music and dumb reads and making one hundred forty grand and getting the ratings with his psychic who sits there. What's they make for that? Show I have no idea they sits there and speaking of which by the way fucking idiot you work with speculating the Mike Mutnansky makes two hundred thousand dollars a little much. I texted him. I was like it sounds like we're off on the numbers euros away so anyway but relevant she sits there complains of calls me a Douchebag to you to knowing you work with me. Every Day is knowing I am A._M.. Calls me. She told her that you work with me then you would lead to with after no we were talking about a jerk Kellyanne. Oh did she say about him. She was like Oh. It's crazy. I don't know why so many people care. I think that was weird when you're do things people interested the fire tomorrow night. Show nobody would give a shit millwright. Fuck them. I hate that she calls me a Duscher for no reason I wanna go in there and just trying to stay out of their way and then she could planes. It gets frankly more upset by thing but she then goes when when you tell me what she said she said this. I didn't exaggerate telling me and then she goes to complains that you think you don't know right right. I don't know that for sure. He tells you on the show so what's most people don't do that. There's an open door policy shit. I mean I call them. I mean you know fair game. The most people don't have that opportunity right so she called me. She's now embarrassing what she said she just wants it all private why that that that pisses me off and she just volunteered. I wasn't like come on. What do you think of them? Just openly volunteered the information literally never applied SORTA got. I've never spoke I think I said how do the Guy Hostess show one time. The ignored me which I don't even care fine <hes> I are. They are in the mornings right. Yes right so I mean we destroyed them. I'm sure they hate us. We made fun of shows like there's so many sounded the shit show David we'll. Can you be Kennedy a trivia me. Do you think ooh Kennedy. I like that. It's a topical Song Kennedy. Come on really that's well produced. What is that really a thing on the show right? Every day on their show is a really well. There's a couple of things at least they didn't shoehorn words like can't touch. This can't beat Kennedy. It doesn't exactly it fits right in the amount from a syllable perspective. It's exactly this over here and again how can be Kennedy brought to you by our good friends at come top thirty from hold on zoos this this is Carson different the holiday Dick you buried their studio and they kind of treat that I sat and I said nothing yeah nothing studio producers to their back around though which again is I always say like we did. I Dunno I don't you I know they they're going to a different demographic than we are as my suspicion targeting men probably I guess yeah so in our target we cared about it. Our peak re probably did beat them by twenty thirty times what they did. I mean honestly fair guess. They have a backup studio Julio none of that stuff like I don't even understand like Greg who was taken over. My old show has thirty producers four. I never they never did any ratings. We never get that. What is about their on nicer gain? Is that what I think Super Guy. I think that's what it it's like Greg. Hill and Kennedy are probably supervised the sponsors and sales people and talk their ears off and no you're not like nicest sponsors. I had no issues around there. There was an overnight dude who did like all the prep for Greg and then you'd have a call with Greg Yeah then the thirty the other producers are completely separated. What no I do a four rating? He'll man show by the way is going to say it's GonNa fucking. Suck fuck them too seriously enough of their bullshit fuck you greg fuck astle because like trump did fuck it why Samis tweets. He's a real fucking asshole passive aggressive Shit retweeting stuff like Oh yes relevant again for you. Guys are GONNA do in fighting like I was nice to fuck you and your Shit fucking restaurant tease the kind of guy that would say what if they fighting he would ooh. I'm all in for that shows. The fucking suck fucking awful now love the way they make fun of. Ill like really real fucking problem. It's it's L.. B. Is guy ever guys I've ever met. Danielle's nice to break. Hill is the more the stories I hear here about him. Bad fucking guy my podcast and everything l._B._J.. Honestly the nicest Linden buyers bruins player is maybe the nicest guy I've ever met in the business honest to God like the kind. It seems to me like he's really really struggling. I think he's really sick you by the way has real real forget the I think he has some stuff. Maybe some drunk alcohol stuff. I think he's other health issues as well and it's like I don't know and they're like can you believe this idiot remembering from the fail I am because if fuck them like why would I root for them to succeed. Fuck them. Fuck them. Fuck this fucking. Let me hear this now. I'm GonNa fucking Shit Again Matt Good Morning. Hey this is the first weekend in a month or Matt doesn't have as kids and I bet he's pretty pumped about that so let me guess what you're going to do this weekend Matt. I know what you're gonNA. Sit around the House and watch the U._S.. Watch this on the radio. This is real this radio. Did you private conversation. Hold on hold on well. This is how how do I can people make fun of this show like that. Maybe a good luck. I I dare them to do it but like this is what people I never understand this. I mean I guess I know why the in this business anymore like this is what they do. It's weird as well as sound thing day Davis telling me so opening at these new thing where where they'd go around the country and find the happiest rate of could find it use them a couple of Carson Kenny featured twice right and my favorite was that they did this bit called war of the roses which is a radio company came up with this bit war of the roses where like <hes> you know a wife. I think the maybe the husband is four around on her and they're gonNA call. They're going to call the husband offer him. Some Free Roses C._U._e.. Gives them to and this is all broadcast live on rainy right which is illegal so it's obviously totally stage aged hoping anthony exposed this six years ago they still do Dave told me I was stunned bit together for almost a year and I feel like something isn't right like it has to do with his mom Tom. He actually like hide me from her and almost a year of dating sounds like you should go on there. Literally he hides me like the way higher you I unexpectedly and he he likes closet and that doesn't sound racist or something. I don't that I I honestly don't know it's like stay quiet for twenty minutes. Hold on real quick this asshole what's his name Carson actually salt yeah. That sounds like a film shithead. Whoever it is has a script in his hand right yes and he's like so you mean literally hi welcome by and the callers are people that just do this for ratings across the country? Oh can you get sounded them calling other stations like that. I wish I don't know who's who but it's yeah. It's it's a man they expose tweet out the links so toward listening to yes yeah. We should get that today because I I've decided I don't WanNa ruin if you're listening to the show very clear about this. If you listen to this program every day you're not allowed to listen to that show unless you're gonNA call them and Shit on them in the Greg Hill show either. It's a choice now you can listen to our show or their show. There's no you can't no sampling. Is They saying this fucking stupid business one or the other now a war. They're trying to take down blind like okay. They're trying to ruin blind. Mike this woman call me Duscher. God knows well. She's called me never dealt with them before they're sensitive assholes to they will fucking flip out if you give them Shit Tom I got so I am now snapping my fingers in letting you free run run run away you can do with everyone now. All don't do don't do fucking death whatever they call death that bullshit. We know that's bullshit anyway but just just make their lives uncomfortable on social media. That's all that's all. I'm saying I'll give you guys credit. He's just do it to their face them with these shipping our backs and try and get us fired from jobs which is incredible incredible. I know you're more of the shit either one is where Kennedy comes in. I believe aw Hello Hi. Please Buca throb many Michelle. I'm calling from already. It's illegal because obviously you can't record. Someone I can tell you on the radio without telling him there on the true actually go do it after the fact though I will say hey you being taped by with all right but I did it also legal also. I like the idea that you're like. I Hi Kennedy. My world is about to be shattered. I think my husband her boyfriend is cheating on me and it's going to devastate me and I was hoping we can make a funny bit out. That's like that's any grind like Maury Povich like they will be Israel if you're just so dumb. How are you today arm doing well thanks? I just want to preface this by saying I'm not calling from our billing department. I'm not trying to get to change plans or anything like that. I'm actually calling from our customer service department and I wanted to thank you for being such a loyal customer with us uh-huh long-stemmed red roses but you can send any rodway they do this every day. No that's so true. That's not that's not true. They used to anyways. Do they still do it. Every day shirts everyday everyday everyday someone a manner the everyday someone calls up and says hi I think my boyfriend and guess what they're right. Never it's never know I'm sure it's always that's always the and they do this bit every day. This is what I mean so this is ultimately what comes down to and this is why people who have your Dick less like what's the guy's name Carson Carson and the helmet like this is how they survive like after a two days of this. I would say the salesperson fuck you. This is such an insult or audience isn't it's. It's I it's terrible radio. It's insulting. Nobody believes we send like assholes. They'll do it for fifty years. That's not even the criticism. It's just you know that's how you survive in that shitty business like honestly yeah. Hey Hey hey what's going on. Hey mark they. It's a Kirkman Hanford yeah yeah we're. We're not part of that. We're part of the bill watching now. You've been so loyal. We're GONNA give you a dozen free rose by the way we see here. There's a Mrs. Are we sending them to her or we send. Oh no no I'd like to I'd like to send it in my mistress. Actually oh no problem. That's no problem thanks so much and then the women's always the best is like they have the guy come on at the end the one the one that open anthony played was <hes>. They've been doing this for six years at least by the way right but the one ended open anthony played they tell her <hes> don't talk. Don't talk until we <hes> we make sure oh here yeah and then <hes> so they get he goes but such a cheaters yeah yes. This is what this is right. It's all stayed yeah so the guy on the line says actually looked to send him to the woman. I'm cheating on my wife and she goes here the background what and he goes hunting that you and it's like how fake but here's a work into right on no so maybe maybe they're the Carson in Kennedy play along with the idea that it's it's not real they they joke with acted serious they would have. You believe they're acting serious. There's no like they never joke around like sort of sly. It's always honey you. Will you'll be fun. The United States today free of charge. How does that sound? They're completely free. That's awesome. I was actually about to send some flowers for my as if you wouldn't have hung it like imagine getting a call from a random number we're being humane answers the phone call. Don't nobody nobody does anyway in this guy says Oh that's all that's an immediate. No thanks so if you answered some national companies yeah I remember own channel came up with an sold it out to their stations stations or something like that at one eight hundred hundred talking to the person. There's talking to a but that's an actor actor. Yes no dave. I think it's a I think it's a couple. That's really find another one. Get it online for nine hundred dollars. You're going to be the is going to be worth you. I think they have to find find the people right and to get into agree to just like help them right. No no no this is fake you fucking somebody goes to the effort of supplying a person to a different show all these different the market yes what a seventy five bucks. That's easier to me than that actually finding the people do it. I was trying I wanted to do I couldn't figure out how to do. I wanted to be one of the guys that makes these calls right now if you want thanks Hey Mike Mike Mike Gary Yeah. Hey Hey Mike it's it's it's Kirk. I'm a sales representative for B._P._B.. Roses okay looking expecting you call. We've been looking at your. We will get your history here and it seems like you've been a really really loyal customer here. I know there's no really poof view in ever spending a lot. We have here that you've been doing this for years buying rose. I here's your credit card. We just WanNa thank you so much very loyalty. Okay thank God have been more loyal and I happen to my girlfriend well. I can't speak about that but but if the else be quiet the bank we're GONNA send you a dozen free rose as thank God I was about to waste money on the Horai Big Bang but this'll be so much. He's what we see. A year that you're I address is a is a twelve minutes in way here and we see that your marriage a couple of kids. Obviously I guess as Mrs Gear will be the reshipping these rojas right no no no. I'M NOT GONNA ask how you got that information. I'm just going to say no. It's a different woman. I'd like to send them to. I drive on understand you explain that to me. Oh I've been having sex very frequently outside. You marry women who is not my oh yes she so she'd like us to send those free rose to her. Please yeah great and we're going to finish this time. We're the call again. We're GONNA say you're going to see your somebody else. Okay Okay we do at thirty more times. I'm going to send the different stations across the country terrific. Thank you send you the seventy five dollars for this check out good and that's perfect. Thank you tastic right. If you should do the money yeah right about me. You're more this I mean we had a bit of a misunderstanding of the day and I'm I'm just not feeling great about it. Okay well. We can you tell hold on hold on hold that you can't I don't I don't you can't tell me I don't know this Kennedy personnel and then she hates me now hate her. You can't tell me these two people do not their segment. Don't make jokes. Can You believe we got this wink. They give us every day. That's not come on. That's not possible some credit. There's no way they don't they don't break. They could do this every day without breaking character actor. It's pretty impressive. Listeners must think it's their people there. Are People like female friends that have been like have you have you heard not not cars and Kinney in particular but have you heard this bit on the radio again. That's fake. They don't think it's real do they. They do coming here more this who you'd like to send them to sure I'm GONNA go ahead and send them to my wife Janet. You're white what I'm sorry. This is Carson Kennedy got and we just destroyed your fucking have a wife. Are you kidding me you. You've been with me for a year in entire year. No wonder I had to hide in the closet from your mother vying jerk okay stop. It's it's not like that seriously. It's not like that. He doesn't even say like on the phone rose radio the steak searcy whatever you know what it's fine but because it's on I'm GonNa find your mom and I'm GonNa Find Your Damn Life and I'm GonNa tell both of them. Everything how's that we weren't expecting. We weren't expecting a confrontation <hes>. I don't get it like fourteen more. You got a good thing going on so thankful that guy's reasonable by Robert Kennedy says hey we taken your the crap happens. That's the Kennedy Trademark. I got the girl side on this one. No no thank you sir. We're not taking that here. Kennedy Kennedy doesn't like to things okay. She doesn't like the cheating like that and number two. She's like blind people being employed by a company that's true that's the other by by blind EC later later. <unk> asshole gives you the finger right to your get the fuck out I will say props to Kennedy because I believe old. Zambrano is tried to give me fired and failed more powerful than Zambrano. She thinks oh well yeah. I mean he's like the fourth ranked program designed the program breath to the station. I know the so that's that's a Carson Kennedy bit right there signature every day though I think you know what that is that they're just they're those two people are recording. It and they're just doing the filler around it because there's no talking over each good point yeah. That's code again good point Dave whatever you know what it's fine but because it's on I'm GonNa find your mom and I'm GonNa Find Your Damn Life and I'm Gonna I tell both of them. Everything has yeah married <hes> I'm just I don't get it like who who you guys would like. Why are you gonNA mess with people like this answer? The question the red outright that's true would call so that's Kennedy Your Carson. These idiots have their little buttons. They have their producers hit like hit rob three in Carson Carson. He's like rob married worried <laughter> <hes> what do you think and then guys answers a question there and like wait for that canned Robert Kennedy thinks I'm Ado shares going along with this and like yeah see later bye bye boy like Oh we got you Mr. Oh my God Kennedy Tony Try Beater. She's a school. You can't be Kennedy. She's going to beat her. You Ain't go guy fired a different conscious. Every day was like different people with digital which low level disabled Ken Today. Oh look at this guy. He's blind. Oh He's fight member that time the Kennedy got the Guy With L._S.. Fires who could forget that Oh this guy's a quadriplegic up. Can these GonNa step right on that see you later get Outta here. I hope there's no one at that company with like cancer or anything awful because Kennedy's probably coming for the screwed. Maybe she thought Jerry was getting cancer again. That's got rid of them. Get rid of this guy. Jesus Christ like you know I mean not for nothing but like so in our little world here I was hospitalized for mental. Illness was basically not allow back on the air after that when I came back they wouldn't let let me back then they basically kicked me out Mike. They use that as the excuse to keep me off the air. Yes Mike Is Blind and Kennedy is up was told something she told him something. If you're you know if you have any guts you stand by on the air and talk talk about a hundred percent she fires him. She goes into demands. We think we don't know that right right. I don't know that for sure he gets fired so that's great what a wonderful in and then they go in there show and pretend to having a good time yeah it talking like an interesting coincidence though you know timing wise. I think we can in Assam pretty. I'm pretty confident we'll live of competency about out of one hundred ninety nine. Yes we're talking twenty four hours after the show aired yeah right so it's got to be and the other thing is like we owe them a call by the ways well we'd like to and I think we might have to make our presence knowing that building funny. I've been suspicious that my girlfriend has been cheating. Is that true so maybe maybe oh caller offer. I have to do that hello but we can't interrupt each other during no no. No we try to call. Let's get let us get the call letters Apple Fauria. Let me let me see this if we can get this right so hold on Dave so okay. We'll do it like they do it so Mike. I understand that there's been problems in your marriage yes yes. I can't really answer the call. Try again like okay so they they clearly have like if you do it. They said rob I of these Grasso they draw right okay and they don't go straight to the cheating. No no yeah so Mike Hello boy. She doesn't seem happy man. Thank you yes carry us. I mix up like the city's. I'm here in Chicago. Oh yeah at least two feet of snow yes. It's a lovely September morning. He's play it can just play old ones because these dumb listeners who dumped to listen to that fucking show like did they just replay old ones just to be like they must have time. Let's see we can get anywhere any sense of humor I can't. I'm sorry I'm GonNa they give these two assholes more credit than than they deserve. There's no way they play that straight every time there's no no human being could unless you're completely fucking insane you cannot do that. I think you're wrong. Let me let me do we have another one or no. I don't know another hello. Hi May apply Speaker throb there quicker okay you too though there will quicker. That's true but but even then like clearly like you're right day. This is the good job by you like. This is all cancers so Kennedy goes into some it was in my studio my studio day right to kicked her as coffee interface down the stairs. I mean they're both there at the same time though you'll feel the energy carcinogen Kennedy Chemistry that phone call much uh-huh Carson's there I think Kennedy do Tuesday after the show or something right for the Wednesday. Maybe because I mean there's clearly as you said there's no interrupting at all during the conversation honestly might just take clips from them talking in the past we get through this. Hello Hi pleased with Rob Rob many Micheli. I'm calling from your wireless provider. How are you just want to preface this by saying? I'm not calling from our billing department. I'm not trying to get to change plans or anything like that. I'm actually saints calling from our Customer Service Department and I wanted to thank you for Mike. I'm just calling from the customer service department. Just want to thank you for