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"mike rozier" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"I don't know that they're going to need two pick 6s from stetson Bennett, but they're going to need help. I mean, George is, I hate to say the trembles. They are like a supersized version of Michigan, right? They're super physical. They have a lot of guys and you can say a more NFL top level talent on defense than certainly I think Michigan does. But it's interesting because both teams excel using the tight end. They do it differently, but especially Brock Bowers. He is a big weapon, George's tight end, much different than how Michigan uses their guys, but I think that's the challenge. But again, TC was so loose and playing with the house's money. If there is a game at halftime, I'm not saying George is going to get super tight, but it's really hard to repeat. And they needed, they needed like a missed field goal, obviously, to get to this game. I think there's, to me, there is no aura of invincibility on this team. One of my friends had brought up, well, maybe this is kind of like the first Miami team coming out of nowhere to beat Nebraska. I remember that Nebraska team, Turner gill, and Mike Rozier and fry, that was like team of the ages that they were building. I don't feel like this Georgia team is quite as stacked as the one we saw last year. And I would agree with you on that. I mean, there's so many guys playing on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays right now from Georgia team in particular. And this is a really resilient TCU team. Like if they give up a huge play, well, we just saw that. We just saw them give up a huge play right out of the gate and they didn't give up a touchdown and I just think they're going to take a lot of punches on the chin and if they lose they lose, but they are a dangerous team because they have so much belief. Like I'm not surprised the spread is double digits. I think it probably should be. You have an issue with that, right? TCU, we've seen them play what, 5, 6, 7 ranked teams this year, beat all of them, and they're 13 point dogs, really, 13. I think a lot of it has to do with just a recruiting rankings. And you just see so many 5 star guys on the field. Michigan, it was like a little bit like Michigan to Ohio State. It was like this was flipped kind of thing. This game where Michigan was the big underdog in that game, and they played with the chip on their shoulder and then TCU came in with the chip on their shoulder. I could easily talk myself into thinking TC was going to pull the big upset. I don't know, man. I saw my own two eyes and that team is physical. Whatever sunny dikes is selling, they are, they are bought and sold, man. And they're tough. They are really tough and mentally tough. And on top of it too, that fan base is loud. That building was deafening. And they're going to show up in Los Angeles. Not that George is not. But there's going to be a ton of purple and that SoFi Stadium, which is one of the loudest buildings I've ever been in anywhere, and they are this one thing hasn't happened in a long time where when it's Ohio State versus Alabama. With the exception of LSU that year, it's been a long time since somebody else was kind of a darling of college football playing in that game. It was always like, when Clemson first got there, but after a while, people got really sick of the dabo in a hurry. And it was in Georgia, Alabama, a higher state. Those programs are hard for everybody else to root for. I mean, I don't know if this doesn't really matter much either. But the idea that there's going to be so many people pulling for TCU, I don't know if it's in the building how much that will matter. It's going to be that place was half purple. It's not more. I would surprise that how much purple there was. Well, we know there's going to be a lot of people from Michigan with tickets. Well, I'm one of them. I'm going. I mean, I'm still taking my son. I always have been dropping all week because it seems like the Michigan people are on the road. I'm sure they are. I don't know. You got me on that one. So I'm saying is that I saw that TCU team and I watched the game when I got home, or at least the third and fourth quarter, except for the last kick, because we were watching the ball drop, by the way, and so that was that TCU can win this game. 13 points, really? I also think Bruce kind of interesting about this game is the quarterbacks. This isn't Jameis Winston versus Marcus Mariota. This isn't too Heisman Trophy winners. It's two guys whose stories we know. Like max duggan was a backup before this season started. It was a walk on. He's going to be in charge of your 401k and two years. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, I mean, with max duggan, there were coaches who faced him this year in the big 12 who were actually like, we want him to not get knocked out of the game because they thought Chandler Morris, the backup, was gave them more problems. In other teams lost to him, by the way. NWC. Man, I love talking to you, Bruce. Happy new year, sir. Thanks for joining. Thanks for good to see you. It's good to see you again. Lots has happened in between the two times inside each other. Check out Bruce Feldman. Fox Sports and the athletic and then of course on Twitter as well. Thanks for coming. You got it. Bruce foam in here on the Richards. It's your phone calls 8 four four two zero for rich number to dial when we come back. Hey, when was the last time you seriously considered your dream? I mean, come on, you used to think about it all the time. What happened?

