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"The. First piece that we're going to feature is is in. Doubt pays from the face. September, Eighty six, before you were the editor called sampling, hold the house. Sound is Chicago and it really is so wonderfully like fly on the wall and the fact that Ron Hardy. POPs up in the PC's actually there. It's such an important piece because it played its part in. Ceding really the Cobb culture that we all now. I mean so so from that to sort of the soup star deejays of the nineties there is there is a real threat that will continue, and you'll look essentially. It goes all over the place which I really like so the different shops, his covered different scenes, different people on styles of music, but essentially it is about the phenomenon of the day Jay and clubs, the extraordinary saints Turkish Snow Perry and Wonderful Liberation of Oh i. mean looking back I mean when you went Chicago that some. Could you full sane? Where will this was ultimately going to go? You know I'd love to say yes, but. I mean the pay such should records. They didn't know they were completely blocking it. They were signing anything that moved in Chicago the time. They knew that something, but they have no idea what he will and people with enough. They'd signed their lawyer to make a record and he was rapping. Oldies Chirac hose, trying to make up a new type of cooling roping and. I won't put the PR. Just when we side all these people I don't know their names. Here's some photos of them. You know they had no idea. It was just blundering. Bow and I think that's what I'm saying. The element of luck that I kind of locked into connecting with Frankie, and he was like I'll show you. What's really going on? And they took me into the Studio Moss. Jefferson with recording and took me to the clubs where the housing was really going on and I. think that was just sheer lock to kind of just connected with him at the right time. Absolutely all from Sun, widows could've out there very much from the same time. Use Their July six and he was screwed by the enemy. They wouldn't listen cover it. He did manage to sell a piece to idea. Can always. Yeah Yeah and I. Think we will region stop thinking. What are they talking? Because I said management with Mike Pickering, and in the corner of the office, smoking joints and raving about stuff and then. He released Krino T. Koi came out on deconstruction. I didn't get it. I'm ashamed sale I just didn't I didn't guess it didn't get house music. I have right under my nose, and I miss even take when it first came out. We call it like I can't remember now. It's more of a jazz rock. Than a house record, and it took a while to tight routine. Specially in London in London Manchester took root really quickly because he have the same rhythm is northern soul. I think absolutely in London. It was just another music in the make so. On. June you're going to be talking about a minute. Terrified is very funny about precisely that, but how London didn't guess it. took a surprising amount of time. He says it's partly because the established Sima so strong London. spout rare groove primarily point exactly that unexpected resistance is really strong. HOW INTERESTING! Bush the kind of VIP drug that. It's like it. It took Awad Catchall as a club drug I'd seen it as a drug that people took him back rains and stroke to each other in the cushions and it was. Not For me, I'm going back to nights. I didn't I didn't think it was an attractive thing to try told, and I think that was the key thing. When MD may came into the mix. Suddenly, we all go there. Cheryl talk briefly. If you would about just the faces row in covering Oli Saints, I mean the second piece for example is is not about how this account of going to the Third Blackpool. Soul, funk and jazz weekend. In April nineteen, ninety nine. You're writing about the things that the obviously grew out of the whole move and soul, saying so I mean the face was was very attentive to list stuff, wasn't it? Well I would say. The Opposite! This was my life and occasionally I was allowed to put it into the magazine. I went out six nights a week every week. I'd go into the habit from city limits, and that's what I did and we traveled all around the country to go two days. As and too so we can doesn't stop and occasionally I'll walk into. The face should really cover this sniff? KRIEF thing was one point Nick Logan, said he was considering closing the face at the end of the it's he. You know it would be a fantastic statement to just finish the micro seen Adrian it's hundred issue or at the end of the ages and I really strongly felt there was this big new youth culture coming through, and we should be covering it on one day. We had this chat and we're having designed discussion. We had about this and he just will have all these people, and I said well. You know the twenty thousand them dancing in a field I went to last night, and he went fine doing magazine for them. Then let's let's see how that works and Cussler Circulation the magazine Shaw And after that I, felt we permission, and by then a lot. The design team younger pat was from Manchester already bringing things like happy Mondays in the face, and saying we should be covering this and it felt like we finally covering what we were doing. Instead of trying hard to cook kids a new writing the book about the phenomenon of what we could call the indy. Don't cross. I'll go in. Don't starts to kind of. Infiltrate Indie, northern indie music can and the whole magister phenomenon unfolds from man I mean. That is an extraordinary moment, isn't it and it really made me think about how the Mondays in the roses was sort of to something in opposition to. The whole Morrissey, whole horrible. Hang the DJ exactly. So is fascinating. Reading about about that air. The third piece is looking back it the second summer of love, full the face, but in nineteen ninety-seven seven, so it's almost a decade later, and that's an interesting piece. You use such Yawkey. Mentioned the eighth or anything like that, but you argue that it wasn't as revolutionary as some claim, and you'll book in a sense is about the bigger picture of the fomin copying itself. Isn't it what what prompted the in? When did you first start thinking about writing the book? I think when I stopped going clubbing. After my son was born I had the delusion that most people have when they have their first child, but you know three months after he was born at somehow party cupboard and get back to normal life. Yeah. Yeah, you know so. I very clearly remember the first time we did go to. A club is a tough tough party. My friends in Birmingham on we left our son waste with my mom and dad dude, and we went to this all nighter by eleven o'clock me and my husband will looking at each other and going. Home. Actually we weren't gonNA. Be Dancing on anymore. The allies to change the you know also. It's about time we let. Some young people have a space on the dance floor. We had hoped district like a long time. Yes I think it was closure for me. It was like if I'm not efficient. I do five six nights a week anymore. I don't like to write about what it was like. And also knowing that I've been in the middle of the I..

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