being loyal customer. We're actually going to give you as these phone companies. Do all the time a dozen roses. Now I understand the you may have some hesitancy that a random phone calls and ask for some information can say you give you a dozen free roses but I also think is a chance that you may need to be giving away some roses soon terrific thank you. It is a nice day. Here's some more I could do this all day. I love this stuff. God I love this stuff the loyal customer with us by offering you a dozen long-stemmed red roses that you can send anywhere anywhere in the continental United States today free of charge. How does that sound? They're completely free. I am lady. Oh Yeah you in trouble. <hes> I mean kind of Um Yeah. I'll volunteer this information to a telemarketer yes as far as I know. This is just a random telemarketer offering free roses for no reason so I'll get into my personal life with you. Rob Is just fucking lunch break. It's to thirty Louis it's eight A._M.. How many of these fucking idiotic radio stations actually do this shit? They said the guy that own had on city made the most he's made in the days like twenty twenty these phone calls. Are we going to get this guy on. We got this guy on Robin Yeah so so you think like whatever it clear mark clear channel just buys so if we look around enough this will exist in other mark. We can figure find we have we have to find it used to be all the Pos Ryan seacrest worthy roses Oh we did. He used to exist so it's really just basically for idiots. You're listening like that are listening to more Lazy Kiss Ninety five point one wherever that is has it they have it C.. O. Z. WANNA four. Has It all be entercom Ridge. Here's an IHEART station so she's <hes> well yeah. It's probably all stations that were owned by C._B._S.. I'm here a little more because it makes me laugh. I want here somewhere. I do enjoy trying to trying to reduce our oh. It's good to try new because now we can see the difference you know the defoe different with with Kennedy yes. I'm not seeing the rings. We'll see if I could hello please speak with Ben Ben many Michelle Avon real quick. He's ready to bury their success rate and get people I answer the phone it's amazing try and get some on the phone and twenty nineteen nearly impossible so every time they call by what you heard that fucking asshole cars like yeah. It's banned by the way we're on the radio. This is really keeping for doing this. The people aw fuck th they they suck whatever the people listen to this show. I mean if you're joking around like us. It's funny but there's nobody in the car in traffic was like Oh my God. I can't believe got another. Thank God they really believe back in. Hello Hi. Please speak with Ben Hi Dan. My name is about my girlfriend. How are you today? I'm good thank you for asking. JUST WANNA preface this call by saying I am not calling from our billing department. I'm trying to get you to actually calling from our customer service department and we wanted us. Thank you for being such a loyal customer with us by offering you a dozen long-stemmed red roses that we can send anywhere for you in the United States free of charge today. How does that sound? Oh Wow okay so do you do. Can you actually in my work instead of my home coming really <hes> but right now just need to start with a card so if you could let me know the name of the person who likes to send them to sure not my wife say <hes> <hes> the game was awful but the postgame festivities will fire there she is there. She is Yep there. It is going on the Lisa hang on on the radio where the roses. I guess you've heard of this before. They asked me you're on. The radio admitted to shelter idiot. Wait next to what I mean. Whatever her name is Jessica? You're like making business and pleasure now. You said it wouldn't work. People only lose Jessica she. He's a CO worker. She's been helping me out a lot at world is he's amazing for the level of anger that the woman has this interrupt this guy when he talks credit able to relax. It's almost like everyone says their piece. It's almost like she recorded something in his like you know having like a cup of coffee or something so I did hear Carson Kennedy talk over all wait so they've gained experience. Those people don't react to that sound. That's true right so there's my favorite part is just that. Would you like to read anything on the card. Yes the game wasn't great but the postgame festivities were and what I'm referring to their stranger on the phone is that I engaged in adultery adult outside of my had anal sex that on the car is that okay. I ejaculated like crazy many many many times that that that an issues with anybody take umbrage with that. That's okay right now. Just just so I for my own edification vacation here. You're not about to destroy my life on public just so we're clear right. You're a representative from a wireless unnamed wireless phone company. You didn't acknowledge so I don't really know if it's the same one I use but I'm going to give you the new also take down the notes of the right. The letter forms well to transcribe this. That's great. Thank you so much. Oh so you from telephone company well then you certainly not trying to find out if I'm cheating on my what I can be opened with. You just embarrassed so here's the sad thing it's great. It's great. I love the show I love it. I love these guys. I love my favorite so there's also there's a service called Prep Burger and I'm sure that's only that's one of a million of them. Yes prepar service packages bits. Have you ever hear like a song parody Harrity trump bid or whatever you're hearing that but someone in you know Missouri's hiring right in the same correct. Yes they do that as well. I'm sure yeah I I'd like to find out like you know just lazy. When you criticize starving writers I mean these people fucking right? At least it was a rigid Jesus Christ part to the lack of pride to be like you know what I would do. It now saw that like that of course a get rid of after day but it'll be funny they do this every they were just every day they do not. I believe they do and Nelson they can do at seven fifteen nine talk. I don't know we're gonNA hear this and I wanted Dave. I want to do this ourselves. Ish might just he's not listen for second. Okay I want actually do Mike like play joke on the whisper like they do so when clam at some point. What are you guys talking about? Nothing going your girlfriend. I couldn't hear what you're saying. The cars are so loud outside your girlfriend do well right. Oh yes. There's no way well. It wouldn't shatter my world. If there's no other warning your life right is what I'm saying. Oh well real you ask but this is an on microphone but I've been cheating on every day for eight months but point is let's just say today so you get a random call from some company that clearly you're going to give the roses to your girlfriend right. No no no right mistress. That's fine but if you do that understand like that's just between you and the person on the phone oh so you're comfortable just accepting a phone call yeah. Oh good phone calls all the random number exciting. This is just a new friend on the other. One of my favorite is with the unknown calls. I always pick up. I'm like you need some credit card information or what would you like. Would you like to know some of my personal personal life and then. I'm sure you're more intrigued when they say hey. We're from the telephone company. That's the way to keep you on the line. I want I from your your wireless providers. I don't know what fascinates me most. I think I'd like an isolated camera on like the actors for like an hour talking because you know you have like your <hes> your production guy in there being like okay here we go in loud. This I bring it up this time and like the woman scream and be like upset and then they just cut them off like okay good yep that for six seconds three seconds good. Yes good say thanks so we we have to find the same one from two different raiders WanNa hear different stations do it does the same won't be perfect. Yes that'd be tough. They're sneaky but hey hey. I know you're probably about to hang up because it's a random number call you but what if I told you I'm from A._T.. And T. and they'd dozen three long stemmed roses that changes everything costs about what fifteen dollar value sacrifice my life. You're more of that going forward I in this by the way that is the one who got you fired. Just keep that in mind I love that she is the radio legend the feminist like yeah. We got you asshole yelling at an actor who's not even there. He's like a different state. I was like you know recorded three weeks ago. Yeah just so bizarre funding is to you know that like when she reported me it was like finally I got those sons of bitches the blind guy in the mentally ill guy finally taken them down especially the call you when she wasn't like hey yeah I'm with this company. Did you call did you tell Kirkman. Kennedy called medi-share This back Mike what the talk to tell her that. What did you do kirk that you all right? Let me ask you a random question. Mike Sugerman Bush could use some work you some trimming sure yes. It can use a little work beyond I'm like I am. I'm my forties. I'm old school. I've got well. 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That's I mean <hes> of course face using your balls or not stupid here. It's all different <hes> crop preserver so you never think about this right like you're all smell like Iran today right sweaty. My fucking balls must stink like ship never think like I don't think you know you always think of the female body parts that smell right the private parts but the guys do as well. You know that of course so there you go. You put your on your up. It's frigging Bouma SMELLIE's always party of body. Get Twenty percents offered free ship because I'm saying I'm serious these listeners I want the listeners out there to send us pictures of their extremely hairy body parts I want. I want man Bush Hashtag Man Bush I want the big picture sent to the Kirkman show counties the Dave Culinary Scoop them out. I want to see I wanNA see anybody can match mine twenty percent off plus free shipping with the Code Kirk at Manscaping Dot Com always use the right tools for the job may escape dot com twenty percent off free free shipping with the Code Kirk K. I. R. K. Manscaping Dot Com if you're like me if you're in your forties and this is all fucking new please join me this adventure. Let me know because I think I think he can help. We're trying to trying to grow your in the show do different things together. Let's do that Netscape Dot Com Code Kirk twenty eighty percent off with free shipping and manscaping dot com use the Code Kirk K. I. R. K. optimism nervous about this. I'm GonNa tell you my favorite part of the of manscaping shirt real quick. I always love new sponsor but my favorite part of landscape is you would think instantly instantly you would know. Would that company does yes. There's a lot of issue but this morning when we said we had to do the they said. What are they sell? Did you say well. I was just GonNa. There's AH different products. That could be abuse in that situation. Don't you agree. I understand the over what they do. Yes intrigue tough guy over there. What did he manscaping really do that? Jesus Jesus Anyway so I could do that all day last segment. I don't know if you guys find it interesting or not. Do you care at all and it's a sort of your typical Sunday night nothing to do jump in the fray late. Did you care about this Pittsburgh guy or now I mean yes. No I don't understand. I don't get how it came back to Barstool. I don't be get get how became barstool thing like criticizing barstools. I don't even know understand it. Neither do I.. Allen Dunlap is that the guy's name calling dunlap APP Twi- so so I guess some Guy I guess at that interesting but it's sort of like you said it's funny the so he's he does a entercom show in Pittsburgh 93.7. The fan host the morning show. I guess just call us for Pittsburgh probably great writer. He tweeted out <hes> so some guy walked on the field and tried to shake Brad Moore's handwriting Vilis Game. I guess <hes> <hes> The guy got cuffs back to the dugout taken away in this guy calling Dunlap tweet zero funny about this part of the problem is barstool crowd. We'll talk with a cooler was just watch they will guys should be banned from P._N._C. Park forever so it's Pirates Park P._n._c. but you don't understand the first of all like who thinks it's funny i. I don't know anybody thinks the funny thing about it just trying to get a job here. Yeah that's true. You need to find that funny. If you WANNA work at Barstool but like it's just sort of Douche move I mean it's also like not a big deal right. You're not doing anything walked. The what where does the what is the barstool crowd mean. What does that mean bizarre so to me? are I wonder if we're giving this guy what he wants because it seems so at a left field that he's the barstool crowd so maybe he wanted but then but people later and they'll be gives us shit about him. I guess you get like I never understand it like I don't you know he seems like he's you know seems people my age yeah well. That's the thing maybe if a guy like you did it and like if you does something like that and attention is brought them you people might listen and think Oh this Kirkman guys interesting Davis Planning me some of the countdown I've gone. It's just everything you've heard this morning. If you want attention he would've let at the let's hear from Josh Bell Briefly Josko sulfuric on this inevitable pitches taken balls in our in zones might be maybe should look for <hes> just kind of one step behind it seems things like that changes gentlemen and I'm able to use that term gentleman this week because in for Jim Colony. Here's the thing Jim colonies in like there's no Jetta Day fucking Jim Leaves. It gets a little more sporty well. I like and it's funny every time when I walk in here in the morning and I say a gentleman I use that term loosely guys breaking a hysteria. Oh Mike you've done it again. I never did enough in hosted took phone calls. I was never like hey. It's <hes> Tim again. Go like what does that. Can we call the show. Oh you might call the show. We're GONNA call them if they let us on. Let's do it might not right. You'RE GONNA have to say you're kirk in Pittsburgh and you WanNa talk about the pirates for sure. We'll do that yes but then we'll have to say who we are. We have to do that. We learned I wonder what if they do that show. I wonder if they do that yeah. I we see you were at a baseball game last Tuesday signature really attractive woman. That's that's your wife right. Oh No of course not know certainly not stranger while they ask well. We're GONNA give you a dozen long stemmed roses. Thank God scrounging for fifteen bucks and realize that we'd like to know willing to throw in my life. You want my social security number that bit. I love it yeah no Dave Dot Com. We can only tap dancer for so long you call what's name the show <hes> the fan morning show or something you want to talk about the steelers training camp right right keeping a full lines <tone>. These guys are on the air right now unlike the <hes>. I always answer the phone. We can't even get ready to statements can much right number. Do Okay one eight hundred. The FAN is working. Yeah well swing a mess God. Davis never worked. Do they not take calls tapped why feeling they take plenty of like what's in the middle of a hot segment. If we did this and then we heard that it was the most controversial like they had a black guy in shackles and they were making slave comments about holy shit. This isn't edgy show. I think it's <hes> training camp time. It's time to fucking around digging here. That wasn't worth so. I don't really understand like the I don't get. I don't get what that means like. Maybe he's just is trying to get reaction but like I don't think so. I've looked twitter history. He seems like he's actually upset very boring. Yeah the minute fan thread was throwing out there and it was all like. Can you believe this guy on the pirates just generic ship per probably in the Nice Guy. I just don't underst- I don't get like the how to seeing somebody on the field. I guess his assumption. Is this guys like Barstool fan because he's like a meathead or something that it I guess so yeah so weird strange fight fight anyway so I tried them that worked out. Well now. Take your phone ring a bunch. Should we ask about steelers. Training camp should die if any of them have been cheating dave dial random number honestly dial random random seventy one number and we're going to tell them after that's bullshit you can get with a normal human being like what the fuck are you talking about like this picture. I just took a random seventy nine of that just like hey it's can with you know who you calling. I know whether I don't want to call the fan again what I said he was listening coal random seventy-one. It'd be fair. It's allowed what pick fucking numbers so hard is that to do tell me what number to call. I was just get anybody talk. This is what's known as radio call again. Nothing going on yeah. Kennedy has the ability to get people answer the phone every time immediately yeah. It's weird every day. Yeah we got here we go. I think it's work. Don't edit any of this just great <tone>. These people doing what everybody does. Yeah I would never engine and never never eight in the morning right. You know sometimes I do answer random numbers and it's always like the new things like they'll go. Hi Mike they're even that I hang up of course didn't work. Do you have Mike's number call him. Mike Mike what's up. Have you back all good gentlemen back in the room. Sit Down for second gentleman not here pulled out. We're just GONNA we're. We're doing nothing for minutes so if the phone ranks whatever you feel free to answer considering taking a little break no big deal yeah. That's fine no problem yeah. It's GonNa get the trick of water myself yeah. I'll be back in the second no rush. Here's Dave it's like you can't figure out your phone number. Hello this is Mike Oh hey ken from services. How you we we look at your record and it's unbelievable? You have a clean record and we'd like to reward that. I know you understand what company I'm with but we're GONNA give you a dozen long-stem roses. If you give abyss your entire personal history forget what number came up primary. WHO's you answered? Oh Jesus anyway probably should have been there announcement some point avoiding into okay get Roman Dot com get Roman dot com show is like now very Pena centric which I like a lot penis read this week. The piece is important part of the body. I'd say someone say the most important part of the body. It's very difficult to to conceive a child with a penis given the way the world's going now. Maybe not who knows anyway. GET ROMAN DOT com. I'm not saying you WanNa get you woman. Pregnant Mike on the girl. I know who's asking who is the show now. This is one of my many strikes by women many weaknesses now. This will take over my life three weeks. We're going to do this longer than Carson Kennedy. They get Roman dot com is the only way to go <hes> again. If you want to support a show like this rambling guitar sexual organic genuine you know stuff go to get Roman dot com slash Kirk and you get five dollars for the first month. GET ROMAN DOT com slash kirk five dollars for the first month swift flip the switch ship at your house <hes> use it very discreetly <hes> easy you enjoy your partner enjoys it say longer-lasting sexual experience at get Roman dot com slash kirk get Roman dot com backslash kirk get Roman dot com slash kirk patrolman dot com slash kirk five dollars for the first month. Your girlfriend would not participate in this thing right now. Okay so we're going to have to do Dave <hes> Mike give me one second would just pop here. Okay we'll have to do as we have to hire a write this down your notebook got it going to hire an actress and we're going to do this with Mike Tomorrow okay. Do you understand okay gotcha. We got somebody's going to do it. We'll find somebody good good excellent. Hey Mike what's up. I have known plans on calling my girlfriend. What are you oh no it just pop outside real quick okay? How's your out of curiosity? I was just I was actually GonNa ask you this today. How's your history with your phone companies good? Oh it's always respecting call from them later but you told me earlier you just randomly thinking about bikes roses versus. Yes I would say give your car work situation. I think is a chance to save that twelve ninety nine. I I don't know anything. It just feels that way in the air to me the the only deal is like there's a chance you might have to tell them everything about you. Okay sounds like a fair deal clear. God <hes> all right. Oh what was the other thing. I sent you day before the announcement. Oh did you see this. This stuff is interesting to me. I don't WanNa do the the the women's national soccer team thing because at some point by just WanNa give you guys an example of how bias in the media works say real quick just just an old-fashioned <hes> Kirk minihane story here first of all of the other thing is which is ongoing as the Anti Kennedy and that nobody maybe Kennedy's really the same Kennedy. I've wondered that is her name Kennedy. Her Fi soon first name is Kennedy. No okay we know that could Samer no radio. It's Carson and Kennedy both with KS so at least one of them is already. They like stuff like that. Stuff is because then like if I'm in the car third partner <hes> Ken yes some of the car driving around in the Mike. I'm not sure if I like the show but with their letters of the same yeah. I'm going to listen to like every encounter. Yes absolutely matters mother. You know what I mean. Illiterate I got you you should've spelled them. Both Kiss. Nobody will come on with US right essentially no real guests. Nobody wants a part of US known. We ask much unless you're insane like Laverne who agree with you love to come true yes but the ones who don't never come on basically well. The guest reached out to me that you over the