Michigan TCU George stetson Bennett Brock Bowers Mike Rozier Georgia Nebraska Turner gill SoFi Stadium Ohio NFL max duggan fry Alabama Miami LSU house Jameis Winston Clemson
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"mike rozier" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"Check out our live and we are about to check in with Bill Conley. We're an hour away from Kirby smart, joining us here. Previewing the Georgia spring game. So we mentioned this the other day, Bill Connolly, who is good at doing lists, came up with one about the best running backs in modern time, ranking college football is a hundred best running backs of the past 60 years, top ten Barry Sanders. Archie won two Heisman's Herschel, Ricky Williams, a lot of these are first named people. OJ, he had a killer instinct. Tony Dorsett, Mike Rozier. Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell, and Reggie Bush. Bill Conley, joining us. Bill, thank you always for being here. Before we get too deep, just give us the backstory on how you went about amassing this list. Yeah, I mean, it always ends up being kind of a combination of I wanted a great guy based on the era they played in through the three yards in cloud of dust area. If you ever 60 yards per carry in that era, that was probably really, really, really good. And so I try to adjust for that, try to give you a bonus points if you did it over a good number of years, but I try to, you know, the best seasons of all time, that should matter too. That's how Barry was number one. And yeah, it ended up being this weird mix of complicated factors and create a little point system spit out a list and then make adjustments based on my own, my own preferences, I guess. Listen, there's no easy way to do something like this. And you've done this many, many times. So I usually ask you pretty much the same questions. And my first one is always, where are you getting the most blowback from? Yeah, I mean, I have no problem. I'd like Barry Sanders being number one is not going to be not too many people are going to have a problem with that. But Georgia fans are probably going to have a problem with that. I certainly got pushed back for picking Barry over rehearsal, especially since Barry was. I mean, he wasn't just a one year wonder guy, but most of the damage he did was in one season. So I expected that. Alabama fans weren't amazingly happy. I Derek Henry was really hard to figure out since he was really only a starter for one year, but he was great that year, won the Heisman, all of that. I couldn't really, that was a hard one to place in Alabama fans weren't really fond of where I placed him at the end. But I do feel like the top 9 were the top 9. Like, you might disagree with the order, but it's hard to it's hard to disagree with those 9 being the guys in some order. Yeah, I'll throw a couple at you and I mean, oh, J Simpson forget what happened later in life, but you did not have a long career at USC, did he? Right. No, he was a two year. I mean, he was the juco transfer. He was there two years. There were two phenomenal years, but they weren't necessarily as good as Herschel Walker's best. I mean, Archie Griffin's best two years, I should say. And so yeah, he was, he was obviously, he was always going to rank real high, but bigger it out him versus Ricky versus doorstep was pretty tricky. And I know there are different type of runners, but and there's only so much room in the top ten, but it's still hard to look down and see Earl Campbell 9 and BoJack. Yeah. No, I mean, I think you could make a pretty good case for all of those 9 guys being top 5. And I guess with Bo, he was obviously good early on, but he wasn't a feature back. He got hurt as junior year exploded as senior year. So it became one of those kind of not one year stories, but he did most of his damage that one year. Maybe that hurt him a little bit. Earl was kind of the same way he battled injuries for a while and then put it all together late. Yes, I looked at these in every which way, like best season average season, et cetera. Maybe the fact that their average season wasn't as good hurt them. But again, you can easily make a case for them in the top 5 and I'm not going to argue. Eric Dickerson's number 24. Now this is ranking best running backs, not highest paid, right? That is right. Not a running back with the best cars. He was another one. And there were some guys on this list too, where like Jerome Bennett, I remember Jerome bettis, he was awesome, but he never rushed for more than 900 yards in a season because Notre-Dame had a lot of awesome running back to the same time. The fact that Eric Dickerson was splitting the backfield with Craig James among others, obviously that kind of he just did have the volume necessarily even though he was clearly awesome. We're chatting with Bill Connolly and yeah, when you go through there are so many names and all these names just pop out and I know you have to have some discipline. You