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"mike pump hill" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"Don't think there's any change at all. If I if I heard your question correctly, Barbara. We have no smoking gun that the crown prince was involved, not the intelligence community or anyone on Chuck Todd when he says that that Jim mass. That's and Mike pump hill says pretty much the same thing. I don't want to put Gina hospital up there because they don't want her to talk about all the different analysts who have come to different conclusions. But I believe the secretary of defense, why are the Republicans stuck on stupid here? If they if they don't have a smoking gun. They don't have one. You the answer can be both answers can be true. There's no smoking gun. But there's no way this doesn't happen without an order from MB s right? Which is what the CIA assessment is essentially, you know, and they and they lay out the circumstantial case of why that's why that is. And what Madison is also true. But you gotta let let's look we know what the the larger issue here is let's speak in terms of Jim Mattis, you're the you're the secretary of defense. And by the way, this is true of secretary of defense is whether they're Republicans or Democrats, which is Saudi Arabia's about the most is important of a strategic. Place for the US military, really any other partner, but we have these days. So, you know, I think this is you gotta remember where Jim Madison speaking from. And I mean that as a what is in the best interest of American military strategy. It's to keep our relationship with Saudi Arabia's stable as we possibly can. That is exactly right. That is what's going on here? Now, look this is the debate debate. The should be had in the US Senate, though, you which is how much should our moral values count in our in our in our foreign policy, and if anybody if anybody brought up the shy yesterday because this seems to me to be very reminiscent of nineteen seventy eight seventy nine the Shaw versus Jimmy Carter, and what pump and Madison up. They're trying to do is to prevent a nother revolution in another pillar of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Hey up on Sunday my show. Actually, we talked about the shocking up a little bit. We were talking about this very issue and they've reminiscent of that. And so this might my life who are you doing this week with by the way? Because now you've got you could have a democratic presidential candidate a week. And you would only lap the field twice by next year. I don't know if I would even go twice actually, I'm up to thirty four and I don't even Castlerock. So, you know. That's right. I have fifty weeks a year of of show. French. The French Open and the British Open. So look, I I also I mean my God the next forty eight hours, the president has pretty much the most important foreign policy meetings east had since becoming president with cheap Putin's. And of course, signing them the Mexican trade agreement all of that. So it is. I'm hoping for a pretty significant national security guests from our friends. We're good friends with the minister, I hope they'll send John Bolton number detective or the secretary of state because it is the most important weekend for American foreign policy in a long long time. She is not your friend, not.

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