weekend the transgender willing to come on yeah. Oh sometime this week I you don't want the the only right that's why I was male more male born male okay so she wants she right. She hasn't gone but she identifies. We support that thousand percent. I don't care okay good <hes> English speaking. It's not a French speaking. I believe okay mic speaks French so it's not a big deal. Go Nicely <hes>. This is in the Boston Globe this weekend so I just saw this. In the mid. I saw the headline I was like I know this story is like totally slanted unbiased and bullshit. No it was in the globe. Yes so Sean Spicer. Did you see this. Yes okay with me on this winter. Now I assume so. I don't know what your tickets Sean. Spicer throws first pitcher pawsox pride night no I didn't know that and until the first pitch indeed faces backlash so already and it's run by somebody we reach out to Sofia Saul yes we did okay so I did a couple of things I saw the headline. The first thing I always do now is I go. There's the writer let's go the twitter account and let's see how long it takes before they tweet out besieged liking or re tweeting or tweeting stuff how much they hate trump which again is fine like. I you know whatever he tweets down at. It didn't take long so you know. She hates the present no big deal while people do but she is being I'm up. She pitched a story or not but the Boston Metro has her right a now. The opinion piece with is supposed to be a news report about this and team faces backlash so on its own. If you only read the headline you believe that the pawtucket Red Sox which is if you're listening to the parts of the country. I'm seeing more more of you guys thank you. I like that <hes> the pawtucket Red Sox are for now of the Red Sox AAA affiliate they are moving to Worcester. I believe after the Sheehan okay so they're in pawtucket Rhode Island <hes> right over the border <hes>. They've been there forever since I was kid. It's a night you know it's a little triple a franchise. Whatever so if you see that you think wow there sean spicer that's weird the the PRI- People Pick Sean Spicer throat the first pitch at seem strange and the teams facing backlash boy it must be this massive what's going on <hes> so then the first line Sean Spicer the controversial former press secretary to president trump already? I'm red flags anybody talking about Sean Spicer anymore like is he really that controversial monster is he also in any way really like Sean Spicer himself have any history of missing anything Sean Spicer's opinions. He's worked for the trump right and it hasn't worked for trump for like two years it. Oh by the way joined a wounded veteran to throw at the ceremonial. I picture Friday nights fuck him. I mean it's unbelievable. The pawsox also celebrating pride night the Ballpark in spices appearance spark some backlash on twitter now. This is how I think it operated. This woman has friends one. Somebody tweeted that out and she's like Oh okay. Let me look around around Salt Lake three tweets then went to global hates trump and the globes like sure yeah right that why not it doesn't matter gives a shit and it's really not right. Spicer has a nonprofit organization where there were there you know by way met Sean Spicer once. There's actually a photograph of this. I met him at the White House when I went the <hes> <hes> the year the Patriots one Jerry and I went to the show they Aaron and is killing guys killed Aaron. Yes we did Sean Spicer by the way actually Kinda seem like a Dick like toll adult not surprised you just did so. I'm coming from his point and by the way didn't vote for the president either coming from this point of hardcore right winger. I don't really care I just think with things are disingenuous. I just find that almost amusing. We'll that makes you a right where true that's that's correct. You can laugh at that stuff so Republican. The pawsox are having Sean Spicer throat the first pitch on Friday night what an insult to all their queer queer fans long read sports columnist Brittany de la Spreads Queer fans seems like more of an insult. She's the one who wrote that story and Dig Boston. Look the whole thing so she wants me. She declined the requests. She blocked me on twitter months ago. <hes> another Guy Mark Norman did aid was that his name yes. Do we reach out to him. We did no response. He blocked me as well. I've never I don't think I've ever dealt morass these people. I used to get along with this guy years ago. I don't know they paired up with veterans thing to make it harder to criticize two. It's gross this guy says so you think the paired with the veterans thing whatever that means they're giving away a wheelchair to a wounded veteran you asshole some veterans much as silly little attention that dickhead than than that like you know so so this is my guess is there were those tweets about that's it and she's probably friends with both of them because they're in their little world spicer's from Rhode Island by the way but at the game this'll wrong that after these tweets by the way and after the headline one two three four five six seven eight after she says the pawtucket Red Sox beat the Charlotte night's four to three which is relevant to the story. Thank ninth paragraph at the Game Spice was representing the Independence Fund a nonprofit serving wounded veterans. He's a member of the Ordinations Organizations Board of directors. The charity teamed up with the pawsox altering wheelchair to marine veteran Carlos Lopes. I don't get worse. Yes slopes. Why did you put that in their own? A Rhode Islander wounded and Iraq in two thousand five who cares about well. This is where it gets really bad. Spicer grew up in Rhode Island did not even mentioned pride night and his own tweets about his appearance at Sun Am I do. I overreact to the stuff well so I wonder this is what I was gonNA. Ask is by reacting to it. Are we giving them what they want or do we do. We need to be the guys like push back. I'm not Ju Yeah. We'll never not react to. That's what I'm saying. I'm looking at just the comments and it's this globe thing. Most commentators are like what the fuck somebody says the organization provides resources enable severely wounded veterans regain being their independence such as altering mobile devices and also AIDS the family the copen be supportive Spicer's member of its board of directors no problem with this. I mean you know like in and the other thing is like I would say I'm trying to think like I probably wouldn't have eminem. nymph wrote the first pitch that night or I don't know somebody who's famously anti the duck dynasty right. Yes No Robertson yet. His name is yeah I wouldn't do that. Sean Spicer was a press secretary for Donald Trump for very brief period yeah my guests. Isn't that could be wrong. If I'm wrong. Tweet at me and I'll say I'm wrong. There's no history of this guy saying anything anti not that I know and they wanted him to do like because he didn't tweet out there was also works like they this this organization organization he bowie through the first pitch with this guy. This wounded veteran it was more for the Sean Spicer probably got a name he's Rhode Island and he went out there for all the outraged people I would say the most of their reaction was not outrageous probably really should they got Sean Spicer. Yeah that's pretty good altering vehicle for a guy who's moved in Iraq and it's probably honestly like think of the change in this guy's life. This family like that doesn't matter that's a pretty cool board but because two people my guess is that night. How many people do you think really a fucking care that Sean Spicer's talking about pitch of the pawsox roughly two three Dan Kennedy he said something to write that asshole works for northeastern east of toilet fucking asshole? He was like what they're Larry. The Keno did it or something like yeah he probably did. He runs runs the pawtucket red sox and say hey y'all good idea is to have this guy throat the first pitch because a wounded veteran it's amazing to me and then it is a lazy idea. Though don't you think what I mean. It's the minor league. So what do you expect but it's pride night. Why are you doing why wouldn't you have somebody involved in that community? Throughout the I had nothing honestly probably the guy was available that night and Spicer's around. Let's do this Guy Martin. What's the name Normandy whatever is like to gross what's gross to have a veteran was wounded? Come out and throw if they don't even understand it. How does it anyway interfere with pride? Neither the fucking baseball game anyway. It's it's bizarre. It's strange stuff like that. It's more so to me. It's not even I don't even really care but it's interesting that the globe would take that attacked of course they would hide obfuscate things like they don't mention like the headline is Sean Spicer's First Pitch Pride night and draws big draws. The reality is Sean Spicer with a wounded veteran throw the pitch at pride night that they got a new wheelchair to and and two people tweeted about it yeah that is the actual headline but they make it out to be so that's where like that's where the trump people in the world to right because there's plenty of the shit on trump about like the go the go back to you came from last week 'cause he was he was lying yeah. It's a fucking. She could shit on him. Pick the fights that are right because then the people like who were in the middle will be on your side when they do dumb stuff like this trump just like you know this is this is fake news that is actually fake news so that you can answer my question of like we should react because because without people like you then eventually the globe could just literally publish whatever they want to Pan Anyway matter so I just find always there's some people question right but like you just flip flip it. You know just do the opposite like you would think. Let's just say that it's pride night and whomever is there now. I understand that they don't have a history that the L._G._B._T.. Q. Community thinks about trump but let's just say that I don't know whoever some politician left left side throws at the first pitch they would make a big deal out of it or or what if it was veterans veterans night and transgendered person right the first better example. Do you think that they would really be like oh my I can't believe this. Isn't there night this yeah. This is not for them into home only that it'd be like if two people tweeted out you know Breitbart made a story out of it breast which would happen so I mean it goes on both sides but the globe I it's all that shit is all over the place. Now it's unbelie and now I'm seeing you like the trump thing was dumb last week but now it's like. They won't stop like they'd like you're right yeah. That was a dumping say now. Let's move on trying it gets like fifty different levels of whites wrong and in our fake scenario the two people that were outraged about the transgender person throwing out the first pitch they would be written up. Can you believe these monsters. They're about this was wrong right. Now would never happen so I mean yeah. It's it's it's weird. It's just so disingenuous in the put the actual reason why Spicer's there in the ninth paragraph after recapping a AAA baseball game who won it in the Metro Section Club is just like it's and you look this woman up and you know she declined to come on yes of course league which it just didn't get back right now. Would you say to her like you know. Why did you write the did you choose us? Did you pitch it was a pitch to you doing this order. Why didn't you mentioned this? They they came answer it by the way they don't have to well. They would say I'm not going to go on there to be be rated and he's GonNa Scream over me and in which you get I think that's I think that's a female so he's also get these sexes right and he's a feed skew. I'm getting death threats. He's going after women who is he. Treat men like this because I never yell at men God knows on. I can't last time now screaming match the guy on the phone it's Friday. How about the feedback to him by the way how about him I gotTa tell you I I like him? He doesn't back down. I like him. He's somebody pointed this out to me that they think that he is arguing or support. I saw aw by his own. He's going on other accounts yeah. He makes a call the burner account yes yeah like he is now are using his own burner accounts of support his argument. Some of it doesn't sound like the guy having argument with the voices in his the burner account he interacts with like if it's <hes> whatever like Bob Sixteen it will he will be at the end of it and they refer to him as m right. Yes I think he's just in his own little world either that or he's created his Oh yeah <hes> either he's doing it or he's created this cult again people I mean he has three thousand college as innocent. It's a very strange. I don't know if you went shopping that day if he got to go to places Tom Vitton and he got his clothes and his run again but it was the thing that you see that he said like you were actually getting mad at him. Actually angrily responding I. It's just the people that should on Barstool all the time. I do think he's funny twenty-eight emails at first of all it wasn't like I kept saying hey like what's the name Malcolm Hey Malcolm. Can you please come on every email. It was just trying to make sense of his incoherent responses back to me because you were saying you like you were worried. He was GonNa Flake like you were like yeah and then he answers it of course when he's on one point six million four then he gets back to you. He's very the Frat boy thing is weird. That's the last thing on earth I am. I don't really beers here funneling but we got a lot of a lot of reaction people people were. I heard a lot of people listen to it for two minutes and turn. I totally get which I did too. I was in here. I'm fascinated by people I could interview him. You know all the time. I just find that existence so strange. I don't know so yeah we got reaction to that and we have <hes> a pretty big interview this week. That says well excited for now the time Dave <hes> well. Let's do we have any any specific <hes> <hes> voicemails player earlier I messages or no yes one showing hey kurt. I'm a big fan years. I understand you're a fan of mine. I also heard that I was your number. One most wanted guest a AH really looking forward to make that happen. Tuesday brandy love the Kirkman a hand show tomorrow to Morrow now. Does she have some issues with her husband. We're GONNA have to play over some rose. uh-huh now we see here. You've been having sex. I'm Cam. Does your husband know about this now. Full disclosure brandy who I love. I've had interactions with last couple of years. She was going on the old show fell through. I was upset about it so I was nervous that we weren't going to make this happen so we taped it Friday. The interviews taped. Obviously we'RE NOT GONNA. We don't do this thing we like. We can't make fun of Carson Kennedy then. Do you pretend we tape right here in the room with us now Baramula Brandy how are you. I'm good. How are you great? Thanks Yeah Hey clearly me doing. Should we never address it. I will say this the interviews awesome awesome. She's great because I I cannot imagine the Mike actually the good job unlike the Malcolm interview. We kinda step to know the <hes>. What's the one you stepped on the Willie Cologne? Oh Yes to shut up did swing early wasn't particularly <music>. Brady rally good actually got some a little bit chemistry between getting sick so yes yes. Yes almost like my girlfriend called today's. There's something going on so we could do that with branches well but she's <hes> she's great. What's at thirty thirty five minute interview or something? Oh yeah yeah good. She's excellent answers. Everything is funny like that was my point. I probably mentioned this in the post of the on Friday. That's my point last year like so there was this was during all the shit going on with the station station. Yeah we had our book than like April or something and I remember the the the vice president or whatever is fucking job was call music. We can't have ron because she's a porn star and the backlash and I was like well. We're not going to really have on a woman that has sex voluntarily. We're not going to do this thing where she's like sitting on the Symbian. We're going to talk like now by the way am I going in was rocking to sit there and talk about like fucking the whole time she kind of bring up like that. Yes we talk about but like the business of it's interesting her life. Is it like the whole I I find find that way more interesting yeah and she was good. I thought I don't know for sure Yeah I. I don't like when like open anthony or stern had there was a lot of well. Hey show is your tits. This is like this is like an actual. She's smart art but you knew that falling on social media so she'll be on tomorrow. It's going to be must-listen. We'll release a couple of those videos as well in the show account. When we're GONNA do that? Dave I think actually do noon today. Our after the show drops or something our after the okay sounds good sense. Give what else anything else. They Miss Anything today. Do they not a lot. No not really it was it was all kinds of stuff like in the same vein of people being offended for no reason it's kind of our existence. You were going there with their trump stuff. What'd you think Libertad on on Friday yeah? That was one seemed fake to me Super Bowl. There's probably told to do that to get plenty. I think he was told that he can't do it. Then acted like his GonNa make like he wasn't that offended about it and one big thing out of it yeah. He's the tough guy no of course the thing now is there'll be no repercussions whereas Djamil Hill had repercussions because yeah but also because he struck a deal before like you can do this and even really talk about right or did you call them cowardly or something and leaving really yeah I hideous. I'm so E._S._p._N.. Now doesn't even matter yeah. I feel like I would have almost had more excitement to talk about delegate year and a half ago gives shit there. I mean not dying but I feel like they don't even. I guess they've done better since they've stopped talking about allegedly. I'll even I don't know anything about E._S._p._N.. At all I haven't heard about in a probably since they stopped doing that lineup is still golic and Wingo and I assume so Lebatardshow and Stephen is not Stephen. Hey right get up still exists. There was the guy who they claim as Republican. He's a big bore. What's his name will something oh I need meanest firebrand? Whatever it's just they but there I mean I don't know I don't I barely watch E._S._P._N.? I watched no baseball. Obviously I watch very little. What am I go? Watch the four. I watch golf British Open all weekend. I'm not just the open was not the British the open championship come it's right. I want to watch him. Hey you know I paid attention to it. Because I was worried. You would talk about it so I knew I know. This isn't really the spot to do that wasn't great but I don't Lebatardshow by the way the guy who he made fun of and he went John Skipper and complained and skipper because we had E._S._p._N.. Radio affiliates skipper went to our guy. We had a meeting with these guys like you can't make fun of Atari more. We're like we're definitely going. We're going to Boston. He Literally E._S._P._N.. Radio Does Zeros Zero like I know there are markets. Were listening to the show we aired it to have schefter every now and then that's pretty much loss yeah. It's pretty much premise was on A._M.. Yeah and shift would always come on. He was good but like I think they decided they struck a deal. They're old A._M.. Station was E._S._p._N.. Radio we had in Boston Austin ratings market. There are forty four stations and they finish forty third or forty fourth every single time like every time because their markets though where they do pretty well. I guess I don't know why I I can't imagine listening to that. I can't I was we would listen to it. Make Fun of it. I get bored listening to a why made fun of it yeah when a guy like rubber tired. Come on here like to ask you that we could ask E._S._P._N.. is to Barstool friendly right. Oh yeah they're stay Ardo bit by Bit Good Rama. Pardon my take on T._v.. They'd run a one show now. Do you think he would come on if we told him we had a dozen roses long stemmed rose. That's everything changes why no but to be fair. I don't know his record with his phone company either. Though both his phone day we we know even a loyal customer and he said that sounds fish. I have been pretty disloyal. The pay my bill buying this then we'll starts to smart for that but I will say this but I am cheating on my what if you'd like no I don't. I don't have any interest in your phone call but I will before I go. I've been quite quite disloyal to my wife and my family and I'm willing by the way to how about six roses and that will right not would we. Can you take this down please. I'm GonNa read the Notre and I like even just the excuse that like well well. You can say afterwards as if any couple they're out to get a divorce and it's like hey. Would you mind signing a waiver that says we sure Oh yeah okay. I was GONNA I was about to call an attorney. Morsel top assignment was to find other stuff like this. I'm on it and we're doing nothing. Nothing like behind my expect. There's no secret project you so you call. It was worried because we're talking about the room guide no so like if the phone rings they always do yeah if you don't know calls and yourself when you dancer I always do that. Don't you yeah yeah hello. I won't even say hello. I would just say my this is Mike Get my American Express card number. Just say hello just given out. I said this is my Gary. Would you like my social and it's usually a buddy. Go No no no don't worry about it right and that's going to be very pleasant sounding woman who calls you have a conversation yeah. That's all that's crazy. Woman got you fired can't be Kennedy as they say that's true yeah. How's it feel that the unemployed while technical Galvani yet? I wasn't what you deal with the status. I'm supposed to call them today and tell them my decision okay. You're not going to have chosen <hes> Barstool so let me give you the quit yeah okay. You're not going to do that. Well let me tell you that. I want to see what your thoughts because I know I guess the H._R.. Lady is very concerned and she was super really Nice Lady. WHO's this? I don't know I don't know your name. I don't think I know I didn't travel but I was thinking. Maybe I should call and just tell her that I don't have a decision to make or is that that's fine. I figured I'd make her life easier. 