just can't go on well I remember my dad or granddad was talking about that guy back in the day, so leaving people out entirely. You mentioned Henry, who else was on the chopping block. Yeah, and I mean, Henry's still made the list obviously, but it was still, you know, number one, it was hard to figure out how to differentiate between Wisconsin running back. There were so many of them that put up gaudy numbers. I couldn't tell if I was over rewarding all of them for it or anything like that, but there are a whole bunch of guys there in the teens and 20s that were kind of hard to differentiate. Garrison Hearst was a guy like another guy who was good for a couple seasons and then phenomenal all of a sudden and those were the probably the hardest guys to figure out overall. Those and then like the Cedric bensons of the world who were just steadily awesome, but didn't have like the one season where everything was absolutely nuts. So yeah, this was you're comparing types of back then and you're mashing them into one list and it gets weird. I'm just going to run through a couple of names just because they're really great players. Sean Alexander. 85. That's really remarkable to Emmett Smith 70 7. One of the best running back to have ever seen Nigel Harris 76. Four net 75, I'm just kidding. I'll keep going through it. Dalvin cook 71. He was stunningly good. Barclay 68, as I'm racing through here, chub 65, let's see here another name that might, I mean, Gail sayers 57. I realize what you're doing here, but it's hard to separate the NFL career, isn't it? Yeah, that was the hardest part. I wanted to judge Emmett on hit for instance on his college steps. We know what he became and even Florida fans were a little confused, like really Eric is ahead of Emmitt Smith, but I mean, I can make a case if you only look at the college staff, and that's what I really wanted this to focus on. Yeah, I mean, you can look at Gale sayers. I mean, he played an era where there weren't even feature backs. He was throwing passes half the time because I was the offense at the time..

Bill Conley Bill Connolly Barry Sanders Earl Campbell Kirby smart Mike Rozier Barry Derek Henry Tony Dorsett J Simpson Georgia Bo Jackson Archie Griffin Ricky Williams Ricky versus Eric Dickerson BoJack Herschel
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"Your host is always tony few. I thank you for sticking with me on youtube or facebook. If you're if you're watching live if you're listening and audio platform. I thank you for downloading part to here we are. It's if you're if you're listening. After the fact i don't know what day it is but as i'm taping this or streaming est. I guess it's called. It's june eighteenth. So that means you're about five weeks training camp. So i certainly can't wait for that and before i get on to the next couple of subjects that it's going to take some a live chat comments and here's from awesome stuff nineteen ninety-three just about juju smith schuster and his relationship with the media or perceive perceived relationship and he says it seems like seminar media. Believed you to be two faced another guy off camera. Maybe that's that's true. But i don't really despite what i said earlier about how someone seminar media refund of love bell. I don't always necessarily feel like if the media doesn't like somebody that he's a bad guy just that maybe he and the media don't get along just because the media doesn't like player doesn't mean the players an evil person if you're if you're dealing with the media all the time and they're always asking questions and you can go and read about what they say about you and you don't have your skin thick as it should be and i can see why you would get upset coaches have bad relationship if you ever listen to a press conference that most head coaches a pretty darn condescending to a media when i talked to them if you mike tomlin so great example bill. Our that way chuck knoll was that way. A lot of coaches around the nfl. That are pretty spirited towards the media. When i do to press conferences and i don't hear people calling them bad guys. Just because they're they're they're mean to the reporter so but i have heard that about you. You have heard that you know. He's he's a one way on camera one way off but is that is that the case or is he just one way. When he's with the media is he kind of gardener with the media but in any event my next topic is about my might be boring to you but as per its memories as i said it's as i said Few minutes ago. It's june eighteenth. I'm talking right now and it's a it's one of those quote unquote slow news days for the most part in. It's a slow time of the year for the nfl. So it's about memories as wanna share my one memory my one favorite memory of the nfl or absorbed the usfl and how was the one thousand nine hundred four season. The one and only season of the pittsburgh steelers they were an expansion team the fellows owning its second year so The call mahler's