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"mike studio tyson" Discussed on The Tony Robbins Podcast

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"mike studio tyson" Discussed on The Tony Robbins Podcast

"I meet younger kids who are twenty fifteen because they watch the hangover and some of the show that has jake's idea that what used to be a boxer anytime I heard Bradley Cooper new became friends yeah really good guy. He's a really good guy. The awesome guy while to how how did your Broadway show come about and some people don't know about it went around the world. Tell also Boughton and it started out to be serious and then your willingness to be humble and take the mic so to speak kid about yourself. Tell us about that me and my wife watching <hes> we're going to Chazz Palminteri the Bronx tale movie but he's doing it on stage and what we're doing the movie <hes> during the theater play I noticed nine hundred people arena and everything it's quite you could hear rapids on cotton. It's just quiet if quiet some people crying but it's why and I told my wife baby I think I can do this. I WanNa make people feel the way this guy made me feel and no method baby normally when I'm in Europe people I'M GONNA stay. People actually questioned I'm doing Q._N._A.. And next I used to do the Cuny I do like at the ethical point of view like Mr Commentary and so the first time we started. We did a six week read. We did it and so the first time we did it. We had all our friends join. You know all of our friends I lawyer people we know so it's like a thousand people that we know ah friends that people can see they came right and we're nervous so you're you're. You're you're seeing the audience to make yes I'm going out and I stopped my show and I face something about. I didn't know my father that ended up in everybody starts laughing and I go back to remember tomorrow's The bay widely laughing what's going on and did okay she baby. They're laughing. It's okay it's keep going and I went out there and it was meant to be like a real gritty New York tough guy that made it to all it's hard adversity but it came out to be a comic. They buy laughing with funny funny and I'm talking about when you pissed about five my father isn't everybody started laughing hysterically laughing and I'm like Whoa and that's not what I was. I wanted to be the car tough and didn't turn not that way so we made the entire comedy but then turn but you got so much more love by cyanosis debt and by doing that show went all over the country they went all over the world and did it. We did it in stage with people didn't understand English. We have to the subtitles and exciting. We're starting to do it again. PARLAYING six months ago start training now and so in three month period after fins chain start rehearsing stage so did you ever think you're going to be an actor no never Canadian and now you got your your documentary out without on Netflix and so forth and yakup about doing listen. It's doing great. We're doing part do part to and if something my wife She's you wrote the story then told about my life I explained my life and she wrote everything and how can anyway and it turned out to be a hit. You told me back twenty one years ago on the reason I'm still alive is because my kids your five kids not fix fix now <unk> six dollars yeah. Most of them have one that graduated for N._Y._U.. She's GonNa be Director have one. That's <hes> graduated from Joyce. Towns grants graduated. What's I'm from like seven colleges already? She's like a professional student arrogant and she just professional student at one. That's an American American University and D._C.. I have a sixteen year old home schooling and have a ten year old and have eight year old home school and tell us what's a day for Mike. Tell us about your cannabis business and what it means to you and about the place you bill. That's a little bit about that like what's next for you. Well listen at this point we embarked on this really amazing state of the art first of its kind candidates ranch and we're doing it in the palm spring hot desert area and it's pretty much off the ten and then we have we brought over four hundred twenty acres and one side. It's going to be for families have best bet the top golf and all that stuff fund for run for fun and all that stuff and then other side. We're going to have our stadium. We have five. We have concerts there. We'll have a university we're going to be able to educate people on cannabis extraction of of the cannabis from planted seeds and then we're going to have a lake. That's GonNa be like an Acre long running late there and it's going to be like a bunch of Glam and you're familiar with the gladdens glad campaign graph. It'll be like little <hes> is going to be made like Chateau's wow there sanjay gupta's a deer doctors good friend of mine from C._N._N.. And he used to be so against cannabis and now he's done all these specials on it to show how save lives changes lives you ever think you'd be in the nabet medical perspective the mental wellness health in the center in leaps and bounds as far as the medical professions concerned. It's made leaps and bounds especially those have gone through brain seizures users and things like a godsend for the people aged. What's Dan Life? Mike Tyson look like today. How does it compared to the Mike Tyson today? Mike Tyson sky the limits. There's no you should know limit what I'm capable of doing me and my family in but can you imagine going to tough time than adversity if I were gave up but this ridiculous guiding volve fights cops like I used to doing got shot kilter something never realize this beautiful life Albany paths surrendered and gave up. I mean let God tickets will and I felt my wife and we've been friends forever and we're even want to be married. We're we're friends in the powerful together beautiful you know and your prey. I understand absolutely I'm a Muslim prayed for Muslim about praying. Tell me in a typical day though what does the difficult thing look like in your life. Did it very different than before. Well listen is just say everything very positive perspective. I I accept my friends now except my friends on the half inch you have to be be afraid yourself allowed myself to be a friend. My friend and they'll situations changed my wife. My children were all this man communion bond. Would we love each other. I I couldn't be doing any better. You know if I died today. I have to write a check. That was paid really good stuff. You said one time that my flaws made me successful and then my flaws in the past like you said something like I'm paraphrasing have made me so grateful for my life today. What would the flaws and what's been healed? Well you know I have compassionate. Let's compassionate for my fellow mankind more compassionate Ashley with him. I don't look at the when I look at him now. Look competition of thinking from being dead hurt or something is all about love you know May I think if I love and I think about hold on. I think we're helping them making life. Better give him a better point of view of life has been a I hope for life. If you've been through some of the toughest times it could be the highest ties some of the lowest lows. What would you say to somebody who's going through the dark night of the soul and they don't know if they're gonNA make we'll be revised to them because you've you've seen it and you decide we understand we're stronger than we anticipate that we are? We believe we are and by <hes> believe me itself. I mean you overcome the most talk as moment is all about the belief you haven't yourself now but with other people believe in you about what you believe in yourself and your intestinal intestinal fortitude how much you could really pay you know when I used to read about niche. I think the Overman with a bad motherfucker but no way he bad motherfucker but the took everybody's paying they didn't fight back that was overman mean the ultimate limited to take everybody's shit and never fight back. Ah I never understood that you know what I mean. Do you know what I mean. I do breath done demand. That's the most powerful person who could take all the shit that you got to throw out in that fight back then you have that power now now I love your brother. I can't take enough for sharing your wisdom with us. What you just heard is Tony Interviewing? Mike at a private event held Antonis home. Tony recently had a chance to visit Mike Studio Tyson..

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