'cause she seems very nice. That's fine yeah. It makes sense yeah but I don't want you to pay you right employment pay. I figured that's yeah I mean I know nothing gets by you but you should probably not quit. I'm not going to like it soon. They're trying to force you out. It'll be a weird move right. That's it's easy for me to say well but I would say I will say that a guy that couldn't put on twitter without whether it was trump springsteen tweet this pay by Mush tweets this weekend with that they were a few they're all from you. I appreciate all the people that is there an update on that update on that. You'll laugh at this but someone from H._Q.. Did reach out to me. Is that true say they're going to get the ball rolling. Who's that Mike Fowler but he's done more than you have? He said he talked to people. Oh whoa Whoa what's right Powell. That's right POW start swinging my dick around not to come in anymore. Nevermind I mean screw mytalk Nardini Christ. I have well. That's good. That's good. That's good. It's Mike you studied mentioned it to the people and I might here today. Really we hear back from Gaz or something like that today. What the fuck this? What's he gonNA do uh-huh okay? We'll see find that things move. I don't know I felt can move quickly when I negotiated with them. I don't know why it's taking longer with you. It's weird someone. They don't care figure it out strange Jesus well yeah well. I think that's I think that's it's GonNa Happen. The next next I will be surprised next two weeks six or eight years. I'll be surprised by the end of July if you don't have some sort of avid suppress that makes me feel so you can now deal with Mikey about this is what you're saying right. I think you can deal with Mike. That's fine you get these weird now. You bother me off the air right. That's what it comes down. The Mike's last thing before we go people tune up by now. I think we didn't do the Brady love announcement of justice I could be really really didn't that's okay. We'll social media. I listened to I want driving back yesterday. From <hes> Tanglewood I listened to you in M._H._p.'s which blindside which is trash talk trash talk trash talk make sure to download and subscribe describe this like fucking corrobos arguments weird. It was weird. Either of us were mad at each other. I understand it so M._H._p.. Is Mad because Corrobos said that your podcast sucked think image was more mad that Corrobos was boring and didn't give a shit on the podcast for having a mind and that's where it started. I guess so yeah I mean I. It seemed like I was listening to them like these guys are going to get to like what are they. Fight was twenty minutes. I think what you were fighting because I think at the core. I don't think either of US really mad so it was kind of not a fake fight but like we're arguing over something that neither of US really given. I think I may be my theories M._H._p.'s Super Jealous that you're you've risen to the spot. That's that is my. He's always said he had no like he'd never wanted to job with ooh. I don't think it makes me would rather be doing these doing or doing this. Oh yeah probably doing this. I texted a couple weeks ago said one in the area again kind of knowing you wouldn't be for a while have gone by did so it's kind of Nice Yeah Yeah but he's always welcome here by the way we're having an intern here today. Oh Yeah what they postponed. They postponed no. I think I fucked that up. Yeah Davis Apologize I in turn on the first day postponed no fucked up what happened I he said can can I come in Monday. I said yes and I just didn't tell them a time. So that's why I'm assuming wise not here. Well isn't up to it's up to him to say what is it the guy no but I'm trying to protect them. Not a good look came as quotes guy job yeah well I Miss Strikes Entree Davis already phone sort O- Mike's misspellings this week on his tweets for me a few com one time there was another like is a lot of your blind but we're GonNa get the ball rolling. How many tweets were their pay blind? Mike more than I expected not yeah. It was re tweeting. All of them are no. I like a lot of your big Laker of positive things. Though this yeah I appreciate he will respond to them much. Have a conversation with the by a lot of work. Sorry so tomorrow getting you period get used to it by the way he didn't like the Kennedy thing in this whatever this things could bore the roses too bad because his now the show is now roses. I like it tomorrow night involving you tomorrow. No no no no. That's not good that's GonNa Find Eh but you're you said your phone situations good or your bill always always on time good well. I feel like if you do that totally random toll random aside. You should be rewarded for that. The only reason I pay my phone bill is to get the nice calls everyone's right. It should be plus. They should throw you something. Look whatever I it's not like. I've never heard of that ever. That's another thing about that bit. What have you ever heard of that known questions it? Oh that's funny more time with the guys like Oh. It was just I was just about to it was literally. It is computer at work. My phone company giving me roses today order online many Michelle. I'm calling your wireless provider. How are you today arm doing well? Thanks so hold on hold on hold on this all day so I'm to assume the Kennedy Shelley Shelly knows what Rob's provider is by calling him yeah she knows will Nashville Glider the girlfriend would would oh right surprised with that information right right right right sure good all right. It also sounds like she's bleeding shit wireless. It does sound like she's bleeping something true by saying. I'm not calling from our billing department. I'm not trying to get to change plans or anything like that. I'm actually calling from our customer service department. I and I wanted to thank you for being such a loyal customer with us by offering you a dozen long-stemmed red roses that you can send anywhere in the continental United States today free of charge. How does that sound completely free? That's I mean that's awesome. I was actually about to send some flowers from my lady. This is the greatest day of my life using literally about the send them so excited. Oh my goodness. I can't believe what a great coincidence. This is fifty six six times not all right. You have some work to do with that I do and then tomorrow is a big one. Brandy love makes her debut on the Kirk Minihan show <hes> fortunately she wasn't here. She'll be here next time. She said next time she's in town so she will get to see the brand new. I think studio we haven't read thirteen studios. Thirteen studios DOT COM right here in Jacksonville <hes> the building some other ones a Massachusetts as well. Tom Brady's don't work here under armor. M._T._v. the Kirkman Han show. I wanted to your podcast do some music you want to do a anything you want. Do Nice took a quiet. It's been here today. I know outside. It's insane. It's raucous out but <hes> inside here. It's nice and quiet. You're not hearing you. The madness during the show Dave can't even came to scab. We did it show today. It was amazing mazing not sure how we did read thirteen studios DOT COM red thirteen studios dot com today anything else guys are no all right so tomorrow. Brandy love video say high noon sure sounds good that anything else Mike you get kirk. We can wrap it up. I'm all set you talked to Mike Fowler. After the show people he'd be concerned it all Mikey calls you ask you if you on the free dozen roses this wait a second Mikey. I'm onto this game. Actually I do have one question. What can we get from Kirkman Han after the show in terms of AH there's another on one side is negative one? The other side is one okay so the number in between those two which you can get from. I work yesterday right how much correspondence I find this do this. I find that a good amount of cars sensei missing any stories ever. No that's not the issue. He wants instagram or instagram video. Oh and you realize that okay sure yeah. We'll change but I do want a minute fan. I don't know who started did a nice sub. Read it on behalf of the show. It's already growing. I don't care and I think an Ama on that for your direct fans right. There would be a good thing to do. I told them I would tell you about it. I also kind of take away from the burst. I just want much might do it. Oh my can do the first stay up. Okay fine yeah okay. You sure I don't know how to do it but yeah Dave can do. That's what you want me to do nine people in that rather thing two hundred at this point. There's definitely not it's all going to be like hey what's Kirk. Go check it out. No I don't care. I don't care about Jerry. What's what's the what's The craziest is Jerry asking that over and over you know what is there by month enjoyed the episode? I talked. He likes that was probably the most feedback from from last week was the most feedback yeah but that's okay but yes definitely wrong but that was a bone toss to the original thought we did a little too much on but what does that should Boehner Marjorie. Do that roses thing. I think it'd be good. What other things would you like me to do? Dave and your mind and your perfect world as you wrap things up. I liked when you live streamed and answered all those questions from listeners when you did like a twitter takeover of the account once you answer for Times Yep. I like that some more of that okay like your wife streams. I think you should livestream more. That's a great idea okay fucking day Friday. Oh so you do your all week. Yes we bring Jesus what's his name. I couldn't even tell you who the Guy I'm pretty sure the guy before there was a guy before date Steve Steve. You Bring Steve Back Boy. Ben Is Not GonNa like Brandy love no but it's not into Steve's watch so maybe that's why we gotta get into the Wire Jesus Christ maybe that was Ben the marine who went out with Spicer. It may be check that out. Maybe this guy the difference is this guy actually served. The guy was deducted awol. What was the guy's name? WHO's the guy a couple of years ago popped memory went to he was deserter cereal? Do the whole season hollow hello. I know what you're talking talking shit. What was his name? I was GONNA say Walker limits not him a horrible serious but I he's a serious good. Everything else sucked podcast anything else. Barsha world are re tweeted the the rigs guys golf one. This four plays it. Yes there's actually good bridge. Show recap. You're listening for other stuff as well my buddy K._F._C. and file a burger up. Today's well in rough around nine is coming. Did you watch roughing death. Are we gonNA report Dave. I watched it a little bit of technical difficult. I heard yeah <hes>. There's not much to report it. Good fight four tweeting. It was like old school barstool because he was pissed. He was furious about the Barstool that is weighing in them in the hand Cologne by the way this is ripe is Allie was strange to me no interesting interesting it was you watch the whole thing though just bits and pieces was it was not entertaining was always entertained but once you watch a couple you kinda get the vibe hey without portnoy loses something. I say right right boss Right Mike you send that audio.

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The Quarantine Sessions Vol15 - Ep412

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The Quarantine Sessions Vol15 - Ep412

"Before we get started today I just wanted to give you a heads up on a couple of things. You can do right after you listen to Decibel Geek. The first thing I want to tell you about its click tease shop dot com. That's click tease with a K.. If you want, it desperately Geek. T shirt it helps us out. A lot makes us feel cool. When we see people out there wearing them so become one of the cool people yourself desperately geek, t shirt. That's the exclusive place to get one. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of really cool podcasts that have t shirts available on Click teashop dot com, and if you're a friend Kristen Zach on his facebook page, you saw last weekend. He was out and about looking like a space man in his eagles wings classic t shirt. Ace freely inspired gotTa love that all kinds of cool stuff. I'm telling you if you're a fan of the hottest spanned in the land. You just gotTA check out. Click tease shop dot com, because there's all kinds of cool stuff there. Check them out of course. Check out our facebook page like it. Get in on the conversation checks out on desperately Geek TV. All our quarantine sessions, rock and Ron's been releasing them on desperately. Geek. TV So if you've got somebody that doesn't do podcasts, but they do do youtube. That's a good way to show them. What desperately Geek is all about? We had so much fun with our guest this week. We really didn't Pick A. Out Song like we usually do so I'm going to go ahead and do this. Here's a band. I know they're not signed by Sony or universal music, even though they're good enough that they probably should be I've been talking about the last couple of weeks new music from the super suckers, an album called play that rock and roll, and we're going to close out the show today with a song called die alone I want you guys check that out? And then over super suckers dot com. Get you a CD like me. I got in my collection. I love it. Out. The. Discipline. Preceded say here. All right here. We are once again. You know we'd never let you down even in the circumstance in. We're here for you because a rock roll. It's the decimal Geek podcast. My name is Aaron Camaro joined his always by the power skype and through the Internet. It's my friend. Chris Zach. What's going on on your end of the line, my man? Good Day Sir Power. You very well, are you? Hung over, but I'm hanging in there. Last the way to do it during the quarantine sessions Yep. They continue right here on the desk. We'll Geek podcast. Chris's at his home. I'm Ed for regional, while not the originally more by guess. I'm I'm in studio a Chris's in studio. See we've got a special guest. WHO's in a different studio somewhere else, but we'll get to that in a little bit. If you've been following along, you know what? The quarantine sessions are all about to me and Chris Hanging Out Out Good Friend, talk and rock and roll, and the subject is whatever you want it to be. That's right because we're taking listener questions and conversation suggestions, and all the good stuff that comes along with it, and we're going through as many as we can right here on episode, fourteen of the quarantine sessions I know you've gotta be excited about this right? It's fifteen actually is a really yeah. Holy Man Yau. We've been in it so long. I don't even know anymore. The new normal right I guess the new abnormal I'd say but. We'll get back to it. All eventually I'm sure I sure hope, but we'll figure that out as we go so far. These men a lot of fun, so I got no problem sticking with it for a while, but you know us. We gotta take care of that business before we kick things off, and our business is apple podcasts reviews pied. chaser reviews facebook recommendations. We love him. You can give them to us and when you do. We're going to read it on the show. You know we will, and I'M GONNA. Prove it right here. This one's entitled very entertaining podcast. It's got all five stars, and it goes a little something like this. The. Geek podcast is a must-listen for anyone that likes rock music, or like spun my friend. Callahan says it's not a good podcast, but like usual, he's wrong. Highly entertaining and I don't even like music. That Aaron Camaro has an amazing voice, an awesome accent. He must come from a town of intellectuals, and above average intelligence. Go Blue Jays. That's a sweet podcast review for Apple Right? There are like that I'm I'm guessing this summer on that. You know this might be my all time favorite review. No this is very cool. Because our friend Unocal hints we talk about him. He's makes questions. I don't think we ever get to his for some reason, but he submits anyway because he loves us and we love him. I went to school a cal hints. In Merrill Wisconsin, we were Merrill Blue Jays and he posted on his facebook about the album. Wake me when it's over by faster pussycat and my friend. Jason Hummer Dang commented on. On that about getting the shirt or something like that from hat city talking about the Internet, river, fast just like I was talking about last week, so then cal hints says Eric Camaro was just talking about hats, City River fast on a recent PODCAST, talking about a poison shirt and a wasp shirt that he bought there and then Doug Fox chimed in, and he remembered that it was in a poison shirt. It was just bret michaels. And that CAL award four to five times a week at that time. So Yeah Hertie easy to tell I do come from a town of intellectuals and above average intelligence. What's up with Callahan's say and we're not a good cast to use the like us. That's just Callahan's. You never know about that guy. He's the Kinda do it'll take his money down to the river fest tent. Peruse all these great metal, t shirts and walk on out of there with Bret michaels well. That speaks a lot more about him. A speaking of Great Bret Michaels story I know that our guest today actually has one, but if you WANNA leave us a review, man, we love them. We Love them a lot. Go ahead and do it. There's awesome ways to do it. Thanks, everybody that supports the show. You don't even have to have gone to high school with me. Anybody can leave us a review. Yeah, well, you're. You're back. Thousand on people from high school leaving the European L. Anybody from my high school even knows what the Hell I'm doing right now. School was a cool ass, rock and rollers. I didn't really. So we want to thank Ralph Vera Aka Dr Thuc for being our guest last week. That was a good show. Did really good numbers of course because Dr Fuck brings the ratings and Of the week this week. Our GRAYSON GEICO's Dame's mcilhenny rock and Ron. Runyon, Wayne Cross and Shimbun back. Just capone-era and Baker David Lynn Jason Blue-sky. Paul Smith Adam Kok Miquel Burrell John Phillips Jeffrey Mendenhall Simon Cat. Destroyer senior AIR JORDAN ARMS EP. Keith Rockford Popcorn Mark Alden Taylor. Nate at Jason's got crouched Mike Parnell Steve, JJ, Mac, or Nesto Aguilar David Kathy. Eat eller Anna. My mic didn't know malfunction that's. Daniel Daniel Lee Hoffman. Haakon Berg, stat audio amber, eight, thirty eight X, Chris, McGowan, and as always the Mugere ver-. Yes, thank you to everybody that shared Irri tweeted last week's episode so much fun with the doctor man he's. He's Awesome Dude I love that guy now. We're GONNA have a lot of fun today. Though, too as we do every week during the quarantine sessions because our guests are always notch Chris. Why don't you read the questions this week and give me a break and while you're at it? Go ahead and introduce our guest. Happy to do so. Uh, so our guest this week I can't believe this guy has never been on the show. Because we known each other for a long time and actually I was listening to him before decibel even started. He is one half of the classic metal show. I'll just say the better half but. We're going into that later, too, but he's also a well established author and Shit Stir on the Internet. His name is Chris. How're you doing? Chris I was starting to wonder if I was just cool enough to be friends with you guys, but never appear on the show now I feel honored. took way too long fester happened. The way it works. Is You know a lot of times you know paths don't Cross I. Think you've been on my show a couple of times, but I i. it just never worked out to where our schedules or whatever worked out. It's cool to be here. Madam I've made it. I've made the decimal pot. Man Well you've got quite a reputation yourself and yeah. I have called in a couple of times. The first time was to It was the night of rock and pod. Because Alley, thanks to our good buddy and fellowship stir Joshua to me. neely had questioned like why I was even bothering doing rock and pod the end of the end of. The day Josh Goes Hey. You're on the phone. Classic Metal Talk to Neely and I had a good time kind of giving him a little bit a shed, and then I called back a couple of years or about a year maybe a year ago, with the about all the Vinnie Vincent fallout and kind of gave you guys the scoop on that. Yeah, and it's funny that that whole rocket pod thing did the funny thing is as I. Remember it. You know we were talking about it and you know how it goes with with with. You WANNA promote what everybody's doing. Because none of us have the opportunities or the the advantages of like a regular commercial radio station. We don't have a budget to go out there and throw hundreds of commercials, hundreds of dollars at commercials, or whatever so the way we promote a lot of the things that we do is to you know we hear about something somebody else. That were cool with doing. We try to promote it. We try to sell it and you know we were I. was I thought I was trying to sell Rockin pod. To tell people. Hey, this is a cool thing. Go out and go out and see. Go Out and do it. Be Part of it, and then immediately neely was like. Well, I don't get it and I was like. Let's get you know it's not. It's not that hard to figure out a bunch of a bunch of guys like minded that like music, and and do exactly what we're doing well, what's the advantage or how? How does that benefit as do? Shut up, he's. The phrase that I got tortured with from that whole thing was. What's the endgame? First of all you, not writing megadeath, album and second of all. You know you're just