expansion. You it's kind of a stretch but no pun intended but they weren't expansion. They were a new team and they played it the stadium in be quite honest as far as any games from that year and they finished three and fifteen tied for the worst record in the league. I don't really have any memories of of any actual games. Even though i watched a lot of the games that you're my only memory of that of the usfl as far as mahler's were concern is the fact today's signed or they drafted and sign. Mike rozier who was in one thousand nine hundred three heisman trophy award winner. He was running back from nebraska. And i actually watched that guy play for years. And i was in awe like i can still go back to early. Nineteen eighty four. And feel how. And all i was that they actually at the mall. There's actually signed. Mike rozier. Because i mean i had watched the steelers up for about five years up to that point and nobody's that they ever drafted. I had let me rephrase it. I had never heard of anybody that they had ever drafted up to that point. Nobody mark malone keith. Gary waller abercrombie. I didn't know any of them. Gabe rivera i didn't know any of those guys And of course the low around picks. I didn't you know i was. I was star struck that they got this guy he was gonna play in the usfl. And i it didn't work out in the end for rozier. Us player he went on to the nfl headed. Okay career not a great restaurant like four thousand yards. Certainly didn't live up to his his college career. But that was what was special about that. Eighty four season as so many stars in that league who played that year that would go on and have great careers in the nfl. Reggie white was in that. I don't know if he played in eighty four or not but he was. He was in that league Of course steve young nineteen eighty-four. He signed the biggest contract in the history of sports up to that point and ultimately went on to have a hall of fame career. The forty niners. Jim kelly was in in any. Usfl one thousand nine hundred shunned the bills. You don't wanna play in a cold weather city in buffalo so he went and played for the houston gamblers and he was rookie of the year in the league. Mvp through for forty four touchdowns and fifty one hundred yards. And of course. Jim kelly from pittsburgh and later that year damn renaud. Who's also from pittsburgh. Went to pitt played. Obviously for the for the dolphins and the nfl and he he went on and pass for five thousand yards and forty eight touchdowns was named nfo vp. So for one year. The two best quarterbacks in the world and the two best quarterback baxter's in terms of staff up to that point both resided in both from pittsburgh. There's pretty neat. But the muller's all disbanded. Ed debartolo. Who was the The former penguins cheese of he passed away now. He did not want to go head to head with the with the steelers because the usfl was trying to go for whatever reason they were trying to go head to head with the nfl and plan to fall which to me was a dumb a dumb move. They are nice. Nice thing going.

Mike rozier Jim kelly Ed debartolo Gabe rivera four thousand yards youtube nebraska five thousand yards facebook rozier buffalo pittsburgh fifteen forty eight touchdowns three Gary waller abercrombie today one year second year two best quarterbacks
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"Gum ikea moser tomorrow. Turning lopping twenty four years old excited there's celebrate with him tomorrow broken plow. If you say happy birthday between the hours of six nine you get a free dollar off any you have your first pint dollar off. That'll make it five bucks. Hey dollar dollar dollar saved as a dollar earned is it. A penny saved is a dollar but inflation. You know so. I didn't think about that. Stupid inflation economics but pretty much. What i'm telling you is between six and nine at bergen plot. Tomorrow he can get a cheaper than what you normally get. Go down there. All you have to do is say happy birthday Dr mike rozier is joining us. That's whose birthday is tomorrow your first week and a half as a berea owner part of a bring owning team. I am such a new This is a very very challenging business to get into I think got the brewing down. I think you know how to make good beer. But it's all the business aspects that i gotta learn. Are you scared now than when you first started it. A little bit less scared terribly. Oh there's what is this. What did you put in here. Said chatty young onto the terrorists they market square a beer that you sent over here and there's beer in it that make you for putting that thank you for having me. No no thank you for letting me know. Is that a tooth. Did you put a toothpick. Just put a toothpick. Where did you have a toothpick from in my pocket. That might be weird. I mean covert border prokofiev. Puerto we do here. That the i don i just. I'm one of those lysol wipes swipe your glass out. If you like. You know what. I did it i almost did it. Why is he here. do we have