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"mike peloton" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Dot that. Um, he loves spinning love the spin classes. Uh huh. And I thought it would be great for him because Colin does not like Does not like to quote. Have people watch him struggle. That's why he cannot. He doesn't love group fitness classes, even though we like spin, and that's why even though I've offered I said Hashtag hot trainer Austin will work. I said, I'll get it for you. If you want to work out with Austin to, uh I'll pay for it. But he does not like to work out in public because he doesn't like people to watch him struggle, which I get No shame in that game, So that's why I thought the Palatine will be great. Yeah, but no, I don't. Maybe he doesn't like big and Dexter watching him on there. I don't know for the lights off. Uh, but all I know is it's a great clothes drying rack right now. Is it great? OK? Yeah. My clothes on there like that to go. Did you doing no good, good, Like, so I lay out my clothes on the peloton. So that that's you know, easy for me when I get up to come to work, and also the dogs aren't going to you know, not that they would Cause they're so comfortable in the bed with me to anything in the night. Yeah, well, that's great. I'm glad. I'm glad that we're getting some use out of it something because one time I had turned it on, and I was like, I want that off and the screen was all bright. And I'm like what? Yes, it they offered you try writing it? No, I just because if you guys don't know, Dawn dawn is anti dawn. She babysits for the For our dogs and house. It's quite often when we go on trips. Um oh, you didn't try writing it. I don't think so. I think maybe I maybe I would try to move it after I stopped my toe. Probably thought if I could just move it back. I'm like that's not going to happen. And maybe I pressed a button on it. And that lit up the whole sky in that real, But I work really hard to make this dark like Colin likes it. And I do too. Um, so then I'm like, Oh, so bright in here. Yeah, like, But it's a It's a great quite okay. So, folks on Twitter let us know. Are you still doing it? Are you still Palatinate? Did you get a peloton during the height of the pandemic, and now Like us. It makes for a great those traders want to see you. Don't they track you to or there's like an app or something. Yeah, there is And it's so funny. Can I tell you this is I haven't had an opportunity to say this. So we have a my talker, Cindy, who? First of all, She's a friend of Alexis and mine. Cindy is a long time, my daughter, but Cindy and I are friends on peloton. And you, You can set a setting where your friends know when you're working out. You know, you'll get a little alert. You know, every so often on my watch. It'll be like Cindy achieved like this The donkey rating or something, And I'm like, Well, I'm sure glad Sidney thing or something, because I am not fair. No bagging, isn't it? Well, I love it. I'm glad Cindy's achieving, you know, Rooster rating or whatever. The bird and whatever the animal is that she's achieving. Look, I do my own thing. I again hashtag hot trainer, which by the way, if you haven't seen him, um I'm just going to tell you about a little thirst trap that I posted. If you've never seen what he looks like an always reference them. I don't even know why he bothered wearing a shirt yesterday He had a tank top. That was basically, um It was basically of small napkin. Um and I put it in my instagram stories. So go to Jason Matheson. My gosh. And then he walks up and I'm like, what the hell is that Tank top. That is bait. That's like baby gap. That's a baby gap. That's a baby gap. Uh huh. You are wearing a Gymboree tank top. Um, Anyway, you can see what Austin looks like. Go to my story and you can see his, uh, swoop neck. Gymboree tank top. Wow. We got an email from Rachel. Who says I love Mike Peloton Best investment ever. I'm looking to buy one for my daughter. If you want to sell yours, Jesus, he's in. Well, Hey, let me ask collar. Let me see if Collins going to get back on that thing, And then we can talk because it's obviously hashtag like new. Thank you. Yeah. Yes, it is. It's been used. It's been used seven times and for dawn's close there we go, right? Yeah, because I was wondering you when you first got Wolf. Of course, it's brand new, shiny objects. So this is something. Yeah. What would it every day loving it multiple times a day. Even and then then it was like, no. Yeah, I didn't heard anything about it. I traded in for a Gymboree tank top wearing trainer Human trainer 7 13 when we come back, um, dawn is, um John's going to something very interesting. This evening. We'll talk to her about that. Next welcome. My.

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