out there. The endgame was to put everybody together and you know, I don't know if this is when it started or not but Chris. You may remember this as we did that remember. Time ago five years six years ago, we did that. podcasters summit one night where we eight or nine podcasters on on cms one night, and it was right after that that that you announced rock and PODS I. Thought that. It was our idea and you ran with her or anything like that, but I just thought that it went off so well that maybe you know that was kind of kind of where the genesis was well. Let's let's make it even bigger. Let's do it for real. Let's do it in person. Let's let's do it with bands. To give I gotta get full credit bj cramp. He was the one who came up with the idea of it, but but it was, we were all talking about the same thing right around that time and I remember I was host to call into that summit, and it was during NAMM weaken. My brother and I were driving Rick Fox all the way back to Santa Clarita where he lives after the -Nam Show and we're driving through the California mountains and I can not get a signal to call him, so that's why I had to miss it. Did the bottom line to all of it though is that the you know the podcast community we're? We're like the poor stepchild. We're like we're like public access TV compared to NBC. You know we have no money. No funds no help at the only way we can, we can. Any of us can grow is to work with each other is to you know to to try and promote everything, not everything, but but a lot of what each other is doing, and you know we all know that Joe Rogan just signed. Signed for one hundred million dollars for his podcast so clearly there is interest in podcasting and a lot of again, not trying to take any credit for anybody's anything, but a lot of the reason Joe Rogan is making that big money is because there's another one hundred thousand podcasts out there that people listen to podcasts to has become a value valid valuable medium for a lot of people you know, and I know even just with you guys as podcast. Forget mine you know with you, guys. I'm a music fan and. And I like to listen to music. Fans that really don't don't only you know. Give me a sugar boat load of bullshit about their favorite bands. I like I like that. You guys crashed on Vinnie Vincent's head I. Like the fact, guys all you know if you don't like something, even if it's a band that you like that, you'll say and that's refreshing because you go to I don't know Sirius. XM, the you know whatever the the hair metal channel is, or whatever over there and everything. Is You know this? This is a great band that everybody loved back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six. It's kicked tracy and meanwhile nobody loved Tracy. Nobody remembers the song, but they're kissing their ass because they got a record, dated the right way and like stop give me some real news and give me a Gimme at the way. Real fans talk when we're at the bar and I think that's what we all Kinda try to do. Yeah, definitely and you guys do the same thing. How long has classic metal show been going on? Going into. We're like twenty five and a Half Years Jesus Christ. We're the veterans of this crew. Chesting, we started podcasting in. Two Thousand and I. It was either four or five because we. We started so long ago. Doing I'm attack normal like in my in my real life. I'm a I own an IT company. And we were doing it so ago that I literally had to hand code the R. S, code, every week to make it tunes, use it. You know there was no. There was no push upload poop, and it's there, and then it's across four hundred mediums. There was one medium. It was I tunes, and I literally was in there going bracket R.. S. S. I.. E. Equals this and bracket. New Bracket source equals. Bup Bup Bup I. You know I was coding all of. Of that stuff weekly, it was a major pain in the ASS. Try Learning it, but you know it was that I wanted to do, and I've always been that guy that wants to get ahead of the curve with with what we do, you know which is why now we do like video, and all that other crap, because that's I wanna stay ahead of the curve, but dude. I've been with the podcasting thing pretty much since Adam curry through it on a computer so. It's crazy that it's gotten as far as it isn't scripted. It's got as far as it is because let's face it. We all me, you That we know in in the podcasting world, we're all friends with each other, for one reason and one reason only because we all have that similar that similar interests, which is distributing our ideas and our and our favorite music, a different way than is the traditional way. Like that. I like that a lot. That makes a lot of sense. So you you've gotten a preview of the questions that we're going to answer today. You guys ready to jump right in. I've seen some of them I. Don't know if I'm ready. So I'm GonNa, we're doing a little different this week. I'M GONNA be the one asking the questions to avoid. Talking over each other on skype. We'll do it in this order. I will ask the question then, Chris. You're the guest you and you do your answer than an will do. Aaron will do his, and then I'll do mine, and then I'll go into the next. Question sounds good and never fear I do have questions lined up at the end of the show for beat the Geek and Chris's on a four week winning streak, so we'll see how that goes here today. Get some tough competition. I'm sure. Do. All right so concern is so the first questions come from instagram first. One comes from Andrew Jacobs this today. June twenty seventh is a fifty four, th anniversary of the very first frank zappa album freak out or any of you ZAPPA fans, and if so, what are your top five Zappa albums I am not I've I've heard only one. Data album in my life I didn't like it. I never went back so I'm my first foray into. This is I have to say no and pass pass on because I really don't know. kind of mirror that because. I mean with me I remember my uncle. Bruce had a big poster of Frank. ZAPPA's sitting on a toilet and it said ZAPPA crapper underneath it. But I just remember the albums that he played this a big old poster. But. The album's bruce played and he loved Frank Zappa I just couldn't get into it, but like I was a kiss span. You know so that stuff just never hit me and same thing hit me in such a weird way. I guess that I never went back to it either. Yeah, I'm kind of make it three three I. I've tried to get into stuff a little bit over the last few years, and I the only one I own of his is What's it called Pseudo lors? I own that one I kind of like Joe's garage a little bit, but. I? Certainly couldn't give you a top five because I'm just ignore it on the subject, but. I'm all about great musicianship and everything. I love all the shredder stuff from the eighties, but. ZAPPA stuff is just so odd and where it's almost like. Let's be weird to be for Weird Sake, so I the I can't really expelled on that, so let's move onto the next question. He says Andros asked to says today is also the eighteen th anniversary of the passing of WHO bassist John Entwistle. What are your top five favorite songs? Top Five. I don't know that these are in order behind blue eyes. Eminence Front. Athena. Won't get fooled again. I don't know traditional. I hits guy with the WHO you know. I i. really don't again another band that I. Never really latched onto I definitely was a beatles guide more than a stones or who guy, but. You know anything that who had that were hits were pretty good and quite honestly never really I think I. Own I own, it's hard. It's the only ever owned by them and. Listen to it. Okay. I kind of the same thing. I like a lot of their hits. Liked the stuff I always heard growing up played on the radio, but I mean songs like my generation i. mean that's a cool song. Heard it a million times. won't fool. Again is cool, you know. I liked that one, but I think my favorite song is probably a little bit deeper than that I like song called pictures of Lily, which is bad ass. the Seeker I. Think might be my favorite who song? If. It wasn't for trick of the light. I really liked that. That's probably trickle lights. Probably my favorite who song I think. I'm Kinda the same. I mean I I've done a deep dive into the the besides in the deep tracks, but. Won't get fooled. Again is probably always going to be my favorite song. Is this just so damn, powerful, majestic, and of course I'm a kiss nerd, so part of that is in the reunion tour and they play that song right for him on stage, and when doll truth leads the big scream. That's when the curtain drops with the kiss logo on. It eminence, front the only one of my favorites on Baba Riley I love Love Rhino love reign over me. Be mostly the hits. The secret is a great song and actually. Rushed at a great cover that Song I love, the rush cover. That's way down in the original. And substitute I love that one too I'm not big into a lot of their early stuff, but that's one of them that I like a lot. Good question, right on, it's all right here, we go. Now, we move onto the idiot boy, Matt Questions and Matt leaves all kinds of ridiculous questions every week, and we love him for it so here we go first. One is kill Mary Fuck and Wilson Mama or Ian Wildly. I'm going to kill Mama Cass I'm GonNa Marianne Wilson and I'm definitely gonNA. Fuck you in widely since he fucked me out of one hundred bucks on a van Halen Bet. I thought that was Ralph. Ralph I thought it was. A bitter about losing. I needed that or you just you really WanNa fuck you them Ali. He's notyoursexy that long hair. Yeah, we could tie together and just grind. I was GONNA. Say I would fuck and widely, but then I hear this reaction and I don't want to upset Chris and say. I know how you feel about him so I'm GonNa? I'M GONNA go ahead and kill in. What? What were the other two? And Wilson and Mama Cass. I guess I. fucked Mama, CASS and Marianne Wilson. Right. It's tough going to kill Mama I'm going to kill Mama Cass because she's already dead, so there's no trouble. There an well I would probably yeah would probably Fuck Wilson before woody and widely I guess I'm marrying Oh boy. A lot of wins in that choice was no. Does this to us every. Week nonetheless, right? Yeah all right so the next one Hollywood. Hulk Hogan or Hulk Hogan the real American hero and I never can I can always river Matt's not GonNa. Let me down with the Hulk Hogan questions. I hated real American Crow Guy I hated it when they put it on Hulk Hogan and I hated it just as much as they put it on Lex Luger. Going Hollywood hulk. Hogan I agree with that one hundred percent. When I was a little kid, the red yellow Hogan I mean he was cool, but it was Kinda lame, because he always beat everybody up and you knew he was never gonNA lose you know and it wasn't a lot of fun I always like the guys like Bret the Hitman Hart and Jim the Anvil Night Harden. Guys like that. But. When he turned. Evil is when I really became a Hulk Hogan Fan. Because it's like Holy Shit, this guy went from in in one moment went from being the number one most popular, most well known most heroic wrestler. There ever was to boom the next moment. He's the most hated and reviled and everybody just disgusted with it. It's like Oh that is so awesome. That's when I became a Hogan Fan, so I'm definitely going. Hollywood Hogan for life. And real quick as a wrestling fan. Watching that I think is bash at the beach live. When he actually made the change that was one of the few times ever as a as a wrestling watcher that I ever was like holy, Shit Yeah. Leave what just? It really was a holy shit moment in a in a fake fake entertainment that never has true Holy Shit, moments it. Was Shocking right? Yeah, those are always the moments in wrestling. That are most remembered as the ones where you never seen it. Come in, you know, and that's what hooks wrestling fans in. That's why even though like. For example Monday night arrived definitely as good as what I've seen in the past, but he got to kind of watch it because you become conditioned to watch it because every once in a while. Something like that happens, and you don't WanNa. Miss it I think it's just conditioned into our minds a having to be home on Monday nights. I scheduled jobs around Monday nights. When I was young during the Monday night wars and all that stuff was happening. Loving. I I'll be the Corny Guy I. Like the American hero all code, but that's I grew up on that stuff. I I used to watch the cartoon show. I had all the figures and always just loved you know he'd be getting beat up then he'd start shit shaking like he's having a damn seizure. And then he just started beating the hell out of the guy. I. Just love all that stuff, but. By the time the Hollywood Hogan. Thing came I was completely disinterested in wrestling, so if I were still really into it I, probably would like that one better, but I'll go with the original well what you do, brother. Better Woodstock Event Woodstock Ninety, four or woodstock, ninety nine, and no, you can't choose nine hundred sixty nine. Oh! Let's see ninety four had what nine snails and Metallica and Rollins, and I think blind melon might have been on that. And then a bunch of bands. I don't like I think. And then ninety Ad Kid, rock and seven than. God smack God's. Got, to go with ninety four, even I'm not a big fan of either because I'm not a big Fan of these big long festivals that are all mishmash with you know style clashing. All through it, but I love Metallica. Love nine inch nails. Jackal might have actually been on the ninety four one so later. YOU KNOW I! I like them. Yeah I'll take ninety four. That's what I was going to say. Which one was Jack? Alon was that ninety four. Yeah, that's the one for me I. Go to the one we jackal, maybe just watch the Jackal set head on up to the beer tense after that. I would I'd have to go with nine for the only stuff on the ninety nine. Looking back at it that I really enjoyed. And really I mean I get corn set was really good and mega s that was really good flood, and that was also the one we're lent. Biscuits started all the rioting and Shit, but ninety four the highlight for me still for ninety four kings. XS performance to see them. Break all that stuff out in front of a giant crowd and win. A lot of people over I was hoping that would be a springboard for that band, but it just wasn't, but Yeah Jackal was on the at I. Mean Aerosmith Metallica and plus it was my second to last year in high school, so I kind of have an established feeling for that that version of the festival. Okay next one, who is your favorite actor and lies at Tom Hanks. Hang? Track in no. Tom Hanks could have done us all a favor if he would died Philadelphia. He's awful Oh. I would go with favorite actor, not being Tom Hanks would definitely be Pacino Big Pacino Guy, even even as crummy movies are still watchable, but you can't touch the Godfather. One two and I'll be the idiot. That's does I like three a little bit as well so I'll take Pacino. Chino's pretty good Let's see movie actors my favorite. I'M GONNA. Go with gene. Simmons thought he was pretty great. Run away and. You know! The mother movies Red Dawn Awesome in that I liked him and trick or treat I mean classic movies. You GotTa go with Gene Simmons Right. I hope you're kidding. That's. Your. That's your actual answer. I. Don't I, don't I? Don't even drinking. Follow actors the way I do musicians. You know I mean I. See People on TV. Oh, cool, I see TV shows us up I. Think are cool, but I don't really follow movie actors and. They're not. They're not as interesting as rock and roll bands. All right. I'll. This is kind of an obvious, but I'll go with Denzel Washington because I think most of what I've seen him, and he's always great, and he makes the characters on a training day. Still one of my favorite movies ever so I I. Love Him. He's such an Asshole in that movie, but he plays it so convincingly Yeah. I don't think I've ever seen well the one where he's like a pilot with a drinking problem turbulent. Velocity it! That was a terrible movie but yeah I. Yeah, I'll go with him, but. He's no Gene Simmons. Exactly. That's why I picked him. Let's go with Kansas. Asia Europe or Boston Oh, shoot. I'M A big Asia Fan I love I. Love the Asia albums, even the ones that were like in life Asia like and stuff like that. And, it's hard to beat those first three Boston records those. First three are pretty much untouchables to me. And if you kill yourself, killing yourself by grilling yourself to death is is a cool way so I'm going to Boston Rad Delta's a hero. And His this like the the godfathers of Prog rock here. Yeah kind of well I. Don't know about Europe. Oh Wow I'M GONNA go Europe I think I like them better because they're more hard rocking. Right than some. Sense Pretty Hard Rock in two, so I don't know, but I just go with Europe. I lived in Kansas for a while so may. He's not talking about geography not that great. Europe finally like a couple of records by giving and CRIPS, said Boston I mean especially the debut album. You can't really argue with that. I'll go with Boston on this one. All right and now a probably the most important question today. What is your favorite flavor of pringles? Wow, what is what? What is a flavor that I don't like? Come on, Geez pringles pringles phenomenal. And I have to go with. I'M GONNA have to go with. God, I wanna say ranch, but then I'm thinking. I usually get just like the original flavor more on original flavor. I like just the original flavor. PRINGLES are phenomenal. Yeah, pringle is a pretty great. How Love Them I'm GonNa go with the. Man The. They're so yellow, then orange and blue. They're so good at those are my favorite for sure. That's fine gross somebody out, but I like the DEL medical flavor yeah. Those are good with beer yeah I love Celtic. Here's a great question. Get punched in the head by Mike Tyson or give head to Vinnie Vincent. WHAT THE FUCK! Well I used I used to box when I was in the military, so I can take a punch, so I'll go with. I'll take the punch from Mike, Tyson. I want nothing to do with. vinnie Vincent nothing at all. Yeah I got a mirror that I. don't want nothing. Do of any events in either I guess Oh man. This is gonNA suck. I'll take the punch in the face. That makes three of US I don't think anyone wants to put Vinnie's member in their mouth now. This one. Jeff for that. What is your favorite game show of all time mine jeopardy? What the fuck is yours. Are so I grew up in the late seventies early and I used to watch. These game shows like like nobody's business. I loved all those shows card. Sharks supermarkets sweep family feud. We Ila Fortune. Favorite of all time. Maybe. Give it a tie between match game and the dating game, and because as a as a little kid that was pervy from her young age, they asked like really kind of dirty questions, which was always kind of fun to watch. You know my mom's worm, but try to try not to react to the fact that they were talk-, fucking or whatever so onto, have just giggle along with it while you're watching and you're getting away with something, so I'm GonNa go with either dating game or match game. Those are pretty good I remember game shows, too. I always liked. The price is right with I thought it was pretty awesome, always like Bob. Barker, what a cool dude! They're all pretty good, but none of them really compared to beat the Geek I. Don't think I think that's true. Probably the easily the best out of all the game shows I've ever seen jeopardy. I mean they got some pretty good questions. They're pretty tough. Most of the time but Alex. trebek's ain't got nothing on me and there ain't no game. SHOWALTER's got anything on beat the Geek. I'll echo that. Because we're biased. Although I will say to the first things, I ever learned how to say as a child was come on down and new car from. Yep. That's true story. Okay? Go down all right from Our good friend Joshua to me, says what are your top five death tone songs? God how about how about seven words and no more because the rest of them all stink? Not a fan, deaf towns, not a fan all right, Erin I never really been down with the death tones either I. Guess if I could pick one deaf tones. Thing I like is. They do a kind of a cool cover of Shah Day. The ordinary love. It's Kinda cool. When your favorite thing of from abandoned cover song. That's not a good sign. Probably not I like that one song they do. What is it that it's a kind of drones on for a long time and just winds and MOANS or white? That's their whole catalogue. Thing. Though actually I do love the first record adrenaline that was like the only one that has like some real energy to it. I D like my own summer from around the verb adrenaline has a lot of good songs on the First Track Board I. I love seven words I'll of engine number nine That's the only redeeming out I am I remember when White Pony came out. All my friends were just raving about this fucking record and I bought it now. Listen I was like what the fuck is. An rave about is. A bunch of meandering nonsense I just I. that's one band I. Do not get have never full ever. Since that first record. They never clicked now. All right so Deviate says what bands of stayed too long the party and should call it quits immediately. It's kiss either due to diminishing talent lack of original band members lack of fans, interest excetera. Wow Van halen would be one. It's weird because. Look I know and you guys know all these bands as well and a lot of them are making a lot of money, even one guy still in the band, and you can't really fault them for you know even if they wrote to two good hits forty years ago, and they're still able to make ten grand or twenty grand tonight doing it. If you'RE GONNA, go out there and do it. You're going to take fans money. You should at least try to sound somewhat good. You know that's that's the only I would say should pack it away or the bands go out there and just kind of walk through the motions. Don't put good effort out. That's all. I'll say motley crue. They should a never come back. Which of course cove is making sure that they don't. Rub Says Lynch, mob or dock, and if you had to pick one album to listen to. Oh Man. So. Let's see my favorite dock and would be under and key. My favorite Lynch mob would be