anybody else. Do you know anybody else that can do this. Show that it would be nice to me. He keeps the both of us sane. I don't think he does. I think he drives me insane. Maybe jedi keep you on your toes. Yeah well thank you. I do appreciate you telling me that. It was there before i stopped. I do appreciate it. I'm definitely gonna drink. I wasn't going to mention it on on air but but but basically going back to I know you. I know how to do all the other stuff And i'm learning. I'm trying to be as quickly as possible. My wife has or mazing behind the scenes. Take take care of all of the books and stuff like that and We're gonna power through until we become experts at everything so experts that everything when you get that accomplished you let me know. But i'll be no two columns still learn. I'll be dead by then but so you're up at our current our is still the same over there at the broken plow chad young onto the tavern at saint michel square. We were talking a little. Bit about st patty's day stuff like that The thing that you know. I i did mention. I think i was there twelve times in the month of february. And it's not over yet. i guess. Yeah it's only wednesday without being said what i appreciate you. You've got consistent Consistent specials. Right you got mondays meatloaf and martini monday. Tuesday taco tuesday wednesday is half price whiskey and wine. Wednesday thursday is all day. Happy hour and friday is clam chowder. And ruben to you. Oh my goodness you have been there. Is that too much. been there as is. It is three dollars cans and five dollars burgers with bottomless mimosas Till one o'clock bang golliwog looking for her. I guess he's looking for a server. I guess i didn't know that's funny next question. We were talking ambush here tonight. On bruce doc we got beer thirty coming your way little bit of a history and and Beer and food pairings on these. I think these are some pretty popular ones. There's been a couple here that i haven't had before. There is one that i've had fat tire. Would you say that fat tire is the the standard the hold it to probably in it is what would you say. Oh i would say though that probably not outside the state. I mean if you didn't get a chance to try it when you were in the eighties probably not you'd go with your local amber ale. I mean that probably says enough about the style there right. I mean that's because i mean there's There are odell beers. New belgium beers. That no matter where you're at. I had a buddy that was telling me that he was up. I believe is north carolina and he went to a hotel the hotel bar and said hey. I'll just take whatever. Ipa have on and it came back and it was one of hell's and he's like what the hell is this like. I normally so when that pipe probably going to grow out of state the fact that that really in it's not just that colorado has it gone across state lines because i'm sure it has but the out of state ones. There's not one broad popular that that everybody with amber style says that's the one or is there. Am i wrong when i was in. I was in the new england area in the eighties and the amber ale. There was sam adams so new belgian. Nobody had heard of it yet. So i think it's where you first contacted right where you were that. Determine your good old standard. Amber ale was and what it was called. Same adams has to be up there right. I mean i mean they they do. They know how to make a good damn burial. That's for sure. Your thoughts i think in the beginning fat tire was very local and i think in the beginning of crappier was very long. It wasn't until pretty recently. That was right. They were you know you could get colorado beers in the east coast or east beers and even in colorado and i think that beer festivals have helped that began and so this was one of my poll questions the other day on noko now and i don't i don't even oppose it here because i think the the wide majority of people would say that beer festivals are are the thing that a lot of people are missing most when it's back when it's one hundred percent. What is the event that you're missing most concerts beer festivals sporting events. What is it and beer. Festivals was up there for a lot of people. I've heard that the gbi is off this year. Have you guys been hearing the officially. Maybe that's just behind the scenes to speculate without knowing for sure but I've heard the same from what from what i understand. It's going to be similar to last year rate for. Are you surprised by that. I am not because they take so much planning that goes in and not knowing what. October is going to bread. I think had happened when you get thirty thousand people together. You wanna make sure you don't have to worry about. I was a little surprised by just because of how and again. I don't believe it's been officially announced but from what we've heard from from multiple people is that it probably won't happen this year. I'm putting all of those disclaimer words on there in case i'm wrong but.

mike rozier five dollars Tomorrow Tuesday five bucks tuesday tomorrow thirty thousand people wednesday three dollars new england one o'clock monday tonight this year twelve times last year October one hundred percent two columns
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"Oh, yeah, triggered just on edge, And here's the thing. I talked about it on my show this morning, and I'll continue to beat this drum when you are on edge. This is not a myth. This is not fantasy. When you were on edge when you feel like you are not safe. Someone's taking something from you. You are a middle literally turns off your front alone because it doesn't want you sitting at the in the cave going. Is that a nice tiger? A sweet tiger. It just wants you to run, man. I just want you to fight. And so If you woke up this morning, angry If you woke up this morning in a state of what's happening from my family was happening for my country. What? Yeah, call us. Can I even pursue my drinking? Has all of the sudden we got a different president and and we got a different What is that could affect my purpose. My kids, can I even and it's like, Hey, let's take a deep into my family's call me tell you something else. I want to I want to put the call out. For those of you who are hurting from being out of work for a long time. Let's not forget that when covert 19 hit it wrecked It wrecked people's lives sideways. John sent me something this weekend. I haven't even showed. I haven't told James this s O. James, I'm having coffee Saturday morning. And sitting there a text pops up from Dr John Baloney. I'm like, Oh, And this is what he said me. He was doing some research. And there's a guy by the name of Andrew Oswald. I was going to you up on this who is an economist at the University of Work in the U. K. And basically says that no other circumstance produces a larger decline in mental health. And well being. And being in voluntarily so laid off. For load. Out of work. So then being nothing is producing a larger decline in mental health and well being, then being involuntarily out of work for six months or more. Listen to this, John. This blew me away. It is the worst thing that can happen, he says. Equivalent to the death of a spouse and a is a direct quote. Ah, kind of bereavement. In its own, right. So, John, you and I do combined forces on this. This is a seriously traumatic event. If you're out of work, yes, or in work that you hate right or when you are working for Somebody else's pleasure. You're not working to help somebody right? You're working for somebody else is flourishing. Right? You know, you and I, We've we've talked about this privately. When our friend Mike Rozier this summer, and he mentioned something that I never thought of that when we told 30 Million Americans ya'll are essential. We told 300. Other million Americans. You know what? You'll just go? That's it. We don't need you. We'll just send you a check. Yes. And when you read that research, we basically told everybody to listen. You'll have less value. That's it. Just go home. Well million money. We don't need you in that set off a chemical storm in our hearts and minds that have made us to press not to mention for over five decades of messaging that says, if you don't go to college, you're second class citizen. All the cities. You go into the trades Your loser. You're a loser. So here's the deal. Triple eight. 2552 to 5. Remember it? Triple 882552 to 5 phone lines are open, John and our killer right back. We're gonna help you. This is the day branches show..

Dr John Baloney University of Work Mike Rozier O. James Andrew Oswald president
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"Not even not even waiting a second. Now Reggie Bush. Yep. Marking Room. Where do you want? Second overall? Yep. Mark Ingram. He was drafted 28. He was late. Yeah, he was late, and he was late. He's still doing it, though. Yeah, it started Peter out a little bit. But now I got you, Derrick Henry 2015 boy. We love there. We had him in when he won the Heisman. That's right. And that's when I was like houses. Dude playing. Playing the running back in the NFL. I love he looks like he looks like a tight tight in or D n. He went in the second round. But you know, he did. So by the way, that was the last one in back before we get back to listen. I wanna ask you about some others. Some names who were the opposite, who won the Heisman and didn't fare well at all in the NFL bank work even before that, I won't throw some names at you. But the I don't play video games. I'm sure I'll start elections and my mom got Colton and getting an old school Miss Pak made and I was I was hammering that last night crushed it. On. I'm sure the kids get a little older will start playing some sports games as much as I don't want to its inevitable how much fun must have B and I used to play all the time. But how much fun must be playing Derrick Henry on Madden just running him just running If they don't they got to get to the point