the first one. Which one would I pick. I'd probably go with docking just because I know those guys a little better, but I like both bands. Tooth and nail. Easy. If. I can only pick one. That's what I'm going with. I think I would I would go with under lock and key that I loved tooth and nail I in record, but I think under dot keet little bit better all right, so that's it for instagram. We move onto twitter which we have wapping two questions from. Our? And one of them is our guy who runs our facebook page. Cox says what's the best band that never got famous. He picks a band called a finance. Never heard of that I guess what. I never have either but I never got famous. There you go I mean what defines famous. I mean obviously ACDC is famous. As love hate famous. You Know I. Mean we've we've all heard of that. But I think if you if you said Hey, what's your favorite? Love hates song in a bar. You'll get one guy. I. Of the blackout you know the rest of the people would be like what what is that? It comes to what you define as famous. I mean love. Hate would definitely be one for me that. I never got quote unquote famous I like the band out. There's a band out. There called Oz that we're kind of a new wave of British heavy metal. That, most people don't remember them I of them. Fire in the brain just fantastic. I mean band like that a Queen Street not many people remember McQueen. Street and I thought McQueen street was awesome so. Who knows man? You know there there's a lot of them. There's there's probably more and it probably goes to what you defined famous as right. Yeah, there's just so many you know I wouldn't even know where to begin. I mean on a love. Hey, kind of level I guess I'd say enough's enough. You know that was banned. That should have been. Enough's enough should be making you to money. I'm saying you know, but whatever reason you know. I have no idea there's a million of them Derek Saint homes as a solo artist. That guy should be top dog. You know you Britain, so many awesome songs over the years and Ben. Apart, so many awesome things. I mean I could go on, and on. I mean there's pariah. There's tough. There's ugly. There's so many I just. Yeah, that's. That's a podcast episode, but a podcast unto itself. Right. One that came to mind immediately for me was Tortora. I'm always GONNA sing. That bans praises but yeah I mean Pariah Aaron you turn me on to those guys that that would have been much bigger, but yeah, there's yeah you can do. An entire series of shows based on this topic. All right JJ MAC says what's the best box set his choice. His choice was Eddie's head from iron maiden. Good still. Yeah. Aerosmith box fire was really good, yes. METALLICA binge and purge is excellent. Eddie's head was excellent. Five to pit on. And this is a toughy. I would probably go with the Zepplin box at the four CD box set. That came in the album sized box was great, and that's just. That's just wall to wall that. LEADS UP! Whenever did was bad, but you can just throw those back. When we used to have the five CD changers in our our four of the five CDs were always those four at it just ran and ran and ran for probably years in my car I would have I'd have those four CDs and then whatever I was changing in, and out, would be the fifth CD, and I played that led Zeppelin box set to death, so I would go with led Zeppelin box, but there's. A bunch of good ones. Yeah, I think some my favorites decide the ACDC one the bonfire if nothing else for. For the other songs yea I. Mean that's that's gotTa. Be Right up there. I'd be disappointed if it wasn't your pick Chris. New Bond Scott Songs. That were new to us that you got to hear for the very first time you know that's puts that number one for me easily, but another one I got is the the Hollywood rocks box said that's got all the Weird Obscure Sunset Strip rock in it and I've even just barely begun to listen to that, and so much more in there Yeah, those are the two that come to my mind that I like a lot. Well real quick. What about for both of you? Guys? Since you guys are the kiss fans? What about what about the kiss box? That had a lot of cool stuff. It had too much of the hits material. That was my problem with it and a lot of the demo stuff. There was some demo stuff that was new, but there was a lot of stuff was. Already out in circulation with bootleg collectors, but they've been in. That's on us for being Super Nerds, but right I was a little. Let down by personally, and I didn't really understand it either because it seemed like you know if you're gonNA. Put Demos and stuff in there and songs that people haven't heard before. Then that means that this box set is supposed to be for the die. Hard Fan right off. A casual fan isn't going to spend that kind of money on something like that especially at that time. That seemed like a lot of money, but You're not going to spend that kind of money on something like that. And then you know just want a greatest hits compilation. Why have all the songs that we already got? We bought them when they came out on l. p. a lot of us probably bottom again when they came out on cassette, then bottom again on CD and that should have been a lot of really cool stuff. That should have been like the mini vault. Let me! Throw one more into the mix real. Quick here. Just just to see what you guys think because it's another one that it would probably be right in my top five as well. What about time Cube by journey? Because that had a lot of cool stuff that had not been released before I. Didn't I never owned it so I couldn't tell you. I'm not a big journey guy, either but I mean that's that's what I like in a box set. That's little. Make it worthwhile to me if it's got stuff on there that. De Mos unreleased songs B sides. Things like that. If a ban light comes with that, and that's something I always seem to ask whenever we're talking to somebody that you know we're fans of that has been in a band or artist sets created music that we've purchased and enjoy is. Is there anything in the vaults? You GotTa Vaults? Is there anything on this album that was recorded? That didn't get released. You know because if you love a ban like you know for for us for example, Love Kiss, you want to hear everything that's available out there and to hear. Something was lost, or something wasn't recorded. It's almost heartbreaking, you know. So those are the kind of box sets that I love Gimme the unreleased stuff. Now another another great one is the Beatles Anthology that one's coming off unreleased. So we move into facebook. John Clark. Says Quarantine Question Kiss members appearing on albums. They never played on a feeder Chris actually played all drums on unmasked. How different with the album be could he have improved any of the songs saying question for Ace on creatures of the night, same question for Bruce on creatures of the night? Okay, so, what is the actual question like? Would the album's different yeah? Go Do you think they would've improved with the with different members being on the albums or no Lakewood? If Peter Chris Played on unmasked? I've never been I've never thought he was that great of a drummer. Ringo of drummers. He will. That's what he's spike to be at times. He did well. Before it is great. Now. I. I don't know I would say that it would be. The unmasked would be less good with him playing on it Creatures of the night if it was ace instead of instead of Vinnie. It would be different. It would be more able to probably been more bluesy I, think creatures and I think creatures became what it became because Vinnie had a little bit more of a metal touched him then. You know that that I. don't even know what you call as it's not really blues, but it's like that SORTA. He has his own feel. Yeah, so yeah. I think both of the ace I th. I think the ace stuff would definitely be different, and if Bruce, Kulik played on, it would have sounded vanilla. I I also I. Don't know about Vanilla but I think it would have been just as good I don't think there would have been too much of a difference because you put Bruce Net situation. He's the same as Vinnie. Just doing what you're told or Vinnie Vincent. Did he plan the whole thing or is Alec an assortment different people? It's a bunch of different people so. If, you'd had at least Bruce and there would be cohesive because he would have done what he was told in done it right the first time and probably would have played on the whole entire album. No problem so that one. Maybe it would have been more of a cohesive album, but with ace on I think it would have been way better than what we end up with his cool as creatures of the night. Night is imagine magic Eric cars, drums boom boom, you know so powerful and then a spray style guitar on those songs in as Solos on those songs could have been so much better. It breaks my heart to know that there ain't such a thing I wish there was i. completely disagree with you on as on creatures. I don't think he would have made it better at all I. Think Better I don't know. I think the the materials suits. VINNIE's type applying a lot better than aces it. It would've. It would've been odd sounding I. Don't know if they would have written an album with ace ace played on it. I would have been more than happy with that, but. They tried that with the elder, but that would really his fault. But now I wouldn't. I wouldn't change anything and I definitely think Peter would have. DRUG UNMASKS DOWN even further I. DON'T I? I don't even want to think about him. Playing on that record because anyone saw on their too in that era. Oh Man, Tugela, Ringo Starr. Let me. We're not going to get all these. Go to some of the ones that stand out a little bit better. Here we go mark atom says. Have you ever attended a concert? Where something on went very wrong? My three were Lane Solo, passing out drunk and had to be carried from the stage at Benetton, passing out on stage, forcing the shows postponement, nineteen, eighty, one and my number, one humble brag. My first concert was the as fairly shocked me. Show back instead six in Lakeland Florida. Wow, yeah, Let's see I know Christmas some crazy. Happen I I in two thousand, ten I guess it was. I was at a death back data metallic and. Everything everything just stopped working the amps and everything went out, and what was ironic about it was a few years. I guess it would have been several years before when Metallica was touring on load reload one of those they did a the end of the SAT. Was this mock stage blowing up in things going bad, so everybody sort of assumed that it was just like they had done previously. But they really it, wasn't it just everything just fucked up and it just stopped, so you had Hatfield kind of walking around? Just. Dear. Dear in the headlights just didn't know what to do couldn't say anything because the mics weren't working. And just nothing happened. You saw the the rigs coming up and down. Trying to you know I don't know what they were trying to, but they just were mess, and it was a long long delay. It was like twenty five thirty minutes before they finally finally, they walked offstage, and then they came back thirty minutes later, and things went back to normal, but it was It was an absolute disaster of a show cause of it. And, then the other one that really sticks out was I saw Motley. It was in theater, painter and the opening band was why not and. Why and he came out, they played I. Don't know three songs. Maybe and they were plan, and it just didn't sound right I'm a huge fan and I was at that time, and it just didn't sound right and Dave. Playing these plan and you remember back in the day they used to. They used to have whatever that the robot guy they use that what I don't know what it's called, but it was like rock rock. All right well, they had rock come out like three songs in where normally would have come out to the end of the at the end of the show he comes out. menichetti throws up on on the. -eacher and grabs his guitar on the State Blaring your prayer. Others nonsense and he just doubles over and starts throwing up. And he just walked off the stage, and that was it three three. Maybe four songs in for wine. T and what's funny is I asked Ben about that and he was like yeah, that Motley crue was a tough tour. You're dealing with those young boys. Holy Shit that's awesome. So he apparently just partied a little too hard right before the set, and just could not go, so that was another one, and then another really fun one. For me, wasn't it wasn't anything that really really bad happened, but I was I was really close with the Pantano guys, and still him with fell. And they were playing a a little place here. In Akron Ohio and it was them anthrax with John. Bush, and Sebastian and Phil Phillip invited me and my friend to come early, so we got down, we got to the venue at like two o'clock or something, and we met up on the bus, and they were already pounding drinks, and you know getting high in the the the things that they do, and so the party at some point moved inside, and everybody would just kept coming in and out band members from band, coming in and out of like big dressing room, and just everybody was drinking. Everybody was party laughing. Telling stories hold court. It was really crazy. Well two of the three bands and Tara's somehow found a way to play well, but anthrax and Sebastian were God awful that night. They were just they were ripped. They were smashed drunk. They played terrible and then. Came out did what they do, and so and of concert. Whatever you know, it was a fun time. Monthly month, or so goes by we get whatever magazine was rip or hip raid or something, and they're just destroying this concert. In a review of this show of the guys were clearly drunk. It was the were show of the tour. These guys should not be partying before I'm and I'm sitting here. Thinking to myself I was like Oh. My God did I help ruin this show. That's like now being reviewed in a magazine. So. That wasn't necessarily a a horrible horrible moment, but it was one of those for me because I participated in it. It seemed like a crazy moment. That's awesome. Man I guess I've been lucky. I haven't seen a lot of fuck ups in concerts. Everything seems to go pretty smoothly. Most the time I go, but I do remember back in ninety seven at the aspects. When Marilyn Manson came on stage, and that was at the time where I think he actually got banned from some of those shows in the area, but he was playing at Alpine Valley, and Alpine valleys known for its seats down below, and then it's like he'll grassy hill up. Above and people were known for ripping up the grass and. And throwing rocks and Shit, sometimes you know it was kind of a thing that was known to happen and Marilyn Manson was on stage, and people start throwing shit like down there people from way up at the top Dow with all the way down under the bowl. You gotTa Really Chuck it. You know if you're trying to hit the stage, but Marilyn Manson comes out, and it starts out a little bit and shits Kinda hitting the stage a little bit by little bit most video making it even close. It's just hitting the people down below. And so. It comes out these staff song and he's like why. What do I do? Paint a bull's eye on my chest for you pussies up on the hill. And I swear to God him because we were down at the top of the top of the seats. And I looked up and man. It was like a meteor shower over the top of US Shit, crashing all around us and getting hit with rocks and oh man. That was crazy Marilyn Manson did like half of that next, and they all ran off the stage, and that was it. That's that's the only one I got. The on that came to mind when I saw the quest actually happened about a year ago. went to see pollinates tears for fears, so tears for fears comes on, they play. They're pretty good I forgot how good they were, and then all notes, and who I really want to see because I grew up a fan of theirs and. Daryl Hall just from the from the jump was just in a mood, and you know John oates lives here, and there are after two or three saw. He just looks surly. They're all surly through the first few songs. And then like after the first three songs he goes. Yeah, so it's been awhile since we've been back in. Nashville then gets on the might and goes. Yeah. I live here. Now I love this plant. As the dogs will yeah. That's why we agreed to do the show here. It was like Oh. And it was like and like People Actually Booed Daryl Hall for saying that, and then it then it was just got worse as the show went on and I like he was being an asshole. Every time I mean had to speak to the crowd. He's just being trip. And you could see John was getting pissed off about it, so it gets to the point where they get near the encores and I think the song was, it was private, is so he intros? He goes all right. Here's another one and they go into the intro of it, and we were sitting pretty far back, but even from the high up seats you could see. They were like actually yelling at each other on stage. They were really often each other, and there was no like big. Thank you at the even those are thanks and they laugh like they were arguing through the whole show in saying. Nice. You got to see hall. Hall note show, let's see the. Holland, arguing concerts. Of all right Matthew Andrew says to mark Adams question. How about the weirdest slash scariest crowd antics? He says he was at a skid row in slayer show when night Sebastian invite stage divers up in one guy hangs around too long thinking. He's going to dance with the group Sebastian yells out. What do you think you're in the band man and kicks in the ass right off the stage. Any any audience craziness. You know it's funny because I was listening to errands story. I had a similar experience at an office. It wasn't the one with Manson. It was the one with I remember it was during disturbed sat, disturbed was playing, and it was like disturbed Slipknot, Black Label Society, or were the main bands and. People hated disturbed and it was an outdoor like one of these outdoor. Amphitheater places and. Midway through disturbed set. We were like way. Five rows back from the from the stage, and just play, says probably fifty row, so it's a big amphitheater its. Seats like eighteen thousand people, and out of nowhere we start getting hit with mud clumps, and we're like what the hell we turned around. The entire lawn was just flinging, and it looked like it was raining mud, and it just was nonstop throughout disturb set, and and they didn't flinch. They didn't even react to it. They just kept on going while we got pummeled with Mudan. Turk La Aunts. So the band. Because, they can't reach the stage. Everybody else in the crowd is like. Oh Shit! We're getting killed exactly. So that was one Another one was I saw. Guns and roses and skid row at shoreline amphitheater in by San, Francisco and skid row played skid row played at like six thirty. You know, and and then. Axel did his normal bullshit where he just didn't want to start to show. People were losing their minds, because excellent didn't even come out or guns, roses didn't even come out to like ten forty five skid row was done at seven Oh. Show is like A. Three and a half hours people are getting more and more drunk, more and more pissed. So, guns and roses finally comes out. Boo you'll everybody everybody's boo and guns and roses at. This point Axel plays one song goes. If you guys keep booing us, we're leaving. Fuck you. and. Then got louder as you imagined that it was like. You know everybody asks leaves the Goddamn. This was. This was like ninety? Two maybe so it was, it was right around the time of the Saint. Louis riot as well, and it was just clear that it was like. Oh my God. We're going to be into some mess here. Because when he left the stage, it seemed like everybody was going to rush the stage. And then. It was scary as hell an ally and you know I'm not afraid too much, but I was definitely. Going to be fighting my way out of this one. then. Almost almost immediately duff and slash came back on stage, and they just started playing like some weird solo thing that it was sort of. It was sort of that. Godfather Solo that slashes known to play, but then it just went into a very long solo, and then, and then by the end of the solo that Axel reemerged, and like you know so basically, there was some manager that was like dude. Get out there and had stage. And then they came out, and they played their show, and they played a great CEPA. They played to like three in the morning or something it was it was ridiculous. It was on Tuesday night or something, but. It was craziness. Bet It was. It was really really nuts. That's wild man. I can't yeah, I can't top that. That's amazing. I can't think of any. We had we had starwood amphitheatre here Nashville and only was like really think of anything getting at too out of hand was METALLICA was playing on a when they were promoting binge and purge. and. They, the crowd started setting bonfires on the hill. There were like fires all over the ply, so that was that was kind of wild, and then when Scorpions a motley crue came here at rained all through the Scorpion set, and by the time Motley crue coming. People weren't even paying attention to Motley. crue was just sliding down the. LIKE FUCK YOU MOTLEY CRUE! We're just GONNA have fun. Molly crews terrible Scorpion through great. If you've never seen them live, they're worth it. I guess we got. We got a couple more questions. These have all been really good, but. I got to know you. Guys teased at the beginning of the show ran maybe not as big a fan as Hinz, but I wanna hear the Bret Michaels story. Others a couple on that. There's a few I'll start with one I used to own a little music magazine called music's bottom line. It was. It was. It was like the free? You know the free mags that you find in the bars? Yeah, you know and and we did interviews and whatnot. So what are you interviews? We lined up remember. The album poisoned power to the people sure. Well they sent out promos. For of the the there's like five studio tracks, and then alive album on. Well they sent out promos for people that were doing the interviews. And so I get the CD the. CD has five thirty second. Clips, and that's all that's on it, two and a half total