where He can't be tackled because that's what he's like. Now. I know they have They not. Do you make him Bo Jackson. Like you know what I mean? Remember the camera below both Bo Jackson Techno that can you make him that? That's you know what's a once in a lifetime grating. You can't nobody could be both. What if would have dared? Henry turns out to be an all time great. Now he's probably love it told. T o You know, because he has a mean what year is this now? Five? Let's say he's only 26. I think. Yeah, well, he was drafted in 2015. So this is 50 year. Alright, first two. Not a lot of uses 27 or so 28. Yeah. If he had been rushing for 2000 yards, he's 27. Okay, just just turned 27, actually. But if he had rushed for 2000 yards first couple years you could be We could look at him like man that could this guy 13 14,000 years back? No, because he didn't get a lot of burn. I mean, getting like 130 20 carries his first couple of years. That first year he didn't get much it all it all you know, so good news for Titan fans. He's still a little fresh on the back end. Which is why that contract while we were both fine with that, plus without him, you're not a playoff team. I said Baker. I met Johnny Manziel, but Here's your bells here. The guys that didn't really do it. Johnny Manziel, Gino Torretta. Tebow. Gino obviously forgot. Jason White. Jason was got the sporting goods store. He came up on the show a couple weeks ago, like in the light Winky who we love, but he didn't have a great you know, she had a pretty decent length of NFL career to but Panthers battle would pass around a little bit. Danny War full. Any war for But he was on the show Last week. He up Charlie Ward didn't even play at guard from Florida State. No buts, but he would. Oh, hey, Whoa! The best quarterback in New York At the time I was playing basketball beat me to the line. That's where I was going. Next. Charlie War was again. Listen, He wasn't a great shooter. No, he was a good nick toe man. That Charlie Ward was a lock down defender and he was tough as nails. Gino Torretta, You mentioned touch temper. I don't remember ties NFL career. Um, nothing of great significance bounced around a little bit. Um, uh, started some get, you know, he's got some starts under his belt, I would say had maybe two or three seasons of this off the top of my head. I'd say it could be a little bit off. Where you're, like, let up it Not bad. Um, pride played a little longer than you might think. Who else we had. There were tied Demmer. It's like after that it gets it gets. Then you get back to 73 before you find a guy who didn't become a good pro. You have the year by your chronological from 80 to 90 Go 80 to 91 Give me like two seconds in between each one. George Rogers got you mention him yesterday. Marcus Allen. Great. Herschel Walker. Great Mike Rozier. Not great approach, not integrated problem. Think you played that long? Not a distinguished career in the pros. Yeah, he bounced around here. He's only in the pros for six years, and he bounced around four different teams. So yeah, Rose. You didn't have a great, you know, great college player Doug Flutie. Great in Canada. Yep, And just he's he was. He's a great dude, too. Yeah, I like Bo Jackson. What we know, but Bo's Benny tested Ver t. You know of any Vitti had better coaching early on because not just with my team's when he took the Jets of the Apes the championship game in 98. They went 12 and four almost beat the Broncos. Very I think they would have smashed the Falcons. I would have had a Super Bowl. Vinnie was great that year. He was also good with the Ravens and, like Vit, Vinnie was just drafted to a different situation. And that that bad decision making was coerced out of them Fear four years earlier video might be a hold of Famer he played for 18 play for Dallas. People. Forget is with Dallas Day that's for them back for a minute, but it was 45 would have 43. Whatever was, if any, was a strong dude in the weight room. Vinny had an arm that he was very with Vinnie could play I liked. I always like Vinny Testaverde. Okay, you have Tim Brown. We're all the famous Barry Sanders. Great, Andre where bust and then Dettmer. Okay, boss, that mean relative Speaking to Where was he drafted? I forget where he was drafted on jury where we're all right. I know Where is for where was sixth overall, right, 77, but I'll get my choice. Now. Seven part me. Detroit. I'm getting I'm getting mixed up with Klingler. Clinton, or I think was six to the Bangles. Where was seven to Detroit? Where was Deborah drafted? Tiled The cow dead are tied Demmer because he did have a brother, right? Yeah, they played for the Eagles for a little bit. Yeah, was he wasn't draft until the ninth round. Ninth round, ninth round. Don't have mine. Ninth round round. 19 was two years after he won the won the Heisman 230 of pick to the Green Bay Packers. Did he do it to your mission? Uh, maybe actually. Interesting. Yeah. Jason, the gentle Dr Zach Wilson is going to go..

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"mike rozier" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"I'm not. I'm not knee deep yet, but I'm getting into it. That's all Canadian. Yeah. You know, the funny thing is Two is you could do the same exercise that we've done it well, you could do the same exercise with music because they'll they'll export. Ah, like for you pick particularly to a year all time type. Russia's a Canadian band one of my favorites. Then you got your Neil Young's. You Got your Your Bryan Adams because that's when I was waiting. You got to believe you're more sets. Isn't she? Canadian? Yes. Yeah, Bring out Bring out a Morissette. Murphy. Give respect to one. Although Nova you can't you gotta bring in some of the 70 that some of the weepy seventies balladeers like a Lightfoot. Perhaps a Murray. Family. I believe I believe it by the way wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald the song I've never liked. Ranked Way too high in the top 300 of the city once again ahead of Sergio Dude about 150 wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was like in the top 30. I was like, Whoa, what's going on here? Come on, You know you used to reference the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on more than one occasion to Jim Harbaugh. What that's like. Don't Gordon Lightfoot song Record The Edmund Fitzgerald? Yeah. Do you know that song following? I don't know if I'd done a lot out of it and it it out. Yeah, I suppose so. Yeah, I suppose I do. Yeah, Anyway, it's awful and it gets stuck in my head anyway, I think he's Canadian thing, and I believe and Murray and Murray You're doing her thing. Robbie Robertson, the band Canadian. They got him, but he's Canadian. Gotta you gotta Um, Coach. Did you watch any of the hockey last night? Did not. You know what was going on until it was over? Yeah, I caught a little bit of the Heisman stuff. But how about like, Yeah, because I don't need I don't need it. Now we're gonna have build up to them, You know, right way name. They knew what it was in an envelope with a video like they have really turned that thing into one of the great, awkward even when it's live and in person. It's super awkward. It was the night Army Navy, usually right. It's always like that, especially after them and even But then there's always this long part. You know, they got the family's there. And then there's like, you know, Sometimes the director doesn't give the cute admires, and he doesn't know when to talk or whatever. And there's like people sitting there, and there's usually somebody coughing in the audience, you know, But the one thing I will say that it's always golden for though, is is the return of the past Heisman winners to check out how these guys are looking. And like the Mike Rozier with the brim every year, you know, Twitter world this is it was truly he was not part of the scene, and you know what this needs to be said, because this could even make it Come on, Great of you Something you don't watch there, and this is I don't wanna, uh, set aside the O. J refer second for I'm gonna get serious for 30. Seconds here and say this. This happened over the last month and didn't get nearly perfected. Didn't get any of the deserved. I know. Dave Fleming mentioned this on can be our Ted Robinson puts it, then our social media Todd Husak reached out to me over Christmas to try to get some people involved. This was the 50th anniversary of Jim Plunkett Heisman Trophy season at Stanford, and there was nothing done about it. Nothing. There was no tributes. There was nothing official. I mean, I know there's a frickin pandemic, but do Jim Plunkett continues to just walk around? With arguably one of the great resumes, and they checked everywhere in sports. His checks every freaking box. It's starting with the Heisman Trophy. How many people walking around? No. Jim Plunkett won the Heisman Trophy. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough, right? That's the answer. That same year he won the Rose Bowl. Okay. He won the frickin Rosabal for Stanford and beat was in Ohio State was like number 12 or three and he caught my eye originally in the Rose Bowl, All right Number one number one pick in the draft. Number one pick in the draft, and then you know, probably New England, 40 Niners and then obviously to your guy. Yeah, he finally came home to the home of champions. Then he found paradise Red, white and blue. I don't know what you're talking about. Wasn't remember the 50 years and I think the wild remembered it every day. I think the Raider team he want to Super Bowl with Plunkett and get over the Eagles. I think that was a wild card team think they won three games with the first wild card team. There you go. Yes, well cards and then I mean, I don't mean to be. I'm not trying to be in polite here it all because I know his family listens, and in fact, one of his brothers or cousins once won a trip to Hawaii. But I'm just going to say that when it comes to great middle age like C P A. Looks versus like retired athlete who still looks ripped up and Gino Torretta. You know, to read out with the balding and you know a little bit of the punch. He's just like, you know what? And now he's yours. Now. He's like he's the guy who does your taxes. You went from being the Heisman Trophy winner. So the guy want doing my taxes man on then, just all the other looks. It's great to see. You know, it was great to see hell they were. They were all over the place Last night..

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