minutes of music. Okay, so as all of us. Do you know we're working day jobs? So I'm I'm working my day job, and for whatever reason I couldn't get out of my day job to do this. Bret michaels interview. So I called my friend, Randy and I said Hey, could you? Could you do the interview for me and he's like yeah. He's a huge anything that was out in the eighties is his shit and I mean? He lives for those bands, poison of warrants and winger and and. And that's fine, so I thought okay healthy worth, he'll know the questions plus I had a list of my own questions that were already written sitting on my desk by called Randy. I said Hey. Go to my house. Do the. Fair enough. He goes to do the interview. Publicist calls and says yeah. I'm looking for Chris and she goes, and this is all on on. This is actually recorded. I could actually send you the audio of the toll thing so. Prove that I'm not making any of this up. There's actual audio of this, but he goes. He goes yet. Chris got stuck at work, but I'm here to do the interview. And she goes. Well. It's supposed to be with Chris and he's like okay i. know everything about poisoning. I've been a fan since nineteen eighty eight. I've been a big Fan. You know bobble well. Have you heard the new music? And he goes. No I haven't heard the music. Meanwhile again it's two and a half minutes of music right. After they go back and forth and he tries to get through to her that hey, you can do an interview without wasting these two minutes of time here this music. She finally goes well. I guess it's not in our best interest to do the interview that if you haven't heard the material. Wow is like Oh. You Stink so. That was the first fund with bread off at several encounters with Brett. Second One, I'm doing an interview with Brett. And this time. I actually did the interview. He calls fifteen minutes late. And then he doesn't want to do the interview in the first fucking place, so he gets on the phone. He's in a shitty mood. And he's like. How long do we have to do this for Oh man, you know, and it's like. I mean he was just a total dick and I was like did we could all keep you on schedule I'll cut my interview. To fifteen minutes to keep you on Bubba about you know whatever. All right well. Let's get this shit done, right. Fair enough? I do the intro to the to the thing Hey, you know it's just. It was on a show called. The metal showed here on WNYC in Cleveland I do the INTRO. Hey, it's Chris Aitken from the Middle Show and on the line right now. It's Bret Michaels. Hey, buddy, how you doing good to speak to you. evy Just the total fake. Up Bret, Michaels, like to the guy at two seconds ago was telling me that he just didn't want to be bothered with me now. He's Mr Oh I'm so happy to be here. It's great to speak to you. It was like you fucking phony, you know. So. That's number two. Number three. On this metal show that we used to do. We used to play really heavy stuff. It was like decide and that kind of stuff. Then it was hair metal type stuff. We would get asked by the venue that was bringing the poison to do interviews with them to help them sell their shows. If they're shows weren't selling real well. We did get asked to do poison, so we said we'll do an interview. We'll give away tickets for six weeks or whatever will. Do the six weeks of promotion get people to get meet and greet. US pretty cool promotion you tickets to the show. You get to meet the band. Get an autograph yet. A pitcher bubba right online. Poison plays. They're show was poison dock and Elliott guns I was hanging out with Don dock, and we were hanging out in the. There's like a room where they were doing the meet and greets later in the evening, so but during the day that's where they had the like the catering and stuff, so we were back there after doc, and played getting a sandwich and just shooting the Shit. Me And dawn are drinking a lot and I got a good head full of alcohol in. This point! So at some point poisons show ends in the Security Guy tells me I need to go back out to the front of the of the venue and get my get my group, which the people that won the meet and greet get them all. So I was like okay. How can that be you know I walk out. There's a group of people sitting there. I stay. Here for the MS angry. Punch people say yes. Okay, you guys come over here. Sit them in some seats. It breaks down into three meet and selections. It's paid me in greet. Bret michaels paid meet and greet radio station. Meet and greet. Get, my guys all in order. We go back. You know. We're we're of course last after? Being Repeal Fair enough to get the preferential I get that? But we go in. By this time hammered? threat. Out of his paid meet and greet found two chicks that he I don't know what he was doing. I'M NOT GONNA NOT GONNA say he was going to take them back and fuck them, but I have my thoughts. So. He gets up to leave without signing anything. From this last group of people he just gets up starts walking well. I'm drunk out of my mind and I'm like mother fucker. You better fuck it. Sit Down these people's Shit. I am screaming at Brad. You Know I. I was just completely wasted. Finally Brett yells over big John. He's just bring these fucking. People over Brett signed. Everybody's Shit didn't shake nothing, but he he just signed their shit begrudgingly, and it was just like. Yeah, you've got damn right. Dude sign that Shit you fucking asshole. I don't have a lot of love for Bret Michaels at all. To be a very big phony, and it's an upset and you guys probably know this, but I hate more than anything. When bands that I liked as a kid, turn out to be douches I it's. It's really sad. I'll admit those first four poison records I loved I loved you know through through native tongue I loved what they were doing, and and I have a hard time listening to any of it now because of my interactions with Brett. And that sucks. You know I. I was real happy. Last year I was able to do a pretty friendly, good solid interview with Ricky rocket because. He's a really nice guy and I just hopeful that some of my escapades with Brett, because they're all over the Internet with the CMS staff, you know I I've told these stories before, and I was really hopeful that it wasn't GonNa, be well. You're the guy that talked shit about this band, so no, you can't do the interview, but ricky was very cool, and we had a very nice conversation and I was happy to promote. His drum thing that he was doing at the time and it's like cool. You Know Nice Guy, but yeah, it's just frustrating when some of these guys that you really really were a fan of. When you meet them and you realize well. It was better when I didn't know them. Right, I mean, but I can kinda understand like you know even if you're having a bad day and you got interview coming up. You know you WANNA. Put on, you say well. People are going to be listening to this. They don't WanNa. Hear me having a bad day, so let me turn it on a little bit, but I mean don't grumble about it on the front end. Just, grumble about it before you call. Yell at your publicists going how many how many more these fucking things I gotta do and then get on the phone. Hey, buddy, how are you? Yeah, exactly I mean. You've done interview. And you know as well as I do not everybody not everybody that you're interviewing especially when they're thirteen interviews in twenty three interview day, they're not. They're not at their peak. They're not. They're not thrilled to be talking to you well. Here's one. Here's one I'll never forget. It was when we very first started the show in, so we're not really confident with ourselves. Completely as we would later become, and so, this is one of our I I guess it may have been our first big interview, but we're going to talk to rust warf in. It's like Oh, we're so excited than. Your cell phone. It's like well. Hey, Russ, how you doing not so good! Back but. It ended up. We talked to him. You know things turned around pretty quick, but I mean. At first it was like Oh shit. You don't expect to hear that when you're about to do an interview because you're so excited. Who knows what's going on on their end of the world? Did one of the worst at worst things I've ever had happened to me and it was my first big metal interview was with Ronnie, James Deal. And I went from interviewing bands here in Cleveland two. I interviewed that weird store I interviewed new addition, and that was my first national interview I. Ever Did was new edition interview, Johnny, Gill and It ended up being the cover of the magazine that I was working for at the time I don't even writing like a month. Holy Shit you know, and I got. I got this huge interview because somebody else couldn't do it. And they knew I was probably the only one that knew anything about new edition, so I did this interview and ended up being good enough that they put it on the cover of their magazine, so because of that then all of a sudden I was like legitimized where I could do real interviews. And the next interview I do. Ronnie James. Holy and it's like an as I told you guys before that was my introduction into metal was black. Sabbath Heaven. Ronnie James Deal and it's on angry machines and one of the first reviews I ever wrote was a CD review joss trashing angry machines. Aw Is. I I hate it and I still remember the quote. The quote was listening to. This is kind of like watching lyles die. It was just the most harshest quote ever, and it was an I broke it down. I was like it was once a big a big monstrous thing, and now it's just a mere shell of itself. You know it was. It was just the most horrible quote. Wow So do do gets on my phone rings. I'm shaking excited Oh, my God running fucking, James Deal answer the phone he goes. Hey, it's ready James. Do is this Chris Aken and I was like yes, Mr do it is Mr do. Yes, MR, deal. And he goes, are you the guy that wrote any reads me back my review. Like. No. No He's going to hang up on me. He's GonNa fucking upon me, and and but he asked me at the end. He reads this horrible review back and he asked me he goes. Are you the one that wrote this? And I said Yeah Ronnie I did. And and I'll give this guy all the credit in the world forever and why he's a legend, he goes. Maybe you didn't understand what I was going for with this album, and he spent the next hour talking to me about this album and what he was trying to go for, and and whatever and he could not have been nicer to me and know you know the fact that he had the review. You know it pissed him off. But he was completely completely nice to me. He invited me out to the show. I go to the show. Backstage passes to the show I meet him I. Meet The band and in my all time meet. I'm hanging out with him. Just shooting the Shit and he goes. Do you WanNa meet somebody and I'm thinking. It's going to be Tracy. G You're. Somebody and his band I'm thinking you know. I don't know who is going to introduce me to please be Lila, Saito. Please be lyle L Szeto. No this was like the unbelievable moment of all moments. It was Jimmy page. Shish Jimmy. was playing. They were as one of those page. Plant shows was plan the next night across the street at the venue across the street, and they were in town, and they all it was the the tour was do an iron maiden with blaze and. I think monster magnet so. A. Lot of those guys are from are from England so they all know page they you know they all run in that circle. I guess and Jimmy Age. Just happened to be there and I still to this day. I have a do concert ticket signed by Jimmy Page because it's the only thing that I had for Jimmy page to sign. Wow, but. It was cool and. And all that because I wrote nasty things about do. That's amazing what you can ask sure you need to get a black T. shirt with white letters that says. James Do introduced me to Jimmy Page and where that motherfucker every day. Amazing moment. What were you think you? have to ask after his hour-long dissertation of what he was going for. Do you now like angry? Machines, yeah. For sure. Well Hidden. What I've got a new appreciation for that album. Now, I don't because it's still was Ronnie. James Dio Trying to do social commentary, which didn't work, but you know but I. Have, but I don't have an appreciation for the album. What I do have an appreciation for the guy and that that'll never change. That that was balls. I mean he could have. Just thinking about it. He's Ronnie. James Dio at that point in his career. He's done everything there is. He's done rainbow he's done do he's done Sabbath? He could've looked at that review and said Yeah not talking to this asshole. WHO's next buck? That guy? But, but he just was like. Let me. Just explain to you what I was going for. And you know the other side of that is to have the balls to come right to you and be like. Are you the guy that said this? A lot of people would know sell that you know, and just be like. Oh, well, I'm GONNA. Pretend nine read his interview and go ahead with you know he really called you out on it and put you on the spot and Kudos to you for being honest I mean. What choice did you really have? He did he did say to me Madam. In person that one time. He said that that that was why he talked to me as long as he did. Because I admitted to it and I didn't give him the well. They changed what I was saying. A little I didn't give him battle line I just said. Yep I wrote that you know at anyone else. Can you do that's awesome dude? He respected me and I certainly respect him that and now miss him wish he was still here. But what? What emery? That's a memory that I will take to my grave. That's all it's. Always seem like somebody who could see through bullshit mile away. Because, he was really I got to know him a little bit through the that was another thing about that guy. I wouldn't see him for like two years. Or whatever because you know they come through town wants and then by the time they finish their touring cycle record a new record comeback. Come back again and so you're GONNA have. Two years, and every time I ran into him, after I ran into him eleven twelve times after every single time he knew right away. It was like Chris Aitken. How are you by friend? Every single time finger pointing at me critic, and how you and it was just like dude. You meet a million freaking people. How in the hell do you remember one douchebag from Cleveland? And he just was. He always knew my name. He always was cordial. He always was you know whether he was pretending. Air Naughty seemed like he was interested in. You. Know what he would ask me how my life is going. He was just a genuine genuine guy man. He's of all the people that I've met the only the only guy that's even close to him as far as being ultimately genuine like that, and obviously on the other end of the spectrum of fame, but chips enough. Chips and other one of those guys. The most genuine real guy always remembers you. If, he sees you at a show at least for me. You know! I didn't see him he was playing at. Maybe six eight months ago with Tom Keefer. And I went to the show, and I hear that I hear somebody yelling my name across the the venue and I look up and it's chips enough. Hey, buddy, come on over, and it's like Hey, what's? He picked me out and just just a genuine genuine genuine guy man real deal guys so i. like the real deal guys. I'll take them over the Bret michaels any day. Yeah heartbeat chips enough and God bless Ronnie James Dio. L. Yeah. So, let's get through a couple more questions and then we'll do the game that cool. All right David Kathy says wants to know what's the worst opening act? You ever saw his was be his was abandoned. After the fire on the van Halen tour nineteen seventy-nine. He's people were throwing trash on the stage. Wow all right. I have to. Deaf tones would be one I saw deaf tones open for anthrax. and. The venue was packed and I. Mean packed, and it was before deaf tones were famous. All like nobody knew who they were I didn't even know who they were at the time. You know I was in the media. And I'm in there and they played. Board I think is what they opened with. Arm. And they played and they ended the song. Dead Silence. Get silent nobody even. Nothing just silence while so they kicked into another song played another song. Dead Silence. And then somebody yelled out. Insane in the membrane. And everybody. Is laughed and. They played one more song and left. I don't know if that was because they were pissed because that was all they had time for, but. But they were miserable and no one in the anthrax crowd liked about all gave them nothing. That was one. That that was one, and the other one was I some Vojvodic, a small club wants and the opening band. was actually a local ban. CLEVELAND, so you would have thought they would have had some juice. It was a band called disengage who actually had a record deal and they were actually okay band. But they played at. It was clearly awful. Mismatch of styles ban styles, and at one point first of all it was, it was a small club that may be held one hundred fifty people, and all the people were at the bar and around, and there was like a little floor like a mosh floor type thing. Maybe fifty people would fit on. Not a soul stood there, for did not even girlfriends for disengage just nobody so they. They started yelling that they were gonNA throw CDs out. Nothing so then they through CDs out, and you just watch. The CDs hit the flow man. CD's and breaking as they hit the floor, and they got love, and they literally left the stage. Where like fuck you? CLEVELAND, we're sorry we're from here. Awful and I felt bad for him because it was really you know they're. They're playing their home. Thing is probably their first GIG in front of a you know a national band and they just got nothing. No one wanted anything to do with them was really not a good show that song. I feel bad for them. I think mine would easily be Mr. my by very first big show that I went to when it was kiss gray, white and trickster, and I mean trickster was just not good. You know it was. It was kind of a I. Don't know if it's one of those things where you're so excited for the headliner, but they can't be the case. Because Great White was awesome. trickster was just bad yeah I. saw trickster here in Nashville Open on that show, too, and they they were not good I will. Say. There's two things that may that almost the eclipse them. One was candlebox thing up for METALLICA. It was supposed to be Elsa chains and then lane. Oh, deed, and they candlebox was the in. It was suicidal then candlebox than Metallica, so you can imagine how well they were received, so they were the the singer wasn't a shit mood and I think he was feeding off the crowds, negative energy, and he just Kinda talk through lyrics I've heard from so many other people that they're great live, but they were not that night, and then the other one is more recently Um and it's hard to call them an opening act. There was more of a CO headline thing in a club. It was faster pussycat headlining and Bang Tango Opening Up. And Bang. It was the bang tango before they reunited so. And I never seen Bang Tango live so I was like well. Fuck it I'll I'll stick around and see what they sound I was mainly there to Flyer for rock and Pod, but like I. Hang Out with Bang Tango I got through three songs. And I was like fuck this. I walked out. They were so fucking bad ray. Joe. Gravelly voice or what mostly Joe's voice, but like musically they were they were. They were out of sorts to they just did. They weren't locked in rope well. It just sounded loose and lazy and Joe's is Joe. Stay has no voice. All he sucked. I was very. I mean I don't? He may have always been that bad I. Don't know, but but yeah the Boy Bang Tango Awful Awful Ban. The C O Grayson guy says it's my birthday Sunday. With just today can get a happy birthday. Shout out Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Grayson and He wants to know what your favorite song or album along to Oh to drink along to. God So many because I'm an alcoholic. Jeez probably anything by paying Tara maybe like yesterday. Don't mean shit or something like that. You know anything I makes me want to drink. Terror is good. Drink and music I could only pick one album during two. It's probably the same album I'd WANNA. Pick to do anything else to the seventy eight spray solo album. I'm shocked. ACDC power age that's mine. Good one. Yeah, you can't go home that only CDC's good drink and Music Eric floozy wants to know. What are your thoughts on Nita Strauss? I just interviewed her for the first time maybe three months ago or something during covert. and. She's awesome. I mean she. She, she is, she can obviously play I mean she's ridiculously good player, and certainly does not awful on the is definitely good to look at, but she was she. It was so cool to talk to which which I was a little taken aback by because Zayed actually interviewed the girl that was in her slot with Cooper before her. That Orient They Garo ethic. She was not nice and. And Nita. Nita, you know and I. I've known need a little bit from the The Iron Maidens time. She did as well. But she. She just seems like a genuine real. Purse! Like she's not faking it. She doesn't have the skill and she's just using it to get ahead. She she really comes off like she's a true metal at. She really believes in in in what she's doing. She loves what she's doing. She loves playing these classics with Alice. Cooper she shows up at men just on the spot jams, iron maiden stuff with anybody that will come up. She seems she's the real deal. And that's from both talking to her and just kind of watching her evolve. I'm a big fan of her. Yeah, big Fan to every time I've seen her play with Alice Cooper. I've seen I think two shows. With hers, part of the Band and yeah, she's Great. Man Plays Good amazing nothing that I thought I saw a couple of weeks ago. It was maybe a question that we missed was about Alice. Cooper recording an album with the band that he plays live with, and I would be one hundred percent behind that because I mean yes. Such talented guys and girls in that group that Alice Cooper plays live with I would love to hear what that group could do on an album. Isn't it? Does anybody know the reason he doesn't do that. I. Think I think it's a Bob Azran thing I. Think Bob Azran always refers to US studio players, and he thinks it's more efficient that way. That's my guess, but I don't know I think you know. What do you have to lose I? Mean just look I. I wish he would give that band shot. 'cause you know they're all good play. Ryan Roxie Tom Hendrickson like they're good writers. And players. Give them a chance, and they would have so much not that they don't play with passion now. But how much more passion would they have the songs that there are actually a part of in? Yeah I. Wish they would do that. All, right, so let's let's go. This'll be the last ice. Look quick lightning round. Thank Heath Rockford San, so it's just. One of the two choices. Alice Cooper Da da are welcome to my nightmare. Welcome to my nightmare. I loved Oughta, but I I'll have to go with welcome Murph for that one down. Yeah, you can't that one's hard to top. Yeah! Thin lizzy black rose R. Bad reputation. Not the biggest fan of thin. lizzy believe it or not, but I, if I had to pick one of these I would probably pit bad reputation. Bad, reputation hands down. Rose. Like it better. Or Nineteen eighty-seven slide it in by about a million percent. Slide in for sure yeah. Nineteen eighty-seven. I'm going to be weird one. That's loves crazy nights and it makes sense. Exactly yeah, I got TA got into Whitesnake. WAS THAT ALBUM? All right so the Camaro special question ugly kid. Joe were tough. CHEESEHEAD card here, but I'm GonNa go, but I gotta go with Ugly Kid Joe. I I gotta go with Ugly Kid Joe, too, but not for the reasons you're thinking because. I like the stuff that they did after their time was over hotel. -fornia and the one that has has godden menace to sobriety which on. Those albums fucking rock. Yeah, they do. Those are really good i. Looked in cats in the cradle and stuff, but once their time was over I liked a lot of what they were doing and I even like the stuff wit did after that Ben Medication that was really good with I'm a big fan I like him. I go with ugly Joe, and that's an easy. I liked tough. Googly cajoles definitely a better choice for me. Inspired Asian I think there's a question somewhere in there. We missed that I didn't really catch. Who wrote it, but somebody was asking about our favorite new metal bands Chris. Is there any new metal that you get into I? Do like new model. I I proudly wear my. My Korn Limp Biscuit. Love on my sleeve, my favorite of I don't know if you would call them specifically new metal as much as maybe a little more rap. Not but I love stuck Mojo. Mojo Guy I. I liked most new I didn't like some of it like crazy town and stuff like that I wasn't a big huge fan of but all that stuff i. was I did I I'm one of those guys that kind of flows with the time whatever the time is bringing I still like all my old stuff, but you know I I'm just as adept to grab onto even today's stuff. You know the the kill switch engage and. Stuff like that today I. I like everything. So yes, I did like some new metal stuff I would say limp biscuit or or corn or stuck. MOJO stuck. mojo would be one and limp. Be In, be three, wow! See with me new metal. There's a lot of new metal bands that I like some of their stuff like songs here and they're like I guess. I I like some corn songs and I like some system of down songs you know, but the ones that I always liked the best was The murder dolls for Wednesday thirteen always love that stuff rob Zombie, Marilyn, Manson. I like power man five thousand I. I like that band union underground, and we actually got to meet the guitar player because he was playing for lead Ford one time we went up with metal. Mike Sugerman Louisville and when you mentioned medication. That's what made me think of that question as I. Actually was thinking about. What are my favorite new metal bands, but medication was whitfield crane from ugly kid Joe and Logan Mater. I think from Seoul fly machine. Machine head. It was that it I thought it was so fly a his with both. Flight with machine all right, but that was. They wrote some good songs in anything. Field Crane does is gonNA kinda sound like a kid Joe so and actually got see them live one time opening for coal chamber, which were pretty damn good. Yeah, he also did that band What was it called another animal, which was basically God smack, but with went on vocals, instead of the little guy whatever his name Lena Yeah. Sorry I should little guy. Like five foot floor or something, not, you're right. Yeah, that album wasn't as good I. Don't think being a big ugly kid Joe. Fan and a big fan of whitfield crane. I think that's like one of the weaker ones 'cause I don't know they were God smack songs. Yeah, exactly I do love that you brought up union underground, though because that education rebellion was an awesome record. Yeah, that was really good I. Like that one a lot back in the day. And didn't didn't disturbed came from the fallout of that band, didn't they wasn't wasn't somebody from disturbed in that band? I think. I'm looking John Moyer. Oh No, he was in that band. He was the he was in that band. I just just put it up. Yeah, he was in it. I thought I remembered that yeah, right on, and like I said that time went up to Louisville the see Lita Ford. We got to hang out with bobby rock a little bit, and he introduced us to to leaders guitar player, and he played in union underground. Oh Wow I guess it's one of those. It's like London. It's a ban that everybody got their started. London! I'll man for new metal I played a new metal band corn biscuit, soul fly. There was a lot of stuff from here. I got into so I I still I still listen to some of that stuff. final thing from Keith Rockford and this is like the choice between syphilis and gonorrhea, psycho, circus or the elder. Psycho Circus by a lot. I'm going to go the elder yeah. I think so. I guess I would go psycho circus but I wouldn't enjoy it. You like anything after psycho circus. Yeah I. Don't I like Sonic Boom on certain songs? I Love Monster Okay. Yeah See, I'm the same way to was psycho circus. I like some of the songs on there, but some of them don't feel right. You know and and with sonic boom I like sonic boom. You know it's not terrible. MEAN BY KISS standards. It's on the lower end, but you know and monster I dig I always like masterson came I know as sacrilegious. Say That Shit, but I. don't care I like monster. I don't care who knows. Last I look listening to music to make other people's opinion work indeed. All right well I think. That's all the questions we're going to have time. It's time to throw back to Mr Camaro. Host the show reports. For the Purpose. Of the. Well, you know what that means. It's time for the show that we know from based on earlier. Conversation is way better than the dating game way better than jeopardy. It's signed for beat the Geek. Got, eleven questions lined up Chris Ache. You you understand the rules. Check this out before. Yep. Alright then we're ready to go, so as we always do on beat the Geek we start with the Geek in that is Chris on a four game winning streak? Oh, it's all high stakes today I like this. All Right? Here's your first question. In a two thousand seven interview with artists direct then Queens of the Stone Age Drummer Joey. Castio stated that he owned to drum kits formerly owned by this drummer, which he considered prized possessions. Chris Aken. Do you think Chris in Zach knows the answer to this question. Queens of the Stone Age. I'M GONNA. Say No I'm going to guess that he does not follow what they do all right right off the bat. We're hitting it hard and heavy Chris. You are being bet against Queens stone-age. Drummer Joey Castio has to prize drum kits owned by this drummer. Is it chuck biscuits from Dan Zig. Bunny Carlos from cheap trick Graham Lear of REO. SPEEDWAGON OR NICO macbrayne from iron maiden. I'll guest Nico macbrayne. That is incorrect. The prize possessions owned by Joey Castio. Drum kits played by chuck biscuits from dancing. So you bet against and you got it wrong, so Chris Aitken without. Even getting question is already up by one point. All Right Mr, Aitken your tough plane with two Christmases. All confusing all right Chris Ache in your question is this. Which of the following, musicians are not buried in the Hollywood forever cemetery. Kristen's act. Do you think he knows the answer to this? I'll say no. All Right Chris bringing her right back at you. Bet against you. We're going to figure out which of the following musicians are not buried in Hollywood forever cemetery. Three of them are one is not. Your choices are. Shannon Hoon of blind melon. Bianca Butthole of Betty Blowtorch, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple pilots and Chris Cornell of soundgarden. Three of them are one is not which one is. Wow. This is a street of guess. I'm going to go Scott Weiland. That is incorrect. Scott Weiland Chris Cornell and Bianca butthole all buried in the Hollywood forever cemetery Shannon Hoon went back home to Indiana. Crisp against you. You got it wrong. We're doing it all backwards, but it's tied up in one to one. The addition by subtraction. All Right Kristen. Zach your question for the sizzler. Todd, rundgren. He's a pretty well known guy played with Nasr Utopia. Solo stuff meatloaf all that. Played for a lot of bands, but he's also produced a bunch albums. He produced albums for all the following bands except. I'M GONNA. Give you four bands. He produced three of them yet for figure out which one he did not. Chris can do you WanNa. Bet against some. Do you think you can figure it out? He's not GonNa get this. All Right Chris. You are being better against. That's where all the points are coming from, so it could be important. Your choices are cheap. Trick New York. Dolls loverboy grand funk railroad. Rundgren. Work. He just wants to on the drums all day. Long No. Chill loverboy is like a red herring. It doesn't seem like he produce summed. We did. I'm going to say grandfather railroad. Oh Man, you should've went loverboy. 'cause grand funk railroad is impact. He produced American band and shining on by grand funk. He produced the debut album, and then later on reunion album, because says so by the New York dolls. He did next position. Please by cheap trick, but he never did loverboy album, so you got that wrong. Chris can bet against you. That's another point for him. Nobody's got anything right so far. Recruiter Aitken leads to one. And it is his question. According to tunes. This is Ted nugent popular song. Kristen Zach. Do you think he knows the answer? Chris Ache and as a digital streaming like maven. He loves that Shit, so I'll say he knows this. All right Mr Aitken. You are not being bet against and your choice are cat scratch fever. Fred Bear stranglehold and Wang Oh tango. Most popular. Tunes I one cat scratch fever. Fred bear stranglehold Wang Tango. Go Cat scratch fever, and I normally be wrong. It's going to be Languid Tango. I'm a cat scratch fever. That is incorrect. But it's also not Wanguo. Tango either cat scratch fever is number two weighing. Oh, tango is seventeen. Fred. Bears Number five most popular Ted nugent on itunes stranglehold, but since Christians Act. Not Bet against you know points awarded score remains chrissakes ahead two to one. No questions answered correctly so far. Looks like I'm going to be the winner here today. All Right Chris Zach your chance to bring it back up. In a nine thousand, nine, hundred seventy two stage version of the WHO's Tommy with the London symphony, Orchestra. Sandy Denny played the role of the nurse and sings the song. It's a boy. What else is she famous four? Kerr sekine back to nineteen seventy-two. This is sixty seventy stuff here. You Think Kristen ECK has any clue who sandy denny is. No. All Right Chris. You're being bet against it. Choice all. That's correct. Choices Czar. Replacing Ruby Star in Black, Oak Arkansas. Her Duet with Robert Plant on the battle of evermore. Providing the child's voice on Alice Cooper's the ballad of Dwight fry. Or singing background vocals on all four of the first rolling stones albums. Jesus Christ Oh. Gas of a ago with the Alice Cooper one. That is incorrect. Selley. Sandy. Denny is known for her duet with Robert. Plant on the song battle over more at that's what I would have gotten yeah. Nice. Seeing if you know anything about this, lady she there. This woman led a crazy life, and she died in a really weird way, so yes, want some interesting reading. Look Up Sandy Denny on time. All Right Chris you bet against in. You got it wrong. And so that brings the score up three to one. With still no answers as answered correctly. Forsaking Lane. And it's his question. In Greg Prado's book shredders who does Billy Corgan? The smashing pumpkins sight as the greatest guitar player of all time. Kristen Zach does Chris and know. Who Billy Corgan. Thinks is the greatest guitar player of all time. I don't know, but he I mean any point so I'll bet against him. All Right Chris Ache and you are being bet against billy. corgan smashing Pumpkins, whose the greatest guitar player of all time is it? Eddie van Halen George Lynch Jeff back or inveigh steen. God. And I hate smashing Pumpkins so I've no word that he has ever said in an interview I'm GONNA WANNA. Take a chance here. I'm going to say George Lynch. That is incorrect. The correct answer is. Malcolm! Stein and Chris Bet. Against you and you got it wrong so Chris. Back in with no correct answers so far in this entire game, and we're sitting at a score of three two two, Chris Ache and still holds the lead. It is now time for the kiss round. Double the points. Christians ACURA KISS round. Question is first. Before beginning recording for his nineteen seventy eight solo album while driving in excess of one hundred miles per hour in Marina. Del Rey California. Peter Chris was involved in a car crash that sent him through the windshield and almost killed him. What kind of car was he driving? Chris Aken this Kristen Zach who we know is a legendary kiss nerd. Does he know the answer to this question? I'm GONNA say he does all right Chris you're not being bet against your choices are. Porsche Ferrari Corvette BMW. Shit I. Don't know this one Say Porsche. That is correct. Oh, it's the kiss round, so it's double points. You were not bet against and so you have now taken the lead with a score of four to three. And somebody got something right and yeah, and got a binary finally. Somebody guests something right. All Right Chris Aitken. Your turn in the kiss round. For the creatures of the night tour kiss toyed with the idea of adding a cover song to the set. It never happened. But what band were they considering covering? Chris sins advocates the kiss round. Big Points on the line. Do you WanNa bet against him, or do you think he knows the answer? Against Him all right Chris. Can you are being bet against kiss? Doing a cover song, which is pretty rare for kiss never happened, but what band they consider covering was it led Zeppelin the Moody Blues the WHO or Zambia. This is gonNA. Be a straight, guess, I'm, GONNA go design. That is incorrect. Kiss nerd Chris. Do you know the answer? I'm GonNa say the Moody Blues. That would have been correct if it was your question. Double the points. That's two more kristen. Zach brings the score up six to three the correct answer the Moody Blues Originally Way Way Back in the very beginning kiss they would do an encore song, and they would cover the Moody Blues Tune. Go now, and then later on when it got to be the eighties, they considered bringing that back into the set list, but did not. That's some deep kiss knowledge. I just dropped on Y'all right there. We go. All right, So we got two more questions left. This is still close enough that it could be brought around. SA- Chris Ache. Wait no Kristen Zach. It's your turn. Wait a minute. No Chris goes last. He just wait. Did I lose track I? Just guessed on the. On this one, yeah, so this one goes Kristen Zach. What animal is featured on the cover of the nineteen ninety-one Brittany Fox album. Bite down hard. Chris. Can you think Chris knows the answer to this one? Yes because I know the answer to this one all right Chris. You're not being bet against. Could you really use them points? But he's playing it safe. Your choices are a panther, a hawk, a snake or a Fox. Snag isn't. That is correct, pretty lady holding it apple big black snake. You're not bet against. Correct. That's one point for you now. Just for fun here. We go last question for Chris Aitken. On the soundtrack to the nineteen ninety seven film Howard Stern private. Parts Ozzy Osbourne teamed up with typo negative to cover a song by this band Chris Zach Dizzy think he knows the answer. I think he knows this. All right not being bet against in the final question just for fun. Was it status quo black, sabbath, genesis, or blackfoot? Ozzy Tune Is E teams up with Typo negative for the Howard Stern. Private, parts soundtrack together, they do a cover. Is it a cover of status quo black, Sabbath Genesis or blackfoot? God I know the Song I. Don't know who saying it son of a bitch. The song is is the matchstick men song, but I don't know the original person was on it God I don't know status quo. That is correct. Yeah, you had the song pitch pictures of matchstick men. Song I know who Sang Richly Nice. So you gotta correct, you were not bet against final score today. Chris Zach lives on as he defeats Chris, and by the final score of let's see seven. To Four. Nice. That was a good battle. Though you guys man. That was a tough one. I guess I asked a lot of good questions. How many actually got answered right one two three? Four. Out of all eleven, questions we in the tour of you. You got four of them, right? WHO's the game show master skate through Har? It's me. It's me. Your the Wink Martindale of rock and roll you damn right and then so. Wink, Metal Dale. That should be my game show name. Well. This has been a lot of fun today. I've got some pretty damn. Cool stories in a lot of fun with the game show Chris, Aching! Man thanks for finally coming on Decibel Geek podcast with US anytime. Guys, fun cool, and you have A. You have a podcast going now. You want to promote real fast. Have I obviously have classic metal show, which is dot, classic Metal Show Dot Com and we recently I started a podcast with Matt. Hartnett, who is the CO host of the shockwave skull sessions podcast with Bob now be Indian our our new podcast is called aftershocks. AFTERSHOCKS PODCAST DOT. com is the website and basically that one it's. It's ninety nine percent interview based, but it's. It's It's all types of metal with the exception of kind of classic battle, so stone or stuff, death, metal, stuff, hard core, new metal, modern metal. You know everything that's not you know. Eighties based I guess is is what we're doing and a lot of fun doing it, and it's We release every Monday. Thursday, so you get to new interviews week and it's. Like I said aftershocks PODCAST DOT COM but no interviews with Brad Michaels. Now? Actually Funny. Right on all right, Hey! Check out Chris Aitken's books, because not only. Is this Guy Awesome podcast here? He's an amazing author to I've got the Motley crue ninety four book. I know a lot of people that listen to this show are big fans of that album. You want to get the breakdown of it. This really cool little book that you can check out and Chris can put it together. It's really awesome. What other books those cause-effect books got, I've got six total books on one is about my divorce. I have three that are like real world and three that are kind of music world I've got one about divorce which is called little victories I've got one about being burned industrial accident which is called. Call Me Chris. I've got my latest book which is. About my running around like a maniac in in Korea, when I was in the military, which is called and other things I should not say, and and as far as the music books I've got. I've I'm writing this series called cause and effect, which is I take a look at an album that changed. That changed something about a band whether it's changed the way the fan base like them or the the you know the world like them or something. Something dramatically changed with the album and I've done three so far I've the Motley Book that you just mentioned which is about the ninety four album? I did Judas Priest Turbo and I did Metallica the black album so and I'm working on. I'm actually working on to more of those right now. One of them is megadeath risk, and the other is doc and shadow life. Those albums is much as people hate him. You know as far as like the the key. The main fans of band usually hate those albums, the most those are always the most interesting ones. The thing that I've found with doing especially right in the Judas priest, which of the of the three music books I thought I did the best work on the Judas. Priest's book I just found a lot of cool stories about the various songs about you know what was going on with the band, so it is a lot of fun to kind of dig in. You know a lot of times when people hate the record. What was going on that made the record gets lost. So you know these books are? These books are kind of fun and they're. They're not all history because you know there's an. There's guys a lot better than me at writing that that do that the Martin popoff and Joe macgyver, whatever the world, but you know minor kind of some history and some stuff that that most people could probably relate to i. tell you got the Motley Book and I told quite a few stories about partying while while listening to certain songs in the Motley Book and I'm sure a lot of people could relate to that. Say Oh, yeah I remember party in at this bar to when I was. To that song or this song, so therefore they're fun books I I don't think they're higher learning by any means, but there there definitely fun to to read, and then my other, my real life books. The two of them are real serious the. The newest one is definitely not serious. It's definitely you know debauchery. That's awesome yet. defiantly. Check that out if you get a chance. Chris Aitken thanks for coming on the show brother. Thank you boys very much fun. Land. Curling. How. Are you? UNBEAR-. Fell! Off. South.

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